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    By Curtis Narimatsu

    Yes, today’s Saloon pilot cracker is from the German Ludloff brothers via the German hardtack, the Ludloffs cutting their teeth formerly w/Scot Love family on O’ahu. The Ludloff Crescent City Cracker Co. had its origin in Shinmachi between today’s bouldered driveway/Ke’elikolani St. & gravel road to Matson containers/Emma St.

    The Ludloffs then built their massive 2 story concrete Luloff bldg. 1922 NW corner Pi’opi’o St./Kam Ave, the exact spot where is today’s Bayside Chevron at Kam/Pauahi Sts., by where the Bayside air/water hoses are w/blank lava wall [former Pi’opi’o sign face]. In 1914 the German steamer Ahlers from Bremen berthed into Kuhio/Hilo harbor for safety as refugee ship, its British India crew deserting it.

    The ship’s cook Siems then married a Hilo Chinese girl & started making hardtack for Hiloites. In 1917 the Ahlers crew was interned WWI as enemy aliens & Siems’ cracker business was sold to Macaroni Factory’s Uyeno of Shinmachi [Mae Okamura’s kin/kazoku]. In 1921 Tats Ikeda took over the operation, all in Shinmachi at entrance to today’s Kam Statue on SW corner Bishop St./Kam Ave, Ikeda emigrating in 1909 & operating his shoyu/soda factories in Shinmachi.

    Today’s Saloon Pilot is credited to the Siems hardtack, though Hilo’s Ludloffs actually are the genesis of it here. Of course, ubiquitous philanthropist Shiro Ikeda [phlegmatic solon Donald’s dad — Donald witnessed the killer 1946 tsunami atop Donald’s 2nd floor living quarters at entrance to today’s Kam Statue] succeeded Shiro’s dad Tats after Tats’ death 1933. Of course, later soda/creme crackers were added to the flagship saloon pilot cracker. Fortuitously, Ikeda was to move its operations to today’s BJ Penn ctr. on Kino’ole St. by the bowling alley, starting in early 1946.

    The April 1, 1946 tsunami hastened such plans, closing down the original site for a month, w/the final move upland occurring in October 1946. Yes, lst Lt. Herman Ludloff of our genesis Nat’l Guard 1900 is our Ludloff ohana. Ludloff came long before Ikeda/Macaroni factory.

    (Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

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  • tehshiv Says:

    what’s with the crescent city name?

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Thank you, magnanimous mother earth editor Tiff Camille Edwards Hunt, for publishing my notes above and for your beautiful photo insert. Of course, outstanding community catalyzer/philanthropist Shiro Ikeda 1908-1998 [shin-new buddahead, following on heels of original immigrants 1885-1903 — which is why the Ikeda kazoku/family went into overdrive to stay abreast w/exceed Issei immigrants who came to Hawai’i before the Ikedas] far outpaces secretive son Donald, who does things behind closed doors, Donald our County Council member [from traditional all-Japanese council district Kaumana]. Of course, among our greatest local solons is Ikuo Hisaoka, who just died at age 95, who also operated behind closed doors like Shiro Ikeda’s son Donald, but is opposite of Donald in 2 ways: 1) Donald’s sublimation as hideaway me-first Council member results from knowing that Shiro’s extensive gift-giving and public extrovert ways, all utterly sincere/loving from Shiro’s huge heartedness, never got Shiro anything in return monetarily or emotionally, which btw was not why Shiro himself was so unselfish/generous of spirit/wallet [Shiro a giver of love, not dependent on outcome-expectations] — versus Iku’s public-first mantra despite Iku’s hidden/unspoken backdoor dealing — Iku’s Machiavellian authority never benefitted Iku, but instead brought tremendous good to Iku’s beloved North Kohala district — essentially, Iku was FDR incarnate, being FDR/New Deal clone; 2) Donald’s reaction formation makes up for papa Shiro’s unreturned investment in community enablement/love for everyone, so that whatever Donald can salvage for Donald’s ego soothes/
    salves Donald’s subconscious deprivation of a returned investment of Dad toward humanity/society, although let’s declare that Donald is angelic/scores-way above self-benefitting worst conflict of interest solons like Rich Jitchaku [Jippy Mattos’ big hero for getting Jippy a County job]/Bob Yamada [egotistical son Don’s dad]/Frank De Luz [call me on a deal, I’ll get me a steal — at your expense, of course!]/etc. Yes, Donald far above the singular money is god solons — versus Iku Hisaoka’s obssessive mission/destiny to honor Iku’s kazoku Gary Hisaoka, who served w/the matchless 100th Batt. & died in the slaughter at Anzio, receiving posthumously the hallowed Silver Star as infantry leader. You can put all of our County solons together into a merged/confluent whole, and still today this all-star amalgam over the long stretch of time/history will not top solitary figure Gary Hisaoka at the Battle of Anzio. Not even w/kazoku Iku included in the alltime all-star dream team of County solons. This is kazoku’s impact on Iku — thence, Iku’s agenda was outcome-dependent/conditioned selfishly — whatever Iku did was to honor his fallen hero via Iku’s suffusion of love and all love inexorably to Iku’s constituents. Well, gang, gotta go for now chotto/short while, got a life out there in real land, not cyberdome here in cubicle-ville. Thanks, Amazonian beauty Tiff!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hi tehshiv: Hilo Bay is shaped like a crescent/half moon, as Half Moon Bay is some 20+ miles south of San Francisco.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Thank you, exceptional scribe Beauford John Burnett [I just call long-named John by the blip “JB”], for your article linked here [history of Ikuo Hisaoka].


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Rush rush — oops, mistake — Iku’s agenda was NOT outcome-dependent/WAS conditioned UNSELFISHLY. As JB would say, oops, my bad [current slang, though JB born 1953]. Man oh man, our beloved Ludloff ohana are featured extensively in gorgeous editor Tiff Camille’s prior post on our Ludloff legacy here.



    Thank you, Ludloff ohana, for your indulgence/open-
    minded nature!! It’s love, it’s all love [Malie’s
    listening to elderly lady at river’s edge of India’s sacred Ganghes]. :-)

  • tehshiv Says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of it had something to do with crescent city, CA…like they might have gotten a recipe from there or something.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ola, tehshiv: What Hilo/Crescent City CA got were TSUNAMI!! :-) Crescent bays indenting these 2 towns vortexed tsunami wave pulse dead speed/reckoning ahead & pulverized to smithereens our 2 quaint settlements. Yikes! Aloha, –Curt

  • paradise lost Says:

    and now the crescent city of NOLA will soon meet it’s fate, R.I.P. underoil

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Do you know that British BP Oil mopped up the Valdez debacle? North Atlantic strictures much tighter than BP’s getaway waivers in Gulf region, which are why you see the torrid disaster to our ecosystem further south a month & counting. Consider this, that for all the madness/insanity of our humongous decimation of our Gulf & beyond ecosystem via BP Oil, such epochal tragedy takes away a year’s gross sales from BP Oil, just as you saw w/Valdez disaster. “Go figure,” gang. Does only love endure? Ask BP Oil. :-)

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Love endures. I dedicate heart, soul, mightiest of every muscle of body — to my version of Avatar’s Mother Earth/Eywa, Malie, and to Mormon missionaries Keoni & Lukini Andrew. As the elderly lady at the shore of the sacred Ganghes evoked to Malie, “It’s love, it’s all love…” :-)

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Lauren Bacall/Charlotte Rampling/Joanna Pacula — their piercing eyes enthrall you to no end — Malie has such eyes — which look thru to your deepest hidden secrets — w/curiosity-comprehension-
    integration/convergence. To Ekolu/Nancy of Honomu, to Li’a aka Ame of Kolekole mauka, it’s love, it’s all love. :-)

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Actually, the Ludloffs started our local hard tack/known as saloon pilot before the turn of the last century, 2 decades before the Ikedas took credit for tack’s creation. On Avatar’s Eywa,

    Enjoy :-) I thank sage Malie for sharing Malie’s
    experience & wisdom. How lucky can a person be to process & appreciate the equanimity/exceptionalism of Malie!! As the Eywa spirit does not take sides but instead maintains balance in the movie Avatar, so too does Malie maintain balance in our mortal sphere on Earth. Malie is Eywa incarnate here.

    Great storyline from movie “Avatar” — colonizer engaged in cultural genocide vs. helpless backward people has its scout canvass the terrain, scout realizes scout is on the wrong side [when he falls in love w/a female of the “alien” race], & scout then turncoats vs. his outfit & fights for the underdog, so to speak. Reprise of scintillating theme from Tom Cruise’s “The Last Samurai”/Kevin Costner’s “Dances w/Wolves”/Val Kilmer’s “Thunderheart,” to name a few blockbusters from the recent past. Crucible of star-crossed lovers the basis for the “turnaround” to righteousness [metaphysically] “From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, a pair of star-cross’d lovers, take their life.” Romeo & Juliet, destiny, baby. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star-crossed

    Malie is real, no pretentiousness/small talk, Malie lives in the moment. “Sublimation is the refocusing of energy away from negative outlets, toward positive ones. The individual distances him/herself and looks at one’s existence from an aesthetic point of view (e.g. writers, poets, painters).” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existential_crisis
    This is Malie, this is John the Beloved [New Testament], this is Neytiri, the alien protagonist from the movie “Avatar.” Inspirational theme of transformation via idyllic manifestations of true love and finding meaning in one’s life.

    What Malie loves the most about the movie “Avatar” are the spirituality/soul inherent in both the creatures & jungle flora of mystical landform Pandora, whose creatures live in harmony with nature, worshipping a mother goddess called Eywa, who “takes no sides” [film’s scriptwords] but maintains equilibrium/balance/harmony/”pono” via Her bio-botanical neural network to which Pandoran organisms are connected. Ironically, “Avatar” creator James Cameron’s promos do not accent the spiritual overlay evident in Malie’s recognition of the movie’s feature attraction, the connectedness of everything in nature/balance of nature/ecosystem. I was so lucky to have Malie express & share her heartstopper feelings about “Avatar.” An amazing movie, an incredible experience to enjoy it w/Malie.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    God Meant it for Good
    To their surprise and relief Joseph said to them, “You meant evil against me but God meant it for good.” Genesis 50:20-21

    Do you know that Biblical Joseph is the only person who seems to be without fault? Incredible legacy. Mormon brother Jarrett [renowned solon Billy Jarrett’s progeny] says prayer is the most powerful antidote to emptiness. Why? As sage Malie intones, prayer is the consummate act of humility, and one who surrenders to the Will of the Lord essentially shall be saved by the Will of the Lord, but Faith is not contingent on outcome. Luke 17:33; Matthew 10:39. Lose, and be found, the inexplicable irony. Key to comfort of dying is to ensure salvation, or to be relaxed/at peace, and in this sense, Faith does merge w/God’s Will. Thy Will Be Done. The most powerful 4 words, & I thank Brother Keoni & wife Lukini Andrew for such Clarity. Incredible discernment! Thank you, thank you! Per Pentecostal precept, a Frank Matthew was not saved because he didn’t give himself to God. And others not saved screamed from their feet burning, and cursed God, as they descended into Hell. While those saved saw Angels rejoice & carry them as they ascended to God’s Kingdom above. Of course, Mormon Scripture assuages that such descent into Hell is not meant for most folks http://www.lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?locale=0&sourceId=ec7bef960417b010VgnVCM1000004d82620a____&vgnextoid=2354fccf2b7db010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD [thank you, Doug, for helping me ascertain the seemingly unfathomable method of linking website to website]

    Job 1:21, Naked I come, naked I go. UCC sometimes is said to disengage from the salvation message, of being born again, and instead focus on the Social Gospel as dispelling intimate courtesies. So that when a liberal democrat exhorts, “government should provide for the needy,” Brother/Sister Keoni/Lukini Andrew evoke, “No, I shall provide for the needy.” Wow, pro-active do-er servants of God like no other! Do you notice that w/amazing positive exemplars like our missionaries Keoni/Lukini Andrew, who are anointed grassroot mentors [“commissioned” is the technical jargon], they never talk about themselves, they never brag about themselves, they never focus on themselves, but instead minister to the comfort and needs of others. Incredible leadership! Last nite I had the opportunity to converse/dialogue/spend intimate time w/my brother in peace, Eala of our Assembly of God outfit, and Eala impeccably is versed in Scripture, a veritable treasure trove of knowledge, but of the 3 hrs. we brainstormed on Scripture, Eala talked about himself and his perfect marriage for 2 straight hrs. You won’t find this self-attention in our Andrew mentors. Unquestionably, Eala means well, just as liberal democrats have noble intentions, but the crux is to choose — others or yourself?? You make someone else’s happiness the source of your deepest happiness. Again, extraordinary comfort from pundit Steven Kalas here http://www.lvrj.com/living/49378917.html

    I dedicate Johnny Almeida’s Iesu Me Ke Kanaka Waiwai [1915] popularly known today as Kanaka Waiwai to Brother/Sister Keoni-John & Luedeen Andrew, great Mormon missionaries. This beautiful song was composed for our Mormon mission here in the islands.
    Only love endures.

    Pentecostals are fired up with a great sense of rectitude and an abiding conviction of their own election as children of God. Actually, all Protestant denominations are offshoots of Catholicism, but Mormonism is distinguished via Joseph Smith, Jr.’s selection by God as a prophet and the restoration of the priesthood authority and doctrines of the original Christian church. Puritans [Pilgrims] were earnest/austere/suspicious of the comforts/pleasures of this material world, and became today’s Congregationalists/UCC [choice of minister decided democratically/by committee, each member having an equal vote — thence via congregation]. Anglicanism/Episcopalianism in the Southern Colonies collapsed during the American Revolution and gave way to Congregationalism as the most powerful religious body in America. I dedicate Spring wishes to Brother Keoni/John & Sister Luedeen/Lukini Andrew, for their unrequited love and affection, & for the freedom of choice bestowed upon us as Americans by none other than George Washington himself [Independence Day/Revolutionary War], & in this context that love never dies, & that happiness is forever [as in the afterlife]!! Love eternally.

    The years/age of a person are not the most important things as to whether he/she leaves a positive legacy, but instead has he/she fulfilled one’s purpose in life? Methuselah lived 969 yrs. but for what? For nothing. Jesus lived but a shade over 30 yrs., but look at his legacy!! When you eulogize at a funeral, for a person who leaves no positive legacy, just say he’s in a better place now. For those who leave tremendous positive legacies, truly, he/she lived a Godly line — followed God!!

  • carol ludloff arnold Says:

    Mahalo Curtis for continuing our Ludloff saga–I haven’t given up on Frieda yet.

  • Mary-Lynne Ludloff Says:

    What a wonderful article, Curtis. I am working on family history books for my seven children and twenty-one grandchildren so this will definitely be included. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have shared with me and my cousin, Carol [I also have an older sister named Carol so people often called the wrong number and confused everyone!]

    I hope you will continue to send me your articles. What a pleasure to read meaningful history of our Hawaii.


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Judge Al Felix 1914-1978 was the judge Gov. Bill Quinn referred to who was turned down for endorsement by our local Bar Ass’n, and instead was switched to Hilo as Lt. Gov. Jimmy Kealoha’s only patronage pick by Gov. Quinn. Pahoa’s Kealoha 1908-1983 bullied Gov. Quinn for patronage picks inasmuch Kealoha garnered more votes than Gov. Quinn 1959, though for Lt. Gov./Gov.
    respectively. Felix, Kealoha, & ILWU’s Eddie De Mello/
    George Martin were a tight cabal who lorded over local politics here.

    David Figueira’s legacy — Matthew 5

    David born 1957, grandson of Vasco Ferreira, has seasonal retreats w/his immediate/extended

    familia at David’s O`ahu Punalu`u beach home. David’s grandchildren 2 generations from now shall

    regale/suffuse their happiest times w/Vuvu David/Vovo Annie at Punalu`u Shangri-La, the Figueira

    vacation home of solitude/serenity. David personifies Matthew 5 — blessed are the young & old,

    for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven; blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth; blessed

    are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled w/God’s bounty; blessed

    are the peacemakers, for they are the children of God; blesed are they who mourn, for they shall

    be comforted; blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for they shall rejoice;

    blessed are the common salt of the earth, for they shall be saved. Punalu`u, David’s crossroad

    of compassion/selfless service to all. Amor.

    The great Harry Kaina Brown [as in Harry K. Brown Park] 1891-1953, Hawai’i longest-serving elected official –

    via Brown family archivist Etta Rosehill:

    Brown, Harry Kaina: Auditor, County of Hawaii

    Born: June 4, 1891, Hilo, Hawaii, son of John T. and Mary Kanoelehua (Kaina) Brown; married Elizabeth H. Desha, July 1, 1915; Forester, member Native Sons of Hawaii and Kamehameha Lodge.

    Educated at St. Louis College, Harry K. Brown began work in 1908 as a clerk in the Hilo tax office. From 1912 to 1915 he was deputy tax assessor of Kau, Hamakua and South Hilo. From 1915 to 1923 he served as deputy county auditor. He was first elected auditor of the County of Hawaii in 1923 and has served ever since.

    Mr. Brown had eleven years of service in the National Guard of Hawaii, rising from a private to captain, a rank he held four years. During the World War he had nine months of service at Schofield Barracks as a captain in the United States Army. During 1918 he was a member of the Advisory Board.

    This is additional information: Died September 20, 1953. Children; Harry Kahuakailani Brown, Langhern Kaimilani Brown, Elizabeth Haweaokalani Brown (Waiau) and Thomas Kiheiokalani Brown.Kukui Plaza scandal/pay to play 1976 –

    When developer Hal Hanson walked into Fasi top aide Bob Dye’s office &

    offered to pay to play [via campaign head Harry CC Chung], Dye immediately

    went to the prosecutor’s office to nail Hanson for bribery. As it turned out,

    Hanson became special A.G. Grant Cooper’s chief witness vs. Fasi. Hanson

    got cold feet & was jailed for refusing to testify vs. Fasi. At which point

    prosecutor Cooper dismissed Fasi’s indictment. U.S. Atty. Fitzpatrick indicts

    Blagojevich now because there’s no guarantee wiretaps would nail Blag’s

    appointment completion, inasmuch Blag could seal illegal deal w/out phone-

    wiretap [mob knowhow — secluded park/street/etc.]. Yes, Isamu

    Kanekuni proffers that Fitzpatrick should’ve waited until deal done but before

    appointment, but I told Isamu this is just wishful thinking — the real world

    doesn’t fall into place the way Isamu sees it. As to Illinois AG Madigan’s

    petition to Ill. S.Ct. to remove Blag, separation of powers requires impeach-

    ment via peoples’ reps/legislature. But independent AG brings up Uncle Willy

    Thompson’s point about an independent law enforcement legal arm — elected

    AG more responsible to public, vs. current AG Bennett’s submissive status

    to Lingle on ceded lands. Lingle tries to pander to Haw’n separatists.

    Elected AG would think twice before doing so [law’s sovereign immunity in

    hands of legislature, the vessel of the teeming masses, not in hands of

    guilt-trip CJ Ron Moon’s S.Ct. which also panders to Haw’n separatists].

    An elected AG would adhere to stare decisis/precedent, not be fooled

    by Governor’s/S. Ct.’s pandering to Haw’n separatists. Of course, the

    downside is elected official’s squeemish subservience to campaign

    supporters — Illinois AG Madigan seeks to be Illinois Governor — files

    frivolous petition to remove Blag based on unfitness — Illinois S. Ct.

    dismisses frivolous petition w/out even commenting on it — not worth

    S. Ct.’s time, in other words. Separation of powers inviolate — S. Ct.

    cannot overstep legislature’s role via impeachment [power of the people].

    In our C.J. Ron Moon’s case, Moon disregards stare decisis/precedent that

    sovereign immunity in hands of legislature, not Ron’s court, that ceded

    land sale cannot be thwarted by Ron’s injunction on a political question –

    ergo, overthrow of Monarchy 1893.

    Edward Nuku Silva 1902-1977 –

    Luso/Haw’n GOP Attorney General Edward N. Sylva was fired by Gov. Sam

    Wilder King in 1956 after magnanimous Sylva was a guest at ILWU’s Jack

    Hall testimonial. Irony is that Sylva chaired the DPI panel that fired John

    & Aiko Tokimasa Reinecke in 1948 for subversive teaching, & chaired the

    Territorial commission on subversive activities. King himself was a surprise

    choice as appointed Gov. ‘53 by Ike in that Ike man Crossley was promised

    the Gov. title by Ike himself, but Ike succumbed to Sen. Bob Taft of Ohio

    on patronage slots in return for Ike winning Taft’s support for President.

    King himself unceremoniously was dumped by Ike ‘57 in favor of WWII

    veteran Bill Quinn [no patronage owed anymore to Taft, who died in

    1953][Quinn the top GOP upstart]. Sylva went on to practice law & died in obscurity.

    Burns’ confidants Dan Aoki 1918-1986/Mike Tokunaga 1920-2005 Maui boys –

    Hatchet man Aoki [Gill’s incendiary ascription “alarming friends” of Burns]

    was born & raised in Kealakekua but moved to Maui in 1926, where his dad

    was a Congregational missionary. Thence Aoki’s deep Americanization/

    innate adaptation. Essentially, what A-hole Tom Gill discredited was

    Gill himself in the mirror — fully Americanized free man who espoused

    life/liberty/pursuit of happiness a la Aoki & Thomas Jefferson. 442nd Aoki’s

    100th Batt. replacement counterpart was Mike Tokunaga, whom Aoki

    chummed w/after WWII while leading their respective RCT social clubs.

    Like Rizal/Sun Yat Sen, Aoki wanted to join the medical field, but lack of

    money prevented this. As it turned out, Aoki & Tokunaga went on to

    become Jack Burns’ closest O`ahu political advisors, while independent/

    tengu Kazuhisa Abe-like Najo Yoshinaga lorded over Maui for genro/

    godfather Burns, Najo a 442 guy like Aoki. Due to their youth [20+ yrs.

    age gap b/n oyabun/genesis Takaichi Miyamoto & Aoki/Toku/Yoshi],

    these 3 kids were not mentored by overlord Miyamoto, Maui’s finest/first

    AJA political native son. Aoki’s Maui bosom buddy Tadao Beppu lorded

    over as House Speaker, like Maui’s ILWU henchman Elmer Cravalho.

    Of course, from Kaua`i came the unquenchable Spark Matsunaga &

    original Hilo native Toshi Serizawa, but 442 Turk Tokita [Al Konishi’s uncle]

    was Burns’ boss on Kaua`i inasmuch Spark moved to O`ahu & Toshi moved

    back to Hilo. Aoki & Beppu were inspired by former Kapoho boy Jack

    Kawano to unionize rank/file while they worked at the docks pre-WWII

    to earn money for school. Neighbor island boys were very goal-oriented,

    more so than O`ahu natives [ergo Hilo 442 Hideto Kono/Pa`ahau 442

    Masato Doi].

    Ike’s confidant/press secretary James C. Hagerty 1909-1981

    What do Harry Truman & Ike’s key aide James C. Hagerty have in

    common? They’re just high school graduates!! Pretty much self-

    made men schooled in the hard scrabble of life. Hagerty’s brother

    also high-level icon. Jesse Shima 1901-2002 McKinley School product

    after Hilo’s Lyman Boarding School [today’s Boys/Girls Club site] —

    was Hagerty’s confidant & D.C. peer. Truman wanted to retain

    FDR’s closest aide Harry Hopkins [WPA genesis/Land-Lease founder/

    WWII chief emissary], but Jesse Shima’s mentor Hopkins 1890-1946 died just

    after FDR. Yes, Hopkins not grad school diploma like JFK’s god-forsaken

    Whiz Kids who thought more [ego/arrogance] of themselves than they

    really were.

    Baptist John Leland 1754-1841 — major force for separation of church & state

    John Leland was a major proponent for separation of church & state, & worked

    closely w/James Madison, the so-called father of our Constitution. Leland spoke in the

    tradition of father of modern Baptists, John Smyth 1570-1612 of England, & of

    pilgrim Roger Williams 1603-1684. Hawai`i’s Richard Uejo born 1925 is our leading

    proponent today for separation of church & state.

    Crisis of Faith as victory/enlightenment, not defeat/fear

    Samurai missionary Shiro Sokabe 1865-1949 had all of his correspondence/written work burnt

    over a period of 3 days. He was very depressed/alone in his waning yrs. [no feedback/replies
    from his stepson or family], & he felt that his life’s work was worthless/ignored.
    Yes, no one can read another’s mind, but w/Sokabe, you’re hit w/the awful recognition that
    he was forgotten/unacknowledged. What sadness — in Sokabe, literateur/scholarly repute
    who lived among the teeming masses, so to speak, his written correspondence would have
    corroborated his spiritual ascent via his solitary odyssey. So tragic that his greatest quest
    went up in smoke literally, the search for Truth/Jesus.

    Pastor Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, greatest Chinese historymaker/AJA godfather Hawaiian
    Islands, is a pro-active/do-er confessor [does the confessing] whose pragmatic spirituality/
    social change — everybody’s equal/egalitarianism — present profoundly demonstrative results
    today. Look at how traditionally clannish/cunning Chinese empowered their out-of-race [other]
    immigrant rivals to upward mobility — as w/Hung Wai’s Chinese Community Church [Nu`uanu] &
    its grassroot outreach/mission — schools/hospitals/social orgs resonate thanks to benefactors from
    this tiny Nu`uanu enclave. Look at how AJAs came to power [100th-442nd/Statehood/
    Japan productivity], thanks to Hung Wai’s genesis as Atherton YMCA pastor. Yes, where
    do you find a Chinaman empowering buddaheads? Only in Hawai`i!! We serve to bear
    our brother’s/sister’s burden. Hung Wai’s life example of selfless sacrifice ranks among our
    most treasured classics of all time. Indelibly influenced by the altruism of Congregationalists
    John Young/Leigh Hooley, & mastered via Matthew/Isaiah, Hung Wai walked the walk, while
    his notably auspicious millionaire baby brother Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996 [investor/Aloha Airlines
    owner/Bishop Estate trustee] talked the talk among crony solons. Disparate spheres of
    influence. Hung Wai’s theology literally was to serve, as in works, not writs. Like Mother
    Teresa. Hung Wai’s exceptional/remarkable descent into the worlds of untouchables
    [Chinatown gamblers/dopies/hookers — AJA hotbeds of revolt a la VVV/298th riflemen] made
    him an untouchable too — but he resurrected the unwashed/unclean of society — & produced
    tremendous positive social progress. His feast is celebrated as an honorary member of the
    100th/442nd/VVV, & as our mythic Chinese exemplar a la homeboy [Zhongshan China] Sun
    Yat Sen 1866-1925, father of modern China & mentor to Hung Wai’s immigrant parents, also
    from Zhongshan. As you know, Sun Yat Sen lived in Honolulu for 7 yrs. & founded the
    Hsing Chung Hui/Revive China Society in 1894 here, which became the catalyst to overthrow
    of China’s caste system/dynasty. Like Sun Yat Sen & Sun’s alter ego/mentor — PI’s Jose
    Mercado Rizal, father of PI independence [Rizal Day] — Hung Wai desired to train as a medical
    doctor — but, as w/our own hapa [son of WWII haole serviceman/AJA mother] pastor Michael
    Inouye of Moloka`i, Hung Wai forsook vocation for untraditional avocation [though Hung Wai
    did get divinity degree from Yale U.]. Yes, all of Hawai`i social/political pundits regale about
    indomitable Democrat catalyst Hung Wo Ching, the wheeler-dealer financier/Gov. Jack Burns
    backbone, but the real deal is older brother, broke-ass pastor Hung Wai Ching, the bona fide
    positive historymaker/unheralded-untold-unsung hero among us all. Hung Wai’s influence/
    unmatched inspiration are my obligatory [joke!] memorials to him. A pagan I am, but Hung Wai
    leads us to the promised land [everybody’s equal], strengthened by his Faith. His conversion
    to Truth [social good] is our conversion all — from despair to miraculous prayer. In the end,
    Hung Wai became a martyr to his devotion [to the teeming masses]. He died broke, but
    richest in his love for humanity/the world. Yes, he forsook the association of the rich/powerful
    [though he freely mingled among the likes of FDR & wife Eleanor/WWII Midway crucible-hero
    Gen. Delos Emmons, martial law leader of Hawai`i WWII] & devoted his whole life to society’s
    outcasts/unwashed/unclean — a la Father Damien/Mother Teresa. Rarest equanimity. Enjoy
    profile in courage [cliche] below on Mother Teresa. The greatest of leaders demonstrate
    love [for family/group/country/humanity] by instinct/metaphysically. They visualize the result
    before it occurs — prophecy come true. And they let destiny reveal itself. Jesus cast himself
    to the lepers. So does Father Damien nearly 2 millennia later. So does Mother Teresa. And
    so does man of action Hung Wai Ching, our walkabout pastor. No, vow of poverty not required.
    But usually the result, not just the trigger. There is no man in my mind born in a manger
    [other than Jesus] greater than Hung Wai Ching, fearless bearer of Truth/wisdom. Love, -Curtis

    From: KL Ching [Curt’s note: Hung Wai Ching’s 74 yr. old son]
    To: Curtis Narimatsu & Bobby Command
    Subject: Mother Teresa Article In Time Magazine

    There is a beautiful article on “The Secret Life of Mother Teresa” in the September issue of Time magazine which I just sent to you separately. I joked about Hung Wai’s problem of not being able to “talk to God.” Well, Mother Teresa had the same problem which is well documented in a newly published book of her letters to various “confessors.” This article also sheds more light for me on the nature of Christianity and those who commit to the Faith. In fact, it says a lot about humanity. I guess I understand my father a little better now. I should “tip my hat” to him a little more. Thanks for your insights, Curt! KL

    [Curtis’ note: KingLit Ching has his dad Hung Wai’s defiant/untraditional beauty — KingLit has been around “the bull’s ass” (joke!) many times over — a retired Big Five/A & B executive/esteemed businessman/married African-American woman — has progeny by the same ethnicities/bloodlines — an utterly steeped/experientially remarkable good joe — amazing/rarest guy like dad Hung Wai Ching]

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mark 6:4 & Luke 4:24 — Jesus declared, “Only in one’s hometown, among one’s relatives, and in one’s own house is a prophet without honor.” Opposite of what you think. Born in Bethlehem, Jesus was raised in Nazareth & there he spoke of hope, not doom — “good news to the common soul — release the oppressed, this year of our Lord’s favor.” Luke 4:18-19 In turn, Jesus got shouted down, & the mob tried to hurl Jesus off the brow of the hill to the cliff below. Jesus then intoned that no prophet is accepted in his own element/family/people. Earl Finch 1915-1970 is the tragic exemplar — Earl befriended the British/442nd infantrymen who trained at Camp Shelby Miss. Earl’s Hattiesburg citizens railed into him, “Why do you go overboard to help these guys? They’re not even from our country!!” Earl responded, “We’re all on the same side. Why shouldn’t I help them?” Earl was run out of his home/town, an outcast among his own people. Just like Jesus said. 442nd’s John Tsukano 1924-2005 is the bitter pill for his fellow 442 boys — his boys
    didn’t know what to make of Tsukano’s mission to chronicle their history. After all, former swim titlist Tsukano was a promoter/entrepreneur [great friend of Hilo’s gallant war hero Richard Pablo Chinen 1919-1991], & his 442 boys thought he was trying to sell them something [his wares]!! Why they didn’t get leery about Ralph Yempuku 1914-2002 if they were leery of Tsukano is because Yempuku was their sempai/older mentor via their ROTC roots. Nonetheless, Tsukano’s “Bridge of Love” book is the greatest history of our Japanese American soldiers, all at his own expense!! He literally went broke putting it all together — for his love of his fellow boys. Imagine, Tsukano an outcast in his own family/band of brothers/gang!! Luke 4:24 hits me like a boulder, man. Finch/Tsukano, Mark 6:4 and
    Luke 4:24 are for you!!! A family’s betrayal of its own bloodline prophet? Per Mark/Luke, the family/village made a jest of the methods God took to do them well. This is the ruin of multitudes — they were not True in the concerns of their souls. “Blessed are those who are not offended in me,” said Jesus of John the Baptist [Matthew 11:6], who lamented that Jesus had not saved John the Baptist. Jesus said that patience is a virtue and that John the Baptist is the greatest mortal to walk the earth. At which point John the Baptist uttered the most famous line in Scripture: “He [Jesus] must increase, I must decrease.” John 3:30 Beautiful.

    Our railroad landmarks –

    The old Hawaii Consolidated Railway flagpole concrete base sits off

    Kuawa St. [literally means guava] amid construction vehicles. It really

    should be encircled safely as a memorial, perhaps under the auspices of

    the Laupahoehoe Train Museum, the only rr museum

    here. The Kawainui stream rr diversion tunnel is a sight to behold along

    the Onomea scenic drive just mauka of the wooden bridge, blasted out

    of solid rock. Catchy phrase: “Wela ka hao,” meaning the iron is hot,

    to denote an old narrow gauge locomotive converted to run on the wider

    standard gauge tracks in 1900 before the new standard gauge locomotives

    arrived. A Betsy locomotive could’ve been christened to counter,

    “Don’t overheat too soon!!”

    Mo`o ali`i [diplomas not the measure of greatness] —

    Yes, diploma-laden Bill Westervelt [B.A./B.Div./Doctor Divinity Oberlin (honor.)]

    our foremost authority of Haw’n folklore into English. Bill’s undiploma’d/unadorned

    esteemed peer nonpareil on Haw’n culture/health care/anthropology was intrepid

    translator Theodore Kelsey, self-taught man. Both Westervelt/Kelsey immersed

    completely via manuahi avocations on Hawaiiana. My kupuna June Gutmanis 1925-

    1998 like my Dad & like her kupuna Theodore Kelsey, no college education [my Dad only

    completed 8th grade]. But to me Kelsey/Gutmanis/my Dad were steeped in life

    learning/self-educated. As a negative example, I never forgot John Silva, who

    always self-pity-ed/lamented that he always got gypped because he didn’t know how

    to read & write. Here we were 1975, & he, all but 50 yrs. old, w/no dyslexia-

    innate impairment, didn’t self-start to read/write. But at the other end, a negative

    example of diploma-arrogance, was pol-icon Wal Bento, intolerant/judgmental, who

    had no clue that the Shinmachi furyoshonen/juveniles saw He-Man Kanaka/Jap

    Matsu projectile him out of White Fence onto Punahoa St. No, da kids neva’

    razz dis portagee fo whea he waz — dey wen laugh ‘cauz dis white flash

    wen fling out thru da door like one white stringbean. Mameya Lane means

    beans [pleasure center] in japanee!! Pleazha/treazha road, brah! Hea we say,

    eh, no tink you betta’ jus’ cause you get diploma. Nonetheless, June Gutmanis was

    cantankerous Theodore Kelsey’s devoted protege’ — & Kelsey taught her well,

    because non-diploma June is the blockbuster author of integral bks. Na Pule

    Kahiko [ancient prayers]/Kahuna La`au Lapa`au [herbal medicine]/Pohaku

    [stones], not to mention scribed for Nat’l Geographic/Readers Digest. Born

    in Nebraska like cornhusker Swede Steve Christensen, June came up the

    hard way, even being WWII pilot!! Straight-shooting/plain-speaking [not small

    talk] like ‘dem curmudgeon Appalachia hillbillies/Scot-Irish toughies. June Gutmanis

    taught me all I know about HUMAN NATURE, a la sensible/pragmatic non-judgmental

    Ka`u Mary Pukui & her AJA daughter Patience Namaka Bacon. June spoke

    of listening to Kelsey emote about Queen Lili`u’s timeline/life maturation

    & how intolerant/grandiose throne-pusher Lili`u blew her own monarchy

    right out of the tranquil Pacific Ocean, only to regret her Bento-like arrogance

    after it was too late [post-1893 overthrow]. Yep, she flew out of power

    like on Mameya dirt lane ’cause she thought too much of herself/megalomania.

    Clearly, a Disraeli/King Solomon she was not! See, ‘dis not about emperor/

    empress worship like ‘da 442 kids/3rd generation-sansei flatulently bespeak

    [pilau smell] glorified b.s. of their realistically flawed fathers. Like today’s b.s.

    drivel about realistically flawed Lili`u, 442 b.s. just as bad. Kelsey/Gutmanis got

    me grounded to reality here. Lovely, baby. Sadly for me, June/my Mom Teruko 1916-1998

    died w/n 2 weeks of each other [June fatal heart attack/Mom fatal stroke], &

    my Dad Toshi 1913-1998 died just 4 months after them [pancreatic cancer].

    Mo`o ali`i — they are my lifeblood throne-bearers in my eyes till this very day.

    Western culture — everybody’s equal –

    Bks. of Daniel/Revelation show the metamorphosis of Christianity.

    Just as Old Testament’s David/Noah/Abraham emoted the God

    of Love, so did Peter/Paul transition from Old Testament fire/

    brimstone to New Testament peace/goodwill to all. Thru

    such sequences, we come to know that everybody’s equal before

    God. Which is why the hegemonic pharisees persecuted Jesus.

    Fast forward to William of Normandy who became King of England

    in 1066 A.D., who ruled via feudalism, but such baron knight

    crusades bankrupted the monarchy, which resulted in the

    Magna Carta in 1215 A.D., that guaranteed the rights of

    freemen [but in fact limited the King’s power to protect the

    rights of barons]. The Anglican Church resulted from Henry

    VIII’s repudiation of the Pope’s refusal to allow Henry to

    divorce in 1540. Of course, the “divine right of kings”

    creed thereafter resulted in the outbreak of England’s

    Civil War in 1642 & divine king Charles I’s execution in 1649.

    Such liquidation of divinity stemmed from Elizabeth I’s Poor

    Law signalling government relief for the destitute in 1601,

    also fueling grassroot jury trial redux [intro’d by Normans

    in 1066 A.D.][1670 trial of Quakers William Penn/Mead known

    as jury foreman Bushell’s Case that established independent

    jury verdicts unmoved by abusive elitist judges].

    Nonetheless, our American Revolution was caused by our

    colonial repudiation of Monarchal economic exploitation.

    France followed suit in 1789 via incendiary Voltaire/Rousseau

    [both of whom died in 1778, right after the American

    Revolution]. But Marx’ seeds of communism [public’s

    ownership of means of production–land/labor/capital–

    vs. feudalism’s control by landowners; vs. capitalism’s

    control by investors; vs. socialism’s control by

    laborers] resulted in 2 epochal genocides unmatched

    a century ago — Stalin’s purges/Mao’s “cultural

    revolution” — which did nothing but concentrate power

    in a supertyrant/despot, destroying each society’s

    social progress/aspirations. USSR disintegrated

    via economic collapse in 1991, & Red China has

    incorporated capitalism to shore up its economy.

    Communism as precept never fulfilled itself in reality.

    Everybody’s equal via the American Dream, rooted

    firmly in antiquity via Scripture. We are reminded

    via Matthew/Isaiah, & via Francis of Assisi/Erasmus

    of our Social Gospel. Alms-giving/Divine Grace a

    la King David/Jerusalem 1000 B.C.

    Dr. Francis Wong 1919-1971 [died of cancer]

    Nicknamed “Fonkey” [Fun Chung], mother Japanese, Francis’

    dad had restaurant mauka/Puna corner of Kilauea/Mamo Sts.

    [by Kaya cutlery]. Leadership is a strange quality, seemingly

    innate in guys like Steere Noda 1892-1986, who started his

    Asahi baseballers at age 13 [to fight boredom], & Fonkey, who

    started his Wanderers club in 1933 at age 14 [to fight boredom].

    Boys used to play “steal stone,” meaning boys from a designated

    circle would steal stones in center of other circles protected

    by other boys. Fonkey knew that after a while, kids would start

    stoning each other, then stone businesses/homes/etc. Thence

    Fonkey’s drive to create wholesome outlets for his gang.

    Fonkey’s club came from the Mamo triangle site where

    Mamo/Kilauea/Keawe Sts. intersect. Thought to be mostly Chinese/

    Korean kids, Fonkey’s boys actually all kinds/classes

    of ethnicities. This year marks the 77th anniversary of Fonkey’s

    amazing club — Fonkey entered his boys into the P & R league

    run by teachers [& couple] Toma Tasaki/Mew Soon Chock [Tai On’s

    older sis]. Fonkey’s Wanderers captured no less than 5 team titles

    in hoops/VB/track just in their 1st 2 yrs. of play 1933-1935. Ah Pat

    Chun as advisor helped the boys excel. Fonkey had that magical

    quality that facilitates great altruism in others. Though Joe Ayala

    was a moocher/gambler, Fonkey knew that Joe was a great

    mentor/coach, & Fonkey made sure that Joe coached the young

    rebellious kids, esp. in boxing, being that Joe himself was a former

    boxing titlist. Joe absolutely worshipped Fonkey, as did icons Dickie

    Furtado [yes, the all-around athlete]/Bill Hapai [yes, Judge Hapai’s

    ohana]/John Low [yes, restaurant Sun Sun Lau/Kow’s family]/W.H.

    Kalua [yes, swim stars]/Ed Ung [yes, Beans Afook’s family]/&

    ubiquitous Johnny Yuen [pronounced Yen], Tai On Chock’s wife

    Laura’s oldest sib/only brother, born 1923, who went on to be Fonkey’s

    key confidant. Johnny was BoHawaii’s Rudy Peterson’s/Bob Sasaki’s/

    greatest enabler Jim Evans’ stalwart golden boy [moved from bottom up],

    started 1941 till retirement 1988, w/WWII as rifleman 9th Div. 47th Inf.,

    Distinguished Inf. citation/Bronze Star awardee.

