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    By Curtis Narimatsu

    Loyal Japanese-Americans

    The Japanese language school laws to abolish the Japanese language schools/gakko were struck down in 1927 by the U.S. Supreme Court, a body praised by Japan’s press as “the world’s most authoritative and dependable organ.” In 1935 Congress allowed WWI Japanese alien U.S. war veterans to become U.S. citizens. Mamo St. icon Sen. Sanji Abe was an American-born 2nd generation U.S. citizen, as was County Public Works engineer head Frank Futoshi Arakawa. Both also served with our WWI Co. D as doughboys [Frank was an officer], along with conscripted aliens. Both men also were great athletes in their halcyon younger days. The Advertiser gushed w/pride in its August 15, 1917 article which remarked on our all-Japanese Co. D [Who said our 100th/442 were the original Go for Broke boys?? No, WWI Co. D was!]: “It is going to be a good company. With the enthusiasm displayed by the Japanese and their desire to give a practical demonstration of their loyalty to the American flag, it is safe to say that it is going to be one of the crack (top) organizations. Anyone who knows the Japanese knows that!” Abe/Arakawa, our stalwart AJA leaders, were ignobly interned WWII for greeting Japan Navy/dignitaries who came to see Kilauea volcano pre-WWII. Kansha/with gratitude.

    Genesis Of 100th/442 Combat Units

    The owner of this Oakland, California store, a University of California graduate of Japanese descent, placed the "I AM AN AMERICAN" sign on his store front on December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. Image courtesy of Wessels Living History Farm Inc. via Nebraskastudies.org

    The 298th/299th National Guard incl. 1940-1941 conscripts at least 21 yrs. old. So when Pearl Harbor was bombed, our buddahead National Guard conscripts were herded into a separate/segregated unit, eventually resulting in the formation of our 100th Batt., thanks to exhortations by Christian idealist Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, who advocated combat missions for our 100th Batt. to demonstrate buddahead loyalty to America [& to avert mass buddahead internment WWII]. Thence, our original 100th boys were born 1918 & earlier, such as Sparky Matsunaga (1916-1990), & such as Hilo originals Shigeru Ushijima 1918-2009 [solon 442 John’s older brah’ — John 1924-2006]/Moto Tanaka born 1918. Hung Wai Ching’s Varsity Victory Volunteers of UH ROTC led by irascible moocher Ted Tsukiyama born Dec. 1920 eventually resulted in the formation of the 442nd RCT, volunteers/enlistees mainly of those born 1922-1924. The 100th always cast a wary eye on the Tsukiyama-led impudent 442 punk-asses, younger/repudiatory of the old order of things, mainly because of the 442’s high school diplomas available to those born 1920 & after [thanks to DPI/DOE chief Oren E. Long, who made sure that kids born 1920 & after on the plantations were able to get high school diplomas]. On the other hand, my dad 1913-1998 was a plantation mechanic, was not drafted 1940-1941 [too old for such genre], & Dad volunteered for the 442 for the sense of adventure/escaping the plantation feudal system. Dad had just an 8th grade education [Big 5 deliberate policy to plaster plantation kids to the mill mentality — unaffordable public school tuition/cost from the 9th-12th grades]. Of course, punk asses like Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 had high school diplomas & joined the 442 because all of their buddies were doing it. Isamu had no sense of patriotism/devotion to ideals, as Dad did not. Thence, Willy Okino Thompson born 1924, half Scot/half buddahead [Dotty Thompson’s 1921-2010 brother in law], from the asshole generation post-1920 born kids, didn’t have to join the 442, being half-haole, but Willy was raised Japanee, more Japanee than fellow Waiakea Yashijima Japanee, but Willy wanted to join his fellow buddies, & Willy was taken under my Dad’s wings as Dad’s spiritual/hanai baby brother. Willy demonstrated tremendous courage under fire [literally] as 2nd Batt. infantryman, being awarded unit citation/Bronze Star. Dad got Silver Star/unit award. So when Isamu attended the Japanese-American monument ceremonies in D.C., UPI reporter asked Isamu why Isamu joined the 442. Isamu honestly said to be w/Isamu’s Waiakea Sugar Mill gang. The UPI scribe did not print Isamu’s line, but instead printed the euphemistic line of “honor/duty/country,” which were alien to our gang toughies like Isamu from our sugar mills. Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 rebuked America for interning Japanese-Americans, but Scrub grudgingly joined the 442 to save face for Scrub’s Hongwanji Buddhist family from Honoka’a, who were suspected of being disloyal to America via their Buddhist religion. Scrub was selected to the MIS & rankled over the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, being that Scrub was there w/U.S. forces, & Scrub said that Japan was an utterly defeated demoralized country incapable of defending itself anymore when the 2 atomic bombs were dropped. Scrub with his own eyes in Japan, said that Truman was hoodwinked by Tojo’s propaganda of “fight to the death,” which Scrub said was full-on bullsh_t.

    (Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

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  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Thank you very much, gracious & erudite editor Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt, for publishing my notes above and for your heartstopper photo inserts! I never take for granted your beneficence in publishing my notes. Forever I am grateful to you. Kansha/on [replete thankfulness/mission to appreciate your magnanimity]. My typo error: Conscripts 1940-1941 had to be at least 23 yrs. old, born 1918 & before, not 21 yrs. old. My apology to gorgeous Tiff & the gang out here in cyberspace.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Respect often is gained via defeat, not victory [Charles Goodyear 1800-1860] –

    1. Intrepid rubber guru Charles Goodyear accidentally dropped rubber mixed
    w/nitric acid on a hot stove & discovered vulcanization. Despite his renown, Goodyear lived
    & died in serious debt, & spent much time in debtors’ prisons in pursuit of his “impossible
    dream” of marketing a rubber commodity. Ironically, Goodyear Tire is not connected w/him
    at all but was named in honor of him in 1898, nearly 40 yrs. after his death. Sorry, no
    royalties ensued. Goodyear sadly was relegated to deadbeat status thruout the 1800s.
    Hell-torn years for him & his ever-suffering family. Yet today Goodyear is our larger than life
    mythic hero. We would be in the “Stone Age” w/out rubber products.

    2. Alexander Pope [1688-1744] is among the greatest of English poets [“to err is human,
    to forgive is divine”], but his life was gravely affected by Pott’s disease [spinal TB], which
    stunted his growth [4’6″], and by the anti-Catholic vitriole vs. his family. Yet, out of these
    terrible adversities came the most beautiful verses. To this day, Pope’s couplets [verses]
    are standard references — metaphysical/beyond compare.

    3. Do you know that WWII 442nd’s Shiro Kashino earned a record 6 purple hearts, yet was
    court-martialed/framed up for an onbase fistfight involving other ethnics? Shiro posthumously was
    vindicated. Sadly, Shiro died just before the court-martial reversal. Shikata ga nai/cannot be helped,
    he always intoned. Quiet resignation. A real hero.
    Shiro a great & patriotic American.

    4. The 100th/442nd were deliberate race-segregated units. Yet, they became the
    most decorated units in U.S. military history for their size/length of service. Military analysts
    & historians chasten that the 442nd’s rescue of the Alamo Lost Battalion ranks among the
    10 best fought land battles in the history of the U.S. Army. In the first week of April
    1945, the 442nd’s 3rd Batt. broke the Gothic Line, forcing Germany’s retreat toward
    the Po Valley & eventual total surrender in the first week of May 1945. In the
    Pacific, Gen. Willoughby, the top intelligence officer under Gen. Douglas MacArthur,
    said that the work of the all-AJA Military Intelligence Service [MIS] is credited for
    shortening the Pacific War by 2 yrs. & saving a million lives. Ironically, all these
    acts of patriotism from a segregated unit of silent but oh-so-strong soldiers. Fact is
    stranger than fiction. The all-Nisei boys made up 60% of our Hawai`i soldiers in WWII
    & suffered 80% of the casualties.

    Failure — a learning experience

    Abraham lied about his wife, Moses killed a man, David committed adultery, &
    Paul persecuted Christians. Failure is a part of life. Jack Burns lost 4 of his first
    6 races/elections. Frank Fasi lost so many elections before he became mayor in
    1968, I cannot even remember the number of losses. An Ike Sutton/Larry Meachum
    “professional candidate” he was!! Look at lucky Bernard Akana & the upset
    of the century vs. Dante Carpenter 1988. Honest Abe Lincoln struck out 11 times
    before his 1860 Presidential victory. “Don’t give up!!” The grim reaper feeds on fear.
    The key word is patience. David was 37 when he finally ruled the whole nation,
    & he was 30 when he ruled Hebron. Just like Jesus, Buddha, & Muhammad, all
    of whom self-actualized at age 30, & then walked into the pages of history.
    Age 30 back then is what middle age now is for us. “I asked for all things,
    so that I might enjoy life … I was given life, that I might enjoy all things.
    I am among men, most richly blessed.” From prayer sheet folded in the pocket
    of a Confederate soldier KIA Civil War. “My Grace is sufficient for thee.”
    2 Cor. 12:9. Jesus on the Cross, a man of sorrows, acquainted w/grief.
    Isaiah 53:3. “Out of ivory palaces, into a world of woe, only God’s great eternal
    love made my Savior go.” Henry Barraclough. “Did ever such love or sorrow
    meet, or thorns compose so rich a crown [Jesus on the Cross]?” Isaac
    Watts. Cords stronger than steel — blessed are those who mourn, for
    they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4. “Naked I came, naked I go.” Job 21
    [Job was the wealthiest man a la Bill Gates many millennia past]. Love, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    What is true love? True love is one’s fulfilling mission to make your loved one happy. Find a sympathetic ear/person for you to express your loss/pain, find positive meaning/healing out of this loss/pain, and be a positive influence to others.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    WWII Japan’s Tiger of Malaya, Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita 1885-1946

    Ironic that Tojo’s pacifist nemesis Yamashita is the first

    to die under command responsibility [vs. largest # of

    British combined POWs captured, 130,000] for war crimes

    vs. British combined POWs. Yamashita encouraged end

    to 2nd Sino-Japan War 1937, encouraged peaceful

    co-existence w/U.S., which fell him out of favor w/

    warlock Tojo, & yet he takes the first hit under MacArthur

    for war crimes. Command responsibility, a slippery slope

    — clearly, Yamashita/Homma culpable for POW atrocities,

    obeying orders [from Tojo] not excusable, though

    mitigatible, & the most culpable perpetrator Hirohito

    is spared by MacArthur [again to lead Japan, albeit

    as puppet of U.S.] to restore stability to Japan. Brilliant

    move by MacArthur, but in cost/benefit analysis, stinks

    in that the principal perpetrator is let off the hook, kind

    of like a top mob figure turning government witness.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    4/19/09 Hawai’i Tribune-Herald feature story by

    John Burnett, as “JB” memorializes Shorty Kazumura. And JB, do you know

    that Shorty is in the Nisei.Hawaii.Edu home page photo on the 100th Batt.??!!

