Dispatches From Curt — History of Hilo’s Saloon Pilot Cracker And Anticipated Post Scripts

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By Curtis Narimatsu

Yes, today’s Saloon pilot cracker is from the German Ludloff brothers via the German hardtack, the Ludloffs cutting their teeth formerly w/Scot Love family on O’ahu. The Ludloff Crescent City Cracker Co. had its origin in Shinmachi between today’s bouldered driveway/Ke’elikolani St. & gravel road to Matson containers/Emma St.

The Ludloffs then built their massive 2 story concrete Luloff bldg. 1922 NW corner Pi’opi’o St./Kam Ave, the exact spot where is today’s Bayside Chevron at Kam/Pauahi Sts., by where the Bayside air/water hoses are w/blank lava wall [former Pi’opi’o sign face]. In 1914 the German steamer Ahlers from Bremen berthed into Kuhio/Hilo harbor for safety as refugee ship, its British India crew deserting it.

The ship’s cook Siems then married a Hilo Chinese girl & started making hardtack for Hiloites. In 1917 the Ahlers crew was interned WWI as enemy aliens & Siems’ cracker business was sold to Macaroni Factory’s Uyeno of Shinmachi [Mae Okamura’s kin/kazoku]. In 1921 Tats Ikeda took over the operation, all in Shinmachi at entrance to today’s Kam Statue on SW corner Bishop St./Kam Ave, Ikeda emigrating in 1909 & operating his shoyu/soda factories in Shinmachi.

Today’s Saloon Pilot is credited to the Siems hardtack, though Hilo’s Ludloffs actually are the genesis of it here. Of course, ubiquitous philanthropist Shiro Ikeda [phlegmatic solon Donald’s dad — Donald witnessed the killer 1946 tsunami atop Donald’s 2nd floor living quarters at entrance to today’s Kam Statue] succeeded Shiro’s dad Tats after Tats’ death 1933. Of course, later soda/creme crackers were added to the flagship saloon pilot cracker. Fortuitously, Ikeda was to move its operations to today’s BJ Penn ctr. on Kino’ole St. by the bowling alley, starting in early 1946.

The April 1, 1946 tsunami hastened such plans, closing down the original site for a month, w/the final move upland occurring in October 1946. Yes, lst Lt. Herman Ludloff of our genesis Nat’l Guard 1900 is our Ludloff ohana. Ludloff came long before Ikeda/Macaroni factory.

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

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  1. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    The new 1932 Hilo Police Station [today’s East Hi Cultural Ctr.] originally had its upper floor for cir./dist. courtrooms, but our burgeoning courts then had circuit court in the top floor of the central portion of the Fed bldg. Our fire dept. moved over from Kalakaua St. in 1911 to Waianuenue St. where today’s First Haw’n Bank bldg. is. As you see, our Aupuni/seat of government revolved around Kalakaua Square. The 1960 tsunami changed everything — switching our Aupuni to the Kaiko’o [meaning strong sea] area, starting w/our County bldg./then our State bldg./etc. After all, our old County/Peacock bldg. makai/north corner Keawe/Waianuenue St. escaped the 1946/1960 tsunami by only a matter of feet, not even a yards-long block.