    Fonkey’s boys Allen Correa [yes, Jimmy’s family]/Tony De Sa [yes,

    renowned baseballers incl. Joey De Sa]/great hitter Al Toodie Souza

    [USF HoF]/Bert Nakaji [Lincoln Wrecker who was told by Fonkey not

    to jump fence over to Fonkey — team first, not me first]/Tai On Chock

    [also told by Fonkey to lead Piopio Bears — to Fonkey, each guy had

    to lead/mission something needed in a locality — Bert at Lincoln Park/

    Tai On at Hilo Center-Piopio St.]/Br. Duane Cockett [Fonkey supported

    Catholic Church-school/Kazuma Hisanaga [Fonkey worshipped by Beans

    Afook, & Kazuma was Beans’ protege] — today’s crop Guy Enriques [yes,

    solon 1st scholarship recipient of Fonkey’s endowment 1972]/Glenn

    Hashimoto [Pirate who crossed over to Fonkey]/Pete Kimi [yes, hotelier

    family/baseballers Eric Kurosawa-Ted Sugai-Russ Ejima-Earl Wakakuwa-

    Derek Shigematsu-Russ Goya [yes, Wrecker-Pirate crew]/Lee Hamora/

    Dan Labasan/Rich Pascual/Bully Spencer/. Fonkey was

    surgeon U.S. Army/Navy Medical Corps WWII/Korean War, Lt. Commander

    Naval Reserve — just an amazing leader. Yes, the Ho`olulu stadium is

    named after him. Johnny Yuen carries on Fonkey’s legacy/tradition of

    altruism/quiet strength.

    Barack Obama’s tutu wahine —

    “Toot” was very fortunate to come Hawai`i 1959 [Statehood] because

    Hawai`i suddenly opened up to the world/inclusionary [vs. customary

    Big 5 exclusion]. Toot was fortuitously lucky that Rudy Peterson 1904-2003

    busted open Bank of Hawai`i 1955-1961 to women/minorities at the cusp of

    Statehood. Unquestionably, Rudy is the biggest exemplar to banking not just here

    but Stateside [BoAmerica] as well. Born into dire poverty, Rudy never forgot

    his roots but unlike contempos then & today, Rudy always was compassionate/

    generous of himself/his money. Essentially, Barack Obama has Rudy Peterson

    to thank for in Barack’s upbringing — Toot didn’t have a college degree/was

    tough-bred to the bone — not that escrowers needed a BA/BS, but accession

    at the top post-Statehood welcomed a college degree. Barack’s wife said

    2 weeks ago that to understand Barack, you need to understand Hawai`i.

    No, not Chicago, not NYC — but Hawai`i! Everyone/everything impacting

    our culture impacted Obama, incl. “outsider” Rudy Peterson [who set the

    stage/tempo for rival First Haw’n Bank’s Kanaka Johnny Bellinger]. By the

    time Toot came to traditional handmaiden BoHawai`i [subrogated to Bishop/

    1st Haw’n Bank] 1959, Cooke’s aristocratic bearings imprinted BoH as the

    elitist/hi makamaka bank, over 1st Haw’n Bank. But grounded/grassroot

    Peterson directed BoH toward populist marketing [Peterson recruited by

    sage Walt Dillingham 1875-1963, who’d learned his bitter lesson not to

    make money his god when Walt double-crossed buddaheads/Pinoys WWI

    era by backing sugar planters, only to find WWII that buddaheads/Pinoys

    were America’s most loyal/patriotic/devoted-to-the-death subjects-people]

    & popular inclusion w/n its ranks [ergo, marketer Bob Sasaki — directors

    incl. HWo Ching 1958-Chinn Ho-Mas Marumoto-etc.]. And Jack Burns

    Del. to Congress 1956-1959, born into poverty like Rudy, understood well

    & worked w/Rudy & their shared egalitarianism/altruism. Neophyte Gov.

    Bill Quinn 1959-1962, ever imperious/impudent, was just too clueless/immature

    for Rudy to embrace. Hawai`i is opposite from Stateside, esp. on race relations.

    Here, local vs. malihini incl. anti-haole & anti-popolo slur/bigotry. Thence,

    geopolitics, not race per se. Class-culture wars, not race wars. After all,

    white/black no make diff if we lump da buggas togetha as us vs. dem, right?!!

    Class-culture, not race, gang!! I always say that if Obama wasn’t raised by

    middle class ohana, he’d be punking out on Houghtailing St./Rican territory.

    Puerto Ricans are lovely folks, but the low-class stereotype hanging out at

    Lanakila would be ascribed to Obama, who has Rican-Popolo looks.

    Outside infusion of ideas/action vital

    Andy Wilson’s dad Bill, Shell Oil mgr., was benefactor/alter ego to

    Tommy Kaulukukui in Waiakea. Pure haole, but aloha spirit is colorblind all the

    way around. Milburn Gregory 1897-1966 WWI veteran out of Tex-Mex San

    Antonio [a la Sam Rayburn/LBJ– Hawai`i’s greatest Statehood friends], came

    to Hilo in 1937 as mgr. of Hawaii Motor Supply on Kam Ave. He immediately

    joined up w/Dem Party’s Kanaka Johnny Wilson’s boys to rattle vs. GOP oligarchy.

    I`iwipolena Lane’s Frank Serrao 1912-1986 [DLNR land agent located in old

    County Bldg./Lt. Gov. under Oren Long 1951-1953 known as Sec. of the Territory]

    & Kea`au Seiichi Morita 1907-1992 broke in Milburn to local politics. Leigh Hooley

    1898-1982 was having a grand time dealing w/his militant former YMCA boys

    who joined Dem Party like Dan Inouye born 1924. Luso pal Joe Fern 1872-1920 O’ahu

    1st mayor died of diabetes & had Johnny Wilson 1871-1956 succeed him & carry

    the torch of the common working man/woman Dem Party. By the time Wilson

    became senile 1950, Taka Miyamoto 1897-1981/Herb Kum 1906-1993 took over

    day-to-day mgmt. Lyman official John Beukema 1899-1984, whose Hilo Ctr.

    [settlement complex–gym/etc.] along Kam Ave. like Milburn Gregory’s store,

    was apolitical [Beukema of Springfield College was Kiyo Hamakawa’s born 1929

    inspiration to go to Springfield College, where Kiyo was hoops star & embraced

    by Naismith HoF John Bunn/Bob Cousy]. NCAA godfather Bunn knew all about

    Mandarin magician Ah Chew Goo born 1918 via HoF star player Hank Luisetti.

    Myron Isherwood 1909-1984 married Muriel Lyman of Puna & was a great

    sportsman/volunteer, but apolitical, as was Richard Nigga Tong 1912-1987,

    as was Ruddy Tongg 1905-1988.

    “Did he [KIA] suffer?” —

    My Dad Toshi 1913-1998 was the squad leader who told the parents/

    families of 442 KIAs that their son did not suffer. My Dad vowed never

    to have KIA families suffer anymore. My buddy Mel Gamayo born 1948

    Vietnam special forces combat veteran, approached KIA elegy by

    how much fact the family could handle, based on Mel’s eyeballing them.

    W/vast TV-press coverage [Korean War was the last pre-TV war],

    Mel was aware of outside truth-sourcing. If Mel felt that the family could

    take the cold truth [almost never happened], Mel would say that amid the

    unimaginable pain which the KIA suffered, Mel cradled his brother-in-arm

    literally as a mother cradles her beautiful baby to comfort/love everlasting,

    gently reassuring the KIA that everything’s gonna be all right, everything’s

    gonna be all right, till the KIA draws his last breath. Sad, so sad. On the

    other hand, if Mel felt that the family couldn’t take the cold truth, Mel would

    omit any account of suffering. W/today’s cell phone camera technology,

    the hell of war [per Union Gen. Sherman] is blasted before our very eyes.

    Resume the draft/conscription! Our best deterrent to our own imperialism

    [let’s see rich/spoiled kids convoyed out to the line of fire — ain’t gonna

    happen in Iraq/Afghanistan].

    Outside infusion of ideas/action vital

    Andy Wilson’s dad Bill, Shell Oil mgr., was benefactor/alter ego to

    Tommy Kaulukukui in Waiakea. Pure haole, but aloha spirit is colorblind all the

    way around. Milburn Gregory 1897-1966 WWI veteran out of Tex-Mex San

    Antonio [a la Sam Rayburn/LBJ– Hawai`i’s greatest Statehood friends], came

    to Hilo in 1937 as mgr. of Hawaii Motor Supply on Kam Ave. He immediately

    joined up w/Dem Party’s Kanaka Johnny Wilson’s boys to rattle vs. GOP oligarchy.

    I`iwipolena Lane’s Frank Serrao 1912-1986 [DLNR land agent located in old

    County Bldg./Lt. Gov. under Oren Long 1951-1953 known as Sec. of the Territory]

    & Kea`au Seiichi Morita 1907-1992 broke in Milburn to local politics. Leigh Hooley

    1898-1982 was having a grand time dealing w/his militant former YMCA boys

    who joined Dem Party like Dan Inouye born 1924. Luso pal Joe Fern 1872-1920 O’ahu

    1st mayor died of diabetes & had Johnny Wilson 1871-1956 succeed him & carry

    the torch of the common working man/woman Dem Party. By the time Wilson

    became senile 1950, Taka Miyamoto 1897-1981/Herb Kum 1906-1993 took over

    day-to-day mgmt. Lyman official John Beukema 1899-1984, whose Hilo Ctr.

    [settlement complex–gym/etc.] along Kam Ave. like Milburn Gregory’s store,

    was apolitical [Beukema of Springfield College was Kiyo Hamakawa’s born 1929

    inspiration to go to Springfield College, where Kiyo was hoops star & embraced

    by Naismith HoF John Bunn/Bob Cousy]. NCAA godfather Bunn knew all about

    Mandarin magician Ah Chew Goo born 1918 via HoF star player Hank Luisetti.

    Myron Isherwood 1909-1984 married Muriel Lyman of Puna & was a great

    sportsman/volunteer, but apolitical, as was Richard Nigga Tong 1912-1987,

    as was Ruddy Tongg 1905-1988.

    Mordecai’s disciple — Jesse Shima 1901-2002 our most important Nikkei in U.S.

    Hebrew Mordecai took in orphan Esther as his own child, & Esther went on become

    Queen Esther of Judaic tradition. Mordecai means “to serve” in ancient Judaism.

    So what does this have to do w/Jesse Shima? D.C. Howard U. has churned out

    more Black Ph.D.s than any other college, & ranks among the greatest 100 colleges

    in America. First-ever Black president & longest-serving chief Rev. Mordecai Johnson

    1890-1976 [president 1926-1960] was Jesse Shima’s bosom buddy. Rev. Johnson

    oversaw the greatest accomplishments in civil rights, including alumnus Thurgood

    Marshall’s Brown v. Bd. of Education decision 1954, w/Howard campus being the nerve

    center for strategy. Rev. Mordecai saw in Jesse –Mordecai himself in the mirror, as if

    Old Testament Mordecai had suddenly come alive. Jesse was Mordecai Johnson’s Esther,

    & Rev. Johnson never let go of this providential awakening till Rev. Johnson’s dying day.

    Through Jesse’s dear friend Rev. Johnson –our top Nikkei went on to become chosen

    leaders in their fields [Laupahoehoe’s Kenneth Otagaki’s brother/Suehiro/etc.] Mordecai

    kept a close eye on Jesse as Jesse was brought up by D.C.’s matron saint Mary Foote

    Henderson, wife of deceased former Missouri Senator John Henderson. Mordecai studied

    Jesse’s adjustment to D.C.’s Black population as Jesse evolved from Esther the orphan to

    Queen Esther, & how Jesse always uplifted destitute Blacks. Mordecai’s own Black friends

    regaled about Jesse’s sense of fairness/love for all. Yes, Mordecai Johnson never lost sight

    of Hebrew Scripture, & forever embraced & advocated for Jesse Shima. I thank Jesse’s

    nephew, Henry Shimabukuro born 1931, for these never-before-seen observations/evaluations

    of Uncle Jesse. Jesse had greatest aloha for Henry, who was among the earliest Nikkei to ascend

    up the military chain of command [Air Force Colonel — came home to care for ailing okasan Matsu

    Shimabukuro in 1983]. Henry, like Uncle Jesse, is magnanimous

    in praise of others like Rev. Mordecai Johnson. Henry lived/worked/schooled in D.C. during Jesse’s

    “golden years” post-WWII, & lived w/Uncle Jesse-Aunty Miyoko during the critical period post-

    WWII/Korean War [Jesse’s diplomacy between Japan-U.S.] Terry Shima was a draftee & not

    among the original 442 boys like my Dad. Terry was gone/away during the juncture of the Korean

    War. As I eyeball the post-1920 born buddaheads like Terry/Ted Tsukiyama/Ed Ichiyama, these

    guys fawn over their era, unlike common saint of Equanimity Herb Isonaga

    [1921-2009 Kaua`i boy but humble as the summer day is long, unlike his post-1920 born

    contempos]. Like I told our greatest AJA historian Dr. Franklin Odo — homogenized fluff is not accurate

    history — we’re all Jekyll/Hyde, & Jesse Shima was no different [Jesse’s rejection of okage sama de

    –expressing that Jesse’s hanai mama Mary Foote Henderson was more a mama to Jesse than Jesse’s

    own biological mama/etc.] Love, –Curt

    Jesse at the nerve center of power/influence in D.C. Jesse’s Henderson legacy catapulted

    him to work with the leaders in Congress/White House. Jesse facilitated Issei/older Nisei

    entrepreneurship [Tony Honda kazoku]. Jesse uplifted his Nikkei like no other Nikkei in

    America. Howard University was Jesse’s spiritual brother in arm. –Curt

    Tanomu [help/support]/untold hero Jesse Shima –

    Shokan Shimabukuro [Jesse Shima] 1901-2002 [Issei; naturalized U.S. citizen 1957]

    came to Hawai`i & went to Hilo Lyman Boarding School, then attended McKinley High

    School from 1918-1923. Jesse sojourned to D.C.

    where he was hanai’d into 13th Amendment genesis [abolished slavery] Sen. John Henderson

    of Missouri [abolitionist]. Jesse was unable to inherit D.C. scion Henderson’s estate as its

    sole beneficiary because of anti-alien inheritance/land laws. But Henderson left enough money

    for Jesse to live out comfortably Jesse’s life. Jesse sponsored/tanomu our later greatest leaders

    from Hawai`i [D.C. GW/Georgetown U. incl. Dan Inouye/Katsugo Miho/Shige Kanemoto/John Ushijima/

    Herb Shimabukuro(no relation)/Sumio Nakashima/Don Ching/Al Shim/Jack Desha/etc.]. Sparky

    Matsunaga went to Boston’s Harvard & only later came to know benevolent Jesse. But again,

    exemplar Dan Inouye’s militant discard of sonkei mukasho no [respect tradition/elders] resulted in

    nascent solons Dan/Sparky/etc. not availing themselves of immense wisdom in centenarian Jesse.

    Jesse was responsible for post-WWII Japan reconstruction [was informal embassy for Japan until Japan

    began post-WWII embassy in 1952]. Jesse facilitated Okinawa’s remaining a prefecture of Japan

    instead of Jesse’s native Okinawa being a U.S. trust territory/colony. Jesse was responsible for

    post-WWII Okinawa reconstruction [supplied commodities/goats, like how Steve Yamashiro’s dad

    supplied pigs]. Jesse was responsible for 1952 Naturalization Act allowing Issei to be U.S. citizens.

    Jesse aided JACL’s Mike Masaoka 1915-1991 on legislation. Again, Dan Inouye’s militant gang never

    thought enough to avail of Jesse’s proven wisdom/statesmanship. Inouye, now on his twilight march

    to his Maker, regrets such youthful indiscretion/insolence. Genro/oyabun/godfather Jesse would’ve

    been of immense help/stability to Inouye, who is today’s greatest Hawai`i historymaker [pork barrel

    infusion/prosperity]. Jesse even presented Ike via press secretary bosom buddy Jim Hagerty w/silk

    screen gift from Hirohito 1953. Hirohito relied heavily on “Japanese ambassador Jesse” [Jesse declined

    Hirohito’s Distinguished Cultural Service Medal created just for Jesse]. Jesse was feted many times over

    as the most distinguished/outstanding Japanese in the U.S., much more than self-gloating “Moses” Mike

    Masaoka. Yes, this is “Uncle Jesse,” of simple agrarian Hawai`i roots, the most underpublicized person

    in Nikkei history in America. No, Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 is our greatest Nikkei wayfinder, being of

    Chinese ancestry, way more impact than Jesse [Hung Wai changed the face of America’s relations w/

    the East-Asia-China-Japan/domestic minority groups here (Truman’s military race inclusion/Ike’s nascent

    civil rights act/Brown v. Bd. of Education/LBJ’s Civil Rights Act 1964/etc.)]. I lived/went to school in D.C.

    for 3 yrs. “Uncle Jesse” was more a beloved godfather to Kotonks [himself got interned 1941-1942 via

    Jap hysteria, being “enemy alien”], whom he sponsored/benefacted, incl. Mike Masaoka, which is why

    Dan Inouye’s gang marginalized unbeknownst Hilo Hawai`i boy/agrarian Jesse as Kotonk, not buddahead. Again,

    Inouye’s bromide ignorance/short-sightedness. Which is why Jack Burns had no substantive interaction/

    relationship w/Jesse. Nonetheless, despite Inouye’s militant hubris-conceit, Jesse eternally ascends to sainthood

    among Nikkei.

    Age chronology/respect for elders/pecking order —

    Pre-WWII Navy at Pearl Harbor enabled contractor Walter Dillingham 1875-1963 to be

    the most powerful link to the military, & thence Walter’s direct access to George

    Marshall’s unity of command in the Pacific headed by Adm. Nimitz w/Gen. Delos Emmons

    heading the Hawai`i region. FBI’s Bob Shivers 1894-1950 came to Hawai`i in August 1939

    to determine what to do w/AJAs if Japan is at war w/the U.S. Shivers was given the cold

    shoulder by Merchant St., which coattailed Naval power/presence. But UH godfather

    Charley Hemenway 1875-1947 [same age as Walter Dillingham], albeit a Merchant St. icon,

    became Shivers’ confidant & assured Shivers of AJA loyalty to the U.S., & Charles

    eventually became the top local civilian link to the military/internal security. Hemenway

    produced proteges Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 & Shigeo Yoshida 1907-1986 [Hilo High’s

    greatest alumnus ’26, though no one in Hilo today knows this], who averted mass

    internment of buddaheads here. Compassionate Frank Atherton, missionary descendant,

    a sickly child [always had empathy for society’s have-nots] 1878-1945, Merchant St./

    Big 5 godfather [Walter was not Merchant St., but harbor/rail line/transport boss-

    overlord & thus the most powerful local civilian WWII-martial law], embraced Hemenway’s

    racial diversity egalitarianism & became Hung Wai’s biggest financial backer, just as

    Hemenway was Hung Wai’s combo spiritual/financial backer. Educator Yoshida became

    Hemenway’s virtual father figure clone. But other than Dillingham’s Navy link, Hung

    Wai became the most powerful teambuilder among the working class folks/grassroots,

    even though Hung Wai thought himself a patrician/elitist, which is why ironically Hung

    Wai couldn’t stand samurai talk/mentality, because aristocrat Hung Wai felt such

    “low class” hegemonic topic beneath his dignity. Yet, Hung Wai was the greatest of

    samurai, as it turned out! Yes, we’re all Jekyll/Hyde, & Hung Wai was no different.

    What set him apart from everyone else was his irrevocable inner desire to see others

    get a fair shake in life, albeit almost subconscious on his part. Like Hung Wai, Jack

    Burns 1909-1975 wanted fair play, Burns emerging from tough Kalihi, Hung Wai from

    shantytown Emmaville [where Dan Inouye born 1924 lived]. While Hung Wai advised

    GOP kingpin Joe Farrington 1897-1954, Burns replaced the Old Order [after Joe’s death

    from a massive heart attack in 1954 while at the height of Joe’s power] GOP oligarchs

    w/non-haole new breed solons like kingmaker Dan Inouye, who himself is today’s crown

    king. Burns resented Shivers’ oversight/authority WWII internal security [Burns was

    police espionage head], because Shivers was an older mirror image of stoneface/stoic

    Burns. Yes, Burns was defiant [Burns’ dad deserted Burns/Mom/sibs when

    Burns was 9 yrs. old]. Great friends of AJAs: Big Five/C&C Frank Midkiff born 1887

    [son Bob born 1920]/protege sib John Midkiff born 1893 ]; indomitable educator Miles

    Cary born 1895 [mentored McKinley High pupils such as Hung Wai’s Class of 1924];

    Ted Trent born 1905 [Haw’n Trust boss which was earlier directed by Hemenway]

    [Ted’s dad Dick Trent was the 1st elected finance head for O`ahu County/earliest

    Dem Party leader].

    442nd mentality/Mike Masaoka — yamato damashii/Bushido —

    1. 442nd’s Mike Masaoka 1915-1991 wrote up many of the DSCs [of which several were upgraded to
    MoH]. Mike’s baby sister is Norman Mineta’s wife [Norman the only AJA cabinet chief
    for both GOP/Dem U.S. Presidents]. What on earth has Frank [Francis] Sogi born 1923 done for
    his people? BTW, Imperial Japan soldiers worshipped General Masaharu Homma, more
    beloved than other top brass. Yes, ILWU’s Jack Hall’s wife is Kea`au native Yoshiko Ogawa
    [detective Jerry’s sis, of all people!]. Yes, the Pu`ainako Sack N Save site is where
    Dr. Sam Haraguchi’s golf driving range used to be 50 yrs. ago [remember the high “fish
    nets” strung atop poles?].
    2. Moving/scintillating passage by former judge/ mob-busting DA Paul De Silva on the
    Akaka Bill — “When the ali`i invited our non-Hawaiian ancestors to come and blend with
    native Hawaiians to build together our Hawai`i, they didn’t tell our ancestors that such
    promise [of a better life] would be refuted by the creation of a racially exclusive and
    unequal status. Many non-Hawaiians were born in the Kingdom and were equal subjects.
    Such were my grandparents.” Beautiful!!
    3. Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 got disgusted at great solons Najo Yoshinaga born 1919 & protege John
    Ushijima 1924-2006 because both chums were real estate speculators, as was John’s associate
    Richard Jitchaku [Bd. of Supervisors/HHA]. Yes, Najo born 1919 was John’s born 1924
    sempai, both from 442nd Cannon Co. All “investors.” Exemplary thing about Scrub –
    he never exploited his power [Land Bd.] or fame [Jack Burns’ confidant] for self-gain.
    He worried about paying his water/Helco bills till his dying day. In contrast, Jo Yadao
    De Luz [Eppy’s wife; Eppy died of cancer 43 yrs. ago; Eppy was Bd. of Supervisors;
    aspired to be judge, not mayor; Eppy rival vs. Ben Menor, Ben eventual S.Ct. justice
    (Ben couldn’t collect on his lawyer retainer/bills; was broke; so Burns appointed him as
    Cir. Ct. judge, then as S.Ct. justice)] says that if you want to get rich, stay away from
    politics [life in fishbowl]. Jo left politics & married auto tycoon David De Luz. You get
    the picture . Jo’s dad Pastor Regal left the ministry [akin to politics] because he
    couldn’t feed his family. Jo says to talk to Nel Doi about Jo’s maxim of politics/baronhood
    don’t mix. Nel Doi?! Nel Doi is intoxicated w/power-influence-fame, not wealth-fortune.
    Yes, Nel said don’t be a politician if you want to be rich. Scrub couldn’t stomach Richard
    Jitchaku, developer/speculator/solon, who was John Ushijima’s Hilo right hand man.
    4. Isamu Kanekuni respects Dan Inouye for the simple reason that when Dan invites Isamu
    to ceremonies, Dan never fails to ask Isamu, “how’s your son?” [Isamu’s hearing-impaired son lives near
    D.C.]. No, Isamu is not Dan’s political fan. Isamu born 1921 & Dan born 1924 are 442nd
    compadres. Dan is tenno heika/monoshiri [know-it-all roughie] to Isamu. But great
    pork barrel dispenser. Isamu enlisted w/the 442nd at age 20 because his Waiakea mill
    gang enlisted, not out of patriotic duty, but to see the world/excitement. Isamu’s mill
    boilerman dad died when Isamu was 16 yrs. old. Isamu’s older brother supported mother/
    family. Isamu’s baby brother was just finishing school. So Isamu took it upon himself
    to be the one for the military, do or die — join the gang. No patriotism, but pragmatic
    intent [sacrifice himself instead of his brothers]. Yes, this was rebel Isamu. Today
    he is 442nd veteran & owner of Veterans Produce. Yes, Isamu was Mike
    Masaoka’s compadre. Yet Isamu had no clue Mike was kotonk messiah/pariah, depending
    on whether you had/had not chip on your shoulder. Mike grew up extroverted in
    friendly Utah [minority Mormons accepted kotonks], like Isamu-intermediary Shigeo Yoshida
    in AJA majority Hilo/Hawai`i. Yes, Isamu never heard of Frank Sogi until Sogi made trouble
    about Mike Masaoka’s declaration on D.C. AJA monument. What has Sogi done to help
    his people? Nothing. Self-dealing his anthem. Not many Rifle Co. veterans alive anymore
    [such as my Dad]. Wataru Kohashi was a front line guy, should’ve gotten DSC but 1st Sgt.
    Wakamatsu of LA asked Wataru if CO could award it to the 1st 442nd KIA 6/26/44 Cal. kotonk,
    Wataru ever team-first said fine, give it to KIA. Wataru is a jolly stand-up guy, but steeled
    to the bone in combat. No fool around w/him in combat. Why are Wataru’s gang/others
    tight-lipped/stoic? Not because they hide something, but because what’s past is past –
    why talk about the past?! It’s a long time ago, it’s done & over with. Who could’ve
    imagined the peerless feats of their all-Nisei brothers-in-arms? Yes, Rusty Kamimura born 1923
    refuses to give oral history to K. Co.’s Andy Ono because Rusty’s cousin & buddies KIA
    in K Co. To Rusty, he’d rather die than degrade the memory of his fallen gang
    by bragging about his K Co. feats. Talk to curmudgeons Rusty/Hiroo Endo [Satsuki
    Muneno’s older brother]/shovel samurai DSC Jesse Hirata [Holualoa native][killed Krauts
    w/his shovel-bare hands after he ran out of ammo]/MoH Barney Hajiro. These gizzards/yogore
    are rough, rough joes, but they speak Truth. And yes, if you be honest/sincere w/them,
    they open up like spring petals. My Dad was their brethren, so they comfortable w/me,
    as pidgin goes. The list goes on & on, about these larger than life yet simple heroes.
    Endless fulfillment/love for these makule warriors. BTW, Rick Castberg’s wife’s dad is Eugene
    Eguchi, humble all-Nisei warrior, born 1919. Oh, BTW, yes, Wataru’s proxy
    was given to eventual MoH upgrade Kiyoshi Muranaga, the Stateside Kotonk. Yes, should’ve
    been Wataru’s DSC-MoH, but no problem. Wataru is team-first to his death.
    5. Yes, I know the Kamehameha Statue catalyzers here in Hilo. But what they don’t tell
    you is that Scrub Tanaka got Pundy Yokouchi [Culture/Arts Council] to bankroll 50Gs$
    toward its erection. Yes, buddaheads. Terry Plunkett knows this. I don’t see Scrub/
    Pundy acknowledged/inscribed in the credits.
    6. Yes, Yagong seeks wisdom from “Yoda” Kanekuni. Yagong’s Foodland-Malama Market/
    former KTA employ got him squared up w/Veterans Produce’s Kanekuni [wholesale
    veggies/etc.]. Isamu nudged Yagong toward Takamine’s vacated House seat. Yagong
    has the temperament/audacity to bring back pork to Hamakua [Dwight lost power in
    reorg under Cal Say]. Had acid-tongued Scrub gone easy/kid gloves on Yagong, Yagong
    would’ve listened to Scrub. But no, Scrub had to be taisho/abusive. Scrub’s loss. Not
    that Yagong deserved Scrub’s time . Yes, Yagong is little Caesar. A do-er, action
    man. Scrub’s kind of guy. Isamu is mother lode of experience/depth for strident Yagong.
    Yagong’s gain.

    Vertical Integration —
    Democratic Party pathfinder Richard Imai 1910-2009 worked for Hilo’s Fujimoto Trading Co. after
    high school. Fujimoto Trading imported food products, not just dry goods. Fujimoto’s major
    customers were Big 5 plantation stores, but the haole stores cooked the books via false
    ledgers showing purchases of Nippon food products such as fish cake/kamaboko, when in
    fact they were purchasing all-American staples such as canned goods. Richard was Fujimoto’s
    bookkeeper & knew that Fujimoto’s staples were cheaper than Big 5 bloat/items [Nippon
    competitive markdown vs. Big 5 largesse/monopoly]. Of course, the plantation stores
    pocketed/skimmed the extra profits, unbeknownst to Big 5 executives. Thus, when Dem Tom
    Okino asked Richard to run for Terr. House of Rep., Richard declined, knowing his boss’
    cooked books, & knowing that Dem Richard would be biting the hands [plantation stores — all
    GOP cabal] that fed him/Fujimoto. Richard was Hilo High Class prexy/honor student but was
    unable to afford college [wanted to be an engineer via Stateside U. like Minnesota where his
    teacher went]. Richard’s boss Isaki Fujimoto was Yamaguchi ken/district & thus was tanomoshi/
    colleague of Waiakea gang’s Matsuno/Kitagawa/etc. Isaki’s nephew Akira became Bd. of
    Water Supply chief [succeeded Bill Thompson, nephew of Tom Okino, husband of Tasaku
    Oka’s daughter Margie], but Akira is monoshiri/conceited; Akira’s wife Hazel is loving/gracious –
    Hazel was Kiyo Okubo’s docent, inasmuch her hubby Akira’s uncle Isaki was pals w/Okubo.
    After Isaki moved back to Japan WWII, Akira’s dad Eiji took over the business. Hazel’s father
    Furutani from Papa`ikou also was friend of Okubo.

    Yuraku Kwan [“For your sheer pleasure”] Theater 1921
    Japan has tourist spots called Yuraku [“to please you”], Kwan being an adjective [“heavenly”],
    not just Chinese character/inscription. Okamoto [sumo wrestler via pseudonym of Koizumi]
    had his old theater [converted to Mamo Theater w/balcony seats 1937]. He also had his
    rooming house/okazuya, but died in 1936. Thus, he is not known among current Mamo St.
    enthusiasts. But in his era, he was a great bootlegger, the grassroot counterpart to
    patrician Sanji Abe [1st buddahead Terr. senator/Yamatoza(defined as Japanese theater)
    stagehall owner/WWI doughboy/interned WWII for being point man who greeted Japan
    dignitaries & who took them to Kilauea Volcano], Issei Okamoto being Nisei Abe’s sempai/
    senior colleague. Of course, Sanji worked the other side of the fence, being a police officer.

    WWII internee Oshima [Kona’s Oshima Store] killed by sentry –
    1. Kainaliu Kona Issei Oshima went crazy after receiving a letter
    from home about his store’s low cash flow. He scaled the Ft. Sill Oklahoma
    fence to get out & was shot/killed by sentry/guard. Irrefutably, not the sentry’s fault.
    2. Son Walter Oshima, alert/sharp as a razor, has no gripe vs. internment [Otosan/Dad was
    a major link b/n Japan/Kona]. But Walter exhorts that the sentry didn’t have to shoot to
    kill. Thus, Walter is still incensed even now about his father’s death. Thence, this
    story/event has been repressed because of ill feelings toward our U.S. Gov’t by the
    3. Yes, today’s JACL makes a big deal about haole cruelty/abuse toward us Nikkei/AJAs. But
    look at Issei Oshima’s case. He went crazy & his attempted escape ended in his death.
    How is the sentry at fault? Have you ever discharged a firearm before? A rifle? Do you
    know how almost impossible it is to hit your guy where you want — when he is on the
    run like Oshima [insane state of mind]? I had a marksman rating, & it’s a miracle to hit
    the guy where you want.

    Merle K. Lai, preserver of history & heritage —

    Kamehameha School alumnus Merle K. Lai, born 1944, is among our longest-serving County
    solons [before term limits]. Nurtured by Shun Kimura & Ikuo Hisaoka, Merle always brokered
    compromises as the Hawai`i County Council’s leading consensus-builder thruout the 1970s &
    1980s. Merle actually was urged to run vs. good friend Mayor Dante Carpenter in 1988, by
    supporters including Bernard Akana. When Merle declined [Merle is not avaricious/opportunist],
    Akana stepped in [Merle’s Mom is an Akana], & the rest is history [upset of the century]!
    I spoke w/Dante 2 decades after his mayoralship [one term mayor 1984-1988]. Dante has
    several misgivings/regrets, among them the taint of self-dealing via lovely wife Olan’s consultant
    fees, & of course Dante’s run-in vs. Nakasone [Jippy Mattos cronyism]. Dante has
    no regrets about siding w/militant solons Wong/Cayetano/etc. in ousting Senate Prexy John
    Ushijima in 1978, Dante’s maiden year as a state senator. Grumpy Ushijima never forgave Dante
    for Dante’s betrayal of the neighbor island bloc. Do you know that Dickie Wong asked
    humble apostle Stanley Hara to chair the most powerful Ways/Means Committee in the
    reorganization? And that Stanley declined, being team-first to the neighbor island bloc?
    Ask anyone, Stanley Hara is a friend to everyone!! Even the Dickie Wongs utterly respected
    equanimous/even-keeled Stanley Hara. No kidding.

    Merle Lai is our gal who inspired everlasting remembrances of past heroes, her shining credit
    being Edith Kanaka`ole Stadium’s namesake. So too is Merle’s touch evident on every
    major facility — Kawamoto Olympic Pool/Wong & Victor Stadiums/Afook-Chinen. Merle’s deepest
    moment is enabling the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial/eternal flame next to the Wailoa
    Visitor Center. Aptly, the eternal flame is protected by none other than the great King
    Kamehameha I, whose statue stands proudly makai of it. Beautiful historymakers!! I take my
    hat off to preserver of history & heritage, our own Merle K. Lai. Whenever you see her, the
    eternal optimist, please cheerfully greet her w/”Merle Lai, consecrated hero!”

    Neal Rusty Blaisdell 1902-1975 & Bishop Estate —

    Popular O`ahu mayor Neal Rusty Blaisdell actually resigned as mayor to make himself available
    to be Bishop Estate trustee in 1968. No, Rusty had enough of City Hall [among longest
    serving mayors 1954-1968]. He was burnt out from campaigning again vs. winless but brutal Fasi born 1920.
    No, Gov. Burns did not promise him the Bishop Estate post as Rusty’s reward to stay out
    of the 1966 Gov. race [Rusty chose not to run vs. Burns because incumbent Burns probably
    would win], this coming before the Burns Lt. Gov. debacle vs. Tom Gill [Burns picked
    apolitical Kenny Brown as Burns’ last choice Lt. Gov. mate — Gill crushed Brown in the later
    Dem primary — stone-cold combo Burns/Gill barely squeaked by GOP Crossley/Mills in the
    general election].

    Bishop Estate trustee Ed Murray died at age 80 on June 30, 1968. A few weeks later, Rusty
    said he would not run again for mayor [followed LBJ’s lead 3 months earlier via not seeking
    re-election for U.S. President]. Rusty stated that he was a healthy 65 yr. old who could
    serve as an honorable/privileged Bishop Estate trustee. A month later, Hung Wo Ching’s
    former bldg. tenant Bill Richardson, now Supreme Court chief justice, appointed Hung Wo
    [not older brother Hung Wai] as BE trustee, to Rusty’s disappointment. No, the BE post
    was not promised to Rusty. Rusty simply [incorrectly] had hoped that Burns would get
    protege Richardson to pick Rusty. But Burns always said that Richardson stays on the makai
    side of S. King St. [courthouse], & Burns does not cross over from the mauka side [Gov.
    office]. Everything went downhill from there for Rusty. Stung by over-estimating his influence,
    reeling Rusty foolishly announced his campaign to run vs. U.S. House Rep. Spark Matsunaga,
    within 5 days of failing to be BE trustee. As expected, Spark trounced Rusty by over a 2 to
    1 margin, 125K to 61K votes. Rusty died of a massive stroke just 7 yrs. later, just months
    after Jack Burns died of cancer. In retrospect, Burns’ henchman Dan Aoki said that Rusty
    would’ve made an ideal Dem, it’s just that Rusty was part of the old order, the benevolent
    GOP mold of Hung Wai Ching/Kats Kometani/Angel Maehara. Do you know that when baseball
    Asahi team owner Kats Kometani went off to war w/the 100th Batt., he had Burns manage
    the team & Rusty coach it? Amazing confluence!! BTW, Blaisdell closest confidante Angel
    Maehara is the younger brother of Maui baseball legend Iron Maehara.

    Sanitary water systems via wells in Hilo –

    Because surface/spring water are subject to contamination, our Bd. of

    Water Supply constructed deep wells in the 1950s to ensure sanitary

    drinking water. But the biggest reason for well water was that our

    demand for water could not rely on meager surface/spring water during severe


    Why does the Big Island have the largest proportion of Japanese residents?? Because the sugar plantations were located on our huge island, and the workers were Japanese. Just in 1898, Hilo had nearly 20 Issei/immigrant merchant stores. While many of the earliest Japanese immigrants were able to return to Japan, those later arrivals eventually resigned themselves to settle permanently in Hawai’i. Hole-hole pathos tunes [Haw’n term for dried cane leaves] decried the horrid working/living conditions of our earliest immigrants. Franklin Odo born 1939 is an expert on hole-hole bushi songs, which originated in southern Japan.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The Organic Act/Territory of Hawai’i ended the nefarious contract labor system [violation of U.S. 13th Amdt. against slavery], at which point freed Japanese Issei/immigrant laborers engaged in a mass exodus to California, which then entailed recruiting Filipino laborers 1906. Of course, the increased kotonk/Stateside Japanese population resulted in the 1908 Root-Takahira edict barring further immigration of Japanese. The permanent resident mentality of the post-1900 Issei immigrants resulted in Japan itself taking a hands-off approach to U.S. domestic issues vs. Issei, especially amid the 1909 & 1920 sugar strikes, and amid the language school controversy. Nonetheless, our transformation from migratory sojourners to permanent residents resulted in picture brides to start families, which brought immense stability to the early Issei community. Slip-shod living as single men no longer was the norm.

    Twist of fate

    My cousin Masato Hasegawa 1913-1991 was hanai’d by Carl Smith, lawyer scion,

    who lived a quarter mile away from our Wainaku home, growing up w/Carl’s

    sons Wendell/Merrill “Budgie” Carlsmith. Masato went on to be M.D./Queen’s

    Hospital Medical Director. Enablement/Social Gospel. T.R. Saiki was

    hanai’d by CC Kennedy & went on to become our 1st Japanese banker here.

    Peter Fukunaga was houseboy for auto magnate Von Hamm & went on to

    Servco dealership/conglomerate. Masa Tokioka grads late from McKinley High

    & by stroke of luck enters newly formed UH School of Business, then becomes

    Harvard’s 1st Japanese MBA. Mas Marumoto by stroke of luck gets passage

    to California in spite of new 1924 Jap Exclusion Act — thanks to judge Homer

    Ross’ wife, who sees Mas crying on doorstep of C & C near the anti-Jap law

    pier/gets him waiver. Mas goes on to Chicago because his otosan says for Mas

    to live w/family friend [save money], goes to U Chicago, doesn’t realize such school

    is the nerve center of intellectual scholarship in the U.S., then goes on to accomplish

    every AJA “first” in all books of “Lists” [S. Ct. justice/major corp bd. director/etc.].

    Of course, Englishman Henry Greenwell first cultivated coffee in Kona 1850, but the Japanese immigrant/Issei sugar plantation escapees took cultivation to unheard of heights starting just after 1890. These individualists had children who became our greatest leaders, unlike our communal-mentality plantation laborers. Of course, our Hilo Sa-ke Co. in 1913 resulted from our staunch East Hawai’i individualists who were shin issei/newly arrived immigrants, not tethered to master-servant labor contracts pre-1900, such as our Kona escapees who created our burgeoning Kona coffee [best in the world for Kona’s elevation-climate] industry pre-1900. Prohibition 1919-1933 stopped Sa-ke production, which then resumed in 1937 in Hilo with the same principals, albeit aged Issei. Of course, Sa-ke is from rice, but rice farming in Hawai’i was outdone by cheaper California rice production, though Hanalei Issei continued to grow rice on a limited scale. Soy results in shoyu/miso/tofu, but soy bean production here always was outdone by Stateside Midwest mega-farms, in tandem w/maize-wheat. Do you know that Japan’s ancient staples rice/soy are imported via U.S. agri-cabals?

    Japan is resistant to GMO products because of Japan’s homogenous culture that expects everything to be pure, as in master race pure blood hegemony long extant in Japan culture. Also, atomic bombing
    of Hiroshima/Nagasaki caused Japan to revulse at mutation matters/GMO.

