Puna News — Kaniu Kinimaka-Stocksdale’s Hiring For Hawaiian Paradise Park General Manager Questioned

By Rod Thompson 

 A group of Paradise Park property owners has formally requested an explanation of the unusual circumstances of the hiring of the new general manager of the Owners Association. One also gave the

Ken Sakamoto Photo, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Click here for archived story.

Ken Sakamoto Photo, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Click here for archived story.

Association ten days to provide answers, coinciding with the General Meeting coming Sunday, June 28, 2009.

     Kaniu Kinimaka-Stocksdale was selected May 20 in a closed-door executive session from amongst at least seven candidates while she also headed the selection committee.

     Her selection followed her failure during the preceding three months to carry out any activities as chairman of the Nominating Committee which was supposed to find candidates for the Association board. The effect was to guarantee that two current board members had no opposition.

     At the Wednesday, June 18 Board of Directors meeting, former board member Barbara Kahn-Langer presented a two-page statement of questions and told the board she wanted it included verbatim in the minutes of the meeting.

    In the statement, Kahn-Langer referred to Kinimaka-Stocksdale’s failure to carry out her Nominating Committee duties and to her dual role of general manager applicant and selection committee chair. Kahn-Langer also said she was told there were seven “strong applicants” for the post, and asked if any of them were interviewed.

    Frank Annin, acting chairman of the board, tried to squelch Kahn-Langer’s presentation, telling her three-fourths of the way through it that her three-minute time to speak was up.

     However, Merrill “Skip” McAlister rose and continued reading where Kahn-Langer left off.

     “So you guys have some questions to answer,” McAlister concluded. “I’m giving you people ten days to disclose your criteria (for selecting Kinimaka-Stocksdale).”

     Ten days would put the time for an answer at the General Membership meeting of the Association scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday, June 28, at the Association building.

     When Annin imposed the three-minute rule on Kahn-Langer, he said he had no choice because the limit is in the rules. However, he did not impose the limit on any other speaker that evening, such as a man making a presentation on a weed cutter.

    Since only four board members were present, Annin also declared that four members would be enough for a quorum because the board currently only has seven members. The board normally has nine members, and a normal quorum is five. The Association Bylaws do not provide for any exception to the normal quorum.

    In a  prior meeting, Annin blocked discussion of a remedy for Kinimaka-Stocksdale’s failure to do the work of the Nominating Committee. He quoted a section of Roberts Rules of Order appearing to block action, even though the section clearly provided for action in case of urgency. With the work of the Nominating Committee long overdue, the urgency should have been apparent.

     At the June 18 meeting, the board revealed that Kinimaka-Stocksdale is being paid $25,000 for a six-month contract, equivalent to $50,000 a year. That is less than the previous manager, fired without explanation in April. But unlike the previous manager, Kinimaka-Stocksdale’s duties do not include bookkeeping.

(Former Honolulu Star-Bulletin Big Island Bureau Chief Rod Thompson is a fellow Big Island Press Club member, mentor and friend to the Big Island Chronicle editor.)

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  1. Norman Olesen
    Norman Olesen says:


    Why didn’t you interview Kaniu?? Seems like a good way to get answers to some of the questions.

    Your animosity to her is surprising ,in your spin on the elections, or is this a carryover from your coverage of her election attempts in the past.

    Are you implying that there was something illegal or is this just sour grapes on and from those who were not elected.

    Not a productive blog.

  2. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Aloha! FYI, this is a guest article written by Rod Thompson. Rod is merely reporting on the fact that residents are questioning the hiring of Kaniu… the residents have given HPP 10 days to respond… so, that will be at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 28, 2009 at a General Membership meeting in which I have marked my calendar to attend and find out for myself what is going on in Hawaiian Paradise Park.
    Anomosity toward Kaniu? Not even. I actually find her to be quite nice, and she and I are very friendly with each other. That doesn’t mean I should reject an article from Rod Thompson questioning her hiring as office manager and the fact that it was done in a closed session.
    Okay, and then you are suggesting that I have a “spin on the elections” and to this I have nothing to offer. I have not come out and endorsed any candidate on this blog.
    “Is this a carryover from your coverage of her election attempts in the past?” Not even.
    Look above. Do you see any mention of anything involving Kaniu’s past? All you get is a photo of her, which you can click on to obtain a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article referencing her past transgressions.
    And so… I think that I didn’t treat Kaniu unfairly at all. In fact, I welcome a rebuttal from her.
    You may not see this particular blog entry as very productive, but there are a lot of people in Hawaiian Paradise Park who are questioning the HPP board’s actions as of late.
    I’m wondering, what happened to the last office manager. I thought she was awesome. Not to say Kaniu isn’t awesome, but I think the office manager was wrongly fired because she didn’t like the way the HPP board was headed and she expressed dissension and power-trippers don’t like dissension… But that’s just my opinion and I haven’t expressed it until I show up on Sunday and look Frank Annin in the eye and ask him why he chose to pave First Street and ignore the criteria the board set up in deciding which roads in HPP to pave first.
    So, just want you to know, Kaniu is a peach, I have nothing against her, but hanging out with the HPP board at this point in time is going to create headlines with her name in them…
    Again, she is welcome to offer her perspective as to why she believes she should have been hired, but I think people are pretty concerned about the bigger picture involving HPP…
    Long answers to your questions, but I hope you now understand that this here is a community effort involving not just myself but other writers…
    I’m going to make an earnest effort to be at the HPP meeting on Sunday to find out for myself what is going on… Hope to see you there.

  3. Barbara Kahn-Langer
    Barbara Kahn-Langer says:

    I addressed my comments to the HPPOA Board during an Agenda item called “Owner Input”. Those comments are limited to 3 minutes. Frank Annin was just doing his job letting me know my 3 minutes were up. There is nothing nefarious going on here. On another agenda item, which was listed, there was no posted time limit.

    The gentleman who continued reading my comments is the person who used the term 10 days to respond. Not me.

    Rod Thompson seems to have a whole other agenda regarding the termination of HPPOA’s former General Manager. Matters of personel and litigation are discussed in closed session. I welcome the HPPOA’s Board for dealing with personnel matters in a professional manner and not rising to the bait that Rod is throwing into the water.

    My questions are process questions. Kaniu Kanimaka-Stockdale may be an excellent choice for this time. Jeff Spaur, HPPOA Chair, posted her GM selection on Puna Web.

    I represent only myself. I am not aligned with Rod Thompson’s agenda.

    Mahalo for the opportunity to set this record straight.

  4. Rod Thompson
    Rod Thompson says:

    Groan. If Barbara Kahn-Langer was not offended by Frank Annin cutting her off at a point where she had almost but not quite ended her statement, then good for her. I was offended. For perspective, keep in mind that the Hawaii County Council also has a three-minute rule. They never cut people off exactly at the end of the three minutes. At a minimum, they always say, “Your three minutes are up. Please summarize.”

  5. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    SHOOTS! It’s 3:37 p.m., Sunday, June 28, 2009 and I just realized the meeting was today and at 3 p.m. There is no way I can make it at this point. I’m sorry. I would certainly like to know what became of today’s meeting, did the HPP board provide an explanation for the unusual circumstances for Kaniu Kinimaka-Stocksdale’s hiring as HPP general manager ???

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