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  1. hpp
    hpp says:

    coming from the meeting this afternoon I passed the Pahoa dumps about 4:10pm and there was a security guard stopping a guy in his truck from going “it’s closed” so where did the guy dump his load? The dump road it’s self has stuff dumped all along it, Dumb/p call. It’s going to go in the bushes tonight.

    You can pay a guy to watch it closed but mot watch it open? We’re a sail with a county seat that makes decisions like we’re on a ship of fools.

  2. G Dalton
    G Dalton says:

    Why are we paying for these dump guards who just seem to stand about??????
    Whats the cost for this waste of time. Put up a sign board stating what can be dumped. Offer reward for cell pic of anyone breaking rules. Stop making our island into a garbage tip cause thats where is going to be left. But maybe its just easier to raise property tax and hire choke dump guards.

  3. hpp
    hpp says:

    well what’s the difference in his pay if the gate is open or closed? We are being billed either way and who can we thank for makeing our convience stations more convenient?

    The same group of elected? officials, who can’t get the police to stop terrorizing sub-divisions with helicopters or go after pig dumpers.

    What ever the market will bear, and appears this market will go for $5.a gallon, 100% plus shipping costs, less/not more access to recycle centers, shoots! This populace is so apethetic it trips on it’s own ability to do not much.

    toss em, who cares? never hear from the Health Dept. about them stinkin rotting pigs, good follow up.
    Why aren’t people speaking up in masses? Who cares?

  4. Anika
    Anika says:

    hpp: it seems unusual. We use Puako Transfer Station a lot. It the last 3 years it is not unusual for it to be open and unattended. I asked Mike Dworsky (Solid Waste Management Chief) about this, as the place is quite hazardous. He said they couldn’t afford to keep it attended all the time. (That was before all these cuts.)

    Meanwhile, I am having difficulty keeping the most recent hours pinned to my calendar wall so I know when we can go.

    Can anyone confirm that if the County Transfer Station is closed that means no access to the recycling of HI5 and mixed recyclables? I think that is true. That is the main reason we go there.

    I’m surprised no one sues over injuries sustained at the station in Puako or Waimea (before its recent upgrade.) I’ve got 5 stitches to show for my adventures there, plus lots of bruises. My husband no longer lets me out of the car when we go to Puako or Waimea!

    Well, that is enough subjects for one single post.

    Thanks for keeping us current.

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