    Our Democratic Party does not have the political will to accomodate

    freshlets like Ted Hong. Sparky Matsunaga personified inclusion/welcome wagon.

    Strident/asshole Dan Inouye, no matter how much he postures otherwise, is no

    peacemaker. Let’s remember that age chronology also reveals our destiny.

    Sparky was born in 1916 [my Dad’s “accomodationist” generation pre-1920

    born buddaheads]. Militant Dan was born in 1924 [post-1920 boneheads

    like Ted Tsukiyama/Isamu Kanekuni][Scrub Tanaka born 1915 never lived down

    his pro-mgmt. muscle job & forever atoned via support of young punk Nisei].

    But even Scrub respected GOP/haole overlords, despite Scrub’s repentance over

    Scrub’s brother’s shooting of a Honoka`a Sugar Mill laborer. Drawstring of

    1920? Schooling — post-1920 born Nisei were able to finish high school,

    inasmuch unaffordable public high school tuition fees were dropped by

    Oligarch Dept. of Public Instruction after 1933 via growing pressure from

    voting-age citizens-native-born children of immigrants. Thence “fearless

    flagrants” like Inouye/Tsukiyama/Kanekuni. DPI’s new boss Oren Long

    1934-1946 [outcast Kansas Granger boy, later U.S. Sen.] catalyzed inclusion.

    Essentially, Inouye’s ganko/stubborn coterie are Clement Atlee 1883-1967 socialists

    who nationalize major industries/public utilities, whereas my Dad’s generation is

    like Margaret Thatcher who deregulates where business/commerce intercede.

    Yes, we’re closer today to Atlee’s mentality . Paradox is that communists edge

    closer to Thatcher/capitalism-free enterprise. And you know what happened to

    Atlee’s program. It self-destructed because individual incentive disappeared.

    Year of Jubilee [self-determination/destiny] —

    Yes, Papal bulls/edicts colonized indigenous peoples, just as Imperial Japan’s State Shinto

    lorded over UCC, who reel back to this day over Christian complicity w/Hito’s regime [only

    courageous nonconformists Holiness evangelists/Marxists defied Hito]. Church hegemony

    over State [Papal authority]/State hegemony over church [Imperial Japan] deny equal footing

    to either governance, & extraterritoriality/imperialism are the results. Which is why Leviticus

    25 is so essential to level such autocracies. Old Testament’s Year of Jubilee summons us to prepare

    land for nourishment/forgive debts/release peonage/return-reclaim land to native peoples.

    “Mada mada na” — Nippon for colonizers just “don’t get it” — that rebellion shall ensue

    w/out Jubilee [Muslim extremists, you’re not gonna colonize democratic peoples].

    Gov. Jack Burns 1962-1974 the fullness of time –

    True, the boom years 1959-1973 post-Statehood catapulted Burns into super-

    stardom. But Burns’ spiritual hold on locals extended way beyond the fortuitous

    economic spike of his tenure. Had the all-Japanese Gov./Lt. Gov. ticket

    fiasco [Hirono/Matsunaga] 2002 not resulted, Burns’ spell would’ve stretched

    well into the 21st century. The fullness of time, the crossroad of destiny.

    Burns the source of a new social order — cultural pluralism. Deeply religious

    Burns’ fullness of time is Biblical. Ephesians 1:9-10.

    Eric Shinseki’s creed — Team first, not me first

    Eric’s inspirations: “Poor is the nation that has no heroes, but beggared is

    the nation that does have heroes but yet forgets about them.” “I know that

    when I die, I will die a free man, not on my knees, and with my head up, not


    Eric reminds me of Buddhist rimban/minister Shin Akita, w/steeped inner strength

    & ascetic/oroku qualities — Eric has a great sense of history, & always has a

    442 memento/keepsake in the backdrop of his photo ops.

    WWI-era Hilo Issei/immigrant outlets —

    Matano Hotel was on Furneaux Lane/Punahoa St., Koizumi Hotel [Okamoto’s sumo name]
    was on Mamo St., Okino Hotel was on Kam Ave. opposite the Cow Palace
    [Hackfeld/AmFac warehouse]. Newspapers included the Mainichi [Daily],
    Asahi [Rising Sun], Shinpo [News], Kazan [Volcano]. The best-known
    Mainichi originally was on the 2nd floor of the bldg. at SE corner of
    Punahoa/Mamo Sts., then moved to newly paved Ponahawai St.
    next to jujitsu devotee Seishiro Okazaki [from Japan][later Jack Burns’
    wife Bea’s rehab-polio]. The Asahi Shinbun was on NW corner Mamo/
    Keawe Sts., the Shinpo was on Haili St. opposite Kilauea St., & the
    Kazan was on Keawe St. adjacent to the Asahi. Schoolteacher/
    Chinese John Lee had his print shop next to the Shinyu Kai [Okazaki’s dojo, actually his master Kichimatsu Tanaka’s 1875-1954 dojo] on
    Ponahawai St., & he published his genre [1937] bios of then-current
    Big Isle leaders. Kazan’s Kohachi Yamamura lost his leg in a
    California industrial accident, but was an outspoken 1920 anti-strike
    leader & buddy of Juzaburo Sakamaki [whose home was bombed].
    Mainichi’s Genichi Okubo [no relation to Kiyo Okubo] was less
    incendiary [more like affable Yasutaro Soga]. Although Fred Makino
    & Soga were cohorts in the 1909 sugar strike, they were poles
    apart in personality, Makino being the A-hole/Type A scourge.
    And although Makino’s Hochi & Soga’s Nippu Jiji were just a
    block apart, neither acknowledged each other when they passed on
    the street. Like how Hung Wai Ching, vanity & all, was jealous
    of Pablo Chinen’s/442nd’s bosom buddy Earl Finch [ostracized
    in his native Miss. for befriending 442nd Camp Shelby Japs],
    especially after Finch moved to O`ahu after WWII [to rejoin
    his hanai brothers-in-arms].

    Vietnam War era draft/1969 conscript lottery –

    W/college kids Bush/etc. exempt from Vietnam War era draft, inner city non-Whites
    & rural poor served up in the battlegrounds. All that changed
    when the lottery picked names out of a hat, kids of high social standing included. Yes,
    our war involvement got closer to home/suburbs. What if Congress institutes the lottery
    again? Surely, we’ll make quick exit out from Iraq/Afghanistan.

    Emily Dickinson “The Incidents of Love” –

    The incidents of love
    Are more than its Events —
    Investment’s best Expositor
    Is the minute Per Cents —

    Mike Tongg [Ruddy Sr.’s son] — everyone’s messiah R.I.P.
    Mike Tongg stewarded love like no other. His roots run deeply in rural repose, having emerged
    from Kukuihaele/Waipi`o. Mike embraced everyone high & low, saint & sinner. You didn’t have
    to vow poverty to gain his wisdom, you didn’t have to wear a fancy suit to get his attention/
    respect. Jesus died for everyone. So did Mike. He is our untold patron saint.

    Congregational social altruism –

    Shantytowns Waiakea/Shinmachi/Pi`o p`io/Wai`olama/Christina Lane/Kimiville/Butcher Lane
    strung like pearls along Hilo Bay were uplifted via Congregational missions [YMCA Settlement
    House/Hilo (Youth) Center at today’s Kam/Pau`ahi St. corner site/etc.]. These hardship enclaves
    were populated by immigrant Nippon/Puerto Rican/Filipino/Korean residents. Out of these
    urban “ghettos” came our greatest positive historymakers/trailblazers [Nel Doi/Jimmy Kealoha/
    John Ushijima/etc.]. Because Buddhist/Shinto missions were repressed via language school
    laws/etc., Buddhist enablement of the common lot did not flourish like the Congregational
    outreaches. Of course, customary Catholicism did not resonate among Asian immigrants until
    the CYO/YMI movement of the New Deal era 1930s.

    Benevolent paternalism? No! –

    1. Why is not Castle & Cooke/Big Five godfather Frank Atherton

    a patronizing haole supremacist? Because Frank never forgot Biblical Samaritans which
    espoused ethnic tolerance. Frank’s Castle & Cooke forebearers/ancestors were the
    Congregational missionaries. Although militant buddaheads [boboras born after 1920]
    like Ted Tsukiyama/Dan Inouye deplore Big Five haoles, point is that upward mobility is
    not all our own doing. Why is ubiquitous Rev. Frank Chong named in
    honor of Frank Atherton? Because dad Rev. Kim On Chong [hakka/rural bumpkin
    from North Kohala’s mountains], peer of McKinley High legends Gladys Brandt/Hung Wai
    Ching/Hiram Fong/Chinn Ho/Mas Marumoto/etc., was mentored/nurtured/hanai’d by
    Frank Atherton himself! Yes, back to Nu`uanu’s Community Church/Congregationalist
    Chinese! Both Chongs studied under omniscience of NY Union Theological Seminary’s
    scholars/educators. Remember that the Hakka were mistreated by the urban Punti, just
    like how Atherton’s dark Samaritans were ostracized by their pure blood brothers. You
    won’t get a confession/atonement out of Honolulu Punti, but these urbanites frown upon
    the unclean Hakka like the Chongs. This is why the Chongs and other Hakka
    overachieved to escape their repressed intra-Chinese caste society!!
    2. Believe it or not, the Punti customarily were called the real/pure Chinese, the Hakka being
    stigmatized as the nefarious ones! Compassionate/nurturant Frank Atherton was no fool.
    He saw these all! Remember that his family facilitated Sun Yat Sen’s overthrow of China’s
    Old Order/caste system, of Syngman Rhee’s adoption of Jefferson’s life/liberty/pursuit of
    happiness trinity, of the great renaissance nerve center, Japan’s Doshisha University/etc.
    Remember that Asian arc/region mythic mentor Jose Mercado Rizal, PI godfather/reformist
    who became a martyr to freedom/democracy, was heavily influenced by Samaritans &
    the Congregational creed of everybody’s equal! Rizal’s proteges included Sun Yat Sen/
    Syngman Rhee/Mahatma Gandhi/etc. Do you know that the written word/literacy rates
    enabled by Congregationalists exceeded all other regions, even much of our own U.S.?
    3. Yes, it is w/this backdrop that haoles go home! is but a misnomer. Haoles stay is apt!
    Look at Frank Chong’s 1944-2008 cousin Anson Chong 1938-2008, whose dad Lt. Col.
    Kim Nan Chong is Rev. Kim On Chong’s brother. Auspicious foreign services economist
    Anson was sponsored by Kohala Bond Plantation boss Atherton Richards [Bond/Atherton
    all family] for Anson’s Punahou/etc. education. Anson is spiritually indebted to Richards &
    regards anti-haole prejudice as incendiary fear. For every example of haole repression vs.
    common folk, there is a counterweight of haole liberation. Like how you weigh risk vs.
    reward. Weigh risk, also weigh reward. Not former w/out latter. As an aside, Anson was
    the people’s champ solon 1972-1980, & it took only 5 senators to question majority rule
    [Anson/TC Yim/Dickie Wong/Joe Kuroda/Dante Carpenter], ergo, to stop the Old Guard
    [Senate prexy John Ushijima] from controlling all the power/money appropriations/CIP/etc.
    Anson has no regrets/grief over the young turks upending/unseating the Old Guard.
    But Anson’s bloc repudiation caused his re-election losses in his conservative district.
    Ironically, had Uwaine/Ross Segawa/Brian Minaai/etc. stayed away from the residency
    requirement issue, it’s likely that Anson would’ve been elected senator again. Cse la vie.
    Shikata ga nai. Do you know that Anson & our beloved deacon Earl Nakasato look like
    twins? Hollywood-handsome till this day! And that both hombres have virtually mirror-
    image backdrops [MS in economics/etc.]? Of course, the only digression is that Anson
    ended up w/the Foreign Service & Earl ended up a laborer advocate/lawyer [labor law].
    No, not the money train big union official payroll guys you see in the media all the time.
    Earl is grassroots all the way — like Anson. Love, –Curt
    PS: Fear begets fear globally. Old Testament Moses led his people, God’s chosen ones.
    So-called other Arabs/unwashed-unclean ones, were God-forsaken. Jesus later came
    around, preaching ethnic tolerance, but it was too late. After that, so-called Arabs
    would not buy Catholicism’s so-called false idolatry of Jesus on the cross. By the time
    Islam came around, the youngest kid on the block [600 yrs. after Jesus], fear was cemented
    to date. When the State of Israel was carved out of Muslim territory, Muslim extremists
    grew exponentially. Yes, fear begets more fear. State of our society today. Calamitous.

    Ethnic blend/diversity in Hawai`i County —

    1. It’s no surprise that Hawai`i County, with population growth at under 2%, & w/60%

    of native-born residents, has the greatest ethnic blend/diversity in the U.S. A third
    of our residents are ethnic blends, mostly local. Portuguese make up 8% of our
    population, Japanese make up 13%. Our male/female ratio is even. Baby boomers
    ages 45-54 make up 16% of our population, followed by those 35-44 yrs. old at 15%.
    2. There is very little homogeneity [pure race]. Such notion is antiquated. But there surely
    are a bunch of social climbers. Look at shallow Jean Ariyoshi [George’s wife] & bling-bling
    adorned Kazuhisa Abe. But as Kazu’s protege Stanley Hara [truly humble man] tells me,
    “Curt, Kazu came from the Pepe`ekeo canefields with nothing — which is why he loved
    to show off his fancy jewelry & cars. I understand why he was like that — it’s okay if you
    know why.” Man, Stanley Hara, our angel/patron saint!!
    3. Which brings home that our current society is about class/stature, not race/ethnicity.
    The race card no longer is useful [thank goodness]!! Yes, Jesus
    died for everyone.
    4. BTW, famous Hilo entrepreneur Luso Spinola a century ago is not descended from philosopher/
    mathematician/Luso Bento Spinoza over 300 yrs. ago. Different spellings. Spinola’s
    mansion is the same bldg. now occupied by Reed & Jay photography across St. Joseph
    Church on Haili/Kapi`olani St. corner.

    Jimmy Kealoha 1908-1983 [GOP Lt. Gov. 1959-1962]

    1. GOP Bill Quinn’s biggest asset in Quinn’s Statehood Gov. win was Quinn’s popular Lt. Gov.

    Jimmy Kealoha, who left as Big Isle Chairman/mayor to join Quinn. Kealoha intimated/
    confided to businessman friend/Kam Ave. neighbor Norman Tsuji that Kealoha was
    ignored by Quinn thruout Kealoha’s Lt. Gov. tenure 1959-1962. No, Quinn did not
    promise Kealoha that Quinn would step aside in 1962 to allow Kealoha to run for Gov.
    Quinn left the door open for political events to unfold/unveil come 1962, 3 yrs.
    hence from Kealoha’s boost to Quinn’s 1959 Gov. campaign. Quinn had
    the option to run for U.S. Senate in 1962, not to mention the U.S. House. Nonetheless,
    the incessant internal bickering between Kealoha/Quinn had purged Kealoha of positive
    top billing/needed press-media publicity to wage a powerful campaign in 1962. Still,
    Kealoha’s remnant charisma forced a close loss to Quinn in the 1962 GOP Gov. primary,
    losing only by less than 11,000 votes. Quinn’s Big Isle dynamite duo precocious campaigners
    Bobby Fujimoto/Glenn Oda know nothing of a purported promise made by Quinn to step
    aside come 1962. Kealoha’s only patronage concession by Gov. Quinn was relocating Judge Al Felix to Hilo from O’ahu, where Felix was persona non grata by our Bar Ass’n [cronyism in appointing officials].
    2. As Ed Case should’ve done more of by quoting reputable sourceTime Magazine
    on Sen. Akaka’s dismal Senate record, Bob Oshiro’s brainchild–the bad press on Gov.
    Quinn’s failed Second Mahele pie-in-the-sky fairy tale–resulted in Jack Burns’ landslide win
    over Quinn in 1962. In retrospect, Bill Quinn’s strength was his great Irish earthiness — he
    had a wonderful tenor/vocal which amplified his popularity. Quinn’s
    undoing is his failure of leadership — dense-as-plaster Quinn, despite his Harvard credential,
    picked a whole new slate of administration employees upon Statehood, yet sunk abysmally
    in 1962. Point being Where on earth
    were Quinn’s 550 “numbskulls” come election campaign time 1962??? Worse than
    naive — plain folly –this is Quinn. Contrary to press cliche, Quinn flubbed in the apolitical
    boardrooms/peer relations — Quinn never once asked for sage Sen. Hiram Fong’s
    advice/wisdom. Bonehead like Ed Case. Nonetheless, Quinn’s aloha spirit/moderate
    GOP stance presaged GOP Linda Lingle’s win in 2002, a 40 year break between Statehood’s
    2 GOP Govs, Quinn/Lingle. Neither Bobby nor Glenn [Quinn’s Big Isle reps] marks Quinn’s
    dual downsides [strategy/patronage failures from dense thinking]. As America’s greatest
    folklore writer Mark Twain said, “I never let schooling get in the way of my education.”
    This from an otherwise “degenerate” [Twain] who suffered thru repeated business/
    personal failures. We’re all Jekyl/Hyde, all sinners. Quinn was a lovable/loving sinner.
    Look at what was supposed to be a Quinn slam dunk win, the 1962 Gov. Quinn/Dem foe
    Jack Burns TV debate — wily/cagey Burns, bestowed w/steeped ILWU labor strike life
    experiences, won the debate before it even started — the format required the 2 debaters
    to query each other — Jack KO’d Quinn w/Jack’s 1st question to Quinn — “What will you do
    in the event of a major labor strike [which will cripple our infrastructure/economy/people]?”
    Quinn babbled indecisively. “Unschooled/non-college” candidate Burns neutralized Quinn
    by sheer force of latent leadership, Burns’ pseudonym for “thinking on your feet–executing
    masterfully!” Press cliches “just don’t cut the cake to appreciate the richness inside [of
    politics/social history]!!” Quinn was simply too full of himself/conceited.
    3. Do what Bob Oshiro does to get the inside scoop/dope — ask intelligent questions to no
    end — you’ll be amazed at revelatory answers. In this sense, I gotta pay homage to
    understated long-forgotten political guru Dan Tuttle. Dan the interviewer often knew
    more than the person being interviewed. But the point is that the news source/answerer
    may be more revelatory if Dan is more akamai/one step ahead in Dan’s interrogatory.
    Just like the Burns/Quinn debate in 1962! Yes, Dan Tuttle is just the news gatherer, not
    the news source. And he’s not even a scribe! A student of politics, erstwhile/ever-in-awe
    of historymakers. Tuttle/Oshiro — numbers/stats guys who see the global picture, not a
    Quinn. Yikes! — why Dan Tuttle enamors of Nelson Doi is beyond me — Dan always urged
    to know what Nelson is up to these days [nothing]. Nel– all armor, no tact. Actual answer
    to Dan’s titillation re: Nel — Nel is good copy/ink no matter what Nel talks about — ergo,
    Dan loves Quixote/windmills.
    4. And in highest praise of the saloon industry [Johnny Waimea Dias Souza had his great saloon
    tavern on Mamane St. in the heart of Honoka`a village], w/tongue-in-cheek– I bow mightily
    to Bob Oshiro’s unspoken guru, sleepy Wahiawa village saloon keeper/haole Earl Sturdyvin,
    who taught obscure/incognito Oshiro the tricks of the political trade. Amazing grassroots
    education. Ph.D. not required. Closer — just bought booklet for $1.00 called “Straight-up
    from Jimmy the Bartender — he may be just a bartender, but Jimmy has more horse sense
    than any psychologist or therapist will ever have!” Oh boy!! Happy trails to you.

    Tennis’ Michael Chang symbolic of Chinese individualist –

    Had Michael Chang come from Hawai`i, he’d be our best-ever male tennis pro. Chinese here

    excel in individual accomplishments [professions like medicine/business/engineering][sports

    like tennis/golf/figure skating]. Chinese came as individualists even as immigrant cane

    workers starting in 1850, whereas other Asian immigrants came as intact groups [from

    geographical districts] starting w/Japanese in 1885. Being individualists/squeaky-tight

    austerity-thriftiness, Chinese followed the money & were adept at business


    Japanese were more groupies & embarked on wayfinds collectively [tanomoshi-collective

    capitalization]. More from outside repression than cultural inheritance, our Uchinanchu/

    Okinawans were treated harshest by their own Naichi/Mainland Japan emigrants, who

    considered these southern duskies as subhuman. Adversity/garrison mentality resulted

    in Uchinanchu cohesion/tight bonds [analogously, geopolitical Oroku passed on frugality

    to ensure survival of its members]. Puerto Ricans/Koreans/Pinoys also had team-first

    beginnings, but especially swarthy Puerto Ricans/Pinoys had harshest treatment from overall

    class hegemony here, being the latest dusky newcomers a century ago. I cannot say

    race hegemony, because our snow-white Luso/Portuguese were haole in complexion but

    still relegated to menial labor by their fellow Caucasian/WASPs.

    Alex Hume Ford 1868-1945 “Hands Across the Pacific” 1st internationalist/
    surfing revivalist —

    Alex Hume Ford started Hands Across the Pacific in 1911, later picked up

    by internationalists Frank Atherton-Bill Westervelt-Charles Hemenway.

    Coincidentally, Ford started our Outrigger Canoe Club 1908 to “make

    Waikiki always the Home of the Surfer.” Duke Kahanamoku was not the

    1st ambassador of surfing here. It was Ford’s buddy George Freeth 1884-

    1919 [died of flu epidemic after winter rescue effort], half-Hawaiian/Irish

    dad, famous for surfing on his head, & for teaching Jack London to surf

    [along w/pal Ford]. London said of Freeth, “He is a Mercury, a brown

    Mercury! His heels are winged, & in them is the swiftness of the sea.”

    Freeth became California industrialist Henry Huntington’s literal golden

    boy 1907, popularizing namesake Huntington Beach [Freeth known as the

    “man who walks on water”] & opening Huntington’s Redondo-LA Railway.

    Self-applause –

    Uncle Willy Thompson’s invocation as 442 State Prexy in his most recent

    message to members expresses that “our keynote speaker was retired

    Major Gen. Antonio Taguba — we were humbled to hear him describe

    Tom Brokaw’s definition of the Greatest Generation as epitomized by

    the Nisei warriors of WWII.” Sheez…. Did anyone else besides Uncle

    Willy applaud forgotten prophets Earl Finch or John Tsukano long after

    the war was over??

    Gunji Kono of Hilo Transporation as Shinmachi enabler

    Na’alehu former native Gunji Kono had his huge Hilo Transportation Bldg.

    right where Emma St. led back to Wailoa river [today’s pebble road to

    DLNR Matson containers next to Hilo Iron Works]. Gunji was Shinmachi’s

    greatest enabler, hiring exclusively Shinmachi residents at his trucking

    firm. Of course, Gunji was the 1st major entrepreneur in Shinmachi [means

    “New Town” in Japanese], built on reclamed land [former swampland], after

    the Little Tokyo fire of January 20, 1914 destroyed the heartland of Issei/

    immigrant culture [today’s downtown KTA parking lot]. Do you know that

    Holualoa icon Kumakichi Higashihara worked for Gunji, & lived in the back of

    Gunji’s bldg.? Yes, Kuma’s daughters died in the April 1, 1946 tsunami, as

    did Gunji. Kuma was in Hilo Hospital for ailment when the tsunami hit at 7:00 a.m.

    The highest concentration of deaths occurred in Shinmachi, which was

    sandwiched between the seashore & Wailoa pond — no chance. Kuma was

    so overcome by tragedy that he changed his name to Harold Higashihara,

    feeling that his Japanese name was bachi/bad omen. After all, first Little

    Tokyo burned to the ground, then Shinmachi got gouged out of the ground

    by the April 1 tsunami, so what else lay in store for buddaheads? Lo/behold,

    Kuma went on to be a beloved Kona solon, & has Honalo park named after

    him. Kuma’s wife Kiyomi Shimizu Higashihara [formerly of Mt. View] poignantly

    bespeaks of their infant daughter still clutching her doll as if she were soundly

    asleep. Shinmachi resident Shigeko Matsumoto Takahashi’s brother married

    Kuma’s sister & settled in Holualoa, Kona. Shigeko was Kalopa icon Bill Nobriga’s

    clerk [Bill’s dad JJ Nobriga raised Bill w/silver spoon in mouth]. Do you know

    that Shinmachi toddler 1946 Al Inoue is first cousin to former solon Pat Fukuda

    Saiki? [Al’s dad is brother of Pat Saiki’s mom] And that Shinmachi taxi driver

    Narikawa was interned [took Nippon visitors to Volcano], whose wife was

    Pat Saiki’s mom’s sister? To Shinmachi folks,

    Kango Kawasaki’s daughter Sumie was hotoke sama [virtual goddess for her

    loving nature/physical beauty]. She still is majestic at age 87 [looks 60 yrs.

    young]. Shinmachi folks had unreal nicknames: Nigga Horse Masaki [Black Beauty].

    Soup Matsuno [loved shiru/soupy dishes] was a Barenaba/Derby Lane Jinbo. Beans

    Iwaoka did not live by Mameya [beans/pussy] lane but on Kam Ave. With all the

    newspaper publicity about revisiting the May 23, 1960 tsunami, here we are on

    the 63rd anniversary of the even more deadly [no alarms/sirens] April 1, 1946

    tsunami. Thankfully, I was able to fulfill Shinmachi leader Riichi “Lee” Hatada’s

    dying wish to have a Shinmachi sign erected fronting Kam Ave. to honor the

    lost city of Atlantis/Shinmachi, arigato to DLNR chief Ralston Nagata [former

    neighboring Pi’opi’o native] of Honolulu.

    Elroy Osorio: Caught between the devil & the deep blue sea —

    Ironically, the pure Portuguese Osorios J.A.M. & progeny [Judge Tristan/dentist Vasco/etc.]

    rejected/excluded the Haw’n/Portuguese Osorios [later immigrant Emil,

    nephew of immigrant dad J.A.M. of elitist progeny Tristan/Vasco/Sonny].

    Emil married Eliza Kamakawiwo’ole, whose kids include politician Elroy born

    1924. Emil worked Bd. of Water Supply under Jimmy Kealoha. Although Emil

    was shunned/ignored by mainline pure Luso Osorios, Emil got stuck w/label

    of being elite Haw’n, not regular joe Keaukaha Haw’n. Which is why when

    Elroy was recruited by Jimmy Kealoha 1908-1983 to run as GOP in 1958,

    this was Elroy’s death knell politically, inasmuch the Democrats seized

    power in 1954 & Elroy was made obsolete by this fact. Thence, Elroy

    got stuck b/n the devil & the deep blue sea — in no man’s land, really.

    Rejected by mainline elitist Osorios [slurred as an imposter Osorio], &

    yet rejected by teeming masses esp. Haw’ns as being out of touch

    w/teeming masses. Elroy’s self-centered nature [what politician isn’t

    self-centered except for Scrub Tanaka?] hastened Elroy’s demise, &

    like Wendell Kaehuaea & Bernard Akana, got degraded as a has-been

    or never-was/wanna-be politician/perennial loser/professional politician.

    Because of Elroy’s humiliating/shunned failed political career, son Jon

    the sovereignty separatist has huge chip on Jon’s shoulder vs. non-

    Haw’n Luso/Japs/haoles/nazi master races, so to speak. A most angry

    man, compared to easygoing baby brother/V-Ball Ecko Osorio.

    Steadfast/ever-faithful GOP loyalist Elroy Osorio 86 yrs. old; looks 60 yrs. young

    1. Emil Osorio born 1898, arrived here 1910, nephew of J.A.M. Osorio. Emil is Elroy’s father.
    2. Emil got Bd. of Water Supply job under GOP County Chairman Sam Mahuka Spencer.
    3. Elroy Osorio born 1924, was inspired by GOP County Chairman Jimmy Kealoha to run for
    political office.
    4. Next to GOP Bernard Akana/Wendell Kaehuaea, GOP Elroy is a perennial candidate/loser,
    but ever-faithful GOP loyalist. Yet, Elroy won 90% of Keaukaha [DHHL] votes vs. Dem Shun
    Kimura for mayor 1964. Elroy asked dying GOP Sen. Doc Hill to succeed Hill in 1970, but Hill
    picked Hill’s inhouse business “hanai” son Scotch Henderson. Elroy’s biggest shock was
    when Dem Aaron Chung beat Elroy for Elroy’s incumbent County Council seat. Like Barack
    Obama, Aaron crested on youth & verve. Elroy’s other shock was when his sole identity
    group, his one-only GOP, picked Dem turncoat Harvey Tajiri over Elroy to tiff vs. Dems for
    mayor in 2000. GOP’s Kona haole faction dismissed Elroy as an old fart has-been. Opportunist
    Harry Kim then entered the fray & wiped out Tajiri in the GOP primary. Elroy was told by
    Kim in 1990 that Kim would endorse Elroy vs. Lorraine Rodero Inouye for mayor, but Kim
    did not come through. Yet, Elroy endorsed Kim in 2000 after the GOP bypassed Elroy for
    mayor. Dem turncoat Harvey Tajiri said that Dem oyabun/godfather
    Scrub Tanaka told Tajiri a buddahead won’t win the mayor’s race in 2000, & for Tajiri to
    stay out of the Dem primary for mayor. Which is why Tajiri changed to GOP. Yet, Tajiri
    told GOP members that Lingle endorsed Tajiri for GOP mayor. Elroy says that Elroy’s
    endorsement of opportunist Kim was Elroy’s counter to being ignored by Elroy’s GOP. Elroy
    went all out to support Lingle vs. Cayetano in 1998, but was not asked by GOP head Lingle
    to run for mayor in 2000. Elroy supported peer Andy Anderson [GOP turncoat] for Gov. in 2002,
    which switched off/faux pas vs. Lingle ever again [vs. GOP Lingle for Gov.], ergo,
    haoles split the vote for Case/Anderson, enabling Hirono to face off vs. Lingle in the general
    election, Hirono being the most formidable Dem according to Lingle [but Matt Matsunaga’s Lt.
    Gov. primary win doomed the all-J_p Dem ticket]. Yes, Elroy’s support of Anderson actually
    helped Lingle win, but Lingle purged Elroy permanently thereafter. Not that Elroy’s presence
    ever concerned/worried Lingle, but clearly, he was eviscerated to zero thereafter. If GOP
    loser Lofty Cook had endorsed GOP winner Elroy for mayor vs. Shun Kimura in 1964, Elroy
    would’ve beaten Kimura. Aaron Chung says that Elroy never congratulated Aaron for beating
    incumbent councilman Elroy. That Aaron is not surprised that Ted Hong turncoated to
    GOP, being that Machiavellian Ted played both sides of the partisan fence. Yet Ted has no
    judgeship reward to show for it. Elroy says that Jimmy Kealoha was consumed w/Jimmy’s
    race for Lt. Gov. 1959 & dealing w/malihini Quinn thereafter, & thus unable to help Elroy
    in Elroy’s 2 wins for bd. of supervisors/council 1960 & 1962. Elroy’s only other Dem endorse-
    ment beside endorsing Andy Anderson was when Elroy endorsed Dante Carpenter for
    mayor. Dante/wife Olan went all out for Elroy vs. Shun Kimura in ‘66. Elroy was asked
    by Dems to turn Dem to run vs. County clerk Margaret Kaaua. This was heresy to Elroy
    because Margaret was like Elroy’s hanai mother & Elroy never would turn Dem. Elroy was
    saddened by this request. Scrub always respected Elroy & never asked Elroy to turn Dem.
    5. Elroy’s legacy is that Elroy is the quintessential GOP party loyalist. He is a Jimmy Kealoha
    populist a la Dan Akaka’s aloha spirit. Unlike GOP Doc Hill/Scotch Henderson, who were
    non-party solons, Elroy is a party man all the way. Elroy’s volleyball fame is as the PR guy
    for the Haili tourney. Tommy Lindsey is the Haili tourney genesis, not Elroy. Elroy is among
    our greatest softball pitchers.
    6. When Elroy’s dad Emil married full-blooded Hawaiian Eliza Kamakawiwo`ole [Elroy’s mom],
    J.A.M. Osorio banished Emil from family gatherings. Even then, Emil was bosom buddy w/
    JAM’s youngest son Sonny [Excelsior Dairy/Blaisdell Hotel]. As you know, JAM’s 2 other sons
    were Judge Tristan M. Osorio & M.D. Vasco Osorio.
    7. Still, Elroy forgives JAM Osorio for JAM’s out of race bigotry. Elroy certainly does not attribute
    separatist son Jon’s extremism to JAM’s bigotry. Jon simply felt excluded from mainstream
    popularity via Elroy’s election losses. Jon found his calling w/society’s underclass/outcast
    Hawaiians. Destiny. bansa dirj.

    “The Rock” on Saturday Night Live telecast –

    Satire that points out hypocrisy/folly is an art all its own. Of

    course, irony is the greater art, that points out our sentient

    solution. And comedy/humor are the greatest art, that raise

    us from our condition, whatever it may be. Mystery & inner

    resolve are 2 replete items thruout these gradations. In Samoan/

    Black Dwayne Johnson’s/The Rock’s skit, everything pathetic

    about our menial tourist service jobs/industry is brought to

    bear — we are highlighting class hegemony — just that in

    today’s marked-down charter group market, those we service

    are a step away from our social class/condition, who displace

    their anxiety on us & who project their own sense of

    uncertainty over their social/economic condition on us.

    Totem pole oppression, or as boxer Mike Tyson would say,

    getting atop the food chain. SNL’s skit is pure satire. Irony

    would be closure/completion where the busboy’s son or daughter excels

    in sports & goes on to a college athletic scholarship, & then

    becomes the media/public relations director/liaison for dad’s/mom’s

    employer hotel. Meaning that for all the humiliation/subjugated

    status that dad/mom endure, sometimes hope springs eternal

    & brings us a better reason to be alive/here. Comedy would be where

    The Rock quits his disgraceful [in his opinion]/shameful job as

    a hula boy hunk, then goes to work at Big 5’s A & B sugar mill,

    but gets asked by the japanee hirer, “Hey, you part-japanee?”

    when he applies for the lowest-level “sabedong” backbreaker work

    that no one wants, such as sweeping the bagasse off the floor of

    the wide belt that transports the bagasse to the the storage silo.

    The Rock says “Of course I’m part japanee!” The japanee foreman

    hires him on the spot & puts The Rock to work immediately at the

    moving belt in the huge corrugated iron roof warehouse. The Rock

    is paired with a tiny skinny Filipino immigrant who also got his job by telling

    the japanee foreman that this Filipino is part japanee [a lie]. Anyway,

    as The Rock & Filipino sweep away with great effort the bagasse as

    it spills onto the concrete floor, into the bldg. comes another load on

    this everlasting moving belt. So they sweep away again, only to find

    yet another load come off the belt. Finally, in exasperation, both

    sabedongs/slaves resound simultaneously, “Da hell with this shit!! Da hell

    with japanee!! We ain’t japs!! We our own people, man!!”

    [The Rock Samoan/Black–the other sabedong is Filipino/Pinoy] And

    both hombres slam down their pitchforks & floor sweepers & storm

    out into daylight past the moving belt.

    Yoshito Takamine born June 1926 –

    Yoshito Uchinanchu/Okinawan born/raised at Chin Chuck Rd. Hakalau

    [above the Hakalau pedestrian overpass today], relocated to Kukuihaele

    1932 after his parents lost their cane land amid Great Depression,

    later settling in Honoka`a, eventually becoming Hamakua Coast’s greatest

    lawmaker [never lost an election] who changed the social order among

    plantation villagers [parity in schooling/health care/housing/taxes]. As

    Yoshito describes his foray into politics, he was “drafted” at the 11th hr.

    before filing deadline by George Martin/Eddie De Mello to run for Terr.

    House seat 1958. Yoshito describes himself as working man/woman’s

    advocate, including his ILWU [leave of absence when legislature in

    session]. Yoshito has no closeness to Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 because

    Scrub was a businessman, not a laborer, & Yoshito’s ILWU endorsed

    whoever would benefit most the ILWU, incl. GOP Hiram Fong [whose

    Finance Factors bailed out many an ILWU member, even placing

    moratorium on principal payments for 1 yr. w/interest only payments

    during strikes]. ILWU boss Jack Hall hated union-buster/Commie redbaiter

    Dem Frank Fasi, vs. ILWU’s clear choice Hiram Fong 1959. Scrub never forgave

    the ILWU for endorsing GOP Lofty Cook over Scrub for County Chairman/mayor

    1960. Yes, Yoshito has no loyalty/affinity w/taisho-autocratic Scrub.

    After George Martin 1924-2009 “retired” as Int. VP ILWU out of Frisco

    [Aussie emigrate/”alien” Harry Bridges wanted only a fellow longshoreman

    to succeed Bridges], George returned to his infancy roots Waipunalei/

    O`okala, where he mulled whether to run vs. Malama Solomon for State

    Senate seat [Malama clear ILWU endorsement 1982-1994/ILWU got disgusted

    w/her dissident behavior vs. ILWU strategy & ILWU endorsed winner Lorraine

    Rodero Inouye 1998] or vs. Taka Domingo for County Council seat. Yoshito

    defers to ILWU PAC that if/had George run vs. Malama, ILWU would not

    endorse George. Yoshito says Yoshito had no authority to discourage or

    encourage George to run vs. Malama. Yoshito was neutral, not partisan

    for George [who gave Yoshito start in politics]. You gotta’ ask, where’s the filial piety of the ILWU

    for its godfather George Martin? On the other hand, Yoshito rhetorically

    asks, free country, so if George runs for office, why should the ILWU be

    locked down to support George? Yoshito turns George’s mantra inside out,

    it’s not about the candidate/person, it’s about the Union/ILWU. If George

    doesn’t serve the best interests of the ILWU, George is expendable.

    Yoshito has no qualms about George vs. Taka Domingo. To Yoshito,

    Yoshito’s job as ILWU agent is to promote ILWU, not either candidate.

    As solon, Yoshito stays neutral. To George, this is heresy, because it’s

    like not voting in George Washington for President after Washington wins

    the Revolutionary War. Which is the mistake Jack Burns made in 1959

    when Burns felt that the Governorship was owed to Burns, in that Burns

    won Statehood for Hawai`i. What Burns didn’t fathom was that Ike’s GOP

    gave all credit to naive/clueless appointed Gov. Bill Quinn for winning

    Statehood for Hawai`i. The real truth about Burns as THE REASON we

    won Statehood did not trickle down to the teeming masses. In politics

    as in life, nothing is OWED/TAKEN FOR GRANTED/AN AUTOMATIC WIN.

    George’s/Jack Burns’ mistakes. Ask Yoshito Takamine.

    Bank of England –

    Claus Spreckels 1828-1908 virtually owned Kalakaua because of Kalakaua’s

    gambling/other debts owed to Claus. Claus opposed annexation of Hawai`i

    to the U.S. which would erase his monopoly over Hawai`i sugar. Our local

    Big 5 eventually started our own C&H refinery in Frisco to counter Claus’

    stranglehold over sugar. Our Monarchy was in such debt that it looked

    to England to bail out itself vs. Claus/etc. Eventually, Bank of England

    bailed out Hawai`i by encumbering our ceded lands, & Bank of England’s

    note was retired/paid off by our U.S. gov’t via annexation, $4 million

    dollars which today compute to $110 million dollars. If Trask/Blaisdell/

    Osorio claim ownership dibs on ceded lands, all they have to do is reimburse

    U.S. taxpayers $110 million dollars w/interest at 10% p/annum for total of

    $231 million dollars, & then they can squabble about fee simple. Simple

    simon says.

    John Yuen [pronounced Yen] born 1923 great sportsman

    John is Tai On Chock’s wife Laura’s only brother/oldest sibling. John grew

    up on Mamo/Punahoa Sts. [Yuen chicken store], & was the original member

    of the Wanderers Athletic Club founded in 1933 by 14 yr. old Francis Wong,

    of later renown [Wong Stadium]. From its outset, Francis’ boys won 5 team

    championships in various sports in the first 2 years alone. Francis first put

    the Wanderers together to play basketball in the P & R summer fun league.

    The Wanderers original nucleus grew into a member of our holy trinity of

    sports orgs incl. Waiakea Pirates/Lincoln Wreckers, that kept kids busy/

    productive. The Wanderers Golf Club led by John Yuen implemented

    tremendous positive changes to our Hilo Muni Golf Course to make it

    user-friendly. P & R boss Bob Fukuda extolled/praised John’s wayfinding

    in 1972. John was a late blooming athlete, having grown from just over

    5 feet starting in high school to 5′9″ after high school. John is a WWII

    infantry veteran with several distinctions/Bronze Star. John

    was an outstanding athlete and made several military all-star teams

    in softball. John actually started work at Bank of Hawaii right out of

    high school, interrupted by his valorous WWII military duty. Rudy

    Peterson is Hawaii’s greatest banker & led Bank of Hawaii 1955-1961.

    Bank of Hawaii overtook today’s First Haw’n Bank in overall assets/

    bank branches, an amazing feat considering that First Haw’n Bank was

    territorial banking’s mantra before Rudy led Bank of Hawaii. Blessedly,

    John was not injured from WWII, & became Rudy Peterson’s & Peterson

    right hand man Jim Evans’ golden boy, eventually becoming our main branch

    head for Bank of Hawaii. John retired in 1988 amid tremendous fanfare/

    customer-staff appreciation. Till this day, John’s enormous good heart/

    equanimity sees him still being honored by his former employer/staffers.

