***Commentary***No, Blogging Doesn’t Pay Better Than The County

People can’t believe I gave up county pay and benefits for a life of blogging. There is nothing more liberating. The money will come. It’s all about striving for authenticity, being true to yourself and others. There is no more pressure to detail every little moment of county time in an Excel Spreadsheet work log, juggling squirming babies, sippy cups, and such. No pressure to quantify 40 hours per week. Life is much more meaningful than that.

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  1. damon
    damon says:


    And you can blog while being a parent which is the best part of blogging!

    And for me… it’s very liberating to be able to tell someone to eff off every now and then.

    I’m about to come down on a local businessman if he doesn’t reply to an email I sent recently. 😉 And I don’t have to worry about big daddy “Stephens” worrying about losing a possible advertisement from him.

  2. Kim Jordan
    Kim Jordan says:

    I’ve never met anyone who regretted spending time with their young children. That’s worth more than the paycheck you’ve given up. Your memories will be cherished for your entire life. I like the word choice of “liberating”. Coco may not be old enough to “remember” these times, but having you with her will shape her soul. One day, you’ll see something, or hear something, and you’ll know.
    Enjoy everything.

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