    Yes, Shorty is the squirt in the front of the formation w/the greatest salute

    in the world!! This is the same photo that was spread across the front pages

    of the dailies WWII!! Willy Thompson is quoted in JB’s tremendous tribute to

    the 442/Shorty. My dad was only 5’1half” 115 lbs. — this is why I laugh about

    Shorty!! It’s the size of the heart, not the size of the shoe!! Gang, it’s TIME to

    acknowledge the REAL leaders behind the glitz/glitter of today’s hyped 442 — 2

    youngsters who carry us into the deep well of this youthful 21st century —

    Kapi’olani CC cybrarian Shari Tamashiro/442nd RCT archivist Alvin Yoshitomi!! To me,

    they’re Biblical Stephen/Andrew, our dearest untold heroes!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Back in 1971 when my Dad’s 442nd/100th boys wanted

    to kill me because I advocated amnesty for VNW draft resisters [ole’ geezers

    scowled/sneered inasmuch my genre/gang were draft dodgers], I got into discussion groups.

    When asked how did I react to my own 442nd/100th

    buddahead 2nd generation WWII combat veterans, I said that

    Christians profess Just War, not solely “thou shall not kill,” so that

    repelling Gestapo Nazi tyranny & Japan military imperialism WWII was

    Just War, but our own paranoia about communism/Red Scare got us

    into Vietnam, & I didn’t see this as a Just War, more like a Vietnam civil war.

    Boy, I remember 100th’s Morris Kihara, postal clerk, putting the “closed”

    placard at his window when I came by. Yikes! Nonetheless, being in

    Evyn Adams college religion/philosophy classes steeled me vs. my own buddahead

    forebearers/knuckleheads. Of course, my Dad being the unconditionally loving Dad

    that he was, was so proud of me because I was in college learning

    the deepest wisdom of the ages [Dad only completed the 8th grade

    out of Wainaku plantation village], & Dad would always laugh off his

    442 boys getting hairs up their asses. Dad knew I was a patriot at heart,

    but his boys [Dad was big bruddah to his younger asshole samurai

    warriors] were clueless because they got so pissed off [like how Watada

    today gets our hair to stand up]. When my Mom’s co-workers told her

    that I made the Dean’s List [published high grades], she thought that

    I was on Watergate figure John Dean’s enemies list. The point is that Evyn

    Adams was my untold/silent disciple that I worshipped all thruout these halcyon

    days!! No, not rabble-rousers Jim Albertini/John Witeck, but middle-aged Yoda

    Evyn Adams!! Evyn, always the die-hard conservative patriot, told me that

    if I truly felt that America needed an alternative voice, not pacifism, but

    resistance to what I felt was an Unjust War, then go for it, & be

    proud that America allows the free exchange of ideas, & the freedom

    to express oneself!! Thanks, Evyn, you’re my greatest hero!! By the way,

    today was my chance of a lifetime to ask Evyn for Evyn’s opinion on my

    disclosure of Wataru Kohashi as the strength behind the purported leader

    Kiyo Muranaga, MoHonor recipient, & truth be told, Wataru was the actual

    MoH figure, not first KIA/symbolic fallen hero Kiyo Muranaga. All Evyn asked

    in typical Yoda-like clipped fashion, “Is your Dad still alive?” No, Dad died

    12 yrs. ago at the ripe age of 85. Evyn’s response, “Go for it, because I

    know you, son. You’re not trying to revoke the Medal of Honor for the

    guy who didn’t deserve it. You’re just trying to let the world know that here’s

    this guy no one ever heard of who’s the real hero. Your Dad would be proud

    of you. It’s too bad your Dad is not around to see it. Son, whoever this guy

    is that’s the real hero, he’s probably on his last legs. The way I look at it is,

    hey, this silent disciple’s family deserves to know that he’s a real hero!! That’s

    how I look at it. You know, it’s all about timing. What, this happened almost

    70 years ago?! Do you know how many people have lived & died in the past

    70 years? A whole generation!! Why not tell the Truth after such a long

    time! It’s about timing, son, it’s all about timing!!” End of quote.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    WWII Japan imperialism like an adolescent teen‏

    Oswald Spengler 1880-1936, though much criticized for his

    fallacies on comparative history, offers at least a symbolic

    description of culture, as an organism from birth to death.

    Though he preceded Hirohito’s Japan imperialism, one can

    postulate that industrial Japan was born out of

    Commodore Perry’s black ships opening up Japan to the

    world 1854, triggering Mutsuhito’s/Meiji’s rise to power

    1868, resulting in modernization on an unprecedented

    scale [thanks to industrial capitalist/internationalist Eiichi

    Shibusawa, who at age 14 swam out to Perry’s ships with

    knife clenched in mouth ready to do battle vs. Perry].

    Japan got swell-headed after its victories over Russia

    1895 & China 1905, feeling itself invincible via militarism.

    By the time whipper snapper immature as_-brain Hirohito 1901-1989 ascended

    to the throne upon his father’s death 1926, Hirohito was

    ready to take on the world via imperialism/militarism,

    with warlock Hideki Tojo his foil. Not thinking thru the

    consequences of war vs. the Occident/U.S., Hirohito’s

    colonialism [Manchuria iron-steel][China ancient turf

    rights][Indochina rubber][Indonesia oil] was designed to

    supply itself w/adequate resources to stand up to the

    West/U.S. The U.S. embargo stiffened Hirohito’s resolve

    to conquer Indonesia for its oil. Hirohito figured that by

    “neutalizing” U.S. naval forces via the attack on Pearl

    Harbor, this would give Japan about 6 months to capture

    Indonesian oil resources to carry out a war of attrition vs.

    the U.S. Admiral Yamamoto promoted this attack on Pearl

    Harbor as a last ditch attempt for Japan to replenish its

    materials/war supplies. Admiral Nagano was opposed to

    this, knowing that no way could Japan defeat, much less

    fight to a standoff, its daunting isolationist foe U.S.

    Nagano promoted peaceful co-existence w/the U.S.

    Nagano was a deep admirer of U.S. democracy/steeled

    resolve [Revolutionary War/Civil War/WWI], & knew Japan

    was no match for the U.S. Essentially, Hirohito’s

    impudence/ingrate attitude did in Japan, just as an

    impulsive adolescent figures he/she can conquer the

    world. So what you have here is an older/wiser sage

    U.S. teaching its younger subordinate a painful lesson

    that eventually ended with Japan being but an appendage

    of the U.S. politically/militarily. Japan’s only strength

    is its industrialism [thanks to the Korean War where Japan

    supplied its colonialist U.S. with munitions]. Oswald

    Spengler would be proud to see Japan characterized as

    an organism from birth to deserved death.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    I dedicate the power of prayer to erudite sage Dean Edmoundson born Dec. 1945, who makes 60 yrs. at this time of having been saved by Jesus June 1950, utterly versed in Scripture is magnanimous Dean. Dean’s Living Waters ministry which he helps lead has its Honomu prayer/church services at Dean’s Mr. Ed’s [Dean] Bakery in Honomu on the way to Akaka Falls, phone Mr. Ed’s Bakery at 963-5000. Pray-Tell Ministries publishes “The Hour of Prayer — With God’s help I will pray daily for the Kingdom of God to be firmly established in the hearts of those He has put on my heart. The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) 1. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Spend the first 10 minutes adoring God. Tell Him you love Him and need Him. 2. Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Praying for the kingdom of God to come on earth is that of praying for others. Pray for six people a day. Spend five minutes on each person. Spend 30 minutes in intercession. Sunday [persons prayed for]. 3. Give us today our daily bread. Spend 5 minutes praying for your own needs. 4. Forgive us our debts…lead us not into temptation. Spend 5 minutes in confession and introspection. 5. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. Spend the final 10 minutes worshiping God and thanking Him for answered prayer. http://www.prayerhouseag.org.” Time Magazine felt the concept of prayer so powerful that it recently featured prayer as Power. Christian “Trinity” — 1. Prayer does not hinge on outcome — you do not dictate to God. God hears prayers. 2. Prayers are answered for saved Christians, not the way/in the time you want. Thy Will Be Done, meaning in God’s time/own way. 3. Prayers are the most powerful force in the universe because by surrendering yourself to Jesus, you will be saved by Jesus, you will be found by losing yourself in Jesus. Dean Edmoundson is my greatest hero, a most knowledgeable/wise disciple of Jesus & the finest spiritual faithful apostle walking this earth. Dean ably is backed by his gorgeous/supremely loving wife June Hanashiro Edmoundson born 1946. Love eternally in Jesus’ name.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hirohito professed admiration for the West/U.S., promoted himself as

    a nature-loving/pacifist biologist, but was just as much an imperialist

    as the U.S. was under Teddy Roosevelt. Hirohito chose war hawks

    from the Army like Tojo, over Naval doves like Osami Nagano 1880-1947,

    who studied at Harvard/was military attache to U.S., & Isoroku Yamamoto

    1884-1943 [Niigata native like blindly loyal devotee Kiyo Okubo/Rich Imai],

    who was less redemptive than wise/sage/older Nagano, the real hero

    behind the doves. Sadly, Nagano was dismissed as old fart & not as

    forceful/powerful as Yamamoto, who threatened to resign if Nagano would

    not approve [Nagano reluctantly said okay after being coerced by Yamamoto]

    Yamamoto’s attack on Pearl Harbor [to give Japan 6 months to gain

    Indonesian oil sources, in light of U.S. embargo vs. Japan]. Yamamoto told

    Nagano it was do or die [no war material to carry on vs. U.S.]. Manchuria

    was rich in iron/steel resources, thence Tojo’s invasion [vs. Nagano/Yamamoto

    opposition]. Nagano was our foremost dove who wanted to co-exist/cooperate

    w/U.S. Younger Yamamoto was more feisty & figured that co-existence was

    okay only if Japan were given leeway to capture natural resources [SE Asia

    oil/rubber/iron]. Hirohito chose war hawks vs. symbolic dove Nagano. Tojo

    studied in Nazi Germany, thence Tojo’s war hawk demise. Peaceful Prime

    Minister Konoe was ousted in favor of Tojo by Hirohito himself.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Taisho/”Generalissimo” Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 Yamaguchi ken

