Guest Column — A Trip To Honoka’a For The Sunshine Law Workshop

By James Weatherford

Elizabeth and I went to the event (Sunshine Law workshop hosted by League of Women Voters) at Tex’s today.
It was quite good. 

Courtesy of Punatoons

Courtesy of Punatoons

The presentation was informative.
Lots of discussion on ‘permitted interactions’ — including “permitted investigation group” (PIG), e.g., ad hoc committee.
Some good issues/questions raised.
Q: What is “willful”? 
A: “intentional … knowing”
Other points: 
The (Office of Information Practices) OIP does not use the term “cure”; they do look for “mitigation.”
Five days plus one minute equals six days (i.e., time stamp 11:59pm 6 days before meets the standard for 6-day notice).
Staff of board are not to poll members.
One final curious item:
Agenda is to announce location of meeting and location(s) of teleconference capability, right? OK.
The discussion today included the Agenda indicating whether any particular member would be at a distant site joining the meeting by teleconference. The issue at hand was that Mr Ikeda was in Hilo yesterday, although that was not publicly-noticed six days out. Brenda Ford was at the Honokaa meeting today, and told of an incident in which, at three days before the meeting, she was ill and requested to join a Hilo meeting from Kona. She was told she could listen, but not participate, because it had not been noticed to the public. 
Q: What do you know about this requirement?

(James Weatherford lives in Hawaii because he loves it.  This is the second time he has lived here and this time it is by design and with dedication. From the time he left Hawaii in 1975 to his and his wife Elizabeth’s permanent return in 2001, he studied, received university degrees, and worked in various aspects of agriculture. Living on an organic farm in Puna, James had a stint as a legislative aide to then-Councilman Bob Jacobson and, with a continuing interest in island politics, plans to run for the Council District 5 seat in 2010.)

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  1. Kim Jordan
    Kim Jordan says:

    I thought the Hilo/Kona locations constituted being at the same meeting. You can still be questioned from 1 site to the other. Would be interesting to know how often this 6 day notice has been used vrs. not: if it ever was before. And if so, who has it been used with vrs. who has been given a pass.

    As for the 5 days plus 1 minute = 6 days…. we saw the prison terms of celebrities use this …. go into jail at a couple minutes before midnight, leave a couple minutes after, those few minutes = 2 days. When you are to spend 2 days (weekends) in jail each week … well, that could be very little jail time, couldn’t it.

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