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  1. damon
    damon says:

    Right on Tiff –

    WordPress is an excellent blogging tool. If you need further help setting this up or learning about wordpress, let me know.

  2. hugh clark
    hugh clark says:

    I can think of no one better who is available to launch a blog of news and commentary. I was looking forward to Hunter’s to see not only what was up from a Puna perspective but what was ailing folks out there.

    I know I stepped on a toe or two in responding.

    After six years out of the news beat I feel more of commentator than a reporter, subject to sometimes restrictive editing.v As you recall my animosity toward the Sierra Club nationally was not well received by some. My comments aboot factutal evidence concerning a former mayoral candidate likewise set some people off.

    I swill have my computer expert (Sandhya) enter your site on my favorite list as I omit Hunter’s.

  3. Gigi
    Gigi says:

    Hey Tiff… What a terrific beginning and a super blog. You go, girl, and light a few fires under the locals to keep the most gorgeous state in the union…gorgeous! When I was there in March, I was so disappointed to find your paradise blighted with paper-goods and unnecessary “stuff”. Don’tcha’ all know that your space is very limited? If you keep abusing “stuff” like you are now, you better figure out a way to build onto your island for more space!

  4. tanya
    tanya says:

    It was great to meet you (again) tonight. Super job on the blog, I love it! I’m looking forward to your reporting and commentary! May your greatness continuously unfold!

  5. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    OK Tiff,

    first let me say congrad’s for this new forum with your blog. You have been spinning to the left for so long do you think it will be possible for you to go in the other direction now? I for one will be watching.

    Tiff wrote: about Hunter Bishop…………….

    “He said he was working on a press release announcing the filled position, and he didn’t know yet how many eyes had to see it before it could be released to the public. He expects the press release to go out Thursday morning.”

    Is this going to be typical of everything that comes out of the Mayors office from the PIO? Will it have to be cleared from “up stairs”or will Hunter just spin things like you have done for Auntie E? When Hunter had his blog he pretty much ran it with integrity and I believe that is what made it what it was. Now I believe that there were some pigeon holing going on like maybe a small promise of new employment for some derogatory posting against Angel towards the end of the campaign trail. Just my thoughts so I’ll take the heat over it, no proof.

    Hope that you run this blog without any spin and use it to really keep things on the up & up.

    The Lack

  6. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Tom: For you, I will.
    My dad is David R. Edwards, a staunch Republican, a retired Navy captain who flew with John McCain.
    My stepmother is a Libertarian.
    I am probably left leaning, but I can veer to the right sometimes.
    Aloha, Tiffany

  7. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    I really have nothing to “spin”, I don’t think. For the record, there is no political party I truly embrace. I guess I see politics like religion. Take a little bit from all the choices and enjoy a “mixed plate.” What would you call that political party? My political party is, “hodgepodge,” I guess.
    Also, for the record, I am not going to be doing any ass-kissing for a job. You don’t have to speculate about that, okay?

  8. Norman Olesen
    Norman Olesen says:

    I dislike the word “blog” and prefer “investigative reporting” which now appears very lacking in the press. It appears our new Mayor is now running for the 2012 elections with all the ex-reporters? on his staff.
    Stick to honest reporting and searching and asking the right questions regarding our elected officials and their actions.
    Emily has no assistants, as of now, and it should be mentioned that her to Washington trip has nothing to do with the inauguration events of our next president. Her trip is private and not authorised by the CC as Hawaii’s voice.
    I thing she can furnish the public with a revolving door on ethics and procedural violations.
    Her request for warm clothing will not help her with the cold Washington reception she will receive.
    All of the above from a vision I received from Akua, so I must be on the right track!!
    Keep up the good work of reporting.
    You have many readers in lower Puna

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