    Isamu always obsesses over money, saying that John Tsukano should not

    have written the greatest 442 book if John were going to go broke doing

    so. That na-ga-ee hana shee [motor mouth/long-winded] Shun Kimura

    is all show & no go [orator/no substance], despite Shun’s proven track

    record as our greatest mayor 1964-1974. That my focus on remembering

    gallery of past heroes [Ho`olulu baseball stadium should remove Dr. Francis

    Wong’s name & revert back to Ho`olulu baseball stadium name, but honor baseball’s

    long-serving contributors/pioneers Nobu Maruyama/Richard Nakamura/

    George Thompson–Uncle Willy’s brother/Jimmy Correa][Civic Auditorium

    should remove Afook-Chinen names & revert back to Hilo Civic

    Auditorium name, but honor hoop/Civic Auditorium icons Richard Pablo

    Chinen/Walter Victor/Al Manliguis — Hilo Armory should honor Beans

    Afook] is a waste of time, per Isamu, because newspapers aren’t

    gonna publish stories that don’t affect today’s readers. No one cares

    about the past/history. Again, Isamu is a very negative example/role

    model to anyone who aspires to serve others/humanity. Which is why

    Isamu doesn’t think twice about shorting anyone servicing him [waitresses/

    customer reps/etc.]. Isamu is taisho/tenno heika [sh_t don’t stink/lord/his

    majesty, the emperor]. Again, Isamu has high school diploma [born 1921,

    Hilo High 1939 grad, thanks to DPI chief Oren Long 1934-1946]. Isamu from

    money is god geostrategic/merchant roots Yamaguchi ken-district [same w/Hiroshima

    ken-district]. To Isamu, if you ain’t gonna make a dime off your efforts, you’re

    too stupid to know better. Which is why Isamu feels that Haw’ns & cash

    mngmt. are like oil & water. Isamu doesn’t live the aloha spirit, except in

    sycophancy — extends credit to vendors to get a leg up on them — but

    Isamu gets wiped out when they write him off/no pay bills-invoices. Isamu

    is not austere like Scrub Tanaka was — Isamu has lifetime of salted-away

    dough from his essential commodity wholesale distributorship. To me, for

    Scrub’s lack of money thereof, Scrub Tanaka was more redemptive than Isamu.

    Scrub never made money his god. After all, Scrub is Kyushu Island Fukuoka

    ken-district [home of warrior class samurai, revoked back to farms after

    Meiji Mutsuhito 1868 dissolved samurai/adjacent district Kumamoto same

    roots — my dad is Kumamoto, which is why Scrub respected my dad, who

    was Scrub’s elder — watch Tom Cruise’s movie The Last Samurai].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Earl Finch died a broken man, in spirit/body. Where was the 442 leadership

    to take care of our boys’ savior/messiah? Seiji Naya was brought here from

    Japan by Henry Oshiro 1920-2010, who coached our boxing team on

    its jaunt to Japan, where Seiji was star boxer [Seiji actually Korean].

    I asked Seiji directly why Seiji never showed gratitude to Henry [Waiakea-

    Uka Camp 6 boxer/Pablo Chinen’s bosom buddy], who got Earl Finch to

    sponsor Seiji here. Seiji dismissed Henry as a guy w/PTSD. I told Seiji

    that Seiji should respect Henry even more, being that Henry had such a

    good heart to give Seiji a dream life in America [Seiji big whip/chief

    economist-professor]. Seiji is for Seiji, just like the leftover crop of 442

    boys still living [those born b/n 1920-1924 & replacements born 1925-

    later]. Sheez …

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kenichiro Zenimura 1900-1968

    Buddahead Zenimura considered “father of AJA baseball,” but Takie Okumura 1865-1951

    started it all before Ken was even born! Chimpei Goto 1887-1954 chronicled Okumura’s founding

    of baseball. Asahi owner Ki Oki 1895-1988 bolstered Japan linkage via Bozo Wakabayashi

    1908-1965, not to mention Oki’s r/n w/Onomea native [Japan college guru] Hisashi

    Koshimoto 1894-1935 [Japan baseball HoF enshrinee]. Hilo hurler Masa Nakamura [deported

    back to Japan violation Prohibition sa-ke] was most impressive to Bay area AJA scouts 1922,

    other than Hilo Boy Wonder Kenso Nushida 1900-1983. Other Hilo JAC stars Mas Jinbo/Mas

    Shimamura/Fat Okino held up well w/Stateside AJA calibre [augmented “all-star” calibre].

    Hilo hurler Shigeru Ironman Morimoto not able to augment because family commitments/job.

    Kathy Jinbo Yamada born 1952 is Ironman’s granddaughter/Mas Jinbo’s kin.

    In today’s top-flight competition, our Hilo stars would be pro entry level. Nakamura had

    good size 5’8″ for 1920. Zip-da-do Zenimura only 5’0″ 110 lbs. Nushida only 5’1″ 125 lbs.

    Peewees — no size/positiion for higher pro calibre.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Poor as church mice” [Ted Kelsey 1891-1987 not the only destiny-maker]

    In 1987, just 3 yrs. before Scot John Young died 1902-1990, stout-hearted protege`

    Ted Tsukiyama born 1920 did the interview of Ted’s lifetime, which Ted promptly

    forgot about. Ted too caught up in Ted’s own glory of the VVV [germinated the

    follow-up 442 via godfather Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002]. This is the irreplaceable

    Scotman Young live/clear — “You see, the plantations didn’t want to spend their

    time and money on these Japs and Chinks — they didn’t want any attractions for

    these kids that would take them off the plantations. When I came here to Honolulu,

    Old Dr. Billy Goat Smith [1883-1967] tells me he got a problem on his hands at Royal

    School [misnomer, Emma St.’s tenement-ville]– Hung Wo 10 yrs. old/Hung L 12 or

    so/Hung Wai teen/ — the Chings lost their father on the old Haleakala boat — he was

    a cook who came out on the deck & took opuku [opium] & got washed overboard —

    they never found his body [not true –KL Ching says immigrant Yei Ching lived to a ripe

    old age]. He left 5 daughters and 4 sons — they poor as church mice!!

    When Hung Wo & Hung Leong were kids at Royal Elem., we had hot lunches for 10

    cents — their mother so sad & poor, she give them 10 cents to buy one pie and split

    the pie between these 2 little boys. So ole’ Billy Goat [Smith] tells me — ‘da kids canNOT

    live on that! They got to get hot lunch!’ So for 4 yrs. I spirit my money to Dr. Smith

    for these poor church mice, but I never want the publicity about it. But somebody

    ‘squeal’ & that’s why Hung Wo never forgot me — so I retired from YMCA in 1966

    on my birthday April 1, Hung Wo writes me his tribute which I didn’t want — he

    says ‘As of this date, as long as I live for as long as you live, you will receive from

    me [Hung Wo] $3,000 a year.’ I DIDN’T receive it, but he still thanked me for the

    lunches I paid for these poor kids out of Emma village. His written P.S. said ‘thanks

    for all the lunches!’ Chinn Ho really adored his leader huge Lloyd R. Killam [1885-

    1981], & Chinn Ho worked for Dean Witter, so he got his 20 boys from his McKinley

    Class of 1924 to pitch in money every month, & that money BUILT the Ilikai Hotel!

    And Chinn Ho puts on this fabulous fete to honor his leader big Lloyd Killam!!

    Hiram Fong/Masaji Marumoto/Hung Wai Ching/Harry Lin, all these boys. Chinn Ho

    wanted it kept secret, so you keep this to yourself, okay? Lloyd Killam [previous

    YMCA director 1912-1924] told me [Young YMCA director 1924-1928] that the

    haole plantation owners and Merchant St. bosses [Big 5] would hate me, that I’d

    be an outcast. Because Lloyd told me to stay away from these guys. I didn’t care,

    because my father had already disowned me because I was recruited by Lloyd to come

    to Hawaii to be among Chinks. I didn’t even know Japs existed! Anyway, I never regretted

    my choices. I wouldn’t have it any other way. These are my kinds of people [Asian immigrants].

    But the good haoles were William Westervelt [1849-1939], who took good care of me, Frank

    Atherton [1878-1945], who was so unlike the other plantation types, & your guy Charles

    Hemenway [1875-1947], who took care of you kids at Manoa. Al Vierra was another great

    leader but sadly he died young. Chinese Stephen Mark was another great one who talked to

    you kids in the VVV.” — Yikes!! Destiny-makers all! P.S. — loving soul Andy Wilson’s

    born 1946 dad Bill was Tommy Kaulukukui’s born 1913 spiritual papa/sponsor/alter ego at

    Shell Oil Co. in Waiakea/Yashijima-ville. The Wilsons pure haole but so what?! Aloha is

    color-blind, baby.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Champion of humanity KingLit Ching born 1936

    KingLit not only rescues the damsel in distress as our Prince Charming, he rescues humanity

    from vengeful Zeus a la Prometheus. Yet, unlike JFK’s Whiz Kids that place disastrous

    faith in egghead diplomas, KingLit grounds us in harmony w/common sense/uncorrupted

    authenticity/noble cultural memory of simpler sensible times. KingLit is not today’s stock

    character who achieves fame/fortune & no sooner talks down to people a la Donald Trump.

    KingLit is our Rousseau who finds utopia w/n the hearts of everyday people [even though

    KingLit is Ivy League]. KingLit’s sentimental romance/undying innocence sustain him beyond

    the temptations of pride-narcissism/self-interest-greed. Because of KingLit’s grassroot

    courage/sense of self-worth, KingLit is my Abraham who gathers his people toward the Lost

    Horizon in search of Truth/Canaan.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    FDR key foreign relations advisor Harry Hopkins 1890-1946

    Harry Hopkins was born into grassroot America & plucked out by FDR

    to lead New Deal/WPA, & then was called by FDR to be FDR’s key foreign

    relations advisor. Hopkins was Jesse Shima’s friend/confidant, & loved

    Jesse for Jesse’s fulfillment of the American Dream [coined in 1930 amid the

    Great Depression]. No other Nikkei had friends in such highest reaches of power/

    influence. Hopkins advised Jesse on the “Social Gospel” & that for much that

    is given, much is expected, per Jesus. Jesse learned well under Sensei Hopkins.

    After all, the name Jesse is but a variant of Jesus.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mordecai’s disciple — Jesse Shima 1901-2002 our most important Nikkei in U.S.

    Hebrew Mordecai took in orphan Esther as his own child, & Esther went on become

    Queen Esther of Judaic tradition. Mordecai means “to serve” in ancient Judaism.

