East Hawaii News — Do Yoga And Raise Money For Silka Strauch On Saturday


Yoga teachers Susanne Lyle and Jeanette Gilbert have organized a benefit yoga class for Silka Strauch, a yoga instructor who has been in the Hilo Medical Center for three months suffering from Rat Lungworm Disease.  All money being raised from this class to be held 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009 at the Balancing Monkey Yoga Center at 65 Mohouli Street in Hilo will go to help Silka and her family.  There will also be an informational session on Rat Lungworm Disease during the class.  Yoga Centered in Downtown Hilo is putting on two noontime benefit yoga classes on the first two Thursdays in March if you cannot make it on Saturday.

As for Rat Lungworm Disease, it is described as parasitic worm makes its way from rat feces to snails and slugs to edibles we ingest.  The body fights the parasitic disease, and oftentimes the human body’s defenses prevent the larvae from nesting and growing into an adult worm that infiltrates the central nervous system.  In the worse case, a form of meningitis develops and one can have severe headaches and pain, fall into a coma, and even die.  This Rat Lungworm Disease isn’t to be taken lightly.  The Department of Health is cautioning residents against eating raw or undercooked slugs and snails, prawns, and raw vegetables, even the lettuce we use for our salads.  Contact the DOH office here at (808) 933-0912 or check the Center for Disease Control website at www.dpd.cdc.gov for more information about Rat Lungworm Disease.

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