Keaukaha News — Ku Ha’aheo Stand-Up Paddle Event Is April 18

For $10, keiki who are 18 and under can use their own or borrow a stand-up paddle board and a paddle from Hulakai to participate in one of three different age division competitions in the Ku Ha’aheo Stand-Up Paddle Event slated for Saturday, April 18, 2009 at Puhi Bay in Keaukaha.   Entry forms are available at Tokunaga’s or at the Hilo Surfboard Co.   Keiki who are 11 and under may have an experienced partner join them in the competition.

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Hawaii News — Request For Information By Friday For Homeless Prevention Services In Hawaii, Kauai, And Maui Counties

Hawaii Public Housing Authority State of Hawaii Request for Information (RFI) RFI-HPB-2009-14 

Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP)

Date Issued:  March 27, 2009  Proposal Submittal Deadline:  Friday, April 3, 2009

The State of Hawaii, Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA), and the Continua of Care (CoC) for the counties of Hawaii, Kauai and Maui, are requesting applications from qualified Sub-grantees to provide homeless prevention services to rapidly re-house and stabilize individuals and families on the Counties of Hawaii, Kauai and Maui.

The Homelessness Prevention Fund created under Title XII of Division A, of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) has provided available funding of $2,123,551.00.  Funds are to provide financial assistance and services to either prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless or help those who are experiencing homelessness to be quickly re-housed and stabilized.  Read more

***Commentary*** Helping To Circulate The ‘Kokua Alert’ To Oppose House Bill 1741

Mass emails are in circulation among environmentalists and conservationists alerting like-minded folks that state and county officials are looking to raid funds meant toward protecting and preserving our natural resources.  The latest emails to go around have to do with House Bill 1741.  It’s really disappointing to see how our politicians, in good times, profess to be “green” and truly cognizant of the need for Hawaii to be sustainable and lead the way with alternative energy.  Then, in an economic slump, they set their eyes on the funds and on the programs that a group of truly committed environmentalists and conservationists swam upstream to obtain in the name of preserving natural resources.  At least we now know the wolves who have dressed in sheep’s clothing.  Sure hope people remember this when the pendulum swings again, and the time comes for politicians to adopt catchy slogans like “save our environment” and “Sustain Hawaii” and “malama aina!” Following is a sampling of two emails that are circulation: Read more

Guest Column — Manifesting A Single-Parent Sanctuary In Kona

(Suzanne “Suzzy” Mielke, 40, mother of two-year-old Kaimalia, lives and works in Kona. She hopes to create a single-parent sanctuary there. Below is her description of what that would entail.)

I feel a strong call and extremely inspired to manifest a sanctuary for single parents and their children. Single parents who think they missed their chance and vision for a life within family need one  — more than anybody! They need a family that supports in every way they can think of, to create a safe, healthy, inspiring and magical life for themselves and their children. I am manifesting a parent-ship-family that gives single moms and dads HOPE, SUPPORT & COMPANIONSHIP taking turns in preparing time consuming healthy meals together; watching each other’s children to get freed up for daily duties; offering ongoing seminars to single parents with topics like self empowerment, legal rights, options, traps, and so much more.  I am Suzanne Mielke, 40 years old, single mom with a two-year-old daughter, experienced in communal living, a Waldorf-minded teacher, trainer, and show producer in the world of children’s performance.  A new mission has been planted in my heart and I am calling for the miracle it will take to make the “SANCTUARY FOR SINGLE PARENTS” a reality! My daughter and I, we envision it to be our present home, where we live as renters. It has been for sale for a few months now and it is ideal for community living. It is a three-acre farm with nurtured and approved vegetable gardens, playhouses, a communal indoor and outdoor Space, a communal outdoor kitchen, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, playgrounds, fire pits, etc. Read more

Kona News — Margaret Masunaga Is The New Deputy Planning Director


Margaret Masunaga

Margaret Masunaga

Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi has named Margaret Kuroda Masunaga the new deputy director of the county Department of Planning effective April 16, 2009. The appointment fills one of the last key slots in the mayor’s cabinet.

Masunaga, 52, is currently a deputy attorney general for the state of Hawai’i in the Attorney General’s Family Law Division in Kealakekua. Read more

Dispatches From Curt — State Can Sell Ceded Lands; 1946 & 1960 Tsunamis; Correction On Tsunami Piece; The Lost City Of Shinmachi; Hilo Yacht Club’s ‘No-Orientals-Allowed’ Policy; And Hugh Clark Weighs In On Ethnic Prejudice

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.) 


State Can Sell Ceded Lands

Sovereign immunity vests the Legislature

 with power over sale of ceded lands, uninhibited by the Federal Apology

 Resolution, according to a High Court ruling.   This case was watched by other states because of the outside 

claim [ethnic Haw’ns] over sale of ceded/gov’t lands, such sale being solely

 delegated to the Legislature, not an outside ethnic group.  — Curt

1946 & 1960 Tsunamis

Frank Kamimura was in his dad’s car on Kam Ave. on the south side

 of the entrance [Bishop St.] to today’s Kam Statue, April 1, 1946, 

7:00 a.m., when Frank saw a black wall of water grow higher & 

higher as it approached shore.  By the time it hit shore it overshot

 the whole bayfront & careened right up to Kam Ave., where it 

hydroplaned the car Frank was in.  Frank says it was the 2nd smaller 

wave.  Frank made it to safety going toward Pi’opi’o St.  Alex 

Riviera was on Wailoa Bridge when Alex saw the 3rd wave form 

outside the breakwater.  The black wall of water got higher &

 higher as it approached land.  Alex ran along Manono St. toward

 today’s Civic Auditorium.  Alex looked back behind him & saw the

 3rd wave hit & lift the Wailoa bridge off its bank abutments, going 

right over the bridge [the parapets/thick bridge walls were destroyed].

