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    Tokyo Rose images courtesy of Radio Heritage Foundation


    Tokyo Rose aka Iva Toguri D'Aquino was an American who broadcast as "Orphan Ann" during the Zero Hour program on Radio Tokyo during World War 11. A jury convicted her of treason in 1949, but investigative journalists found in 1974 that key witnesses had lied during her trial. Â She was pardoned by President Gerald Ford in 1977.

    By Curtis Narimatsu

    Hysteria overcame fact when Tokyo Rose Iva Toguri Ikuko D’Aquino (1916-2006), zoologist, was imprisoned by Tojo’s warlocks after she visited her ailing family member in Japan.  Under coercion/torture, she became Tojo’s Tokyo Rose [anti-U.S. propaganda to disrupt U.S. military morale]. She was unwilling like POW John McCain.  She was much later fully exonerated & today is ennobled as an American hero.

    Prince Konoe was Tojo’s nemesis & refused to exonerate principal/fully guilty Hirohito as ordered by MacArthur [who used Hirohito to ensure post-WWII stability].  For this, Konoe was indicted as war criminal but chose death/suicide over folly.  “Beast of Bataan” Masaharu Homma should’ve released POWs after supply ran out from central hdqtrs.  But a soldier to the core, Homma could not release enemy combatants, lest he be hanged for treason. Nonetheless, Geneva Accords don’t excuse “following orders from high command” w/crimes vs. humanity.   Homma was shot [preferable to hanging].  Ironically, Homma was U.S.’ greatest empathizer, being Japan’s wisest Anglophile/anti-Tojo officer [Tojo learned cross culturally under Nazis].

    Today’s U.S. young whip John Yoo justifies waterboarding.  He could’ve just said politically he was following orders to Bush to do so.  No, he had to be a Korean hot pickle/kimchee. So, if John Yoo’s soldier son [hypothetically] ever is tortured by waterboarding, what on earth kind of sorry ass excuse will John have to curtail such unthinkable death knell?   See, gang, this is the point —it could happen to you/your loved ones.   Mengele [short on age/high on hubris — Yoo see].  — Curt

    curtis(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

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  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Thank you, gracious editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt, for publishing my notes above and for your terrific photo accompaniments. John McCain challenged a fellow cadet who verbally abused a cafeteria worker — this is empathy which you rarely find in high society. Aloha, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kiwanis & Barack Obama have more in common than you think‏ —

    Indian word kiwani means to share, as in the gift is the sharing, not

    the gift itself. Kiwanis Club started modestly in Detroit Michigan in 1915

    [as all of our great middle class business charity/service outfits did simultaneously

    in and around the Great Lakes region, the upper Midwest hub to the

    Mississippi River][the Western frontier had only San Francisco as its metropolis, LA

    being just a cowpoke rest stop from Mexico & our Southwest to Frisco], a direct

    result of our age of rapid industrialization/division of labor between white collar

    and blue collar workers, triggered via Chicago’s Haymarket riots that started

    unionization among the oppressed workers nationwide. Our struggling middle

    class businessmen were compelled by the Social Gospel [Matthew 5/Isaiah 58/

    Micah 6:8] to be a safety net for the oppressed lowest-level assembly line

    workers [stockyards/nascent auto industry/etc.]. Back then we didn’t have

    welfare help/social security disability/workers compensation/medicare/etc.

    It is a testament to our middle class businessmen that they took it upon

    themselves to make up for what capitalism was deficient in — compassion/help

    for the lowest-level/unskilled workers. Essentially, Kiwanis Club emblematic

    of contemporaneous Lions/Rotary/Exchange/etc. clubs of the upper Midwest/

    Greak Lakes region did what later unionization would do — give hope/relief to

    the downtrodden assembly line/lowest level unskilled workers. This is where

    President Obama’s biggest hero comes in — Pastor Reinhold Niebuhr 1892-1971

    is the author of the Serenity Prayer, who graduated from Yale U. with a

    divinity degree & spent 14 years in Detroit to minister to the suffering souls

    on the car assembly lines, where he tag-teamed with Kiwanis to effectuate

    our Social Gospel. A Missouri native like high school graduate Harry Truman,

    drop-out Mark Twain [who refrained, “I never let schooling get in the way of

    my education” — Twain is America’s greatest folklorist], Sen. John Henderson of

    the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery for good — Henderson’s widowed wife

    adopted Hilo native Shokan “Jesse” Shima[bukuro 1901-2002 centenarian who went

    on to be our greatest Japanese to set foot in America [Jesse was protege of FDR’s

    closest confidant Harry Hopkins, who also would’ve been Truman’s advisor but Hopkins

    died right after FDR WWII; Jesse was colleague of Ike’s closest confidant/high school

    graduate Jim Haggerty], Jesse having alleviated WWII harsh internment of

    America’s Japanese–Jesse being post-WWII Japan’s liaison to the U.S., there

    being no Japan embassy till 1952–Jesse being instrumental in passage of our

    immigration law allowing Japanese alien immigrants/Issei to become U.S. citizens

    1952–Jesse enabling our WWII internees to recover economically, Tony

    Masamitsu Honda being an exemplar — Niebuhr had common sense/earthy

    wisdom. Niebuhr then was called to be NYC Union Theological Seminary

    professor, where he was mentor to O’ahu’s Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, who

    followed in Niebuhr’s footsteps to Yale Divinity, & Hung Wai then returned

    to Hawai’i to become the genesis of our famed 100th Battalion/442nd infantry

    regiment, he averted mass internment of our 160,000 Japanese in Hawai’i WWII

    [assisted by Hilo High’s greatest untold alumnus Shigeo Yoshida Class of ’26

    Viking — a schoolteacher by training], Hung Wai triggered Truman’s racial

    integration of the military post-WWII, Hung Wai inspired U.S. Supreme Court

    Chief Justice Earl Warren’s make-up call for Warren’s interning the Japanese

    WWII as California Governor, via Warren’s/our greatest U.S. case in history,

    Brown vs. Board of Education, that outlawed racial segregation [separate is not

    equal][Warren got appointed by Ike as top judge after Gov. Warren threw his

    support behind Ike for President 1953], Hung Wai inspired Ike’s nascent Civil

    Rights Act, Hung Wai got Statehood for Hawai’i 1959 [Texans LBJ/Sam Rayburn

    owed Hung Wai Statehood for our 442nd combat soldiers’ Rescue of the Lost

    Battalion Alamo soldiers], Hung Wai triggered LBJ’s watershed Civil Rights Act,

    Hung Wai’s acolyte/prodigy Dan Inouye was picked by resigning President LBJ

    to be VP Humphrey’s running mate for President — LBJ felt that Inouye would

    bring stability-order to Black/White race relations as a minority American, Hung Wai

    was deeply admired by China’s Chou En Lai, who was astonished to see that the

    son of dirt-poor Chinese immigrants to America had changed the face of America

    in one fell swoop [via ascension of racial minorities into top positions of power,

    such as Hung Wai’s impact on Truman’s racial integration of our military], & Hung

    Wai restored Japan’s trust/faith in America post-WWII via Hung Wai’s enablement

    of minority racial assimilation/ascension up the political-economic ladder. Niebuhr

    then became Martin Luther King’s alter ego/guru. It’s no coincidence that Barack

    Obama, steeped in Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer as a child, went on to NYC Columbia

    U./sister campus of Niebuhr’s Union Theological Seminary, where President Obama

    became Niebuhr’s most famous acolyte/disciple [even after Niebuhr had died

    a decade before]. President Obama’s grandma Toot Dunham was graced by

    Hung Wai Ching’s destiny-making as our Great Equalizer who broke down the barriers

    between our Oligarchy Big 5 corporations [Castle & Cooke/Alexander & Baldwin/

    C. Brewer/Theo Davies/Am Fac] & our racial/religious/female gender minorities.

    Hung Wai’s alter ego Walt Dillingham 1875-1963, the most powerful man via Walt’s

    D.C. War Dept. ties with Naval experts FDR & FDR’s kin Teddy Roosevelt before

    FDR, recruited banking exemplar Rudy Peterson 1904-2003 to head Bank of Hawaii

    1955-1961, where former destitute Swede immigrant Peterson aggressively recruited

    racial/gender minorities like Bob Sasaki & Toot Dunham to lead Bank of Hawaii into

    Statehood’s diversity/pluralism, not homogenized Big 5 haole faces. Walt’s peers

    Frank Atherton 1878-1945, Merchant St. godfather/C&C chief, & UH founder Charles

    Hemenway 1875-1947 had bankrolled/sponsored disciple Hung Wai Ching’s schooling

    at UH [Hung Wai civil engineer degree], at Union Theological [where Hung Wai

    became Niebuhr’s understudy/Bachelor of Divinity degree], at U Chicago Divinity

    [Hung Wai was later Rev. Abraham Akaka’s inspiration/mentor], then at Yale [where

    Hung Wai followed in alter ego Niebuhr’s footsteps, Master of Divinity degree]. Of

    course, Atherton/Hemenway died before peer Walt Dillingham got world-renowned

    banker Rudy Peterson to lead Bank of Hawaii, where Toot Dunham was able to

    support Toot’s extended family as primary family breadwinner [husband Stan was

    a carefree non-money making fella]. Thus, Barack Obama actually has Rudy

    Peterson to thank for Barack’s middle class affordabilities via grandma Toot, but

    since Rudy Peterson came to Hawai’i on Hung Wai Ching’s changing of the social

    order between rich haoles/austere locals, actually Barack vicariously has Hung Wai

    to thank for, but since Reinhold Niebuhr inspired Hung Wai Ching into the

    ministry & the Social Gospel, actually Barack has Niebuhr to thank for Barack’s

    affordabilities, so it’s no coincidence that Barack comes back to the fold/Provenance

    to Niebuhr himself, who Barack attests is Barack’s biggest hero [other than Barack’s

    mom/grandparents]. And is it any coincidence that our Kiwanis tag-teamed with

    Niebuhr in Detroit’s industrial milieu to bring hope/relief to the new assembly line

    workers, whom Henry Ford treated like slaves??!! No, it was meant to be, it was

    foreordained, when you really think about it. Thence, the Kiwanis & Barack Obama

    have more in common than you think!! Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Lost city of Atlantis –Shinmachi R.I.P. January 21, 1914 to April 1, 1946 —

    2nd generation Shinmachi leaders included the Sekido boys/Beans Iwaoka/

    Blackie Watanabe/Ken Nishimoto/Soup Matsuno/King Tut Kohashi/Tommy

    Nakashima/Kuma Higashihara. Clearly, Shinmachi’s greatest business

    leader was Gunji Kono [Hiroaki’s dad]. And Shinmachi’s greatest community

    leader who paved the way for fellow 2nd generation leaders above was

    Sparky Kawamoto. Credit also to Houselot super athletes Koichi Segawa/

    Ironman Morimoto for lending their icon status to build up Shinmachi’s sports. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    New Media & demise of Old Publishers —

    Tiffany Edwards Hunt born 1976 & her topic-diverse Big Island Chronicle

    lead New Media into the heart of the 21st century, retaining all of

    the old gurus/Old Media experts-pundits that inked across hard

    newsprint like the Trib/Advertiser/Star-Bulletin/West Hi Today, incl.

    white-whiskered Rod Thompson/Hugh Clark/Dave Smith. As Bobby

    Command says, Tiffany’s Big Island Chronicle’s greatest strength is

    its appeal to opposite sides of the political spectrum, from anti-DU activists

    to Pentecostal bible-thumpers. Hey, to agree or disagree is not the

    point. To be read is the point!! Bobby’s mantra — don’t be ignored,

    be read!! –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Barack Obama brings along a whole new generation of voters —

    I was melancholy earlier this years because Luso George Martin’s 1924-2009 death

    brought down the curtain for a passing generation, WWII bunch. Inspiring is

    Barack Obama’s bringing in a whole new generation of cyberspacers, so that

    by the time Barack brings down the curtain to his life, America will be in good

    hands w/wizened successors/leaders, just as Barack had hoped for. Remember

    Barack’s rude awakening to ward politics? Barack goes to ward leader, introz’

    himself, to which ward-lock bellows, “Who sent you?” Barack says nobody

    sent anybody. To which ward-lock chafes, “If nobody sent you to see me,

    then you’re nobody yourself!!” Baptism by fire! Yes, when I hang my head

    in sadness w/George Martin’s death, I accept a changing of the guard, to

    Barack Obama’s next generation of leaders. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    JFK’s dad Joe Sr. 1888-1969 —

    Even at age 52, Joe gaffed as U.S. ambassador to Great Britain by

    saying that “democracy is finished in England, & it may be here [finished

    in U.S.],” & wanted personal audience w/Hitler against FDR’s command.

    FDR allowed bootleg Joe [had torrid affairs, incl. sultry Gloria Swanson]

    to fall on Joe’s sword/resign in infamy. Go to Britain, & Joe is known as

    Jittery Joe [for running quickly to air raid shelter]. Joe was rapacious

    anti-Semite/Hitlerite, & backed fellow Irish Joe McCarthy to the end [Joe’s

    son Rob served on anti-subversive unit until Roy Cohn overpowered

    Rob]. Why Joe’s sordid choices? Joe’s grandparents fled to America

    amid the Irish famine mid-1840s. Even in Joe’s time half a century

    after “Ellis Island,” Boston was terribly sectarian, w/Joe’s Irish Catholics

    banished by traditional Yankees/Pilgrims. Thankfully, Harvard’s enlightened

    Congregationals countered upper register Yankees by welcoming lower

    register/newfound Catholics into elite society, & Joe was among the

    downtrodden to gain accession. From there, Joe almost in demented

    fashion sought to “conquer the world” by whatever means necessary.

    Joe’s inferiority complex impacted on the underclasses below the Irish,

    incl. oldtime Negroes & newer immigrants, whom Joe sickenly disdained

    as predatory barnacles. Which is why Joe’s progeny sought to rectify

    Joe’s cardinal shortcomings on class/ethnic/race issues. Grandchild Caroline

    is well aware of Joe’s legacy. Caroline’s make-up call 3rd generation thence 2008 Congress quest. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Naniwa theater Waiakea 1922 —

    The Waiakea Theater was built 1915. Stanley Miyamoto took it

    over for the Empire theater chain in 1920 & renamed it Naniwa

    [ancient name of old Japan capital Osaka — that means “Look

    at this wonder–Osaka bay/hills”] that ran until 1929, after

    which it was shuttered until it opened again in 1936. Hilo Trib

    1922 article says “the following theaters passed [fire/bldg.]

    inspection: Gaiety [torn down 1928 by Doc Hill’s Realty Inv.–

    Hill’s same bldg. as today’s Caravan Town store downtown],

    Empire [across Palace Theater], Shibata [Shinmachi’s Royal

    Theater built in 1919–destroyed 1946 tsunami], Naniwa [Waiakea].