    It’s been 20 years since John’s retirement, but you’d never know it, from

    the way his former staffers still lavish him with praise/affection. John

    was groomed at the right time, cusp of Statehood/boom years. Perfect

    timing for John and for us all — Hawaii is better for John’s unselfish

    years of service as our neighborhood banker. John’s leadership of the

    Wanderers, 76 yrs. old this year, was especially crucial after Francis

    Wong’s tragic death at a relatively young age. John’s banking skills

    naturally allowed the Wanderers to flourish under John’s leadership.

    Francis Wong handpicked John to lead the Wanderers — yes, Francis

    was John’s mentor/alter ego/guru. And Francis saw in John what

    the whole world sees in John — John gives so much of himself to

    make our community/society a better place to live in. John ranks

    among our greatest athletes & sports benefactors — John’s long

    & tremendous leadership of the Wanderers has been exceptional/

    extraordinary. Name any person/facet of our community — in some

    direct or indirect/vicarious way, John has been a plus/positive part

    of such phenomenon. Name any sport, name any community

    activity, somehow, someway, John had contributed in altruistic/

    quietly focused fashion. John is our superhuman sports & community

    icon. John deserves ensrhinement in out Hawai`i Island Sports Hall

    of Fame.

    Pi`opi`o area “after-words” [by today’s Wailoa Visitor Ctr. area] –

    Ivy Nakamura Kusunoki [Waiakea Pirate icon CT’s daughter/baseballer

    Paul’s sister–Paul married Kiyosaki of Kiyosaki Store, not self-promoter Robert Hilo

    High ’65] had our only proprietorship preschool child care facility across

    Meishoin Church. My baby brother Lloyd went there 1959. Such facility

    showed the rising 2 wage earner [both spouses] household post-WWII

    [wahine role change borne by necessity/schooling opportunity]. Ivy

    herself led the way via her proprietorship, just as Chiyoko Nancy Takayesu

    broke new ground in the Luso male-entrenched bar industry via her Bar Havana

    corner Kilauea/Ponahawai Sts.

    Shindo’s Shinmachi soda works facility was destroyed by the ‘46 tsunami

    [huge warehouse on Keaukaha side of today’s Kam Statue]. Its soda

    works then centered where today’s Home St. Bank is, as former Pi`opi`o

    resident Jerry Hirata born 1944 says [Jerry got slight scar to show how

    bottle blew up in his face when he worked there], off Orange Lane back

    of Dr. Kasamoto’s office [retired probation officer Sidney’s dad]. Sugiyama

    was w/Coca Cola [Doc Hill’s outfit]. 442 hero Hoxie Nagami’s kazoku/family

    owned Excelsior Soda Works on Kilauea Ave. [Derby Lane rear had warehouse

    of stored bottles]. Dairymens became Meadow Gold, & moved from Pi`opi`o/

    Punahoa Sts. to where the Kam Statue sits today, & Excelsior Dairy later

    was built right there too. My Uncle Charley/cousin Suemitsu delivered for

    Dairymens. Pi`opi`o means royal arch, aptly denoting the ‘ili occupied by

    royalty [incl. royal fishponds — Wailoa/etc.], going back to Kam I’s assemblage

    of his naval armada right there in former Shinmachi/Pi`opi`o. Thence the Kam

    Statue there today, looking out toward the sea.

    Sugar industry leader Robert Hughes 1917-2008

    Maui-born Bob Hughes was HSPA Prexy/Sugar Industry History award

    top recipient/Kau Sugar mgr./UH Bd. Regents head, but he was as earthy/

    helpful as the summer day is long. Bob dove into the most forgotten

    tidbits of sugar industry lore, such as Overend’s mill re Goto murder 1889/

    Aina’s Pi`ihonua mill in 1843/Lanai`i Chinese mill 1802/Goodrich’s Hilo mill

    1829/etc. Bob Hughes/Bob Midkiff born 1920 [Frank’s son] stroll back from

    the plantation era [haole upper class/Midkiff a Cooke], but they are the most

    engaging/loving/compassionate persons you’ll ever find.

    Preordained/predestined life of Jesse Shima [everybody’s equal] –

    When Jesse Shima was dropped off in shorts on a chilly October morning in D.C. 1923,

    he tasted bigotry 1st-hand — when a white landlady told him “I don’t rent to Chinese,”

    he told her, “but I’m Japanese!” She fumed, “that’s even worse!” So he ended up a

    street urchin living on park benches. This crucible of racial mistreatment forever riveted

    him to the support of Blacks thereafter. When Mary Foote Henderson & her son John Jr.

    later told Jesse “You are our family now,” Jesse wrote back to his kazoku/family here

    & in Okinawa, giddily saying how Jesse was gonna study at Dr. Kellogg’s sanitarium [corn

    flake mogul], to which Jesse’s kazoku told him to come back to Hawai`i immediately,

    because they thought he had gone nuts & was in a mental ward, w/delusions of

    opulent/idyllic grandeur. When the U.S. Navy tried to coax Jesse into accompanying

    the U.S. Navy to flush out Okinawan holdouts at end of WWII [holdouts were fed

    Tojo propaganda that U.S. was the Evil Empire that raped women/ate children/

    tortured all for sadistic titillation], Jesse chafed to Pentagon associates, “I’m

    not going to watch you shoot my own family!” Not unpatriotic, just realistic about

    Jesse’s Uchinanchu “kuni no tame” [die instead of shame one’s divine emperor

    Hirohito]. Jesse’s life was filled w/matchless surprises, incredible, almost

    preordained, really [everybody’s equal before God — Ecclesiastes 9:2]!!

    D.C. wayfinder Jesse Shima 1901-2002 [reincarnation of alter ego John Henderson] –

    I spoke w/Jesse Shima’s only child, Lurie Shima Emmons, who rejected the idea of

    a Jesse Shima tribute (exhibit) at the Smithsonian, on grounds that her father 1)

    has had sufficient recognition via media/orgs 2) Jesse’s Issei era has passed & there

    is no compelling reason to redux it 3) Jesse’s wife Miyoko is 94 yrs. old & should enjoy her

    solitude/serenity. Nonetheless, Lurie respectfully said that whatever I do to

    recognize Jesse is my prerogative/right, so good luck! Let the world know the

    legacy of Jesse Shima [everybody’s equal]. Unlike earlier sojourner Issei, Jesse

    immigrated to settle down for good in America. But in discarding okage sama de/

    sonkei mukashi no [Jesse’s parents to fend for themselves][Jesse adopted Mary

    Henderson as his spiritual mother], Jesse learned American feudal piety [social

    graces] via Mary Henderson. Which is why Jesse ascended into high society

    as easily as a duck takes to water. Mary’s late husband John was an early

    abolitionist & genesis of the 13th Amdt. which outlawed slavery, John having

    been orphaned early on & siphoned into indentured servitude, which gave John

    a rude awakening on the mistreatment of slaves. Jesse learned service to

    others [less fortunate] under Mary & Mary’s only child John Jr. Which is why

    Jesse befriended the substrata of society [ethnic minorities/tenement folk].

    Very atypical of an upwardly mobile/status-tripper “social climber,” which

    most Nikkei coveted/were [acceptance by White society]. Thanks to the divine

    guidance of Mary Henderson, Jesse was not a male chauvinist, as you clearly see

    via strong/confident wife Miyoko/daughter Lurie. And unlike kotonk individualism

    [every man for himself], Jesse was imbued with the aloha spirit [selfless generosity/

    compassion], especially via necessities [food/shelter/health care], yet not excluding

    incidentals [leisure indulgences]. And unlike fellow Nikkei, Jesse welcomed shin

    Issei as allies, & treated them w/great respect, come hell or high water. And unlike

    fellow kotonks, Jesse was as fearless as Leonidas [nephew Henry, retired Air Force

    colonel, was much more cautious/arduously measured than daring Jesse]. Jesse

    had a superior eyeball evaluation of life — he fashioned conveyor food display/

    he predicted the eventual irrelevance of racial differences [Heinz 57 euphemism]/

    his flying & driving skills were nonpareil/matchless/etc.

    Pi`ihonua Henry Shimabukuro’s [Henry born 1931] dad’s brother Jesse Shima[bukuro]

    is our untold hero, way more impact than Mike “Moses” Masaoka 1915-1991, who only

    facilitated our Issei naturalization 1952. Jesse was our Nikkei enabler to upward mobility

    via the inspiration of his Henderson family in D.C. Sen. Henderson 1826-1913 was

    the son of white sharecroppers from the South, & when his parents died in 1836,

    he was made an indentured servant of a White master. He escaped such bondage &

    went out on his own, making big money off land speculation. He served in the Civil War

    & became a U.S. Senator, where he picked up where President Lincoln left off, by passing

    the 13th Amdt. which outlawed slavery [President Lincoln allowed border slavery to win

    re-election 1864]. Having been a slave himself, John Henderson knew what human cargo

    was all about. A firm abolitionist, he became known as among our greatest statesmen/

    humanitarians. He also prevented the politically-motivated impeachment of President

    Andrew Johnson. JFK invoked his memory a century later in extolling him as among the

    great men of history. Jesse was adopted into his family a decade after John’s death,

    being that Jesse/John virtually were clones of each other in their orphan status. Which is

    why John’s wife/son left Jesse their estate. Henderson Castle was a landmark in the heart

    of D.C. [today’s Meridian Park].

    Stroll down memory lane –

    Visitor industry’s Slim Holt popularized Kapoho’s Green Lake. Hilo Luso Henry

    Gouveia [not Kona educator] tour guide who got Dairy Queen franchise from

    visitor tip & became our pioneer franchise owner of drive in eatery. Who said

    Portuguese are dummies??!! Practical wisdom, common sense, Gouveia self-

    made man. Belle’s fountain moved up from Shinmachi area after tsunamis

    & opened at corner Hualalai/Kino’ole Sts. [former Ming’s store site].

    Back to Larry Mehau born 1929 –

    Earl Nakasato born 1942 asks what about Larry Mehau & Yoshito Takamine’s

    so-called friendship? Nothing more than political expediency. Yoshito a bull

    like Mehau, different spheres [Yoshito unionism-politics/Mehau security guard

    services-alleged underworld contacts]. Marriage of convenience, smelting of

    mountainous egos. Actually a passable fit/match, so to speak. Look at Ariyoshi’s

    foes, none fit the bill for the ravenous [for retention of powers] ILWU. Naturally,

    Mehau’s support of Ariyoshi merged w/ILWU’s endorsement of Ariyoshi. Remember

    that Ariyoshi’s utter insecurity [inferiority complex — a J_p is a J_p, no matter

    how you cut it] resulted in Ariyoshi waiting interminably for Mehau to show up

    at Hilo Airport lounge for strategy go [incl. Haw’n protestors at airport], &

    Ariyoshi actually carried Mehau’s bags on the golf course. Yikes!! Chief

    executive behavior?! No, only Ariyoshi’s behavior. Yoshito Takamine did

    world of good/wonders for Yoshito’s voters. Larry did world of good for Larry

    & whatever folks could benefit Larry. Night/day in impact/legacies.

    Profiteers –

    Today’s “money is god” profiteers [subprime mortgages] are reminiscent

    of older generation pillagers like T. Boone Pickens/Harry Weinberg [corporate

    raiders] & frumpy John D. MacArthur [Florida real estate speculator/Chicago

    insurance mogul], all of whom didn’t want IRS raiding their fortunes, so they

    posthumously endowed foundations [that immortalized their names]. Even at

    KTA, Mountain Apple brand is but another name for spiked fist, where imaginative

    individual makers of food products are not identified except under the KTA Mountain

    Apple brand. For absolutely delicious products by entrepreneurs like Mr. Ed’s

    Bakery of Honomu [Dean Edmoundson], subsuming invisibly under KTA’s Mountain

    Apple brand do nothing but promote KTA. Such superior products like Mr. Ed’s

    cookies/pastries/fruit preserves are better off being sold by Dean Edmoundson

    himself. Impelled by the spiked fist of capitalism.

    Timeline –

    Waiakea Pirates started in 1923 w/Nobu Maruyama. Lincoln Wreckers

    started in 1925 w/Ernie B. De Silva [followed by Froggie Yoneda].

    Lincoln Park in central Hilo town is the Wrecker site. Wanderers

    started in 1933 w/14 yr. old Francis Wong, its site being the triangle

    bound by Keawe/Kilauea/Mamo Sts. [by today’s New Star Restaurant].

    Piopio Bears started in 1942 w/Nobu Yamauchi [followed by Tai On

    Chock]. Thence, Hilo’s holy trinity of sports orgs excludes the latest

    one, Piopio St.’s Bears. Thru it all, credit Doc Francis “Fonkey” Wong

    1919-1971 for not stealing great leaders Tai On Chock [who wanted

    to join fellow Chinese Fonkey’s club]/Bert Nakaji of Wreckers [who also

    wanted to join Fonkey’s club], Doc knowing that each locality needed

    its site leaders. Amazingly, Doc Wong & Wreckers icon Dr. Richard

    Yamanoha worked out of the same office bldg. on Hualalai St. [mauka

    of today’s Burger King]. Doc was happy that native Wrecker Yamanoha

    took care of the Lincoln Park/central Hilo kids, while Doc took care of

    the Mamo St. kids. Mamo St. was called the “Street of Life” by a visiting

    Stateside artist — tremendous diversity of ethnic groups of all ages & from

    many walks of life, along w/the bustle of diverse activities carried on at

    all hours, as described to great scribe Maxine Hughes. Jim Evans was

    brought to Hilo’s Bank of Hawaii by Oahu’s Bob Sasaki, but Jim wasn’t able

    to upend First Haw’n Bank’s Al Nishimura in drawing buddahead customers.

    Al was a down-home guy who had charm to keep his buddahead brethren.

    Today’s Art Taniguchi would’ve been ideal to draw buddaheads away from

    Nishimura had Art been around 40 yrs. ago. Art is KTA Store family but

    chose to stay w/Bank of Hawaii, Art born 1951 [today’s Big Island boss].

    Rick West was BoHawaii Big Isle boss 25 yrs. ago but had little charm/smile,

    which was to Nishimura’s charming advantage.

    John McCain postscript [true story for us all] –

    At the Naval Academy, a student was browbeating a Pinoy worker in the

    cafeteria. Irascible John McCain, heedless of rank/order, went nose to

    nose vs. the white cadet & told him “If you ever do that again, you’ll have

    to do it to me first!” McCain, such temper/conflagration — a true warrior.

    Yes, ambivalence stokes heroic role models. McCain, for no sane reason,

    w/nothing to gain-self advancement, always backed up losers/helpless/

    powerless. His words on another occasion–his cadet buddy, the 1st Mex-Am

    there, “You know, I just kid you[racism] ’cause I know what you gonna be subjected

    to out there [in the real world].” Reaction — Mex-Am cried [the tenderest

    heart of McCain the impaler]. Strangely enough, McCain’s age peer Stan

    Roehrig exactly like McCain in temperament/volatility. Yet, Stan has a soft

    side that nobody ever sees. Problem is that Stan leaves no legacy ’cause

    all we ever see is this loud-mouth haole rubbernecking to be in the spotlight.

    Let me tell you what happened in ‘74 State Dem convene at Ilikai convention

    hall — I push for amnesty for VNW draft dodgers. The place erupts in rage/

    apoplexy. While I get pelted by core Dems/442 boys, Stan Roehrig quietly

    walks up to me & says, “Son, change the wording — reconciliation, not

    amnesty. Compromise. The best thing to do.” Words of wisdom out of a

    seeming politician seeking votes. Stan had everything to lose & nothing to

    gain by walking up to me. But he did. And I thank him to this day. Well,

    the amended mollifier didn’t work, but Stan’s wisdom carries us all — Stan,

    a noisebox/talking head haole, in his quiet/salutary moment in ‘74, such

    a peacemaker/forward-thinking guru. I’ll never forget Stan’s magical example.

    Thence, can never judge a bk. by its cover. We’re all Jekyll/Hyde. Yes, Stan

    leaves no legacy for society, but he certainly left a personal legacy for me.

    He is Jesus’ silent disciple.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Upending the status quo replete in Scripture –

    Mordecai’s Esther stands up for who she is & is willing to die so that others may

    live. She chastens, “If I perish, so be it!” Haman throws a banquet to celebrate

    himself but ends up in self-destruction via his egomania. Haman invokes getting

    rid of the Jews but finds himself being rid of. Foolish pride. Esther upends the

    status quo. Peter’s fear of the status quo wrung his denial of Jesus, only to

    be overcome by Peter’s conversion/make-up call to be martyred for Peter’s

    devotion to Jesus. Paul’s Type A personality fit God’s master plan of “everybody’s

    different.” So Paul converted from Christian-persecutor status quo to savior, Type

    A unchanged. Paul was who he was to serve a greater good, not to serve himself

    a la Haman. John’s Bk. of Revelation showed John’s conversion from son of thunder-

    master of rage status quo to apostle of love. Obama cleverly says “above my pay

    grade” to avert question of when life begins, but for a man who aspires to the highest

    secular office/respect, Obama lets down Christians who defy status quo/culture of

    mediocrity. Obama can say “at conception,” but still defer to secular authority [the

    people rule, not the churches]. State his principle/defy status quo, but defer to

    law of the land, not church. “The people have spoken” via their organs [courts/etc.]

    absolves Obama of autocracy/personal agenda over the polity/diverse constituents.

    In Obama’s sacred/profane sanctuary, the only powers are good/evil [God/devil].

    This duality works thru humanity/flawed beings. We frail sentients fight not flesh/

    blood, but vs. principal power in highest place, namely vs. Satan. As Daniel says,

    the real battle is in the heavens. Satan’s desire is to be like God, so why make it

    easier for Satan by denying your Faith? Obama defers to diverse polity/secular

    authority, not status quo. Status quo is to deny one’s Faith, if one has Faith.

    Satan is not the secular body. Satan fights on the highest plane, vs. God. Jesus

    upended the status quo as reformer by responding to Pontius Pilate, “it’s not for

    you to set me free, but for those who judge me wrongly. Ultimately, the Truth

    shall set me free, just as it shall set free those who judge me wrongly today.”

    No need for Obama to recant. Obama spoke his heart, though timidly like Peter.

    Repentance is a wondrous thing. It only comes when you don’t think about it.

    Much surprise awaits Obama. Growth. O`ahu’s Mits Aoki born 1915 is great

    advocate on growth/repentance. Mits not Hilo’s Hideo Aoki 1920-1977. “Stand

    in the Truth,” whether one lives or dies. It’s the only thing that matters. When

    my uncle Yukio was courting wife Masae/Nancy, inebriated Yoshimura [He-Man

    6 footer hulk] pushed away Yukio to dance w/Masae. Yukio, only 5′3″, told

    Yoshimura, “Az no way to treat a lady.” Yoshimura told Yukio to step outside.

    Outside the dance hall, Yoshimura swung “for the fences” & missed Yukio by

    a mile. Yukio threw “shoe-shine” [sharp rapid blows] at Yoshimura’s mid-section,

    that dropped Yoshimura like a rock. Upending the status quo [rebuke bully

    He-Man Yoshimura]. Richard Uejo born 1925 started today’s HIAC [elderly day

    care center]. Richard started the Japanese language program among Baptists.

    Richard started child care pre-school, & the forerunner of today’s A Plus program.

    Richard upended the status quo. But inner beauty comes in strange packaging.

    As w/leaders like Rich Uejo/Steamy Chow, you gotta’ cut thru the self-glorification/

    selfish pride that constitute 99% of the verbal drivel, to get to the treasured

    1% mother lode [of wisdom]. Richard is the negative exemplar of having to

    cut thru the crap to get to Richard’s 1% holy grail.

    Global financial crisis –

    Subprime [bad loan] mortgage failure/CDS [credit default swaps—so-called derivatives/

    hedge funds concocted 16 yrs. ago at J.P. Morgan to prop up worthless paper-scams]

    felled Wall St. Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs converted to regulated holding bank status

    to free up access to capital under such regulatory scheme. Free-market model as we know

    it that fueled so-called derivatives “casino gambling” now will be tightly regulated, just as

    our loose regulatory oversight still was a huge leap forward vs. the unregulated stock market

    that crashed 80 years ago in 1929. Especially back then, there was no FDIC/FCUIC that

    guaranteed grassroot savings deposits.

    Taiwan coveted Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002

    Because Camp Smith [Pac Command] was synonymous w/Hung Wai Ching,

    Taiwan coveted Hung Wai. When Hung Wai went to Taipei, he was a virtual

    god there. Taiwanese as well as Chou En Lai knew of Hung Wai’s contacts

    w/U.S. military-industrial complex [Northrop/etc.]. Not hubris, just fact.

    Yet Hung Wai always was for the little guy in society, which is why Hung Wai

    enabled oddball Koji Ariyoshi to rebuke Koji’s UH elitists & transfer to U Georgia

    [little guy’s Tobacco Rd. notoriety]. Of course, in 1937 Hung Wai knew nothing

    about Stalin’s colossal genocide/purges. By the time Mao stoked Mao’s

    genocide/Cultural Revolution, Hung Wai was up to speed on so-called Commie

    bullshit. Which is why Koji Ariyoshi was too brainwashed to wake up like Hung Wai

    did 3 decades earlier. Koji’s loss. Hung Wai transformed Chou En Lai into an

    Anglophile/Western acolyte. It’s about respect. Though Hung Wai was Chou’s

    jr. by 7 yrs., Chou was attentive to Hung Wai’s nation-building [U.S.].

    Abundance of a man’s heart is from Matthew 12:35

    The heart is filled w/both Jekyll & Hyde. Overcoming the Hyde in each of us is

    as elusive as a phantom. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921, knowledgeable as he

    is, is an utter asshole — tells me why do I waste my time crusading for

    sports ancients/icons when today’s dying newsprint is about local contempos.

    Yes, newsprint dies w/our old farts, but to me business/economics are not

    excuses for sh_tcanning the past. Yes, blogging is my panacea, but I crusade

    to give our oldtime heroes their last shot at glory before they pass on to Divinity.

    Now what’s so useless about this! “The heart, not the brain, is our noblest refrain!”

    Yes, Isamu is no jesus/buddha/muhammad. Isamu is my negative role model who

    inspires me to REBUKE Isamu & battle even more by REJECTING Isamu’s heartless drivel.

    The post-1920 born buddaheads are frickin’ punks/egotists/intolerants. Dad, I miss you

    [Toshi 1913-1998]. You, Hiro Higuchi, a breed apart from Isamu’s gang of


    Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr 1892-1971 [alter ego to MLK/Barack Obama] –

    Niebuhr is Missouri-born German American whose dad was an evangelist. Like Hung Wai Ching,

    his protege, Niebuhr has divinity degree from Yale & is among NYC Union Theol. Sem.’s greatest

    figures [taught Hung Wai/devotees include Martin Luther King/Columbia U. sister school’s Barack

    Obama]. Like Yasutaro Soga’s slow but steady assimilation, Niebuhr transformed from incendiary

    leftist to moderate centrist peacemaker/consensus-builder. Extraordinary evolution/metamorphosis.

    Our greatest leaders today hang their hats on nerve center Niebuhr. Niebuhr’s outlook presaged

    today’s Muslim extremists — the sin of spiritual hubris is the worst sin, more than sins of mental/

    physical hubris, which are easier to overcome.

    Hung Wai [“HW”] Ching 1905-2002 our discerning oracle

    G-2 [Army Intelligence Office] Moses Pettigrew served in Hawai`i pre-PH

    which gave him eyeball support of our AJAs for combat. When he went

    back to D.C., he worked closely w/Fielder in Hawai`i, who in turn relied

    on Bicknell until Bicknell also got re-assigned back to D.C. Fielder in turn

    relied on Marsten & Blake. Fielder was a jock [Georgia qb. beat

    Cumberland 220-0 — highest score in college football]/commanded

    Nat’l Guard unit here pre-WWII & mixed well w/

    ex-track/hoops star & ROTC alumnus Hung Wai Ching. Masaji Marumoto also

    served under HW & was trusted by G-2 ’s gang above. Army ran martial

    law Hawai`i [`Iolani Palace had top brass general stationed there]

    & was the principal advocate for combat use of the 100th conscripts

    & the 442 enlistees. Of course, ONI’s Coggins, w/Nimitz’ approval,

    seconded combat use of Nisei. Do you know that Nimitz believed

    so much in AJAs that he called for the induction of 10,000 buddaheads

    for service outside the Pacific area in July 1942? Predictably, Navy Sec.

    Knox opposed Nimitz. Masaji Marumoto’s ESC under HW’s Morale Committee

    command pushed ONI’s Coggins/Nimitz to “second” Army infantry combat for

    AJAs, which impressed Marshall enough to reverse Ike & ratify Emmons’

    combat use of 100th.

    HW was so ubiquitous that LA Times’ Kyle Palmer backed HW. Being ROTC-

    trained, HW easily won support of military top brass. HW’s UH alter ego

    Hemenway pushed for HW as the point man for civilian support/unity in

    martial law Hawai`i. HW not only became the rallying cry for strength

    in unity/Americanism, he also became the rallying cry for fair treatment

    of all minorities in pluralistic America. Look at Truman’s integration of

    the military, at Ike’s civil rights genesis, at Earl Warren’s Brown vs. Bd.

    of Education decision/etc. HW is our discerning oracle. HW went to

    U Chicago for one yr., then transferred w/his prof to Yale Divinity. Which

    is why son KL Ching takes it hard that Jeremiah Wright, mentored by Union

    Theol.’s James Cone [HW’s alma mater], M.A. grad U Chicago [HW’s alma

    mater], is under attack from moderates/silent majority. Wright reminds me

    of John the Beloved before John’s transformation — son of thunder, man of

    rage, John was more aptly John the blowhard. Who said “shall we just

    burn’em up [Samaritans]?” You guessed it.

    Peter was another talker who pissed off Jesus to no end, but became a

    great leader. Wright is no great leader — yet. This is Obama’s roughness

    of the hour — Obama’s fate to evaluate in the middle of the fire. Wright

    needs to be Joshua– step back & watch others like Obama lead our united

    people, while following Jesus thru & thru. It is sad that Wright has not yet

    transformed a la John/Peter [Peter irked Jesus to quip, “Satan get behind

    me!” — referring to Peter].

    Condo lease-to-fee conversion

    Honolulu’s 2005 repealed ordinance [1991 version

    of land lease-to-fee conversion in State Code]

    should’ve been tweaked to require binding arbitration

    w/the goal of re-distribution of land for the public good.

    Lau Faat Leong aka Lau Ah Leong/Chun Afong

    Punahou ‘66 grad Pam Chun wrote novel “Money Dragon” about her great-

    grandfather Lau Faat Leong, among early founders of Chinatown [founder like Chun Ahfong,

    Hawai`i’s 1st Chinese millionaire –pundit Bob Dye’s wife is Chun’s progeny][not to be confused

    w/Vineyard’s Don Marin, whose progeny incl. harbormaster Ian Birnie’s wife]. Most Chinese

    merchants belonged to Hiram Fong’s First Chinese Christian Church aka “Beretania Church” [now

    located on King St. across McKinley High School]. 2nd & 3rd generation UH Chinese kids broke

    away from Beretania Church because of its ultra-rigidity [prohibited lascivious dancing/merriment] &

    started the Community Church across Royal Elem. School in shanty Emmaville in a ramshackle old

    Chinese School [today’s Nu`uanu Church — Hung Wo Ching facilitated its relocation in 1960].

    There is acute status consciousness b/n Nu`uanu Church & Beretania Church [Nu`uanu’s members

    are college grads & incl. our Chinese “Who’s Who”] — social climber mentality which would sadden

    primordial leaders Chinese Stephen Mark [from Frisco] & Leigh Hooley aka Lee Houlie [who got many

    of Leigh’s charges/students from Beretania Church to Nu`uanu Church via Leigh’s outreach to

    Nu`uanu & from Leigh’s Nu`uanu Y a block ewa/west of Nu`uanu Church]. In fact, Nu`uanu

    Church’s 2 conference rms. are named in honor of Leigh & Pastor Mark. John Young earlier

    “deaconed” at Beretania Church & also brought along many disaffected younger brethren to

    Nu`uanu Church. Young was inspired by Nu`uanu Y founder Frank Atherton 1878-1945, the 1st

    race-inclusive Y here in 1917. Of course, this is how Hung Wai Ching beat up the biggest J_p kids

    & then contritely became their biggest supporter WWII. Young/Hung Wai/Hooley were mentored by

    altruist Atherton. AJA kids went to Episcopalian ‘Iolani [Sun Yat Sen went to ‘Iolani/Punahou —

    Chinn Ho’s son Stuart, non-Nu`uanu brethren, was rejected to Punahou, went to ‘Iolani, then was

    admitted to Punahou — Nu`uanu Church kids had beeline entry to

    Punahou/Harvard/Yale/Stanford/Union Theological Seminary via Atherton]. Kaua`i’s Sakae

    Takahashi 1919-2001 went from Waimea High to UH for ag teacher creds [Sakae ran from cops

    w/his dad when Pablo Manlapit spoke to laborers roadside, the only place Manlapit could meet

    w/them — Sakae asked Congress Delegate candidate Dem Johnny Wilson why the Baldwins allowed

    Wilson to come speak at camp rallies — Wilson said he did the Baldwins’ irrigation systems, thence,

    the Baldwins allowed Wilson to come to the camps]. KingLit Ching’s baby brother SauLit is a

    Nu`uanu Church member — very altruistic, not a social climber. Former great sports scribe Loui

    Long Hop is Lau Faat Leong’s progeny. Joe Ballard Atherton 1837-1903, Frank’s dad, genesis of Y here.

    Internment –

    Okay, so Mas Marumoto didn’t avert his in-law’s internment, just as Walter

    Dillingham didn’t avert his disciple/deshi Matsujiro Otani’s internment. Mas/

    Walter felt helpless to counter Shivers/Burns/Fielder’s lock-up list pre-12/7/41.

    Respect for the process. Irascible Hung Wai Ching was no sort of lay low

    joe. He was a samurai [yet he loathed samurai for their warrior mentality —

    yes, the conflicted/mercurial side of Hung Wai]. True, he didn’t know Issei

    archetypes Koichi Iida/Daizo Sumida/Katsuichi Kawamoto/Shige Miyao to

    prevent their internment, but nonetheless he fought for older/kyu Nisei

    to keep them out of lock-ups. Younger/wakai Nisei [442 boys] were not

    interned. BTW, Servco founder/Issei Hideichi “Pete” Fukunaga 1890-1960

    [1st buddahead diversified family companies — consumer/commercial loans–

    insurance–appliances–trademark Toyota dealerships] first immigrated

    to Kukuihaele/Honoka`a as Shin/new-recent Issei a century ago &

    worked in the Pacific Sugar Co. fields/general store, then moved to O`ahu

    to attend `Iolani School [via Episcopal beneficence — Honoka`a didn’t

    have a high school until 1936 — John Perreira 1908-1912 principal was

    an early home-grown proponent of expanded education at Honoka`a].

    Great Luso historymakers Godofredo Affonso [journalism]/Jose Teves

    [poetry]/Val Marciel [acct.], along w/Chinese entrepreneurs Ruddy Tongg/

    Wong brothers, all hail from Honoka`a, but didn’t have anything beyond

    grade/elementary school during their eras. Former native son Pete

    Fukunaga wasn’t interned WWII because his dealerships were

    American — Chevy/Ford/General Motors. He became Toyota exclusive

    dealer in 1958 [he chose Toyota over Datsun/Nissan because it had

    a better clutch].

    Tom Okino 1906-1979 recruited Shinmachi boys WWII

    Willy Thompson’s uncle Tom Okino married Shinmachi’s Nakaji [koa shop], thence

    Okino’s recruitment of disproportionately high number of Shinmachi 442 enlistees.

    Nisei SK Oda born 1899 is an honorary AJA Club member because he always

    donated time/equipment to our AJA Club [combo 100th/442/interpreters MIS/

    engineers/artillery]. Philanthropist Laura Kennedy 1879-1967 liked Sato Repair

    Garage in Shinmachi, so when son Akira Sato returned as 442 veteran, Laura

    donated the land across our Muni Golf Course to the AJA Club. At first a few

    100th boys wanted their own clubhouse on the donated parcel, so the 442

    boys built the current clubhouse adjacent to Laula Rd., leaving the makai

    portion for the 100th minority nonconformists. Eventually K Co. replacement

    Rusty Kamimura brokered truce/confluence b/n 100th/442, & today the

    AJA clubhouse sits proudly as a unified symbol of all the Nisei units. Rusty,

    the only son among sibs from Shinmachi born 1923, was only 14 yrs. old

    when his dad died. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 was only 16 yrs. old when

    his dad died, Waiakea Mill camp. Both Rusty/Isamu are no-nonsense gruff guys,

    & goal-oriented. Rusty’s wife Ritsuko born 1927 is from Kea`au, & knows

    about Kea`au girls Yoshiko Ogawa/Mitsue Shinchi marrying ILWU’s high command [Hall/Dave Thompson], though

    Ritsuko doesn’t like political talk/burei.

    Lefty also joined Scrub Tanaka’s post-WWII nascent Dem Party, & backed John

    Ushijima’s initial forway into the new State Senate 1959. But when John Ushijima

    started getting greedy & sabotaged the acquisition of Veterans Cemetery

    land extension/expansion thru John’s own land paradigm,

    Rusty gave up vs. John’s insincerity & refused to support John thereafter. Bill

    Thompson & Rusty got my Mom to prepare resolution form to secure alternate

    Veterans Cemetery No. 2 site which you see today, no thanks to Ushijima. But

    my Dad [1st 442 Club prexy 1946] still liked baby bro’ John, because John was

    a cut-up good fun guy [beer/songs/music even though John sounded like a frog].

    K Co. Lefty Kuniyoshi was highly respected because Lefty was grassroots like

    Rusty. Lefty couldn’t stand peer Benty Tachibana, who attended reunions but

    nothing else. Lefty & Rusty were primordial Dem Party catalysts post-WWII

    along w/Scrub & Tadao Okimoto. Onomea’s Tadao was the only non-soldier.

    Scrub was MIS. Jack Burns always invited these 4 hombres along w/Waimea’s

    Onodera [not a soldier] to Jack’s Waimea home later on, w/driver Norman Tsuji

    also joining in.

    Vietnam War sage Gen. Matthew Ridgway 1895-1993

    Ridgway dispelled MacArthur’s all-out war vs. China call in the Korean War by retaking Seoul
    & crossing the 38th Parallel. Ridgway also averted U.S. intervention to prevent French defeat
    in Indochina, arguing that ground forces equal to those in Korea were necessary to turn the
    tide for the French, over intervention proponent Admiral Radford, who argued that naval/air
    power were sufficient. Ridgway showed keen insight on the objective of limited war,
    unlike Radford & Korean War nemesis MacArthur. Ridgway insisted on withdrawal from
    Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin deception, arguing that we were destined to lose to
    civil war forces via our containment focus, on difficult terrain, via limited warfare. Ridgway’s
    prescience laid the foundation for Reagan’s Weinberger doctrine in 1985 which dissuades
    us from committing troops to conflicts in which no direct vital interests are at stake [ergo
    Hussein-Iraq]. Ho Chi Minh’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap is overrated, his impatience resulting in
    disastrous defeats beyond the capabilities of his forces [Tet offensive]. Although the French
    defeat at Dien Bien Phu 1954 enhanced Giap’s persona, the major strategic decisions of the
    French Indochina War were made by China, over greenhorn Giap’s objections. World media
    convinced the U.S. public that existing U.S. strategy of attrition would not result in final
    victory after Giap’s failed Tet offensive. W/public support undermined for our war effort,
    President Johnson halted U.S. air strikes above the 20th Parallel to induce negotiations w/
    Ho Chi Minh.

    Typecasting –

    Yes, German engineers/mgrs. along the Hamakua/Kohala coast were demanding/autocrats. But
    French mgr. W. Pierre Naquin [from La.] at Honoka`a Sugar Co. was especially
    abusive/dictatorial/ruthless. Germans enjoyed their high cultural status thruout the world, &
    attempted to redeem their lost glory post-WWI. Scots [prevalent thruout the islands] were
    pragmatic a la the Chinese, but they also had immense individualism a la their solitary Chinese
    counterparts. Did Ian Birnie, whose Dad was Scot immigrant, tell you about how his Dad’s Scot
    pals belittled Ian’s American Mom [not part of the exclusive Scot clique]? No wonder she divorced
    him [only to marry him again after he grew contrite as he aged]. But overall, Scot
    engineers/mgrs. were altruists, & unlike their Chinese counterparts, encouraged upward mobility
    in fledgling Asian immigrants. In these pecked-on Asian immigrants, our Scots, born/bred of
    tremendous hardship/poverty in Old World Occident, saw themselves. Thence enormous
    uplift/encouragement/sense of community from Scots to Asian immigrants. Name a larger-than-life
    plantation owner/mgr., he almost certainly was Scot. CC Kennedy/John M. Ross/James
    Henderson, all Scots, all caring owners/mgrs. Don’t mistake heart for complacency. These were
    firm/tough mgrs., but they were fair & cared for their villagers. Yes, the world has seen great
    Scot scientists/ literateurs, but not in abundance like their German counterparts. Thence the
    German hubris, thence the Scot stoicism. Also, the Scots were not humiliated WWI. The
    Germans lost face completely in defeat WWI. Displaced aggression/projection onto lower
    members of the social/status pecking order [Asian immigrants/etc.]. Then again, we had great
    German philanthropists sprinkled about, Reinhardt/Asegut from the 1850s [started sugar mills from
    my native Pauka`a to Papa`ikou], but these good joes came long before German ignominy
    WWI. The Reinhardts then intermarried w/NY’s Macy [yes, famous Macy’s]. The new park by Harrington’s Restaurant is the former
    Reinhardt Estate. Again, every plantation was different, although common threads are visible.
    Generally, the larger the plantation, the greater the division of labor/stratification. Which is why
    labor strife was more prevalent in large communities like Ola`a-Kea`au & Pepe`ekeo. Labor
    agitator Pablo Manlapit had greatest impact at the large mills. No, Goto’s lynching preceded Big 5
    ownership in Honoka`a. Overend was proprietor/owner who was in over his head vs. labor
    agitators 1889. After all, “J_ps” had just come here 4 yrs. earlier. Ignorance breeds violence, both
    ways. Look at “J_ps” doing in other “J_ps” [J_ps bombed Sakamaki’s home in Ola`a 1920]. Look
    at Scrub Tanaka’s disdain for Yoshiko Ogawa [Ola`a girl married Jack Hall]. Scrub never lived down
    Scrub’s dislike for Pepe`ekeo/Ola`a AJA girls. Yet, Scrub worships all other AJA girls, always
    exhorting that they have more guts/brains than the men!! Girls like social worker Fumiko
    Iwamasa/stenographer Takemoto-Hayashi/etc.

    Family links [KTA-Hawaii Hardware — HPM Bldg. Supply] –

    Intrepid pioneer building contractors/Issei immigrants Kametaro Fujimoto & Sanzo Kawasaki

    teamed up to form Hawai`i Planing Mill [bldg. supply outfit] in 1921. Sanzo later was bought

    out, & Kametaro’s son Barney took over operations. Barney was succeeded by Barney’s

    son Bobby, who then was succeeded by Bobby’s son Michael [Yonsei 4th generation, born

    1952], Bobby born 1927. Sanzo’s son Roger married Koichi Taniguchi’s daughter Sayoko.

    Ryuzo Taniguchi [Dr. Tokuso Taniguchi’s brother] is Koichi’s nephew, & owned Hawai`i Hardware,

    HPM’s smaller industry rival. Koichi’s other daughter [married to watchmaker George Hiraoka]

    worked at Ryuzo’s Hawai`i Hardware Store, which just closed for good [retirement], corner

    Kilauea/Hualalai Sts. [across Burger King/Long’s Drugs].

    Koichi Taniguchi’s name indelibly is linked w/Sanzo Kawasaki & w/Koichi’s nephew Ryuzo/

    Hawai`i Hardware Store. But no bad blood between KTA/HPM, both major benefactors

    re social altruism. Of course, Ryuzo formerly w/HPM.

    Roland Higashi/Kaiko`o Mall bailed out Kiyo Okubo for several yrs., allowing Kiyo to house

    Kiyo’s museum rent-free in the old Men’s Shop site in the Kaiko`o Mall. This move came when

    Kiyo moved out of Dr. Matsumura’s termite-ridden “home” next to Ace Hardware. Yes,

    benevolent Roland was very generous to Kiyo Okubo. Roland never forgot how difficult it

    was for Roland’s entrepreneur dad to deal w/patricians [Holmes Store/AmFac/C. Brewer/

    Theo. Davies/etc.].

    Affordable housing — no solution in sight short of autocracy/tyranny –

    Kingmaker Bob Oshiro, like eventual Burns expatriate Sakae Takahashi, grew weary of big money

    campaign financing. Jeremy Harris’ negative exemplar says it all.

    Affordable housing is the biggest problem facing lawmakers today. Only mega-large public

    housing projects will alleviate the homeless issue, albeit unsatisfactory stopgap measures

    [short of undemocratic population controls — limit on number of children one may bear].

    Pi`ihonua [land incline] political links —

    1. Pi`ihonua Camps 3, 4, & 5 lie 4 miles upslope north of Hilo Bay, village vestiges of Hawai`i

    [Sugar] Mill Co. Camp residents are mostly Okinawan[Uchinanchu] & Japanese [Naichi].