  2. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    California is the home of direct democracy/initiative, which largely explains its dysfunctional budgetary setup. Hawai’i is the home of representative democracy/non-initiative, which largely explains its coherent setup. Of course, our County Charter allows initiative, such as our open space land fund. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921, Scrub Tanaka’s political confidant, says that our County shouldn’t inventory land but instead go thru conventional eminent domain as necessary, that our legislative process [County Council] is the sane approach to land acquisition. To Isamu, the issue is about urgent public safety priority over future esthetics via open space land fund. Isamu would raid our open space land fund with the caveat that when our County has the ability to replenish/reimburse the open space fund, such fund will be reimbursed even if at least partially. Isamu disagrees with sage editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt about using only part of the so-called payments to the land fund for our budgetary needs. To Isamu, call an urgent shortfall what it is — a crisis, & use all legal means necessary to effectuate a solution. I disagree w/Isamu. Politics are the art of the possible, & it certainly is possible to compromise on gov’t services vs. environmental policy, not to leave one side utterly decimated. Such consensus-building is reserved for the craftiest/nimblest of policymakers. LBJ’s blowback/downfall was LBJ’s intransigence vs. the Communist takeover of Vietnam. Yes, the Tet Offensive was a major blow to Ho Chi Minh/NVN, but to Americans, it typified Ho’s unrelenting crusade to win back VN for its native folks, thence projecting failure for us, not victory. Had Ike not rid prescient Gen. Ridgway of SE Asia authority, we would have sought to compromise w/despot Ho for peaceful co-existence in VN, instead of losing a political war via our Paris Peace Accords, w/57,000 KIAs & numerous others WIA/others MIA/numerous others PTSD. Editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt exemplifies the foresight/vision of Gen. Ridgway — the art of the possible — consensus-making & the character to lead via compromise/coalition. Governance at its finest.

  3. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi has more in common w/Barack Obama than she thinks. Obama is a devotee of Union Theological Seminary/Columbia U Reinhold Niebuhr 1892-1971, who preached the Social Gospel via Christian realism, whereby Niebuhr rejected pacifism vs. Hitler, knowing that Hitler was an evil worse than the evil of war per se. Like Harry Truman/Mark Twain/Sen. John Henderson [13th Amdt. outlawing slavery/John’s widow Mary adopted Hilo’s Shokan “Jesse” Shima(bukuro)], men of common sense, Niebuhr was born in Missouri & graduated from Yale Divinity, mentoring Hung Wai Ching at Union Theological Seminary, & Hung Wai eventually followed in Niebuhr’s footsteps & graduated from Yale w/Master Divinity. Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi lives Niebuhr’s Christian realism via her pragmatic approach to life, esp. on same sex marriage [ningen samazama– we’re all different — love everyone, despite same sex preference prohibited via Scripture]. And like Barack Obama, Gloria applies theologians Niebuhr/Thomas Merton to everyday life a la Matthew 5/Isaiah 58/Micah 6:8 [Social Gospel].

  4. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Yes, in case Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi is queried, I’ll say 2 things here: 1) Barack Obama’s affinity w/2nd generation [Missouri] German-American Reinhold Niebuhr [major anti-Nazi from Hitler’s inception] goes back before Obama’s Columbia U days [Columbia sister school of Niebuhr’s Union Theological Seminary], to 2) Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer. Yes, Niebuhr’s/our ubiquitous Serenity Prayer lifted Obama like no other, just as Niebuhr personally lifted our greatest modern Hawai’i historymaker, Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 [Kamehameha the Great is our greatest ancient historymaker][Hung Wai averted mass internment of our 160,000 buddaheads WWII/formed 100th-442nd AJA fighting units/compelled Truman’s military integration/mused over Ike’s point to get Earl Warren appointed as U.S. S.Ct. Chief Justice in return for California Gov./LA native son Warren’s support of Ike’s Presidential candidacy 1953 vs. Ohio’s Bob Taft (as we surmise Waihee’s Moon over question of Moon getting Waihee appointed as BE trustee)/compelled Earl Warren’s make-up call to AJAs via Warren’s Brown v. Bd. of Education greatest case in U.S. history — separate is not equal!! — Warren actually a solo joe/free-wheeling individualist a la LA’s Jackie Robinson (broke baseball race barrier)– LA gang very inclusive–no racist baggage — West Coast version of free-spirited Emmett Till/compelled Ike’s nascent Civil Rights Act/compelled LBJ’s landmark Civil Rights Act/LBJ seriously urged Humphrey to pick Hung Wai’s boy Dan Inouye as Humphrey’s ’68 VP choice!!/Hung Wai’s reachover in ethnic ascension w/Hawai’i as microcosm-Truman-Ike-LBJ as affectees of Hung Wai’s infectious American Dream enthralled Chou En Lai — that such an incongruous poor Southern China farmer descendant like Hung Wai had changed the face of America forever via egalitarian Social Gospel — Chou En Lai was a major/secret admirer of American democracy/Japan restored faith in America via Hung Wai’s enablement of buddaheads/kotonks to fulfill their American Dream [coined amid our Great Depression] — thence post-WWII Japan’s incredible economic recovery-standard of living materially/etc.]. BTW, MLK was major follower of Niebuhr.

