Kona News — Juvenile Suspect Arrested For Tourist Robbery

(Media release) — Big Island police have arrested a juvenile in connection with the robbery of two tourists at a coffee processing company in Kealakekua on June 11, 2010.

The 17-year-old Hōnaunau boy was arrested in Honoka’a on Tuesday morning (June 29) on suspicion of first-degree robbery and second-degree attempted robbery for robbing a 63-year-old Tennessee man and his 58-year-old wife. He was also arrested for unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle after investigation revealed that he didn’t have permission to drive the red Honda Civic he used to flee the scene of the robbery. Detectives are continuing the investigation into the identity of the juvenile’s accomplice. Read more

Hilo News — State Administration To Offer $140K To Hilo Medical Center Rural Residency Program

(Media release) — At 2 p.m., Thursday, July 1, 2010, Lt. Governor James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr., will present a check in the amount of $140,000.00 to the John A. Burns School of Medicine Hilo Medical Center Rural Residency Program.

Lt. Governor Aiona will present the check to members of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation, the Rural Residency Program and Hilo Medical Center Regional Board at the Rural Residency Program Office (the site of Hawaii Island Family Health Center) at 45 Mohouli Street in Hilo.

“Our administration has been aware of the acute shortage of doctors in East Hawaii,” Aiona said. “The East Hawaii community has banded together to support the Rural Residency Program and I’m privileged and honored to be able contribute the State’s share to support this much-needed program. Despite our State’s financial troubles, our Administration has taken the necessary steps to make sure this worthwhile program is funded.” noted the Lt. Governor. Read more

Postcards — Feeling The Patriotism At The World Cup

Image courtesy of Dr. Ed Gutteling

Attention soccer fans, and, yes, all you other proper wankers, too. Well, the USA finally exits the show. It was thrilling, but as happens in all things, it is now over. If you’ve been watching on TV along with another 1 Billion (that’s billion with a “B”) of your  brothers and sisters around the planet, then you know what I mean.

If you haven’t, well eggs-and-bakey, wakey-wakey, you missed an amazing world-wide spectacle and will now have to wait another 4 years to try again to cheer for your country (2014 in Brazil).

You must appreciate what its like to be an American, going to a foreign country, joining 20-30,000 other electrified American fans advancing on the stadium, with a similar number and kind for the opposing team, with 90%+ all decked out in their country’s colors and associated costumes. Our national anthem never sounded better, or was sung more fervently by so may of our countrymen. Nearly no one attends a game without flying their country’s colors, even if you are from a country not even playing that day.

The colors, noise, continuous cheering, and sheer excitement momentum is incredible, and it happens day after day after day until the cup is over. Read more

Kona News — Kokua Kailua Wins Visitor Industry Marketing Award

(Media release) — The Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce selected Kokua Kailua as this year’s winner of its prestigious Visitor Industry Marketing Award. The award was announced at the Chamber’s annual meeting last week.

The uniqueness of Kokua Kailua, which closes Kailua Village’s Alii Drive in to vehicular traffic one Sunday per month, coupled with targeted marketing and public relations efforts has proven to be an ideal formula that was cited in naming Kokua Kailua as award recipient. Kokua Kailua was also singled out for its role in bringing residents and visitors back to Historic Kailua Village. Read more

Letters — Regarding The County Council’s Powers And Functions

Aloha Tiffany,

Regarding the County Council’s powers and functions, my position is that we need to get back to basics.

To affect real benefit to constituents it is essential for any and every Council member to understand the reality of separate, if complementary, powers and functions of different jurisdictions – County, State, and Federal.

Were time, money, and public attention infinite, the difference in jurisdictional powers and functions might not be something of concern. However, time, money, and public attention are finite.

When time, money, and public attention are directed toward issues over which the Council has no decision making powers or statutory function provided in the County Charter and/or State Constitution, it is inevitably done at the expense of progress on other issues over which the Council does have (sometimes primary) decision making responsibility. There may be occasions when this expense is worth the benefit gained; there are definitely other times it is not. Read more

Kona News — Kaloko Transitional Housing Groundbreaking This Week; October Completion Expected

Ahlers Designs image

(Media release) — Earlier this week Mayor Billy Kenoi and the County of Hawai‘i Office of Housing and Community Development celebrated the groundbreaking of the Kaloko Housing Project, a 96-unit complex that in October will replace the Ka Hale O Kawaihae Transitional Housing Program.

The initial phases of the Kaloko complex will include 12 transitional housing apartments and 28 apartments for low-income residents.

The Kaloko Housing Project will serve low-income families with children.  The transitional units will serve only homeless families, while the rentals will serve low-income families with a preference for families that are homeless or at risk for homelessness.

Families living at the complex will be provided an array of services such as assistance with budgeting, parenting classes, job training, child care assistance and other counseling. Read more

Letters — Regarding The Heavy Hitters At The HPPOA Meeting

Mayor Billy Kenoi image courtesy of Peter Frost.

Dear editor:

Heavy, the hitters that were in attendance today, at the HPP Hui. The Mayor, Faye, Emily, James and even Hunter Bishop. This was the first time I’ve ever heard the Mayor talk. He’s good. He can work a crowd. I admit I’ve talked long dung about the Mayor’s Office and the “mayor” but, personally, the local guy himself, he’s a force. NOT a Harry Kim. See for yourself (video follows).