    So what does this have to do w/Jesse Shima? D.C. Howard U. has churned out

    more Black Ph.D.s than any other college, & ranks among the greatest 100 colleges

    in America. First-ever Black president & longest-serving chief Rev. Mordecai Johnson

    1890-1976 [president 1926-1960] was Jesse Shima’s bosom buddy. Rev. Johnson

    oversaw the greatest accomplishments in civil rights, including alumnus Thurgood

    Marshall’s Brown v. Bd. of Education decision 1954, w/Howard campus being the nerve

    center for strategy. Rev. Mordecai saw in Jesse –Mordecai himself in the mirror, as if

    Old Testament Mordecai had suddenly come alive. Jesse was Mordecai Johnson’s Esther,

    & Rev. Johnson never let go of this providential awakening till Rev. Johnson’s dying day.

    Through Jesse’s dear friend Rev. Johnson –our top Nikkei went on to become chosen

    leaders in their fields [Laupahoehoe’s Kenneth Otagaki’s brother/Suehiro/etc.] Mordecai

    kept a close eye on Jesse as Jesse was brought up by D.C.’s matron saint Mary Foote

    Henderson, wife of deceased former Missouri Senator John Henderson. Mordecai studied

    Jesse’s adjustment to D.C.’s Black population as Jesse evolved from Esther the orphan to

    Queen Esther, & how Jesse always uplifted destitute Blacks. Mordecai’s own Black friends

    regaled about Jesse’s sense of fairness/love for all. Yes, Mordecai Johnson never lost sight

    of Hebrew Scripture, & forever embraced & advocated for Jesse Shima. I thank Jesse’s

    nephew, Henry Shimabukuro born 1931, for these never-before-seen observations/evaluations

    of Uncle Jesse. Jesse had greatest aloha for Henry, who was among the earliest Nikkei to ascend

    up the military chain of command [Air Force Colonel — came home to care for ailing okasan Matsu

    Shimabukuro in 1983]. Henry, like Uncle Jesse, is magnanimous

    in praise of others like Rev. Mordecai Johnson. Henry lived/worked/schooled in D.C. during Jesse’s

    “golden years” post-WWII, & lived w/Uncle Jesse-Aunty Miyoko during the critical period post-

    WWII/Korean War [Jesse’s diplomacy between Japan-U.S.] Terry Shima was a draftee & not

    among the original 442 boys like my Dad. Terry was gone/away during the juncture of the Korean

    War. As I eyeball the post-1920 born buddaheads like Terry/Ted Tsukiyama/Ed Ichiyama, these

    guys fawn over their era, unlike common saint of Equanimity Herb Isonaga

    [1921-2009 Kaua`i boy but humble as the summer day is long, unlike his post-1920 born

    contempos]. Herb’s/wife Sue’s phone number is (808)488-4972 [don’t have

    email]. Like I told our greatest AJA historian Dr. Franklin Odo — homogenized fluff is not accurate

    history — we’re all Jekyll/Hyde, & Jesse Shima was no different [Jesse’s rejection of okage sama de

    –expressing that Jesse’s hanai mama Mary Foote Henderson was more a mama to Jesse than Jesse’s

    own biological mama/etc.]

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jesse Shima at the nerve center of power/influence in D.C. Jesse’s Henderson legacy catapulted

    him to work with the leaders in Congress/White House. Jesse facilitated Issei/older Nisei

    entrepreneurship [Tony Honda kazoku]. Jesse uplifted his Nikkei like no other Nikkei in

    America. Howard University was Jesse’s spiritual brother in arm.

    Tanomu [help/support]/untold hero Jesse Shima

    Shokan Shimabukuro [Jesse Shima] 1901-2002 [Issei; naturalized U.S. citizen 1957]

    came to Hawai`i & went to Lyman Boarding School, then attended McKinley High

    School from 1918-1923. Jesse sojourned to D.C.

    where he was hanai’d into 13th Amendment genesis [abolished slavery] Sen. John Henderson

    of Missouri [abolitionist]. Jesse was unable to inherit D.C. scion Henderson’s estate as its

    sole beneficiary because of anti-alien inheritance/land laws. But Henderson left enough money

    for Jesse to live out comfortably Jesse’s life. Jesse sponsored/tanomu our later greatest leaders

    from Hawai`i [D.C. GW/Georgetown U. incl. Dan Inouye/Kats Miho/Shige Kanemoto/John Ushijima/

    Herb Shimabukuro(no relation)/Sumi Nakashima/Don Ching/Al Shim/Jack Desha/etc.]. Sparky

    Matsunaga went to Boston’s Harvard & only later came to know benevolent Jesse. But again,

    exemplar Dan Inouye’s militant discard of sonkei mukasho no [respect tradition/elders] resulted in

    nascent solons Dan/Sparky/etc. not availing themselves of immense wisdom in centenarian Jesse.

    Jesse was responsible for post-WWII Japan reconstruction [was informal embassy for Japan until Japan

    began post-WWII embassy in 1952]. Jesse facilitated Okinawa’s remaining a prefecture of Japan

    instead of Jesse’s native Okinawa being a U.S. trust territory/colony. Jesse was responsible for

    post-WWII Okinawa reconstruction [supplied commodities/goats, like how Steve Yamashiro’s dad

    supplied pigs]. Jesse was responsible for 1952 Naturalization Act allowing Issei to be U.S. citizens.

    Jesse aided JACL’s Mike Masaoka 1915-1991 on legislation. Again, Dan Inouye’s militant gang never

    thought enough to avail of Jesse’s proven wisdom/statesmanship. Inouye, now on his twilight march

    to his Maker, regrets such youthful indiscretion/insolence. Genro/oyabun/godfather Jesse would’ve

    been of immense help/stability to Inouye, who is today’s greatest Hawai`i historymaker [pork barrel

    infusion/prosperity]. Jesse even presented Ike via press secretary bosom buddy Haggerty w/silk

    screen gift from Hirohito 1953. Hirohito relied heavily on “Japanese ambassador Jesse” [Jesse declined

    Hirohito’s Distinguished Cultural Service Medal created just for Jesse]. Jesse was feted many times over

    as the most distinguished/outstanding Japanese in the U.S., much more than self-gloating “Moses” Mike

    Masaoka. Yes, this is “Uncle Jesse,” of simple agrarian Hawai`i roots, the most underpublicized person

    in Nikkei history in America. No, Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 is our greatest Nikkei wayfinder, being of

    Chinese ancestry, more impact than Jesse [Hung Wai changed the face of America’s relations w/

    the East-Asia-China-Japan/domestic minority groups here (Truman’s military race inclusion/Ike’s nascent

    civil rights act/Brown v. Bd. of Education/LBJ’s Civil Rights Act 1964/etc.)]. I lived/went to school in D.C.

    for 3 yrs. “Uncle Jesse” was more a beloved godfather to Kotonks [himself got interned 1941-1942 via

    Jap hysteria, being “enemy alien”], whom he sponsored/benefacted, incl. Mike Masaoka, which is why

    Dan Inouye’s gang marginalized unbeknownst Hawai`i boy/agrarian Jesse as Kotonk, not buddahead. Again,

    Inouye’s bromide ignorance/short-sightedness. Which is why Jack Burns had no substantive interaction/

    relationship w/Jesse. Nonetheless, despite Inouye’s militant hubris, Jesse eternally ascends to sainthood

    among Nikkei.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Independence Day

    The paradox of pacifism is that unless Americans are willing to die in battle to ensure our liberties,

    a peacenik like Ron Fujiyoshi born 1940 won’t retain the right to be a pacifist, because the totalitarian

    overlord won’t allow it. Which are why assimilation/Americanization as our Buffalo soldiers/442

    demonstrate — respect one another/try to work with each other/appreciate our common themes/

    comprehend our diverse upbringings — are necessary means to preserve our innate/unalienable freedoms.

    Enjoy Independence Day.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    From WWII Nisei soldiers’ perspectives

    So our boys came home from war. ILWU’s Jack Hall, who had banished rival Jack Kawano,

    tried to take over Jack Burns’ new Democratic Party, to no avail. Hall was no more than

    a one-issue guy, labor’s right to organize plantation workers, & non-ILWU sages recognized

    Hall’s limitations. As it turned out, Hall’s tenure ended just short of Burns’, heavy drinker

    Hall dying of a heart attack at age 55 in 1971. Papaikou’s Portuguese/Luso George Martin,

    Big Isle ILWU head, was easier to deal w/than hothead dock clerk Eddie De Mello. Because

    Frisco ILWU honchos came off the docks, plantation boy Martin never succeeded Harry

    Bridges as titular head.

    During WWII, footballer Shiro Kashino gets locked up in stockade

    for onbase fight. Behind barbed wire enclosure, Shiro gets shown a Barreta handgun from

    outside the barbed wire by Italian yankee, so Shiro yanks the unloaded Barreta from his

    fellow yankee & tells him “Get the fuck outta here!” Now you see why Shiro always

    was in a fight. Wataru Kohashi’s older brother Etsuo, 442 squad leader, was told by

    new greenhorn capt. to “take the hill” up ahead, w/wide open green expanse before

    it, topped by German machine gun nest on the hill. Etsuo chastens to the capt.,

    “You take the hill — I not stupid like you!” Good field lesson for the capt. No one

    took the hill. Akin to Gen. Dahlquist, who pushed too fast & left his Alamo boys

    surrounded by Krauts, w/no backup/supply line/support. So our boys suffer

    800 casualties to rescue 200 Texans [Rescue of the Lost Battalion].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Age chronology/respect for elders/pecking order

    Pre-WWII Navy at Pearl Harbor enabled contractor Walter Dillingham born 1875 to be

    the most powerful link to the military, & thence Walter’s direct access to George

    Marshall’s unity of command in the Pacific headed by Adm. Nimitz w/Gen. Delos Emmons

    heading the Hawai`i region. FBI’s Bob Shivers born 1894 came to Hawai`i in August 1939

    to determine what to do w/AJAs if Japan is at war w/the U.S. Shivers was given the cold

    shoulder by Merchant St., which coattailed Naval power/presence. But UH godfather

    Charley Hemenway born 1875 [same age as Walter Dillingham], albeit a Merchant St. icon,

    became Shivers’ confidante & assured Shivers of AJA loyalty to the U.S., & Charley

    eventually became the top local civilian link to the military/internal security. Hemenway

    produced proteges Hung Wai Ching born 1905 & Shigeo Yoshida born 1908 [Hilo High’s

    greatest alumnus, though no one in Hilo today knows this], who averted mass

    internment of buddaheads here. Compassionate Frank Atherton, missionary descendant,

    a sickly child [always had empathy for society’s have-nots] born 1878, Merchant St./

    Big 5 godfather [Walter was not Merchant St., but harbor/rail line/transport boss-

    overlord & thus the most powerful local civilian WWII-martial law], embraced Hemenway’s

    racial diversity egalitarianism & became Hung Wai’s biggest financial backer, just as

    Hemenway was Hung Wai’s combo spiritual/financial backer. Educator Yoshida became

    Hemenway’s virtual father figure clone. But other than Dillingham’s Navy link, Hung

    Wai became the most powerful teambuilder among the working class folks/grassroots,

    even though Hung Wai thought himself a patrician/elitist, which is why ironically Hung

    Wai couldn’t stand samurai talk/mentality, because aristocrat Hung Wai felt such

    “low class” hegemonic topic beneath his dignity. Yet, Hung Wai was the greatest of

    samurai, as it turned out! Yes, we’re all Jekyll/Hyde, & Hung Wai was no different.