  5. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Crisis of Faith as victory/enlightenment, not failure/fear. Yes, Mother Teresa had doubts whether God empathized with her lamentations/confessions. Such are our human condition, fraught w/insecurity-defeat-fear of the unknown. Just as when Jesus on the Cross momentarily cried, “Why has Thy Father forsaken Me?” Our human condition. Pastor Hung Wai Ching occasionally felt forsaken, but picked himself up when he realized that Jesus died for everyone, both high/low, & no matter how sad Hung Wai got, such loneliness/angst never came close to how Jesus suffered on the Cross!!! Which brings us to Honomu Christian samurai missionary Shiro Sokabe 1865-1949, who so tragically had his life’s writings, a library worth of material, burned via tearful bonfire over a period of 3 days outside his chapel, because he felt that his weak side [loneliness/isolation/unacknowledgment by contempo society/being ignored] was exposed via his writings!! Irony/twist lost to eternity are that Sokabe’s tortuous inner struggles would have corroborated his actual spiritual ASCENT/extraordinary odyssey-divine solace to be w/God. Or as the Book of Samuel pronounces, David’s quest for/”after” God’s Heart, from God’s vantage point. I absolutely cherish magnanimous editor Tiffany Edward Hunt’s compositions because she uses Biblical metaphors to make her point [scribe Tiffany “after” Coble’s heart/immortal legacy–public’s eyes-ears-defender of the faith/public’s right to know-be truthfully informed/etc.]. The singularity of such wayfinding is key, lamentation or not!!! Just as Mother Teresa was a sentient after God’s Heart, along with Hung Wai Ching/Shiro Sokabe/countless others of immense providential virtue who labored via self-doubts. It’s the self-delusionary person who doesn’t recognize his/her false pride/hubris that should deserve to have monuments/edifices self-erected to such conceit/arrogance/selfishness/greed/vanity/jealousy/anger be felled a la Ozymandias the pharoah — not angelhearts/silent disciples like Sokabe/Mother Teresa/Hung Wai Ching/pathfinder Tiffany Edwards Hunt!! Love everlasting, –Curt

  6. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    May I proffer that Scripture was not preserved by loss prevention chiefs, but more often than not by so-called broke-okole acolytes who gave up their lives, literally, for Jesus. Let’s face it — go back to square one of our New Testament — Jesus didn’t tell his apostles they were gonna die before their time [except for John the Beloved, who lived long]. Bill collector or not, they walked into immortality by their sacrifices made, such character-builders of supernatural virtue were they!! Ascetic, yes, vow of poverty required, NO! Just how the ball bounced per Divine Intervention. Editor Tiffany’s IDEAS shall stand the test of time/over the long distance journey that history requires!! Ads/ads/ads needed out of sheer necessity, but Tiffany’s IDEAS ARE PRICELESS!! MONEY CANNOT BUY SUCH CLARITY/CRYSTALLIZATION OF GREAT LEADERSHIP!

  7. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Do you know that Pahoa Museum is the 1st of its kind in Pahoa town? It’s across the street from famous Luquin’s Mexican Restaurant/Akebono theater, & owned by altruist Pete Lebold, ably assisted by Sarah Williams, phone no. 430-1573, email ThePahoaMuseum@gmail.com Old Pahoa was b/n today’s rubbish transfer station road & the Pahoa police substation. If you have something to share w/this tremendous community-builder museum, please contact Pete/Sarah. The world’s largest railroad tie mill, Hawaiian Mahogany Lumber Co. 1908-1916, built today’s Pahoa town, logging of ohia trees a byproduct of cane planting, which required cleared land. Sugar did not build Pahoa town, logging did. Sadly, the ohia railroad ties got brittle on the purchaser Santa Fe Railroad lines in dry climate, & Haw’n Mahogany [renamed Hawaii Hardwood Co. after the 1913 fire that destroyed it] went bankrupt in 1916.

