Dispatches From Curt — Loyal Japanese-Americans And Genesis Of 100th/442 Combat Units

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By Curtis Narimatsu

Loyal Japanese-Americans

The Japanese language school laws to abolish the Japanese language schools/gakko were struck down in 1927 by the U.S. Supreme Court, a body praised by Japan’s press as “the world’s most authoritative and dependable organ.” In 1935 Congress allowed WWI Japanese alien U.S. war veterans to become U.S. citizens. Mamo St. icon Sen. Sanji Abe was an American-born 2nd generation U.S. citizen, as was County Public Works engineer head Frank Futoshi Arakawa. Both also served with our WWI Co. D as doughboys [Frank was an officer], along with conscripted aliens. Both men also were great athletes in their halcyon younger days. The Advertiser gushed w/pride in its August 15, 1917 article which remarked on our all-Japanese Co. D [Who said our 100th/442 were the original Go for Broke boys?? No, WWI Co. D was!]: “It is going to be a good company. With the enthusiasm displayed by the Japanese and their desire to give a practical demonstration of their loyalty to the American flag, it is safe to say that it is going to be one of the crack (top) organizations. Anyone who knows the Japanese knows that!” Abe/Arakawa, our stalwart AJA leaders, were ignobly interned WWII for greeting Japan Navy/dignitaries who came to see Kilauea volcano pre-WWII. Kansha/with gratitude.

Genesis Of 100th/442 Combat Units

The owner of this Oakland, California store, a University of California graduate of Japanese descent, placed the "I AM AN AMERICAN" sign on his store front on December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. Image courtesy of Wessels Living History Farm Inc. via Nebraskastudies.org

The 298th/299th National Guard incl. 1940-1941 conscripts at least 21 yrs. old. So when Pearl Harbor was bombed, our buddahead National Guard conscripts were herded into a separate/segregated unit, eventually resulting in the formation of our 100th Batt., thanks to exhortations by Christian idealist Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, who advocated combat missions for our 100th Batt. to demonstrate buddahead loyalty to America [& to avert mass buddahead internment WWII]. Thence, our original 100th boys were born 1918 & earlier, such as Sparky Matsunaga (1916-1990), & such as Hilo originals Shigeru Ushijima 1918-2009 [solon 442 John’s older brah’ — John 1924-2006]/Moto Tanaka born 1918. Hung Wai Ching’s Varsity Victory Volunteers of UH ROTC led by irascible moocher Ted Tsukiyama born Dec. 1920 eventually resulted in the formation of the 442nd RCT, volunteers/enlistees mainly of those born 1922-1924. The 100th always cast a wary eye on the Tsukiyama-led impudent 442 punk-asses, younger/repudiatory of the old order of things, mainly because of the 442’s high school diplomas available to those born 1920 & after [thanks to DPI/DOE chief Oren E. Long, who made sure that kids born 1920 & after on the plantations were able to get high school diplomas]. On the other hand, my dad 1913-1998 was a plantation mechanic, was not drafted 1940-1941 [too old for such genre], & Dad volunteered for the 442 for the sense of adventure/escaping the plantation feudal system. Dad had just an 8th grade education [Big 5 deliberate policy to plaster plantation kids to the mill mentality — unaffordable public school tuition/cost from the 9th-12th grades]. Of course, punk asses like Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 had high school diplomas & joined the 442 because all of their buddies were doing it. Isamu had no sense of patriotism/devotion to ideals, as Dad did not. Thence, Willy Okino Thompson born 1924, half Scot/half buddahead [Dotty Thompson’s 1921-2010 brother in law], from the asshole generation post-1920 born kids, didn’t have to join the 442, being half-haole, but Willy was raised Japanee, more Japanee than fellow Waiakea Yashijima Japanee, but Willy wanted to join his fellow buddies, & Willy was taken under my Dad’s wings as Dad’s spiritual/hanai baby brother. Willy demonstrated tremendous courage under fire [literally] as 2nd Batt. infantryman, being awarded unit citation/Bronze Star. Dad got Silver Star/unit award. So when Isamu attended the Japanese-American monument ceremonies in D.C., UPI reporter asked Isamu why Isamu joined the 442. Isamu honestly said to be w/Isamu’s Waiakea Sugar Mill gang. The UPI scribe did not print Isamu’s line, but instead printed the euphemistic line of “honor/duty/country,” which were alien to our gang toughies like Isamu from our sugar mills. Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 rebuked America for interning Japanese-Americans, but Scrub grudgingly joined the 442 to save face for Scrub’s Hongwanji Buddhist family from Honoka’a, who were suspected of being disloyal to America via their Buddhist religion. Scrub was selected to the MIS & rankled over the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, being that Scrub was there w/U.S. forces, & Scrub said that Japan was an utterly defeated demoralized country incapable of defending itself anymore when the 2 atomic bombs were dropped. Scrub with his own eyes in Japan, said that Truman was hoodwinked by Tojo’s propaganda of “fight to the death,” which Scrub said was full-on bullsh_t.

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

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  1. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Honolulu as the hub of creation

    Multi-racial/pluralistic, Honolulu was the City of Life a la Hilo’s

    Mamo St. WWII era!! Like the seductress Haw’n vowel system

    [ooh/aah sounds] language of creation [melodic, not abrupt like

    Chinese vocab], Honolulu propagated imagination/creativity. Which

    is why Honolulu is the genesis of our nation’s major spectator sports

    [3rd generation missionary Luther Gulick Jr. founded hoops/V-ball/

    Camp Fire Girls/co-founded Boy Scouts/YMCA triangle of spirit-mind-

    body][Alex Joy Cartwright baseball daddy — kin kanaka Barney Joy

    would’ve been our 1st big leaguer from Haw’n Islands but booted

    out by color line 1907; as it stands, kanaka Johnny Williams is our

    1st big leaguer 1914, uncle of Johnny Bellinger of 1st Haw’n Bank]

    [Honolulu’s Charles Brewer would’ve been among only 5 4-yr. college

    football All-Americans but broke his ankle as college senior 1896].

  2. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Theaters 1931

    Uniformity in theater genesis, 1931, after “talkies” took off/became

    popularized. Thankfully, intrepid jock Wayne Subica [I tire of his

    sports questions :-)] looks into Doc Hill’s theater acquisitions, into

    Pete Beamer’s slumlord antics, into Koehnen’s standing clock [Wayne

    postulates that Koehnen’s clock face is on today’s Waiakea memorial

    clock across from today’s Coqui Restaurant formerly KK Tei, in that

    both clocks came from same source but diff design]. Great research/finds,

    Wayne!! Of course, our theater buff Bob Alder is king of theater history!!

    May I add that original Mo`oheau theater was in Quong Sing warehouse across

    Furneaux Lane on makai side of Kam Ave, whole block pulverized by

    1946 tsunami, that after Mamo St. godfather Sanji Abe [1st godfather/

    oyabun was Okamoto aka sumo king Koizumi, who built both Yamatoza

    theater later sold to Sanji Abe & Yura-Kwan (pleasure to the masses)

    theater 1918 later remodeled as Mamo theater] was interned 12/7/41,

    Yamatoza theater changed its name to Mooheau Theater.

  3. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    “Rich Dad” Richard Kimi 1925-2008

    I’ve written before on RICH DAD/POOR DAD players, ALL Hilo gang.

    Trib’s Howard Pierce wrote scintillating 35 article series on post-1960

    tsunami recovering businesses [bio of each business] June-July 1960,

    incl. Rich Kimi’s hotelier trade. As you know, the Kimis are strong-minded

    individualists [Chinese], but no, Rich-older brother Billy born 1923 were

    not antagonistic toward each other. But they were individualists, meaning

    that their dad William Sr. pulled out of Billy’s Kona venue simply because

    each fella had a mind of his own. It was William Sr., not the boys, who

    amassed capital thru sheer cognition. Salted-away liquor from Prohibition

    days/military surplus from WWII. Patriarch William Sr. akamai/smart

    man. You see WHY Robert Kiyosaki touts Rich Kimi as Rich Dad — to

    Robert, money is God. Simply put, follow the money, as enterprising

    Chinese do — trying to make a dollar out of 50 cents. Ralph Kiyosaki

    a great altruist a la Matthew 5/Isaiah 58. Nothing like Rich Kimi, whose

    mantra was to make money to get ahead financially. Like comparing

    Kiyosaki exemplar Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 [messiah to society’s underclass] to

    baby brother Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996 [money/money/money], Kimi exemplar.

    Night/day. Did Rob Kiyosaki show up at Poor Dad Ralph’s funeral? NO!!

    What kind of son is Robert?!! “Uncle Billy” Kimi today more down to earth

    than baby brother Richard Kimi, who was all about the money [individualist

    Chinese obsession].

  4. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Larry Tanimoto

    Larry was our County’s best-ever P & R go-to person, better than

    ubiquitous George Yoshida, whose 2nd in command was wooden

    Julie Tulang. Milton Hakoda also was altruistic. Pat Englehard

    most recently under Harry Kim was the most difficult. Had Kiyo

    Hamakawa accepted Shun Kimura’s P & R position instead of

    2nd choice Bob Fukuda, Kiyo would’ve been hands-on/grassroot

    comfy like Larry Tanimoto. Kiyo stayed w/the DOE. Billy Kenoi

    made an excellent selection in Fitzgerald as Billy’s new P & R


  5. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Oil trading/speculators

    When vehicle gas prices shot thru the roof, our oil/commodity traders

    made mountains of money. Now that Wall St. has fallen down, speculators

    are down on their bloodlust luck, & even Iran’s oil minister is crying foul

    [to no one’s endearment] that at $46 per barrel [instead of minimum $100

    p/barrel], oil prices are hurting consumers by deterring investment in crude

    oil products. Output/oversupply/Wall St. dive brought down prices, & oil moguls

    scale back supply to drive up prices again, thereby hurting consumers in reality,

    not helping consumers [w/increased consumer spending power]. Wall St.

    essential commodities traders [affect national interest] need to be regulated

    [to avert $4.80 per gallon of gas]. And we, Hawai`i gang, need to go Green

    [invest in geothermal — PGV’s Pohoiki plant subject to equipment failures —

    we cannot put all our marbles in one Pohoiki plant — geothermal closed-loop

    binary system as we have at Pohoiki is capable all along our rift zones — keep

    such plants away from populated areas to avert collateral injury/damage — get

    allowance from Dept. of Interior to source up from HVNP as adjunct to lower

    elevation sites]. Affordable gas prices are our respite so we can contemplate our

    unavoidable Green future, & do something about our destiny when gas prices cause

    us to go back to the Stone Age. Yes, respect/reverence for Haw’n custom/culture

    are essential, but need to be balanced by pragmatic necessities of life. The biggest

    reason why PGV parent Ormat does not pursue alternate sites is fear of Haw’n

    sovereignty victimization industry tyrants Trask/Ritte/Osorio/Kekuni Blaisdell/etc.