    What set him apart from everyone else was his irrevocable inner desire to see others

    get a fair shake in life, albeit almost subconscious on his part. Like Hung Wai, Jack

    Burns born 1909 wanted fair play, Burns emerging from tough Kalihi, Hung Wai from

    shantytown Emmaville [where Dan Inouye born 1924 lived]. While Hung Wai advised

    GOP kingpin Joe Farrington born 1897, Burns replaced the Old Order [after Joe’s death

    from a massive heart attack in 1954 while at the height of Joe’s power] GOP oligarchs

    w/non-haole new breed solons like kingmaker Dan Inouye, who himself is today’s crown

    king. Burns resented Shivers’ oversight/authority WWII internal security [Burns was

    police espionage head], because Shivers was an older mirror image of stoneface/stoic

    Burns. Yes, Burns was defiant [Burns’ dad deserted Burns/Mom/sibs when

    Burns was 9 yrs. old]. Great friends of AJAs: Big Five/C&C Frank Midkiff born 1887

    [son Bob born 1920]/protege sib John Midkiff born 1893 ]; indomitable educator Miles

    Cary born 1895 [mentored McKinley High pupils such as Hung Wai’s Class of 1924];

    Ted Trent born 1905 [Haw’n Trust boss which was earlier directed by Hemenway]

    [Ted’s dad Dick Trent was the 1st elected finance head for O`ahu County/earliest

    Dem Party leader].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    442nd mentality/Mike Masaoka — yamato damashii/Bushido

    1. 442nd’s Mike Masaoka wrote up many of the DSCs [of which several were upgraded to

    MoH]. Mike’s baby sister is Norman Mineta’s wife [Norman the only AJA cabinet chief
    for both GOP/Dem U.S. Presidents]. What on earth has Frank [Francis] Sogi done for
    his people? BTW, Imperial Japan soldiers worshipped General Masaharu Homma, more
    beloved than other top brass. Yes, ILWU’s Jack Hall’s wife is Kea`au native Ogawa
    [detective’s daughter, of all people!]. Yes, the Pu`ainako Sack N Save site is where
    Dr. Sam Haraguchi’s golf driving range used to be 50 yrs. ago [remember the high “fish
    nets” strung atop poles?].
    2. Moving/scintillating passage by esteemed jurist/former mob-busting DA Paul de Silva on the
    Akaka Bill — When the ali`i invited our non-Hawaiian ancestors to come and blend with
    native Hawaiians to build together our Hawai`i, they didn’t tell our ancestors that such
    promise [of a better life] would be refuted by the creation of a racially exclusive and
    unequal status. Many non-Hawaiians were born in the Kingdom and were equal subjects.
    Such were my grandparents. Beautiful!!
    3. Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 got disgusted at great solons Najo Yoshinaga & protege John
    Ushijima because both chums were real estate speculators, as was John’s associate
    Richard Jitchaku [Bd. of Supervisors/HHA]. Yes, Najo born 1919 was John’s born 1924
    sempai, both from 442nd Cannon Co. All “investors.” Exemplary thing about Scrub —
    he never exploited his power [Land Bd.] or fame [Jack Burns’ confidante] for self-gain.
    He worried about paying his water/Helco bills till his dying day. In contrast, Jo Yadao
    De Luz [Eppy’s wife; Eppy died of cancer 42 yrs. ago; Eppy was Bd. of Supervisors;
    aspired to be judge, not mayor; Eppy rival vs. Ben Menor, Ben eventual S.Ct. justice
    (Ben couldn’t collect on his lawyer retainer/bills; was broke; so Burns appointed him as
    Cir. Ct. judge, then as S.Ct. justice)] says that if you want to get rich, stay away from
    politics [life in fishbowl]. Jo left politics & married auto tycoon David De Luz. You get
    the picture :-). Jo’s dad Pastor Regal left the ministry [akin to politics] because he
    couldn’t feed his family. Jo says to talk to Nel Doi about Jo’s maxim of politics/baronhood
    don’t mix. Nel Doi?! Nel Doi is intoxicated w/power-influence-fame, not wealth-fortune.
    Yes, Nel said don’t be a politician if you want to be rich. Scrub couldn’t stomach Richard
    Jitchaku, developer/speculator/solon, who was John Ushijima’s Hilo right hand man.
    4. Isamu Kanekuni respects Dan Inouye for the simple reason that when Dan invites Isamu
    to ceremonies, Dan never fails to ask Isamu, “how’s your son?” [Isamu’s son lives near
    D.C.]. No, Isamu is not Dan’s political fan. Isamu born 1921 & Dan born 1924 are 442nd
    compadres. Dan is tenno heika/monoshiri [know-it-all roughie] to Isamu. But great
    pork barrel dispenser. Isamu enlisted w/the 442nd at age 20 because his Waiakea mill
    gang enlisted, not out of patriotic duty, but to see the world/excitement. Isamu’s mill
    boilerman dad died when Isamu was 16 yrs. old. Isamu’s older brother supported mother/
    family. Isamu’s baby brother was just finishing school. So Isamu took it upon himself
    to be the one for the military, do or die — join the gang. No patriotism, but pragmatic
    intent [sacrifice himself instead of his brothers]. Yes, this was wayward Isamu. Today
    he is esteemed 442nd veteran & owner of Veterans Produce. Yes, Isamu was Mike
    Masaoka’s compadre. Yet Isamu had no clue Mike was kotonk messiah/pariah, depending
    on whether you had/had not chip on your shoulder. Mike grew up extroverted in
    friendly Utah [minority Mormons accepted kotonks], like Isamu-intermediary Shigeo Yoshida
    in AJA majority Hilo/Hawai`i. Yes, Isamu never heard of Frank Sogi until Sogi made trouble
    about Mike Masaoka’s declaration on D.C. AJA monument. What has Sogi done to help
    his people? Nothing. Self-dealing his anthem. Not many Rifle Co. veterans alive anymore
    [such as my Dad]. Wataru Kohashi was a front line guy, should’ve gotten DSC but 1st Sgt.
    Wakamatsuof LA asked Wataru if CO could award it to the 1st 442nd KIA 6/26/44 Cal. kotonk,
    Wataru ever team-first said fine, give it to KIA. Wataru is a jolly stand-up guy, but steeled
    to the bone in combat. No fool around w/him in combat. Why are Wataru’s gang/others
    tight-lipped/stoic? Not because they hide something, but because what’s past is past —
    why talk about the past?! It’s a long time ago, it’s done & over with. Who could’ve
    imagined the peerless feats of their all-Nisei brothers-in-arms? Yes, Rusty Kamimura
    refuses to give oral history to K. Co.’s Andy Ono because Rusty’s cousin & buddies KIA
    in K Co. To Rusty, he’d rather die than degrade the memory of his fallen gang
    by bragging about his K Co. feats. Talk to curmudgeons Rusty/Hiroo Endo [Satsuki
    Muneno’s older brother]/shovel samurai DSC Jesse Hirata [Holualoa native][killed Krauts
    w/his shovel-bare hands after he ran out of ammo]/MoH Barney Hajiro. These gizzards
    are rough, rough joes, but they speak Truth. And yes, if you be honest/sincere w/them,
    they open up like spring petals. My Dad was their brethren, so they comfortable w/me,
    as pidgin goes. The list goes on & on, about these larger than life yet simple heroes.
    Endless fulfillment/love for these makule warriors. BTW, Rick Castberg’s wife’s dad is Eugene
    Eguchi, humble all-Nisei warrior, year older or so than Isamu. Oh, BTW, yes, Wataru’s proxy
    was given to eventual MoH upgrade Kiyoshi Muranaga, the Stateside Kotonk. Yes, should’ve
    been Wataru’s DSC-MoH, but no problem. Wataru is team-first to his death.
    5. Yes, I know the Kamehameha Statue catalyzers here in Hilo. But what they don’t tell
    you is that Scrub Tanaka got Pundy Yokouchi [Culture/Arts Council] to bankroll 50Gs$
    toward its erection. Yes, buddaheads. Terry Plunkett knows this. I don’t see Scrub/
    Pundy acknowledged/inscribed in the credits.
    6. Yes, Yagong seeks wisdom from “Yoda” Kanekuni. Yagong’s Foodland-Malama Market/
    former KTA employ got him squared up w/Veterans Produce’s Kanekuni [wholesale
    veggies/etc.]. Isamu nudged Yagong toward Takamine’s vacated House seat. Yagong
    has the temperament/audacity to bring back pork to Hamakua [Dwight lost power by aiding Dan Inouye in
    reorg under Cal Say]. Had acid-tongued Scrub gone easy/kid gloves on Yagong, Yagong
    would’ve listened to Scrub. But no, Scrub had to be taisho/abusive. Scrub’s loss. Not
    that Yagong deserved Scrub’s time :-). Yes, Yagong is little Caesar. A do-er, action
    man. Scrub’s kind of guy. Isamu is mother lode of experience/depth for strident Yagong.
    Yagong’s gain. Thanks, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Vertical Integration
    Democratic Party pathfinder Richard Imai born 1910 worked for Hilo’s Fujimoto Trading Co. after
    high school. Fujimoto Trading imported food products, not just dry goods. Fujimoto’s major
    customers were Big 5 plantation stores, but the haole stores cooked the books via false
    ledgers showing purchases of Nippon food products such as fish cake/kamaboko, when in
    fact they were purchasing all-American staples such as canned goods. Richard was Fujimoto’s
    bookkeeper & knew that Fujimoto’s staples were cheaper than Big 5 bloat/items [Nippon
    competitive markdown vs. Big 5 largesse/monopoly]. Of course, the plantation stores
    pocketed/skimmed the extra profits, unbeknownst to Big 5 executives. Thus, when Dem Tom
    Okino asked Richard to run for Terr. House of Rep., Richard declined, knowing his boss’
    cooked books, & knowing that Dem Richard would be biting the hands [plantation stores — all
    GOP cabal] that fed him/Fujimoto. Richard was Hilo High Class prexy/honor student but was
    unable to afford college [wanted to be an engineer via Stateside U. like Minnesota where his
    teacher went]. Richard’s boss Isaki Fujimoto was Yamaguchi ken/district & thus was tanamoshi/
    colleague of Waiakea gang’s Matsuno/Kitagawa/etc. Isaki’s nephew Akira became Bd. of
    Water Supply chief [succeeded Bill Thompson, nephew of Tom Okino, husband of Tasaku
    Oka’s daughter Margie], but Akira is monoshiri/conceited; Akira’s wife Hazel is loving/gracious —
    Hazel was Kiyo Okubo’s docent, inasmuch her hubby Akira’s uncle Isaki was pals w/Okubo.
    After Isaki moved back to Japan WWII, Akira’s dad Eiji took over the business. Hazel’s father
    Furutani from Papa`ikou also was friend of Okubo.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Rich Imai 19210-2009 was monoshiri/tight-okole like Akira Fujimoto.