    Hawaiian residents include benevolent electrician Henry Keli`i & the Kahele ohana.

    Pi`ihonua Elem. School had its start w/the development of Hawai`i Mill plantation a

    century ago, its bldg. size gradually growing up the ground incline as its enrollment

    increased. Susumu Miura born 1912 is among its oldest living alumni.

    Of course, former plantation owner James “Kimo” Henderson 1876-1965 has his mansion

    above Camp 3, & his daughter Lei Hutchinson has her home just below his. Kimo/Lei/family

    were GOP, but like UH godfather GOP Charles Hemenway, they exemplified their Christian

    creed of everybody’s equal. Nonetheless, the patriarchal Hendersons [no relation to

    Richard Scotch Henderson] surely were not elated that their spiritual progeny [village

    residents] carried the Dem Party banner. Free country. The Hendersons accepted

    this precept. If anything, the Hendersons’ diversity/pluralistic values were evidenced

    via their rank/file workers’ Dem colors. But the original residents [Issei immigrants/oldest

    Nisei children of immigrants] were apolitical: Sus Miura’s dad/Kantaro Kunihiro/Hidetaro Higa/

    Jihizo Ota/Hideo Yamada, among others. Owner James Henderson, typecast stone-face

    tightwad Scot, was not generous/benevolent to those villagers [Camps 3,4,5] at

    the bottom of the social ladder/group hierarchy [like renaissance man Henry Shimabukuro’s

    parents]. The common laborers despised Henderson’s uncaring/stand-off ways. But the

    company men/supervisors/scale men [weigh the cane tonnage] like original Luso Ventura/

    haole Herd/buddaheads Kunihiro, Ota, etc. absolutely worshipped him [were bestowed

    favors by the pragmatic/”conditioned response”-oriented Henderson]. Henderson was

    full Scot but was called Kimo for James by his Ponahawai ahupua`a devotees downtown

    where his mill factory was [on Puna side of Alena`io Canal by Central Fire Station]. Kimo

    bestowed his full grace/charity/generosity to his Mill Camp residents [now Osorio Lane/

    lower Kuku`au St. block between Kilauea Ave. & Kino`ole St. (there was no Kino`ole

    St. Puna side of Ponahawai St. in Henderson’s era pre-1920s)]. Kimo’s onetime

    office site at Pi`ihonua Camp 3 also was site of Kimo’s benevolence to Kimo’s company

    men. Kimo’s son Sonny & Kimo’s Helco confidant Pat Brown [Pu`u`eo Sheila

    Clark’s dad] were great altruists who uplifted the Ponahawai down-and-out residents.

    Just as Kimo’s loving daughter Lei Hutchinson [hubby Hardy Sr. was Gas Co. mgr./soft-

    spoken nice guy] took the austere Camp 3,4,5 Pi`ihonua kids under her expansive/

    tender/nurturant wings. Hardy Jr. was auspicious ad-man/PR guy but was hi-maka-maka

    toward villagers at bottom of social/class ladder.

    2. As elitist James Henderson aged, camp residents linked w/powerful Dem solons to

    improve their lives/sites — Jackie/Mamoru Shiro enlisted Kazuhisa Abe; Tatsuya Oshiro/Sam

    Tokeshi had Nelson Doi, who also was the village cane planters’ attorney.

    Mokey Hanagami had John Ushijima; Isamu Ponduce [make bread] Hokama had

    Herb Matayoshi [Okinawan roots only peripheral to linkup]; Tets Kunihiro had Stanley Hara.

    Mac Taira had the lone GOP, powerful James Kealoha. Look at the Freeway to Nowhere

    from Camp 3 to Camp 4, a half mile distant. Look at the beautiful concrete bridges

    at Camp 3. Amazing pork barrel!! Amid austere/lean villagers. Mokey Hanagami also

    enlisted GOP curmudgeon/Sen. minority leader Doc Hill, who was peripheral to Pi`ihonua’s

    social progress, but who pragmatically hired mostly AJAs [post-WWII Nisei vote-getters].

    The current leaders/outfit are not linked politically. The current crew consists

    of dour/Mt. Rushmore Byron Toma, ebullient/classy retired Col. Henry Shimabukuro, polite

    Conrad Hokama [Ponduce’s son born 1958], & pedantic Roy Daimaru. Assorted mix.

    3. The close-knit/insular villagers have the remarkable distinctions of fee simple ownership

    of land down to the lowest rung of the social ladder –affordable lease-to-fee conversion

    from the State, the rarest/most magnanimous measure of participatory democracy —

    of owning their social hall & the land it sits on debt-free — all thru their own group effort

    [no corporate/Big Five bailout][DLNR’s Bill Paty facilitated purchase price at 50 % of market

    value]. Amazing/remarkable pro-active collective effort unlike any other kumiai/community

    org. anywhere!! Kumiai prexy Toma thanks inimitable Henry Shimabukuro/Conrad

    Hokama for galvanizing lease to fee conversion. Extraordinary men w/even more

    exceptional hearts/yamato damashii/chugi/otagai/oyakoko!! I’m still floored by their

    superhuman achievements, on their own blood/sweat/tears! Great, great leaders,

    incredible metaphysical group cohesion/solidarity — unmatched!! Ai/kansha, –Curt

    State House Speaker Elmer Cravalho 1959-1967

    1. Elmer Cravalho born 1926, our Little Caesar, ran a tight ship as House Speaker. What does he do

    when he gets up out of slumber at 2 a.m. in the dead of nite? Plot! Cravalho returned

    to Maui for his long run as mayor in 1968, followed by fellow Luso Hannibal Tavares [Nils

    Tavares’/Edna Taufaasau’s nephew]. We now have another Tavares as mayor there.

    2. No, Cravalho was not Burns’ choice for Governor in 1974! Cravalho missed the boat when

    he turned down Burns’ plea to be Burns’ Lt. Gov. in 1966. Cravalho felt that the Lt. Gov.

    office was merely ceremonial, a demotion from Cravalho’s autocratic House rule. Burns

    confidante Mike Tokunaga surmised that Cravalho was swayed by Cravalho’s ILWU to

    stand pat in the House, where the ILWU pushed its agenda.

    3. Neophyte kanaka maoli Kenny Brown became Burns’ final Lt. Gov. choice in 1966, but was

    trounced by erstwhile anti-Burns bard Tom Gill. Like Hilo’s Scotch Henderson, Brown

    would’ve made a fine Governor — team builder/listener/frugal/compassionate.

    Dan Tuttle’s favorite lawyers/Luso(Portuguese)/Waiakea-Kai’s Martha Wakefield

    1. Dan Tuttle, our best political observer, died Dec. 2006. His favorite lawyers are

    Bob Dodge [Dem Party manifesto that everybody’s equal 1952], Martin Pence [Kansas

    Plains Jacksonian Dem], & Hawaiian Bill Richardson [promoted Hawaiian custom over

    Western culture]. Nelson Doi is Tuttle’s favorite conversation piece [good copy/ink],

    not as a lawyer.

    2. Dodge is the classic case of idealism over pragmatism. When Dodge poked the windmill

    [a la hopeless romantic Don Quixote] of Dem Frank Fasi 1960 mayor’s primary race, Dem

    boss Jack Burns refused to endorse dreamer Dodge. Fasi swamped Dodge, only to lose

    to Burns’ good friend GOP Rusty Blaisdell in the general election. Above all, Burns was

    a team-first coach. Dodge did not fit the bill, despite being a brilliant platform man.

    3. Pence got elected County Attorney/became judge on the backs of faithful Dem soldiers

    like Yasuki Arakaki. But when Yasuki [I have to say full first name because he has brother

    w/nickname Yasu, like WWII hero/jock Kazuma Hisanaga, who has brother w/nickname Kazu]

    got nailed w/hot button red-bait charges, Pence demurely [not Pence’s usual style] asked

    Yasuki for Yasuki’s Dem Party membership card. Utterly betrayed, Yasuki took it out of

    his wallet, flung it at Pence, & told Pence, “And this is how you treat your friends, heh,

    judge!” Yasuki never spoke to Pence again. Pence’s sin, not Yasuki’s by a long shot.

    4. Richardson’s adage: The surveyor’s compass holds no water over the canoe berth [so that

    the canoe doesn’t wash out to sea in the dead of night], which defines the public’s right

    over the shoreline. Rich’s adage still crests today — rich beachfront owners cannot breach

    the public’s shoreline via salt-resistant vegetation from mauka to makai [vegetation indicates

    private ownership]. Ironically, Rich’s nemesis is Pence, who accused Rich of fairy tale

    concoctions, not precedent/law. Yin-yang. Take your pick.

    5. Non-lawyer John Hulten had the best answer to Burns’/Ariyoshi’s fear of fighting Bishop

    Estate over lease-to-fee conversion — ancient Mortmain [dead hand]/Rule Against

    Perpetuities [still alive today — Campbell Estate breakup] precepts promote land ownership

    at the lowest level of our socio-economic strata, equitable land distribution — Ariyoshi’s

    twisted logic over 2-tiered classes of lessors, akin to non-lawyer Burns’ rationale, is but

    an excuse for maintaining the status quo, leaving monolith Bishop Estate w/land ownership

    greater than all the private/corporate landowners combined. The U.S. Supreme Court

    validated lease-to-fee conversion. Remember that Hulten, like Burns, was a fighting

    Catholic [underclass/rank & file], & Hulten resented historical Protestant monopoly over land

    ownership. Yes, malihini Hulten was a greater fighter than Burns vs. landed estates.

    Hulten’s downside was that Hulten chastened Burns for not voting Burns’ Catholic

    conviction vs. abortion. In this respect, Hulten went down fighting, imposing his Catholic

    faith over civic responsibility. A mistake. Ironically, Hulten is best known for promoting

    the inter-island ferry as a cheaper alternative to commercial aviation. Hulten is a distant

    in-law of great Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant.

    6. Do you know that literata/solon Godofredo Affonso’s son Godfrey was an early thinktank

    w/Jack Burns in Kailua, O`ahu? That Burns’ St. Louis College/High allegiance stood strong

    w/Luso Val Marciel/Jim Ferry/Edna Tavares Taufaasau as Burns’ 1st cabinet chiefs? Imagine,

    3 Luso heads in Burn’s inaugural Gov. term! Matchless!

    7. Do you know that Waiakea-Kai kanaka maoli icon/principal Martha Richardson Wakefield is

    Charles Richardson’s daughter? Keaukaha’s Richardson Estate/Park & Mamo St.’s former

    name, Richardson St. pre-1916, not to mention the 2nd owner of Volcano House [Pitman

    was the first, 1846] 1866’s Richardson, are Martha Wakefield’s auspicious family [Charles/

    Julius Richardson]. Amazing compassionate lineage. Today’s slimmed-down Skylark Rossetti

    looks like prime/peaked Martha circa 1920.

    8. Do you know that when Jimmy Kealoha beat Bob Yamada for County Chairman 1958,

    when Lofty Cook beat Scrub Tanaka for County Chairman 1960, Scrub bellowed, our

    island is not ready for an AJA chief!! So powerful were the influence/personality of

    GOP Jimmy Kealoha, who became Statehood’s 1st Lt. Gov. in 1959!! But upstart Shun

    Kimura plotted the overthrow of old money/landed interests, & became AJA’s 1st Chairman

    in 1964, sweeping past ethnic Hawaiian rule from our County’s inception in 1905. So gallow-

    tight had been the grip of kanaka maoli/GOP chiefdom.

    9. Ethnic bloc voting/plunking is over-hyped. Dan Inouye beat Ben Dillingham in haole districts

    in 1962 for the U.S. Senate. Look at Gov. Lingle’s wins over Hirono/Iwase — AJAs/

    Filipinos voted for her! Haole districts voted for Akaka over Case! The sizzle of

    ethnicity does not fool us over the quality of sustenance.

    High cost campaigning: 1970 Gov. Burns race — “Catch a Wave”

    Shorted by 1970’s unprecedented Gov. campaign costs [film Catch a Wave] for Burns — vendor

    Ah Chew Goo, apolitical hoops legend, lost $2,000 for campaign pins/tokens. Dan Aoki

    failed to pay for the items, then had Frank Hata [Y. Hata of Hilo outfit][Frank also Ariyoshi’s

    Rasputin] try to barter w/Ah Chew [fundraising tickets to cancel debt], & finally a letter from

    Bob Oshiro explaining that Burns’ outfit had no money to pay the debt, & that Ah Chew best

    write it off for tax purposes. Till this day, Ah Chew is sore about the loss.

    Ah Chew has no preference for party labels. He sure soured on Burns’ gang in 1970. Wiped

    out by a bad debt. Catch a Wave caught Ah Chew in its grip. Sad experience.

    Kingmaker Bob Oshiro on George Ariyoshi/our Lili`uokalani Park –

    1. Bob Oshiro was the kingmaker for Gov. Burns in elections 1962/1966/1970, for Gov.

    Ariyoshi in 1974/1978/1982, & for Gov. Waihe`e in 1986. Born in 1924, Oshiro is not part

    of the ubiquitous WWII all-Nisei soldiers, but a late draftee who ended up in post-WWII MIS

    Japan. Oshiro 1924-2008.

    2. A dying Jack Burns told Oshiro in 1974, “Bobby, unless you get involved, this man [Ariyoshi]

    isn’t going to make it. I want you to look at it from a standpoint of what it means to all

    of us at the [Democratic] party.” Ariyoshi denies that Burns babysat Ariyoshi to victory.

    3. Even though Oshiro was wedlocked w/genro[elder statesman] Burns, Oshiro carried the

    torch for Ariyoshi/Waihe`e to fulfill the precept of everybody’s equal [fairness in education/

    taxation/housing/health care/commerce/home rule], Oshiro’s ode to godly saint Burns.

    4. Do you know that Burns had our MIS Scrub Tanaka get 100th Batt. Sparky Matsunaga’s

    promise that even if Sparky defiantly runs in 1959 Lt. Gov. primary vs. Burns’ choice Mits

    Kido, if Sparky loses, Sparky will support the Dem slate in the Gov./Lt. Gov. general election?!

    Fellow 100th Mike Tokunaga was unable to dispel stubborn/ganko Sparky’s non-collaborative

    nature. And do you know that Sparky faithfully fulfilled Sparky’s promise to Scrub/Burns?

    When Sparky lost to Kido, Sparky closed ranks w/his Dems & went all-out to support Burns/

    Kido vs. Quinn/Kealoha. Of course, GOP Quinn/Kealoha won the new 1959 Statehood

    Gov./Lt. Gov. races. Scrub was a magnificent peacemaker at our Dems’ highest


    5. Do you know that our Hilo “Living Legend” Steamy Chow’s uncle Hiram Fong was closer

    to Jack Burns than to Bill Quinn? Hiram dismissed Quinn as unapproachable on political

    strategy/gamesmanship. Hiram also dismissed Sam King [the one-eyed judge] as an


    6. Laura Vestal, born 1879 in San Jose, CA., married just-widowed Waiakea Sugar Mill

    mgr. CC Kennedy [1848-1919] in 1907. Statuesque/majestic beauty Laura was a Parks

    commish who converted Lili`uokalani Park [solon Norman Lyman had Terr. Legislature

    set aside the ponds/grounds for a Japanese park in honor of just-deceased Queen

    Lili`u 1917] into a replica of Kyoto Japan’s Golden Pavilion grounds. Her husband C.C.

    donated the first $1,000 to landscape the park. Hilo contractor/landscaper Yamamoto

    built the quaint arch bridge in the pond site. Laura donated 3 monkeypod trees &

    the row of golden shower trees in Mo`oheau Park to shade sports fans/baseball players.

    Laura also donated the royal palm trees at the downtown Federal Bldg. Laura is the

    Outdoor Circle forebearer. Laura also donated the land upon which today’s AJA clubhouse

    sits next to the Hilo Muni golf course. Laura is not teacher Isabel Kennedy, a red-haired

    single woman. Laura loved everything Japanese [even had her own buddahead masseur].

    She was regal till her last breath in 1967. Her portrait adorns

    the AJA clubhouse wall. Her late husband C.C. was a magnificent philanthropist [Lincoln

    Park/library annex/Waiakea Social Settlement/etc.], catalyzed by his austere

    Scot beginnings [only grade school education/had to work as laborer fulltime at age 12].

    He never forgot how hard life could be.

    Our great 442nd RCT archivist, Shari Tamashiro [our MESSIAH of the 21st century]]‏

    Hi Curt,

    I was born in 1972 – I’m a rat.

    I got my BA in History (Native American, Frontier focus), Communications (Rhetorical Criticism) and a core in Japan Studies at Macalester College in MN. Got my MLIS in Library & Information Science from UHM.


    Our 442nd battle-specific archivist Alvin Yoshitomi

    Hi Curt,

    My limited field of military knowledge is in the European Theater (1942 to 1946).

    My main focus is in the Italian Campaign and the Campaigns and Battles in France and Germany 1944 to 1945.

    Sorry I can’t give you any insight about the Pacific Theater or the Pre-war and wartime leadership of Japan (1930s to 1945).


    Wai A’ama [swift strong water] stream denotes the boundary between Pepe’ekeo Plantation and Onomea Plantation, per C. Brewer lands pundit John C. Cross [C. Brewer owned both plantations]. Amazingly, on the loft of deep chasm/gulch Wai A’ama, rests an old Japanese family grave plot with a pair of train track rails embedded in the grave closest to the huge gulch. So JC tells me, “Curt, you crazy or what, I ain’t gonna check out the grave embedded with rails!!”

    “Across the Universe” has to be among vocalist John Lennon’s greatest songs, and May Pang among Lennon’s greatest loves. Pang reconciled Lennon w/McCartney & united Lennon with son Julian [from Cynthia]. Yoko Ono is not inspiring like May Pang.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    saloon refers to eating/mess hall, pilot refers to mariner, not fixed wing pilot, thence saloon/pilot crackers [tack is old sailor slang for food]. Creme crackers have nothing to do w/cream, but are smooth/sweet in taste vs. saloon or soda crackers [baking soda].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The Legend of Akaka Falls, from an old Hawaiian recount, courtesy of Hideo Ishigo born 1913, via magnanimous Malie: In the old days, when men were one w/nature and the gods were many, there lived a warrior chief named Akaka, in the village of Honomu. He was known throughout the islands and attracted the eyes of many ladies. One day, while his wife visited her parents, Akaka went to see his sweetheart, Lehua. Noticing his wife returning early, Akaka quickly left Lehua’s hut and crossed the gulch to his other sweetheart, Maile. Akaka’s wife followed him to Maile’s place because of the scented grass he wore, and Akaka’s wife called for him to come home. Hearing his wife, Akaka ran out of Maile’s place and took a short cut home. On his way home, Akaka felt shameful over his ill behavior in deceiving his loving sweet wife. Akaka came to a projecting rock at the top of a bluff, looked down toward the ocean, and toward the huts of his 2 sweethearts, Lehua and Maile, and then jumped over the bluff. Akaka’s dog that followed him hesitated jumping and was turned into a jagged rock at the top of the falls. Akaka’s wife began to call out for him, but it was too late. She rushed to the edge of the bluff, and overcome w/grief, she wept uncontrollably, and kept calling out for Akaka. She was transformed into a large rock at the top of the falls so she could be permanently next to her husband. Oldtimers say that on a still moonless night, muffled by the roar of the falls, one still can hear Akaka’s wife calling plaintively for Akaka. The heartbroken sweethearts Lehua and Maile, upon hearing of Akaka’s death, cried and cried until they were turned into waterfalls a little further down the gulch from Akaka Falls. They still can bee seen weeping year-round.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yes, at Alae cemetery by Honoli’i, the remains of muenbotoke [no descendants]/mumeishi [nameless] rest at a yosebaka [common grave] marked by a beautiful monument in the hakaba [Japanese cemetery] next to the pavilion. I suspect that my oldest aunt Haruko’s husband’s 1st wife [who died in the 1919 influenza epidemic] who was buried elaborately at the Kea’au nine mile camp Japanese cemetery above today’s National Guard Armory had her remains transferred to Alae cemetery’s common grave, inasmuch her descendants all moved off island.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Honomu’s Alex Akita 1896-1987 was monoshiri/conceited because he came from chorimbo/bum class in Japan hegemony, same typecast as hoito/beggar, Alex needing to make up for his ancestral past by being the boss, so to speak. His son Stan [442 RCT] was monoshiri like Alex. Alex’ daughters married Belly Yugawa/Bob Kita.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    1986: A good omen for Charles Djou
    Will new Republican congressman hold Obama’s home district?
    By: Michael Barone Senior Political Analyst Washington Examiner
    Neil Abercrombie (D), elected to the House in September 1986 special election, defeated simultaneously for the Democratic nomination for the full term 1986. Abercrombie lost the September 1986 primary to Mufi Hannemann, now Mayor of Honolulu, by a 40%-39% margin, but he was not an incumbent then since the special election was held the same day as the primary; Hannemman lost the general election to Republican Pat Saiki by a 59%-37% margin.

    The closest precedent to the situation in Hawaii today was the 1986 race for the same seat, which featured both a special election and a divisive Democratic primary and resulted in a Republican victory in November. That divisiveness presumably contributed to the poor showing of Democratic nominee Mufi Hannemann in November. That looks like a good omen for Charles Djou.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sage Malie suffuses that being present/in the moment
    manifests righteous intent, so that mutuality in a relationship brings balance/is not one-sided such as via an agenda of only person. Mutuality actually brings a new one-ness based on 2 individuals’ harmonious convergence/connection/engagement. Malie fully and joyfully lives her bonus life [cancer survivor], not taking anything for granted, including every breath she inhales, every green plant which sprouts, every drop of rain. Malie sculpted an incredibly beautiful plexi sprout symbol, an original of art at its finest.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Magnanimity of Malie: My long ago flame Lukika still wants to maintain a friendship w/our missionary brethren, & asks me to participate via my recent linking up of Lukika/missionaries. Malie intones that the higher truth is that Lukika is on a spiritual walk, and the ultimate diguised blessing is that Lukika will be enriched immensely w/joy and
    happiness via our well-intentioned friendships w/the
    missionaries, so that as the sagacious elderly lady overlooking India’s Ganghes chimed, “It’s love, it’s all love [for humanity/the world].”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sakana is fish in Japanese Issei/immigrant lingo, such as when the sakana peddler went camp to camp in the plantation era. Sakana took on a “cultured” meaning in Japan via Meiji westernization at the time of Japanese mass immigration to Hawai’i in 1885.
    Sakana (肴?) or shukō (酒肴?) is a Japanese term referring to food eaten as an accompaniment to alcohol. Sakana may also be referred to as otsumami; this term usually applies to smaller dishes. Because fish, especially dried fish, was a popular choice for these dishes, over the years the term sakana also became the pronunciation for the kanji for fish (魚).

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Malie always is present/has righteous intent/is in the moment-mindful-focused, and her example inspires others to be real/authentic, and her fighting ability is unmatched, her mushin-nimble dexterity honed by her greatest inspiration, her dad, and by her martial art sensei Sadao. 1950s Japan TV fictional windwalker samurai master Kaze Kozo had Malie’s focus/mindfulness, so to speak. :-)

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Samurai cinema
    From Wikipedia

    While earlier samurai period pieces were more dramatic rather than action-based, samurai movies post World War II have become more action-based, with darker and more violent characters. Post-war samurai epics tended to portray psychologically or physically scarred warriors. Akira Kurosawa stylized and exaggerated death and violence in samurai epics. His samurai, and many others portrayed in film, were solitary figures, more often concerned with concealing their martial abilities, rather than bragging of them.

    In Japan, the term chanbara (チャンバラ?), also commonly spelled “chambara”, is used for this genre, literally “sword fighting” movies, roughly equating to western swashbuckler films. Chanbara is a sub-category of jidaigeki, which equates to period drama. Jidaigeki may refer to a story set in an historical period, though not necessarily dealing with a samurai character or depicting swordplay.

    Historically, the genre is usually set during the Tokugawa era (1600–1868), the samurai film focuses on the end of an entire way of life for the samurai, many of the films deal with masterless ronin, or samurai dealing with changes to their status resulting from a changing society.

    Samurai films were constantly made into the early 1970s, but by then, overexposure on television, the aging of the big stars of the genre, and the continued decline of the mainstream Japanese film industry put a halt to the most of the production of this often startlingly original, artistic genre.

    Samurai film directors
    Daisuke Itō and Masahiro Makino were central to the development of samurai films in the silent and prewar eras.

    Akira Kurosawa is the best known to western audiences, and similarly has directed the samurai films best known in the West. He directed Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Throne of Blood, Yojimbo and many others. He had a long association with Toshirō Mifune arguably Japan’s most famous actor. Mifune himself had a production company that produced samurai epics, often with him starring. Two of Kurosawa’s samurai movies were based on the works of William Shakespeare, Throne of Blood (Macbeth) and Ran (King Lear). A number of his films were remade in Italy and the United States as westerns, or as action films set in other contexts. His film Seven Samurai is one of the most important touchstones of the genre and the most well-known outside of Japan. It also illustrates some of the conventions of samurai film in that the main characters are ronin, masterless unemployed samurai, free to act as their conscience dictates. Importantly, these men tend to deal with their problems with their swords and are very skilled at doing so. It also shows the helplessness of the peasantry and the distinction between the two classes.

    Masaki Kobayashi directed the films Harakiri and Samurai Rebellion, both cynical films based on flawed loyalty to the clan.

    Kihachi Okamoto films focus on violence in a particular fashion. In particular in his films Samurai Assassin, Kill! and Sword of Doom. The latter is particularly violent, the main character engaging in combat for a lengthy 7 minutes of film at the end of the movie. His characters are often estranged from their environments, and their violence is a flawed reaction to this.

    Hideo Gosha, and many of his films helped create the archetype of the samurai outlaw. Gosha’s films are as important as Kurosawa’s in terms of their influence, visual style and content, yet are not as well known in the West. Gosha’s films often portrayed the struggle between traditional and modernist thought and were decidedly anti-feudal.

    An excellent example of the kind of immediacy and action evident in the best genre is seen Gosha’s first film, the Three Outlaw Samurai, based on a television series. Three farmers kidnap the daughter of the local magistrate in order to call attention to the starvation of local peasants, a ronin appears and decides to help them. In the process, two other ronin with shifting allegiances join the drama, the conflict widens, eventually leading to betrayal, assassination and battles between armies of mercenary ronin.

    Popular characters in samurai films
    At least 26 films were made about the blind swordsman, Zatoichi. A burly masseur with short hair, he is a skilled swordsman who fights using only his hearing. While less known in the West, he is arguably the most famous chanbara character in Japan.

    Crimson Bat
    Four movies were made about another blind samurai, the Crimson Bat. Her character was a blind female sword fighter, and made in response to the huge success of Zatoichi.

    Kyoshiro Nemuri
    This character was a wandering warrior plagued by the fact that he was fathered in less than honorable circumstance by a Portuguese priest and a Japanese mother.

    Miyamoto Musashi
    A number of films were also made about Miyamoto Musashi, a famed historical warrior and swordsman, including a six movie series about his life, starring Yorozuya Kinnosuke.

    Lone Wolf and Cub
    Lone Wolf and Cub, the tale of a samurai traveling Japan with his son in a pram (which is armed and on occasion used in combat) was made into a live action television series called Kozure Ōkami that went from 1973 to 1976. It starred actor Yorozuya Kinnosuke as Ogami Ittō.

    Sanjuro/The Ronin with No Name
    Sanjuro is the wandering ronin character appearing in two of Kurosawa’s films, Yojimbo and Sanjuro. The character is nameless, but when required gives the name Sanjuro (which means “thirty-ish male”), and then makes up a surname. Another nameless wandering ronin called Yojimbo (“Bodyguard”) in Incident at Blood Pass is also basically the same character. He also appears in the Zatoichi film Zatoichi meets Yojimbo (1970).

    The character is sometimes referred to as “the ronin with no name”, as a reference to Clint Eastwood’s character “the man with no name”, a western version inspired by the samurai character. As was the case with Eastwood, some of the other roles that Toshirō Mifune played after the two Kurosawa movies are basically the same character.


    The basic framework of a samurai film must include samurai warriors, sword fighting and historical setting. Samurai warriors, in film, are differentiated from other warriors, to an audience by the code of honor, bushido. Keep in mind that bushido did not become codified till the seventeenth century, which is a later developed term the warrior followed to honor his leader. In film, bushido is the honorable service a samurai provides to his lord. Therefore must be skilled in warfare and martial arts to be ready to defending his honor even to his death. If not able to defend his honor, a samurai may choose to commit self-disembowelment, seppuku, in order to save reputation. Or instead, samurai can take vengeance in the loss of someone the samurai cared about, such as the movie Harakiri. In Harakiri, Hanshiro Tsugumo takes revenge on the house of Kageyu Saito for the loss of his adopted son-in-law, which was forced to commit suicide by the house of Kageyu Saito. The son-in-law was refused to be given money by the house of Kageyu Saito and because he had asked to commit suicide he was forced to perform self-disembowelment. Hanshiro knows his son-in-law was unrightfully made an example to not ask for donations from the house of Kageyu. In film, motivation may vary but the samurai’s behavior is to maintain honor even in death and is perpetuated by the code of bushido.

    Also, looking at the historical setting of the film the audience can take cultural context of the samurai in that certain period. For instance the Sengoku era (1478-1603) saw Japan torn by civil war as daimyo warlords fought for control of land. In the Tokugawa era (1603-1868), peace from civil war met there were no wars for the samurai to fight and some samurai became ronin, master-less warriors left to struggle to survive. In the Meiji era (1868-1912), we see a decline of the hereditary existence of the samurai and the rise of westernization. In this period the ideal of the samurai and the code of bushido are popularized into the military warrior’s belief. The time frame met different conflicts for the samurai to fight and film would capture their resistance against overwhelming odds.

    A reoccurring conflict the ideal samurai encounters is the ninjo and giri conflict. Ninjo is the human feeling that tells you what is right and giri is the obligation of the samurai to his lord and clan. The conflict originated from overwhelming control of the Tokugawa bakufu government over the samurai’s behavior. Often samurai would question the morality of their actions and are torn between duty and conscience. This conflict transcends eras in samurai films and can create the perception of the protagonist as being the moral underdog or steadfast warrior. In The Last Samurai, Katsumoto is no longer of use to his emperor and sentenced to self-disembowelment. He goes against his duty to follow through with his sentence and flees to fight his final rebellion against the central government’s army. Ninjo and giri conflict is dynamic to the character of the samurai.

    The meaning of an invented tradition is rooted in actual formally instituted practices in a society and added to these practices are less easily traceable characteristics. For invented traditions to be creditable, the set of practices need to have authority over society and are in natural repetition, which automatically assumes invented traditions to be long standing. Furthermore inventing traditions is a process of formalization and ritualization, which contains created rituals and symbols. For instance, Afro Samurai Resurrection, the protagonist Afro must earn his way to becoming the number one fighter through a series of fights. To become number one, he must get the number one headband, which is symbolic right to being the best fighter. To challenge the owner of the number one headband he must challenge owner of number two headband because only number two headband owner has the right to challenge the number one headband. This form of ritualization and symbols give the audience the ideal of an invented tradition, which has been in practice for a long period of time. Finally, the purpose of an invented tradition is the creation of nationalism to separate other societies and create independence. For Afro samurai, the fighting for headbands creates an exclusive group of warriors fighting for domination, which is well known by the populace in the world of Afro samurai. In film, the creations of new ideals of tradition help the audience construct a lawful society of samurai that is believable to the imagination.

    The samurai warrior is often synonymous with his/her own sword. Although swordsmanship is an important aspect of warfare idealizing the samurai and the sword as having a bond is an invented ideal and popularized in many dramas. The Tokugawa period saw a change in the type of warfare mainly used from the bow and arrow to close range combat and competitive sword competition. Keep in mind the samurai are capable of using bow and arrows, spears and swords.

    There are a number of themes that occur in samurai film plots. Many feature roaming masterless samurai, seeking work or a place in society. Others are period historical tales of true characters. Others show tales of clan loyalty.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Hiroyuki Sanada MBE (真田 広之, born Hiroyuki Shimosawa (下澤 廣之, on October 12, 1960 in Tokyo) is a Japanese actor.

    Early Career
    Originally aiming to be an action star, Sanada began training with actor and martial arts star Sonny Chiba’s Japan Action Club where he developed good all-round martial arts ability. Sanada’s martial arts film career led him in contact with Michelle Yeoh, who he later starred with in Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. He also has a long-standing friendship with Jackie Chan, although he didn’t star in a film with him before Rush Hour 3 in 2007.

    Sanada has established himself as a character actor adept at a variety of roles. Sanada was first noticed as a serious actor in the movie Mahjong Hourouki directed by Makoto Wada. Wada and Sanada’s relationship may be similar to that of John Huston and Humphrey Bogart. Since Mahjong Hourouki, Sanada has acted in every one of Wada’s movies, works filled with humor and a nostalgic attachment for classic movies.

    In 1999 and 2000, he performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company in their production of King Lear. This marked the first time a Japanese actor had performed with the theatrical group, and earned Sanada an MBE.

    Some of Sanada’s more famous movies are: Tasogare Seibei (The Twilight Samurai), Ring, Kaitou Rubi, and The Last Samurai. Sanada played Matsuda, the Japanese imperialist who befriends Ralph Fiennes’ character in the 2005 film The White Countess directed by James Ivory. He also made an appearance in the Chinese film The Promise directed by Chen Kaige. Sanada has also been seen in Rush Hour 3 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and starred in 2007’s The City of Your Final Destination, another James Ivory film, where he plays the younger lover of Anthony Hopkins’s character.

    Sanada joined the cast of the ABC show Lost in 2010 during its sixth and final season. He portrayed Dogen, a high-ranking member of “The Others”.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    The Last Samurai is a 2003 American epic drama film directed and co-produced by Edward Zwick, who also co-wrote the screenplay based on a story by John Logan.

    The film was inspired by a project developed by writer and director Vincent Ward. Ward became executive producer on the film – working in development on it for nearly four years and after approaching several directors (Coppola, Weir), he interested Edward Zwick. The film went ahead with Zwick and was shot in Ward’s native New Zealand.

    The film stars Tom Cruise (who also co-produced) in the role of American soldier Nathan Algren, whose personal and emotional conflicts bring him into contact with samurai warriors in the wake of the Meiji Restoration in the Empire of Japan in 1876 and 1877. Other actors include Ken Watanabe, Shin Koyamada, Hiroyuki Sanada, Timothy Spall, Billy Connolly and Tony Goldwyn.

    The film’s plot is inspired by the 1876 Satsuma Rebellion led by Saigō Takamori, and also on the story of Jules Brunet, a French army captain who fought alongside Enomoto Takeaki in the earlier Boshin War. The historical roles of the British Empire, the Netherlands and France in Japanese westernization are largely attributed to the United States in the film. These details, characters in the film and the real story are simplified for plot purposes; the film does not seek to duplicate history.

    The Last Samurai was well received upon release, with a worldwide box office of $456 million. In addition it was nominated for several awards, including the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the National Board of Review.

    Hiroyuki Sanada as Ujio, one of the most dedicated, loyal and fierce samurai under Katsumoto. He teaches Algren the art of Samurai sword fighting, none too gently but eventually grows to respect him. He is one of the remaining samurai to die in the final charge in the last battle.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Togo Igawa
    Date of Birth:26 September 1946, Tokyo, Japan
    The Last Samurai (2003) …. General Hasegawa