    Hitler come alive. Be strong, gang. Overcome fear w/fighting heart. Irony is that

    hell-beater Thurston our greatest naturalist/conservationist [HVNP Thurston’s

    vision]. Thurston would advocate our National Interest via geothermal on

    conservation/national park lands as a last resort.

  6. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Goal-oriented neighbor islanders

    Neighbor islanders who made their mark on O`ahu [moved to O`ahu]

    were very goal-oriented, more so than O`ahu natives who took things

    for granted. Spark Matsunaga/Sakae Takahashi/Herb Choy from Kaua`i/

    Takaichi Miyamoto/Dan Aoki/Mike Tokunaga/Najo Yoshinaga/Tadao Beppu from

    Maui/Masato Doi/Hideto Kono from Big Island, to name a few.

  7. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:


    WASP a misnomer, in that non-English are Scot Carnegie/Scot-Irish Mellon/

    Dutch Roosevelt-Vanderbilt/German Rockefeller-Astor/French DuPont.

    Remember Chrysler bailout [after all, Chrysler built our WWII attack tanks]

    & Chrysler being in our national interest? Iacocca not WASP, but saved

    Chrysler/Ford [via Mustang, Ford’s best sell]. Detroit typified our huge

    manufacturers/base that served our national interest in war. Human nature

    generation after generation, where Germans shamed us when we landed

    N. Africa WWII & couldn’t pierce German tanks w/our 33 mm shells. We were

    unprepared for war, & should’ve had better intelligence information to protect our troops.

    Ted Tsukiyama takes credit for VVV seeding the formation of 442, but Marshall presciently

    formed 442 as replacement [via attrition–KIA/WIA] for 100th Batt. [went into combat 9

    months before 442]. Hung Wai Ching simultaneously did just what Marshall thought about

    442 use/utility, Hung Wai having had military training himself. Baseball umpire Hide Yamashita

    collected dues for eventual 100th Batt. clubhouse, which shows that the 100th Batt. regarded

    the 442 as young squirts who didn’t know any better [no future aspirations/plans]. Turns out

    that the accomodationist 100th boys were pre-empted by the impudent/irascible 442 boys

    [at least 5 yrs. younger than the 100th GOP boys] in the political arena. Marshall/Hung Wai

    natural-born geniuses because 442 RCT was mini-divsion w/eng/infantry/tank batt. components.

    Which is why 100th was merged into later 442 to become 442 1st Batt. Hung Wai/Marshall

    something else, heh?! Rumsfeld something else in bad way — Rumsfeld wanted to run the

    military — a disaster. When reporter asked Rumsfeld about a General’s retort vs. Rumsfeld,

    Rumsfeld said, “He’s one General out of many Generals!” Meaning Rumsfeld didn’t give a rip

    about morale. Tommy Franks a saluter/ass-kisser to Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld then tells Gen. Franks,

    “Let’s eat sushi?” Franks meekly asks, “What’s sushi?” On the other hand, Patton defies authority

    & his tanks run out of fuel, stuck/target practice for German tanks. Gotta have balance. B-17 for

    Midway 1942? None came back. Clarence Tinker has AFB Oklahoma named for his martyrdom

    [1st top general killed WWII/1st Indian Okla. Osage General]. Ensign George Gay Jr.

    only torpedo man to come back. Delos Emmons got deserved credit for Midway [below Unity of

    Command’s Nimitz].

    John Burnett: Pennsylvania the bellwether State

    French/Scot/Irish John Burnett [first name is Beauford — French for good crossing]

    born 1953 says that Pennsylvania is the bellwether [lead predictor] state in Obama

    vs. McCain. Missouri picked the winner in every presidential race starting w/JFK

    1960, but erudite John Burnett says “all bets are off” this year, unprecedented

    w/racial factor. PA.-“Keystone” natives incl. Bill Cosby/Marian Anderson/

    Ben Franklin/George C. Marshall/John J. McCloy [AJA messiah WWII]/Jimmy

    Stewart/John Updike/Andrew Mellon & Carnegie. Pennsylvania/Missouri virtually

    identical in racial composition — 85% white/11% black/3% hispanic. —

  8. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    MoH Okutsu/vicarious MoH Kohashi [via medalist Muranaga]

    I don’t feel meiyo/honor & sekinin/safeguard-responsibilty

    are exclusive to Japanese, but our 442 boys feel that

    superhuman yet utterly stoic Okutsu/Kohashi [who gave

    1st 442 KIA Muranaga Kohashi’s DSC–upgraded to MoH

    9 yrs. ago] felt sense of responsibility to their platoon,

    esp. platoon sgt. Okutsu — thence their unrequited

    acts of heroism/love for their boys/peers. MoH Barney

    Hajiro same gisei/sense of duty owed & chugi/loyalty —

    Hajiro tells me that he just “go for broke” — sense of

    magnificence but reckless abandon/”madness” spiritually

    to save Hajiro’s boys. Read unmistakably wrenching

    “Charge of the Light Brigade” by Tennyson — “into

    the valley of death” a la Psalm 23 — charged the

    600 men. “Ours is not to question but to do.”

    Hell of war, per 1861 Gen. Sherman, on Tennyson’s

    Crimean War 1854 — Hajiro’s recurrent fighting

    spirit century after century — at its most courageous,

    at its most tragic. The faces change anew, but the

    metaphysical is everlasting. Of shot & shell from

    every direction, “ours is not to reason why, but to

    do and die.” K Co.’s Lefty Kuniyoshi [only a squad

    size left from a company] always muttered that

    “Rambo” types [CO Walt Lisinsky/CP shelled, “Rambo”

    Walt shell-shocked, war over for him thereon] not

    welcome. Which is why Wataru Kohashi was leery

    of eventual DSC Kaz Masuda [Reagan/Stillwell

    fought for his honor burial in haole Westminster CA

    cemetery]. WWI’s greatest hero, pacifist Alvin

    York, was a field hunter/pastoral sharpshooter.

    WWII’s greatest hero, Audie Murphy, couldn’t

    handle re-living the hell of war, especially via

    his Hollywood “walk of fame,” & became the

    father of PTSD treatment — Providential angel

    on our shoulders.

  9. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    “making excuses” as told per Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006

    Scrub said that Gov. Jack Burns dispatched Scrub to

    tell Jim Ferry to resign [conflict of interest Land Board]

    or else Burns would fire Ferry. Ferry speaks well of

    Scrub [as Burns’ confidant]. Perhaps the reality is

    that Scrub did Burns’ hatchet jobs [telling Sparky not

    to run for Lt. Gov. vs. Burns’ choice Mits Kido 1959],

    anathema to O`ahu home boys Mike Tokunaga/

    Bob Oshiro/Dan Aoki [Sparky/Ferry O`ahu].

  10. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Jim Ferry fka Ferreira born 1928 Catholic school product

    Jim is mega-builder Joe Pao’s 1916-1977 cousin. Jim was Gov. Jack Burns’

    inaugural Land Board chief. Jim did his Luso/Portuguese proud, as highest

    level appointee.

  11. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Luso heritage

    When asked to name the 10 most important Democrats from the Hawaiian Islands

    in 1932, Dem Party godfather Kanaka Johnny Wilson included Luso Manuel Pacheco

    & Henry Freitas.

  12. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Social wayfinder Alfred Vierra WWI era

    A. K. Vierra formed the 1st barefoot football league in 1922. A sporting goods salesman,

    Vierra wanted to promote youth sportsmanship as well as help his business. Incredibly,

    YMCA giant John Young worshipped Vierra, as did the Chinese/AJA/Korean kids along

    downtown Honolulu. Vierra inspired Hilo youth director Ernie B. De Silva to start up Hilo’s

    1st barefoot league at nascent Lincoln Park. Yes, our Luso were untold heroes in our society.

  13. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Hilo’s AJA Veterans Council came before O’ahu’s friction-laden one

    Because Hilo is very small vs. Honolulu, our 100th Batt. conscripts [born before

    Sept. 1918] got along with our impudent 442 enlistees [post-1920 born

    high school diploma graduates]. But in Honolulu, the 100th conscripts

    saw the 442 irascibles as aggressive wanna-be types who were too big

    for their britches. Thence the so-called AJA Council took longer to form

    on O’ahu. Still today, vestiges of cynicism remain by 100th vs. 442. In

    social class, the 100th are blue collar, the 442 are white collar [younger/

    GI Bill for fresh-out-of high school grads, unlike 100th whose country boys

    only went to 8th grade]. Class hegemony, although both 100th/442 boys

    came from plantation camps — diff is level of education before military

    service. Again, thank DPI chief Oren Long 1934-1946 for getting post-1920

    born plantation kids into high school/diploma.

  14. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Shizuko Teshima born June 1907 will be 103 yrs. old — mind/body sharp as tack

    Shizuko still sharp as tack, still runs Teshima Restaurant w/grandson

    Ronnie Ow [Korean/Japanese]. Shizuko’s dear friend was Kona rancher/

    Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart, who loved to drink just 1 Kirin beer.

    Stewart was very loving/mellow/considerate — a perfect gentleman.

    Shizuko correctly says that Norm Sakata is a monoshiri/conceited fella,

    but that Harold [Tosh Togo] was down to earth/loving. Shizuko says

    that Minoru Inaba was a good man & politician. Shizuko says that Kinzaburo

    Makino came to eat at Teshima Restaurant — she was shocked because he

    didn’t look one drop japanee. Shizuko says that Sherwood Greenwell was

    super sweet, that the Paris family [Shipman] is outspoken but good-hearted.

    Shizuko says that Ron Ibarra is very quiet, but that wife Sue is so sweet/

    friendly! Shizuko says that her parents Goichi/Kiku did not oppose son

    Fukuaki marrying an Okinawan girl from Waimea. Shizuko got upset after

    Fukuaki died young in a car accident [he had verbal spat w/older brother

    Tamao], because Fukuaki’s wife started dating immediately after he died, w/infant

    Hazel [Hanato Lindsey of Waimea] in tow. Shizuko says that her parents were picture

    bride marriage & didn’t love each other. Shizuko says that her father Goichi was

    guzu guzu/a grumbler. He was an entrepreneur, w/his own store/tofu shop [old

    home 3rd house from junction of Belt Rd./old rd.– house no longer there –Cagampang

    property now — business/dwelling all in same structure]. Shizuko opened her store

    on site of current Teshima Restaurant in 1928. Teshima Restaurant opened in 1957.

    Shizuko’s dad Goichi then worked for Shipman as dairyman, w/mom Kiku operating

    tofu shop [done by hand, not machine]. Shizuko went to the 8th grade, husband

    Fumio Harry to the 7th grade, w/mechanic lessons in Hilo after Napo`opo`o school.