    Yuraku-Kwan [Mamo] was closed for some changes in the engine

    room.” Ta Okamoto aka sumotori Koizumi owned the original Yamato

    Za theater 1906 & the original Yuraku-Kwan 1918, but sold the

    Yamatoza to Sanji Abe [renamed new Mooheau WWII/old Mooheau

    1918 was in Quong Sing Bldg. makai side of Kam Ave. across Haili

    St.] –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Skylark Rossetti born 1953 —

    Skylark [dad Italian–immersed in Hawaiiana/Mom Mahi Haw’n] is our

    greatest Haw’n music historian, who recently was interviewed on Luso

    Leslie Wilcox’ PBS “Long story short” half-hr. documentary. Hal Lewis’

    wife Emma Veary was interviewed the week before. All utterly classy

    individuals. Thankfully, Les preserves their history via her interviews. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ancient mighty port of Naniwa [today’s Osaka Japan]–

    Naniwa literally means “what indeed!!” [a sight to see!!] Naniwa is the

    ancient nerve center of commerce in Japan 1,500 yrs. ago, which is today’s

    Osaka. It is in Western Japan, meaning Kansai [western part], whereas

    today’s Tokyo is in Eastern Japan, meaning Kanto [eastern part]. Naniwa

    is the most magical word in Nipponese because it symbolizes great power/

    strength, which is why Japan’s Navy that defeated China/Russia a century

    ago [that incited Japan’s imperialism that resulted in the Pearl Harbor attack]

    was led by its battleship Naniwa. Which is why the Naniwa baseball team

    here that won the jr. baseball title 1907 had its flag unfurled as Naniwa

    1881, when the battleship was conceived [but built in Britain]. Our Nippon

    immigrants came from Kansai/Western Japan, thus geographical affinity.

    Waiakea/Yashijima Naniwa team 1930s of the Hilo Japanese baseball league

    is named after this fairyland word. Interestingly, even today we AJAs have

    no clue what the names on our sports uniforms mean. My Wainaku Meisho

    team uniform stood for perennial titlists, but to this day I don’t know what

    Meisho means, except that Meishoin Church is in Hilo, not Wainaku [had our

    Jodo sect church]. If our pidgin definition is the same as the Japan

    dictionary version, then meisho means called upon to serve. The 1907

    Naniwa baseball squad consisted of later great civic leaders Futoshi Frank

    Arakawa pitcher/Hisakichi Hisanaga catcher/TR Saiki-Jack Fujii’s grandpa

    Jack-AAA Kenso Nushida’s dad Jiro-Etsu Suyama infielders/Otomatsu Kimura-

    Kinji Ise-Ichi Segawa outfielders. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Westernization —

    Chuukese [fka Truk pre-1990], most populous in Federated States of

    Micronesia [over Kosrae/Pohnpei/Yap], are aggressive/Westernized,

    having been subjugated to colonialization under Spain/Germany/Japan,

    & heavily Americanized post-WWII. You see native colorful long

    sarongs that adorn them. You see the women poke ahead of other

    garage sale seekers. Totally Westernized, but they are not automatic

    American citizens. INS governs them. No, Polynesia/aloha spirit not

    Chuukese backdrop per their colonialization. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Obama’s strategy —

    Yes, Russia’s invasion of ex-USSR Georgia was McCain’s ace in the hole [foreign

    policy experience]. McCain didn’t covet Bush’s endorsement because of

    Bush’s unpopular Iraq War. Obama consistently opposed our Iraq policy.

    Obama needs to sail right into GOP’s ID w/Bush on Iraq. Yes, McCain

    [like Shinseki] opposed inadequate troop levels 130,000, but McCain stuck

    w/Bush despite Bush’s lack of a sound game plan post-occupation. Obama’s

    opportunity to criticize GOP’s lack of foresight on Iraq. Desert Storm

    had half million troops. Bush had personal grudge vs. Saddam for Saddam’s

    plan to kill elder dad Bush. Obama needs

    to denounce GOPs on GOPs’ “support for the rich” on corp taxes/

    dividend income. Yes, Caspian Sea’s oil pipeline runs thru Georgia, thus

    our interest in Georgia. But U.S. “interfered” w/secessionism by helping

    Kosovo secede from Serbia. Condy Rice has had no impact on

    peacekeeping. Our occupation of Iraq reminds me of Dien Bien Phu when

    Giap disassembled his artillery, trekked up the hills, then re-assembled his

    artillery. The complacent French never dreamed that NVN would beat the

    French. Giap said that it’s folly to fight conventionally vs. U.S./European

    powers. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Justice Sandra Day O’Conner retired to be w/her Alzheimer-stricken husband.

    Mazie Hirono has no guts, per chauvinist Scrub. Mazie straddled the fence

    until it was clear that Obama was the presumptive nominee. Joe Welch was

    the David who turned the tables vs. Joe McCarthy. Roy Cohn went on to Lionel

    toy train plunder. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Human nature good & bad —

    Luso Albert M. Felix saved Jack Burns’ police career when disgruntled peers tried to plant

    contraband in Burns’ locker [Burns was a straight cop, not corrupted under Chief

    Gabrielson], in retaliation for Burns’ upfront honesty. Felix told Burns about the set-up,

    & Burns sank the scheme w/out a word. Long after Burns/Felix left HPD, Burns always

    supported GOP Felix after Felix returned to Hilo [& Felix’ move as circuit judge from

    O`ahu to Hilo]. Burns never forgot loyalty/devotion, ergo Al Felix’ fidelity to compadre

    Burns. In contrast, moocher radio/newspaper personality Kiyo Okubo struck fear in

    Hilo merchants/entrepreneurs like Iwao Kitagawa [Motors] because Kiyo could turn/

    backstab anyone via Kiyo’s media mogul ownership/status. Hilo businessmen feared

    moocher/extortionate Okubo. Yes, this is how despicably abusive/powerful Okubo was.

    Okubo ruled by fear, not trust/respect/compassion. By the time I was approached by

    Okubo, Okubo 1905-2001 was a broken-down man in his 70s who always had a crush on my mom.

    Okubo’s later wife was local/much younger than him, like my mother. Mom was Okubo’s

    high school student/Okubo was her teacher. Mom was class officer/hoops team capt.

    [today’s Hanato descendants Bobbie Awa/Jessica Hanato/etc. carry on Mom’s genesis]/

    popular/etc., which Okubo titillated over. Okubo was coveter [of favors/money/easy

    thrills/etc.]. Not the rosy picture that naive later beauties like broadcaster Tomoe

    Nagahisa Nishi lived thru post-WWII. Yeah, Kiyo Okubo was a user/cheapskate to

    the max. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gullible young college students/fanaticism —

    It’s sad that kids eat up the “pacifism” of Jim Albertini/Ron Fujiyoshi, w/out asking

    the sensible question, “who ensures the right to pacifism?” Incredulously, same w/

    self-determination/Hawaiian Nationalism. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Tribute to wayfinder John Young 1902-1990

    Even Buddhist-reared kids came to Scottish John Young’s Nu`uanu Y to

    play/have fun/stay out of trouble. Young was Lahaina’s Sheldon Dibble

    incarnate. Just as the great Hawaiian scholars learned under Dibble, so did

    our Chinese & buddahead leaders train under Young. Young also impacted Japan.

    Here is a Nippon’s tribute to Young — “Sensei, it is very difficult for me to face

    the reality of bidding farewell to you upon your passing [death]. On a forlorn day

    in Occupation Japan, we are at Peace House donated by your good friends the Ted

    & Mary Atherton Richards family of Hawaii, awaiting uneasily for our new director.

    Here walks in a cheery dandy-looking tall man w/a feather in his hat! It was you!

    You were humming & whistling a happy tune! You wore many hats & whistled many

    tunes thruout our divine inspiration from you. You are very patient, never gave up

    on us, & always encouraged us to be happy. You showed us to love one another, no

    matter what the circumstance. You showed us to live!! We were very pleased

    that you received the Order of Sacred Treasure from our thankful Government.

    May God’s Blessing be upon you, our Oyabun! Sayonara, dearest Sensei.” –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Home sweet home [furusato ni kaide masho] —

    NYC capitalists wondered why Japan cabal atty. Frank Sogi wanted to come

    back to Hawai`i to live out his remaining yrs. [Frank born 1923] Back to the

    oldtime folk song Furusato Ni Kaide Masho! Nothing like home. When Isamu

    Kanekuni’s son comes back from New Jersey to visit family here, Isamu’s son

    eats at Cafe 100. Home sweet home.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Japan provided needed equipment for our Korean War supplies. Thence its

    foray into technology. Nobility/gentility are still prized in Japan. Which are

    why Masaji Marumoto’s refinement in feudal piety earned him the

    distinction as 1st Nisei bd. member in Issei JCC, surpassing non-member

    Nisei Wil Tsukiyama/Bob Murakami [older Nisei who came before Marumoto]. -Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Unsung hero Jerry Hirata born 1944 —

    Jerry Hirata’s dad was a commerical fisherman, then worked at AmFac. His mom also

    worked, & Jerry grew up along Piopio St. [where Wailoa Visitor Center is today],

    grassroot all the way. Jerry is a realtor by vocation but always was an unsung hero,

    having managed Jerry Chang’s campaign when Chang was still in Puna. Chang was

    good for Puna because Chang worked w/majority leadership solons. You never hear

    about Jerry Hirata, because Jerry does not covet the spotlight. But Jerry is selfless

    in service to our community a la Linda Smith/Sus Ono, background leaders who

    are the strength behind executive decisions. Thanks, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Open vs. closed primary election —

    Hawai`i opened its primary system in 1978 after a 10 yr. try w/the closed primary.

    Ed Case’s winning 45% of Dem primary votes vs. Akaka [via alleged crossovers

    from GOP/independents] triggered talk of restoring the closed primary [“to avert

    letting the other team pick our quarterback”]. Though the closed primary is

    favored by the U.S. Supreme Court [freedom of association which protects

    political parties], it lowers voter turnout [only 20,000 were Dem cardholders

    of our State’s 662,000 registered voters up to Obama’s Dem win 2008,

    w/17,000 more after the vote count], Hawai`i having the lowest turnout. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Who owns the former Crown lands? We do, not just Hawaiians —

    Crown lands belonged to the Monarch, not to ethnic Hawaiians as a racial group.

    In 1865 the government took ownership of the crown lands on behalf of the

    multiracial group of all Kingdom subjects, while using the revenue to support

    the Monarch. Hawaiians as a racial group do not own the former crown lands.

    The State of Hawai`i holds the former crown lands in trust for the benefit

    of all of Hawai`i people, not just Hawaiians. Jon Van Dyke is ill-informed.

    Money buys ignorance, not knowledge, for decadent influence peddler Jon.

    Yes, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabi confiscated White farmlands (& executed

    the owners). Geez, so much hate in the world today. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yoshio Inaba 1910-2008 exemplifies the American Dream

    Holualoa’s Inaba kazoku/family epitomized the American Dream. Fukuoka

    free immigrant Zentaro & Hiroshima’s Hatsuyo raised Minoru 1904-2002, esteemed

    educator & tremendous community builder, who later served in the

    State House of Representatives 1969-1972, & 1975-1980. Nisei

    Albert 1902-1977 was a public school principal & a community builder on

    Moloka`i for nearly 30 years. Norman majored in business adm/acct

    at UH, ’36 grad, & implored, “The first step to economic security lies in

    land ownership. No one can chase you off your land as long

    as you keep both feet firmly on the ground. The early Japanese

    lagged behind Hawaii`s economy because they had no intention of

    settling here and hence made no effort to acquire land.” Needless

    to say, Norman 1914-2003 was known as “king of Japanese

    developers.” Goro was State Land Use commissioner 1963-1973.

    And Yoshio was our County Public Works chief 1953-1963.

    Yoshio was among the rarest few AJAs who served in the Army

    w/no restriction here immediately after 12/7/41 [engineer].

    Yoshio was regarded for his conservation principles as

    County engineer here. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kea`au’s Yasuki Arakaki pain in the butt for ILWU

    Per George Martin, Yasuki 1917-2005 loved himself too much, & often

    was a distraction/not a team player. In contrast, soft-spoken, stoic

    Wataru Kawamoto 1925-2001 of Mt. View was the consummate team player.

    In management negotiations, George’s word was his bond, & his

    bond was always secured by his commitment/follow-through. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    1960s hippies should thank their parents for freedom to experiment —

    Yes, the hippie generation was imperious via unmatched schooling. But

    WWII’s “greatest” generation perished in combat to give its children

    the freedom to experiment/be fools w/out lethal reprisals. What say

    is the hippies’ legacy? The spoiled brat generation. Freedom’s children. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jesus’ momentary self-desolation on the cross was but God’s will to have

    Jesus die to save everyone. There was divine method to the madness.

    In contrast, Mother Teresa’s self-desolation [unable to speak w/God] was

    but mortal reckoning, expected but not divine. In such “weakness” of the

    flesh, supporters/faithfuls are crucial to restore confidence/self-esteem.

    Yes, honesty/authentication are bottom line necessities, but not divine

    vs. Jesus’ lamentation [“Why has thy Father deserted me?”]. Similarly,

    Shiro Sokabe/Hung Wai Ching found themselves in unwanted isolation

    a la Mother Teresa, just because of their mortal/expected frailties.

    There are numerous instances in the Bible where the faithful are unable

    to speak w/God. Such self-sadness is overcome via divine purpose —

    not to question but to do, so to speak. For to question is to make

    man replace God. And as w/institutional Catholicism, to replace

    Jesus w/the Roman church. Why should a substitute in turn

    replace God’s designated substitute Jesus? Unneeded rollover.

    Yes, sin is universal/replete, but to propagate progeny fruit of

    the poisonous tree/Adam’s apple, is to miss the point of carrying

    out God’s will — to save our souls. Not to dwell on sin. Thence,

    ignorance is bliss, at least in moving forward to save souls, not sink

    in past sin. To everything there is a season, & a purpose to be.

    Whatever God wills. Yes, Norman Vincent Peale’s power of positive

    thinking. Dr. Phil’s progenitor. Or, as Nipponese profess, “shikata

    ga nai” [accept defeat but be positive]. The Serenity prayer.

    Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Great altruist Bob Midkiff born 1920 [common saint Frank’s son] —

    Bob was just feted w/tremendous humanitarian award, long overdue/deserved to no end.

    Bob’s mom is Ruth Richards Midkiff, whose mom is Big 5 godfather Frank Atherton’s older

    sister, whose mom is C&C co-founder Amos Starr Cooke’s daughter. Bob’s uncle is

    Atherton Richards, who sent/sponsored Anson Chong to Punahou. Bob’s great grand-uncle

    is Charles Montague Cooke, son of Amos Starr Cooke. Charles co-founded Lewers &

    Cooke [lumber/bldg. supply]. Bob’s dad Frank Midkiff 1887-1983 came from genesis

    of modern service to community [Lions/Rotary/Exchange/Kiwanis/Elks/Chicago’s Edgar

    Robinson became 1st Boy Scout director/Billy Sunday’s Prohibition 1919] Midwest,

    Illinois, in 1913, was buddaheads’ greatest supporter, went to bat for us as soon

    as he landed, started all-buddahead Co. D Hawai`i National Guard WWI, was biggest

    supporter of Takie Okumura’s New Americans Conferences [along w/genesis

    & Okumura mentor Frank Atherton & C&C co-founder Samuel N. Castle’s son

    William Richards Castle 1849-1935 (no relation to Bob Midkiff’s Richards ohana),

    who bankrolled Doshisha U. Japan & whose son was U.S. diplomat to Japan].

