***Commentary*** Dawn Mancilla Gambsky’s Astonishingly Disturbing Murder Story

Last August police found 34-year-old Dawn Gambsky’s decomposing body buried three- to four-feet deep on the property she shared with her husband at 16-1606 37th Avenue in Puna’s Orchidland subdivision. This week police have announced the case has been reclassified from a coroner’s inquest to a murder.

“Friends”, not Dawn Gambsky’s husband, Alexander, reported Dawn missing in July 2008, after family members had not seen or heard from her since January. Alexander Gambsky told police he thought his wife left him and had a girlfriend who told police they started being “romantic” approximately Jan. 10, 2008.  The girlfriend started living with Alexander Gambsky by February.  

After I read John Burnett’s coverage of the case in today’s Hawaii Tribune-Herald, I called my contact in the police department to clarify I was reading the story correctly; it is so astonishingly disturbing.

  I know we are to presume Alexander Gambsky is innocent until proven guilty.  Police are saying they have not ruled him out as a suspect.  They aren’t saying any more.  I pressed. “Is he a person of interest?” “He hasn’t been ruled out as a suspect,” my contact responded.

I’m sorry, show me a different angle if there is one?  How could the husband not be a suspect?  

Dawn Gambsky, a Chihuahua lover, made dog clothing that she sold on e-Bay. I imagine quite a homebody.  “We had no reason to believe she left the property,” my police contact said, before launching into an explanation of how police happened upon the shallow grave holding Dawn Gambsky’s bady decomposing body. It really is a wonder that the police found the grave on the three-acre parcel that once was an orchid farm. To me, that’s some pretty good police work, walking around that property trying to think like a killer on a hunch that the woman might be buried there.

“There was no indication that she died of natural causes,” Capt. Randall Medeiros said.

Police Detective Rio Amon-Wilkins reportedly interviewed Alexander Gambsky and administered a polygraph test and thought Gambsky “was being deceptive (about having) knowledge of the condition and location of his wife.” What’s next?

“The next step to seeking closure for the family and bringing justice for this woman, who came to an untimely death and was buried in a very disrespectful manner,” Capt. Randall Medeiros told John Burnett for today’s Tribune-Herald story.

What really is closure for this tragic and grisly story involving Dawn Gambsky, or Dawn Mancilla as she was also known?  Is it determining who killed her?  At this point, I cannot imagine anyone else other than the husband with the motive and the ability to dig a 3- to 4-foot grave and bury Dawn Gambsky on the couple’s property without anyone suspecting anything for six months. I really would like to know why it took six months before anyone reported Dawn Gambsky missing.  God forbid that were me, I’d hope people would report me missing within a day or two.

I asked my police contact if Alexander Gambsky is still living with the woman he moved in to the Orchidland house shortly after Dawn Gambsky’s disappearance.  My contact doesn’t think they’re still together. Frankly, I can see why.

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  1. Jerry Carr
    Jerry Carr says:

    Circumstantial evidence is often used to obtain murder convictions. The “circumstances” in this case seem to point in a direction that any semi-intelligent person could grasp. I hope the cops are closely watching this guy while they get their case together.

  2. Hugh Clark
    Hugh Clark says:

    Jerry makes a good point about poossible flgiht now that the gig is finally up. Remember we have murder cnvictions both on Oahu and here without benefit of remains

  3. anon
    anon says:

    I have a friend who worked with the husband. The husband never gave any indication, stuck to his story, and did come up with a new main squeeze, which to me is highly suspicious. Circumstantial evidence is going to be easy to come by (beaten body in a shallow grave in the back yard).

    But he can always use “reasonable doubt” which may or may not work depending what else the police can drum up. Especially since according to reports the guy was normal in ever other respect.

    I don’t know but believe “What goes around comes around”.

  4. Michelle Richardsob AKA Davis
    Michelle Richardsob AKA Davis says:

    Alexander Malani Gambsky was my first love we met when I was fifteen In klapana Hawaii. He was A very controlling man however I cant believe that he would physically take someones life.I also knew Dawn as she was my freind before she was with Alex,In fact He lived with me at the time she met him. I cant beleive this has happend.I would Like to get in touch with Pam,Her mom to express my deepest sympathy as I too Just Lost My Daughter Kiara Alexi who was named after Alex.

  5. Marie
    Marie says:

    I so sorry to hear about your daughter. Iknow that Dawns mom is still livng in pahoa and would probably love to hear from some of her friends in trying to find some closure for herself.

  6. kara
    kara says:

    I was dawns best friend for so many years.we go back from the first grade! I still can’t believe this happened to my good friend..I have tried so hard to find pam,lawrence or stephen.I need to know what happened! I have not lived on the island for years..I’m sure all of us want and need answers and closure.REST IN PEACE DAWN MANCILLA XOXOXO

  7. Kelli
    Kelli says:

    I worked with Dawn for about 2 years at The Pet Hospital. She was a very special person! She had the heart of an angel! Everyone who knows her has wonderful things to say about her!

