• By Hugh Clark

    Visiting Federal Judge Wallace Tashima arrives Monday to take up Hawaii’s Furlough Fridays and deal with the growing dispute among attorneys, particularly state AG Bennett and his adversary Eric Seitz.

    Seitz has accused Bennett of unethical behavior for the alleged interference with his clients – parents of special needs kids. Bennett has answered with his boiler plate that the allegations are “without merit.” The world seems without merit in his realm.No progress was made in Honolulu Federal Jude David Ezra’s attempt to negotiate a settlement between the parent plaintiffs and the state.

    So, now the visiting judge must rule on a injunction against the state. Don’t bet your household on Bennett and Lyndy prevailing but a further hearing also could result.

    (40-year newspaper veteran Hugh Clark is a fellow Big Island Press Club member, friend and mentor to the Big Island Chronicle.)

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