    No denying, Bob’s dad also was huge supporter of Hawaiians, prexy KS

    1923-1934, BE trustee 1939-1983 [succeeded grassroots Dick Trent BE tenure 1917-1939

    both died in office]. Bob Midkiff was longtime godfather of trusts/

    profit-sharing here, actually started profit-sharing w/Haw’n Trust Co. [mentor

    was curmudgeon/fatherly Herb Ware Camp], & later headed parent co. of

    American & Bishop Trust Cos. Yes, Midkiff roots are Danish [hard scrabble/

    no-nonsense], but have Haw’n blood here. Interestingly, Bob told me to

    squash racial praise of him as champion of us buddaheads [Bob always

    enabled/supported buddahead orgs/causes] when Bob ran for BOE. Like

    Jesus [Samaritans], Bob believes that focus on race/ethnicity fuels strife/

    discord w/out primary emphasis on pluralism/diversity. Great lesson. BOJ_ps stigma.

    BTW, both Frank Atherton’s dad Joseph Ballard Atherton 1837-1903 &

    W.R. Castle above supported Sun Yat Sen’s democratic revolution in China.

    Yes, these are larger than life Bob Midkiff’s roots/backdrops. Bob still is

    spry mentally, but he’s on his last legs physically, & his mumbling utterances

    are barely discernible anymore. Like HSPA expert/historian Bob Hughes, Midkiff

    never will be replaced. Both hombres’ legacies are irreplaceable/irrepressible.

    Love always, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Buddhist philosophy

    Buddhism dismisses the duality of mind/body, Creator/created, asserting that “self” is the problem [personification/
    egocentric world view], which results in delusion/suffering. Dismissal of “self” results in compassion/equal footing
    [greatest good for others — utilitarianism]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Trib’s John Burnett’s great testimonial to Paul Mark Clark, Shakespeare thespian R.I.P.

    Paul was the warm balm to law partner Steve Christensen’s strident stature. Everyone loved
    Paul, such a gentle/mild-mannered/tender soul. Paul was heartbroken for many years
    after his girlfriend left him, & bravely admitted so. Paul’s life actually reads like a Shakespeare
    tragedy, w/lilts-dips thruout. St. Peter has been looking forward to meet Paul, a special
    emissary of Truth/Wisdom from our mortal plane. Shakespeare delights in welcoming his
    new member up above. As biographer Pete Serafin quoted Shakespeare, Adieu,
    & take thy praise w/thee to heaven. Henry IV, Act v, Sc. 4 Love always, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    No referendum to annexation —

    The grassroot population did not vote for/against annexation. No, it was not popular
    will. Annexation by joint resolution of Congress was used to annex Texas & then
    Hawai`i in 1898. The only measure of popular participation is after the fact, when
    our territorial solons, including our delegates to Congress, promoted Statehood.
    In 1893, ethnic Hawaiians constituted 40% of the population, but their voting age
    base was lower, because most Asian immigrants were adults. In Lili`u’s 1893 domain,
    75% of ethnic Hawaiians were denied suffrage because of gender/literacy/
    property/age requirements. But because of the racial disenfranchisement of Asian
    immigrant adults, ethnic Hawaiians still amounted to two-thirds of the electorate for
    representatives & one-third for Nobles. Dole’s Republic’s Constitution removed the
    express racial exclusion of Asian immigrants from suffrage which Lili`u had forced,
    but because Asian immigrants could not be naturalized [such Congressional
    prohibition predated annexation, e.g. Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882], ethnic
    Hawaiians remained the majority of the electorate all the way up thru the
    1930s [up to just before WWII]!! Chinese were allowed citizenship in 1943,
    Filipinos in 1946, & Japanese in 1952. In 1930 Asians accounted for two-thirds
    of the overall population but only one-quarter of adult citizens. % of AJA voters in
    relation to overall voting population rose from one-tenth in 1926 to one-quarter in
    1936. Thence practical/prescient Joe Farrington’s co-optation of the auspicious/
    growing Asian/AJA voting bloc come 1942 [Joe’s inaugural election as delegate to
    Congress]. But irrefutably, the Trasks/Heens propagated suffrage in martial law
    Hawai`i to rid `Iolani Palace & county supervisors of J_ps [like Hilo solons Sanji
    Abe/Tommy Sakakihara/Hilo Bd. of Supvsrs.’ Frank Ishii]. Yes, the benevolent
    Big 5/haole oligarchy [Joe Farrington was Star-Bulletin owner/GOP] were more
    sympathetic to us than our favored Hawaiians. Akin to Disraeli’s unison/merger
    of England’s upper class w/its lower class vs. the intermediate middle class/populace
    power brokers a century before Joe Farrington & indubitable Asian galvanizers
    Hung Wai Ching/Shigeo Yoshida, native-born Hawai`i citizens. Yes, our Asian
    allies consisted of our haole GOPs. Our tormentors were the anomalous “gang of
    one” Democratic Party’s Trask/Hawaiian cronies. Yikes. Opposite of what you
    think. Dems as party of the unwashed? No way. My heroes are Big 5 oyabun/GOP
    godfather Frank Atherton [died 1945] & Charles Hemenway [Ted Tsukiyama’s
    genro/elder statesman]. Hung Wai Ching/Kats Kometani/Mas Marumoto eventually
    became Statehood Joe Farrington’s holy trinity [after Kats/Mas returned from WWII
    all-Nisei combat duty/after Hung Wai gloriously stepped down as all-Nisei boys’
    messiah/patron saint]/kitchen cabinet. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    If the Monarchy/Lili`u were restored in 1893 —

    Nationalist Lili`u would’ve counted on European powers to offset the U.S. advantage
    [of geographical proximity as opposed to other world powers]. Just as Jack Burns
    invoked 70 yrs. later, Lili`u would’ve exhorted her race to defy its inferiority of spirit,
    its ideology of defeat/failure. Lili`u’s problem was her pa`akiki utterly stubborn
    nature a la today’s imperialist/Prexy George Bush. Thurstonites run her off her throne, so
    she decides to avenge herself to her delight by declaring their beheading, which brought
    down the house in international circles, w/world press having a field day off her visceral
    absurdity. A Disraeli/Gladstone of equanimity she was not. Lili`u eventually learned to be
    more collaborative, to use intermediaries to class up to international calibre, & to accept
    the inevitability of social/economic change on a global scale [importation of cheap labor/
    immigration]. Kamehameha III [Kauikeaouli], longest-reigning monarch, 1825-1854,
    was far superior to closed-minded Lili`u, he being magnanimous/prescient in transforming
    Kamehameha the Great’s feudal rule into a constitutional monarchy based on ideas of
    law and democracy inspired by England and America. His 1840 Constitution which
    incorporated the Declaration of Rights invoked the common law maxim that the King
    must not be under man but under God and under the law because law makes the
    King. As Rex v. Booth [1863, 2 Haw. 616, 630] intoned, Kamehameha III
    originally possessed, in his own person, all the attributes of absolute sovereignty.
    Of his own free will, he granted the Constitution of 1840, as a boon to his
    country and to his people, establishing his Government upon a declared plan.
    Yes, his Constitution introduced the grassroot glory of representatives chosen by
    the people — for the first time ever, the common lot shared in actual political power &
    in government – common provision come alive!! Contrast Kamehameha III w/Lili`u —
    in January 1893 she triggered chaos/anarchy by forcing her new constitution by royal
    fiat, adding fuel to the forces of coup d`etat. Little Caesar Lili`u asserted royal power to
    abrogate and grant constitutions/unhinge elementary stability of checks/balances, force
    her absolute veto at will, appoint most solons, exercise absolute autocracy over all
    subjects of the Kingdom, from peasants/maka`ainana-hoa`aina to cabinet ministers/etc.
    She would have disenfranchised many voters by reprising property qualifications on
    voting for representatives and by denying suffrage to everyone else. Lili`u’s own
    cabinet refused to support her absolute tyranny/iron fist. Thus, Lili`u’s megalomania/
    absolute autocracy precipitated today’s cult of inferiority/failure/victimization promoters
    [UH-Manoa Haw’n Studies gang/OHA/KS/etc.]. Whoa is me cultists propagandize
    exploitation/superiority vs. non-Haw’ns a la slave traders. Are we not common subjects a la
    Kamehameha III? Or are we second class people based on our immutable bloodline? Equal/
    common provision make no exception based on diverse origin/genesis. The Hawaiian
    Nation is not about race. It is about nationhood. Equal subjects/citizens, equal
    respect/treatment. Had Lili`u gone on as absolute ruler, her totalitarian fist-choke
    would have been ended violently by revolution from everyone but her throneroom
    retainers. Yes, everyone. Violence begets violence. Beheading to avenge like Lili`u leads
    to anarchy/removal of fundamental respect for social cohesion/governance. Lili`u was
    forced to soften her approach to diplomacy by the reality of equal provision/common sense.
    Yes, she was not a good ruler/leader. But she is Hawaiian. So what? Nationhood is
    about leadership/common provision, not absolute tyranny a la sad exemplar Lili`u. Visualize
    this, in light of today’s hewa hatists/fearful avariceists Trasks/Osorio/etc., our 442nd boys
    would’ve been guerrilla soldiers taking down `Iolani Palace. Not a pleasant thought. Had
    Lili`u been restored.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    On Marielle Leeds’ fantastic airbrush —

    Surreal/fantastic airbrush, very chilling!! Though tsunami bores often lack curls, nonetheless Marielle Leeds’ airbrush [BIC 11/22/09] has the desired effect [petrified fear!!]. The most chilling depiction? Unintended, but major network local affiliate self-ad depiction of moonlit nite w/ocean in foreground & cloudtops as backdrop, but cloudtops contrast mountain of black water [darkness between water & cloudtops] topped by clouds as whitewater frothtops. Apoplectic fright!! –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mo’o ali’i [perpetuation of greatness down thru the generations] —

    Helen Desha Beamer was taught hula by her mother Isabella Kahili Desha.

    Helen enlisted Waiakea Homesteads resident George Luahiwa, Monarchy

    chanter/dancer, to aid history’s repertoire. Akoni Mika, Keaukaha kumu

    hula, was instrumental in Kekuewa perpetuation of kahiko [Edith K.’s mother

    is Mary Kekuewa]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Punahoa St. named after spring water/ahupua’a Punahoa I/II —

    Punahoa St. that Laura Yuen Chock born 1927 remembers as Hisakichi

    Hisanaga’s 1890-1978 Mameya [beans/p_ssy] Lane is b/n Mamo/Ponahawai

    Sts. Punahoa starts on the north end from Furneaux Lane & runs south to

    Ponahawai St., which is where the Waiolama swamps were before land

    reclamation 1917-1923. Punahoa from Furneaux Lane to Ponahawai St.

    had stream water w/goldfish, fed by springs. Punahoa then continues

    from Kumu St. all the way to Emma St. by Hilo Iron Works. Where today’s

    Kamehameha Statue is was the Punahoa brothel district pre-1946 tsunami,

    w/White Picket Fence at the southeast end of today’s wide lane Punahoa

    St. in front of the Kam Statue, & Green Roof adjacent to White Picket

    Fence. Mango Tree brothel was on the same side of Punahoa St. as

    today’s Kam Statue, but was situated further south toward the DLNR

    fish tanks by Hilo Iron Works. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Stroll down memory lane —

    Visitor industry’s Slim Holt popularized Kapoho’s Green Lake. Hilo Luso Henry

    Gouveia [not Kona educator] tour guide who got Dairy Queen franchise from

    visitor tip & became our pioneer franchise owner of drive in eatery. Who said

    Portuguese are dummies??!! Practical wisdom, common sense, Gouveia self-

    made man. Belle’s fountain moved up from Shinmachi area after tsunamis

    & opened at corner Hualalai/Kino’ole Sts. [former Ming’s store site]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Social class difference —

    Bobby Fujimoto born 1927 HPM Bldg. Supply/Glenn Oda SK Oda contractor/

    Iwao Kitagawa of Kitagawa Motors/Rich Nakamura [whose dad Masa was

    genesis Isojiro Kitagawa’s right hand man at Kitagawa Motors] were our

    buddahead elite who acted the part [better than teeming masses], whereas

    Hiroaki Kono/Susumu Hata [Y.Hata wholesaler] were earthier, in Hiroaki’s

    case because Hiroaki’s dad Gunji & Gunji’s Hilo Transportation freight service

    were wiped off the face of Shinmachi by the 4/1/46 tsunami [Gunji died],

    in Susumu’s case because Susumu wholesaled Primo beer, meaning that

    Susumu interacted w/the working class folks all the time. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Profiteers —

    Today’s “money is god” profiteers [subprime mortgages] are reminiscent

    of older generation pillagers like T. Boone Pickens/Harry Weinberg [corporate

    raiders] & frumpy John D. MacArthur [Florida real estate speculator/Chicago

    insurance mogul], all of whom didn’t want IRS raiding their fortunes, so they

    posthumously endowed foundations [that immortalized their names]. Even at

    KTA, Mountain Apple brand is but another name for spiked fist, where imaginative

    individual makers of food products are not identified except under the KTA Mountain

    Apple brand. For absolutely delicious products by entrepreneurs like Mr. Ed’s

    Bakery of Honomu [Dean Edmoundson], subsuming invisibly under KTA’s Mountain

    Apple brand do nothing but promote KTA. Such superior products like Mr. Ed’s

    cookies/pastries/fruit preserves are better off being sold by Dean Edmoundson

    himself. Impelled by the spiked fist of capitalism. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    TimelinWaiakea Pirates started in 1923 w/Nobu Maruyama. Lincoln Wreckers

    started in 1925 w/Ernie B. De Silva [followed by Froggie Yoneda].

    Lincoln Park in central Hilo town is the Wrecker site. Wanderers

    started in 1933 w/14 yr. old Francis Wong, its site being the triangle

    bound by Keawe/Kilauea/Mamo Sts. [by today’s New Star Restaurant].

    Piopio Bears started in 1942 w/Nobu Yamauchi [followed by Tai On

    Chock]. Thence, Hilo’s holy trinity of sports orgs excludes the latest

    one, Piopio St.’s Bears. Thru it all, credit Doc Francis “Fonkey” Wong

    1919-1971 for not stealing great leaders Tai On Chock [who wanted

    to join fellow Chinese Fonkey’s club]/Bert Nakaji of Wreckers [who also

    wanted to join Fonkey’s club], Doc knowing that each locality needed

    its site leaders. Amazingly, Doc Wong & Wreckers icon Dr. Richard

    Yamanoha worked out of the same office bldg. on Hualalai St. [mauka

    of today’s Burger King]. Doc was happy that native Wrecker Yamanoha

    took care of the Lincoln Park/central Hilo kids, while Doc took care of

    the Mamo St. kids. Mamo St. was called the “Street of Life” by a visiting

    Stateside artist — tremendous diversity of ethnic groups of all ages & from

    many walks of life, along w/the bustle of diverse activities carried on at

    all hours, as described to great scribe Maxine Hughes. Jim Evans was

    brought to Hilo’s Bank of Hawaii by Oahu’s Bob Sasaki, but Jim wasn’t able

    to upend First Haw’n Bank’s Al Nishimura in drawing buddahead customers.