  8. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    I took photos a year ago of the Koa’e embankment/fault scarp peering over the Kapoho papaya fields north of Highway 132 Pahoa-Kapoho road. Del Metzger as engineer [famous Hilo federal judge who stood down FDR/martial law gov. Richardson WWII for detaining Del’s German-American poker playing pals] quarried boulders from Koa’e for building Hilo’s breakwater. Early Hawaiians were very knowledgeable about Mother Nature, coining Kapoho as “the sunken place” or graben, which is a valley/trough topped on boths sides by cliffs/faults. Pre-1960 Kapoho village was in this graben/trough, w/Kula fault south of it & Koa’e fault a half mile north of Kula fault. Pu’u Laimana that destroyed Kapoho village just NW of Kapoho village is named after altruist Richard Lyman, who owned the land there. Ipoho/Higashi lagoon & the warm spring of Waiwelawela [hot water] were on the seashore side of Kapoho graben, Ipoho resulting from the 1924 ground sinking nearly 15 ft., allowing the ocean to flood inland nearly half a mile, Waiwelawela resulting from heated ground water from the fault crack at the base of the embankment. Ipoho/Waiwelawela were overrun by the 1960 Kapoho lava flow. Pu’u Kuki’i/Kukae adjacent to these low points in the land still stand proudly oceanside of today’s 4 way road crossing of Highways 132/137 [Kapoho to Kalapana seashore road]. Kilauea Volcano’s east rift zone runs along the Kapoho graben, which is why you see pu’u Kapoho/Kuki’i/Kukae along the east rift zone’s southern fault line, pu’u Kapoho being about 200 yrs. younger than twin cones Kuki’i/Kukae [erupted 400-750 yrs. ago].

  9. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Our DPI [DOE] chief Oren Long 1889-1965 [DPI chief 1934-1946] instructed all principals/teachers about their mission in wartime WWII, right after the Pearl Harbor attack, “We are opening schools under conditions that are different from any we have ever experienced before. In the first place, we are at war with Japan, another world power of the Pacific area. We live in a combat zone of that war. This means that everything we do and say — even our very thinking — will be affected by war conditions….For the consideration and possible guidance of each of you, the following criteria are set forth: 1. YOU ARE PRIMARILY A TEACHER. Your relationships and contacts throughout the community must be those of an AMERICAN TEACHER. In addition to your other responsibilities, you must assume that of building understanding and morale. Everything you do and say must more than ever be ruled by reason and logic. ALL prejudices MUST be submerged and under no circumstances appear in action or speech. 2. The children of the community are your major responsibility. To calm and reassure them are both your privilege and duty. Of necessity, your contacts with children will mean also contacts with their homes. In all of these contacts, you must be A BUILDER OF MORALE. 3. You face the greatest challenge you have ever faced — a challenge to constructive and helpful leadership. Teachers not only CAN do more than any other group to bolster the morale of children and parents, but they MUST do more. There is no place for negative influence. Any act of a teacher which disturbs children and parents at this critical time, which breaks down their confidence in themselves, must be considered hostile to vital interests of the community and of the nation. This is true, regardless of the intention. War is always terrible. As teachers, we must be sensitive to its possible effect upon those whom we teach. Let us be perfectly frank in recognizing the fact that most helpless victims, emotionally and psychologically, of the present situation in Hawaii will be the children of Japanese ancestry and of aliens who are unable to become naturalized but who are nonetheless loyal to the land of their adoption is certainly not enviable. Teachers must do everything to help the morale of these people. Let us keep constantly in mind that America is not making war on citizens of the United States or on law-abiding aliens within America. As teachers, we are not a group apart; we are members of this community, reflecting the morale of the community and helping to build it….In so far as we allow personal prejudices and intolerance to guide our actions, we break down community solidarity at a time when civilian and military leaders are almost prayfully pleading that unity be maintained….” Wow!! Arthur Dean, commission chair DPI, also wrote to all principals/teachers, “A person is not born to speak one language or another; he is not born with adherence to any set of principles; he is not born with loyalty to one country as against another; his language, his principles and his loyalty are determined by his environment. You are one of the most important of such environmental factors. Your treatment of the children entrusted to you, and your conduct, will in no small degree influence the children toward or away from the American way of life and all that America stands for. This is no time to entertain prejudices against children or your fellow teachers because their ancestry is different from yours; they did not select their ancestors. They certainly have no responsibility for the conduct of the Axis Powers….Let’s all pull together and prove that THIS IS AMERICA.” Wow!! Heroes like FBI’s Bob Shivers/Martial Law head Gen. Delos Emmons/Army G-2 espionage head Col. Kendall Fielder/G-2 asst. Lt. Col. Frank Blake/great DPI messiah Oren Long/DPI commission chair Arthur Dean/civilian leader Rev. Hung Wai Ching — saved our buddaheads from mass internment.