    Shizuko’s dad Goichi came to Hawai`i at age 23 [Go-5th child] before 1899, died

    before WWII. Goichi took all of his family’s money to come here, & upset Goichi’s

    grandparents. Shizuko wonders if Goichi paid back his ancestral family [twice a

    year, Obon & New Year]. Shizuko’s mom Kiku came as picture bride 1905, died

    after WWII. Shizuko started thinking silly, & wonders if sister Yaeko actually born

    from dad Goichi [Shizuko marginalizes Yaeko as self-centered — I say Yaeko was my

    best aunty]. Shizuko says that when husbands were at work, wives had time to

    fool around. So did husbands after work away from home! Silly nonsense [because

    all Hanato kids look alike], but Shizuko even wonders if brother Tamao born from dad


  15. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Hitobi to wo sonkei shimasu [respectful of older folks/the past]

    Biggest thing the post-1920 born AJAs have over their pre-1920 born AJAs is their

    high school diploma, which was denied to the pre-1920 born plantation kids because

    of Big 5 cabal repression [to keep kids chained to the plantation camps]. Next big

    diff is that the post-1920 born kids are impudent/defiant/anti-authority, which are

    why the Dan Inouye/Isamu Kanekuni generation repudiated everything smacking of

    accomodation/subservience of the pre-1920 born kids who, because of job preservation,

    stayed GOP. Great thing about the pre-1920 born plantation kids is hitobi to wo sonkei

    shimasu [respectful of older folks/the past]. You see only repudiation/revocation

    w/the younger post-1920 born rebels/nonconformists. Sad.

  16. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Papa`i law of the splintered paddle

    Papa`i 6 miles south of Keaukaha’s Leleiwi Point along the coastline is where

    Kamehameha the Great was struck on his head w/a paddle while his

    foot was stuck in a crevice. Unfortunately, the crevice had been graded

    over by subsequent roadway. Mamala hoe [not Mamalahoa] [paddle

    fragment] guaranteed the safety of the trails to all esp. women/children/


  17. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Negative role models turn others for the better

    Nel Doi born 1922 mega-orator a la Spencer Tracey. Shun Kimura born 1930

    mega-orator like Doi. But Doi demented ego. So Kimura learned well not to be

    maniac like Doi, despite Kimura’s professed idolization of Doi. Ty Cobb 1886-1961

    maniac baseballer [never lived down Ty’s dad’s death at hands of Ty’s mom when

    Ty just a teen], so Babe Ruth 1895-1948 learned to be forgiving/loving/nurturant,

    vs. Ruth’s hero Ty Cobb. When the Babe came to Ho`olulu Park & saw all the

    young children standing outside the park walls, the Babe asked sponsor Judge

    Tristan Osorio why the kids were not in the ballpark. GOP Osorio deadpanned

    that the kids didn’t pay admission to see the Babe. The Babe instructed Osorio

    in no uncertain terms to let the kids in for free — if anyone needed help, it

    was the youngster crowd. Now, this is altruism!! Money is not God. Lest

    Tristan needed reminding, the Babe was brought up in Baltimore orphanage!!

    Steamy Chow born 1922 tells me, “Eh, kid, long time no see!! I get loads for tell

    you — all da books I been sell about myself!! Plenty stories I get 4 tell you!!”

    Steamy then goes on to tell me the same stories in his book — stories I heard

    a thousand times from Steamy — all about Steamy — nothing new. Yikes! I

    don’t want to be narcissist like Steamy is. Steamy’s mind sharp as a razor.

    No dementia/Alzheimers. I got Steamy his Living Legend Award 10 yrs. ago.

    Which is why he loves to tell me the same stories. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921

    is part of the distinct new-fangled generation that got high school diplomas

    [like Steamy Chow], those kids born 1920 & after [thanks to egalitarian DPI-

    today’s DOE –chief Oren Long 1934-1946, who busted Big 5 cabal repression

    of school kids that stopped plantation kids at the 8th grade]. Oren 1889-1965

    a Kansas plainsman/Columbia U grad/came Hilo 1917 social worker. Isamu’s

    generation is polar opposite from pre-1920 born kids [my dad’s generation].

    Look at the older 100th Batt./442 boys — humble/respectful/empathetic

    [Shigeru Ushijima/Eugene Eguchi/Hiro Higuchi/Masao Chicken Yamada]. Look

    at Dan Inouye born 1924/Isamu born 1921 — their shit don’t stink — if it

    really don’t stink, then why do they walk around w/their noses up in the

    air? As if they’re owed servitude by the teeming masses?! These punks

    remind me of typecast WASP miserliness — hoard/hoard — to glorify

    their material accumulation, as if wealth is sign of godliness/divine blessing.

    B.S. Protestant ethic [save/wealth buys salvation–“indulgences”]. But

    Isamu is Buddhist — yes, monoshiri/conceited post-1920 born Nisei/2nd

    generation gang at Hilo Hongwanji Church [next to Sangha Hall/downtown

    Starbucks coffee shop]. So when Dan Inouye/pal Isamu run down the

    Merchant St. [today’s Bishop St.] haoles, I gotta chortle in derision —

    these fu__in’ Japs are worse than their targets of their professed scorn —

    Inouye/Kanekuni repress their own Japs!! They don’t give a hoot who pays

    their tabs/bills — as long as they ain’t dishin’ out da dough, baby!! No, gang,

    the pre-1920 born buddaheads are totally into helping others/lending a hand,

    not slapping needy hands!! Sentence me for backing up my Dad/old farts.

    I live every day w/the shocking distinction. Souza guru/4th generation’s

    John Roy Souza so generously picked up the lunch tab that I was supposed

    to pay for, when I got John Roy to brainstorm w/Isamu about Lingle’s self-

    destruction in ignoring Obama’s overtures, something diehard Dem Isamu is

    adept at promoting. Isamu has never offered nor paid one single penny toward

    the hundreds of dollars of lunch tabs I paid for over the past 2 years since

    Scrub Tanaka’s death [Isamu is Scrub’s acolyte/blind devotee]. Guess what

    John Roy’s payment of the lunch chit consisted of? As expected, Isamu orders

    separate tossed salad [to promote his good health — narcissist], heedless of

    its ala carte price $4, on top of Isamu’s “healthy” but most expensive grilled

    Ahi chunks at $11. Ice tea $2. Isamu’s portion of lunch tab as always is the case

    $17. Isamu leaves no tip for waitress. My portion [cheapest item fried rice]

    $6, coffee $2 — total $8, less than half of Isamu’s “healthy” tab. John Roy

    orders coffee $2. John Roy kindly/thoughtfully pays lunch tab, of which

    two-thirds [incl. John Roy’s 25% tip] is Isamu’s portion consumed. Now you

    see what I mean by a Shigeru Ushijima born 1918 [John Ushijima’s older

    brother] vs. an Isamu Kanekuni born 1921? Yes, John Ushijima 1924-2007 total

    tightwad like Isamu, but [as w/tightwad Weinberg] has his name adorned

    at Hospice facility. Bill Thompson born 1924 torrid ego like Isamu/John

    Ushijima [& John’s wife Margaret]. Uncle Bill tells me that Bill’s genre

    [post-1920 born gang] expects me to foot the bill because I’m gleaning

    wisdom from these “halo-crowned” boys. Strange, huh, that post-1920

    born patron saints/kindred souls Herb Isonaga-Uncle Bill Thompson-Wataru

    Kohashi don’t expect me to foot anything. Generally, I get sick dealing w/

    post-1920 born punks who don’t give a shit for anything except themselves.

    You, the readers, have not lived the 442 life inside the tent, so to speak.

    Thank goodness. Ted Tsukiyama born 1920 spitting image of Isamu

    Kanekuni — arms stretched out/palms up — “What you going buy for me

    today?” Richard Uejo born 1925 sarcastically asks me how is my

    friend Pastor Roy Kim. I respond “fine, thank you for asking.” If the topic

    is not about Richard, it’s not worth Richard’s time. Yes, negative examples/

    role models. Steamy Chow/Isamu Kanekuni/Ted Tsukiyama/Richard Uejo —

    by their examples teach others not to be like them [self-centered/narcissists],

    but to be the opposite [thoughtful/generous/selfless].

  18. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:


    Nel Doi typifies the judge most in love w/himself. The only plus about Doi

    is that his rulings favored the little guy, which is why his favorite lawyer

    was libertarian Steve Christensen. Other than Doi’s bent for the powerless

    in society, he was a maniac in robes, utterly temperamental/surly/fly off

    the handle on a dime. Colleague Ben Menor exemplifies the composed

    listener, a man who knew shorthand & took notes virtually word for word.

    Which is why divine/providential Menor went to the S.Ct. under Burns. Doi

    asked Burns for & was isolated to Hilo Cir. Ct. till Doi resigned to run/win for Lt.

    Gov. Shun Kimura publicly says Nel Doi is Shun’s heroic role model, but not

    so in reality. Chivalrous/perfect gentleman Shun, like Ben Menor, abhorred

    Doi’s despotic personality. Shun’s peer Ernie Kubota was on the mark legally/

    minimal reversals on appeal, stoic like today’s Greg Nakamura. Glen

    Hara is more expressive & has matured into a steady/even-keeled judge

    [vs. his despotic per diem district ct. judgeship days]. Sandy Schutte

    Song had detractors who rejected her hard-nosed projection, as did Riki Amano.

    Barbara Takase shorned herself of Jeff Choi bluntness/emotion [she was the

    only one who revered Choisms/arrogance] & the world is better off for it. Ron Ibarra

    [half Korean/half Pinoy] composed like Nakamura but will put imperious/haughty

    lawyers/litigants in their proper places. Joe Florendo ditto of Ron Ibarra. The

    days of Nel Doi/Bob Ito/Norman Olds [not halcyon, but drama-rama] are gone.

  19. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    New Hampshire

    Obama lost in stunning upset to Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire

    [Hillary choked up in sympathy lamentation–gained female voters].

    McCain won in surprising fashion in 2000/2008 in New Hampshire.

    New Hampshire Obama’s rallying cry not to take things for

    granted. New Hampshire McCain’s rallying cry that hope

    springs eternal.

  20. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    African-American soldiers WWII

    Spike Lee will feature WWII Black soldiers 92nd Inf., ignobly “led”

    by racist Gen. Ned Almond 1892-1979, who killed their morale

    before he made it easy for them to be killed. Our 442 had passing

    linkage w/Almond, & thankfully Almond didn’t put us out to slaughter

    vs. the scuttlebutt that Almond forced the 442 back into the line

    [of fire] time after time. Patton wasn’t much better than Almond

    & declared that Blacks were too dim-witted to be good Tankmen.

    But the 761st Tank Destroyers were the only available replacements,

    & nobody else wanted them, so Patton took them– [but unlike Almond]

    made great Tankers of them. Patton’s unmatched pep talk/rally for his

    troops — Patton also put his life on the line at the front, fearless to a

    fault! P51 Mustangs big boost to Black fighter pilots WWII. Churchill

    discredited our Gen. Mark Clark as too conservative Anzio, akin to a dead whale

    on the beach vs. intrepid fighting machine. Churchill discredited his own

    N. African commanders until Montgomery took over. Boer War/maniacal

    WWI Churchill [used civilian ships as decoy for Navy — a no/no — Churchill

    another Osama Bin Laden — ends justify the means — death just an

    abstraction] win at all costs, no matter rules of engagement/human decency.