    Al was a down-home guy who had charm to keep his buddahead brethren.

    Today’s Art Taniguchi would’ve been ideal to draw buddaheads away from

    Nishimura had Art been around 40 yrs. ago. Art is KTA Store family but

    chose to stay w/Bank of Hawaii, Art born 1951 [today’s Big Island boss].

    Rick West was BoHawaii Big Isle boss 25 yrs. ago but had little charm/smile,

    which was to Nishimura’s charming advantage. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    John McCain postscript [true story for us all] —

    At the Naval Academy, a student was browbeating a Pinoy worker in the

    cafeteria. Irascible John McCain, heedless of rank/order, went nose to

    nose vs. the white cadet & told him “If you ever do that again, you’ll have

    to do it to me first!” McCain, such temper/conflagration — a true warrior.

    Yes, ambivalence stokes heroic role models. McCain, for no sane reason,

    w/nothing to gain-self advancement, always backed up losers/helpless/

    powerless. His words on another occasion–his cadet buddy, the 1st Mex-Am

    there, “You know, I just kid you[racism] ’cause I know what you gonna be subjected

    to out there [in the real world].” Reaction — Mex-Am cried [the tenderest

    heart of McCain the impaler]. Strangely enough, McCain’s age peer Stan

    Roehrig exactly like McCain in temperament/volatility. Yet, Stan has a soft

    side that nobody ever sees. Problem is that Stan leaves no legacy ’cause

    all we ever see is this loud-mouth haole rubbernecking to be in the spotlight.

    Let me tell you what happened in ’74 State Dem convene at Ilikai convention

    hall — I push for amnesty for VNW draft dodgers. The place erupts in rage/

    apoplexy. While I get pelted by core Dems/442 boys, Stan Roehrig quietly

    walks up to me & says, “Son, change the wording — reconciliation, not

    amnesty. Compromise. The best thing to do.” Words of wisdom out of a

    seeming politician seeking votes. Stan had everything to lose & nothing to

    gain by walking up to me. But he did. And I thank him to this day. Well,

    the amended mollifier didn’t work, but Stan’s wisdom carries us all — Stan,

    a noisebox/talking head haole, in his quiet/salutary moment in ’74, such

    a peacemaker/forward-thinking guru. I’ll never forget Stan’s magical example.

    Thence, can never judge a bk. by its cover. We’re all Jekyll/Hyde. Yes, Stan

    leaves no legacy for society, but he certainly left a personal legacy for me.

    He is Jesus’ silent disciple. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Upending the status quo replete in Scripture —

    Mordecai’s Esther stands up for who she is & is willing to die so that others may

    live. She chastens, “If I perish, so be it!” Haman throws a banquet to celebrate

    himself but ends up in self-destruction via his egomania. Haman invokes getting

    rid of the Jews but finds himself being rid of. Foolish pride. Esther upends the

    status quo. Peter’s fear of the status quo wrung his denial of Jesus, only to

    be overcome by Peter’s conversion/make-up call to be martyred for Peter’s

    devotion to Jesus. Paul’s Type A personality fit God’s master plan of “everybody’s

    different.” So Paul converted from Christian-persecutor status quo to savior, Type

    A unchanged. Paul was who he was to serve a greater good, not to serve himself

    a la Haman. John’s Bk. of Revelation showed John’s conversion from son of thunder-

    master of rage status quo to apostle of love. Obama cleverly says “above my pay

    grade” to avert question of when life begins, but for a man who aspires to the highest

    secular office/respect, Obama lets down Christians who defy status quo/culture of

    mediocrity. Obama can say “at conception,” but still defer to secular authority [the

    people rule, not the churches]. State his principle/defy status quo, but defer to

    law of the land, not church. “The people have spoken” via their organs [courts/etc.]

    absolves Obama of autocracy/personal agenda over the polity/diverse constituents.

    In Obama’s sacred/profane sanctuary, the only powers are good/evil [God/devil].

    This duality works thru humanity/flawed beings. We frail sentients fight not flesh/

    blood, but vs. principal power in highest place, namely vs. Satan. As Daniel says,

    the real battle is in the heavens. Satan’s desire is to be like God, so why make it

    easier for Satan by denying your Faith? Obama defers to diverse polity/secular

    authority, not status quo. Status quo is to deny one’s Faith, if one has Faith.

    Satan is not the secular body. Satan fights on the highest plane, vs. God. Jesus

    upended the status quo as reformer by responding to Pontius Pilate, “it’s not for

    you to set me free, but for those who judge me wrongly. Ultimately, the Truth

    shall set me free, just as it shall set free those who judge me wrongly today.”

    No need for Obama to recant. Obama spoke his heart, though timidly like Peter.

    Repentance is a wondrous thing. It only comes when you don’t think about it.

    Much surprise awaits Obama. Growth. O`ahu’s Mits Aoki born 1915 is great

    advocate on growth/repentance. Mits not Hilo’s Hideo Aoki 1920-1977. “Stand

    in the Truth,” whether one lives or dies. It’s the only thing that matters. When

    my uncle Yukio was courting wife Masae/Nancy, inebriated Yoshimura [He-Man

    6 footer hulk] pushed away Yukio to dance w/Masae. Yukio, only 5’3″, told

    Yoshimura, “Az no way to treat a lady.” Yoshimura told Yukio to step outside.

    Outside the dance hall, Yoshimura swung “for the fences” & missed Yukio by

    a mile. Yukio threw “shoe-shine” [sharp rapid blows] at Yoshimura’s mid-section,

    that dropped Yoshimura like a rock. Upending the status quo [rebuke bully

    He-Man Yoshimura]. Richard Uejo born 1925 started today’s HIAC [elderly day

    care center]. Richard started the Japanese language program among Baptists.

    Richard started child care pre-school, & the forerunner of today’s A Plus program.

    Richard upended the status quo. But inner beauty comes in strange packaging.

    As w/leaders like Rich Uejo/Bob Chow, you gotta’ cut thru the self-glorification/

    selfish pride that constitute 99% of the verbal drivel, to get to the treasured

    1% mother lode [of wisdom]. Richard is the negative exemplar of having to

    cut thru the crap to get to Richard’s 1% holy grail. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Global financial crisis —

    Subprime [bad loan] mortgage failure/CDS [credit default swaps—so-called derivatives/

    hedge funds concocted 15 yrs. ago at J.P. Morgan to prop up worthless paper-scams]

    felled Wall St. Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs converted to regulated holding bank status

    to free up access to capital under such regulatory scheme. Free-market model as we know

    it that fueled so-called derivatives “casino gambling” now will be tightly regulated, just as

    our loose regulatory oversight still was a huge leap forward vs. the unregulated stock market

    that crashed 80 years ago in 1929. Especially back then, there was no FDIC/FCUIC that

    guaranteed grassroot savings deposits. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sugar industry leader Robert Hughes 1917-2008

    Maui-born Bob Hughes was HSPA Prexy/Sugar Industry History award

    top recipient/Kau Sugar mgr./UH Bd. Regents head, but he was as earthy/

    helpful as the summer day is long. Bob dove into the most forgotten

    tidbits of sugar industry lore, such as Overend’s mill re Goto murder 1889/

    Aina’s Pi`ihonua mill in 1843/Lanai`i Chinese mill 1802/Goodrich’s Hilo mill

    1829/etc. Bob Hughes/Bob Midkiff born 1920 [Frank’s son] stroll back from

    the plantation era [haole upper class/Midkiff a Cooke], but they are the most

    engaging/loving/compassionate persons you’ll ever find. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese voting power a century ago

    1. Hawaiian voters outnumbered the 2nd largest ethnic bloc, Luso/Portuguese,

    2 to 1, at the start of our Territory in 1900, w/even greater disparity before

    1900. Hawaiian dominance at the polls continued up through the 1930s, after which it

    was eclipsed by the Japanese/Luso/Caucasian blocs.

    2. The leading Luso solon was Manuel C. Pacheco, who arrived in Hawa`i in 1883 on the same

    ship as our Girardo/Maria Ferreira, & who was called a great statesman for his dedication to

    his constituents/equal opportunity for all. Fellow Democrat pioneers Joe Fern [also Luso],

    Johnny Wilson, Del Metzger, & Billy Jarrett extolled Pacheco’s ideals, as did the print media.

    Pacheco served in the nascent territorial legislature & was so powerful at the grassroot bd.

    of supervisor [county council] level that he even outpolled leading GOP figures like Lawrence

    Judd & G. Fred Wright. Among recent Luso solons, Maui’s Elmer Cravalho [House Speaker]

    is reminiscent of Pacheco.

    Viver bem [live well], –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hawai`i Asian-Americans owe their success to Luso forebearers —

    Never assume form over content. Hung Wai Ching’s 1905-2002 kin Clarence Ching’s

    1912-1985 foundation endowed Chaminade w/restorative millions to replace

    antecedent Henry Freitas’ admin. bldg. Yes, Clarence’s outfit restored UH’s Cooke

    Field. Clarence’s auspicious nephew Ray Tam [tort lawyer] is its current cover boy,

    but the real deal is our silent disciple, Clarence’s #2 son, solitary deep thinker Wally

    Ching. Glitz/glamor poster boys are only fronts, not heartland. Tam is form/Wally

    is content. Public education is the great equalizer, & Luso were the first immigrant

    group to catalyze the teeming masses to fulfill the American Dream. DPI [genesis of

    DOE] is replete w/Luso leaders/educators, incl. Honoka`a genesis Principal Perreira

    [no relation to Velma Souza]. Why Luso as our greatest leaders/enablers?

    Unquestionably, Luso culture/Scripture [Galatians 3:28–everybody’s equal before

    God]. Steeped in Faith, Luso simply lived Biblical creed. Catholic schools became

    Asian American springboards to success/leadership. Clarence Ching is just one of

    many beneficiaries of our Marianists. Our 1st heart bypass surgeon Dick Mamiya

    [St. Louis High/St. Louis U.] is Luso exemplar. UH honcho Walt Kirimitsu [Tam’s

    law partner] is St. Louis High/Luso exemplar. Rusty Blaisdell 1902-1975 [only

    cross-appeal GOP beside Joe Farrington 1897-1954] is St. Louis High/Luso exemplar.

    1st-ever NFL triumvirate 1926-1927 Walt Sneeze Achiu/Honomu’s Cab Cabrinha/

    Sam Hipa are St. Louis High/Dayton Ohio [Catholic] U exemplars. Yes,

    classmates all thru school/NFL combine. Of the 20% of Asian-Americans

    who went thru private schools, 9 out of 10 kids went thru our Catholic

    schools. Do you know that Punahou had 10% racial quota limit on Asian

    kids until 1966? We Asian-American progeny owe our existence to our

    Luso welcomers. Yes, impact/groundswell via Luso –inspired ascension.

    We utterly ignorant Japs/Chinks/Yobos/Flips belittle/marginalize Luso as

    dimwitted brutes. The joke really is on us ignoramuses. Sad. David

    Figueira born 1957 St. Louis High/Portland U grad business never let his

    diplomas unfurl/blind him to grounded/grassroot retention/reverence.

    David is our familia/ohana exemplar of New Testament exceptionalism

    [Sermon on the Mount]. This is what Catholicism is all about — to

    serve God’s will/way. David faithfully/quietly serves well God’s Plan.

    Clarence Ching foundation just endowed Ching’s alma mater St. Louis

    School/Palolo w/huge money infusion. Viver bem, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Century-old legacy of Punchbowl poet Manuel Coito —

    Madeira-born Coito’s requiem for departed lives [our ode to Chrystode Souza]: “He rests,

    still a young man; may you be happy in eternity, may God permit you release from suffering,

    reward for a bitter and harsh fate; be happy, martyr, in the heavenly sphere, in endless space,

    for a better spring, and fly to the heights . . . farewell, farewell.” And Coito’s life here, chastened

    by hardship, impels Coito’s longing for his Motherland: “Madeira, I was born in your bosom, cradled

    in your arms; in your meadows I was raised, your mantle covered me, my heart longs for you, Madeira.”

    As translator Knowlton says, “people looking for their roots now wish they knew more about their

    ancestors & how life was for them. If you find out what interested them creatively, this will give

    them further dimension for you.” As w/our own laureates like Honoka’a Teves, ancient Coito

    gave Luso a voice, via the classic, narrative Roman style [unlike sing-song “tourist” expression] in

    Luso burst of color, as “oral gazettes” are versed aloud to those gathered around the storyteller

    such as Tina Ribble/etc. Follow Teves, whose

    flowing, free-association [flashes of insight] lingua are steeped in tradition/heritage. As w/reverent

    Tina Ribble, life’s tapestry weaves a resulting morality play, w/participants hitting their marks. And

    for the Hart brood [David Figueira/John Stanley Pacheco], Luso immigrated in droves to Brazil

    [former colony] via incentive of free farmland 1913. Our ancestors constitute consecrated ground

    as links to our past/genesis. Um espiritual. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Consider these …” Luso equanimity

    How strange did Asian immigrants seem to Americans?! They were not seen in

    the U.S., but when they arrived in pigtails/queues & topknots/swords, they could’ve

    been aliens from outer space! U.S. consanguinity didn’t reach the Pacific Ocean till

    1846, & even after that U.S. “outposts” remained totally isolated [the telegraph only

    was reached in 1862]. BUT Luso settlers here 1878 thereafter welcomed Asian

    immigrants w/open arms a la aloha-spirited Hawaiians. Amazing inclusion/pluralism/

    empathy/diversity. Luso included Asian immigrants in group solidarity, & nothing

    aids cohesion/adherence better than shared hardship [vs. Big 5 repression]. Stress

    reducers like collective teamwork work wonders for the human condition. As to

    Girardo Ferreira’s Ahualoa homesteads, such lands were made available via the

    Land Act of 1895. Per the same statute, Ka`apahu lands were made available

    in 1895, of which Antone Souza Jr. & Johnny “Waimea” Souza purchased a

    quarter century later. Ahualoa allotments were 15 to 20 acres each lot. Kalopa

    lands were made available in 1917 [Antone Jr.’s original turf]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sherman anti-trust act would’ve broken up Big 5 cabal a century ago —

    Yes, vertical integration forced plantation workers to lose their meager earnings at

    the plantation store, whose exorbitant prices were fixed via Big 5 monopoly over

    supply/distribtuion [Big 5 name brands, not cost-affordable alternatives]. Which is

    why most Luso strove upward/away from the psyche of servitude. So enterprising

    were Luso , that Luso eventually were direct rivals of Merchant St. Thence, Luso

    preference for the Democratic Party, which Luso built w/Luso own blood/sweat/tears.