  10. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Tom Gill 1922-2009 is best known for coherent land use policies, as Najo Yoshinaga born 1919 is best known for new labor/health systems [ILWU atty Ed Nakamura template for legislation], as George Ariyoshi is best known for fusion of sustainable gov’t/environment policies [Waiahole-Wai Kane], & as Democratic Party godfather Jack Burns 1909-1975 overall ushered in a new social order. Sage editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt has an equivalent legacy per Ariyoshi for sustainable gov’t/environment policies amid our crtical economic downturn. There are no equivalent legacies for any of our single agenda-driven chiefs [mayor/county council/environmental advocates]. George Ariyoshi, despite his delusions of omnipotence/narcissism/vanity, reduxes for our learning curve such incredible fusion of sustainable gov’t/environment policies a la Waiahole-Wai Kane just as great editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt does here via 2% open space land fund.

  11. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Pahoa town was not located elsewhere outside of Pahoa as we know it today. Ambiguity might surface because cane planting engineered Ben Dillingham’s railway to Kapoho, thence Kapoho village’s start turn of the last century, & only as a byproduct of land-clearing for cane was Pahoa village started a century ago, for loggers at our world’s largest railroad tie mill, Haw’n Mahogany Lumber Co. back of today’s Akebono theater. Ben’s HRR train route ran 4 miles makai of Pahoa town on its way to Kapoho cane lands, & ran a side track for Pahoa lumber/eventual cane. Ohia wood harvest expanded mauka, necessitating worker camps at higher elevations above Pahoa village. Thence, notions of “original” Pahoa being along today’s Kahakai Blvd. elevation/mauka of today’s Pahoa village are thrilling [for the history spelunker] but not true. Our greatest AJA historian Franklin Odo [Kaimuki High ’57 born 1939] has documented songs by laborers a century ago about the harsh reality of planting/harvesting cane in rocky soils [geologically recent lava flows] such as in Pahoa/Hilo’s Waiakea district. Ooh, so painful to hear!!

  12. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Iz Kamakawiwoole is the only non-gov’t official/dignitary whose body was laid to rest in our State Capitol rotunda for the public to come to say farewell to, & for Iz in spirit to say aloha to them. A week or so before Iz passed away, Iz called in to Iz’ buddy John Burnett at John’s deejay radio slot to wish Iz’ fans Iz’ fondest aloha & mahalo for their kindness/love.

  13. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:


    Hilo-born company marks 60 years — in California
    By Erika Engle
    POSTED: Jun 02, 2010

    Hilo-born King’s Hawaiian Bakery is marking its 60th anniversary.

    The company built on sweet bread, hot coffee and smiling service has not had a local presence since the 1990s when its bakery and old-timey restaurant operations were sold, but it is still owned by the family of founder Robert Taira.

    He was born in Hilo in 1923, was raised in Kohala, and he graduated from the Chicago Institute of Baking in 1949. He opened the original Robert’s Bakery in Hilo the following year, and five years later built the first Hawaii building designed and built to be a bakery from the ground up.