    But Churchill got the British thru Hitler’s reign of terror. Hard to argue w/success.

    No, FDR didn’t provoke Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Yes, embargo forced

    Japan’s hand, but FDR expected Japan attack vs. Western Pacific outposts on

    morning of 12/7/41, NOT Pearl Harbor. Nonetheless, Churchill had “quickened”/

    snapped FDR’s “reluctance” while both conferred at sea — that unless U.S. entered

    WWII to defeat Hitler, Europe would fall to demonic Hitler. Which hastened FDR’s

    expectation that our embargo vs. Japan would trigger Japan’s attack vs. our

    Western Pacific outpost(s). FDR got more than FDR bargained for re Pearl Harbor.

    Lousy absence of exhortation by War Dept./FDR to scapegoats Kimmel/Short

    to prep for invasion 12/7/41. D.C.’s fault, not ours here. Put simply, a cornered

    animal attacks, & Japan got what it deserved from U.S., our getting cornered

    at Pearl Harbor [thanks to D.C. War Dept./FDR] being our clarion call to save

    the world from tyranny [remember Pearl Harbor/Day of Infamy]. As to

    Spike Lee being pissed off at Eastwood, hey, Negro supply men were greatly

    courageous, but Eastwood focused on war, not race. As to Eastwood being

    racist, geez, he gave equal footing to Japs re Letters from Iwo Jima. Just

    like balanced/fair All Quiet on the Western Front re Germans. What’s Patton’s

    battle cry? Per Joe Svinth, “Men, you’re the first Negro tankers ever to fight

    in the American Army. I never would have asked for you if you weren’t good.

    I have nothing but the best in MY Army. I don’t care what color you are, so

    long as you go up there & kill those Kraut sons-a-bitches! EVERYONE has

    his eyes on you, & expecting great things from YOU! MOST OF ALL, your

    race is looking forward to you — DON’T LET THEM DOWN! DON’T YOU LET

    ME DOWN!! Good luck, MEN!!” Vintage Patton. Dahlquist, our 442 bane??

    Yikes — what a ding — he overshoots his Alamo boys — they get cut off —

    no supply line — so Dahlquist sends his own 36th D to rescue them — they

    fail — so Dahlquist knows we kick ass like no other — so he sends us 442/100th

    into the jaws of death — yeah, we lose 800 casualties to save 200 Mex/Alamos —

    the immortal saga of the “Lost Battalion.” F__k Dahlquist. He gets promoted

    to the top [politics], by standing on the heads of the Japs/442 he found expendable.

    Yeah, as we saw wMel Laird/Moorer/Abrams/etc. re: Henry Shimabukuro’s Lavelle,

    CYA — cover your ass, which personifies shamed [in our hearts] Dahlquist.

    Dahlquist f__ks up re Alamo boys, so he covers his ass by sacrificing our boys. Yikes!

  21. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    David Figueira’s Truth [John 8:32] Matthew 5/Isaiah 58

    David’s Truth sets him free — Matthew 5 [blessed are the meek, for they

    shall inherit the earth]/Isaiah 58 [liberate the oppressed among us-shelter

    the homeless-feed the hungry-clothe the naked]. David aptly is King David,

    greatest leader of Israel 1,000 B.C., whose destiny was revealed via Abraham

    2,000 B.C., whose calendar 3,800 B.C. starts 300 yrs. before the dawn of

    civilization [Mesopotamia], our oldest monotheistic Faith. David’s history in

    Hawai`i begins exactly 2 millennia after Jesus, just as Abraham’s sojourn

    began exactly 2 millennia before Jesus. Amazing sequence/chronology.

    Long after David Figueira is gone, his descendants shall ask, “What was

    Vuvu/grandpa like?” Yes, progeny shall regale about David’s O`ahu

    Punalu`u retreat/hideaway, where our whole familia/family found peace/

    serenity. Progeny shall titillate over David’s vast estate/material accessories.

    But may I interject, that is form over substance. By way of this time capsule,

    let our inheritors know that David is governed by Scripture, which is David’s

    greatest strength, just as it was for King David 3,000 yrs. ago. In this sense,

    time actually has stood still, because the Truth of God remains the same —

    everybody’s equal before Him — Matthew 26:28.

  22. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:


    Do ka naru [let it go]/shoga nai [accept failure] are states of mind

    which enable happiness/comfort. Yes, Obama’s mom searched for

    life’s meaning & might not have found it, but such is

    opinion/perception [cannot really read another person’s mind].

    Richard Uejo asks me if I’m born again [Christian]. My state of mind

    — I recall the instances where my born-again cousin Layne

    always laughs aloud to anyone w/n earshot, “Hey, Curtis was sitting

    in the Hilo Lagoon complex lobby area, & he looked so lost, I told him

    to come chat for a while [Layne’s senior citizen clearinghouse]!” Is

    Layne a born-again guy? I was waiting for my client/multitude of law

    offices for settlement convene. I was looking across Hilo’s skyline

    to see how things have changed in my lifetime [more multi-story

    bldgs. now]. I tell Pastor Uejo, “Maybe in due time.”

  23. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Nippon shushin/bushido

    When WWII Imperial Japan consul Sugihara defied authority & freed the Jews,

    he refused to talk about it for decades. When he finally did [as shushin/moral

    instruction to progeny], he unadornedly huffed, “it was the only thing to do!”

    That his bushido/honor adhered him to a higher duty, a metaphysical one, even

    though it broke man’s law.

    I tip my hat to Penraat, who saved 406 Jews in the Netherlands by forging false

    documents & spiriting out the condemned race. NY Times obit 7/2/06 quipped

    that this WWII draftsman “just loved the idea of putting one over the Nazis.”

    Like Japan’s Sugihara, Penraat refused to talk about it for decades, but when he

    finally did [for his grandkids], he said only that he had “done the decent thing.”

    “You do such thing because in your mind there is no other way of doing it,” he

    chastened. Like Sugihara, he was honored by Israel. Most Dutch Jews perished

    in the Holocaust, 110,000. Yes, heroism requires audacity, because it is necessary

    and the only decent/right thing to do. Bless Penraat/Sugihara, & every unspoken/

    untold hero. Or, as George Will says, quoting Thornton Wilder, “the highest tribute

    to the dead is not grief, but gratitude.”

  24. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    The greater good/self-sacrifice

    Complete detachment from worldly cares — blowing out/Nirvana — indescribable state of total

    transendence — these denote the 442 mentality — go for broke. Ronald Fujiyoshi born 1940 says

    that the 442 was the tool of White racism/imperialism to repress people of color. That Nikkei/AJAs

    should’ve joined w/Blacks to break the White chain of bondage/repression by being resisters a la the

    “No-no” boys who challenged the racist system via Constitution. Ron was a Mid-Pac High track star/

    decorated ROTC officer until his conversion to Pacifism via the Quaker mentality in Americus, Georgia.

    Legal challenges to the system often result in abject failure, inasmuch the legal system itself is severely

    flawed. Which is why you see our Black Buffalo soldiers catalyze great leaps forward in social/political

    progress for Blacks/everyone via self-sacrifices on the field of battle. Bible comes thru loud & clear —

    hath no greater love than a person who lays down one’s life for another. In ancient times, African states

    south of the Sahara maintained powerful armies [Ethiopia/West African countries]. In the Civil War, Blacks

    helped to tip the balance in favor of the Union, serving in segregated units in which the first Black officers

    were commissioned. Our Tuskegee airmen served w/amazing distinction in WWII. Parallelism is

    inconcealable in Blacks/AJAs. So, are the sacrifices in vain of our valorous soldiers of color? No.

    Dan Inouye w/one arm shorn in battle did greater good for AJAs/society than internment camp resisters

    ever could imagine. Ron is ultra-cynical. Muslim extremists also glorify suicide battalions.

    The difference is in our Lady Liberty/Justicia — her blindfold symbolizes impartiality/fairness/

    equality. Her scale balances competing interests. Her sword denotes not Muslim superiority,

    but the importance of reason/rationality. Night/day, baby, b/n fanaticism for superiority/fair play.

    Muslim extremists target innocent civilians.

  25. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Adversity builds character

    Jeremiah Wright’s egocentrism is a good character-builder for naive Obama,

    whose duty is to America, not Obama’s church. Such adversity makes a man

    of Obama. Great experience. Will Obama be our next President? Perhaps so.

    Obama’s speech of a lifetime in March 2008 will stand the test on race relations/


  26. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Shushin — moral instruction

    Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 regards shushin as etiquette schooling, via

    his Hilo Hongwanji summer lessons in shushin [city/urban view].

    In the rural villages, shushin was taught daily all year long as the most

    important lesson plan. My video bio interview of aikido avatar Takashi

    Nonaka typifies shushin’s apex among country folk. His read-out

    a decade ago is at esteemed Joseph R. Svinth’s website, Electronic

    Journals of Martial Arts & Sciences.

    Practice what one preaches, or shushin is what you make of it —

    I find that older Nisei sometimes felt superior/arrogant because of

    their “advanced” shushin backdrop, especially as they took on leadership

    roles, namely, guys like Jack Ouye 1912-2008/Rich Imai 1910-2009. Even Taishoji’s Nipponese Shinryu Akita, a scholar, age 82,

    has hubris. Shushin was discarded after the Pearl Harbor attack, &

    has not been reduxed to date.

  27. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Headstones of positive role models

    Scrub Tanaka: “The public good was his goal”

    Jack Burns: “He changed the face of America”

    Joe Farrington: “He embraced everyone, both high & low”

  28. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Strong side/weak side

    Pastor Richard Uejo born 1925 wonders why I don’t praise

    his 15th annual mayor’s prayer breakfast & his KMC chapel sermons.

    As an interfaith ecumenical event, the mayor’s breakst is noble,

    but because it has always been nothing more than an appendage/

    PR ploy of each mayor [starting w/Richard’s cousin Steve Yamashiro

    1992-2000], it lost its appeal from the get-go. Richard likes to mix

    w/the powerful, so this is Richard’s weak side, not his

    strong side [interfaith peacemaking]. I told Richard not to preach

    anti-Iraqi War at KMC, & Richard told me this is his choice. It’s not

    his choice because he is invited by KMC top brass to preach on

    their turf, not Richard’s. Richard may minister to save souls/not

    glorify war, but not to be anti-Iraqi War

    on KMC turf.