    The story of Luso legacy-makers is extraordinary. Luso are the most unspoken heroes

    in our social/political history. To me, the story of Luso contributions to our melting

    pot/pluralistic society is the story never told. I am gratified to have told you, for

    history’s sake. Felicitacao, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese at top of pecking order among immigrants —

    Because of decimation to disease of Hawaiian population, Kalakaua beseeched Portugal’s King to import

    Luso families en masse to repopulate Hawai`i. Unlike other immigrants, Luso immigrants were intact families

    who were the top of the pecking order here. Although Luso supported Sanford B. Dole’s Republic, their

    assimilation unexpectedly slowed because haole planters feared Luso land acquisitions. Thence Luso alliance

    w/embryonic Dems JJ Fern/Johnny Wilson. Contrary to popular misconception/class-race bigotry, Luso were

    not dim-witted menial laborers, but direct competitors to Merchant St. moguls. Thence haole co-optation/

    merger/harmony w/top Luso [Antonio Perry/Bishop Alencastre/etc.]. Is there any reason why later Luso

    entrepreneurs [JB Fernandes/Joe Pao/Walt Dods Jr.] were Dems & not GOP? Because of Luso grassroot alliance

    w/labor organizers [Jack Kawano/Pablo Manlapit/Jack Hall/etc.]. Of course, Luso GOP like Maui’s Tavares scions

    were such because of their support by Big 5 missionary descendants A & B. Do Joe Pao [mega-developer of

    Honolulu suburbs Manoa/Halawa/Waiawa/Waiau/etc.] & multi-millionaire Walt Pereira Dods Jr. look like oppressed/

    mistreated/neglected people? No. Assimilation might seem slow by today’s standards, but it always was steady/

    measurable/fully accepted by all. One could say that nascent Dems Fern/Wilson/Billy Jarrett/Kawananakoa were

    the springboards to Luso progress. Why AmFac/Pao p/n team? AmFac bldg. materials made millions from Pao’s

    cogent governance. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Personification [Sacred text as analogy — to secular life] —

    Early Christian martyr Stephen was stoned to death, which reminds me of

    well-intentioned Barack Obama [on Penn folk].

    Old Testament’s Balam/Balak pulpiteered for profit, until God made them

    speak correctly, which recounts self-beleaguered Jeremiah Wright.

    Nathaniel bellowed, “What good ever can rise out of lowly Nazareth?”

    — Jesus. Nathaniel reminds me of hubris Hillary, who pontificates

    vs. Obama’s youth to her detriment [she’s the same old Clinton].

    A lowly woman asked Jesus for bread, to which Jesus replied,

    “It’s for the children of God’s Kingdom.” To which the

    woman implored, “A dog shall eat crumbs off the ground. I shall

    eat crumbs off the ground. Why thoust judge grounded as

    unworthy?” To which Jesus iterated, “You are a child of God’s

    Kingdom. Nature’s blessed ones. Partake of thy bread.”

    Point is that Jesus challenged her inner voice, which reverberated

    Truth. Lest we dismiss paupers/ruffians who emanate as voices

    of God, the low life unlearned Galileean fishermen became the

    greatest apostles across the horizons [such as Peter]. And

    contrary to Richard Uejo’s take, the Bible was written in everyday

    language, not for uppity class patricians. “Whosoever will,

    may come.” Armenius– “Everyone come in,” vs. Uejo’s/John

    Calvin’s “only the chosen are eligible for application.”

    [personification of likening Biblical figures to secular folks/

    events is blasphemous to Uejo/Calvin] The Way, the

    Truth, the Life, no man cometh to thy Father but by

    Me, meaning that Uejo/Calvin are not gatekeepers of Faith.

    As Jesus would say to both, “You search Scripture, but I

    am the living embodiment of Truth, not you.” Satan

    used Scripture & self-bolstered via Scripture, which we

    find today w/holier-than-thou status trippers who ply Satan’s

    sly — 1) When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, Satan

    said, “Jump off the ledge, the angels will lift you up.”

    Jesus retorted, “Don’t tempt God by my jumping off the temple

    of Faith!” 2) When hunger incited poverty/famished villagers,

    Satan said eat the stones, for they will turn into bread. To

    which Jesus said, “Stone is not bread — do not tempt fate/

    God. No one cometh to thy Father but by me. Man shall not

    live by bread alone, but by every word that cometh from the

    mouth of thy God.” 3) Satan said, “I will give you Kingdoms

    of Glory if you shall bow before me.” To which Jesus replied,

    “Do not curse God if your Kingdoms not cometh, but as you

    pull apart at your core, believe in God & you shall be given

    life anew.” Point is that “it is written” that it is for God to

    reveal Truth, not Satan nor us, regardless of class/color/

    creed. Hillary, you are queried in the hour of roughness

    [combat zone tarmac tale]. “Satan, stand behind me.”

    [a la Biblical Peter] Deborah/Juliana [Old/New

    Testaments] rose to greatness thru Faith, not fiction.

    Aaron & Miriam forsook Moses, were struck w/maladies,

    but were redeemed by God, as they lifted Moses’ hands

    to bless Joshua on the field of battle. Hillary is not far

    from Aaron & Miriam, as Hillary forces a divide into

    the dawn of November [vs. McCain], rather than lift

    the hands of unity/strength in numbers. And just

    as Obama is dilettante Gideon, follow Solomon, for

    if you know not the path [of righteousness], follow

    the footsteps of the flock [incl. Armenius/Wesley].

    The tabernacle is around the bend. And just as

    old Caleb wears slippers of steel [to claim the

    mountain], not house slippers, so does Obama

    anoint via the Song of Solomon [age is not

    the singular rod of wisdom]. Or, as Stephen

    Alencastre would say, “Tutaruga, cabesa

    nob” — the stubborn one does not age

    to perfection, but ends up cursing God.

    Apreciar, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Family tradition/custom —

    Yes, O`ahu’s Punalu`u is the Ferreira idyllic retreat, courtesy of big-hearted patriarch

    David Figueira. Vasco’s grandson David is steeped in family-oriented togetherness, which

    derives from David’s desire to carry on our ancestral heritage of family unity/solidarity,

    per Vasco’s loving daughters & only son Korean War KIA Gerald. In Pi`ihonua, Naichi/

    Mainland Japanese looked down upon Uchinanchu/Okinawans a century ago [below the

    Camp 4 clubhouse was Naichi, above it was Uchinanchu]. Which is where Henry Shimabukuro

    transformed his life into overcoming geopolitical obstacles. Henry is among the 1st AJAs/

    Uchinanchu to ascend up the Air Force chain of command. His uncle Shokan Shimabukuro

    [Jesse Shima] 1901-2002 [centenarian] is our greatest-ever Japanese to live in the U.S.

    [post-WWII Japan reconstruction/Okinawan sovereignty restoration/Japanese Naturalization

    Act 1952 enabling U.S. citizenship for Japanese immigrants/etc]. Just the same, David Figueira

    overcame hurdles to self-actualize as our loving/generous/omniscient leader today among our

    family/others, & as a positive exemplar to all pilgrim souls/humanity. In Pi`ihonua, earliest Naichi

    settlers Kamimura/Wakimoto bullied later Uchinanchu [who settled closest to the upper forest

    line above the Camp 4 clubhouse (today’s Charlie/Rose Shimabukuro home site)], just as J_ps/

    haoles spread invectives of Luso being dimwitted. Thankfully, our King David [Ferreira familia]

    comes to save our day/destiny! We all desire happiness. When we die, we ask for forgiveness

    & love, because we all have faults/failures. If we are prevented by others who rule over us from

    fulfilling our deepest hunger for forgiveness/love/peace of mind/serenity, we are bound to live/

    die in misery. David Figueira [Ferreira] is not content simply to save souls — he desires to solve

    life’s vexing problems [social conflicts/etc.], before David meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gate.

    David personifies the spiritual foundation of personal liberty/solitude/happiness — St. Peter

    beams down w/pride upon angel on our shoulders David Figueira. Amor y bom dia, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Word pictures [wordsmith] Souza-Ferreira DOE-DPI timeline —

    Of the ubiquitous Affonso familia, beautiful memorial to JA Affonso’s young wife

    from the Advertiser January 12, 1893: “Mrs. Affonso, wife of J. A. Affonso, a

    Portuguese merchant of Honokaa, died on Wednesday, the 4th, after an illness

    of more than two years, the last six months of which have been most painful.

    She was a woman of many noble traits of character, and was respected by all,

    regardless of nationality. She was 35 years old, and was a native of Portugal.”

    From the Hilo Trib July 9, 1989, on Honoka`a school: “Founded in 1889 on

    the site now occupied by the teacher cottages, Mrs. Overend was the first

    principal. Next, a 3-room school was built on a site below the cemetery near

    Overend Camp. Mrs. Overend retired in 1892, and Armstrong Smith became

    principal, which had an enrollment of 288 pupils, the largest school on the Big

    Island. Over the next 3 years, however, enrollment dropped to 110 pupils,

    because schools were established in Ahualoa and Kaapahu. Through the 1920s,

    Honokaa had classes only to the 8th grade. In the 1930s, the 9th grade was

    added, then the 10th grade in 1936, culminating with the first senior class

    graduation in 1938.” [Centennial Celebration 1889-1989]

    Hilo Trib celebration of 150th anniversary of public education in Hawai`i,

    dated Feb. 28, 1991, lists auspicious Honoka`a school principals Harry

    Irwin [lawyer/judge]/Lottie Overend [Overend plantation]/John Perreira


    Now you see why the Souzas/Ferreiras were lucky even to finish elementary

    school? DPI’s oppressive oligarchy control deliberately thwarted advancement

    past the 6th grade [intermediate grades came after most of the 3rd generation

    Luso/Portuguese finished 5th/6th grades, incl. the Souzas/Ferreiras]. It was only

    thru altruist DPI chief Oren Long [later U.S. Senator] 1934-1946, that those born

    after 1920 finally were able to complete high school thruout the Territory. Those

    born before 1920 were incapable of reaching even the 9th grade [not to mention

    staggering public school tuition fees in public schools past the 8th grade]. For

    older 3rd generation Luso [or 2nd generation AJAs] like Uncle Manuel Souza 1912-

    2008, even the 6th grade came too late. Amor, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Reciprocity Treaty 1876 — Luso immigration 1878 —

    The Reciprocity Treaty 1876 was the single most important trigger

    to sugar boon because it removed the heavy tariff on Hawai`i sugar

    going Stateside. Dr. Wil Hillebrand is appointed immigration chief

    for Hawai`i in Portugal & laborer contract is 3 yrs. 10 hrs. p/day.

    Laborers to receive free daily rations/suitable lodging-homes/garden

    land/infirmary services/medications. Bd. of Immigration here pays

    entire cost of passage from Madeira to Hawai`i. Many Luso

    immigrants settle on slopes of Punchbowl, though Vineyard St.

    named after Spanish grower Marin. Colorful Luso street names

    incl. Lusitana [Queen’s Hospital]/Funchal/Lisbon/Azores/Madeira/

    Morreira/Magellan/Correa/Enos/Osorio. Greatest Luso scribe

    Godofredo Ferreira Affonso 1875-1950 aboard the 1st Luso

    immigrant ship, the Priscilla, 1878. Immigration continues

    heavily till 1899. Though most Luso are Catholic [ergo,

    example set by Luso Bishop Stephen Alencastre 1876-1940],

    Rev. A.U. Soares arrived here 1890 & is considered founder

    of Luso Christian Church here, followed by Rev. Ernest Gomes

    De Silva 1873-1955 of Hilo. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    City kids vs. country kids in terms of schooling beyond the 8th grade

    ILWU’s Ah Quon McElrath 1915-2008 from Iwilei was city lass who graduated

    from McKinley High 1934, & from UH 1938. City kids had advantage of available

    schooling beyond 8th grade [vs. country kids who were forced to stay on

    plantations to till soil for Big 5 oligarchy]. Not until egalitarian/altruist angel

    Oren Long came along/progressive educator a la Horace Mann/John Dewey

    1889-1965 as DPI/DOE chief 1934-1946 did country kids have a chance to go

    beyond the 8th grade. Honoka`a School is the perfect example, where the

    10th grade was added in 1936 & its 1st high school grad class emerged in

    1938 [Carolina Brasao Andrade’s granddaughter Mary Andrade Nachbar its

    renowned grad]. Dorothy Vasconcellos Souza 1920-1997 was usual city high

    school grad/diploma a given/taken for granted by city folks, but not so by

    country folks such as Carolina’s granddaughter Mary Andrade Nachbar also

    born 1920. –Curt

  • Go Lakers Says:

    Public school kids vs. Private school kids– There has been an improvement in public schools students academic achivement from the 90’s and 2000’s compared to the 70’s and 80’s. The public school student test scores, on the average, are still at the bottom of the nation but presently more students from public schools are better prepared academically with higher GPA’s, better SAT’s and more extracurricular activity resumes to enhance their ability to get accepted in to top schools on the mainland.

    At one time, in the 70’s and 80’s, the best public school students were going to UH Manoa and the better than average public school students were going to UHH instead of applying to the top public school and private school universities on the mainland. The private school kids, the graduates of Punahou, Kamehameha, HPA and even St. Joseph (maybe), had no limitations in academic ambition and were applying and getting accepted in to the best schools in the country. On the other hand, the best public school students accepted and preferred, maybe, staying closer to home.

    That has changed and the gap between public schools and private schools best students is not as wide as it used to be. Is that because of more parental involvement, better technology to self learn (because of the internet), better college advising at the public high schools, more awareness of financial aid and scholarships or the fact that the students are more aware of how important a good education from a good university is, could be all of those factors, not sure.

    But still the poor students at the public schools I would guess are responsible for Hawaii’s test scores being so low, on the whole.

    I think that is the challenge for the DOE is to bring up the test scores of the poor students so these students have the potential to if not be able to apply at the top universities on the mainland at least have the educational fundamentals, desire and appreciation to stay at home and get an education in their hometown or state.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hi “Go Lakers” [Mr. Kai?] — Thank you for your fascinating upshot of our public and private school students. Aloha, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The other shoe —

    1986 Fanatic defames Heftel for homo/adultery perversion. Yet later, our

    Uchinanchu community wanted to skewer Waihee for alleged unfaithfulness vs.

    Waihee’s wife [Uchinanchu heritage]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Taiwan coveted Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 —

    Because Camp Smith [Pac Command] was synonymous w/Hung Wai Ching,

    Taiwan coveted Hung Wai. When Hung Wai went to Taipei, he was a virtual

    god there. Taiwanese as well as Chou En Lai knew of Hung Wai’s contacts

    w/U.S. military-industrial complex [Northrop/etc.]. Not hubris, just fact.

    Yet Hung Wai always was for the little guy in society, which is why Hung Wai

    enabled oddball Koji Ariyoshi to rebuke Koji’s UH elitists & transfer to U Georgia

    [little guy’s Tobacco Rd. notoriety]. Of course, in 1937 Hung Wai knew nothing

    about Stalin’s colossal genocide/purges. By the time Mao stoked Mao’s

    genocide/Cultural Revolution, Hung Wai was up to speed on so-called Commie

    bullshit. Which is why Koji Ariyoshi was too brainwashed to wake up like Hung Wai

    did 3 decades earlier. Koji’s loss. Hung Wai transformed Chou En Lai into an

    Anglophile/Western acolyte. It’s about respect. Though Hung Wai was Chou’s

    jr. by 7 yrs., Chou was attentive to Hung Wai’s nation-building [U.S.]. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Abundance of a man’s heart is from Matthew 12:35 —

    The heart is filled w/both Jekyll & Hyde. Overcoming the Hyde in each of us is

    as elusive as a phantom. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921, knowledgeable as he

    is, is an utter A-hole — tells me why do I waste my time crusading for

    sports ancients/icons when today’s dying newsprint is about local contempos.