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    In social class lingua, our Catholics were of the unwashed — rough-hewn Irish/brimstone Belgian/Luso laborers/Puerto Rican fireplugs/Pinoy peasants/Spanish cowboys. Which are why our Catholics were the 1st outfit to shelter/nurture society’s forsaken ones, as you see w/the auspicious Mickey Rooney Boys Town movies. In contrast, Protestant outreaches [Congregational/Episcopalian] entailed community centers/settlement halls [YMCA/YWCA]. In turn, later Catholics outreached via CYO/YMI. Ethnically, Luso/Portuguese, ever resurgent/resilient, had the greatest non-haole charity clubs [Hilo Foresters/YMI/CYO/Lions thanks to Paul De Silva’s dad Ernest B. De Silva], originally cut along sectarian lines [YMI Catholic/Foresters Christian emanating from Ernie’s immigrant dad Rev. Ernest Gomes Da Silva, in my opinion our greatest Luso for his ethnic inclusion/multi-lingual knack, along with Wainaku’s Catholic Bishop Stephen Alencastre, our 1st local Bishop, immortalized for Bishop Alencastre’s mantra on education–St. Louis College — River St. area College Walk pre-Wai’alae/post-Wai’alae — & on health care–St. Francis Hospital]. Luso strength? Its spiritual tradition, regardless of sectarian bent. Paralyzing power of the spirit/Providence. Aside: Secular social service orgs owe their birth to our Midwest commerce hub [Great lake shipping/rail/Miss. river link between Northern industry/Southern Planters], triggered by our Chicago Haymarket labor riots, where social stratification was egregious — culminating with Teddy Roosevelt’s muscular cleanup/anti-trust busters vs. chokehold industrial cabals [rail/banking/shipping] — thence emerged every secular charity org you know today — Lions/Kiwanis/Exchange/Rotary/etc. All Midwest, except for labor elites — NY Shriners/etc.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The “dip zone” between our Hilo Shopping Ctr. mauka of it, & our Dept. of Water Supply complex [formerly C. Brewer Bldg. now called Waiakea Office Plaza] makai of it, was flooded by our 1960 tsunami, the same elevation as our former Waiakea Sugar Mill 1878-1948. The best analogy is the December 26, 2004 Indonesian tsunami, where the ocean inundated shore-level flatlands 4 miles inland. As you correctly guessed, our old Miko Meat facility is 2 miles inland. Of course, the Biblical Deluge calibre 1960 tsunami was caused by our largest earthquake in recorded history! Although source Chile is nearly 7,000 miles away from Hilo, there is no upthrust bathymetric barrier to diminish the pulse energy of the tsunami over this long distance. Japan suffered calamitously from the 1960 Chilean tsunami — tsunami energy half a world away from its Chile source compresses/refracts as it narrows its pan-Pacific destination toward Japan at the endpoint of the vast Pacific ocean, like how sun light narrows its beams thru a magnifying glass on a point of focus under the magnifying glass.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Why was our Territory’s 2nd largest town Hilo without an airport vs. other towns on other islands that had
    airports? Geography. Long distance to get to Hilo from other islands. Inclement weather [Mauna Kea/Mauna Loa stack up rain clouds against their banks/slopes, making it harder for planes to navigate]. Hilo’s rough terrain/young lava rock that make grading/runway for a landing difficult, in the context of the 1920s. Of course, later small landing fields sprouted up all over our island [‘Upolu/Waimea/South Point], not to mention plantation landing fields for fertilizer planes.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    How far down/makai did the 1881 lava flow come into Hilo town? Far down! Ended on corner of Mohouli/Popolo Sts. [Otaki’s house site today] Waiakea Sugar Mill mgr. CC Kennedy’s rock wall diversion is across Mohouli St. in today’s jungle behind former fire chief Ed Bento’s home, mauka in elevation to Popolo St. corner [lava meandered down to Otaki’s site, did not overrun CC Kennedy’s rock wall, hastily erected to protect Waiakea Sugar Mill directly below direction of flow SE]. A north finger/lobe of the 1881 lava flow is famous for Governess/Princess Ke’elikoni beseeching Goddess Pele to spare Hilo, which incidentally had Ke’elikolani’s authentically Haw’n grass hut/villa at our beautiful black sand beach behind today’s Bayside Chevron along old Pi’opi’o St. [yes, our black sand beach was long/wide coming in all the way to today’s Kamehameha Ave./Pauahi St. junction & inside even more toward today’s Waiolama Canal] directly below the direction of the north lobe SE. The north lobe stopped at her persuasion, just mauka of today’s Alenaio bridge that crosses Komohana St. where the Sunrise Ridge homes are adjacent to Komohana St. The lava, like any element, will hasten thru the path of least resistance until its source of birth ends its energy pulse. Which beckons back to our 1960 tsunami inundation of the floodpoint along Kekuanaoa St. between today’s Hilo Shopping Ctr. & our Dept. of Water Supply complex [former C. Brewer bldg.]. Devise a plan to escape to higher ground if you earlier failed to evacuate via numerous postings/civil defense sirens. Go east in direction of airport [‘Iolani St. is higher ground] or west to Hilo Shopping Ctr. [concrete bldg. on high ground]. By the way, Ke’elikolani was a traditionalist & asked her ancestral 3 sisters [3 Halai Hills — middle one was sheared 1940s-1960s for fill elsewhere — you see its core that is being cleared today for development] for kokua/help to persuade Goddess Pele to spare the beautiful bay & village of Hilo.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Practical folks like masons know that the secret to withstand shear forces/horizontal energy is what’s underground that counters the perpendicular shear. Look at the auspicious photos of the foot-thick concrete shore wall that collapsed from the 1946 tsunami at today’s misnamed King’s Landing at the end of Keaukaha’s Kalaniana’ole Ave. It’s still there under the sand dunes, mute testimony to the unimaginable power of Mother Nature. The wall was perpendicular to the new Pu’umaile TB Hospital that stood there 1939-1947, & the wall was parallel to the rocky shoreline. Had the “Great Wall” of Keaukaha sturdy deep iron/steel vertical pilings cored into the concrete & pounded by pile drivers deep into the ground, saturated by a heavy concrete expansive “bulb” BELOW ground level, the humongous wall would’ve withstood the explosive 1946 tsunami. You can figure the mass/size of the wall above ground because Gov. Stainback’s gang stood above the fallen wall in post-tsunami photos. Of course, the 1946 tsunami pulse that hit King’s Landing was nowhere near the 1960 tsunami pulse that pulverized Glenn Mitchell’s laundry facilities — apples/oranges [King’s Landing wedge shape topography mitigated the tsunami energy pulse, whereas Glenn Mitchell’s Shinmachi site was the target center for geographic compression/focusing of wave energy into funnel-shaped Hilo Bay, exacerbated by the dredged shipping lane off Wainaku’s Alealea Point that arrowed-tipped more tsunami energy/water mass directly toward Shinmachi. “No chance.”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    What’s the saddest thing about the post-1920 born AJAs? Undeniably, retention of power till it’s too late. For the best interests of the State of Hawai’i, Dan Inouye as our titular leader should’ve groomed a successor to ascend up the seniority ladder in the U.S. Senate. As it stands, Akaka cancels out Inouye because both are born 1924. On the 442 level, it’s about recognizing the real leaders who UPEND the status quo, such as archivist Alvin Yoshitomi, who has been reminded by me that only Uncle Willy Thompson born 1924, has remembered to place flowers on our oyabun/patron saint Earl Finch’s grave 1915-1970. Uncle Willy was my Dad’s best friend/baby bruddah. Sadly, Uncle Willy is all into himself into terms of grooming & only applauds his submissive/blindly loyal Sons/Daughters acolytes. The other great 442 young leader who also is self-made [no grooming by Uncle Willy] is Uchinanchu Shari Tamashiro, KCC cybrarian. These Davids [unsung heroes] will carry us into the deep of the 21st century. Do you know that at our esteemed 100th Batt. complex off the Ala Wai Canal, hangs the honored portrait of our buddahead savior [saved our fate by averting wholesale internment WWII] Hung Wai Ching [not braggart/money-is-god baby brother Hung Wo Ching] 1905-2002, who gave up a life of opulence/luxury to rescue us buddaheads from FDR/Frank Knox who wanted us imprisoned as an ethnic group/race?? Yes, Hung Wai personally got Eleanor Roosevelt to chide her husband FDR about us buddaheads/Stateside Kotonks– that no greater loyal Americans stood strong/ground than us buddaheads/Stateside Kotonks. Yes, Hung Wai eyeballed/faced FDR/Eleanor at the White House. I was brought to tears when young 442 archivist Alvin Yoshitomi [overall, 442 enlistees are at least 5 yrs. younger than original 100th Batt. conscripts] acknowledged that Hung Wai Ching, a chinaman who gave up his life for our race/culture, is our greatest AJA hero!! To tears!! Always remind yourselves of Jack Burns 1909-1975, a White Trash rebel whose mantra was TO GROOM successors to fulfill “everybody’s equal.” [Biblical/spiritual] Do you know that our own boss Dan Inouye owes Dan’s existence to our Godfather Jack Burns, who GROOMED Dan to carry out Jack’s creed of “everybody’s equal?” Yes, Burns succeeded Hung Wai Ching in the political arena [GOP Hung Wai WWII/Statehood push via GOP Joe Farrington][Gov. Jack Burns 1962-1974].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Shinmachi” means “New Town” in Japanese, to denote the reclaimed land [from swamps] between our old Hilo Iron Works bldg. to the south & Bayside Chevron [the block before reaching Pauahi St.] to the north. Do you know that Shinmachi [life span January 21, 1914 to April 1, 1946 tsunami that gouged this town out of the packed sand grounds] was the only town in the Haw’n Islands with a Nippon name? Even after the Pearl Harbor attack 12/7/41, all Nippon org./place names converted to English names [Asahi baseballers became Athletics/Yamatoza (means theater) showtime became Mo’oheau theater (original Mo’oheau theater on makai side of Kam Ave. across Furneaux lane closed pre-WWII, after which Mamo St.’s Yamatoza became new Mo’oheau theater)], but the name Shinmachi stayed the same because of its ubiquitous reference/ID [town of its own along Kam Ave. south of customary oldtown Hilo].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The majority of immigrants to Hawai`i from Japan came from Chugoku region [Hiroshima/Yamaguchi], typecasted as “money is god.” The other auspicious immigrant groups are from Kyushi Island [Kumamoto/Fukuoka], typecasted as daring/bold spirited [Kyushi is birthplace of Japan martial arts][many plantation laborers in Hawai`i were from Kyushu — skilled tunnel workers included Kyushu natives], & from Okinawa [incredibly diligent workers, suffused thruout livestock industry & in restaurant trades].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The collective mentality of pre-1920 born plantation kids who were denied a high school education [school stopped at 8th grade to keep kids enslaved to the sugar planters/Big 5 oligarchy — C. Brewer/Theo Davies/AmFac/Castle & Cook/Alexander & Baldwin][pre-1920 born plantation kids were accomodationists/submissive to Big 5-GOP via lack of schooling & via autocratic/spiked-fist control by haole elite], vs. mentality of post-1920 born plantation kids like militant Isamu Kanekuni who were armed with high school diploma [equivalent to college degree today] that throttled any sense of degradation/servility/serfdom to haole aristocrats — essentially, the high school diploma fully Americanized the post-1920 born buddaheads/other immigrants’ kids as aggressive/persecution-be-damned haole-fied citizens, as you see with obnoxious/irascible punks like Isamu born 1921/Dan Inouye born 1924, vs. older buddaheads of great equanimity like GOP Sanji Abe 1895-1982 [1st buddahead territorial senator 1940].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Biblical Joseph’s quality of mercy is beyond compare. Joseph said that it was all God’s glorious plan to have Joseph sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, where Joseph got abused time & again, only to manifest prophecy which catapulted Joseph to Princely status w/Egypt’s Pharoah, at which time Joseph averted starvation for the teeming masses, Joseph knowing and being of peasant stock, & Joseph averted starvation to his own brothers/father, saying that God’s Plan was for Joseph to suffer fools gladly to come back & avert starvation to his own jealous brothers as Egyptian royalty. The difference between a godly line & a sapient line is that those of a godly line recognize revelation, whereas those of a sapient line do not recognize such essential instructions/revelation. Malie is of a godly line, ever in dialogue w/the Holy Spirit/Ghost, always receptive to and cognizant of Divine Revelation, always in touch w/Jesus-God. Malie says that her cancer is her biggest disguised blessing which reaffirmed her faith in her Lord, and which catalyzed her to love to no end everyone in life and everything existent. Malie is Eleanor Roosevelt, anchored by love for all, Eleanor being the greatest First Lady in U.S. history. Eleanor averted mass internment of our 160,000 buddaheads WWII, via Pastor Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002. Even though Biblical Moses might’ve been in a trance as he wrote Scripture, such probable subconscious soul acutely recognized Divine Revelation. Malie’s loving subconscious soul governs her 99% of the time, inspired by Divine Revelation, and I deal w/Malie’s 1% conscious state which consumes most of my time w/magnanimous Malie, the conscious being “okay now, what if this, what if that, what about this, what about that?” & on and on. Malie truly is heaven-sent, inexorably exuding of her beautiful subconscious soul.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    As w/person of unmatched equanimity Malie, it is not the experience of loss which allows one to “show up”/recover from such loss, but one’s response to such loss, and how one can enlarge/transform via the loss even as one continues to experience it, such as the continuing battle w/spouse abuse, and one aspect is the grace one receives in freeing oneself by the power of response/transformation. The ultimate disguised blessing of spouse or other abuse is that the victim transforms negative thoughts/energy into positive acts of valor/altruism/common good. Always invisible to the victim of abuse, but spiritually powerful/beneficial to the rest of humanity.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    How does martial artist BJ Penn link up with jujitsu/judoka Kichimatsu Tanaka 1875-1954? Answer: Both are Hilo home-grown heroes who “conquered” the world in their separate spheres — Kichimatsu introduced jujitsu/judo to the Western World 1897, & BJ Penn pound-for-pound ranks among the greatest-ever mixed martial arts fighters. Notice that Penn’s strengths are grappling/ground game. Which brings me to the punch line — do you know that Sports Illustrated magazine, the Bible of sports reporting, features BJ Penn & Seishiro “Henry” Okazaki 1890-1951, because BJ’s strengths emanate from Okazaki’s instructions? What Sports Illustrated doesn’t say is that Okazaki was Kichimatsu Tanaka’s devotee/acolyte, both in martial art jujitsu & in vocation [master masseur]. Difference is that Okazaki went on to fame/fortune as the healer of kings & queens [& U.S. Presidents like FDR], whereas non-self promoter Kichimatsu Tanaka died a pauper’s simple farewell with not even a stir among so-called top judoka/master senseis in quaint rural charmed little Hilo.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    On jujitsu, Kichimatsu Tanaka introduced it to Western Culture starting right here in Hilo, first on Furneaux Lane, then on Kilauea Ave., & finally on Ponahawai St. at Hawaii Mainichi newspaper’s Shinyu Kai dojo [New Friends Society], still standing today in all its glory [now houses dentist offices] despite bare surroundings as mute testimony to the 1946 & 1960 tsunamis which pulverized downtown Hilo. Kichimatsu Tanaka was so incognito/unrecognized due to his ordinary social class/standing as an itinerant masseur [movie heartthrobs are strong/silent types like Kichimatsu/Gary Cooper characters], that he was bypassed when our military espionage units detained Tanaka’s prodigy [masseur/jujitsu] Okazaki, who eventually was released to contribute to our Army hand-to-hand combat manual WWII. Kichimatsu died in anonymity, analogous to Scripture’s intonation that a prophet for all eternity [Tanaka’s introduction of jujitsu to the Western World] is forgotten in his/her own hometown of Hilo. Judoka today are so self-attentive to their own legacies, they don’t want to be bothered with extolling another member, much less one from antiquity exactly a century ago like immortalized [in my heart] Kichimatsu Tanaka.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Reader chafed that the arrival of the missionaries resulted in the destruction of Heiau Kaipalaoa. No. Kuhina nui [executive officer] Queen Ka’ahumanu ordered destruction of the idols/end of kapu a year before the missionaries arrived in 1820.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Katta gumi/Hisho kai are the reasons why our 100th Batt./442nd AJA soldiers gave their last ounce of devotion to Freedom’s Cause/USA. As U.S. patriot/born American citizen Frank Arakawa 1891-1977 [WWI doughboy/famed architect-engineer] intoned on President Washington’s birthday in 1915 [sadly, Frank was interned WWII for having greeted Japan Navy ships prior to WWII], we only have ONE Mother. Is it Mother Mikado/Japan or Mother Liberty/U.S.?? Plainly, it is Mother Liberty, the Mother to our birth as American citizens!! Compadre Earl Nakasato born 1942 is among the rarest of 3rd generation AJAs [“Sansei” for 3rd generation] who was instilled the Motherhood of Mikado, when Earl’s well-intentioned biological mama told Earl that Emperor Hirohito is Shinto god, you cannot look into his eyes, you cannot stand in his shadow, but away from him entirely, you cannot be erect when in his presence — you must bow down in submission to him! And yet when Earl was schooled in the wisdom of the ages [Hilo High], how can Hirohito be God when Earl knows about the Rape of Nanking/Bataan Death March/Bridge over the River Kwai?? Earl was hit with “culture shock,” & obviously opted for Mother Liberty, although mama Nakasato was not inherently subversive/treasonous, just suffusing what she herself as older Uchinanchu-traditional Nipponese was inculcated with as a child. These twists/ironies are what triggered our 2nd generation AJA soldiers WWII to prove our loyalty on the crimson-stained fields of battle. As it turned out, our AJA soldiers became the highest-decorated military unit in American history. Our AJA soldiers’ Rescue of the Lost Battalion is pegged as among the 10 greatest battles in U.S. Army history. Amid this backdrop, State 442 President Willy Thompson [my dad’s best friend, my dad Toshi 1913-1998][Uncle Willy a great, great soldier, Bronze Star recipient/my dad Silver Star recipient –for saving lives, not killing others] gives me hell for “trying to be the big hero” by my scandalizing the MoHonor upgrade for 442 lst KiAction Kiyo Muranaga, in spite of Kiyo’s fellow F Co. mate Ron Oba’s enormously popular bio book on F Co. in 1989, 21 yrs. ago, that irrefutably contradicts the upgrade!! Why is what I wrote on remarkable editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt’s website here suddenly thought of as “something new/scandalous??” Ron Oba wrote about actual intended DSC/upgrade MoH hero Wataru Kohashi 2 DECADES ago!! And it is Wataru himself born 1922 who tells Ron/me to shut up “already,” no stir the pot!! Point is that fact is stranger/NOBLER than fiction — 1st Sgt. Jack Wakamatsu told intended hero Wataru that Jack gonna give the DSC to 1st KIA Muranaga. Wataru says “Of course!” Overall, the 1st KIA death is not in vain — inspires the boys to “go for broke”/tremendous morale booster. Yes, cliche but true, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!!” Selfless sacrifice by Wataru!! Fact is stranger/NOBLER than fiction. Uncle Willy [tremendous patriot Tom Okino is Willy’s mama’s baby brother] obviously has a conflict of interest because Uncle Willy reviewed the DSC to MoH upgrade for Muranaga. Had Uncle Willy bothered to question Wataru, Uncle Willy would’ve thought twice about Muranaga’s upgrade. So if Wataru is lying, then ALL of F Co. must by lying too [about Muranaga’s disorientation on the 3rd mortar round]. Gang, this is NOT about taking away the MoH from anyone. It’s about “a prophet is forgotten in his own hometown” [Biblical]. After 66 years from Muranaga’s death, is telling the truth still NOT the correct thing to do?? Yes, it’s all about timing. Muranaga had no children. Look at Oba’s book — 21 YEARS at the public libraries, revised several times, & nothing I said about Muranaga/Kohashi is anything new from what Oba wrote about 21 YEARS AGO. Yes, Oba does NOT say that Kohashi should be the MoH recipient, but look at Oba’s book, he has what actually happened on the same page as the full DSC citation [upgraded to MoH] for Muranaga!! Fact is stranger/NOBLER than fiction, as you see with Muranaga/Kohashi. Look at our 442 boys — willing to give them [life/awards] all up for “team first” just like team sports!! Small unit cohesion is the key to the immortalization of our AJA soldiers, forced via racial segregation!! Uncle Willy, you sentence me for being the big hero/rubber necker screaming for attention-glory. Like I tell everyone, there’s something strange about you 442 boys who got high school diplomas [thanks to DPI chief Oren Long 1934-1946, who made sure that post-1920 born plantation kids made it past the 8th grade to get a high school diploma, in contravention of Big 5 oligarchy’s stranglehold to keep kids tethered to the feudal baron/plantations][Uncle Willy born 1924]. You’re extremely aggressive/audacious [that made you our greatest warriors in history], you’re impudent/imperious [your sh_t don’t stink], you’re so opposite from our pre-1920 born kids [accomodationist/”Uncle Toms”]. Dan Inouye typifies your audacity — great/indomitable soldier, asshole in personality. Yes, you’re Patton/Montgomery. You’re either loved or hated. Take one’s pick!! Yet, I love you for your audacity in battle, I sadden deeply over your “love me tonite” narcissism. Too much narcissism. And the worst thing of all, when are you going to groom your successors to live your fullest lives lived in your epoch??!! Your “Sons/Daughters
    of 442″ ply your standard self-attentive lines. To me, the real heroes are young wayfinders Shari Tamashiro [KCC cybrarian]/Alvin Yoshitomi [442 archivist]. Surely, they distance themselves from me/rebuke-repudiate what I say because they’re team players on your team. Just the same, to me this dynamic duo is the seed for the future to memorialize accurately, not via your VAIN GLORY, the history of our WWII AJA soldiers. In memory of those who died before us.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Early plantation life here had camps/villages whose laborers toiled in adjacent fields, thence numbered/site-named camps. Uchinanchu/Okinawans were the last Nipponese immigrants, thence their placement toward the forest line [longest distance away from the mill sites]. Overlayed by Naichi/Mainland Japan bigotry vs. typecast dark/dusky/hairy Uchinanchu. In reality, Uchinanchu having been domiciled port of call for European adventurers/explorers, actually are haole-fied w/diverse gene pool, from dark [“Malay”] to snow white [Dr. Zenko Matayoshi/Gloria Mento]. Homogenized Naichi repel “outsiders” like Uchinanchu. In Japan today, Okinawa is THE vital military organ, which is why Okinawans feel repressed by Japan for putting up w/U.S. military presence. Never mind that Japan Navy is among largest in the world, despite its restriction by U.S.-imposed Constitution to arm only for self-defense. Japan leaves the “Ugly American” typecast to its subordinate province Okinawa to deal with. In Hawai’i, later immigrants like Koreans/Puerto Ricans/Sakada-Pinoy replaced laborers who left feudal sugar water moats to stake out life on their own. Ethnic enclaves/camps were in a pecking order according to immigration timeline. Thence, 1st Asian immigrants Chinese escaped out of the camps early on, as did the 1st European immigrants Luso/Portuguese [who were lunas/field bosses via their haole/white complexion DNA], leaving behind the other ubiquitous ethnic groups. Not standard, but the plantation mgr.’s home was closest to Luso supervisors’ dwellings in geography, followed by whatever ethnic group immigrated in timeline sequence. As mechanization crept in, the vast expanse of camps consolidated into centralized districts. With regard to settler William Reed [Reed’s Bay/Reed’s Island], he married Shipman, left no kids of his own, thence his stepson Shipman inherited Reed’s Island [island because cut into isolation by stream action all around it]. No, Shipman sold island that ended up w/Desky, who cookie-cuttered tracts via subdivision, one of tracts then was sold to stagecoach owner JR Wilson, who built today’s Shipman B & B castle, & JR Wilson then sold it to Shipman [who earlier sold island that ended up w/developer Desky]. William Reed was the Doc Hill 1890-1970 of Hilo a century before Hill. On Baker beach [Ocean View Drive adjacent to Hilo Harbor on the north side], Palace theater mogul Adam Baker’s beachside retreat was there. Hilo swim coach icon Sparky Kawamoto [part-Haw’n from Laupahoehoe][Kawamoto Olympic pool] was spared death/destruction like a cheshire cat because every locale he lived in was pulverized/scoured out by later tsunamis: Sparky’s childhood Laupahoehoe/Sparky’s adulthood Shinmachi [Sparky’s famous Shinmachi-Wailoa pond swimmers include Olympic gold medalist Yoshi Oyakawa, who also swam as a child in Pukihae pond a mile north of Honoli’i/NCAA titlist Ed Kawachika–who had chip on shoulder-hi maka maka sh_t don’t stink vs. simpleton but profound teacher Sparky/leading U.S. swimmers Dick Tanabe/Yoshi Terada/Nori Murata]. Serendipitous, but Sparky moved to Kal Ave. rear of Ocean View Drive [today’s Orchid Manor area] just before the 1946 tsunami scoured out Shinmachi [Sparky lived by today’s Kamehameha Statue before 1946]. By the way, Sparky’s beloved peer Buster Crabbe of Pu’u’eo, Hilo’s other Olympic swimmer gold medalist, trained by swimming back/forth b/n our lighthouse by Wailuku river & Coconut/Mokuola Island. Twisted joke among gold medal calibre swimmers is that our swimmers were virtual speed demons in the water to get away from our Green Bloom/”kukai”-sewer outfalls all along Hilo bay/Wailoa-Waiolama ponds, including our bordellos strung like cosmetic pearls along Waiolama stream, all of whom emptied their plumbing effluent into Waiolama stream/pond! The heiau at the Reed’s Bay end of Ocean View Drive was disassembled after Kuhina Nui Ka’ahumanu outlawed ancient kapu/taboo in 1819, a year before the 1st missionaries arrived in the Haw’n Islands [5 yrs. before Hilo Christian settlement], for boat landings at Reed’s Bay. Later notable Ocean View residents included Larry Mehau/individualist dentist Harvey Chong Sr. [all loved the ocean/swimming]. On rural charm of Akiko’s bed/breakfast retreat, these are authentic plantation life structures/ambience. Surprise is that our divine Akiko is Kalihi tita, local sista’ to da max, yet she is imbued with providential reverence for the past.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yoshi Oyakawa swam at Pu’u’eopaku pond between Pauka’a & Papa’ikou, not at Pukihae pond where my dad swam at.
    in response to Uchinanchu/Okinawan esteemed culture [humbling, not hubris], in war [as with warlocks Hirohito/Hito’s choice pick Tojo] the teeming masses are the ones who suffer the most, & no ethnic group suffered more among Native Nipponese than our Uchinanchu. Recount our current Hilo peers Steve Yamashiro’s dad [yes, former mayor Steve]/Pi’ihonua native Henry Shimabukuro’s uncle, Lyman Boarding School alumnus Shokan “Jesse” Shima[bukuro] 1901-2002, the greatest person of Japanese ancestry [“Nikkei”] who set foot on American soil [FDR’s closest advisor Harry Hopkins’ acolyte/protege][Ike’s closest advisor Jim Hagerty’s dear friend/associate][non-college man Truman wanted pragmatic non-professional vocation/field caseworker Hopkins, but WWII killed via stress FDR/Hopkins in quick order–Hopkins architect of WPA/CCC, created FDR’s Lend-Lease Act that gave us time to prepare for our entry into WWII European theater of operations/etc.][Ike’s sensible feedback man Hagerty only a high school grad like Truman — Hilo’s Shokan “Jesse” Shima(bukuro) no advanced schooling just as no advanced schooling for Hagerty/Supreme Ct. Justice-Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson/Hilo provost marshal-later post-WWII Israel giant leader Mickey Marcus]. Uncle Jesse mitigated harsh AJA internment via collective enterprises for internees, then sprung earlier releases & integrated internees into mainstream commerce, Tony Masamitsu “Honda” sterling product of Jesse’s enablement, yes, as in Tony Honda dealerships, Jesse got War Dept. to integrate displaced Okinawans back into stable village life in decimated Okinawa, Jesse got war/post-war relief humanitarian aid to Jesse’s ancestral Okinawa along w/Hawai’i sponsors like Steve Yamashiro’s altruistic dad, Jesse kept Okinawa sovereign instead of being U.S. protectorate/colony, Jesse fine-tuned INS Act that legalized Japanese aliens/Issei to become U.S. citizens 1952 [whereas Kotonk-Utah native Mike Masaoka’s influence was chiefly in promulgating 1952 INS Act], Jesse was chief “embassy” liaison during Japan prime minister Shigeru Yoshida’s tenure, inasmuch Japan had no embassy in Jesse’s eventual D.C. domicile prior to 1952 — Jesse told taisho-proud Yoshida emissaries, “Hey, you lost the war! Stop acting like you got any power! Make up for your defeat! Be as accomodating as possible to our State Dept. & our President Truman!” Wow!! Uncle Jesse was livid about Tojo’s/Hirohito’s expansionism into Indonesia [oil for Japan war needs], surefire trigger to war vs. U.S. [Gen. Yamashita wanted co-existence w/U.S./only invaded Manchuria for iron/steel–China for coal/no oil in China-SE Asia, though SE Asia had rubber/undeniably, U.S. greatest empathizer was Admiral Nagano, sage/wise old man who wanted to cooperate w/U.S., not go to war vs. U.S., which Japan was destined to lose–no war resources/material to sustain victory– no, Nagano was Admiral Yamamoto’s senior commander, & testy younger Yamamoto, contrary to popular opinion, threatened to resign if Nagano would not okay Yamamoto’s attack on Pearl Harbor — to give Japan about 6 months to get Indonesia oil sources — Yamamoto told wiser Nagano it was do or die for Japan, via U.S. embargo vs. Japan — Nagano urged peaceful co-existence w/U.S. — Nagano was drowned out by strident Army warlock Tojo/”disoriented” Yamamoto. Nonetheless, Uncle Jesse was very saddened by Imperial Japan’s incomprehensible/unthinkable folly/jingoism. To Uncle Jesse, Imperial Japan had gotten too big for its britches, like a young hormonally impulsive teen [Japan’s war victories over hapless China/Russia 1895/1905][Japan’s accelerated industrialism/colonial expansionism during Meiji-Taisho-Showa Hito family reign 1868-1945]. Uncle Jesse’s mission was to show Japan how delusionally sick Japan got via its jingoism/militarism. Thence Uncle Jesse’s chastening vs. Japan emissaries. BTW, our other local heavie in D.C. was Castle/Cooke scion Bill Castle, who elected to leave isolated Hawai’i/C&C helm for D.C., where he was Hoover’s State Dept. head for far eastern Asian Affairs. But Tojo’s warlocks/militarist officers silenced Castle’s Japan emissaries, & by 1935 former diplomat Castle was of no use to FDR/Hopkins. Thence the ascension/rise of Uncle Jesse. By the time post-WWII Japan’s Shigeru Yoshida reduxed Castle’s contacts, Jesse was informal liaison b/n Yoshida’s crew & Truman’s outfit. Old man/senile Castle died 1963.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    To define America’s greatness thruout the long course of world history is to denote our restoration of conquered/vanquished nations such as Japan/Germany, via MacArthur’s redux of Hirohito as non-sun god emperor, & via Marshall Plan. Not since Alexander the Great & Genghis Khan [our Western World unfairly maligns Genghis Khan of Mongolia] has history witnessed such beneficence/wise foreign policy-diplomacy, as you see in our restoration of Japan/Germany post-WWII. Yes, mere high school graduate Give’um Hell Harry Truman is our salt of the earth wunderking a la Biblical Gideon.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Malcolm X self-actualized/transcended amid being outted by his Black Muslim org, which is how he found comfort/affinity w/442 “beat all odds” morale booster. To me, Malcolm X saw a universal class/world struggle for equality, vs. a more provincial home-based effort by MLKing to win over middle class Whites in America. In this sense, Malcolm X was more advanced in consciousness than an also-evolving MLK, who not long before MLK was gunned down, was isolated from mainstream moderates/centrists by MLK’s opposition to our VNWar. Tragically, both men were assassinated BEFORE mid-life, before their devotion to humanity/the world could be fulfilled, but in their martyrdom we try to pick up the pieces & ensure that MX/MLK did not die in vain. As one keen everyday observer lamented, African-American former college star athlete, he thought that MLK was going to be Robert Kennedy’s VP choice. Great vision/high hopes!! Aren’t these what America is all about?? Land of opportunity for everyone, regardless of race/religion/ancestral origin! Barack Obama’s Presidency shows that MX/MLK did NOT die in vain!! Neither did Bobby Kennedy die in vain, nor JFK, for they facilitated Catholic Irish/Poles/Italians/etc. to reach for the stars/nothing is impossible to overcome/achieve.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Henry Opukahaia & Hung Wai Ching? Opukahaia was Hung Wai Ching’s alltime hero!! Yes, Hung Wai civil engineer by schooling, but epiphany was Springfield College grad/YMCA boss Scotman John Young 1902-1990, brought here by predecessor Lloyd R. Killam [hero to earlier generation of acolytes like Joe Farrington]; Scotman John Young is the one who inspired Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 into the ministry [Social Gospel — Matthew 5/Isaiah 58 — Hung Wai became our earthly shepherd]. Hung Wai followed Henry Opukahaia by way of New England & came back to Hawai’i a Congregational cleric!! Yikes!! BTW, Hung Wai stayed grassroot/grounded till his dying day, almost never digressing from his native pidgin English [except when addressing fully haole Yankees][banker Johnny Bellinger, Roosevelt High commoner, took his cue via Hung Wai’s simple philosophy — be yourself!!], though Hung Wai [thanks to altruists John Young/Leigh Hooley/Charles Hemenway/Frank Atherton/etc.] had the best of “wisdom of the ages” theology immersion [NYC Union Theological Seminary/U Chicago Divinity/Yale U Divinity], Hung Wai getting Master of Divinity from Yale U.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Japan Admiral Yamamoto also studied at our U.S. Naval War College [braintrust for Navy]. He was shot down/killed over the South Pacific WWII. Yasukuni Shrine, where Japan war criminals are buried [biggest war criminal Hirohito refused to pay homage there after it was publicized that war criminals’ remains were interred there after 1977 — Hirohito didn’t want blowback tracing ultimate/full command responsibility directly to him!]–surely, just as we visit Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, so do Nippons visit Yasukuni. But where do you draw the line, if you draw it at all?? Had Hitler been buried in a German National Cemetery, does his being a German National/patriot justify German heads of state visiting him?? How about Pol Pot?? Do you draw the line??

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    How does Pi’ihonua’s great retired Air Force Col. Henry Shimabukuro’s [Henry among earliest AJA/Okinawan U.S. Air Force brass–was up for Gen. rank but retired to come back to Pi’ihonua to care for his Mom Matsu, who was his biggest inspiration] uncle, Shokan “Jesse” Shima[bukuro], square w/or is pertinent to [if at all] the great messiah among buddaheads in Hawai’i, Hung Wai Ching?? Derivatively. Hung Wai worked miracles thru FDR himself [averted further incarceration of island buddaheads WWII — hardly any more buddaheads were detained after 12/7/41’s Day of Infamy], whilst Jesse Shima facilitated Kotonk/Stateside Japanese early release/post-WWII re-integration [esp. into business community — Tony Masamitsu aka Tony Honda/Seabrook Farms internees re-located to D.C. Grocers Ass’n/etc.] thru Jesse’s alter ego/mentor Harry Hopkins, who happened to be FDR’s closest advisor/confidant! Both Jesse/Hung Wai knew of each other but had different milieu. One thing they had in common [beside their fearless/outstanding/extraordinary leadership qualities] — Jesse 1901-2002 [yes, centenarian] had early rough life [sabedong-lowest field hand] just like Hung Wai 1905-2002 [as Scotman John Young described the austere Chings of Emmaville tenements — poor as church mice!!].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    What tied Jesse Shima/Hung Wai Ching to each other?? Our 442 boys — just as Hung Wai is the genesis of our 100th Batt./442nd RCT, it was Jesse Shima who took care of our 442 boys when they went to school on the G.I. Bill in D.C. & in the New England region — Dan Inouye/John Ushijima/Kats Miho/Sumi Nakashima/etc. at GW law school/others at Georgetown/etc. Yes, back to our 442 boys, the integral link, or should I say the concentric matrix??