  29. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Adoniram Judson 1788-1850 Baptist missionary to Burma

    Son of Congregational minister, rebel Judson told his Providence College

    [now Brown U.] roommate that there’s no God. Then, one day after

    school let out, Judson come upon an inn, & the innkeeper told Judson

    that a vacant room was undesirable because the adjoining room had an

    insane roomer. Judson took the vacant room anyway, only to find out

    that the insane roomer was Judson’s former college roommate. Prodigy

    Judson graduated at age 19 as valedictorian, but then vowed religious

    piety, & graduated from Andover Theological Seminary 2 yrs. later. He

    then went to evangelize/mission in Burma, where he translated the Bible

    into Burmese. He is among the earliest Baptist missionaries, & has

    Illinois’ Judson U. named after him. He is the genesis of American

    Baptist groups, including the breakaway Southern Baptists.

  30. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Multi-family condos

    Single-family subdivisions are built around the automobile, & take us away from

    core commercial districts/schools. We need to stop suburban sprawl & bedroom

    communities which take us far away from work/shopping/school.

    We also need to revive our sense of place and village mentality

    a la rural towns/neighborhoods. It is sad to see commuters drive in from

    the outer reaches of Puna to work in Hilo, whilst spending a fortune on

    gas/car use, not to mention loss of valuable time on the road. Multi-

    family condos w/mixed use zoning for sustainable communities shall

    restore oldtime togetherness/ohana principle a la Scrub Tanaka’s vision/

    foresight. Yes, Scrub was a pain in the ass, but he had prescience.

  31. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Hubris vs. humility

    Hubris [conceit/self-inflation] — Wes Park/Dick Matsuura/Tom Gill/Bobo Lapenia/etc.

    Humility [humbleness/solitude] — Yasutaro Soga/Yemyo Imamura/Franklin Odo/Bob Dye/etc.

  32. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Big Island Japanese language press/newspapers

    Hilo Shinpo [News] 1898-1912 is Hilo’s earliest, followed by Hilo Jiho

    [Flash] 1905-1907, Hawaii Shokumin Shinbun [Community News]

    1909-1913, Hawaii Asahi Shinbun [Sunrise News] 1913-1928,

    & Hawaii Mainichi [Daily News] 1912-1942. Kona Hankyo [Echo]

    1897-1951 is Kona’s oldest [Saburo Hayashi’s brainchild], followed

    by Kona Shuho [Weekly] 1915-1920.

  33. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    My Dad’s photo in Seattle’s “In Time of War” documentary film

    Newsreels show my Dad’s 442nd squad boarding the convoy. My Dad is smiling w/his buddies

    as they board their truck. I just saw on PBS last year’s Seattle production of Nikkei

    internment/all-Nisei fighting soldiers. Kona’s Bobby Command saw Coffman’s First Battle

    last week, which clued me in to watch for more WWII specials on PBS. Yes, PBS’ Seattle

    production has a still photo of my Dad as he boards the convoy & smiles. My cousin says that

    the producers in every all-Nisei infantry documentary must like my Dad’s pleasant look/smile.

    Needless to say, I’m proud of my Dad/comrades, smiles & all [Dad Toshiyuki 1913-1998]!

  34. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    On this earth he labored w/love, now he rests w/God above

    Beautiful headstone. Greatest Commandment Matthew 22:37 You shall love God with all

    your heart, soul, and mind. If you lose yourself in Him, you will find who you are. You must

    learn to die in order to live. What will your headstone say? Focus/mission/legacy. What

    will be your legacy? Will it be Freddy Andrade’s I made money my god [?] Or will it be

    Earl Nakasato’s Well done, my servant! John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

    Selfish pride/egocentrism are our bane. The less we glorify ourselves, more enlightened

    we have a chance to be, to aspire in the image of God Genesis 1:27. I want my Faith

    strengthened, utters Earl Nakasato. Earl’s friend/Pastor Michael Inouye of Moloka`i, was

    born to a serviceman WWII from his mother Mary Inouye. I know Michael born 1946 because his Mom

    & my Mom were best friends [went secretary school together]. Being hapa [half-haole/

    half buddahead], Michael was very much alone in provincial rural repose. Mom Mary sent him

    to Mid-Pac, then to Washington State U. where he majored in pre-Med. After his senior

    yr. in college, Michael was back home w/Mom Mary. Mary’s neighbor, a friendly man, stopped

    by to greet/congratulate Michael on his graduation. When the neighbor asked Michael

    what Michael’s next step was, Michael mulled over Michael’s desire to go to seminary school.

    Michael excelled in pre-Med, but Michael’s heart lay w/compassion for the have-nots, not w/

    conventional high status M.D. Certainly, Michael as M.D. would be more useful to society’s

    untouchables [addicts/inmates/etc.], but Michael hungered for spiritual fulfillment, not vocational

    skills. At which point in the conversation, the well-intentioned neighbor lamented to Mom

    Mary in the kitchen, away from Michael’s bedroom where Michael was, Geez, Mary, too bad,

    Michael not going be a doctor. What a waste, go to seminary school…. Strange as it

    sounds, this statement triggered Michael’s conversion to the ministry. No longer would

    Michael look back in uncertainty over his calling/destiny. Yes, negative role model [social

    climber society/status tripping] crystalized Michael’s mission. And he never regretted his

    decision. Michael was born w/tremendous compassion/composure/serenity. He was made

    to order for the ministry, so to speak. No, one need not sin to understand salvation. Michael

    was born to lead us to the Promised Land. Pastor Roy Kim is the same way. Roy was born

    a good joe, gentle to the core/mild-mannered all the way — rarest equanimity. Like I

    told buddy Earl Nakasato, had Earl intersected w/Michael/Roy as teens, gangsta’ Earl probably

    would’ve beaten up gentle/quiet Michael/Roy. Thence Earl’s being born again today! Beautiful

    spiritual growth/evolution. What triggered Earl’s conversion to Jesus? Simply put, being

    around unhappy, albeit successful, educators/economists. Earl has Masters/Economics U. of

    Washington — before he became a lawyer. As w/Roy Kim, who majored in psychology UH

    Manoa, Roy converted via charismatics amid all of his unhappy mentors [who felt so alone/

    isolated in their ivory towers]. As the greatest Luso/Portuguese poet Jose Teves of

    Honoka`a once said, Faith in God, mankind’s only hope for redemption. Or, as our

    venerated kindred soul Lorna Pacheco intimates, noble to befriend the afflicted, than to

    betray our God-given purpose — to embrace the untouchable is our purpose, not to

    flaunt our material accessories.

  35. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Pepe`ekeo/Honomu Joan of Ark’s Satsuki Endo Muneno born 1925

    Satsuki was born to humble roots at Pepe’ekeo Mill Camp. Her biggest inspiration is her Okasan/

    Mama, who encouraged her desire to find out what life is outside the plantation village.

    From Niigata Ken, Honshu, minority w/n Nippon minority here, Satsuki learned to assimilate &

    yet be proud of her ancestral touchstones. Satsuki is unique because of her untiring/indomitable

    mission to encourage others to have self-worth. Do you know that she joined Hui Okinawa

    because of their tremendous otagai/oyakoko/giri ninjo/chugi/sonkei mukashi no?!! She is not

    even Okinawan!! Satsuki grew weary of the I am/me-me-me attitude of her native Niigata

    kenjin-kai club, & found tremendous simplicity/depth of fulfillment in the

    Hui Okinawa org. Satsuki’s older brother Hiroo Endo is the first guy/squad to reach the

    WWII Lost Batallion [Alamo outfit]. Hiroo is decorated/Purple Heart [lost eye w/442nd].

    Satsuki’s dear husband Noboru [nicknamed Napoleon — short in height; fighter to the

    core] was famed samurai missionary Shiro Sokabe’s right hand man & is given tremendous

    recognition in Jiro Nakano’s bio of Pastor Sokabe. Noboru died from aneurysm 30 yrs. ago,

    born 1913. Sensei Sokabe died in 1949 at age 84. Satsuki is my Joan of Ark [who fought

    for France vs. British rule & died at the stake at age 21, the same age when Satsuki was

    pregnant w/her first child]

    because of Satsuki’s ganbari/yamato damashii unmatched benevolence/gratuity/

    generosity to aid others in need, especially her down & out fellow villagers. Hubby Noboru was a

    a mechanic/had repair service garage, Satsuki has her ubiquitous Honomu Jan’s Store [her

    nickname], & she is serenity/simplicity to a fault. Unlike former siren Chieko Tanimoto [Honomu

    Noodle Shop], who was rough/outspoken/sometimes obnoxious, Satsuki is nurturant/loving/

    indulgent/compassionate. Total opposite. Yes, Satsuki is a liberated lady who defies

    chokehold convention long before we even coined the cliche liberated woman a la 1970s

    feminists. You gotta’ meet Satsuki to experience her love of life/humanity/giri ninjo. Amazing

    person, one of a kind. My Joan of Ark. Her defiance of restrictive convention/her self-

    actualization to love & to learn [of life/wisdom/helping others] a la Abraham Maslow’s

    analysis is beyond compare!!

  36. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Pi’ihonua catalyst Henry Shimabukuro 1983-1995 [Henry born 1931]

    Retired career Air Force Colonel Henry Shimabukuro [D.C. wayfinder Jesse Shima’s nephew]

    knew that his mother Matsu wanted to leave something/inheritance for her children. Her

    leasehold residence was to revert back to the State once C. Brewer gave up its Pi`ihonua

    master lease in 1991. So Henry, Conrad Hokama, & Byron Toma went on a mission to

    convert Pi`ihonua leasehold lands to fee simple. But without Henry’s spark, their mission

    would not jump start to fruition. Pi`ihonua role model Yoshito Tanaka [former County atty —

    today’s version of Corp. Counsel/Prosecutor combined], whose mother was still alive in 1983

    when Henry began the village quest [Yoshito’s mother still lived in her original matchbox

    dwelling], did not lift a finger to help Yoshito’s villagers. Neither did Ed Taira, who bellowed

    My dad already bought a piece of property [which happened to be in Pi`ihonua], so why

    should I help? Ed was supvsr. of vital ally County Housing/Community Development Office.

    Again, Henry Shimabukuro is Pi`honua messiah who preserved its intact villagers/properties.

    Tremendous village/unit cohesion, unmatched.

  37. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Early friendship/political PR — Skinny Hagiwara born 1921 for Nelson Doi born 1922

    Hiram “Skinny” Hagiwara was Nelson Doi’s campaign chair because Hiram is from Honoka`a

    [Hagiwara Dairy below John Roy’s home], which is where Nelson went to school [after

    a high school was started]. Nelson originally was from Pahoa, then moved to Shinmachi

    [Doi Hotel close to the DLNR fish tanks][Nelson hated living there/selling fish], then to

    Kawaihae [Doi Store], which is how Nelson ended up at Honoka`a High. Nelson lives out his

    remaining years in his adopted South Kohala, where his son David is a dentist. Hagiwara [Dairy]

    bought out Grand-Aunt Rose Souza Gomes Silva’s 40 acres located below Antone Souza Jr.’s

    72 acres & above Johnny Waimea Souza’s 54 acres.