    In 1963, Taira expanded to Honolulu, establishing what would become an iconic bakery and coffee shop chain, bearing the name of the street where it first opened, King’s Bakery and Coffee Shop.

    After decades and countless meals of comfort food for Hawaii families and visitors, the Hawaii operations were sold as the family’s efforts focused on mainland expansion.

    Marking the company’s 60th anniversary and its 29th consecutive year of growth, it is offering a free, downloadable 17-page recipe booklet. Yes, it includes a vintage French Toast recipe using the company’s sweet bread.

  14. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    “It’s in the asking that you know you’re on the right path. It’s in the asking. Most people go thru life without ever questioning. Not that there’s any right or wrong path. The asking is what keeps you there.” Incredible sage advice from Malie’s dad. Bless his soul. He is Malie’s greatest hero/role model.

  15. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    William Y. Thompson born 1924 442nd 2nd Batt. Bronze Star recipient‏
    From: KL Ching

    Hello Bill,

    So nice to chat with you again and to discuss the Premiere of United Television Broadcasting System’s (UTB) Documentary of the 442nd. UTB has done a painstaking effort to accurately record the 442nd’s exploits. Each battle of their campaign is replayed in detail. My contact with UTB has been Minako Tsuda, Assistant Producer, to whom I have loaned various publications, documents, photos and other information to assist her efforts to tell an accurate story. The World Premiere for this documentary will take place June 20 during the Maui Film Festival in an auditorium which seats 1200. The Documentary disk will also be made available to the public and should, I believe, be a significant means of informing the next and succeeding generations of the wonderful legacy of the 442nd.

    UTB’s first documentary was on the Issei/Nisei internment. A 3rd documentary will be done on the MIS. We are very fortunate that UTB has chosen to produce these documentaries since they give us a very professional record of the 442nd and MIS’ exploits. Incidentally, James C. McNaughton, Department of the Army, has written a book on the MIS titled –“ Nisei Linguists: Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service during World War II.” You can access a review of this book by Stephen C. Mercado on the internet under James C. McNaughton.

    Again, thank you for sharing your 442nd experiences with me. Hopefully we can meet in person in the not too distant future. With best regards, KL Ching

  16. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Ikuo Hisaoka served a total of 18 years on the Hawai’i County Board of Supervisors & the Hawai’i County Council. Hawai’i County Board of Supervisors: January 1957 to
    December 1966 (10 years); Hawai’i County Councilor: January 1969 to
    December 1976 (8 years).
    Ikuo faciliated projects including: Kapaa Beach Pavilion; Keokea Beach Park; Paving of the roads to Keokea Beach Park and Pololu Lookout;
    Kamehameha Park swimming pool, tennis courts, lights for the ballpark, gymnasium. Ikuo also facilitated getting state funds for the
    Kohala Hospital and the complex that houses the Social Service Office, court house & police station.

  17. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Una Makita Pa J’Taime Encore, French song for Please Don’t Leave Me Ever — great crier croon. “Lately” by Stevie Wonder also a great tune/lyric. Craig Barber of You Tube Craig Barber a troubadour/minstrel w/a wealth of songs under his belt.

  18. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    “Lately” song by Stevie Wonder
    1st verse:
    Lately I have had this strangest feeling,
    with no vivd reasons here to find.
    Yet the thought of losing’s been hanging, round my mind…
    Far more frequently you’re wearing perfume,
    with you say, “No special place to go”
    But when I ask will you be coming back soon,
    you don’t know, never know.

    Well, I’m a man of many wishes,
    I hope my premonition misses,
    but what I really feel, my eyes won’t let me hide,
    cause they always start to cry.
    cause it’s time could mean goodbye.

    2nd Verse:
    Lately I’ve been staring in the mirror,
    very slowly picking me apart.
    Tryin’ to tell myself I have no reason, with your heart.
    Just the other night while you were sleeping,
    I vaguely heard you whisper someone’s name.
    But when I ask you of the thoughts you’re keeping,
    you just say, nothing’s changed.

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