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    my hero Sam/Sumi Nakashima is GW law grad, but I meant that Jesse Shima was so beneficent/generous to young Shigeto Kanemoto, who was Jack Burns’ integral protege, who was Burns’ choice for prosecutor over pre-1920 born Spark Matsunaga [pre-1920 born AJAs were moderate/centrist GOP Hung Wai Ching types], & Spark never lived down Burns’ autocratic hold over these young impressionable kids, though Spark became a coalition builder by supporting Burns’ pick Mits Kido for Lt. Gov. 1959, who beat Spark in the primary race [Burns/Kido lost to GOP Bill Quinn/Hilo’s Jimmy Kealoha in general election for our first Statehood governor/lt. gov. 1959][do you know that Burns had confidant Scrub Tanaka ask Spark to stay out of the 1959 Democratic Party primary for Lt. Gov.?? Spark told Scrub NO, but that if Spark lost, which he did, Spark would support the winner–Kido–in the general election vs. the GOP slate–which Spark did, just as we saw Hillary Clinton come out full steam in support of Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential race vs. McCain][Shigeto Kanemoto is not known to us today because he died tragically young]. Thank you, editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt, for your encouragement, & for allowing me to share my notes with your readers. In this context [1st Amdt. expression], recount the demented [meaning super-human] attitude of a Tyrus Rex Cobb, who got the most votes [over Babe Ruth/etc.] in our inaugural Cooperstown baseball hall of fame. Ty Cobb personified Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade — to do AND die — because when Cobb was just a teen, his mother accidentally shot dead his father, who suspected Ty’s mother of seeing another man, & who hid in his home to catch his wife in the act, but his wife feared he was an intruder [Black?], & she shot him dead not knowing he was her husband. Ty dearly loved his mom, but he also dearly loved his dad, & from that moment on, Ty internalized Ty’s rage & vowed in honor of his father that Ty would play every ballgame [Dad was Ty’s hero] as if it were Ty’s last game/last day of life on earth!! Demented. So that many yrs. later when Ted Williams suggested to Ty that another ancient player was better than Ty, Ty never spoke again to Williams, this being the truculent Ted Williams who refused to be honored in the same ballpark w/Joe DiMaggio unless Ted was recognized above/beyond Joe! To diss Ty was to elevate Williams! Just the same, when Charlie Chaplin’s daughter’s date/companion suggested to Charlie that Buster Keaton was Charlie’s equal, Charlie bellowed, “I gave him work!!” [carried/pitied Keaton]. Yikes! In a sense, the 442/Hung Wai Ching were superhuman — all they wanted was to be accepted as equals in society. In Hung Wai’s case, Hung Wai threw away his materialistic accessories [M.Divinity Yale] & did a make-up call to Japs/buddaheads whom he beat up as a ghetto kid hormonalizing in Emmaville tenements [where Dan Inouye was raised a generation later, same rough-tough “-hood”], which is why we see Hung Wai bare himself vs. social climbing/status-tripping, & give himself to us buddaheads, for better or most likely worse!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Was there synergy/link between GOP Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 & later Dem Gov. Jack Burns 1909-1975?? Yes. Four individuals illustrate symbiosis [living together, not just working together via synergy]: 1)GOP Statehood Joe Farrington 1897-1954 [died of fatal heart attack]–do you know that Jack Burns got walloped by Joe Farrington [Hawai’i delegate to Congress 1942-1954 died in office June 1954] in 1948 for Joe’s sole seat as our delegate to Congress, Joe winning 163 of our Territory’s 168 precincts??!! In spite of this, Burns gracefully conceded [one of the rare times stone-faced Burns was unguarded in public countenance], “I know of no one to whom I would rather lose.” Dan Inouye pointedly asked Burns before Burns’ suicidal run vs. Joe Farrington, “Do you think you can win the race?” Burns muttered, “No, but that’s not going to keep me from trying,” not wanting to let the GOP win by default, the GOP which represented ironclad autocracy via Merchant St.’s Big 5 [C&C/A&B/Brewer/Davies/AmFac, that augmented Walt Dillingham via Walt’s D.C. clout as Naval contractor Pearl Harbor], whom Burns as outsider [raised in single parent home, dad deserted family, Burns raised in hardest scrabble Kalihi amongst ethnics at the bottom of the social scale–buddaheads-Pinoy-Koreans-Puerto Ricans] militantly repudiated as emblematic of abusive power, as Burns chafed, “The era of selfishness and unfettered greed …economic individualism ….those not recognizing the situation are in the field of management, and they have taken unto themselves functions and powers not rightfully theirs.” Irony is that Statehood Joe Farrington was GOP’s most inclusive & most popular titular head — had Joe not died so suddenly [which allowed Burns’ Dems to sweep into office 5 months after Joe’s death], there might not have been a Burns dynasty 1962-1974 as Governor. Nonetheless, Joe’s death triggered Burns’ coveting Joe’s inclusive [as in Social Gospel] braintrust, all of whom were hard scrabble like Burns, & once Burns acquired power via Governor, Burns appointed Joe’s legal pundit Masaji Marumoto to Supreme Court. Burns actually managed Joe’s buddahead populist Kats Kometani’s Asahi baseball team [buddaheads crazy about baseball–only sport where lack of size can be made up by skill] when Kats ran the 100th as morale officer WWII. Burns always was deferential to the genesis of the 100th/442, Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, knowing full well that our boys would die gloriously for Hung Wai in a heartbeat. Yes, Hung Wai was Joe Farrington’s key confidant/advisor. Till this day, Dan Inouye is beyond words in Dan’s worship of Hung Wai Ching. Burns simply accelerated social egalitarianism after Joe’s death via Statehood [Statehood Joe typical of Statehood Hung Wai-442 legacy-who brought to a head the crucible of Statehood-that would give us in Hawai’i equal footing with the other 49 States–Burns finished up what Joe Farrington carried thru before Joe’s sudden death]. It was Statehood that enabled Jack Burns’ social progress, not Jack Burns in a vacuum as Paul Bunyan-esque mythical figure. Not so. Essentially, Joe Farrington’s Statehood platform made Jack Burns our eventual emperor/populist. And none other than Hung Wai Ching put us over the top to attain Statehood [Capitol Hill kings Rayburn/LBJ rewarded our 442 boys w/Statehood for our 442 Rescue of the Tex cowboys/Lost Battalion]. 2) Bill Quinn, greenhorn Governor 1959-1962. Harvard Law, but foggy like a London Thames. Naive Quinn actually got rid of Statehood Joe stalwarts Hung Wai/Marumoto [Hung Wai outted from UH Regents/Marumoto left Supreme Court because of Quinn–Marumoto 1st-ever AJA highest court appointee nationwide via Ike 1957 Territorial reign–Marumoto appointed again by dear friend Jack Burns when Burns became Governor]. Bill Quinn was the greatest thing that happened to the Democrats — like an opposing basketball player accidentally “putting up” [rebound/put up another shot to the rim] a 2 point score/shot for your team!! Yes, sad to say, but Linda Lingle as titular GOP head [as Governor] is the greatest thing to happen to the Democrats [Ed Case/Mufi/Abercrombie], she like Quinn totally destroyed her GOP base [“It’s all about me, not you–GOP!!”]. Essentially, Bill Quinn’s emergence/quick flame-out brought closer together the older AJA traditional GOP w/younger Dem turks. 3) GOP Rusty Blaisdell’s Catholic boys, ergo St. Louis College-High, are Hawai’i’s greatest historymakers, incl. Jack Burns/Bishop Stephen Alencastre [genesis of St. Louis College/St. Francis Hospital]/today’s Walt Dods Jr., not Punahou’s Merchant St. boys [solely commerce/business]. Do you know that when Joe Farrington’s populist buddahead leader Kats Kometani was w/the 100th as Morale Officer fighting in Europe WWII, Rusty coached Kats’ Asahi baseballers, & Jack Burns managed the club?? Former tall/rangy great track-field star/hoopster at UH Hung Wai Ching [earlier had graduated in Hawai’i’s most famous high school class of alltime, McKinley High ’24 w/Marumoto-Chinn Ho-Hiram Fong/etc.] was pals w/Rusty’s closest advisor Angel Maehara of baseball fame — Japan pro liaison — Angel’s older brother Iron of Maui was baseball legendary player, mentored by Hung Wai’s Congregational brothers. Point is that Hung Wai was as beloved among Catholics as he was among Protestants. Sectarianism did not divide Hung Wai or reduce Hung Wai’s appeal/magic, nor older GOP/younger Dem party lines. Essentially, devout Catholic Burns revered Protestant Hung Wai in pluralistic aloha-spirited Hawai’i. 4) Takaichi Miyamoto, former Dem mayor Johnny Wilson’s closest advisor, was roustabout wheeler-dealer who promoted early leadership for Spark Matsunaga. Miyamoto was the earliest prominent buddahead Dem populist who bridged generation gap between older AJA GOPs & later AJA Dems, essentially making Hung Wai relevant to the younger Dem turks who looked to Takaichi as an AJA trailblazer. Though Takaichi was much too wheeler-dealer for Hung Wai’s taste, Taka was the bridge between Hung Wai/younger Dem turks.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Steere Noda [in honor of haole mentor Fred Steere Sr.] was a tag-along on boss Joe Lightfoot’s coattail, not because of Noda, but because of Englishman Fred Kinzaburo Makino, Queen’s Jubilee ethnic affinity w/Englishman-naturalized U.S. citizen Joe Lightfoot. To Noda’s credit, Noda as later solon addressed his fellow buddaheads with sensitivity/empathy. Noda’s daughter Lily Yajima makes too much of her dad [understandably], but even in baseball, Asahi sun-god is Jimmy Moriyama [1st buddahead as Stateside pro prospect], not Noda. Noda was Hongwanji inaugural prep grad, perfect supplicant for Makino’s/Lightfoot’s crusade to perpetuate Japanese language schools, won by Makino/Lightfoot in U.S. Supreme Court. Makino had materially rewarding de facto law practice, which he kept separate from his SO very public so-called struggling Hochi newspaper. Frugal Englishman. For Makino’s language school court victory, Army Intelligence chief in Hawai’i George Patton [yes, Battle of the Bulge] mid-1930s targeted Makino as detainee if war broke out U.S. vs. Japan. W/FBI Bob Shivers’ arrival here pre-WWII, Patton’s “hit list” was shelved as an anachronism. Makino made deal w/Shivers to have Makino’s Hochi [current euphemism Herald] be organ for FBI to disseminate propaganda to Issei immigrant population. Which is how Hilo’s Kiyo Okubo averted internment, though detained for a couple of weeks after 12/7/41. Twist is that thanks to UH genesis/godfather/Big 5 legal pundit Charles Hemenway 1875-1947 [same generation as Walt Dillingham 1875-1963, FDR’s point man at Pearl Harbor, as Merchant St. godfather-altruist Frank Atherton of C&C 1878-1945], FBI boss Shivers softened up on us buddaheads, actually took in 442 Herb Isonaga’s later wife Sue Kobatake as Shivers’ hanai daughter [Shivers didn’t have kids], took in Patton’s hit list target Masaji Marumoto as Shivers’ protege, & became our buddaheads’ greatest ally to avert wholesale internment/ethnic cleansing. Jesus incarnate Charles Hemenway turned Shivers around to see how loyal we buddaheads were to U.S. Hemenway brought Hemenway’s hanai sons Hung Wai Ching/Hilo’s Shigeo Yoshida [Hemenway’s son Charley died tragically as teenager] to Shivers, & it meant all the difference in the world, transforming Shivers from anti-buddahead to pro-buddahead. Makino gets undeserved plaudits as buddahead savior — not so, Makino [like vassal Okubo] just a WWII footnote/asterisk, as in *newspaper organ of FBI. Sadly, indomitable U.S. patriot Yasutaro Soga of Makino’s rival Nippu Jiji newspaper gets interned duration of WWII. Englishman outspoken Makino’s ancestry CYA [“covered your a__”]. Again, Joe Farrington’s trinity of greatest apostle Hung Wai Ching [genesis of 100th/442–averted mass internment of buddaheads]/100th morale officer who went to the front lines w/our boys–Kats Kometani/442-MIS leader Masaji Marumoto-later Supreme Ct. justice — had gigantic positive impact on course of history in Hawai’i. Yes, Statehood Joe was former Gov. Wallace Farrington’s son, Star-Bulletin scion, but Joe was grassroot like Charles Hemenway/Frank Atherton/work in progress from bigot to buddahead savior Walt Dillingham, all Social Gospel apostles [New England roots], along w/antecedent Rev. Bill Westervelt, who’s known as greatest early translator of Haw’n folkore into English language, but whose untold providential legacy among buddaheads is as our buddahead messiah upon our arrival/adaptation in Hawai’i over a century ago. Oh yes, Hilo Waiakea-Shinmachi’s greatest American patriot Tom Okino [State 442 prexy Uncle Willy Okino Thompson’s uncle], I’m proud to say, also is on Gen. Patton’s “hit list” of detainees. Stigma of valor in my opinion.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    GOP Uncle Hiram Fong? A most understated solon!! Hiram’s nephew is Hilo “Living Legend” [cultural treasure] Robert “Steamy” Chow [Kau Yook] born 1922. Hiram is alumnus of our most celebrated high school class in Hawai’i history, McKinley High 1924 [w/Hung Wai Ching/Chinn Ho/Masaji Marumoto/etc.]. Yet, millionaire developer Hung Wai/baby brother Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996 [also millionaire developer] had Masaji Marumoto do their legal work [Chinese no can trust each udda!! :-) ] — not totally true — Hung Wai had buddy Hiram do some legal work, just as Hung Wo had fellow Chinese Bill Richardson do some legal work!! Yet, Chinn Ho had Mats Takabuki do Chinn Ho’s legal work!! Full story is that Chinn Ho needed Mats to get NYC/Wall St. financing for Chinn Ho’s mega-projects/Burns sent Mats to NYC/Wall St. to bring investment moguls to Hawai’i!! Uncle Hiram was longtime territorial solon godfather who got beaten in the 1954 Dem “Diet” [as Charles Kauhane derisively called Dan Inouye’s gang a la Japan parliament], but who rose from the ashes to win inaugural U.S. Senate seat 1959 Statehood. No, Uncle Hiram did not impact history so dramatically as McKinley High classmate Hung Wai Ching did. But Hiram was steady/progressive all thruout Hiram’s political career, a GOP fiscal conservative/a social progressive who liked to say he championed the Civil Rights Act. Hiram offered to share insights w/new GOP Gov. Bill Quinn 1959-1962, but imperious/”know it all” Quinn rebuffed Hiram. Hiram always was close to Jack Burns, & Quinn’s 1959 rejection of Hiram’s offer to assist Quinn catapulted Hiram to Burns 1962 [quietly]. Typecast, but in surround stereo, Hiram was your prototype Chinese individualist, not the mover of mountains/history that indelible little jesus Hung Wai Ching was outside ‘Iolani Palace [territorial legislature] & outside Capitol Hill. Yes, Hiram/Hung Wai were schoolboy/adult pals, but Hiram was consumed w/Hiram’s own elective office/political career, while Hung Wai manifestly was Statehood Joe Farrington’s Kingmaker [Joe the most powerful politician in the Haw’n Islands as Delegate to Congress 1942-1954 died in office]. One thing about Dan Inouye. Uncle Hiram went livid that “understudy” Inouye backstabbed Hiram by almost getting Inouye’s pick Cecil Heftel to beat Hiram for U.S. Senate 1970, which is why traditionalist/chivalrous Hiram refused to have Inouye accompany Hiram as protocol demands during Hiram’s investiture walk into the Senate. Which is another reason my GOP Dad couldn’t stand Inouye — Inouye acts like Inouye’s sh_t don’t stink. After GOP godfather Joe Farrington died 1954, the only 2 GOPs who were around a decade later were GOP mayor Rusty Blaisdell/GOP U.S. Senator Hiram L. Fong. Of course, Rusty decided to back down from upending longtime athletic peer Burns for Gov. 1966, figuring that Burns would beat Rusty [Burns’ neighbor islands’ ILWU clout][revisionists say that Burns allegedly duped Rusty into staying out of Gov. race on assurance that Burns would appoint Rusty to Bishop Estate trusteeship]. By 1968, Rusty retired as mayor [didn’t want to scrap mayoral foe/ruthless Frank Fasi], awaited appointment as Bishop Estate trustee by Burns, but Burns instead appointed Hung Wai’s baby brother, Burns financier-money man Hung Wo Ching. Rusty was finished/dusted off in politics from then on, & died in 1975 of a fatal stroke 1902-1975 [7 months after Burns died of cancer]. Hiram Fong retired in the next election after squeaking by Heftel. Now the whole State was Inouye’s oyster.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Oh boy, raconteur Doc Hill 1890-1970 reminds me of an eccentric ole’ professor typecast whose mid-scalp from front to rear is shiny bald but got bushes of hair off to each side over the ears. Actually, Doc as a young man was very handsome/virile. Doc not doctor, but sold reading glasses. Why reprise Doc Hill? You know that Doc owned most of businesses along Shinmachi’s Punahoa St. where today’s Kamehameha Statue is. Punahoa St. got nearly as wide as Kam Ave. because of Doc Hill. You know that Doc’s hi maka maka wife Ouida posed in a bikini at age 90 for our local publication. Well, before Doc got Punahoa St. widened for Doc’s auspicious Coca Cola Bottling Co. [that saved hundreds of lives in the 1946 tsunami via its multi-storied concrete bldg.], we DID have our bordellos strung like cosmetic pearls along Punahoa dirt lane, including but not limited to White Picket Fence diagonally across from today’s Kamehameha Statue in Hilo Iron Works Bldg. direction, & not far from it on same makai side of Punahoa lane was Green Roof [pertinently, White Picket Fence had haole Johns, Green Roof had sakadas/Flips, who were outlawed from bringing P.I. wives/families to Hawai’i]. Farther down toward today’s DLNR aquatics tanks was ubiquitous Mango Tree [mango tree not there anymore], which closed up before ‘46 tsunami [WWII ended], & its long bldg. cut into 2 segments & relocated to Panaewa [along today’s Kanoelehua Ave. by E. Palai St. area]. Shinmachi [the only town w/a Japanese name in the Haw’n Islands] district was between today’s Kamehameha Statue & the Hilo Iron Works bldg. But Doc Hill, always covetous of buddahead workers under his diverse portfolio of businesses [2nd generation buddaheads, being citizens born/raised here, could vote], co-opting the dramatic increase in buddaheads in our voting population, was our most akamai/discerning politician who always got buddaheads to vote for him, especially post-WWII when 2nd generation buddaheads came of age/peaked. Thence, it’s no coincidence that Doc Hill was the baron of Punahoa St. in the heart of Shinmachi. But before Doc engaged in “urban renewal” of Punahoa St., Punahoa dirt lane was called “Mameya” lane [as in beans/seeds/CREATION, which twistedly referred to wahine loin central, not men’s sperm], for its diverse bordellos [Wailoa/Waiolama ponds denoted serenity for pre- & current WWII Johns, ergo R & R], being that Punahoa was in the most affordable district in central Hilo. Well, lore is that one day Oida came a lookin’ for her Doc, & Doc [never a great athlete] probably would’ve beaten sprint champ Doro Takeda that day, supposedly leaving only a trail of dust behind him as he scrambled out the picket fence.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Oh, the so-called “heiau”/rise that you see today if you go beeline from Kamehameha Statue along Punahoa St. toward today’s DLNR “fish tanks” by Hilo Iron Works, are the residue of the rubble of Coca Cola Bottling bldg. Why DLNR parks division left such residue/hump is beyond me, maybe to honor [secretly] the Coca Cola bldg. that saved hundreds of lives in the 1946 tsunami. Okay, the bordello ladies were outside haoles, not local girls. Butcher Lane off Kumu St. had the “Cottage” bordello [Why are these bordellos by Waiolama canal? To empty effluent into the water], for Puerto Rican/Filipino Johns. Where Nihon restaurant is today by Isles Landing had “Red Light” for Japanese/Oriental men. Off Mamo St. on Punahoa St. segment [today’s farmers market] had “Mameya” for Filipino men. Lore is that buddahead baron His Hisanaga [Hisago casino fame in middle of Ice Pond by Hukilau Hotel] was our Lordness of Mameya enterprise. Sam Boyd had nothing to do w/operations other than being relegated to bingo games via His’ innocuous earning arm.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gatz, asking if there’s any link/synergy between Doc Hill & Hisakichi Hisanaga [after all, they were exactly the same age] isn’t historic like the symbiosis between gigantic alltime positive destiny-makers Hung Wai Ching & Jack Burns. Nonetheless, yes, but not what you think. Pepe’ekeo-born Hisakichi [among earliest-born 2nd generation AJAs] helped Doc w/legal docs/translation b/n Japanese/English [Hisa was noted interpreter/district court barrister], & helped Doc w/start-up of eyewear sales. Let’s face it, Hisa was the most generous benefactor among early buddaheads. In turn, Doc referred colleagues to Hisa for court translations/etc. No, Hisa had nothing to do w/Ouida Hill. She was a meanie, man. GOP boss Doc actually gave Hisa immense positive exposure/connections among haole aristocracy/Big 5. Yes, Doc/Hisa had a mutually beneficial relationship. Hisa was a great athlete/baseballer, & bankrolled our elitist JAC [Japanese Athletic Club], which looked down at Waiakea’s furyoshonen/roughriders. Because of such class bigotry between Hisa’s rich central Hilo AJAs [including baseballers Sanji Abe’s Mamo St. monopoly/Barney Fujimoto’s HPM location in the heart of JAC turf, Kam/Pi’opi’o St. area] & Waiakea’s low-class street urchins/fishermen progeny, Waiakea’s new Pirates 1923 vowed to beat the living daylights out of Hisa’s JAC boys who then reloaded as our new “Asahi” ballclub. Truth be told, Waiakea’s new Pirates [Taffy Okamura/Tommy Kaulukukui] eventually did beat the living daylights out of the new Asahi club [former JAC gang]. Of course, Doc stayed out of the internecine fray. Punahoa St. kept beckoning him [for legit business!!] :-) . No, don’t ask me about Mameya & question of insider transactions.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    To show you the kind of guy Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 was, Scrub got Pundy Yokouchi’s Arts Council to give $50Gs toward erection of the majestic Kamehameha Statue on Punahoa St. off of Kamehameha Ave. Scrub didn’t want to be recognized as the enabler toward this money. He said this one’s for Hawaiians. Scrub’s name is not on the plaque beneath the great statue. Untold hero Scrub.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Is Ehren Watada another Hanoi Jane [Fonda]? No. Watada wanted to fight in Afghanistan, not Iraq, which he considered to be Bush’s ploy/neo-colonialism-imperialism. Conversely, Fonda plunked herself in a NVN anti-aircraft battery, something Watada would revile against [giving aid/comfort to the enemy]. Fonda spirited herself thru line of American POWs, blazing propaganda piece for Ho Chi Minh, which Watada would find unspeakably treasonous vs. U.S. No, Watada is NOT Hanoi Jane Fonda. Will our 442 ever regard Watada as emblematic of what Americanism is all about, to do what’s right, not what’s expedient, as is the case with positive exemplar Eric Shinseki, nephew of 442 veteran [Eric always backdrops photo ops w/keepsake of 442 pride such as 442 patch]? No. Our 442 are crusty ole’ ganko/boneheads, who lynchpin Watada as elite officer who volunteered & took oath to serve/protect our country, regardless of merit of war. To our 442 curmudgeons, Watada betrayed our country & our AJAs, reversing ALL that our 442 boys had died for, to give our AJAs equal footing with White America. NO, you won’t see Watada as honored guest at the few remaining 442 functions for the last of our “mohicans” who still are alive. Inasmuch the 442 Sons/Daughters blindly follow our wagamama/self-attentive 442 originals/replacements, you won’t see Watada honored either at our Sansei Sons/Daughters fetes. I hope that our 2 TRUE leaders, not the cosmetic Sons/Daughters, upend our anachronistic thinking & rebuke supplication that you see today with our ostentatious Sansei props, our 2 leaders who will wayfind into the heart of this 21st century, being Shari Tamashiro born 1972 [KCC cybraran] & Alvin Yoshitomi born 1956 [442 archivist].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    So when long-haired hip Japan prime minister Koizumi visited Yasukuni Shrine [Japan national war cemetery/memorial] as other Japan prime ministers had done before & since, aren’t such visits to remind him/us that Tojo’s militarism should not redux again, in light of all the KIAs [the common people always suffer the most] who died in vain??

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Father of modern U.S. Navy Alfred Mahan 1840-1914 spawned expansionist/militarist Teddy Roosevelt. Yet Mahan was not adept at actual command of a ship. He was a grand strategist, not a tactical ship boss. Just the same, Gen. Douglas MacArthur was an adept administrator [post-WWII Japan restoration], more so than as a field commander [P.I./South Pacific/Korea]. Had MacArthur gone into China during the Korean War, President Truman would have been faced w/WWIII [Soviet Union/China vs. U.S./Free World]. MacArthur demanded surrender from China over President Truman’s gag order vs. mutinous MacArthur. Undeniably, highly educated MacArthur belittled President Truman’s highest level of education — high school. President Truman had no choice but to fire MacArthur as boss of the U.S. Far East Command. MacArthur had revoked the cardinal rule of democracy — governance by freely elected sovereign, not governance by military fiat. MacArthur went into permanent seclusion upon his return to the U.S., despite his famous refrain, “Old soldiers don’t die, they just fade away.” [Soldiers always return to defend our great Nation]

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    I asked my friend Mike why he was a VNW draft resister [our 442 gizzards say draft dodger], Mike bellowed, “You want me to pick up an M-16 [standard issue automatic rapid fire weapon] & kill an enemy soldier for some kind of patriotic reason I cannot even figure out? Ask our combat veterans what they figured out about the Vietnam War — we propped up a puppet regime in South Vietnam by standing on the bodies of our American soldiers [KIAs] — too high a price to pay for terminal propaganda!! I worship my brothers who gave up their lives as fighting Americans — they’re true patriots — but I defy our Red Scare Presidents who got us into a war that could’ve been averted by way of sensible diplomacy. The French lost [Dien Bien Phu], then we lost a political war [Tit for Tat bombing retaliation vs. NVN].”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Do you know that left-wing anti-war protestor Jim Albertini born 1946 [Villanova U alumnus] adores cantankerous 442 veteran Isamu Kanekuni born 1921??!! Isamu dismisses Jim, saying to Jim’s face [eyeball to eyeball], “Yeah, you protest but you offer no practical solutions!!” Jim gets titillated over Isamu’s rejection with a smile on Isamu’s face. Jim gets nowhere with Isamu, smile on Isamu’s face or not, in my opinion. Better for Jim to ASK questions of Isamu, not to argue with Isamu [both guys have smiles on their faces when they repartee]. Isamu is representative of post-1920 born AJAs — repudiatory, be it tradition [rebuke older pre-1920 born AJAs who chose co-optation by haole Big 5 vs. annihilation by Big 5, AJA weakness being schooling only up to 8th grade for pre-1920 born AJAs] or later upending of the status quo via rebels like Jim Albertini. Isamu does NOT titillate me. I ASK questions of him. I don’t argue with him. To argue with Isamu is like posturing over who got the bigger phallus/dick!! Senseless.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    To Parson who reprised the hysteria vs. Matthew Shepard, the lines to “HE” by the McGuire Sisters say it all, “HE can turn the tide, and calm the angry sea, HE alone decides who writes a symphony.”

    Among our best-ever local baseball pitchers is Honomu’s Tommy Ishigo born 1944, our amazing “Boy Wonder” who pitched our Big Island all-stars to the State AJA title [men’s tournament] as a just-turned 17 yr. old neophyte. Nothing like it ever happened before or since. Tommy, a man of great equanimity [like his dad Hideo Ishigo born 1913, still looking chipper for his age], has imparted Tommy’s “wisdom of the ages” to his loving son Corey, who just coached Kailua High on O’ahu to the State prep title game. Corey is more demonstrative than Tommy, and has Tommy’s erudite knowhow. You know what Corey does after a game? Calls his dad Tommy & asks, “Dad, you think [pitcher] better to come in for short relief?” Now this is validation!! Great leadership passed on down to the next generation!! Grooming for great leadership!! Let me share with you a kawai sona/very sad event that happened in the past — so-called ignorant dad tells his son from the stands, “Uncle so&so promises to give you $___ if you hit a homerun!!” Unbeknownst to the coach, the kid goes for the long ball & doesn’t even make it to first base. The coach is bewildered by the player’s sudden change of form. This is where the coach can benefit from observers who have the players’ best interests at heart. The coach later finds out about ignorant dad. The coach hugs the player but implores that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” that it’s team-first, not “me-first,” even though the player was too captive to such a sudden turn of fortune. In the coach’s wisdom, he didn’t tell his player about finding out about the player’s ignorant dad. Fixed games/diving are extensions of self-dealing. Grooming for great leadership. Tommy Ishigo & son Corey, great positive exemplars!!

    Do you know that handsome John Garfield half-Portuguese/half Uchinanchu Earl Arakaki has NEVER been featured/interviewed by our ubiquitous buddahead newspaper Hawaii Herald? Earl is the only so-called buddahead who has the courage to point out bigots.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Episcopalian Canterbury House [‘Iolani/etc.] did not foment UH radicals 1960s. Neither did Wesley House up the road in Manoa. UH radicals germinated on campus. Till this day, Hilo vocational rehab spec Steve Carter born 1945 regrets his sentence for blocking the road when our Nat’l Guard got activated VNWar. Steve says in hindsight that Steve would’ve been more helpful trying to negotiate instead of being a lawbreaker. What rivetted Navy veteran [!] Steve to empathy for the military’s role in society is when Steve’s son enlisted for Desert Storm 20 yrs. ago. Though Steve was a Navy veteran who went to UH on the GI bill, Steve’s Navy bosses were drunks & oafs, but 2 of Steve’s supervisors urged him on to UH, & Steve thanks them to this day.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Irrepressible Hung Wai Ching [son KingLit born 1936 has Hung Wai’s love for all–agape love] was GOP Statehood Joe Farrington’s “kitchen cabinet” confidant [trinity of Hung Wai/Kats Kometani 100th Batt. oyabun-spiritual father/erudite legal mind Masaji Marumoto][Joe 1897-1954], but when Joe died unexpectedly of a fatal heart attack June 1954, Jack Burns’ Democrats swept into office later that year [today’s boss Dan Inouye born 1924 was Burns’ key man]. Chou En Lai being the cultured/engaging/inclusive man that boss/rogue Mao Tse Tung was not [Chou En Lai opposed mass extermination “Cultural Revolution”], privately adored southern China descendant of lowly peasants Hung Wai Ching [Hawai’i was the American experiment/microcosm in democracy in Chou’s eyes — Chou was well aware of Hawai’i ethnic relations, also had dear friend who lived in Hawai’i], was flabbergasted that so lowly a man as Hung Wai Ching [till Hung Wai’s dying day, Hung Wai spoke pidgin English that was undecipherable to non-blalahs/titas/locals] had changed the face of America [Truman integrated the military because of the 442–who didn’t have persecution complex turn-off that Truman was repugnant about vs. Blacks/Earl Warren’s make-up call to prison camp hysteria that resulted in WWII California Gov. Earl Warren’s internment of AJAs ended w/S.Ct. CJ Earl Warren’s unanimous Brown v. Bd. of Education 1954 that punctuated “Separate is not Equal!!”/Ike’s nascent Civil Rights Act genesis resulted from Ike’s sensitization/exposure to non-Whites WWII, esp. our 442’s Rescue of Texas Lost Battalion–Ike’s key aide Jim Hagerty was Hilo’s Shokan “Jesse” Shima[bukuro]’s dear friend-confidant/Capitol Hill godfathers Sam Rayburn/LBJ rewarded our 442 w/1959 Statehood, for our 442 Rescue of the Alamo Lost Battalion WWII — we suffered 800 casualties to save 200 Tex cowboys/LBJ loved straight up White trash/non-aristocrat Jack Burns 1909-1975 & always recounted Burns/Dan Inouye in enacting blockbuster 1964 Civil Rights Act — was LBJ disoriented internally when LBJ exhorted a shocked Humphrey to pick Inouye as Humphrey’s VP choice 1968 Presidential election, or was LBJ correct that our “model minority” AJAs would bridge the hellacious divide b/n Blacks/Whites amid awful urban conflagrations such as Watts/D.C.?? Nonetheless, picking Inouye would’ve been suicide for Humphrey–AJAs only a speck in our population/do you know that metamorphosized Malcolm X was dearest friend of 442 veteran & died in arms of 442 wife when he was murdered by his own Black Muslim thugs??/do you know that Henry Opukahaia [means split belly when Kamehameha the Great’s warrior plunged spear in 10 yr. old Henry’s back, but spear split the belly of lad Henry’s baby brother whom Henry was carrying on Henry’s back, killing Henry’s baby brother but saving Henry’s life], who died a martyr to his Faith, inspired our greatest-ever Congressman, abolitionist Henry Clay of Kentucky, an old curmudgeon over Opu in age, but a soft-hearted baby inside, Clay becoming Abe Lincoln’s inspiration, Lincoln our Great Emancipator/Liberator??/do you know that post-WWII Japan boss Shigeru Yoshida, who was imprisoned by U.S. as Imperial Japan criminal, was keenly-painfully aware that Japan lost its national ID because of its own hubris/megalomania/delusions of grandeur wrought by Hirohito/Tojo, was reminded of such from D.C. by poor peon Okinawan descendant Shokan “Jesse” Shima[bukuro], who was FDR key aide Harry Hopkins’ acolyte, proud alumnus of our Hilo Lyman Boarding School by where today’s Boys/Girls Club is??/etc.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Uncle Willy Okino Thompson is in the most celebrated photo of our wholly decimated 442 RCT after it went thru hell vs. German forces [Uncle Willy has his head cocked to his left, as he stands wearily in the second row, last man to your right as you look at this photo]. Racist Gen. Dahlquist, who sent our 442 boys to our slaughter [such as to rescue Tex cowboys’ Lost Battalion], screamed at CO Virgil Miller out of view of this daunting photo, “I told you I wanted your whole battalion at Formation!!” Col. Miller wearily chafed, “Sir, this is all that is left of my men.” God bless America!! So gang, when you look at these beaten up ready-to-fall riflemen, recount Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade, for yours is not to question, but to do AND die!! By the way, after Dahlquist’s aide, who happened to be literateur Sinclair Lewis’ son, was shot in the head/killed by sniper, Rambo John Dahlquist never charged up to the front lines again, knowing that the silver bullet was meant for his ‘noggin!! And as is the case with medal poppers like Dahlquist, he went on to further ascencion up the brass star ladder post-WWII, while our immediate 442 stoic General Mark Clark quietly retired, who, like soldiers’ Gen. Omar Bradley, always thought of his men dying for U.S. freedoms FIRST, before anything else!! When retired Gen. Mark Clark came to Hawai’i, our 442 boys regaled over him as if he were Jesus Christ, superstar! Deservedly so!! So when you see Uncle Willy perched over in this photo that prescient editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt pulled out of the cyberhat, just use a little imagination & induce hypothethical thoughts rolling back & forth in Uncle Willy’s head, that he’s probably muttering to himself, “You fu__in’ Dahlquist, you muther-fu__er….” Yikes!! Uncle Willy was a great great soldier, Bronze Star awardee, who probably had every right to cock his head to his left… Woohoo [Tiff’s titillating train whistle sound]!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The Memorial Hospital photo is of the old ancillary staff [out-of-State nurses/etc.] bldg. complex mauka of our current Hilo Medical Center, as part of the old Memorial Hospital functions that were merged in 1961 into the 1951 TB hospital. Our Pu’u Maile TB home also was situated east of where our old NAS complex was in the old airport area after both our 1946 tsunami & 1947 storm waves damaged our utility connections at our Keaukaha Pu’u Maile Hospital 1939-1947. Thence our old NAS area also included our Pu’u Maile TB home 1946-1951. If you wonder why “Japtown” Machida lane/Onekahakaha & our Nakagawa complex at “4 miles” are in the heart of Keaukaha, these sites PRECEDE our 1921 Hawaiian Homes Act. At “4 miles” on the makai side of the old shore road where the old rock wall juts out into the cove, former Demosthenes Cafe [George Lycurgus’ brother, who moved back to Greece][where today’s Lycurgus bldg. is mauka of Koehnen bldg. area] workers Soper Nishimoto/Tom Asayama opened their Seaside Club in 1915, which was sold to Harry Nakagawa in 1926, which was totally destroyed by the 1946 tsunami [Dickie Furtado had restaurant operation there in 1946]. The Nakagawas then relocated across the street to today’s current Seaside Restaurant site.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The best promontory to see the beauty of Hilo & its majestic bay is not at Homelani Cemetery [where angels gather] but at Ha’aheo School in Wainaku. Understandably, Ha’aheo is for Kamehameha the Great’s declaration to his maka’ainana [commoners/field workers] that where today Ha’aheo School stands is where Kamehameha the Great took greatest pride [ha’aheo] in their taro plantings done in a single day!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Retired Baptist minister Richard Uejo born 1925, born/raised on Kaua’i with classmate/Filipino leader Domingo Los Banos, resides with his lovely wife Sue at our Hilo Veterans Home below Hilo Medical Center. Richard is a WWII Army veteran, & volunteered his time from 1961 to 2008 [47 yrs.] as chaplain at KMC in Volcano. So when I’m asked why Richard is at Yukio Okutsu Veterans Home, I say this is America’s way of saying arigato to Richard for Richard’s nearly 50 yrs. of manuahi/volunteer service to our men/women in uniform up at Volcano’s KMC. Yes, Richard never received a dime for such devotion to our Nation, wear/tear on his beat up old jalopy/gas money notwithstanding.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yes, 442 Purple Heart veteran Hoxie Nagami used to be wheeled all around Hilo town via wheelchair by his gang of bruddahs, including what really were 2 Medal of Honor fellas in acknowledged quiet hero Yukio Okutsu [Veterans Home named after him] & fellow F Co. great soldier Wataru Kohashi born 1922. Did I tell you what sent chills up the hospital nurses’ spines the nite Hoxie died 9 yrs. ago? Hoxie had been bed-ridden for a number of yrs. & unable to speak because of strokes. Then in the dead of the nite the nurses hear Hoxie scream, “Wataru, Wataru, come get me, come get me!!” You see, bloodied/wounded Hoxie was dying in the foxhole 55 yrs. before, & he called out for his childhood pal F Co. Wataru, “Wataru, Wataru, come get me, come get me!!” Wataru did save Hoxie from certain death [lost lots of blood]. The hospital called Wataru in the dead of nite to “come get Hoxie,” but Hoxie had passed on to our Great Father in the SKY just before Wataru got to the hospital. For a man Hoxie who was “terminally mute” for yrs., out of nowhere to scream for his bosom band of brothers, namely Wataru, inspires staffers till this day about the power of Love.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Richard Uejo born 1925 U.S. Army 1944, marches in formation at boot camp. The drill sgt. shouts cadence as the buck privates respond in return. F words/epithets mount the rhythm/mood of the march, via staccato timbre. After the march is over, the huge drill sgt. comes over to stoic/tiny Richard & asks him, “Private, what’s your problem? I don’t see you shouting with enthusiasm when we march. Hell, I don’t see you even opening your mouth when we march! What’s your problem?!” Richard looks squarely but sincerely at his much older drill sgt. & chafes, “Drill Sgt., I don’t have to use profanity to be a good soldier, don’t I??!!” Drill sgt. looked quickly at Richard’s eyes, swivelled 180 degrees, & walked away quickly. Richard then thought, “Oh my goodness, now I’ve gone & done it [gotten myself written up/reprimanded]!!” Amazingly, nothing happened — until just when boot camp ended, the base chaplain paid a visit to Richard’s bunk/locker, where the base chaplain slowly asked Richard, “Son, our Chaplains Corps are looking for a few good men who will do our Corps proud. Your Sgt. told me you’re what we need. I ask you to join us today. Shall I escort you to our quarters? The war [WWII] has taken the best of our men & we need young men like you to continue our mission [comfort the soldiers].” Richard was dumb-founded, then respectfully told the base chaplain, “Sir, I thank you for the honor of your asking me to join your Corps. But I ask to decline, because I promised my parents that I would be a fine soldier, an infantryman, not a chaplain’s aide. Thank you, but I’ll remember your honored request till the day I die!” Chappie nodded, thanked Richard for Richard’s brief time with Chappie, & welcomed Richard into the Chaplains Corps at any time in the future. Yes, to answer your query, this brief interlude inspired Richard into the later ministry, where he served with great sensitivity, indulgence, & leadership, till his legs no longer held up, thence his residence at fittingly named Okutsu Veterans Home. Why? Yuki Okutsu/Pastor Uejo are former Kaua’i boys!! Oh, one more thing — Richard keeps talking about the wonderful chaplain who paid a visit to see Richard at Richard’s barrack bunk/locker. I pointedly told Richard, “A, brah, the hero is your drill sgt., NOT the base chaplain! Your drill sgt. had the immense foresight and wisdom to see your strengths. Instead of getting ticked off by you, this great great drill sgt. saw the big picture, & figured that a fearless hombre like you is what our boys on the front lines needed. This ole’ drill sgt. probably went thru hell of war & saw you for who you are — fearless by Faith, brah’. Yeah, you talkin’ about the wrong guy. Give all the credit in the world to the drill sgt. who didn’t smack you one at that time!”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    How did we end up with 2 non-contiguous Hilo veterans cemeteries, Nos. 1 & 2??! The good side: Credit 442 Rusty Kamimura’s gang for getting the ball rolling to have a first class veterans cemetery No. 1. Contractors Norman Koshiyama/SK Oda & CC Kennedy’s widow Laura Vestal Kennedy really were on the ball for our 442 boys overall [incl. our AJA hall off Haihai St.], & they deserve plaudits galore!! Anyway, Rusty’s gang wanted to expand our cemetery no. 1 [Homelani memorial park area] due north in the Hamakua direction. But our own insider 442’s John Ushijima had other ideas [re: surrounding landowners] & quashed extending our cemetery no. 1 due north. So after yrs. of advocacy to expand our veterans cemetery, Rusty’s gang finally got cemetery no. 2 [above today’s Boys/Girls Club site], disjointedly in reality a half mile away from cemetery no. 1. So come Veterans Day/Memorial Day, what you gonna’ do? Criss cross by car for ceremonies?? Access roads are on opposite sides of this land district, not confluent/the same. Yikes!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    May I share with you the point about not judging a book by its cover? Afghanistan combat veteran/paratrooper Isaac Nahakuelua born 1981, tells Aunty Patience Namaka Bacon that Isaac is part Japanese [Hirowatari from Laupahoehoe], though the Japanese side shunned the Hawaiian side of its family [“out of race”], when Isaac painted in oil on canvas a portrait inspired by Patience Namaka Bacon. She tells Isaac that she is Japanese ethnicity [orphaned because her parents died in influenza epidemic, Pat born 1920]. She was adopted by Mary Kawena Pukui & knows nothing about her biological ethnic roots. So one day she gets asked to speak to Japanese-speaking visitors. She doesn’t know Japanese!! Pat is among our greatest Hawaiian cultural treasures, as is her deceased adopted mother Mary Kawena Pukui, aka Mary Wiggin [yes, hapa-haole]. Never judge a book by its cover. Oh, one final quip. I first met Isaac at the former Ishigo bakery. Isaac is the handsomest Haw’n you’ll ever see. Girls go nuts over him. Anyway, I see him garrison mentality/guard up talking about Hawaiian sovereignty at this quaint roadside cafe now owned by the Edmoundsons. I tell myself, this bugga get balls. I wasn’t into his topic, I was looking at who he is inside. So I tell him separatists ain’t gonna force me off the ‘aina that is my only home I ever knew. Well, he gave me the 3rd degree look, I laughed, & we’ve been friends ever since!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gabby Pahinui was dismissed as the loud drunk by our own older ethnic Hawaiian neighbors!! Backyard jammin’ didn’t have unanimous approval among Hawaiian folks. And Bruddah’ Iz?? As no greater authority than Genoa Keawe intoned, Iz was destructive before older bruddah’ Skippy died. But Skippy’s death transformed Iz to love one, love all, as Iz felt Skippy would have it.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Thank you, editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt, for your great Memorial Day Tribute to our fallen heroes/forebearers!! Editor Tiffany has tremendous life experience/wisdom in part because she is a career soldier’s daughter. Which also are why Tiffany has the rarest leadership qualities of listen, learn, & THEN lead — if you read my take on Tiffany’s political magnificence about our County land preservation fund [in her Clarity/Crystallization of the big picture], Tiffany is the only leader who allies with the practical combination of sustainable government/sustainable environment policies by crafting retention of our land preservation fund to address the most critical habitat needs, yet transferring some of the fund to ensure continued vital government services. Neither the raiders of the fund [Mayor/Council] nor the defenders of the fund [conservationists] have such an equivalent legacy that our greatest empiricist/pragmatist Tiffany wayfinds thru. Our putative solons/ecologists are not the most gifted in the final run of great political leadership, such calibre of Clarity that promotes a new social order [responsible land use policies effectuated by solvent government performance]!! Mahalo, Tiffany, for recognizing our fallen heroes/forebearers on Memorial Day. Mahalo also for your concrete long distance destiny-making on positive land use/positive governance!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    John Tsukano wrote the greatest book on the 100th/442nd titled “Bridge of Love” that initially left his boys skeptical of his motives, inasmuch John was a former champion swimmer for Maui’s Soichi Sakamoto, & not tabbed as an “intellectual” by his fellow AJAs. Nonetheless, after spending his whole life savings [John a sportsman promoter with Ralph Yempeku/Richard Pablo Chinen–yes, our Pablo for whom Hilo Civic Auditorium is named] on his research for his book, John’s book is the most thorough & complete history of the AJA warriors. See, the sad thing about our 442 boys born after 1920 is that they are status trippers/social climbers because they pride themselves as Horatio Alger types who picked up themselves by the bootstraps [their high school diplomas made them impetuous–diploma equivalent to college degree back then]. The loss w/such self-infatuated notion is that the silent disciples of “everybody’s equal” such as John Tsukano & Earl Finch are displaced by show-offs like John Ushijima, who, as Lincoln Wrecker qtbk. was hit hard by Waiakea-Uka’s Joe Inamine [great boxer Paul Inamine’s baby bruddah’–Paul killed in Pearl Harbor attack] & sent to the hospital for cracked leg, compliments of our Uka Uchinanchu. Twist is that I have lovely photo of Joe Inamine/John Ushijima/my Dad on their guitars/’ukes in the battlefields of Europe as this unlikely trio strums to “Hilo my Hometown.” Fittingly, when John Tsukano’s book was published, his 442 boys were shocked that jock John Tsukano was capable of producing the masterpiece for all eternity!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yes, the ones you don’t hear about in smalltown Hilo who come from/live here might be the most powerful in the world. I politely introduce Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 442 RCT to Henry Shimabukuro born 1931 retired AF Col. SAC as Henry walks by Isamu/me at our local eatery. I tell Isamu, Henry’s a retired officer, AF. Isamu scowls, “I don’t talk to officers!” Yikes!! In turn, I tell a bemused Henry, “Brah, Kanekuni PFC 442 RCT!” Henry instantly drops down on “bended knees” & tells Isamu, “Man, you guys are my heroes!! I worship you!!” Isamu laughs at this almost vaudeville posture. Tells Henry, “Okay, okay, get up, you making me look bad!! We all laughed heartily!! Whoa, then walks by Gen. Lee [Gov. Lingle’s appointee], I intro Isamu to Gen. Lee. Gen. Lee doesn’t drop to one knee, but politely salutes Isamu, who stands a foot shorter than Gen. Lee [tall Chinese McKinley High grad ’66 or so], a salute that could’ve slapped Isamu one deserved across Isamu’s face had Gen. Lee been any closer to us in proximity. Ha! BTW, JAVA [Japanese American Veterans Assn] boss Terry Shima is Jesse’s Laupahoehoe nephew/Henry’s 1st cousin, based in D.C./Virginia. Terry proud, not earthy/grassroot like Henry & Uncle Jesse. Of course, Terry Georgetown U/foreign diplomat creds, 442 replacement.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Terry Shima is JAVA boss & rep for Bronze Star applications for combat veterans WWII. I thank Terry/DoD for issuing Wanderers icon John Yuen’s born 1923 Bronze Star, but doesn’t such award moot out original Bronze Star awardees like Uncly Willy Thompson/Uka Camp 6 “ice in his veins” Haru Henry Oshiro [great boxer/Advertiser Sandra’s dad]?? After all, CIB/Distinguished Unit Badge in great fashion/dignity do honor fighting units/those who were exemplary in battle. Why dilute our treasured Bronze Star via such giveaway that JAVA seems to endorse? Boy, Henry Shimabukuro wants to bury his head in the ground after hearing that first cousin Terry Shima[bukuro][Uncle Jesse’s nephew] is on nationwide newspaper releases for WWII combat veterans to apply for “gimme” Bronze Star. Yikes!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yes, Henry Shimabukuro born 1931 is our little jesus who got unprecedented government lease to fee simple conversion for his austere mama Matsu & her Pi’ihonua Camps 3,4,5 laborers/lessees. Henry’s mama Matsu’s Pi’ihonua standard [dream of home ownership] 15 yrs. ago might never be replicated again, amid today’s fiscal downtown. The sugar plantations provided home ownership for their workers, just as Bishop Estate was forced to do so via high court edict, but our grassroot government provision for home ownership is unique/exemplary, inasmuch it rewards century-old+ family lessees w/their dream of owning their lots on which their ancient 1′x12″ crackerbox homes sit, it averts more recipients on the welfare rolls [displacement would add to gov’t handouts], & it increases property tax revenues, inasmuch home ownership has resulted in new/remodeled homes that increase the property values/increase gov’t revenue. If anything, such pride of home ownership behooves HUD/HHA [Pi’ihonua was NOT HUD/HHA but generic State land] to convert housing units from lease to fee simple & stop bleeding gov’t coffers [dependency mentality/syndrome].