    Adonis-handsome curly haired Skinny has tremendous pizzaz/charm. 442nd veteran Skinny

    was unable to recruit his samurai brethren [except for educators who empathized w/Nel’s

    wife’s credentials] because they considered Nelson a yakamashii warrior wanna-be. Ergo a

    punk. As much as Skinny loved my ukulele-playing Dad, Skinny couldn’t get past Dad’s

    first strum to get Dad on Nel’s bandwagon, even though we were all Pauka`a neighbors.

    Dad loved Skinny, but Dad had more respect for Mits/Scrub Tanaka than Dad did for punk

    Nelson. Yes, Nel was a whole generation apart [politically] from Dad/Mits/Scrub. Dad had

    great respect for “baby brah'” John Ushijima, but thankfully Dad did not live to see John regress

    to wagamama/selfish ibaru/egotistical end of life phase. The 1950s John Ushijima was a

    good joe/altruist. John couldn’t sing a lick [sounded like a frog] but John had great enthusiasm.

    Yes, Skinny/Dad/John/Scrub all original 442nd boys.

  38. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    St. Paul [punitive] or St. John [nurturant]?

    1. Of course, John the Baptist shed his clothes/rejected material accessories. Way out,

    baby! And David, whoa, intense bugga!

    2. No doubt, Billy Graham is Mr. Christian [evangelist]. Unlike loose-lipped Pat Robertson/

    Jerry Falwell [St. Paul w/smiles], Billy Graham is all class [St. John]. Never mind that

    Luce [Time Mag]/Hearst [SF rag] promoted/propagated him. Not a problem. Graham

    is just great, period! Gail Inamine a wonderful pathfinder in a male-entrenched field.

    3. Wayne Cordeiro is St. John on the outside, St. Paul underneath. No, Wayne is not

    personally ennobling like Billy Graham. No one is. Nelson Hayashida a terrific columnist,

    Paul Osumi would be proud of him.

    4. David Shotwell was a decent fella, austere by necessity. Henry Kahalehili a St. John

    incarnate. Shigeo Tanabe a Masao Yamada [442nd] prototype. Hiro Higuchi [442nd],

    now here was a St. John exemplified. Remember Micah 6:8?? —Have mercy, be good,

    & walk humby w/thy God? Man, these are Hiro [Chappie to his riflemen]. Israel Yost

    a Richard Uejo forerunner [transform/evolve over the course of time]. Both men

    intellectual/scholarly. Peter McKnight a St. Paul w/a smile. Richard Chang a hypocrite/

    self-inflated. Stephen Desha Sr. an emphatic St. Paul [Hawai`i for Hawaiians, even though

    Stephen was only a smidgen Hawaiian]. Ernest Gomes De Silva [Paul’s Vuvu/grandpa]

    a definite St. John. Susumu Yamane okay. George DeCosta a St. Paul w/velvet

    gloves. Father Pouzot a veritable Jesus. Father Louis a St. Paul. Rev. Dwight Nakamura

    a cerebral Buddhist, as is Taishoji’s sensei Akita. Today’s Godoy/Pacheco/Welsh/Kamakahi/

    etc. have their niche appeal, but not the ubiquitous image of a Cordeiro, who expresses

    powerfully via simplicity.

    5. Longevity the key of positive impact. De Silva/Desha/Pouzot/Louis/etc. historymakers/

    remarkable inspirations all. Amazing life stories.

  39. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Buddhist rejection of Hindu caste system

    1. Siddhartha Gautama 563-483 B.C. — Buddha — rejected Hindu’s caste system & said

    everybody’s equal — via his Sutras [discourses]. Like Jesus Christ, Buddha was inclusive/

    indulgent/race-neutral. What Buddha incorporated from Hinduism is karma samsara [cycle

    of birth/rebirth determined by purity or impurity of past acts]. Living selflessly will end

    the cycle/samsara & result in Buddhist Nirvana/enlightenment. Very Taoist [yin-yang

    duality/equidistant balance/harmony]/self-transformation–self-actualization, which parallels/timewise

    Buddha [peer of Confucius 551-479 B.C., who espoused non-metaphysical “right living”].

    2. Bodhisattva/enlightened being only enters Nirvana when others less fortunate are uplifted

    via acts of compassion/universal enablement. Shinto is Japan nature worship, though

    Meiji era’s [1868-1912] Mutsuhito made himself the divine emperor via State Shinto [official

    imperial Japan religion/cult], which led to Japan’s imperialism/colonialism — defeat in WWII.

    Hirohito was culpable by omission, but saved himself by revoking his false divine ordination.

    Homogeneous Japan is very racist [master/perfect race], as you see w/prime minister Abe’s

    denial of Korean comfort women. Believe it or not, Kanaka Maoli/Hawaiian sovereignty

    as espoused by the Trasks/Osorio/Oz Stender/OHA/KS (Bishop Estate) is a mirror image of

    Japan’s pure race bigotry. History repeats itself via fear/misunderstanding/chosen ignorance.

    Be egalitarian/accessible-welcome to all races a la scholar Kawena Johnson/mythic solons

    Johnny Wilson/Sam Mahuka Spencer/Harry Kaina Brown/Rusty Blaisdell/Noble Kauhane.

    Look at Kawena’s mentor, Ka`u’s Mary Kawena Pukui, who adopted AJA Patience Namaka

    Bacon, a cultural treasure/scholar herself.

  40. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Kanaka Johnny Wilson & Delbert Metzger

    1. Johnny Wilson fearlessly joined the Party of the Unwashed, the Democratic Party founded

    by GOP Kuhio’s beloved brother, Kawananakoa, after annexation in 1900. Kuhio &

    Kawananakoa ensured that Hawaiians were represented in both major parties, although such

    fractured setup diluted kanaka strength as immigrant children came of voting age shortly


    2. Johnny got his baptism in politics by playing in the Stanford U. band [then a cattle outpost

    school started by railroad tycoon Leland Stanford] for political rallies off campus. Johnny

    was bankrolled by his favorite “tutu” Queen Lili`u. Johnny became a Democrat in the 1892

    Presidential race won by Cleveland, & thereafter fought for the little guy whenever talk of

    colonial imperialism/so-called Darwinian white man supremacy surfaced Stateside.

    3. In frenetic Johnny we see a bit of ourselves, for better or worse. Utterly devoted to

    equal treatment for all, Johnny spent his life earnings on social progress, in the process

    going bankrupt/in hock to creditors. When Johnny died, he had 32 cents in his pocket —

    his whole estate. Johnny Wilson, our fearless Democrat godfather, 1871-1956. Our most

    beloved leader, far surpassing Jack Burns/Joe Farrington.

    4. Delbert Metzger 1875-1967 was Johnny’s peer & party-builder. Orphaned at age 4 in

    Kansas, German-American Delbert knew the reality of pre-1900 Kansas as being anything

    but the land of milk & honey as advertised by the railroads & bankers. As the Midwest

    small farmers intoned, In God we trusted, in Kansas we busted. Delbert absorbed the

    Granger movement & the Northwest Alliance of Farmers which fought the cartel of

    railroads & bankers. In the immigrant social outcasts in Hawai`i Delbert found his calling,

    having moved here in 1899 w/the Army to make the 1st land survey of Pearl Harbor.

    Fellow Kansas farmboy Martin Pence followed Delbert’s destiny 30 yrs. later, imbued w/the

    same crusade to wrest away monolithic power from the oligarchy here in Hawai`i. These

    2 haoles were the militant white boys of the Party of the Unwashed, the ostracized

    Democrats of plantation-era Hawai`i. Delbert’s feat lost to history is when, as federal judge

    here, he fined Gen. Richardson, military governor, for contempt of court for violating

    habeas corpus. In retaliation Richardson threatened FDR-appointed judge Metzger w/prison.

    FDR himself told War Dept. chiefs in Sept. 1943 that FDR still favored martial law, but that

    the Army needed to defuse the constitutional crisis & solve the impasse. Gen. Richardson

    backed down vs. Judge Metzger, but lionheart Metzger refused to vacate the contempt of

    court order vs. Richardson. FDR then pardoned Gen. Richardson, knowing full well that

    other habeas corpus suits would follow.

    5. Delbert Metzger the grassroots lawyer/Dem Party organizer wholly enthralled wide-eyed

    AJAs Ernie Mitsuo Kuwahara 1899-1982 & Richard Imai [born 1910; mind/body still razor-

    sharp]. These AJA boys exude feelings which put Delbert in the realm of a mythical god.

    Del truly set the template for Hawai`i as a new outpost of direct, participatory democracy

    by the traditional powerless vs. the oligarchy, the Hawai`i version of the Midwest small

    farmers’ uprising vs. the monied/capital-rich cartel pre & post 1900.

  41. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Native Hawaiians/Indians

    Native Hawaiians are not like American Indians in that 1) Native Hawaiians lost no land from the

    1893 overthrow; 2) Public lands held during the Monarchy were for the benefit of all citizens,

    and this continued under the Territory after annexation; 3) The U.S. always treated Native

    Hawaiians as equals, not as subordinates.

  42. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    GOP Statehood Joe Farrington 1897-1954 preceded GOP Neal Rusty Blaisdell 1902-1975

    1. Ever-popular handsome Joe Farrington was our delegate to Congress 1942-1954 [died of

    massive heart attack in D.C. while in office]. Rusty Blaisdell was O`ahu mayor 1954-1968

    [did not run for re-election; was burnt out at City Hall at age 65]. Hung Wai Ching’s

    older alter ego was Joe, not peer Rusty. Hung Wai was aligned w/Merchant St. oligarchs/

    Congregational Punahou alumni. Rusty’s reference points were the Abe Lincoln GOP/St.

    Louis High alumni. Hung Wai’s haoles contrasted with Rusty’s locals. Different gangs.

    Joe Farrington had elite advisors Hung Wai [Yale grad; Congregational pastor aligned w/

    powerful Union Theological Seminary in N.Y.]/Kats Kometani [dentist/sportsman]/Mas

    Marumoto [legal scholar/Harvard grad]. Rusty had grassroots entrepreneur Angel

    Maehara of Maui [baby brother of baseball icon Iron Maehara].

    2. But heart-to-heart, Joe Farrington was egalitarian/altruistic like Rusty Blaisdell. Joe’s death

    presaged the rise of popular GOP successor leader, Rusty Blaisdell.

  43. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Stanley Hara, the unsung/untold hero [& positive historymaker Toshi Serizawa]

    1. Stanley Hara credits 1950s House money boss/Hilo GOP Thomas Sakakihara [interned WWII]

    for galvanizing money for UH-Hilo. Dem Kazuhisa Abe is Stanley’s mentor & got Stanley

    to enter politics [Stanley House Rep. 1954-1968; House money man 1962-1968;

    appointed by State mentor Jack Burns to replace Nel Doi (got judgeship by asking nemesis

    Burns after being shorn of power in Senate) in Senate — served 1968-1980 — Education

    Comm. 1970-1980]. Stanley credits Kaz Abe w/fighting for monies for UH-Hilo [Abe picked

    by Burns to be Supreme Court justice — reward for not running vs. reduced Senate seats

    via reapportionment & for not running for Lt. Gov. vs. Kenny Brown but instead supported

    Brown] especially in the 1960s. Stanley Hara, ever humble/deferential, pronounces that

    the development of UH-Hilo was a collective effort, that the mission was bilateral [incl.