Not nearly the force of Emily though, who was proclaiming, “I am da power in Puna, my cousin is da mayor, we got dis.” Wow, that could be good or bad, I guess that would depend if they liked you or not. But the promise was made to have a park built in one of the 20 acre tracts in HPP designated for such. We’ll see. And school bus stops! Even connector buses to the highway. Lots of promises.

The general meeting began after the Mayor, Em and Faye all made their cameo and split. Read more

***Commentary*** A Political Gong Show? Planning Candidate Debates For Puna Aug. 7

Big Island Chronicle plans to host debates for County and State candidates seeking to represent Puna.  Tentatively, the debates will be held Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010 at the Akebono Theater.

Envisioned is for the Akebono Theater political debate to be free for the public to come and go, as various political candidates seeking to represent Puna will engage in debates throughout Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010.

Represented will be candidates seeking the State Senate District 2 seat, State House District 4 seat, Hawaii County Council District 5 seat, even the Council District 6 seat if the candidates are able and willing.   Read more

South Kona News — Middle Ke‘ei Road And Painted Church Road Three-Way Intersection Improved

Image courtesy of South Kona Hideaway.

(Media release) — The Department of Public Works, Traffic Division has converted this intersection to a three-way stop at Middle Ke‘ei Road & Painted Church Road.

This is being done to make the intersection safer because of the limited sight distance at this location in South Kona.

Image courtesy of ahoahi.tripod.com

Drivers are asked to exercise caution, when driving through this intersection. Motorists using Middle Ke‘ei Road must now come to a complete stop at this intersection.

(Submitted by Noelani Whittington.)

Guest Column — Sydney Ross Singer On Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guava. Images courtesy of Sydney Ross Singer.

By Sydney Ross Singer

As the rest of the world is plagued by environmental disasters, Hawaii is about to unleash its own man-made plague.


An alien scale insect, Tectococcus ovatus, imported from Brazil, is planned on being released to infest the entire State of Hawaii’s strawberry guava trees. Endemic to Hawaii where it was introduced in 1825, strawberry guava is an ornamental tree prized for its landscape and aesthetic value, useful hardwood, delicious and abundant fruit, and vigorous growth.

The scale insect will attack the dark green, smooth, beautiful leaves, producing disfiguring galls, or cysts. Read more

Kona News — Aadil Palkhivala’s Purna Yoga Intensive Is July 16-19

Aadil Palkhivala founded Yoga Centers® in Bellevue, Washington, and The College of Purna Yoga, a 200-hour, 500-hour and Certificate-Level teacher training program licensed by the State of Washington and Yoga Alliance Certified. Image courtesy of Monthly Yoga DVD.

(Media release) — Big Island Yoga Center welcomes Aadil Palkhivala for his Summer Purna Yoga Intensive slated for July 16-19, 2010.

Aadil and his wife, Mirra, are the founders of Purna Yogaâ„¢, described on Aadil’s website as “a holistic synthesis of yogic traditions based on the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.”  The couple also founded Yoga Centers® in Bellevue, Washington, and The College of Purna Yoga, a 200-hour, 500-hour and Certificate-Level teacher training program licensed by the State of Washington and Yoga Alliance Certified.

Watch Aadil invite you to this summer intensive at our website and for a complete list of classes, for a printable brochure, with a detailed schedule and more payment options, go to www.bigislandyoga.com.

The Full Purna Intensive, July 16-19, 2010, $545 after June 20. Read more

Letters — More Pairs Of Trash And Recycle Bins Planned Islandwide

Artist-designed recycling bins in Great Barrington, Mass. Image courtesy of tigoe.net

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for covering this and for the great photo of Hilo – we think they are BEAUTIFUL!!  We will send you some more details of our plans to get more recycling bins around the island next week – FYI – the Hilo bins were provided by County DEM and are being serviced by the Arc of Hilo.

Linda Peters

Recycling Coordinator

County of Hawai`i

Department of Environmental Management

Phone: 808-961-8942

Fax: 808-961-8553



Letters — Strawberry Guava And Albizia Related Questions For Solomon Singer

Strawberry Guava image courtesy of Rob Tucker.

(Editor’s Note: Solomon Singer is running for State House District 4.)

Aloha Mr. Singer,

I was intrigued by a statement you made in an earlier topic on Big Island Chronicle and never got a reply to my questions:

What you said was:   “Also we can create jobs by utilizing and harvesting invasive species like strawberry guava, and alb(i)zia.

What I asked was:  “You mention creating jobs by harvesting strawberry guava. What jobs? Strawberry guava for what market and what purpose?  You mention creating jobs by harvesting alb(i)zia. What jobs? Alb(i)zia for what market and what purpose?”


So can you provide some specifics on job creation based on strawberry guava, which is destroying our lowland rain forests and alb(i)zia, which most everyone agrees is a photogenic but otherwise useless hazard?  Just what utilization do you see for these weeds?  There’s only so many bent-wood-guava deck chairs one can hope to find a market for.

Thanks in advance.

(Rob Tucker)