    Yes, newsprint dies w/our old farts, but to me business/economics are not

    excuses for sh_tcanning the past. Yes, blogging is my panacea, but I crusade

    to give our oldtime heroes their last shot at glory before they pass on to Divinity.

    Now what’s so useless about this! The heart, not the brain, is our noblest refrain!

    Yes, Isamu is no jesus/buddha/muhammad. Isamu is my negative role model who

    inspires me to REBUKE Isamu & battle even more by REJECTING Isamu’s heartless drivel.

    The post-1920 born buddaheads are fr_ckin’ punks/egotists/intolerants. Dad, I miss you

    [Toshi 1913-1998]. You, Hiro Higuchi, a breed apart from Isamu’s gang of

    hubris-makers. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr 1892-1971 [alter ego to MLK/Barack Obama] —

    Niebuhr is Missouri-born German American whose dad was an evangelist. Like Hung Wai Ching,

    his protege, Niebuhr has divinity degree from Yale & is among NYC Union Theol. Sem.’s greatest

    figures [taught Hung Wai/devotees include Martin Luther King/Columbia U. sister school’s Barack

    Obama]. Like Yasutaro Soga’s slow but steady assimilation, Niebuhr transformed from incendiary

    leftist to moderate centrist peacemaker/consensus-builder. Extraordinary evolution/metamorphosis.

    Our greatest leaders today hang their hats on nerve center Niebuhr. Niebuhr’s outlook presaged

    today’s Muslim extremists — the sin of spiritual hubris is the worst sin, more than sins of mental/

    physical hubris, which are easier to overcome. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Lingle/Kim 2000 GOP —

    GOP chief Lingle met w/Harry Kim at Hata Bldg. Lingle got teed off because

    “don’t tell me what to do” Kim didn’t accept her GOP chain of command. Truly,

    Harry was a carpetbagger. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hung Wai [“HW”] Ching 1905-2002 our discerning oracle

    G-2 [Army Intelligence Office] Moses Pettigrew served in Hawai`i pre-PH

    which gave him eyeball support of our AJAs for combat. When he went

    back to D.C., he worked closely w/Fielder in Hawai`i, who in turn relied

    on Bicknell until Bicknell also got re-assigned back to D.C. Fielder in turn

    relied on Marsten & Blake. Fielder was a jock [Georgia qb. beat

    Cumberland 220-0 — highest score in college football]/commanded

    Nat’l Guard unit here pre-WWII & mixed well w/

    ex-track star & ROTC alumnus Hung Wai Ching. Masaji Marumoto also

    served under HW & was trusted by G-2 ‘s gang above. Army ran martial

    law Hawai`i [`Iolani Palace had top brass general stationed there]

    & was the principal advocate for combat use of the 100th conscripts

    & the 442 enlistees. Of course, ONI’s Coggins, w/Nimitz’ approval,

    seconded combat use of Nisei. Do you know that Nimitz believed

    so much in AJAs that he called for the induction of 10,000 buddaheads

    for service outside the Pacific area in July 1942? Predictably, Navy Sec.

    Knox opposed Nimitz. Masaji Marumoto’s ESC under HW’s Morale Committee

    command pushed ONI’s Coggins/Nimitz to “second” Army infantry combat for

    AJAs, which impressed Marshall enough to reverse Ike & ratify Emmons’

    combat use of 100th.

    HW was so ubiquitous that LA Times’ Kyle Palmer backed HW. Being ROTC-

    trained, HW easily won support of military top brass. HW’s UH alter ego

    Hemenway pushed for HW as the point man for civilian support/unity in

    martial law Hawai`i. HW not only became the rallying cry for strength

    in unity/Americanism, he also became the rallying cry for fair treatment

    of all minorities in pluralistic America. Look at Truman’s integration of

    the military, at Ike’s civil rights genesis, at Earl Warren’s Brown vs. Bd.

    of Education decision/etc. HW is our discerning oracle. HW went to

    U Chicago for one yr., then transferred w/his prof to Yale Divinity. Which

    is why son KL Ching takes it hard that Jeremiah Wright, mentored by Union

    Theol.’s James Cone [HW’s alma mater], M.A. grad U Chicago [HW’s alma

    mater], is under attack from moderates/silent majority. Wright reminds me

    of John the Beloved before John’s transformation — son of thunder, man of

    rage, John was more aptly John the blowhard. Who said “shall we just

    burn’em up [Samaritans]?” You guessed it.

    Peter was another talker who pissed off Jesus to no end, but became a

    great leader. Wright is no great leader — yet. This is Obama’s roughness

    of the hour — Obama’s fate to evaluate in the middle of the fire. Wright

    needs to be Joshua– step back & watch others like Obama lead our united

    people, while following Jesus thru & thru. It is sad that Wright has not yet

    transformed a la John/Peter [Peter irked Jesus to quip, “Satan get behind

    me!” — referring to Peter]. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    [Written prior to 2008 election]
    Will Obama win over Middle America’s silent majority?

    Live & learn — Obama’s haole tutu wahine was

    no pastor, she that exhorted that popolo men on the

    street frightened her. But Obama’s militant racist

    pastor supposedly is Jesus’ faithful servant who preaches love,

    not fear. If Obama denounces his pastor’s racism, Obama will

    do everyone a whole lot of good.

    We need peacemakers, not destructive warlocks.

    Obama has to attend a different church, unless his pastor

    publicly repents/atones. This is good leadership, not flighty

    behavior. Consider Obama’s PR crisis a dress rehearsal for

    the real thing [KIAs/war strategy]. Public adversity is

    Obama’s finest chance to be a great leader. Prove himself,

    or recede into mediocrity. Please, no syrupy nice guy

    cr_p like preacher Huckabee or Harry Kim.

    Do you know that Scrub Tanaka probably would’ve

    supported Obama [not the same old Clinton]??

    Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest Prexy sworn in

    [McKinley’s assassination] age 42.

    JFK the youngest Prexy voted in to office age 43.

    Clinton & Grant at ages 46, & Grover Cleveland at

    age 47 — all precede Obama in younger/same age

    if Obama wins the race [age 47]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Lau Faat Leong aka Lau Ah Leong/Chun Afong —

    Punahou ’66 grad Pam Chun wrote novel “Money Dragon” about her great-

    grandfather Lau Faat Leong, among early founders of Chinatown [founder like Chun Ahfong,

    Hawai`i’s 1st Chinese millionaire –pundit Bob Dye’s wife is Chun’s progeny][not to be confused

    w/Vineyard’s Don Marin, whose progeny incl. harbormaster Ian Birnie’s wife]. Most Chinese

    merchants belonged to Hiram Fong’s First Chinese Christian Church aka “Beretania Church” [now

    located on King St. across McKinley High School]. 2nd & 3rd generation UH Chinese kids broke

    away from Beretania Church because of its ultra-rigidity [prohibited lascivious dancing/merriment] &

    started the Community Church across Royal Elem. School in shanty Emmaville in a ramshackle old

    Chinese School [today’s Nu`uanu Church — Hung Wo Ching facilitated its relocation in 1960].

    There is acute status consciousness b/n Nu`uanu Church & Beretania Church [Nu`uanu’s members

    are college grads & incl. our Chinese “Who’s Who”] — social climber mentality which would sadden

    primordial leaders Chinese Stephen Mark [from Frisco] & Leigh Hooley aka Lee Houlie [who got many

    of Leigh’s charges/students from Beretania Church to Nu`uanu Church via Leigh’s outreach to

    Nu`uanu & from Leigh’s Nu`uanu Y a block ewa/west of Nu`uanu Church]. In fact, Nu`uanu

    Church’s 2 conference rms. are named in honor of Leigh & Pastor Mark. John Young earlier

    “deaconed” at Beretania Church & also brought along many disaffected younger brethren to

    Nu`uanu Church. Young was inspired by Nu`uanu Y founder Frank Atherton 1878-1945, the 1st

    race-inclusive Y here in 1917. Of course, this is how Hung Wai Ching beat up the biggest Jap kids

    & then contritely became their biggest supporter WWII. Young/Hung Wai/Hooley were mentored by

    altruist Atherton. AJA kids went to Episcopalian ‘Iolani [Sun Yat Sen went to ‘Iolani/Punahou —

    Chinn Ho’s son Stuart, non-Nu`uanu brethren, was rejected to Punahou, went to ‘Iolani, then was

    admitted to Punahou — Nu`uanu Church kids had beeline entry to

    Punahou/Harvard/Yale/Stanford/Union Theological Seminary via Atherton]. Kaua`i’s Sakae

    Takahashi 1919-2001 went from Waimea High to UH for ag teacher creds [Sakae ran from cops

    w/his dad when Pablo Manlapit spoke to laborers roadside, the only place Manlapit could meet

    w/them — Sakae asked Congress Delegate candidate Dem Johnny Wilson why the Baldwins allowed

    Wilson to come speak at camp rallies — Wilson said he did the Baldwins’ irrigation systems, thence,

    the Baldwins allowed Wilson to come to the camps]. KingLit Ching’s baby brother SauLit is a

    Nu`uanu Church member — very altruistic, not a social climber. Former great sports scribe Loui

    Long Hop is Lau Faat Leong’s progeny. Joe Ballard Atherton 1837-1903, Frank’s dad, genesis of Y here.


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Internment —

    Okay, so Mas Marumoto didn’t avert his in-law’s internment, just as Walter

    Dillingham didn’t avert his disciple/deshi Matsujiro Otani’s internment. Mas/

    Walter felt helpless to counter Shivers/Burns/Fielder’s lock-up list pre-12/7/41.

    Respect for the process. Irascible Hung Wai Ching was no sort of lay low

    joe. He was a samurai [yet he loathed samurai for their warrior mentality —

    yes, the conflicted/mercurial side of Hung Wai]. True, he didn’t know Issei

    archetypes Koichi Iida/Daizo Sumida/Katsuichi Kawamoto/Shige Miyao to

    prevent their internment, but nonetheless he fought for older/kyu Nisei

    to keep them out of lock-ups. Younger/wakai Nisei [442 boys] were not

    interned. BTW, Servco founder/Issei Hideichi “Pete” Fukunaga 1890-1960

    [1st buddahead diversified family companies — consumer/commercial loans–

    insurance–appliances–trademark Toyota dealerships] first immigrated

    to Kukuihaele/Honoka`a as Shin/new-recent Issei a century ago &

    worked in the Pacific Sugar Co. fields/general store, then moved to O`ahu

    to attend `Iolani School [via Episcopal beneficence — Honoka`a didn’t

    have a high school until 1936 — John Perreira 1908-1912 principal was

    an early home-grown proponent of expanded education at Honoka`a].

    Great Luso historymakers Godofredo Affonso [journalism]/Jose Teves

    [poetry]/Val Marciel [acct.], along w/Chinese entrepreneurs Ruddy Tong/

    Wong brothers, all hail from Honoka`a, but didn’t have anything beyond

    grade/elementary school during their eras. Former native son Pete

    Fukunaga wasn’t interned WWII because his dealerships were

    American — Chevy/Ford/General Motors. He became Toyota exclusive

    dealer in 1958 [he chose Toyota over Datsun/Nissan because it had

    a better clutch]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Tom Okino born 1906 recruited Shinmachi boys WWII —

    Willy Thompson’s uncle Tom Okino married Shinmachi’s Nakaji [koa shop], thence

    Okino’s recruitment of disproportionately high number of Shinmachi 442 enlistees.

    Nisei SK Oda born 1899 is an honorary AJA Club member because he always

    donated time/equipment to our AJA Club [combo 100th/442/interpreters MIS/

    engineers/artillery]. Philanthropist Laura Kennedy 1879-1967 liked Sato Repair

    Garage in Shinmachi, so when son Akira Sato returned as 442 veteran, Laura

    donated the land across our Muni Golf Course to the AJA Club. At first a few

    100th boys wanted their own clubhouse on the donated parcel, so the 442

    boys built the current clubhouse adjacent to Laula Rd., leaving the makai

    portion for the 100th minority nonconformists. Eventually K Co. replacement

    Rusty Kamimura brokered truce/confluence b/n 100th/442, & today the

    AJA clubhouse sits proudly as a unified symbol of all the Nisei units. Rusty,

    the only son among sibs from Shinmachi born 1923, was only 14 yrs. old

    when his dad died. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 was only 16 yrs. old when

    his dad died, Waiakea Mill camp. Both Rusty/Isamu are no-nonsense gruff guys,

    & goal-oriented. Rusty’s wife Ritsuko born 1927 is from Kea`au, & knows

    about Kea`au girls Yoshiko Ogawa/Mitsue Shinchi marrying ILWU’s high command [Hall/Seminara], though

    Ritsuko doesn’t like political talk/burei.

    Lefty also joined Scrub Tanaka’s post-WWII nascent Dem Party, & backed John

    Ushijima’s initial forway into the new State Senate 1959. But when John Ushijima

    started getting greedy & sabotaged the acquisition of Veterans Cemetery

    land extension/expansion thru John’s own land speculation w/Mas Sonomura,

    Rusty gave up vs. John’s insincerity & refused to support John thereafter. Bill

    Thompson & Rusty got my Mom to prepare resolution form to secure alternate

    Veterans Cemetery No. 2 site which you see today, no thanks to Ushijima. But

    my Dad [1st 442 Club prexy 1947] still liked baby bro’ John, because John was

    a cut-up good fun guy [beer/songs/music even though John sounded like a frog].

    K Co. Lefty Kuniyoshi was highly respected because Lefty was grassroots like

    Rusty. Lefty couldn’t stand peer Benty Tachibana, who attended reunions but

    nothing else. Lefty & Rusty were primordial Dem Party catalysts post-WWII

    along w/Scrub & Tadao Okimoto. Onomea’s Tadao was the only non-soldier.