    GOPs Sakakihara/Doc Hill/Scotch Henderson/etc.]. Yes, Gerald De Mello’s Luso idol John

    Farias [UH regent] got the turf-tough O`ahu regents to give the allocated legislative monies

    to UH-Hilo, but Gerald forgets that our Big Isle solons got the monies to UH in the first

    place [for UH-Hilo]. Derivative! Not disbursed/sourced from Farias. I reminded Gerald

    De Mello that Gerald had never gotten UH-Hilo to recognize Stanley Hara, who actually

    took classes at UH-Hilo [never went college before]. Sadly, I see loads of undeserving

    cronies heaped w/inflated praise. [Gerald honored Stanly 2008]

    2. Do you know that Stanley Hara facilitated the great Micronesian influx at UH-Hilo?

    Stanley never toots his horn, unlike show-off Nelson Doi [DOE’s 3 on 2 program]. Stanley

    Hara is my untold hero.

    3. All praise also to Toshi Serizawa.

    The good thing about Toshi is that Toshi has a whole chapter devoted in tribute to Toshi

    in Jack Burns’ biography A Portrait in Transition 1974. Toshi also is given more ink/copy in

    later bios of Burns [Toshi is Burns’ protege on Kaua`i 1946; moved to Hilo 1955]. Stanley

    Hara sadly has not gotten deserved kudos, but Stanley was just as close to Burns as Toshi

    was, but less visible than utterly drop-dead handsome Toshi. As you know, Stanley has

    a hare-lip, yet expresses himself well. Took Dale Carnegie speaking courses w/my Dad/

    Gabby Inaba’s WWII veteran brother Yoshio Inaba. Sadly, Stanley looks old [he is old,

    85 yrs. old] w/hollowed-in cheek [yet has the spring/body of a 60 yr. old man] because

    he had cancer of the mouth & eats only puree`. Man, oh man, I wish Gerald & his hollow

    chums acknowledge a steeped mythic like Stanley Hara. Amazing/positive

    solon/historymaker! UH-Hilo’s 700 acres [Nel Doi got the initial 10 acres] didn’t emanate

    out of thin air, you know! Yes, Scrub Tanaka [Land Bd.] lubed release of acreage from

    the Executive Branch. But the monies came from legends Hara/Serizawa/Big Island solons.

    Pono, –Curtis

    P.S. Hung Wai Ching [not millionaire Hung Wo Ching, Hung Wai’s baby brother] is distinct from

    fellow Chinese Hung Wo/Hiram Fong/Chinn Ho/Ruddy Tongg/Chun Afong, because Chinese

    [yes, typecast here] are individualists [merchants/professionals/scholars/artists], bred from

    millennia of repressive dynasty rule. Remember that broke-ass pastor Hung Wai never

    made self-achieved money/power/influence/status his god!! Instead, Hung Wai stewarded

    the common lot to have opportunities denied via societal hegemony. Whatever Hung Wai

    did, he did for others, not for himself. This, dear ones, is the difference! I’m sorry for

    stereotyping, but Hung Wai is my alltime hero. Look for myriad examples of Chinese not

    merging w/fellow Chinese [distrust] — millionaire Hung Wo Ching’s lawyer was MIS Masaji

    Marumoto, not natural choice Hiram Fong. Chinn Ho’s lawyer was deft AJA Matsy

    Takabuki, not politico Hiram Fong.

  44. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Lone Rangers Tom Gill/Helene Hale

    1. Acerbic/tart Gill, despite his arrogance, is the architect of sensible land use/planning.

    I never forgot what Gill backer Royce Higa lamented — Gill never acknowledged/gave

    condolence/koden when Royce’s wife died. This was classic Gill — me/me/me. “To hell

    w/you” was Gill’s refrain.

    2. Hale was demonstrative/theatrical. She loved the glare of publicity. Her legacy

    is that she broke up the old boys network [fire chief Ed Bento 1962].

    3. Gill/Hale — enormous egos. The difference between them & Teddy Roosevelt is that

    Roosevelt was a magnet team builder/leader. Remember that Teddy was very sickly as

    a child, thence his redoubling via macho diplomacy [walk softly/carry big stick], his trust-

    busting [dismantling of monopolies — inherited wealth is anathema to the frontier spirit],

    & his Sierra Club antecedent [breathe fresh air, build up your lungs]. Yes, Gill touts being

    grassroots, but the only thing grassroots/earthy about him is his firmly rooted ego. Yes,

    Hale touts being Popolo/Black, but she is imperiously patronizing in demeanor to her

    political colleagues. Nonetheless, Gill/Hale have their places in our social/political history.

  45. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Democratic Party stalwarts Stanley Hara born 1923; Toshi Serizawa born 1916

    1. Stanley knew Jack Burns when Stanley was a Kalihi Waena [middle Kalihi] kid. Jack was

    the stern yet understanding [for social outcasts] cop. Stanley revered Burns way before Stan

    moved to Hilo in 1948. As you know, the post-WWII Dems here were led by Kazuhisa Abe/

    Scrub Tanaka/Lefty Kuniyoshi/Tadao Okimoto/godfather Dr. Ernest Mitsuo Kuwahara [1899-

    1982][sadly, interned during WWII]/Martin Pence/Stanley Hara. Stanley’s claim to fame

    is the development of UH-Hilo [in tandem w/Big Isle solons]. Stanley rules out any input

    on Scrub being chosen as Jack Burns’ 1962 Big Isle campaign chief. Stanley denies Yasuki

    Arakaki’s claim that Stanley, along w/Toshi Serizawa & Yasuki, picked Scrub for Burns’ 1962


    2. Toshi Serizawa was a Burns man on Kaua`i, then moved to Hilo in 1955 [Haw’n Airlines

    PR guy]. Toshi was among the first Burns men on Kaua`i, & was on the Bd. of Supervisors

    even before moving to Hilo. Although Turk Tokita is popularly regarded as Burns’ Kaua`i

    ace, Toshi was in the thick of post-WWII Dem Party revival. On Maui Najo Yoshinaga was

    Burns’ ace. Pundy Yokouchi always was Najo’s understudy. No question, Najo was the

    nerve center, not well-intentioned/hyped Pundy. Scrub was Burns’ Big Isle Ace, Tadao

    Burns’ serenity maker [furo/meals/bed/normality]. The common denominator among Burns’

    3 neighbor island aces [Turk/Najo/Scrub] — WWII all-Nisei veterans. Pundy was born

    1925, 6 yrs. younger than Najo [born 1919]. Toshi, like Stanley Hara, denies that

    Toshi helped pick Scrub to run Burns’ 1962 Big Isle campaign for Gov. Yasuki probably

    confused 1962 w/1959, when Toshi/Stanley/Yasuki endorsed Ben Menor to be Burns’

    Big Isle campaign head. Burns won the Big Island by only 250 votes in 1959, not enough

    to offset O`ahu’s poll for Quinn, partly because Big Isle’s popular Jimmy Kealoha was Quinn’s

    Lt. Gov. mate, partly because of Quinn’s 2nd Mahele pledge [touted sale of State lands at

    $50 per acre], & partly because of Burns’ association w/the “militant” ILWU/Jack Hall. Toshi

    went to D.C. in 1959 to measure Burns’ commitment for the Gov. race. Burns was over-

    confident, expecting that Burns’ reward was the Governor’s mantle for acquiring Statehood

    for Hawai`i. As w/Burns’ overconfidence in 1959, Toshi says that Quinn was overconfident

    in 1962, & did not galvanize his top 125 patronage appointees to campaign at all. BTW,

    Quinn’s Transportation head Tim Ho knew SK Oda’s contractor son Glenn, & Quinn picked

    Glenn [born 1925] & Barney Fujimoto’s son Bobby [born 1925] to head Quinn’s Big Isle

    campaigns in ’59 & ’62. I remember vividly these campaigns, because my Dad was among

    the rare few WWII AJA riflemen who supported Quinn [my Dad’s lifespan 1913-1998].

    3. Collectively, the Big Isle Statehood Dem solons were an extraordinary bunch. Ushijima/

    Hara/Doi/Serizawa were top-shelf, although Doi was a showman like GOP Andy Anderson.

    Especially the holy trinity of Ushijima/Hara/Serizawa are exemplars “to die for.” Their

    legacies truly are “for the ages.” Outstanding & dedicated public servants.

  46. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Scrub Tanaka’s observant son-in-law, George Nagai, born 1940

    1. Though George emotes the usual press cliches about Scrub, George is a very astute

    observer/pundit beneath the PR mask. George is his erudite GOP Dad incarnate, Masayuki

    Nagai 1912-1969 died from colon cancer, Hind’s Capt. Cook Coffee Co. Mill mgr.

    Masayuki squared shoulders w/Kona tridents Masaji Marumoto/Baron Goto/Gabby Inaba,

    legends all. Masayuki also revered GOP guru Julian Yates [Yasuki Arakaki’s father-in-law].

    Masayuki was ally/supporter of GOP Sherwood Greenwell. This, dear ones, is untold George

    Nagai’s political backdrop. I share w/you, via John Ushijima, Masayuki’s colorful visual genre —

    Kona’s Bill Kamau ran vs. Sen. Doc Hill — Kamau exhorted in Hawaiian to his coffee growers,

    “You have low returns because of the big coffee growers — don’t vote for Doc Hill — he

    is one of them Hills Brothers!!” Oh boy!!

    2. Yasuki Arakaki boasts that he/Toshi Serizawa/Stanley Hara picked Scrub to run Burns’ 1962

    Big Isle campaign. Not true. Scrub promised Burns that Scrub would lead the charge if

    Burns ran again [Burns lost to Quinn in 1959]. As you know, Scrub was occupied w/his own

    solon career at Statehood’s cusp. But Yasuki hit the mark in pronouncing Burns’/Scrub’s

    unified legacy — “These guys [Burns/Scrub/Scrub’s brother Mits Tanaka/Tadao Okimoto]

    never sought to profit from self-dealing, especially w/real estate; look at Burns & Tadao —

    they died broke-okole — everything they did, they did for the little guy, because they were

    little guys themselves in material wealth! Broke-ass till their last breath, Curtis!” You’ll

    be shocked to know that bellwether Yasuki, like crusty John Ushijima, cannot stand George

    Ariyoshi — “forgot the guys at the bottom [of the social ladder]/no foresight.” Tongue-in-

    cheek repartee vs. George’s idolatrous trifecta — Tom Coffman/Walt Dods/Roland Higashi —

    all the executive plan/vision objectives in the world ain’t gonna endear the Burns intimates to

    cerebral/cold compress George. Which is why George’s Bob Oshiro canned Burns’ Dan Aoki.