    Hawai`i Japanese (Immigrant) Center’s Kiyo Okubo 1905-2001
    1. Website http://www.hawaiijapanesecenter.com, leader Professor Masafumi Honda
    masafumi@hawaii.edu, born 1958, drop-dead handsome Hollywood looks, could be
    top billing movie star.
    2. Kiyoshi Okubo came to Hawai`i in 1924 at age 19 & studied 2 yrs. at `Iolani [English],
    Kiyo born in Niigata Japan. Kiyo taught Japanese school in Kona & was intrepid scribe
    for esteemed Dr. Saburo Hayashi [Kona Hankyo/Echo published 1893-1941], among other
    jobs. Kiyo was our island scribe for Hi Hochi 1936-1951 & Kiyo had his own newspaper
    Hilo Times 1955-1991. Kiyo’s collection of newsprint/etc. starts from 1929, contemporary
    AJA history. Kiyo had his own radio broadcast until his death KIPA [Lillian O’Conner].
    Kiyo’s son died in 1964 car accident, wife died in 1998, daughter died recently. Kiyo’s collection/archive’s strength are the blow-by-blow minutae/ministerial goings-on in
    the particular period/era/genre.
    4. For me, Kiyo’s strength is what is not published!! Every day early lunch Kiyo would slurp
    his ubiquitous saimin at Kay’s Lunch Ctr. [formerly Roy’s Gourmet, now Michelle’s]. And
    every day [over his saimin bowl] he would extol/recall for me the Issei pathfinders &
    their progeny. Indefatigable Sanji Abe [Nisei WWI doughboy/solon]/playboy Tom Okino
    [destined to be AJA scholar –1st Hilo AJA Harvard Law grad] — Tom is uncle of auspicious 442 war hero Bill Thompson [half-Scot/half-AJA]/steeped philosophical Futoshi Frank Arakawa,
    engineer who designed the Kalakaua St. Hilo police station/Suisan shogun Kamezo
    Matsuno [Rex’ dad]/KTA founder Koichi Taniguchi [Barry’s ojisan]/HPM genesis Kametaro
    Fujimoto [Bobby’s ojisan]/etc. Ahhhh… lore & longing … for the past!!
    5. Kiyo always proselytized publicly about Kiyo’s categorization of Japanese: Nippon/
    island buddaheads/Kotonks/half-breeds-han. No big thing. Kiyo’s treasure consists
    of Kiyo’s unpublished anecdotes about our residents. And yes, I don’t buy Kiyo’s
    [or Professor Honda’s] precept about absolving Hirohito, or downplaying Imperial Japan’s
    brutal colonialism. That Japan was simply copying the West does not cut it. Which
    is why I always kidded Kiyo about Kiyo raising the wrong flag [Stars/Stripes] instead of
    his red hamburger [Nippon flag].
    6. I interviewed Professor Honda for 3 hrs. recently — he is an utterly brilliant man, veritable
    walking library/encyclopedia. He does Kiyo proud!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Dwayne Mukai yamato damashii/immense love for Dad George Mukai 442nd WIA

    1. Investment advisor Dwayne Mukai born 1956 got his Dad George born 1923 [Mom Janet

    Matsubara Mukai (great pitcher Brute Matsubara’s niece) born 1931] enshrined in this yr.’s
    sports hall of fame [jr. golf genesis][Tai On Chock also selected via USGA youth program].
    Dwayne is the head of the 442nd Sons/Daughters & also got his Dad George on the
    Trib’s front page as a Harley-Davidson worshipper [George lost leg/suffered internal
    injuries WWII][George rode sidecar in Trib pic]. George worked 34 yrs. as HPM Bldg.
    Supply office supervisor [Fred Fujimoto also 442nd veteran].
    2. Dwayne is prototype Yonsei/4th generation AJA — vocal/Americanized/6’0″ Adonis body.
    Dwayne doesn’t know about 442nd background/history, but he truly loves his Dad George,
    not self-sin glorification, but genuine respect/appreciation chugi/meiyo/orei/oyakoko.
    I am very touched by Dwayne’s unmatched love for his Dad George.
    3. George/Janet kindly shared 4 hrs. of their time recalling their life/past events. Militant
    George repudiated his Dad’s plea not to enlist w/442nd [George the only son; sibs
    are girls] but instead to do sentry duty at Dad’s John M. Ross Hakalau Sugar Mill. George
    got his Mom/sister to see him off at Hilo Armory formation. After George returned in
    1945, his Dad refused to greet hm — Dad felt betrayed that George defied Dad/
    Otosan. As George recounted Dad’s refusal to greet him, George cried inconsolably.
    Now, gang, if you know George Mukai, this block/granite is disciplinarian like his otosan — a
    Mt. Rushmore [stoic/stone-faced]. I was so affected by George’s honesty/truth
    62 yrs. after the fact [1945], I told George kodomo no tame ni/everything parents
    did was for the love/sake of their children, & Otosan felt worthless from George’s
    disobedience. I told George that George is like otosan/ganko/stubborn w/son Dwayne.
    George realized how so lucky/fortunate George is to have a son like Dwayne who
    regards Dad George as Dwayne’s big hero — just like how George always saw George’s
    stern Otosan as George’s big hero. Good end result here — George/otosan
    made up/reconciled via vicarious synergy. Shows you noble/utterly deep George —
    Otosan loves fishing, so George [one-leg less] hops-scotches over hither/yon to take
    the ole’ man fishing — man, oh man, beautiful togetherness/soulmates, via fishing!!
    Not a word spoken about Otosan’s absence when George came home from war, WIA/
    war hero. Gang, George wanted his Otosan to be so proud of son George — thence
    George’s immense emotions over Otosan’s absence. Amazing events. Life is Wow!
    4. Now again stoicism — negative silence, not golden silence — fast forward to the
    new millennium — 442nd convention at Kona. Presentation/protocol pau/done —
    up creeps ubiquitous Kuwaye [Kuwaye Trucking], works/lives a stone’s throw from
    George/Janet for 60+ yrs. Kuwaye floors his contemporaries by confessing/exacting
    George drove our CO up the pass — I was playing cards & my CO couldn’t find me —
    I was the driver — you know what happened next — all hell break loose, George came
    down in a stretcher, as good as dead, & transported to the field hospital — I was the
    driver who wasn’t there when George was called. I am so sorry …. Kuwaye died
    shortly thereafter. Sekinen/haji [confessional].
    And then John Ushijima, after 60 yrs., tells George, Ay, I saw you in the stretcher, you
    know. I neva’ think you gonna make it. What is this, gang? Stone-deaf
    silence — suppressed yet indescribable events — choked up for eons! Here yakamashii/
    ibaru solon Ushijima don’t even have the mouth to tell bruddah George, “Ay, I saw
    you, bruddah.” Yes, characterize this as silent discretion shikata ga nai/gaman — I see
    it as letting out/releasing being the crucible — bottled up so/too long!! Well, these guys
    are heroes to us all — who am I to say let it out?! Amazing — George never asked
    [about WIA lead-up/circumstances], no one told until 60 yrs. later. And George never
    ever felt sorry for himself. George feels good that buddy Kuwaye let it out, for
    Kuwaye’s sake. Yes, George is at peace w/Kuwaye. No need to forgive Kuwaye,
    because George never felt sorry/wronged in the first place. Ganbari/gisei/otagai
    are all that matter — love one love all, no strings attached, no conditions precedent.
    I ask you rhetorically, how does life get deeper/steeper in mana/faith/spirit/kokoro
    than this, huh? Amazing events. Love always, –Curtis
    P.S. George still has not told son Dwayne about Kuwaye enryo/nintai — sealed lips
    don’t sink ships — yikes! BTW, you know Dan Inouye always asks George when
    Dan comes to Hilo — George, you still feel the pain? [phantom pain in extremities —
    fingers/toes][George/Dan no can sleep at nite from unlivable pain] Hats off to our
    heroes on this Memorial Day! BTW, all credit/glory to George’s soulmate wife/
    inspiration Janet — w/out her [Florence Nightingale] would he still be alive today?
    George suffered a stroke 3 yrs. ago & son Dwayne is in hyperspeed to effuse love
    for his Dad

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    WWII internee Oshima [Kona’s Oshima Store] killed by sentry

    1. Kainaliu Kona Issei Oshima went crazy after receiving a letter
    from home about his store’s low cash flow. He scaled the Ft. Sill Oklahoma
    fence to get out & was shot/killed by sentry/guard. Irrefutably, not the sentry’s fault.
    2. Son Walter Oshima, alert/sharp as a razor, has no gripe vs. internment [Otosan/Dad was
    a major link b/n Japan/Kona]. But Walter exhorts that the sentry didn’t have to shoot to
    kill. Thus, Walter is still incensed even now about his father’s death. Thence, this
    story/event has been repressed because of ill feelings toward our U.S. Gov’t by the
    3. Yes, today’s JACL makes a big deal about haole cruelty/abuse toward us Nikkei/AJAs. But
    look at Issei Oshima’s case. He went crazy & his attempted escape ended in his death.
    How is the sentry at fault? Have you ever discharged a firearm before? A rifle? Do you
    know how almost impossible it is to hit your guy where you want — when he is on the
    run like Oshima [insane state of mind]? I had a marksman rating, & it’s a miracle to hit
    the guy where you want.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Merle K. Lai, preserver of history & heritage

    Kamehameha School alumnus Merle K. Lai, born 1944, is among our longest-serving County

    solons [before term limits]. Nurtured by Shun Kimura & Ikuo Hisaoka, Merle always brokered
    compromises as the Hawai`i County Council’s leading consensus-builder thruout the 1970s &
    1980s. Merle actually was urged to run vs. good friend Mayor Dante Carpenter in 1988, by
    supporters including Bernard Akana. When Merle declined [Merle is not avaricious/opportunist],
    Akana stepped in [Merle’s Mom is an Akana], & the rest is history [upset of the century]!
    I spoke w/Dante 2 decades after his mayoralship [one term mayor 1984-1988]. Dante has
    several misgivings/regrets, among them the taint of self-dealing via lovely wife Olan’s consultant
    fees, & of course Dante’s run-in vs. Nakasone [Jippy Mattos cronyism]. Dante has
    no regrets about siding w/militant solons Wong/Cayetano/etc. in ousting Senate Prexy John
    Ushijima in 1978, Dante’s maiden year as a state senator. Grumpy Ushijima never forgave Dante
    for Dante’s betrayal of the neighbor island bloc. Do you know that Dickie Wong asked
    humble apostle Stanley Hara to chair the most powerful Ways/Means Committee in the
    reorganization? And that Stanley declined, being team-first to the neighbor island bloc?
    Ask anyone, Stanley Hara is a friend to everyone!! Even the Dickie Wongs utterly respected
    equanimous/even-keeled Stanley Hara. No kidding.