 Read more

Guest Column — Holding Off On The Papaikou Residential Project For Now

(Steve Shropshire, of Aloha Green and Shropshire Group LLC, recently submitted a petition to the the state Land Use Commission regarding a proposed residential development for acreage he and his family own on Papaikou Point.)

Several months ago we submitted a Petition to the State Land Use Commission and started to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for a new residential project in the Papaikou area.  This first step in the three- to five-year land use process met with lots of communication on the project, both pro and con.


Steve Shropshire

Steve Shropshire

I want to thank everyone who took time to share their thoughts with me about this project.  There is a great deal of passion about the places we call home and change can be a challenging thing. During these past few months I have been quiet, taking in deeply what has been shared. I now want to respond and share my decision about this project based on careful and thoughtful consideration. Read more

Puna News — Mainstreet Pahoa Association Meeting Is April 14

The Mainstreet Pahoa Association is looking for businesses and individuals who are interested in our community. We were created in 1992 to establish and maintain Pahoa Village as the social, cultural and commercial center of lower Puna.  Our primary goals are to enhance the economic vitality of our community and to contribute to the community’s quality of life.

This is a call for all current, new and future members to attend and vote on our Officers and Board of Directors.  It is also the time to bring forth any village issues and concerns that need to be discussed.

In the current economic times, the officers and board of directors have decided to make all memberships $10 for the upcoming year in an effort to encourage all local businesses and interested individuals to join.  Please become a member by attending this meeting and bringing your check for $10.

Nominees will be accepted for anyone interested in serving as an officer or on the board of directors, and there are a number of committees who need volunteers.  Help out Mainstreet Pahoa Association by attending, bringing a friend, bringing a $10 check, and a completed membership application. (mainstreet-membership-application)  Contact Christine Scherr to confirm your attendance at (808) 965-6078.

Hilo News — New Date In August For 5th Annual World Heritage Festival

Downtown Hilo’s historic Mooheau Bandstand right across from the famous Hilo Farmers Market is the site for the 5th Annual World Heritage Festival on Saturday, Aug. 15, 2009 — a new date from previous years.   From 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., non-stop entertainment and exhibition will showcase the cultures of the people who over the centuries have made Hawaii their homes through fashion, performances, storytelling, demonstrations, and much more.  A “World Bazaar & Marketplace”  will offer up Hawaii made and international arts, crafts and products as well as a international food court to suit almost all tastes. Admission is free. For information, visit, phone (808) 933-9772,  or email

Puna News — Mayor, Cabinet To Be In Kea’au For April 8 Community Meeting

Mayor Billy Kenoi continues his policy of bringing county government to communities around Hawaii Island on Wednesday, April 8, 2009, when the mayor and members of his cabinet gather at 6 p.m. at Kea’au High School.

The mayor and heads of several county departments will be available to answer questions and discuss issues of concern to residents on a number of topics, including traffic, roads and mass transit, the Puna Community Development Plan, waste management, recreation facilities, public safety and others.

The public is invited to attend and bring their questions. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, call Hunter Bishop, Public Relations Specialist, (808) 961-8565.

Kona News — Vandalism Silences Civil Defense Emergency Alert Siren In Kealakehe


Kealakehe cable siren was cut in recent vandalism act

Kealakehe cable siren was cut in recent vandalism act

Hawaii County Civil Defense officials have reported that the Kealakehe tsunami alert siren was vandalized sometime following the March 2, 2009 test of the siren.

Personnel at nearby Kealakehe Elementary School noticed that a cable to the siren had been cut and reported it to Civil Defense officials on March 13, 2009.

“Such actions cripple our ability to transmit emergency notifications,” said County Civil Defense Administrator Quince Mento.

County radio technicians are expected to have the siren operating again in time for the monthly test of the Civil Defense warning system on April 1, 2009. Read more

Kona News — Mayor, Cabinet Members At Konawaena Elementary On Tuesday, April 7

Mayor Billy Kenoi continues his policy of bringing county government to communities around Hawaii Island on Tuesday, April 7, 2009, when the mayor and key members of his cabinet gather at 6 p.m. at the Konawaena Elementary School Cafeteria.

The Mayor and heads of several county departments, including Lono Tyson, director of the Department of Environmental Management, and Tom Brown, director of Mass Transit, are expected to be available for questions on topics such as enhanced police presence in South Kona, Mamalahoa Highway Bypass, flooding, Kealakekua and Honaunau Bays, and Hokulia.

The public is invited to attend and bring their questions. Light refreshments will be served.

Puna News — SPACE Offers Music, ‘Spiritual Liberation’ Documentary, And Earth Day Swap Meet In April



Seaview Performance Arts Center For Education (SPACE)

Seaview Performance Arts Center For Education (SPACE)

Following are the April events to be held at the Seaview Performance Arts Center for Education (SPACE) located on the back side of the Kalapana Seaview Estates Subdivision:

“Between Islands,” 7 p.m., Saturday, April 11, 2009 —  A very special evening of musical celebration with traditions from islands around the world.   Local performers and recording artists from Hawaii, Canada, Australia  and the mainland.  Bluegrass, country, celtic, blues, and Hawaiian music and local songwriters.  Featuring Blue Island Records recording artist Dan Rubin and special guest local musical legend Ernie Cruz Sr., and 11 other local musicians.   Read more