  • Tiff Says:

    Wow, Curt, mahalo for the really nice compliment.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Oops, 1″ thick by 12″ wide whitewash lime lumber.
    Do you know that at Hilo public schools 75 yrs. ago a practical individualist Chinaman Mr. Ching taught “Common Sense” during homeroom free time? Yes!! Which brings us to President Obama’s pick of Judge Sotomayor, Puerto Rican from the Bronx Projects, for U.S. S.Ct. Justice. Her pick won’t change the political face of the court, w/Justice Kennedy still the swing vote, but what you see are 2 great developments w/her pick: 1) socio-economic diversity, not just rich folks w/inherited wealth on the court; 2) our 1st Puerto Rican, NOT simply Latina, but the lowest substrata of society measured by standard of living! I see Milagros Rodriguez/etc. of 35 yrs. ago Puerto Rico/Bronx law students dancing in their homes today w/Judge Sotomayor’s pick! Never mind that Judge Sotomayor was picked by Bush Sr. for initial judgeship — the ethnic pride/American Dream [coined amid our Great Depression] are FIRSTS!! Oh, back to “Common Sense.” I know that had President Obama not been blessed w/immense-strong family roots, the stereotype of him facially would be a Popolo/Puerto Rican mix spitting wind direction at Houghtailing/Lanakila district. This is what’s a heartstopper about President Obama/Judge Sotomayor — this dynamite duo singularly breaks our class/caste/racial stereotypes!! Only in America!! Land of opportunity!! Paula, Sotomayor’s pick is for you!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Paula Helfrich is Paula in preceding quip.
    Gen. George Patton was based in Hawai’i mid-1930s & drew up his “Subversives” list based mostly on Japanese newspapers. His list included names stricken off the later list 1941 by FBI’s Bob Shivers. Patton’s “hit list” names that were stricken by Shivers included eventual 1st AJA S.Ct. justice nationwide Masaji Marumoto/Masaji’s fellow Harvard law grad-eventual solon-judge Tom Okino of Hilo [Uncle Willy Thompson’s uncle]/our greatest buddahead Christian pastor Takie Okumura/Hochi publisher Fred Kinzaburo Makino. Hung Wai Ching & Jack Burns had a lot to do w/averting more internment after 12/7/41, based on their trust in our buddaheads.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hilo’s favorite son Del Metzger, ethnic German from Granger land Kansas plains [like Kansas boys Oren Long/Martin Pence/Tom Coffman], was infuriated that Del’s ethnic German poker buddies were interned WWII. Del was federal ct. judge here & invoked habeas corpus to release them after martial law was partially lifted. But martial law governor Gen. Richardson refused to release internees, so Metzger held Gen. Richardson in contempt, fining him w/threat of incarceration vs. Gen. Richardson. FDR finally intervened & pardoned Gen. Richardson!! The ethnic German internee cases were mooted out when they were sent Stateside [out of our jurisdiction]. Yes, U.S. citizens of German ancestry were detained/interned nationwide WWII, along w/any ethnic enemy combatant suspects [Italian]. Yikes!! Yes, Hilo’s own raconteur Del Metzger faced down FDR & the War Dept. & won!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Inokichi Ishigo was sentenced to hard labor for 1 yr./fined $l,000 for possession of current enemy combatant’s flag [Japan red hamburger] WWII. Conservative Buddhist/Shinto churches such as in Ishigo’s Honomu/Hilo somehow ID’d w/State Shinto under Hirohito [Hirohito as divine emperor, from Sun God] even though Hirohito twisted so-called traditional Shinto [nature “pagan” worship] toward worship of him/Hirohito as descended from Sun God, which traditional Shinto never did [no worship of mere mortal human/sentient]. Nonetheless, Ishigo was a good Issei/immigrant American & fully loyal to U.S. to a fault, unfortunately keeping the Japan flag as keepsake of his ancient culture. Ishigo’s kids were fully Americanized/loyal U.S. citizens. Next door to Honomu’s Ishigo bakery was Higaki bakery [in front of Odaishisan Buddhist church][442 DSC Tsune Takemoto’s lovely wife’s parents][no relation to entertainers Judy/Alan Higaki]. Higaki kazoku/family was extremely generous w/plantation folks, giving villagers pastry/breads if goods were not sold at end of day. Shige Katekawa muses about Higaki generosity, recounting whether such generosity resulted in Higaki giving up bakery long before Ishigo retired [2 bakeries were adjacent to each other]. Shige bemoans that Hideo Ishigo [Inokichi’s son] born 1913 [still handsome as ever], 10 yrs. older than Shige born 1923, would do deliveries/camp sales [before WWII ignominy when whole Honomu buddahead gang avoided Ishigo like the Plague per flag possession conviction — buddaheads didn’t want to be stigmatized like Ishigo], & Hideo once asked 15 yr. old Shige to watch Hideo’s wagon when Hideo went around Shige’s camp to sell pastries/breads. Well, a camp resident stole Hideo’s basket of breads right under Shige’s nose. Shige dared not defy the camp resident who was a grown man vs. 15 yr. old Shige. Anyway, when Hideo came back to Hideo’s supply wagon, Hideo noticed the missing bread & asked Shige what happened to the bread. Shige was stone silent & shrugged Shige’s shoulders. Hideo then went to complain to Shige’s dad about Shige’s silence. Shige’s dad told Hideo that Hideo had no business making Shige responsible for safeguarding Hideo’s wagon. Who’s right??? To me, Hideo wrongly entrusted Shige w/watching Hideo’s wagon, despite Honomu being a small village where everyone knows each other. Hideo should’ve brought along his family worker as Hideo’s asst./passenger. Which goes to show that maybe Hideo assumed too much about rural respect/honor. Which also goes to show that had Shige’s dad known ahead of time that Hideo was gonna ask minor child Shige to watch Hideo’s wagon, Shige’s dad would’ve put a stop to it, being that Shige’s dad probably didn’t like Hideo [perceived as tightwad]. Hideo actually was a decent man, because Earl Nakasato’s dad fully supported Hideo, telling Hideo that other villagers stole pastries from Hideo, so to beware of such individuals. To me, Shige/kazoku-family compared Ishigo w/Higaki generosity, thence such derision vs. Ishigo. Irony is that today’s John the Beloved Earl Nakasato himself purloined manju from Ishigo bakery when Earl was a devil-may-care teenage rebel. Earl was the toughest hombre on the block & got his way via his fists. Yikes!! Today’s Earl is not the early John Son of Thunder Prince of Rage but the reformed John that we all love.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Vietnam War sage Gen. Matthew Ridgway 1895-1993 dispelled Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s all-out war vs. Red China by retaking Seoul & crossing the 38th Parallel. Gen. Ridgway also averted our intervention to prevent French defeat in Indochina, arguing that ground forces equal to those in Korea were necessary to turn the tide for the French [like Gen. Shinseki argued re Iraq], vs. intervention proponent Admiral Radford, who incorrectly argued that Naval/Air power were sufficient. Gen. Ridgway showed keen insight on the objective of limited war, unlike Admiral Radford/Gen. MacArthur. Gen. Ridgway insisted on our withdrawal from Vietnam after our Gulf of Tonkin ruse, arguing that we were destined to lose to civil war forces via our containment focus, on difficult terrain, via limited warfare. Gen. Ridgway’s prescience laid the foundation for Reagan’s Weinberger doctrine 1985 that dissuades us from committing troops to conflicts in which no direct vital interests are at stake [ergo Iraq]. Yikes!! Colin Powell is a Weinberger doctrine proponent, which is why Colin was devastated that CIA’s feed to Colin about Iraq’s WMDs was b.s. Colin stuck on too long w/Jr. Bush, got isolated/marginalized by warlocks Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, & eventually was replaced by Condy Rice.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Conscription Lottery Draft averts needless U.S. incursion/imperialism as we see w/Jr. Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld in Iraq. Jr. Bush/college kids were exempt from VNW era draft 1960s, so that kids at the bottom of the social ladder [inner city/rural bumpkins] did our fighting in Vietnam. All changed when the Lottery picked names out of a hat [my age peers were the 1st NON-class distinctive conscripts], kids of high social standing included. Yes, all of a sudden the VNW got much more relevant to our aristocrats/nouveau rich/suburban folks. Which are why the Paris Peace Talks took on serious significance — our rich kids could not be sacrificed for a war that did not directly involve our national security!!! And in large part our Lottery answers why we got out of Vietnam once the non-class distinctive draft took place post-1969. Yikes!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    If one looks at life from a free society vantage point, everybody’s born equal. Our Western Culture/Christians say Jesus died for everyone, both rich & poor alike, no caste system. Let’s face it — Hawaiian sovereignty is not about race/ethnicity, but about class — our maka’ainana-hoa’aina peasants were fleeced by their own chiefs/konohiki — our commoners never had a fair hand regarding kuleana lots/fee simple lands. Need-based analysis, not ethnic-based bigotry, restores sensible recognition about the misdirected notion of sovereignty. Class, not race-ethnicity, the point. Everybody’s equal without regard to race/ethnicity, so bedrock socio-economic need on which material/financial recognition ensue. Duresse oblige–bear the heavy cross of overthrowing Lili’u??? Lili’u was a most capricious despot, to whom money is god. Of course, Thurston was no better in governance. Sadly, Iaukea was the most capable leader, but because he was not descended from the purity of blood/royal line, Iaukea never got to govern. Remember our good relations w/other countries via Iaukea?? Remember Iaukea on his last legs brokering peace along w/Rev. Palmer over our race riots/sugar strikes?? Iaukea, not our royal lineage [the fallacy of governance via inherited power/wealth!!].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Tasuku Harada 1863-1940 bridged Japan-U.S. relations — Eiichi Shibusawa 1840-1931, father of Japan industrialism, hand-picked Japan’s 1st Yale U. Divinity grad Tasuku Harada [President of Kyoto Christian Doshisha U. 1907-1920/dearest friend of diplomat Bill Castle Jr. of Hawai’i] to head new UH Japan Studies Program 1921. Harada bridged East-West relations w/our greatest altruists Rev. Bill Westervelt-Charles Hemenway-Frank Atherton-Alex Hume Ford. Harada’s internationalism/cross-cultural understanding mantra spawned the next generation of mega-leaders/peacemakers — Hung Wai Ching-Hilo’s Shigeo Yoshida-Kea’au’s Shunzo Sakamaki, w/Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 being the greatest of Harada’s progeny. Extraordinary/amazing succession of leaders from Shibusawa to Harada to Hung Wai Ching. Cross-cultural from Nipponese to Chinese-American [Hung Wai Ching], just as idyllic internationalists Westervelt-Hemenway-Atherton-Ford would have it.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    President Barack Obama’s tutu wahine “Toot” was very fortunate to come to Hawai’i 1959 [Statehood] because Hawai’i suddenly opened up to the world/inclusionary vs. customary Big 5 oligarchy exclusion. Toot fortuitously was blessed that Rudy Peterson 1904-2003 busted open Bank of Hawai’i 1955-1961 to women/minorities at the cusp of Statehood. Unquestionably, Rudy Peterson is the greatest exemplar to banking not just here but Stateside as well [Bank of America]. Born into dire poverty, Rudy never forgot his roots, but unlike contempos then & now, Rudy always was compassionate/generous/a soft touch. Essentially, Barack Obama has Rudy Peterson to thank vicarously/derivatively — Toot didn’t have a college degree/was tough to the bone — not that escrowers needed a BA/BS, but accession at the top post-Statehood welcomed a college degree. Michelle Obama said that to understand Barack, one needs to understand Hawai’i. Rudy Peterson impacted Barack’s life like no other, sustaining Toot as the primary wage-earner/breadwinner for Toot’s extended family, ergo her daughter/grandkids. Rudy even set the mark for rival First Haw’n Bank’s Johnny Bellinger, another rough-tough commoner haole like Toot. By the time Toot came to traditional hand-maiden Bank of Hawai’i [subrogated to top-producer Bishop Bank nka 1st Haw’n Bank] 1959, Cooke’s aristocratic bearing sadly branded Bank of Hawai’i as the elitist/hi-maka-maka bank, vs. customer-friendly 1st Haw’n Bank. But grounded/grassroot Peterson steered Bank of Hawai’i toward populist marketing [Rudy was recruited by sage Walt Dillingham 1875-1963, who’d learned Walt’s bitter lesson to make up to buddaheads/local ethnics because Walt double-crossed us Asian immigrant progeny WWI by backing sugar planters in saying we were the Yellow/Brown Peril/Barbarians from the East/Asia] & popular inclusion [ergo, marketer Bob Sasaki/directors incl. Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996, Hung Wai Ching’s baby brother, Hung Wo 1st non-haole director 1958, Chinn Ho, Masaji Marumoto/grassroot banker Jim Evans/etc.]. And Jack Burns 1909-1975 Delegate to Congress 1956-1959, born into poverty like Rudy Peterson, understood well & worked intimately w/Rudy in their common quest to bring equality of opportunity to our teeming masses. Egalitarian/altruist exemplars to the tee. And Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 got jump start on creating affordable home ownership for us teeming masses via Rudy’s/Bank of Hawai’i financing of Hung Wai’s tract housing developments. Neophyte GOP Gov. Bill Quinn 1959-1962, ever imperious/impudent despite his veneer Irish tenor singing voice, just was too clueless/elitist for Rudy’s vision to build a fair/equal society via banking opportunities. Hawai’i is opposite from Stateside esp. on race relations. Here local vs. malihini include vs. haole/dark-complexioned people. Thence geopolitical, not race per se, in that we locals against haoles/popolos/any outsiders. Class-culture wars, not race/ethnic wars. After all, Luso-Portuguese are white as snow, but Luso are us locals, not outside haoles.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yes, father of modern world banking Rudy Peterson was an immigrant Swede who got his start at Frisco along w/forebearer Dean Witter [both Rudy/Dean Berkeley grads] 1924, Dean being Chinn Ho’s investment mentor. Of course, per barb Chinamen no can trust each uh-dah, Chinn Ho used Matsy Takabuki as Chinn Ho’s/Gov. Jack Burns’ emissary to Wall St. to draw investment houses/world banrollers to our newfound State/Hawai’i. Hung Wai Ching/baby brother Hung Wo Ching used Masaji Marumoto as their atty/counsel. Uncle Hiram Fong, ever beloved among commoners [ILWU’s greatest friend, Uncle Hiram deferred/forgave/graced interest payments on Hiram’s Finance Factors loans to ILWU members amid strikes], was a career solon who was not used by McKinley High classmates Hung Wai Ching/Chinn Ho [McKinley High Class of 1924 is the most renowned in public school history in the Haw’n Islands, & included Masaji Marumoto–after all, McKinley was the only public high school in Honolulu & had enrollment population #s that look like today’s UH Manoa enrollment population #s ]. Bill Richardson/Hung Wo Ching worked out of the same Ching bldg. & were close friends. It’s no surprise that Richardson as CJ S.Ct. got Ching in as Bishop Estate trustee & not GOP independent Rusty Blaisdell, who retired as mayor to try & get Rusty’s expected trusteeship. Hung Wo, ever the braggert [unlike egalitarian big brother Pastor Hung Wai Ching, who was 7 yrs. older than impetuous Hung Wo], was Burns’ bankroller [distant ancestral kin Clarence Ching was Burns’ treasurer — Burns had the nouveau riche young Chinamen up Burns’ militant Democrat sleeve]. Burns groomed Ariyoshi to succeed Burns. Ariyoshi was in w/1st Haw’n Bank’s commoner haole Johnny Bellinger [Roosevelt High, not Punahou], which is why Bellinger’s protege Luso Walt Dods was Ariyoshi’s right hand campaigner. Interlinkage — power relationships — NEVER coincidental!! Irony is that GOP independent Rusty Blaisdell was St. Louis College Catholic gang, as were Democrats Burns/Clarence Ching/Walt Dods on the other side of the political party wall. Because Frisco-based Bank of America [Rudy Peterson] orginally was Bank of Italy [Italian Catholics], Rudy had great affinity w/everyone, from Catholics like St. Louis alumni Burns-Clarence Ching/Blaisdell’s St. Louis College-High gang/Fasi’s boys/Vince Esposito’s gang, to Congregationalists like Hung Wai Ching/Hung Wo Ching/Merchant St. godfather-C&C boss Frank Atherton’s progeny/UH genesis Charles Hemenway’s UH boys, Charles also from Congregational NE Atlantic Coast-Vermont/YMCA product Chinn Ho/etc.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Re: Hilo Iron Works factory bldg., you still can see the cavernous nature of it if you drive into its parking lot [where Turning Point-Alternatives to Violence outfit is] & look at its open interior factory site. Visualize Gabe Manning 1918-2008 hanging in the rafters 40 ft. above ground level as the 1946 tsunami wiped out our Atlantis — Shinmachi adjacent to where Gabe was hanging on for dear life. Humongous as the Hilo Iron Works factory bldg. is, the whole bldg. shook like a circus spook ride as the 1946 tsunami’s 3rd wave swept in 30 ft. high. What saved the factory bldg. from total destruction was its breakaway-wall [corrugated iron roof] facade, where the tsunami did not tear away the mega-steel beams holding up the structure, but instead just blasted thru unimpeded by perpendicular resistance via non-existent solid wall exterior. In the case of our AmFac warehouse on the Keaukaha side of Mo’oheau Park [later called Cow Palace] 1916-1970, what averted water-boulder mass weight/immense force-propulsion destruction vs. AmFac warehouse’s solid 8″ reinforced concrete walls was the ironic radius of the railroad track/spur to the loading dock of the warehouse, necessitating that the walls on the Hamakua/Mo’oheau Park side of the warehouse be built at a 10-degree angle to allow railroad cars to pass thru the tight curve. This angular nonconformity created a wedge-shaped bldg. w/the narrow end facing the ocean that ultimately diverted wave energy away from our AmFac warehouse, thence preserving its solid concrete shell [though cleaning out everything within its structure]. I thank peerless editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt for providing her beautiful photo accompaniments, & for allowing me to share my notes w/her readers. On Nancy Takayesu, she is at Life Care Center & all the world hopes/prays for her blessings of comfort & happiness. On Rocky Higa, he was Cupid to many folks — Harpo Saiki chased down gorgeous peach Donna at Rocky’s Bar [pre-1960 tsunami site b/n Pauahi/Pi’opi’o Sts. (bridge to Wailoa Visitor Ctr.) just mauka of Waiolama Canal — Waiolama means water of torch for its traverse thru royal grounds, namely, today’s area from Pauahi St. on thru Wailoa pond]. On Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi, I credit her singularly for preserving the written history of Yashijima/Waiakea townfolk. Yes, Richard Nakamura born 1921 is among the rarest few Nisei/2nd generation crop w/an economics degree from UH Manoa, but Richard’s jockdom notwithstanding, it’s Gloria alone who has preserved so thoroughly Yashijima [means Coconut Island] townfolk history.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    One of our two greatest AJA historians, Ron Takaki, died a year ago 1939-2009, the other being Ron’s virtual age clone, Franklin Odo born 1939, very much alive/well as our Smithsonian chief of Asian/Pacific Collections in D.C. Both fellas’ lives are mirror images of each other, the 2 differences being that Takaki also engaged in cross-cultural diffs b/n other ethnic minorities & that Takaki was taisho/strident, whereas Odo is super-mellow. Like I told Franklin Odo, Odo’s mission is to give others hope [w/Odo’s loving nature/character], that in fact humanity has compassion!! Both guys graduated from local schools & are local boys, grassroot to the core. Takaki was a surfer, Odo a multi-sport jock.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    I thank Ernie Jungden born 1943, Swede like our greatest banker Rudy Peterson, for promoting peace thru Ernie’s community enrichment along the North Hilo coast. As to our reflecting pool at Kalakaua Square, mantra is, “Never mind your opinion, just say that KIA [killed in action] was a hero!!” WWII 442 F Co. kotonk/Stateside AJA Westminster CA’s KIA/posthumous DSC Kaz Masuda led a 3rd straight nitely recon when he was killed. Yuki Okutsu refused to recon for a 3rd straight nite, knowing that the Germans were waiting to attack our reconz. Which is when Kaz Masuda went up/into death’s jaws. F Co. sage Wataru Kohashi muttered how insane it was for Kaz to walk into death’s jaws, “What, dis guy get one death wish??!!” Wataru’s earlier DSC was given to 442 1st KIA Kiyo Muranaga [upgraded to MoH yr. 2000][Okutsu also was MoH recipient & our Hilo Veterans Home is named after Okutsu]. But Kaz as suicide charger averted forcing another squad rifleman to face the Reaper. Thanks to Kaz, another soldier came home to live his life. Actually, when Kaz/2 riflemen under him were heard by German soldiers & Germans yelled “halt!” — Kaz/reconz should’ve quietly inched backward to get out of earshot from German encampment, being that forest was pitch dark & Kaz/boys could not be seen, only heard. But Kaz told his 2 boys to run back to safety, & Kaz then opened fire, thereby ensuring Kaz’ death [gunfire spotted Kaz w/dead aim from Germans]. Kaz actually was given DSC for an earlier battle. I told Wataru that Kaz’ kazoku/family historians/writers will look for Wataru to find out about how Kaz died. So just tell them Kaz was a real hero!! Wataru didn’t want to talk about Kaz, period!! But after 66 yrs., a whole lifetime ago, why not give the family closure/completion! Kaz was a real hero!! He really was!! Comfort/salve are the keys. This is where Ronald Reagan comes in. WWII’s Reagan/Gen. Stilwell got so upset that Westminster’s haole cemetery leaders refused to bury a Jap/Masuda. So Reagan/Army finally pressured anti-Jap leaders to bury Masuda at Masuda’s Westminster cemetery. Reagan was a man of great character!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    4-star Gen. Joe “Vinegar” Stilwell 1883-1946 was a caustic soldier’s General whose concern for his soldiers was his greatest strength. Stilwell actually saw the futility of corrupt Chiang Kai Shek’s regime & foresaged Mao’s rise to power, thereby ensuring Stilwell’s dismissal as Eastern Theater head, just as Ike sadly dismissed prescient Gen. Ridgway a decade later. Both Stilwell/Ridgway are relegated to history’s dustbin in the public’s eyes, but among military observers they are visionaries who were one step ahead of their commanders in chief. Here in Hilo, w/Debbie Hecht’s advocacy to retain payments to our open space land fund, sensible editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt especially is a Ridgway, foreseeing chronic major budget shortfalls, triggering pragmatic/practical compromise b/n gov’t [mayor/council] & environmentalists [Hecht/etc.]. BTW, yes, Officer Ronald Reagan single-handedly got Gen. Joe Vinegar to have Kaz Masuda buried at Kaz’ Westminster Cemetery. When Isamu Kanekuni’s plane crashed at Auburn CA, site of intense Jap-haters, Isamu & the few surviving 442 boys were taken to Frisco for treatment. Man, Isamu born 1921 is like a cat w/9 lives. Just like Wataru Kohashi born 1922. Both Isamu/Wataru still sharp as razors. Isamu a sassy ass, Wataru a mellow bugga, akin to AJA historian Ron Takaki as Isamu, dearest Franklin Odo as Wataru. Yikes!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The new 1932 Hilo Police Station [today’s East Hi Cultural Ctr.] originally had its upper floor for cir./dist. courtrooms, but our burgeoning courts then had circuit court in the top floor of the central portion of the Fed bldg. Our fire dept. moved over from Kalakaua St. in 1911 to Waianuenue St. where today’s First Haw’n Bank bldg. is. As you see, our Aupuni/seat of government revolved around Kalakaua Square. The 1960 tsunami changed everything — switching our Aupuni to the Kaiko’o [meaning strong sea] area, starting w/our County bldg./then our State bldg./etc. After all, our old County/Peacock bldg. makai/north corner Keawe/Waianuenue St. escaped the 1946/1960 tsunami by only a matter of feet, not even a yards-long block.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    California is the home of direct democracy/initiative, which largely explains its dysfunctional budgetary setup. Hawai’i is the home of representative democracy/non-initiative, which largely explains its coherent setup. Of course, our County Charter allows initiative, such as our open space land fund. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921, Scrub Tanaka’s political confidant, says that our County shouldn’t inventory land but instead go thru conventional eminent domain as necessary, that our legislative process [County Council] is the sane approach to land acquisition. To Isamu, the issue is about urgent public safety priority over future esthetics via open space land fund. Isamu would raid our open space land fund with the caveat that when our County has the ability to replenish/reimburse the open space fund, such fund will be reimbursed even if at least partially. Isamu disagrees with sage editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt about using only part of the so-called payments to the land fund for our budgetary needs. To Isamu, call an urgent shortfall what it is — a crisis, & use all legal means necessary to effectuate a solution. I disagree w/Isamu. Politics are the art of the possible, & it certainly is possible to compromise on gov’t services vs. environmental policy, not to leave one side utterly decimated. Such consensus-building is reserved for the craftiest/nimblest of policymakers. LBJ’s blowback/downfall was LBJ’s intransigence vs. the Communist takeover of Vietnam. Yes, the Tet Offensive was a major blow to Ho Chi Minh/NVN, but to Americans, it typified Ho’s unrelenting crusade to win back VN for its native folks, thence projecting failure for us, not victory. Had Ike not rid prescient Gen. Ridgway of SE Asia authority, we would have sought to compromise w/despot Ho for peaceful co-existence in VN, instead of losing a political war via our Paris Peace Accords, w/57,000 KIAs & numerous others WIA/others MIA/numerous others PTSD. Editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt exemplifies the foresight/vision of Gen. Ridgway — the art of the possible — consensus-making & the character to lead via compromise/coalition. Governance at its finest.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi has more in common w/Barack Obama than she thinks. Obama is a devotee of Union Theological Seminary/Columbia U Reinhold Niebuhr 1892-1971, who preached the Social Gospel via Christian realism, whereby Niebuhr rejected pacifism vs. Hitler, knowing that Hitler was an evil worse than the evil of war per se. Like Harry Truman/Mark Twain/Sen. John Henderson [13th Amdt. outlawing slavery/John’s widow Mary adopted Hilo’s Shokan “Jesse” Shima(bukuro)], men of common sense, Niebuhr was born in Missouri & graduated from Yale Divinity, mentoring Hung Wai Ching at Union Theological Seminary, & Hung Wai eventually followed in Niebuhr’s footsteps & graduated from Yale w/Master Divinity. Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi lives Niebuhr’s Christian realism via her pragmatic approach to life, esp. on same sex marriage [ningen samazama– we’re all different — love everyone, despite same sex preference prohibited via Scripture]. And like Barack Obama, Gloria applies theologians Niebuhr/Thomas Merton to everyday life a la Matthew 5/Isaiah 58/Micah 6:8 [Social Gospel].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Yes, in case Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi is queried, I’ll say 2 things here: 1) Barack Obama’s affinity w/2nd generation [Missouri] German-American Reinhold Niebuhr [major anti-Nazi from Hitler’s inception] goes back before Obama’s Columbia U days [Columbia sister school of Niebuhr’s Union Theological Seminary], to 2) Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer. Yes, Niebuhr’s/our ubiquitous Serenity Prayer lifted Obama like no other, just as Niebuhr personally lifted our greatest modern Hawai’i historymaker, Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 [Kamehameha the Great is our greatest ancient historymaker][Hung Wai averted mass internment of our 160,000 buddaheads WWII/formed 100th-442nd AJA fighting units/compelled Truman’s military integration/mused over Ike’s point to get Earl Warren appointed as U.S. S.Ct. Chief Justice in return for California Gov./LA native son Warren’s support of Ike’s Presidential candidacy 1953 vs. Ohio’s Bob Taft (as we surmise Waihee’s Moon over question of Moon getting Waihee appointed as BE trustee)/compelled Earl Warren’s make-up call to AJAs via Warren’s Brown v. Bd. of Education greatest case in U.S. history — separate is not equal!! — Warren actually a solo joe/free-wheeling individualist a la LA’s Jackie Robinson (broke baseball race barrier)– LA gang very inclusive–no racist baggage — West Coast version of free-spirited Emmett Till/compelled Ike’s nascent Civil Rights Act/compelled LBJ’s landmark Civil Rights Act/LBJ seriously urged Humphrey to pick Hung Wai’s boy Dan Inouye as Humphrey’s ’68 VP choice!!/Hung Wai’s reachover in ethnic ascension w/Hawai’i as microcosm-Truman-Ike-LBJ as affectees of Hung Wai’s infectious American Dream enthralled Chou En Lai — that such an incongruous poor Southern China farmer descendant like Hung Wai had changed the face of America forever via egalitarian Social Gospel — Chou En Lai was a major/secret admirer of American democracy/Japan restored faith in America via Hung Wai’s enablement of buddaheads/kotonks to fulfill their American Dream [coined amid our Great Depression] — thence post-WWII Japan’s incredible economic recovery-standard of living materially/etc.]. BTW, MLK was major follower of Niebuhr.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Crisis of Faith as victory/enlightenment, not failure/fear. Yes, Mother Teresa had doubts whether God empathized with her lamentations/confessions. Such are our human condition, fraught w/insecurity-defeat-fear of the unknown. Just as when Jesus on the Cross momentarily cried, “Why has Thy Father forsaken Me?” Our human condition. Pastor Hung Wai Ching occasionally felt forsaken, but picked himself up when he realized that Jesus died for everyone, both high/low, & no matter how sad Hung Wai got, such loneliness/angst never came close to how Jesus suffered on the Cross!!! Which brings us to Honomu Christian samurai missionary Shiro Sokabe 1865-1949, who so tragically had his life’s writings, a library worth of material, burned via tearful bonfire over a period of 3 days outside his chapel, because he felt that his weak side [loneliness/isolation/unacknowledgment by contempo society/being ignored] was exposed via his writings!! Irony/twist lost to eternity are that Sokabe’s tortuous inner struggles would have corroborated his actual spiritual ASCENT/extraordinary odyssey-divine solace to be w/God. Or as the Book of Samuel pronounces, David’s quest for/”after” God’s Heart, from God’s vantage point. I absolutely cherish magnanimous editor Tiffany Edward Hunt’s compositions because she uses Biblical metaphors to make her point [scribe Tiffany “after” Coble’s heart/immortal legacy–public’s eyes-ears-defender of the faith/public’s right to know-be truthfully informed/etc.]. The singularity of such wayfinding is key, lamentation or not!!! Just as Mother Teresa was a sentient after God’s Heart, along with Hung Wai Ching/Shiro Sokabe/countless others of immense providential virtue who labored via self-doubts. It’s the self-delusionary person who doesn’t recognize his/her false pride/hubris that should deserve to have monuments/edifices self-erected to such conceit/arrogance/selfishness/greed/vanity/jealousy/anger be felled a la Ozymandias the pharoah — not angelhearts/silent disciples like Sokabe/Mother Teresa/Hung Wai Ching/pathfinder Tiffany Edwards Hunt!! Love everlasting, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    May I proffer that Scripture was not preserved by loss prevention chiefs, but more often than not by so-called broke-okole acolytes who gave up their lives, literally, for Jesus. Let’s face it — go back to square one of our New Testament — Jesus didn’t tell his apostles they were gonna die before their time [except for John the Beloved, who lived long]. Bill collector or not, they walked into immortality by their sacrifices made, such character-builders of supernatural virtue were they!! Ascetic, yes, vow of poverty required, NO! Just how the ball bounced per Divine Intervention. Editor Tiffany’s IDEAS shall stand the test of time/over the long distance journey that history requires!! Ads/ads/ads needed out of sheer necessity, but Tiffany’s IDEAS ARE PRICELESS!! MONEY CANNOT BUY SUCH CLARITY/CRYSTALLIZATION OF GREAT LEADERSHIP!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Do you know that Pahoa Museum is the 1st of its kind in Pahoa town? It’s across the street from famous Luquin’s Mexican Restaurant/Akebono theater, & owned by altruist Pete Lebold, ably assisted by Sarah Williams, phone no. 430-1573, email ThePahoaMuseum@gmail.com Old Pahoa was b/n today’s rubbish transfer station road & the Pahoa police substation. If you have something to share w/this tremendous community-builder museum, please contact Pete/Sarah. The world’s largest railroad tie mill, Hawaiian Mahogany Lumber Co. 1908-1916, built today’s Pahoa town, logging of ohia trees a byproduct of cane planting, which required cleared land. Sugar did not build Pahoa town, logging did. Sadly, the ohia railroad ties got brittle on the purchaser Santa Fe Railroad lines in dry climate, & Haw’n Mahogany [renamed Hawaii Hardwood Co. after the 1913 fire that destroyed it] went bankrupt in 1916.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    I took photos a year ago of the Koa’e embankment/fault scarp peering over the Kapoho papaya fields north of Highway 132 Pahoa-Kapoho road. Del Metzger as engineer [famous Hilo federal judge who stood down FDR/martial law gov. Richardson WWII for detaining Del’s German-American poker playing pals] quarried boulders from Koa’e for building Hilo’s breakwater. Early Hawaiians were very knowledgeable about Mother Nature, coining Kapoho as “the sunken place” or graben, which is a valley/trough topped on boths sides by cliffs/faults. Pre-1960 Kapoho village was in this graben/trough, w/Kula fault south of it & Koa’e fault a half mile north of Kula fault. Pu’u Laimana that destroyed Kapoho village just NW of Kapoho village is named after altruist Richard Lyman, who owned the land there. Ipoho/Higashi lagoon & the warm spring of Waiwelawela [hot water] were on the seashore side of Kapoho graben, Ipoho resulting from the 1924 ground sinking nearly 15 ft., allowing the ocean to flood inland nearly half a mile, Waiwelawela resulting from heated ground water from the fault crack at the base of the embankment. Ipoho/Waiwelawela were overrun by the 1960 Kapoho lava flow. Pu’u Kuki’i/Kukae adjacent to these low points in the land still stand proudly oceanside of today’s 4 way road crossing of Highways 132/137 [Kapoho to Kalapana seashore road]. Kilauea Volcano’s east rift zone runs along the Kapoho graben, which is why you see pu’u Kapoho/Kuki’i/Kukae along the east rift zone’s southern fault line, pu’u Kapoho being about 200 yrs. younger than twin cones Kuki’i/Kukae [erupted 400-750 yrs. ago].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Our DPI [DOE] chief Oren Long 1889-1965 [DPI chief 1934-1946] instructed all principals/teachers about their mission in wartime WWII, right after the Pearl Harbor attack, “We are opening schools under conditions that are different from any we have ever experienced before. In the first place, we are at war with Japan, another world power of the Pacific area. We live in a combat zone of that war. This means that everything we do and say — even our very thinking — will be affected by war conditions….For the consideration and possible guidance of each of you, the following criteria are set forth: 1. YOU ARE PRIMARILY A TEACHER. Your relationships and contacts throughout the community must be those of an AMERICAN TEACHER. In addition to your other responsibilities, you must assume that of building understanding and morale. Everything you do and say must more than ever be ruled by reason and logic. ALL prejudices MUST be submerged and under no circumstances appear in action or speech. 2. The children of the community are your major responsibility. To calm and reassure them are both your privilege and duty. Of necessity, your contacts with children will mean also contacts with their homes. In all of these contacts, you must be A BUILDER OF MORALE. 3. You face the greatest challenge you have ever faced — a challenge to constructive and helpful leadership. Teachers not only CAN do more than any other group to bolster the morale of children and parents, but they MUST do more. There is no place for negative influence. Any act of a teacher which disturbs children and parents at this critical time, which breaks down their confidence in themselves, must be considered hostile to vital interests of the community and of the nation. This is true, regardless of the intention. War is always terrible. As teachers, we must be sensitive to its possible effect upon those whom we teach. Let us be perfectly frank in recognizing the fact that most helpless victims, emotionally and psychologically, of the present situation in Hawaii will be the children of Japanese ancestry and of aliens who are unable to become naturalized but who are nonetheless loyal to the land of their adoption is certainly not enviable. Teachers must do everything to help the morale of these people. Let us keep constantly in mind that America is not making war on citizens of the United States or on law-abiding aliens within America. As teachers, we are not a group apart; we are members of this community, reflecting the morale of the community and helping to build it….In so far as we allow personal prejudices and intolerance to guide our actions, we break down community solidarity at a time when civilian and military leaders are almost prayfully pleading that unity be maintained….” Wow!! Arthur Dean, commission chair DPI, also wrote to all principals/teachers, “A person is not born to speak one language or another; he is not born with adherence to any set of principles; he is not born with loyalty to one country as against another; his language, his principles and his loyalty are determined by his environment. You are one of the most important of such environmental factors. Your treatment of the children entrusted to you, and your conduct, will in no small degree influence the children toward or away from the American way of life and all that America stands for. This is no time to entertain prejudices against children or your fellow teachers because their ancestry is different from yours; they did not select their ancestors. They certainly have no responsibility for the conduct of the Axis Powers….Let’s all pull together and prove that THIS IS AMERICA.” Wow!! Heroes like FBI’s Bob Shivers/Martial Law head Gen. Delos Emmons/Army G-2 espionage head Col. Kendall Fielder/G-2 asst. Lt. Col. Frank Blake/great DPI messiah Oren Long/DPI commission chair Arthur Dean/civilian leader Rev. Hung Wai Ching — saved our buddaheads from mass internment.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Tom Gill 1922-2009 is best known for coherent land use policies, as Najo Yoshinaga born 1919 is best known for new labor/health systems [ILWU atty Ed Nakamura template for legislation], as George Ariyoshi is best known for fusion of sustainable gov’t/environment policies [Waiahole-Wai Kane], & as Democratic Party godfather Jack Burns 1909-1975 overall ushered in a new social order. Sage editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt has an equivalent legacy per Ariyoshi for sustainable gov’t/environment policies amid our crtical economic downturn. There are no equivalent legacies for any of our single agenda-driven chiefs [mayor/county council/environmental advocates]. George Ariyoshi, despite his delusions of omnipotence/narcissism/vanity, reduxes for our learning curve such incredible fusion of sustainable gov’t/environment policies a la Waiahole-Wai Kane just as great editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt does here via 2% open space land fund.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Pahoa town was not located elsewhere outside of Pahoa as we know it today. Ambiguity might surface because cane planting engineered Ben Dillingham’s railway to Kapoho, thence Kapoho village’s start turn of the last century, & only as a byproduct of land-clearing for cane was Pahoa village started a century ago, for loggers at our world’s largest railroad tie mill, Haw’n Mahogany Lumber Co. back of today’s Akebono theater. Ben’s HRR train route ran 4 miles makai of Pahoa town on its way to Kapoho cane lands, & ran a side track for Pahoa lumber/eventual cane. Ohia wood harvest expanded mauka, necessitating worker camps at higher elevations above Pahoa village. Thence, notions of “original” Pahoa being along today’s Kahakai Blvd. elevation/mauka of today’s Pahoa village are thrilling [for the history spelunker] but not true. Our greatest AJA historian Franklin Odo [Kaimuki High ’57 born 1939] has documented songs by laborers a century ago about the harsh reality of planting/harvesting cane in rocky soils [geologically recent lava flows] such as in Pahoa/Hilo’s Waiakea district. Ooh, so painful to hear!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Iz Kamakawiwoole is the only non-gov’t official/dignitary whose body was laid to rest in our State Capitol rotunda for the public to come to say farewell to, & for Iz in spirit to say aloha to them. A week or so before Iz passed away, Iz called in to Iz’ buddy John Burnett at John’s deejay radio slot to wish Iz’ fans Iz’ fondest aloha & mahalo for their kindness/love.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Hilo-born company marks 60 years — in California
    By Erika Engle
    POSTED: Jun 02, 2010

    Hilo-born King’s Hawaiian Bakery is marking its 60th anniversary.

    The company built on sweet bread, hot coffee and smiling service has not had a local presence since the 1990s when its bakery and old-timey restaurant operations were sold, but it is still owned by the family of founder Robert Taira.

    He was born in Hilo in 1923, was raised in Kohala, and he graduated from the Chicago Institute of Baking in 1949. He opened the original Robert’s Bakery in Hilo the following year, and five years later built the first Hawaii building designed and built to be a bakery from the ground up.

    In 1963, Taira expanded to Honolulu, establishing what would become an iconic bakery and coffee shop chain, bearing the name of the street where it first opened, King’s Bakery and Coffee Shop.

    After decades and countless meals of comfort food for Hawaii families and visitors, the Hawaii operations were sold as the family’s efforts focused on mainland expansion.

    Marking the company’s 60th anniversary and its 29th consecutive year of growth, it is offering a free, downloadable 17-page recipe booklet. Yes, it includes a vintage French Toast recipe using the company’s sweet bread.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “It’s in the asking that you know you’re on the right path. It’s in the asking. Most people go thru life without ever questioning. Not that there’s any right or wrong path. The asking is what keeps you there.” Incredible sage advice from Malie’s dad. Bless his soul. He is Malie’s greatest hero/role model.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    William Y. Thompson born 1924 442nd 2nd Batt. Bronze Star recipient‏
    From: KL Ching

    Hello Bill,

    So nice to chat with you again and to discuss the Premiere of United Television Broadcasting System’s (UTB) Documentary of the 442nd. UTB has done a painstaking effort to accurately record the 442nd’s exploits. Each battle of their campaign is replayed in detail. My contact with UTB has been Minako Tsuda, Assistant Producer, to whom I have loaned various publications, documents, photos and other information to assist her efforts to tell an accurate story. The World Premiere for this documentary will take place June 20 during the Maui Film Festival in an auditorium which seats 1200. The Documentary disk will also be made available to the public and should, I believe, be a significant means of informing the next and succeeding generations of the wonderful legacy of the 442nd.

    UTB’s first documentary was on the Issei/Nisei internment. A 3rd documentary will be done on the MIS. We are very fortunate that UTB has chosen to produce these documentaries since they give us a very professional record of the 442nd and MIS’ exploits. Incidentally, James C. McNaughton, Department of the Army, has written a book on the MIS titled –“ Nisei Linguists: Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service during World War II.” You can access a review of this book by Stephen C. Mercado on the internet under James C. McNaughton.

    Again, thank you for sharing your 442nd experiences with me. Hopefully we can meet in person in the not too distant future. With best regards, KL Ching

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ikuo Hisaoka served a total of 18 years on the Hawai’i County Board of Supervisors & the Hawai’i County Council. Hawai’i County Board of Supervisors: January 1957 to
    December 1966 (10 years); Hawai’i County Councilor: January 1969 to
    December 1976 (8 years).
    Ikuo faciliated projects including: Kapaa Beach Pavilion; Keokea Beach Park; Paving of the roads to Keokea Beach Park and Pololu Lookout;
    Kamehameha Park swimming pool, tennis courts, lights for the ballpark, gymnasium. Ikuo also facilitated getting state funds for the
    Kohala Hospital and the complex that houses the Social Service Office, court house & police station.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Una Makita Pa J’Taime Encore, French song for Please Don’t Leave Me Ever — great crier croon. “Lately” by Stevie Wonder also a great tune/lyric. Craig Barber of You Tube Craig Barber a troubadour/minstrel w/a wealth of songs under his belt.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Lately” song by Stevie Wonder
    1st verse:
    Lately I have had this strangest feeling,
    with no vivd reasons here to find.
    Yet the thought of losing’s been hanging, round my mind…
    Far more frequently you’re wearing perfume,
    with you say, “No special place to go”
    But when I ask will you be coming back soon,
    you don’t know, never know.

    Well, I’m a man of many wishes,
    I hope my premonition misses,
    but what I really feel, my eyes won’t let me hide,
    cause they always start to cry.
    cause it’s time could mean goodbye.

    2nd Verse:
    Lately I’ve been staring in the mirror,
    very slowly picking me apart.
    Tryin’ to tell myself I have no reason, with your heart.
    Just the other night while you were sleeping,
    I vaguely heard you whisper someone’s name.
    But when I ask you of the thoughts you’re keeping,
    you just say, nothing’s changed.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

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