    Scrub was MIS. Jack Burns always invited these 4 hombres along w/Waimea’s

    Onodera [not a soldier] to Jack’s Waimea home later on, w/driver Norman Tsuji

    also joining in. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Vietnam War sage Gen. Matthew Ridgway 1895-1993 —

    Ridgway dispelled MacArthur’s all-out war vs. China call in the Korean War by retaking Seoul
    & crossing the 38th Parallel. Ridgway also averted U.S. intervention to prevent French defeat
    in Indochina, arguing that ground forces equal to those in Korea were necessary to turn the
    tide for the French, over intervention proponent Admiral Radford, who argued that naval/air
    power were sufficient. Ridgway showed keen insight on the objective of limited war,
    unlike Radford & Korean War nemesis MacArthur. Ridgway insisted on withdrawal from
    Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin deception, arguing that we were destined to lose to
    civil war forces via our containment focus, on difficult terrain, via limited warfare. Ridgway’s
    prescience laid the foundation for Reagan’s Weinberger doctrine in 1985 which dissuades
    us from committing troops to conflicts in which no direct vital interests are at stake [ergo
    Hussein-Iraq]. Ho Chi Minh’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap is overrated, his impatience resulting in
    disastrous defeats beyond the capabilities of his forces [Tet offensive]. Although the French
    defeat at Dien Bien Phu 1954 enhanced Giap’s persona, the major strategic decisions of the
    French Indochina War were made by China, over greenhorn Giap’s objections. World media
    convinced the U.S. public that existing U.S. strategy of attrition would not result in final
    victory after Giap’s failed Tet offensive. W/public support undermined for our war effort,
    President Johnson halted U.S. air strikes above the 20th Parallel to induce negotiations w/
    Ho Chi Minh. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Typecasting —

    Yes, German engineers/mgrs. along the Hamakua/Kohala coast were demanding/autocrats.
    French mgr. W. Pierre Naquin [from La.] at Honoka`a Sugar Co. was especially
    abusive/dictatorial/ruthless. Germans enjoyed their high cultural status thruout the world, &
    attempted to redeem their lost glory post-WWI. Scots [prevalent thruout the islands] were
    pragmatic a la the Chinese, but they also had immense individualism a la their solitary Chinese
    counterparts. Did Ian Birnie, whose Dad was Scot immigrant, tell you about how his Dad’s Scot
    pals belittled Ian’s American Mom [not part of the exclusive Scot clique]? No wonder she divorced
    him [only to marry him again after he grew contrite as he aged]. But overall, Scot
    engineers/mgrs. were altruists, & unlike their Chinese counterparts, encouraged upward mobility
    in fledgling Asian immigrants. In these pecked-on Asian immigrants, our Scots, born/bred of
    tremendous hardship/poverty in Old World Occident, saw themselves. Thence enormous
    uplift/encouragement/sense of community from Scots to Asian immigrants. Name a larger-than-life
    plantation owner/mgr., he almost certainly was Scot. CC Kennedy/John M. Ross/James
    Henderson, all Scots, all caring owners/mgrs. Don’t mistake heart for complacency. These were
    firm/tough mgrs., but they were fair & cared for their villagers. Yes, the world has seen great
    Scot scientists/ literateurs, but not in abundance like their German counterparts. Thence the
    German hubris, thence the Scot stoicism. Also, the Scots were not humiliated WWI. The
    Germans lost face completely in defeat WWI. Displaced aggression/projection onto lower
    members of the social/status pecking order [Asian immigrants/etc.]. Then again, we had great
    German philanthropists sprinkled about, Reinhardt/Asegut from the 1850s [started sugar mills from
    my native Pa`uka`a to Papa`ikou], but these good joes came long before German ignominy
    WWI. The Reinhardts then intermarried w/Scot Henderson [not Sen. Richard, but mill owner
    James] & NY’s Macy [yes, famous Macy’s]. The new park by Harrington’s Restaurant is the former
    Reinhardt Estate. Again, every plantation was different, although common threads are visible.
    Generally, the larger the plantation, the greater the division of labor/stratification. Which is why
    labor strife was more prevalent in large communities like Ola`a-Kea`au & Pepe`ekeo. Labor
    agitator Pablo Manlapit had greatest impact at the large mills. No, Goto’s lynching preceded Big 5
    ownership in Honoka`a. Overend was proprietor/owner who was in over his head vs. labor
    agitators 1889. After all, “J_ps” had just come here 4 yrs. earlier. Ignorance breeds violence, both
    ways. Look at “J_ps” doing in other “J_ps” [J_ps bombed Sakamaki’s home in Ola`a 1920]. Look
    at Scrub Tanaka’s disdain for Yoshiko Ogawa [Ola`a girl married Jack Hall]. Scrub never lived down
    Scrub’s dislike for Pepe`ekeo/Ola`a AJA girls. Yet, Scrub worships all other AJA girls, always
    exhorting that they have more guts/brains than the men!! Girls like social worker Fumiko
    Iwamasa/stenographer Takemoto-Hayashi/etc. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Family links [KTA-Hawaii Hardware — HPM Bldg. Supply] —

    Intrepid pioneer building contractors/Issei immigrants Kametaro Fujimoto & Sanzo Kawasaki

    teamed up to form Hawai`i Planing Mill [bldg. supply outfit] in 1921. Sanzo later was bought

    out, & Kametaro’s son Barney took over operations. Barney was succeeded by Barney’s

    son Bobby, who then was succeeded by Bobby’s son Michael [Yonsei 4th generation, born

    1952], Bobby born 1927. Sanzo’s son Roger married Koichi Taniguchi’s daughter Sayoko.

    Ryuzo Taniguchi [Dr. Tokuso Taniguchi’s brother] is Koichi’s nephew, & owned Hawai`i Hardware,

    HPM’s smaller industry rival. Koichi’s other daughter [married to watchmaker George Hiraoka]

    worked at Ryuzo’s Hawai`i Hardware Store, which closed for good [retirement] a few yrs. ago, corner

    Kilauea/Hualalai Sts. [across Burger King/Long’s Drugs].

    Koichi Taniguchi’s name indelibly is linked w/Sanzo Kawasaki & w/Koichi’s nephew Ryuzo/

    Hawai`i Hardware Store. But no bad blood between KTA/HPM, both major benefactors

    re social altruism.

    Roland Higashi/Kaiko`o Mall bailed out Kiyo Okubo for several yrs., allowing Kiyo to house

    Kiyo’s museum rent-free in the old Men’s Shop site in the Kaiko`o Mall. This move came when

    Kiyo moved out of Dr. Matsumura’s termite-ridden “home” next to Ace Hardware. Yes,

    benevolent Roland was very generous to Kiyo Okubo. Roland never forgot how difficult it

    was for Roland’s entrepreneur dad to deal w/patricians [Holmes Store/AmFac/C. Brewer/

    Theo. Davies/etc.]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    23rd Psalm — Billy Graham’s wife Ruth’s favorite, as well as George Mukai’s —

    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want …. Ubiquitous pastor Richard Uejo born 1925/

    our Uncle Manuel Dias Souza born 1912-2008/stoic-superhuman 442nd’s George Mukai born 1923 —

    all are okay w/the opening line “The Lord is my shepherd” as their epitaph [gravestone

    inscription]. Like George Mukai says about his wife Janet Matsubara Mukai [converted from

    Buddhism], as Billy Graham says about his wife Ruth, She is my soulmate & my inspiration.

    Wow, heady stuff, baby!! Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ha`ena [Kea`au] public access issue —

    1. County public works chief E.L. Wung [born 1893] in 1932 argued that WH Shipman Ltd.

    should provide a mauka to makai public access road for fisherman/opihi pickers/etc. He

    was turned down based on available access via the old gov’t rd. parallel to the

    Kea`au coastline. Nonetheless, gotta’ commend Wung’s position for the little guy.

    But Wung always had a grudge vs. patriarch Shipman, inasmuch Shipman often won out

    ranch lease/etc. bids over fellow rancher Wung. Thence, Wung’s minus-type mentality.

    2. In 1994 Jim Albertini/Kaliko Kanahele protested vs. Shipman & its mauka to makai Ha`ena

    Rd. [from Puna Mill site down to Ha`ena Beach where the Shipman beach home is].

    Their trespassing convictions were upheld in 1997 without comment. The 1995 PASH

    case [preserve native Hawaiian custom/usage gathering/cultural rights] had no effect

    on these convictions.

    3. Google Ha`ena Beach. You’ll see established access along the coastline via Ginny Aste/

    Jon Olsen’s trail outfit, which clearly prohibits trespassing into the Shipman Ha`ena

    property. Roy Blackshear/Fred Koehnen/Bobby Cooper of Shipman Ltd.

    were well aware of the public glare/expectations toward philanthropy, & Shipman Ltd.

    has tried to embrace its Hawaiian ancestral/actual bloodline feel for the common lot via

    public gifting/sponsorship/support. But forebearer Herbert Shipman’s [1892-1976, son of

    founder & missionary native son William Shipman] ohana embrace of his workers [Herbert

    was single, no kids — his workers were his family], though labeled feudal patriarchy/

    benevolent paternalism by outsiders, sadly never will be replicated in today’s ultra-sensitive

    grievance/victimization world & w/current mgmt. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Headline-grabber Nippon’s Kawamoto/George Will on Congress —

    Folly that the Honolulu Advertiser switches back on its Hawaiian racial preference editorial.

    It slashes Nippon headline-grabber Kawamoto for preferring Hawaiians, yet it immunizes itself

    for its own Hawaiian racial preference [Akaka Bill/etc.]. Which brings up erudite columnist

    George Will’s take on Congress recognizing D.C. as a State when Congress has no authority

    to do so!! Congress also has no authority to voila` a Hawaiian tribe out of thin blue air.

    Only a federal constitutional amendment can make a State of D.C. [Senate majority Dems want

    to get 2 additional Dem Senate seats out of D.C.] or make a political [not prohibited racial]

    tribe of Hawaiians. Such pie-in-the-sky fairy tales concocted from power grabs & emplaced

    greed [Hawaiian entitlements mainly enrich the rulers, not the ruled, a la the sad 1848 Great

    Mahele] do no good for the common lot! Thanks, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Our greatest heroes were conscripts/draftees —

    I thank Tom Fairfull & his Army Museum gang for preserving the untold legacies of our greatest

    heroes. The 4 current DSC WWII 100th Batt. enshrinees typify an amazing point about the

    100th Batt. — these were the reduxed 1940-1941 draftees/conscripts who were separated from

    the non-AJAs, put on a ghost ship to nowhere [the Army initially had no clue whether to lock them

    up after the Pearl Harbor attack, or relegate them to non-combat duty because they could

    not be trusted to carry firearms (insurrection/subversion)], & became the orphan unit of the

    Army!! “And the rest is history.” –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Affordable housing — no solution in sight short of autocracy/tyranny —

    Kingmaker Bob Oshiro, like eventual Burns expatriate Sakae Takahashi, grew weary of big money

    campaign financing. Jeremy Harris’ negative exemplar says it all.

    Affordable housing is the biggest problem facing lawmakers today. Only mega-large public

    housing projects will alleviate the homeless issue, albeit unsatisfactory stopgap measures

    [short of undemocratic population controls — limit on number of children one may bear]. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Pi`ihonua [land incline] political links —

    1. Pi`ihonua Camps 3, 4, & 5 lie 4 miles upslope north of Hilo Bay, village vestiges of Hawai`i

    [Sugar] Mill Co. Camp residents are mostly Okinawan[Uchinanchu] & Japanese [Naichi].

    Hawaiian residents include benevolent electrician Henry Keli`i & the Kahele ohana.

    Pi`ihonua Elem. School had its start w/the development of Hawai`i Mill plantation a

    century ago, its bldg. size gradually growing up the ground incline as its enrollment


    Former plantation owner James “Kimo” Henderson 1876-1965 has his mansion

    above Camp 3, & his daughter Lei Hutchinson has her home just below his. Kimo/Lei/family

    were GOP, but like UH godfather GOP Charles Hemenway, they exemplified their Christian

    creed of everybody’s equal. Nonetheless, the patriarchal Hendersons [no relation to

    Richard Scotch Henderson] surely were not elated that their spiritual progeny [village

    residents] carried the Dem Party banner. Free country. The Hendersons accepted

    this precept. If anything, the Hendersons’ diversity/pluralistic values were evidenced

    via their rank/file workers’ Dem colors. But the original residents [Issei immigrants/oldest

    Nisei children of immigrants] were apolitical: Sus Miura’s dad/Kantaro Kunihiro/Hidetaro Higa/

    Jihizo Ota/Hideo Yamada, among others. Owner James Henderson, typecast stone-face

    tightwad Scot, was not generous/benevolent to those villagers [Camps 3,4,5] at

    the bottom of the social ladder/group hierarchy [like renaissance man Henry Shimabukuro’s

    parents]. The common laborers despised Henderson’s uncaring/stand-off ways. But the

    company men/supervisors/scale men [weigh the cane tonnage] like original Luso Ventura/

    haole Herd/buddaheads Kunihiro, Ota, etc. absolutely worshipped him [were bestowed

    favors by the pragmatic/”conditioned response”-oriented Henderson]. Henderson was

    full Scot but was called Kimo for James by his Ponahawai ahupua`a devotees downtown

    where his mill factory was [on Puna side of Alena`io Canal by Central Fire Station]. Kimo

    bestowed his full grace/charity/generosity to his Mill Camp residents [now Osorio Lane/

    lower Kuku`au St. block between Kilauea Ave. & Kino`ole St. (there was no Kino`ole

    St. Puna side of Ponahawai St. in Henderson’s era pre-1920s)]. Kimo’s onetime

    office site at Pi`ihonua Camp 3 also was site of Kimo’s benevolence to Kimo’s company

    men. Kimo’s son Sonny & Kimo’s Helco confidante Pat Brown [Pu`u`eo’s Sheila

    Clark’s dad] were great altruists who uplifted the Ponahawai down-and-out residents.

    Just as Kimo’s loving daughter Lei Hutchinson [hubby Hardy Sr. was Gas Co. mgr./soft-

    spoken nice guy] took the austere Camp 3,4,5 Pi`ihonua kids under her expansive/

    tender/nurturant wings. Hardy Jr. was auspicious ad-man/PR guy but was hi-maka-maka

    toward villagers at bottom of social/class ladder.

    2. As scion James Henderson aged, camp residents linked w/powerful Dem solons to

    improve their lives/sites — Jackie/Mamoru Shiro enlisted Kazuhisa Abe; Tatsuya Oshiro/Sam

    Tokeshi had Nelson Doi, who also was the village cane planters’ attorney.

    Mokey Hanagami had John Ushijima; Isamu Ponduce [make bread] Hokama had

    Herb Matayoshi [Okinawan roots only peripheral to linkup]; Tets Kunihiro had Stanley Hara.

    Mac Taira had the lone GOP, powerful James Kealoha. Look at the Freeway to Nowhere

    from Camp 3 to Camp 4, a half mile distant. Look at the beautiful concrete bridges

    at Camp 3. Amazing pork barrel!! Amid austere/lean villagers. Mokey Hanagami also

    enlisted GOP curmudgeon/Sen. minority leader Doc Hill, who was peripheral to Pi`ihonua’s

    social progress, but who pragmatically hired mostly AJAs [post-WWII Nisei vote-getters].

    The current leaders/outfit are not linked politically. The current crew consists

    of dour/Mt. Rushmore Byron Toma, ebullient/classy retired Col. Henry Shimabukuro, polite

    Conrad Hokama [Ponduce’s son born 1958], & pedantic Roy Daimaru. Assorted mix.

    3. The close-knit/insular villagers have the remarkable distinctions of fee simple ownership

    of land down to the lowest rung of the social ladder –affordable lease-to-fee conversion

    from the State, the rarest/most magnanimous measure of participatory democracy —

    of owning their social hall & the land it sits on debt-free — all thru their own group effort

    [no corporate/Big Five bailout][DLNR’s Bill Paty facilitated purchase price at 50% of market

    value]. Amazing/remarkable pro-active collective effort unlike any other kumiai/community

    org. anywhere!! Kumiai prexy Toma thanks inimitable Henry Shimabukuro/Conrad

    Hokama for galvanizing lease to fee conversion. Extraordinary men w/even more

    exceptional hearts/yamato damashii/chugi/otagai/oyakoko!! I’m still floored by their

    superhuman achievements, on their own blood/sweat/tears! Great, great leaders,

    incredible metaphysical group cohesion/solidarity — unmatched!! Ai/kansha, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    State House Speaker Elmer Cravalho 1959-1967

    1. Elmer Cravalho born 1926, our Little Caesar, ran a tight ship as House Speaker. What does he do

    when he gets up out of slumber at 2 a.m. in the dead of nite? Plot! Cravalho returned

    to Maui for his long run as mayor in 1968, followed by fellow Luso Hannibal Tavares [Nils

    Tavares’/Edna Taufaasau’s nephew]. We now have another Tavares as mayor there.