    Merle Lai is our gal who inspired everlasting remembrances of past heroes, her shining credit
    being Edith Kanaka`ole Stadium’s namesake. So too is Merle’s touch evident on every
    major facility — Kawamoto Olympic Pool/Wong & Victor Stadiums/Afook-Chinen. Merle’s deepest
    moment is enabling the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial/eternal flame next to the Wailoa
    Visitor Center. Aptly, the eternal flame is protected by none other than the great King
    Kamehameha I, whose statue stands proudly makai of it. Beautiful historymakers!! I take my
    hat off to preserver of history & heritage, our own Merle K. Lai. Whenever you see her, the
    eternal optimist, please cheerfully greet her w/”Merle Lai, consecrated hero!”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Tasuku Harada 1863-1940 bridged Japan-U.S. relations

    Father of Japan industrialism Eiichi Shibusawa 1840-1931 hand-picked Japan’s

    1st Yale U. divinity grad Tasuku Harada [president of Kyoto Christian Doshisha

    U. 1907-1920; friend of Castle ohana here] to head UH Japan Studies program

    1921. Harada bridged East-West relations w/altruists Frank Atherton-Bill

    Westervelt-Alex Hume Ford-Charles Hemenway. Harada’s internationalism spawned

    the next generation of peacemakers/leaders Shigeo Yoshida-Shunzo Sakamaki-Hung Wai

    Ching. Amazing succession of leaders from Shibusawa to Harada to Hung Wai

    Ching. Cross-cultural from Nipponese to Chinese-American, just the way

    idyllic internationalists such as Merchant St. godfather Frank Atherton would

    have it.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Barack Obama’s tutu wahine

    “Toot” was very fortunate to come Hawai`i 1959 [Statehood] because

    Hawai`i suddenly opened up to the world/inclusionary [vs. customary

    Big 5 exclusion]. Toot was fortuitously lucky that Rudy Peterson 1904-2003

    busted open Bank of Hawai`i 1955-1961 to women/minorities at the cusp of

    Statehood. Unquestionably, Rudy is the biggest exemplar to banking not just here

    but Stateside [BoAmerica] as well. Born into dire poverty, Rudy never forgot

    his roots but unlike contempos then & today, Rudy always was compassionate/

    generous of himself/his money. Essentially, Barack Obama has Rudy Peterson

    to thank for in Barack’s upbringing — Toot didn’t have a college degree/was

    tough-bred to the bone — not that escrowers needed a BA/BS, but accession

    at the top post-Statehood welcomed a college degree. Barack’s wife said

    2 weeks ago that to understand Barack, you need to understand Hawai`i.

    No, not Chicago, not NYC — but Hawai`i! Everyone/everything impacting

    our culture impacted Obama, incl. “outsider” Rudy Peterson [who set the

    stage/tempo for rival First Haw’n Bank’s Kanaka Johnny Bellinger]. By the

    time Toot came to traditional handmaiden BoHawai`i [subrogated to Bishop/

    1st Haw’n Bank] 1959, Cooke’s aristocratic bearings imprinted BoH as the

    elitist/hi makamaka bank, over 1st Haw’n Bank. But grounded/grassroot

    Peterson directed BoH toward populist marketing [Peterson recruited by

    sage Walt Dillingham 1875-1963, who’d learned his bitter lesson not to

    make money his god when Walt double-crossed buddaheads/Pinoys WWI

    era by backing sugar planters, only to find WWII that buddaheads/Pinoys

    were America’s most loyal/patriotic/devoted-to-the-death subjects-people]

    & popular inclusion w/n its ranks [ergo, marketer Bob Sasaki — directors

    incl. HWo Ching 1958-Chinn Ho-Mas Marumoto-etc.]. And Jack Burns

    Del. to Congress 1956-1959, born into poverty like Rudy, understood well

    & worked w/Rudy & their shared egalitarianism/altruism. Neophyte Gov.

    Bill Quinn 1959-1962, ever imperious/impudent, was just too clueless/immature

    for Rudy to embrace. Hawai`i is opposite from Stateside, esp. on race relations.

    Here, local vs. malihini incl. anti-haole & anti-popolo slur/bigotry. Thence,

    geopolitics, not race per se. Class-culture wars, not race wars. After all,

    white/black no make diff if we lump da buggas togetha as us vs. dem, right?!!

    Class-culture, not race, gang!! I always say that if Obama wasn’t raised by

    middle class ohana, he’d be punking out on Houghtailing St./Rican territory.

    Puerto Ricans are lovely folks, but the low-class stereotype hanging out at

    Lanakila would be ascribed to Obama, who has Rican-Popolo looks.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Outside infusion of ideas/action vital

    Andy Wilson’s dad Bill, Shell Oil mgr., was benefactor/alter ego to

    Tommy Kaulukukui in Waiakea. Pure haole, but aloha spirit is colorblind all the

    way around. Milburn Gregory 1897-1966 WWI veteran out of Tex-Mex San

    Antonio [a la Sam Rayburn/LBJ– Hawai`i’s greatest Statehood friends], came

    to Hilo in 1937 as mgr. of Hawaii Motor Supply on Kam Ave. He immediately

    joined up w/Dem Party’s Kanaka Johnny Wilson’s boys to rattle vs. GOP oligarchy.

    I`iwipolena Lane’s Frank Serrao 1912-1986 [DLNR land agent located in old

    County Bldg./Lt. Gov. under Oren Long 1951-1953 known as Sec. of the Territory]

    & Kea`au Seiichi Morita 1907-1992 broke in Milburn to local politics. Leigh Hooley

    1898-1982 was having a grand time dealing w/his militant former YMCA boys

    who joined Dem Party like Dan Inouye born 1924. Luso pal Joe Fern 1872-1920 O’ahu

    1st mayor died of diabetes & had Johnny Wilson 1871-1956 succeed him & carry

    the torch of the common working man/woman Dem Party. By the time Wilson

    became senile 1950, Taka Miyamoto 1897-1981/Herb Kum 1906-1993 took over

    day-to-day mgmt. Lyman official John Beukema 1899-1984, whose Hilo Ctr.

    [settlement complex–gym/etc.] along Kam Ave. like Milburn Gregory’s store,

    was apolitical [Beukema of Springfield College was Kiyo Hamakawa’s born 1929

    inspiration to go to Springfield College, where Kiyo was hoops star & embraced

    by Naismith HoF John Bunn/Bob Cousy]. NCAA godfather Bunn knew all about

    Mandarin magician Ah Chew Goo born 1918 via HoF star player Hank Luisetti.

    Myron Isherwood 1909-1984 married Muriel Lyman of Puna & was a great

    sportsman/volunteer, but apolitical, as was Richard Nigga Tong 1912-1987,

    as was Ruddy Tongg 1905-1988.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Did he [KIA] suffer?”

    My Dad Toshi 1913-1998 was the squad leader who told the parents/

    families of 442 KIAs that their son did not suffer. My Dad vowed never

    to have KIA families suffer anymore. My buddy Mel Gamayo born 1948

    Vietnam special forces combat veteran, approached KIA elegy by

    how much fact the family could handle, based on Mel’s eyeballing them.

    W/vast TV-press coverage [Korean War was the last pre-TV war],

    Mel was aware of outside truth-sourcing. If Mel felt that the family could

    take the cold truth [almost never happened], Mel would say that amid the

    unimaginable pain which the KIA suffered, Mel cradled his brother-in-arm

    literally as a mother cradles her beautiful baby to comfort/love everlasting,

    gently reassuring the KIA that everything’s gonna be all right, everything’s

    gonna be all right, till the KIA draws his last breath. Sad, so sad. On the

    other hand, if Mel felt that the family couldn’t take the cold truth, Mel would

    omit any account of suffering. W/today’s cell phone camera technology,

    the hell of war [per Union Gen. Sherman] is blasted before our very eyes.

    Resume the draft/conscription! Our best deterrent to our own imperialism

    [let’s see rich/spoiled kids convoyed out to the line of fire — ain’t gonna

    happen in Iraq/Afghanistan].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Schooling not gauge of life learning

    Auto tycoon/GM’s Jim Roche 1906-2004 never went to college because his dad

    died young. Haberdasher hat-wearer Harry S. Truman never went to college,

    yet he was the epitome of Common Sense [practical actions]. Schooling

    is no gauge of intelligence. Jack Burns barely finished St. Louis High, & as

    a 21 yr. old flunkie who mooched off his mama/drank like no tomorrow, &

    smooched w/Army girls while showing off his hoops moves. Gang, there

    is a heaven/hope springs eternal! My dad never even finished junior high.

    But Dad would listen to merits/demerits of line-item veto over budget

    appropriations [checks & balances/separation of power b/n executive/

    legislative branch]. Though line-item veto used by most state governors

    [who also choose not to release monies if legislators override governors’

    veto], U.S. Supreme Court struck down Congressional authorization of

    line item veto to President on ground that U.S. President [Clinton]

    usurped legislative sovereignty/authority. Hell, there was no

    high school for Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 to attend! Asshole personality

    Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 knows political science better than poli-sci

    professors. It’s about passion/immersion, not diplomas. Nope,

    Isamu never went to college. One common thing about the

    foregoing self-educated men — they don’t waste their breath/

    time tolerating small talk [who did you bump into at the

    supermarket today? Did you have constipation this morning?].

    You see distinctly the small talk noiseboxes — the minute they

    get thrown off by your deflection of their nonsense, they

    immediately clam up like indian wooden statue outside a saloon.

    Because suddenly, focus is not on their silly topics anymore.