    Do you know our Pa`u ka`a neighborhood [Honoli`i] has Nelson Doi across the street from

    Dan Inouye’s right hand man George Inouye [no relation], & Scrub’s brother/manpower head

    Mits Tanaka across the street from us? And now Steve Yamashiro lives in the back of where

    Nelson lived before. Yikes! My “Uncle Mits” is as austere/money-less as the shortest day

    in winter. A mile north, Tadao Okimoto left behind for his wife/3 kids a mill road dwelling &

    loads of selfless sacrifice/community-minded projects, no profiteering. Scrub even worried

    about meeting his monthly Helco bill payments. And Yasuki died with little more than his

    bathrobe over him after leaving Life Care Center for his final trek to divinity. Amazing/

    inexplicably selfless role models! BTW, though Ushijima was Nelson’s 1954 campaign mgr.,

    Nelson resented John’s winning the 1960 Senate race. BTW, though Scotch Henderson’s

    backers credit Scotch [called Scotty by others] for legitimizing roughrider GOP Doc Hill’s entry

    into kama`aina genteel haole high society First Trust Co. [Scot mgr. John Dykes], Scotch

    dismisses this as myth/not true to the memory of entrepreneur/leader Doc Hill. My opinion:

    Scotch would’ve made a great governor, a consensus builder a la Statehood Joe Farrington

    [who, incidentally, could not stand hard scrabble Doc Hill].

    3. Redux Ehren Watada. Gaman/quiet endurance/stoic resolve — meiyo/sekinin/self-

    responsibility — and Ehren measures up to Uncle Mits/Papa`ikou’s Tadao Okimoto??

    “When donkeys fly!” Kansha/ai.

  47. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Cult of the warrior — Bushido — to do what is right, not what is unjust/wrong

    Japan defeated China 1895. Japan defeated Russia 1905. Nitobe’s Bushido, Soul of Japan

    1905 catalyzed Tojo & his warlords. Hilo’s Charley Koizumi, MIS, was Tojo’s interpreter during

    the Tokyo War Crimes trial. Charley reprised again this morning for me how calm/composed Tojo

    was, a perfect gentleman to Charley/everyone. I told Charley it was about time for Tojo to

    fess up to his megalomania, even obliquely, even via the pretext that Tojo was taking the

    fall for Hirohito. The real Bushido patriot is Chiune Sugihara, who saved thousands of Jews

    at the risk of losing his life. He lost his diplomatic career & even was maligned/ostracized in

    Japan long after WWII — like great French patriot Voltaire, who was denied common burial

    in his quaint Catholic cemetery, but was then entombed in the Pantheon in Paris, where

    France’s greatest heroes are buried. Till this day, Sugihara is buried in obscurity/purged/relegated

    to oblivion in his bushido Japan. Sugihara, when pressed by world media for his uncompromising

    valor, only said “Samurai, even as hunter, cannot kill bird which flies to him for refuge.”

    Ehren Watada is no Sugihara. Ehren is a spoiled brat who has not learned the code of

    Bushido — to humble oneself. In spite of the unjust nature of our War in Iraq, Ehren’s

    strength should’ve been to exercise stoic resistance, aka stockade/brig, not crybaby his

    way into the media. His objective should be to resist this unjust war, not to rally others/

    result to bring down military might/cause mass desertion/sedition. Even then, unlike lowly grunt

    enlistees [typecast rural/poor], Ehren was graced w/upper class benefits [schooling/money/

    status], went OCS [Army elite], availed himself of America’s military/hegemonic perks [officer

    benefits/bonuses], & now gives the common working man/woman/child he swears to

    defend here & abroad the middle finger?! Yikes! Don’t look like no Sugihara/Voltaire to me,

    but more like imperial Tojo. Otagai/giri ninjo [help one another],

  48. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    The Truth shall set you free — John 8:32

    Do you know that old fart mayor Johnny Wilson punched out bd. of supervisor [councilman]

    Hollinger in 1924? At the time, Wilson said, For 7 months, Ben Hollinger has been insulting me.

    He has nothing back of his bullying tactics. Years later, Johnny confessed that he was ashamed

    of himself to let his fists do his talking for him.

    Remember when House boss Tony Kunimura roughed up outspoken/irritant solon Stan Roehrig?

    The only reason Stan didn’t fight back was that it would’ve killed Tony, who had a bad heart.

    Physical aggression manifests past issues of self-worth. Re-composure/homeostasis result

    from ratification of feeling loved/secure. Once Wilson & Kunimura accepted being loved/

    appreciated, these affirmations set them free.

    Shunzo Sakamaki, whose Kea`au Camp 8 home was dynamited when Shunzo was a teen

    [retaliation by Japanese agitators for Shunzo’s father Juzaburo’s alleged collaboration

    w/Puna Sugar managers to quell the 1920 labor strike], was a non-team player guy who

    did not inspire others as a UH scholar. His polar opposites were his former UH classmates

    Hung Wai Ching & Shigeo Yoshida, all 3 mentored by Merchant St. icon/UH trustee Charles

    Hemenway. Ching & Yoshida went on to become matchless positive socio-political

    historymakers, Ching w/formation of the all-AJA WWII soldiers/Statehood, Yoshida w/averting

    mass internment of Hawai`i buddaheads/AJAs. Ching/Yoshida served divinity/metaphysical

    singularity during the most trying times, ergo — their Truth which set them free to meet their

    destiny. Remarkable larger-than-life heroes.

  49. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Inspirations [William Jennings Bryan/Thomas Jefferson]

    The 1925 Scopes trial capstone is that prosecutor Bryan railed vs. racial hegemony [white is

    clean, black is dirty][social darwinism/master race]. Defense atty. Darrow extolled “progressive

    enlightenment,” yet Bryan revoked the heresy that Negroes were monkeys.

    Our Johnny Wilson’s hero was Bryan [Bryan College] [everybody’s equal — Matthew 26:28].

    Bryan’s hero was Thomas Jefferson [Declaration of Independence –life, liberty, pursuit of

    happiness]. Joe Farrington’s hero was Lincoln [with malice toward none; with charity for all].

    Jack Burns’ hero was St. Thomas Aquinas [the common good of “order” is shared equally– all

    should have equal opportunity–Summa Theologica II-II q. 25 6 ad 2]. St. Thomas Aquinas’

    secular references were Plato & Aristotle. Pablo Manlapit’s heroes were Jose

    Mercado Rizal & Jefferson. Ben Menor’s heroes were Jefferson & Lincoln. Shigeo Yoshida’s

    was Charles Hemenway. Hilo assimilationist Kango Kawasaki’s was Marcus Aurelius. Manuel

    Pacheco’s was ubiquitous Johnny Wilson. Wilson was no Disraeli/Garibaldi/Cicero/Robespierre/

    Lili`uokalani. Wilson was down-home, campfire comfy Andrew Jackson/noble savage Rousseau/

    courageous Voltaire. Mentors/positive role models –incredibly rich tradition of larger-than-life

    inspirations. Walt Dods’ is kanaka Johnny Bellinger. Kansas prairie boys Del Metzger/Martin Pence

    were inspired by Old Hickory Andrew Jackson, as was Missouri’s Harry Truman. Lincoln’s hero

    was Kentucky abolitionist/Whig Henry Clay.

  50. Curtis Narimatsu
    Curtis Narimatsu says:

    Anecdotes from Scrub Tanaka’s confidante, Isamu Kanekuni, born November 1921

    1. Isamu looks like a sophisticated Hollywood idol of 60 yrs. of age, even though he’s 86 yrs. old.

    2. Still active as owner of Hilo’s Veterans Produce Exchange [wholesaler], Isamu was gracious

    enough to dialogue. Isamu is a 442nd veteran, Scrub is MIS.

    3. Tenno Heika/”His Majesty, the emperor,” is what Scrub used to call Dan Inouye based

    on Dan’s hard scrabble personality. The punch line is that Dan doesn’t know much

    Nippon vocab. Emphatically, Dan’s post-1920 AJA generation rejected ancient Japan

    carryovers in favor of Americanization/full-on assmiliation [banana — yellow skin, white

    underneath]. Remember, Scrub was born in 1915, a decade before Dan’s gang.

    Scrub sucked up [respect for elders], not down [disdain for younger folks]. Scrub

    joked that Mazie Hirono didn’t know what yamato damashii [fighting spirit] meant,

    even though she was born/raised in Japan as a child. Banana.

    4. Issei/immigrant Japanese chastened giri ninjo/service to humanity/society to their Nisei/

    2nd generation kids. As Isamu bellowed, “Curt, my Dad worked all week long at Waiakea

    Sugar Mill, as a boiler room man. He never had the time to teach us kids. Dad died when

    I was a teenager. I never heard the phrase giri ninjo.” Neither did Scrub. Yet, talk to

    the older Nisei like Richard Imai. This phrase is their pledge of allegiance to America. No

    kidding. Oyabun/godfather Johnny Wilson’s [1871-1956] Democratic Party AJA soldiers

    [Dr. Ernest Kuwahara/Richard Imai/etc.] lived by this creed, which translates to “everybody’s

    equal — selfless service to all.” Confucian precept, analogous to Jesus died for everyone —

    Matthew 26:28. Essentially, kanaka maoli Johnny Wilson’s pre-WWII AJAs were steeped

    in traditional ancestral ways/customs. Far deeper/enriched than Scrub’s post-WWII followers

    like tenno heika Dan Inouye.

    5. On Ed Case’s omission which cost Case the race vs. Akaka, Isamu says that Case should’ve

    done what Hiram Fong did vs. Tom Gill for Fong’s U.S. Senate seat in 1964 [Gill’s absenteeism

    in House chambers (though Gill’s votes on House bills were what counted)] — focus on the

    Time Magazine “F” rating of Akaka’s performance. Isamu distinguishes smart politics [quote

    a reputable outfit like Time Magazine] from dirty politics [character assassination by personal

    opinion/attack w/out justification, such as Sam King’s 1970 mea culpa by accusing Jack Burns

    of causing solon Larry Kuriyama’s murder by not cracking down on mobsters. Like King’s

    red-baiting governor father (1953-1957), imperious King’s mouth got the better of him.].

    Case lost younger haole districts which were anti-war. He could’ve picked up more votes

    there by amplifying Akaka’s dismal Senate record.

    6. Isamu regards George Ariyoshi as a weakling because when Ariyoshi sat on the fence

    about the Maryland Land Bill [lease to fee conversion] in 1963, Isamu saw Ariyoshi stand up

    to speak, & was told to sit down by Hilo’s crusty Kazuhisa Abe. Ariyoshi then sat down.

    To Isamu, this demonstrated weak character.

    7. On a light note, Isamu breaks down laughing when reminded of swell-headed ILWU’s Yasuki

    Arakaki’s greeting to fellow Democrats after being invited to China by Mao Tse Tung

    [post-red bait era]. Arakaki in dead seriousness exhorts, Fellow comrades!! Yikes!!

    Get real!!

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