    2. No, Cravalho was not Burns’ choice for Governor in 1974! Cravalho missed the boat when

    he turned down Burns’ plea to be Burns’ Lt. Gov. in 1966. Cravalho felt that the Lt. Gov.

    office was merely ceremonial, a demotion from Cravalho’s autocratic House rule. Burns

    confidante Mike Tokunaga surmised that Cravalho was swayed by Cravalho’s ILWU to

    stand pat in the House, where the ILWU pushed its agenda.

    3. Neophyte kanaka maoli Kenny Brown became Burns’ final Lt. Gov. choice in 1966, but was

    trounced by erstwhile anti-Burns bard Tom Gill. Like Hilo’s Scotch Henderson, Brown

    would’ve made a fine Governor — team builder/listener/frugal/compassionate. Aloha, -Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Dan Tuttle’s favorite lawyers/Luso(Portuguese)/Waiakea-Kai’s Martha Wakefield —

    1. Dan Tuttle, our best political observer, died Dec. 2006. His favorite lawyers are

    Bob Dodge [Dem Party manifesto that everybody’s equal 1952], Martin Pence [Kansas

    Plains Jacksonian Dem], & Hawaiian Bill Richardson [promoted Hawaiian custom over

    Western culture]. Nelson Doi is Tuttle’s favorite conversation piece [good copy/ink],

    not as a lawyer.

    2. Dodge is the classic case of idealism over pragmatism. When Dodge poked the windmill

    [a la hopeless romantic Don Quixote] of Dem Frank Fasi 1960 mayor’s primary race, Dem

    boss Jack Burns refused to endorse dreamer Dodge. Fasi swamped Dodge, only to lose

    to Burns’ good friend GOP Rusty Blaisdell in the general election. Above all, Burns was

    a team-first coach. Dodge did not fit the bill, despite being a brilliant platform man.

    3. Pence got elected County Attorney/became judge on the backs of faithful Dem soldiers

    like Yasuki Arakaki. But when Yasuki [I have to say full first name because he has brother

    w/nickname Yasu, like WWII hero/jock Kazuma Hisanaga, who has brother w/nickname Kazu]

    got nailed w/hot button red-bait charges, Pence demurely [not Pence’s usual style] asked

    Yasuki for Yasuki’s Dem Party membership card. Utterly betrayed, Yasuki took it out of

    his wallet, flung it at Pence, & told Pence, “And this is how you treat your friends, heh,

    judge!” Yasuki never spoke to Pence again. Pence’s sin, not Yasuki’s by a long shot.

    4. Richardson’s adage: The surveyor’s compass holds no water over the canoe berth [so that

    the canoe doesn’t wash out to sea in the dead of night], which defines the public’s right

    over the shoreline. Rich’s adage still crests today — rich beachfront owners cannot breach

    the public’s shoreline via salt-resistant vegetation from mauka to makai [vegetation indicates

    private ownership]. Ironically, Rich’s nemesis is Pence, who accused Rich of fairy tale

    concoctions, not precedent/law. Yin-yang. Take your pick.

    5. Non-lawyer John Hulten had the best answer to Burns’/Ariyoshi’s fear of fighting Bishop

    Estate over lease-to-fee conversion — ancient Mortmain [dead hand]/Rule Against

    Perpetuities [still alive today — Campbell Estate breakup] precepts promote land ownership

    at the lowest level of our socio-economic strata, equitable land distribution — Ariyoshi’s

    twisted logic over 2-tiered classes of lessors, akin to non-lawyer Burns’ rationale, is but

    an excuse for maintaining the status quo, leaving monolith Bishop Estate w/land ownership

    greater than all the private/corporate landowners combined. The U.S. Supreme Court

    validated lease-to-fee conversion. Remember that Hulten, like Burns, was a fighting

    Catholic [underclass/rank & file], & Hulten resented historical Protestant monopoly over land

    ownership. Yes, malihini Hulten was a greater fighter than Burns vs. landed estates.

    Hulten’s downside was that Hulten chastened Burns for not voting Burns’ Catholic

    conviction vs. abortion. In this respect, Hulten went down fighting, imposing his Catholic

    faith over civic responsibility. A mistake. Ironically, Hulten is best known for promoting

    the inter-island ferry as a cheaper alternative to commercial aviation. Hulten is a distant

    in-law of great Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant.

    6. Do you know that literata/solon Godofredo Affonso’s son Godfrey was an early thinktank

    w/Jack Burns in Kailua, O`ahu? That Burns’ St. Louis College/High allegiance stood strong

    w/Luso Val Marciel/Jim Ferry/Edna Tavares Taufaasau as Burns’ 1st cabinet chiefs? Imagine,

    3 Luso heads in Burn’s inaugural Gov. term! Matchless!

    7. Do you know that Waiakea-Kai kanaka maoli icon/principal Martha Richardson Wakefield is

    Charles Richardson’s daughter? Keaukaha’s Richardson Estate/Park & Mamo St.’s former

    name, Richardson St. pre-1916, not to mention the 2nd owner of Volcano House [Pitman

    was the first, 1846] 1866’s Richardson, are Martha Wakefield’s auspicious family [Charles/

    Julius Richardson]. Amazing compassionate lineage. Today’s slimmed-down Skylark Rossetti

    looks like prime/peaked Martha circa 1920.

    8. Do you know that when Jimmy Kealoha beat Bob Yamada for County Chairman 1958,

    when Lofty Cook beat Scrub Tanaka for County Chairman 1960, Scrub bellowed, our

    island is not ready for an AJA chief!! So powerful were the influence/personality of

    GOP Jimmy Kealoha, who became Statehood’s 1st Lt. Gov. in 1959!! But upstart Shun

    Kimura plotted the overthrow of old money/landed interests, & became AJA’s 1st Chairman

    in 1964, sweeping past ethnic Hawaiian rule from our County’s inception in 1905. So gallow-

    tight had been the grip of kanaka maoli/GOP chiefdom.

    9. Ethnic bloc voting/plunking is over-hyped. Dan Inouye beat Ben Dillingham in haole districts

    in 1962 for the U.S. Senate. Look at Gov. Lingle’s wins over Hirono/Iwase — AJAs/

    Filipinos voted for her! Haole districts voted for Akaka over Case last year! The sizzle of

    ethnicity does not fool us over the quality of sustenance. Pono/imua, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    High cost campaigning: 1970 Gov. Burns race — “Catch a Wave” —

    Shorted by 1970’s unprecedented Gov. campaign costs [film Catch a Wave] for Burns — vendor

    Ah Chew Goo, apolitical hoops legend, lost $2,000 for campaign pins/tokens. Dan Aoki

    failed to pay for the items, then had Frank Hata [Y. Hata of Hilo outfit][Frank also Ariyoshi’s

    Rasputin] try to barter w/Ah Chew [fundraising tickets to cancel debt], & finally a letter from

    Bob Oshiro explaining that Burns’ outfit had no money to pay the debt, & that Ah Chew best

    write it off for tax purposes. Till this day, Ah Chew is sore about the loss.

    Ah Chew has no preference for party labels. He sure soured on Burns’ gang in 1970. Wiped

    out by a bad debt. Catch a Wave caught Ah Chew in its grip. Sad experience, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kingmaker Bob Oshiro on George Ariyoshi/our Lili`uokalani Park —

    1. Bob Oshiro was the kingmaker for Gov. Burns in elections 1962/1966/1970, for Gov.

    Ariyoshi in 1974/1978/1982, & for Gov. Waihe`e in 1986. Born in 1924, Oshiro is not part

    of the ubiquitous WWII all-Nisei soldiers, but a late draftee who ended up in post-WWII MIS

    Japan. Oshiro 1924-2008.

    2. A dying Jack Burns told Oshiro in 1974, “Bobby, unless you get involved, this man [Ariyoshi]

    isn’t going to make it. I want you to look at it from a standpoint of what it means to all

    of us at the [Democratic] party.” Ariyoshi denies that Burns babysat Ariyoshi to victory.

    3. Even though Oshiro was wedlocked w/genro[elder statesman] Burns, Oshiro carried the

    torch for Ariyoshi/Waihe`e to fulfill the precept of everybody’s equal [fairness in education/

    taxation/housing/health care/commerce/home rule], Oshiro’s ode to godly saint Burns.

    4. Do you know that Burns had our MIS Scrub Tanaka get 100th Batt. Sparky Matsunaga’s

    promise that even if Sparky defiantly runs in 1959 Lt. Gov. primary vs. Burns’ choice Mits

    Kido, if Sparky loses, Sparky will support the Dem slate in the Gov./Lt. Gov. general election?!

    Fellow 100th Mike Tokunaga was unable to dispel stubborn/ganko Sparky’s non-collaborative

    nature. And do you know that Sparky faithfully fulfilled Sparky’s promise to Scrub/Burns?

    When Sparky lost to Kido, Sparky closed ranks w/his Dems & went all-out to support Burns/

    Kido vs. Quinn/Kealoha. Of course, GOP Quinn/Kealoha won the new 1959 Statehood

    Gov./Lt. Gov. races. Scrub was a magnificent peacemaker at our Dems’ highest


    5. Do you know that our Hilo “Living Legend” Steamy Chow’s uncle Hiram Fong was closer

    to Jack Burns than to Bill Quinn? Hiram dismissed Quinn as unapproachable on political

    strategy/gamesmanship. Hiram also dismissed Sam King [the one-eyed judge] as an


    6. Laura Vestal, born 1879 in San Jose, CA., married just-widowed Waiakea Sugar Mill

    mgr. CC Kennedy [1848-1919] in 1907. Statuesque/majestic beauty Laura was a Parks

    commish who converted Lili`uokalani Park [solon Norman Lyman had Terr. Legislature

    set aside the ponds/grounds for a Japanese park in honor of just-deceased Queen

    Lili`u 1917] into a replica of Kyoto Japan’s Golden Pavilion grounds. Her husband C.C.

    donated the first $1,000 to landscape the park. Hilo contractor/landscaper Yamamoto

    built the quaint arch bridge in the pond site. Laura donated 3 monkeypod trees &

    the row of golden shower trees in Mo`oheau Park to shade sports fans/baseball players.

    Laura also donated the royal palm trees at the downtown Federal Bldg. Laura is the

    Outdoor Circle forebearer. Laura also donated the land upon which today’s AJA clubhouse

    sits next to the Hilo Muni golf course. Laura is not teacher Isabel Kennedy, a red-haired

    single woman. Laura loved everything Japanese [even had her own buddahead masseur].

    She was regal till her last breath in 1967. Her portrait adorns

    the AJA clubhouse wall. Her late husband C.C. was a magnificent philanthropist [Lincoln

    Park/library annex/Waiakea Social Settlement/etc.], catalyzed by his austere

    Scot beginnings [only grade school education/had to work as laborer fulltime at age 12].

    He never forgot how hard life could be. Auld Lang Syne, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Merchants were lower than artisans/farmers/fishermen in Tokugawa feudal Japan. Merchants simply sold other folks’ wares, not their own. But as monied trade increased, especially in the post-1868 Meiji era, merchants became the leading socio-economic class, ergo capitalists. Tokugawa Japan edicted that prefectural daimyo/chief warlords spend every other year at the emperor’s outside compound, to avert plots/conspiracies vs. the emperor, & to hold daimyo hostage in case of insurrection. “Keep your enemies close [to you].” –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yes, the Japanese family crest is the “mon,” the family sword is the “katana.” [adapted from Portuguese-Luso catana for machete] The 2 sword samurai had greater stature than the 1 long sword samurai. To Meiji backers, the samurai were eliminated post-1868 because the samurai sat around doing nothing useful. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Blanche Leite Cabral 1918-2008 was half-sister to Wendell Leite born 1928, both of whose mothers were sisters, Kapahua ohana. Of course, the Kapahua ohana owned a large expanse of land along what became RR Depot road, with the HRR/HCR station by the Pauka’a lighthouse toward the ocean, and the Depot Road connecting up with the old Mamalahoa Highway [today’s Kahoa & Kulana Rds.]. Below Blanche’s eventual home w/dearest hubby Mike Cabral was the Nagamatsu store [not my family]. Two lots Hilo direction of the Depot Rd./Mamalahoa junction [today’s Kulana Rd.] was another store, all servicing the Pauka’a mill camp residents [former Reinhardt-Asegut German mill at Manuel Reis’ houselot atop Pauka’a ridge along today’s Kulana Rd.-old Mamalahoa Hwy 1850-1857; then Chinese like Akau took over mill, until earliest haole planters like Irwin-Austin took over mill, eventually selling out to Onomea Sugar Co. in Papa’ikou][Pauka’a camp 2 along the Honoli’i river was a mile mauka of today’s mill camp]. Of course, the Kapahua estate’s prize possession was its Honoli’i expanse immediately below our Belt Rd. bridge. –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Marcus Oshiro age 49 has his dad’s proud peacock

    nature, called arrogance by some and self-assured

    by many. Of course, Bob Oshiro 1924-2008 was

    regarded as a whole cheeser for Bob’s take-credit

    for-everything-positive personality. Aloha, –Curt

    From: communicant
    Subject: Young Oshiro

    Been reading your recent blogs, I recognize Bob Oshiro was a lynchpin in Burns’ political machine.

    But what about his son Marcus? He is said to be a House leader. He is arrogant and talks down to people in a way I never found his dad to be.

    Can you explain that?

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jekyll and Hyde — Andrew Jackson was elected U.S. President on his campaign slogan “Down with the aristocrats!” He was the 1st President from the West, the 1st since George Washington w/out college schooling, and the 1st to be born in poverty. “Old Hickory,” as he was called, symbolized everybody’s equal, the agricultural/rural/conservative pioneers like Jackson gaining par w/the Eastern urban industrial liberals. But Jackson implemented removal of American Indians such as the Trail of Tears wherein 16,000 Cherokees were forced to walk to today’s Oklahoma, & 5,000 died along the way. Such manifest destiny, the belief that White domination of the continent was God’s will, resulted in the size of the U.S. doubling in the 1800s. Toward mid-century 1800s, our South opposed our North’s desire for higher tariffs/government aid for expanding railroads/generous terms for homesteading-land settlement in the West frontier, on top of the powerful slavery issue. Our Civil War reaffirmed us as an indivisible nation and not a collection of sovereign states, our Civil War being the grand epic of American history in its heroism/romance/utter tragedy [half million lives lost]. Reconstruction 1865-1877 resulted in a tacit agreement for our Southern Bloc to regain political control [vs. Northern industrialists] and deprive African-Americans of their newly won rights [voting/property ownership]. Southern Bloc progeny invoked social Darwinism that former slaves were incapable of civilization [like the Easterners half a century before who broke treaties w/Indians signed in the late 1700s which respected Indian tribes as sovereign peoples]. –Curt

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