    I know for a fact that her husband was controlling, possessive, unsociable, and had motive and opportunity to murder her… motive-new girlfriend…opportunity-dawn worked from her home and rarely went anywhere after she started her online business…

    About 2 years ago we held a memorial service for her at Church on a Sure Foundation, where she attended. We all miss her and her spunky,fun personality!
    I just pray that her family and friends will receive closure for her unfair, unjust, and untimely death!!!

    I am believing that the hilo police dept is doing ALL they can to bring justice for Dawn! I know GOD will bring peace to those who love her and JUSTICE to the one who did wrong to her!!!

    I still think about her til this day and pray that she will one day receive proper burial and JUSTICE!

    I love you Dawn! Until we meet again…

  8. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    What is the update?

    Has b r u d d a h been arrested?

    Circumstantial evidence certainly points to him.

    I have no reasonable doubt.

    I too hope for justice and have not at all forgotten this case.

  9. kara
    kara says:

    Why is this still unsolved????? Why did dana ireland get national headlines, but my best friend is still waiting for justice!

  10. kara
    kara says:

    Why is this still unsolved????? Why did dana ireland get national headlines, but my best friend is still waiting for justice!

  11. Trina
    Trina says:

    I know Gambsky very well and there is no doubt in my mind that he is guilty. It’s almost like he wants you to know that he “got away with murder.” I have personally witnessed the rage that he is capable of. I have also witnessed about 5-6 personalities. He’s very devious. Very smart. Very bored. The lengths that this man will go to get attention are terrifying. I’m actually suprised he was able to stick to this story about Dawn without slipping somewhere along the line. The man is a habitual liar and thrives off drama and chaos. He’s got the “nice guy” routine down pat but there is an evil part that is dangerous and capable of hurting someone. Everything is like a game to him. He has stalking tendencies. Gambsky is abusive both mentally and physically. Anyone who admits to standing out in the bushes and looking through the window up to your bedroom clearly has issues. In my heart I know he killed Dawn. And if he’s not going to get arrested for murder I wish he would at least move. You’d think he’d be on his best behavior but he continues to stalk and torment to this day… RIP Dawn… Noone will really ever know the truth but maybe Karma will come around soon and justice will be done.

  12. Trina
    Trina says:

    One more thing I’d like to add. Why would he brag about failing the lie detector test on PURPOSE?!?! Yeah right!!! And his addiction to methamphetamine. Is not helping his situation. He lives with no electricity. Keeps odd hours. And often spends more than 5 hours at a time in the bushes around his property looking for “the people.” ***SIGH*** Somethings gotta give soon. It’s not fair…

  13. Denise for a friend who needs help from this guy
    Denise for a friend who needs help from this guy says:

    If anyone knows his number RIGHT NOW till he changes it cuz i screamed at him cuz he raped her forcefully and painfully even after she pleaded for him to stop we all know that the law states a woman can say stop at any point during sex and hes supposed to stop he was brutal and scared her so she comp-lied only to make it stop girls she needs help she takes the blame too much 4 what happened fact is he did it so hard she was in a lot of pain and couldn’t could n,t walk if these accounts help in any way get dawns killer where he belongs shes more than happy to help he stalks her said HE WAS HIS SALVATION AND THE ONE SHE CAME to me I explained who he was btw he goes by the name Alex Waipa now be careful he says he thought she was the one when she told him no chance, she has small kids and fears all the time since rejecting him should she? funny thing is he was told to leave her alone (by her and by me voice to voice)and he still has delusions of her being the one and REFUSES to leave her alone and texting for “booty calls” the f’kn help some one please give us advice please help if can and she will help back any way she can starting with his personal cell phone we see you guys are looking for just don’t say where u got it and she will keep sharing his # over and over as long as he gives it to her email me ill contact her shes scared but wants to help and needs advice Alex Gambsky 808-557-5045 is his number I can be

  14. Mary
    Mary says:

    Denise: I would really like to talk to you. maybe i can help. if you can post an email or # to reach you i will! thanx! mary

  15. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    I know him personally and he is 100% guilty. He often brags about how he got away with murder. Why isn’t he in jail? I don’t understand… only in Hawaii… *** shaking my head*** R.I.P. Dawn…

  16. Elena
    Elena says:

    I wish they would arrest this creep. I’m scared for my life. WHAT IS THE HOLD UP??? He even admitted what he did to Dawn to me. And he said he’s killed before. The police are NO HELP whatsoever. 2 houses and 4 phone numbers later I still can’t sleep at night.


  17. Tom Young
    Tom Young says:

    Finally! I have never forgotten Dawn. I still have a newspaper clipping on the fridge to remind me that her killer had not been brought to justice. Today’s the day Alexander Gambsky is served. One million dollar bail says it all.

    RIP Dawn

  18. George Mancilla
    George Mancilla says:

    I am her uncle and we have been praying for five years for the authorities to do something about her murder. I don’t know what took so long, but, now maybe when justice is done she can rest in peace.

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