    And then when they’re forced to speak substantively, their

    pace of enunciation slows to a crawl — because it’s not about

    them or their topic anymore — it’s about anything but them, which

    disinterests these talking heads [like J.R. Souza/Frank De Luz] to da bone.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Never mind your opinion — just say he [KIA] was a real hero

    442 F Co. kotonk [Westminster CAL.] KIA/posthumous DSC Kazuo Masuda led a

    3rd straight nightly recon when he was killed. Yuki Okutsu had refused to recon

    3 nites in a row, because the Germans were waiting for our boys. Which is when

    Kazu Masuda upped/went into death’s jaws. F Co.’s Wataru Kohashi muttered how

    insane it was to have our boys go on a 3rd straight recon, w/the Germans knowing

    we were coming. Wataru felt how utterly tragic it was for Kazuo to meet the Reaper.

    Wataru said “Dis bugga’ like kill himself, or what?” Wataru’s earlier DSC was given to 1st

    442 KIA Kiyoshi Muranaga, kotonk, which then was upgraded to MoH 8 yrs. ago.

    So Wataru/MoH Yuki Okutsu knew what they were talking about. But “suicide

    charger” Kazuo averted forcing another squad guy to meet the Reaper. Thanks to

    Kazuo, another fella came home to live his life. Wataru was trying to avoid meeting

    Kazuo’s kazoku/kin, but I told Wataru that eventually, they’d meet Wataru. So

    just tell them Kazuo was a real/true hero, which he was!! Wataru candidly thought

    Kazuo had a death wish [suicide charger]. I want to feel that Kazuo, like his

    kamikaze mikado/ancestral kin, felt it his highest duty to give up his life willingly

    for our U.S.A. End result — Kazuo was our everlasting hero!! Of course, Wataru

    doesn’t have to lie to cover up Wataru’s feeling that Kazuo was dastardly reckless.

    Wataru can just flat out refuse to talk about the war, period! But after 64 yrs.,

    it’s about closure/completion for KIA families, not about Wataru. So be a sport,

    be noble. Salve/comfort them.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Bringing Gospel to the masses

    William Tyndale 1494-1536 was burned at the stake for translating the Bible

    into English, in defiance of Vatican Latin hegemony. Such absurdity would’ve

    saddened Constantine I 272-337 A.D. 1st Roman Christian emperor, who was

    transformed at the Battle of Milvian Bridge 312 A.D. when he saw the sign of

    the Cross in the sky, & who proclaimed religious tolerance via his Edict of

    Milan 313 A.D. Mystic Thomas A`Kempis 1380-1471 also would’ve been deeply

    saddened by such malignant fear.

    In intermediate school, Earl Nakasato born 1942 was accused by the cafeteria

    monitor/teacher of not paying for his mid-morning cup of soup. When confronted

    at the soup vat, Earl angrily threw his soup back into the vat. The vat had to be

    thrown away. Such indifference/disregard/shortcoming by Earl transformed him

    into the sensitive Christian he is today. When Earl fought w/peer at Nihon Gakko

    School, Earl ran into the bushes when his dad 1914-1992 went to pick him up for

    his expulsion. Earl never really made it up to his father. When Earl went off to

    Ft. Ord, he spoke such thick pidgin that the airport courtesy matron asked if he

    spoke English, rather than his foreign/mother tongue. Yes, domestic privacies per

    Samuel Johnson which transformed Earl into our winged angel. Earl is such a loving/

    forgiving person, he said it could’ve just as well have been him who gang raped Yang’s

    girlfriend [Sansei honor student who no longer lives here] masterminded by Yang

    himself [who later committed suicide — drug addiction], including Butch Castro. Yes,

    albeit as poetic justice laureate Alex Pope said, to err is human, to forgive is divine, swell-

    headedness a half-century later reduxes Yang’s girlfriend as the almighty equalizer. I

    know who she is & she ain’t a Dem Party faithful, that’s for sure.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Polio & leaders a century ago

    As a child, Masaji Marumoto fell off a horse & walked w/a noticeable limp.

    He was Shriner Hospital’s 1st surgery patient. He did office work for

    his tycoon sponsor Kawahara. Field labor was not suitable because of

    his limp. Thus arose his penchant for book learning. Had he been

    able-bodied, would he have commanded a slew of “firsts” here

    [1st AJA on Big 5 bd. 1954/1st AJA in nation on Supreme Court 1956/

    etc.]? Right here in Honoka`a village 40 miles north of Hilo,
    Joe Fontes was Ahualoa School principal —

    he was book-learned because he was a cripple [walked w/double

    canes]. So was Judge Botelho — book-learned because he too was


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Winning attitude/strategy [anecdotes a la Blessed Mother Maianne Cope]

    1. Rawhide tough Bobby Lee born 1921, cigar-toting boxing czar 1947-1978,

    has his share of detractors who disdain his rough projection/image, foremost

    among them being the late Sad Sam Ichinose 1907-1993, who accused

    Bobby of closing down boxing here [Bobby nixed Sam’s tomato can imports

    who were to be squished by Sam’s money fighters]. Flip side is that Bobby

    was among the first to nix Ali’s continued career here, based on Ali’s

    Parkinson symptoms over a quarter century ago.

    2. But casual boxing fans know not that Bobby was among our greatest

    amateur fighters, our Jake La Motta incarnate. Bobby waived off

    a pro career because he didn’t want his brains jostled. Smart move.

    3. Winning attitude?? Our all-star AAU squad led by Bobby & mythic

    lightweight rival Frankie Fernandez was awestruck by Stateside

    lightweight template Georgie Toy, who mesmerized our boys w/

    his speedbag magic/rhythm. Problem is that Toy was in the

    same weight class box-offs as Bobby & Frankie. As die-hard

    observers like Paul Lou know, Bobby vs. Frankie tiffs endure

    as our greatest ever matchup/results. Well, unfortunately,

    Bobby was intimidated by Georgie Toy’s magnificence, &

    Bobby fought timidly in losing to glamour boy Toy. Had Bobby

    been steel-resolved as w/Bobby’s legendary tiffs vs. peer

    Frankie Fernandez, Bobby’s do or die attitude could’ve

    won him the fight vs. Georgie Toy. Yes, the proverbial

    could’a/would’a/should’a. Frankie got bruised up in the

    other National semi- go, & was in no shape to corral/

    punch out Georgie Toy in the Finals, which Toy won.

    4. Strategy?? Watch Jake LaMotta again. Qualify that

    you see him get browbeat by the greatest-ever fighter,

    boxing perfectionist Sugar Ray Robinson. But watch

    closely LaMotta. Jake exemplifies the inside school of

    fighting. Watch how Jake tucks his chin & avoids

    spear-straight shots. Watch Jake’s “lazy-S” [misnomer–

    denotes upper torso/head weave — also called doing

    the 8] movement — how Jake avoids head shots/direct

    impact blows. Oldtime boxing is the art of self-defense,

    & my paradox/exemplar is Jake LaMotta, my raging bull

    who used his head to strategize, not just to be

    a battering ram. Had mythic hero Bobby Lee been

    schooled in strategy, he would’ve had the confidence/

    winning attitude to beat Georgie Toy.

    5. Our 1st local Nat’l AAU titlist Jose Mercado [son of

    Sakada/Pinoy], who toiled in Na`alehu sugar mill

    60 miles south of Hilo, chafed that his toughest foe

    was forebearer Nat’l AAU runner-up Gilbert Murakami,

    prototype moving target defense. Jose never could

    land a clean punch. But as amateur coach Charley

    Miller [ex-pro boxer] intoned, Statesiders were

    cat-quick & able to corner runner Gilbert. As fellow

    peer Joe Louis said [genesis is in Greek mythology],

    “You can run, but you can’t hide.” Winning attitude??

    Do or die. Catch can. Strategy?? Angles/geometry —

    cut off the ring, don’t chase the runner. Pursue

    diagonally, w/the 4 corner posts [& if necessary,

    the ring ropes] as your army. Five to one

    advantage [4 corner posts w/you in pursuit vs.

    your solitary foe]. Best example of this — watch

    Salvador Sanchez vs. Richard Rozelle 1979.

    Rozelle is Gilbert Murakami getting cornered/

    pummeled, via Sanchez’ winning attitude/strategy.

    6. Which brings us to Syracuse area NY’s International

    Boxing Hall of Fame, hometown of indomitable

    warrior Carmen Basilio. My goal is to pick up where

    world boxing godfather Hank Kaplan left off 1919-2007,

    to enshrine Kui Kong Young born 1916 & Bobby Lee,

    as Hank did w/Bobo Olson & Sad Sam. Hank loved

    Hawai`i. Erudite Herb Goldman chairs the selection

    committee, & he promises to endorse Young/Lee.

    Syracuse?? Blessed Mother Marianne Cope of

    Syracuse’s Sisters of St. Francis, a fledgling

    retreat in 1883, came upon our lepers here 125

    yrs. ago, after 47 other orgs refused. She

    chastened, “There are Chosen Ones to

    sacrifice themselves, & it is my privilege to

    be among the abandoned lepers.” Amazing

    courage!! She became a martyr to her Faith.

    As Father Damien himself did. King Kalakaua’s

    wife Queen Kapi`olani, w/tears streaming down

    her face, exuded to Blessed Marianne, “My

    poor afflicted children, you left your home &

    your country to care for my children — you

    are my Sister.” And so it is that Franciscan

    Marianne is beatified a la Father Damien.

    Fittingly, Hilo’s St. Joseph School has the

    longest continued presence of our Blessed

    Sister[s] from Syracuse. “Light the Way,”

    of virtue/valor/victory [of Good over Evil].

    Beatified Marianne 1838-1918. We frail

    beings are drawn to spiritual giants of

    history. Syracuse, pono, baby! Love, –Curtis

    From: hayashida@hawaii.rr.com
    Subject: O`ahu Oldtimers Boxing Club 1985 still existent today

    Curtis, If it’s okay I would like to use some of the information for my OTBC slide show!

    [IT’S OKAY–Curtis]


    From: Curtis Narimatsu

    Subject: O`ahu Oldtimers Boxing Club 1985 still existent today

    Pro-active boxing trainer/organizer Fred Yasui had life/death amateur fights vs. indomitable

    David Kui Kong Young born Dec. 1916. Only the titular Frankie Fernandez vs. Bobby Lee

    wars surpassed the Yasui vs. Young chapters. Of course, Freddie’s older brother,

    stoic Johnny Yasui, is the top man in the Yasui dynasty. After Johnny’s storied

    pro boxing career, Johnny started the Waipahu Boxing Club sponsored by ubiquitous

    plantation mgr. Hans L’Orange.

    With boxing fading in the 1980s, spirited Freddie decided to restore our boxers’ glory

    days by starting up the current Oldtimers Boxing Club [OTBC], w/facilities provided

    by boxing fan/udonya entrepreneur Shiro Matsuo. So in 1985 Freddie corraled his

    1930s peers Young/Bobby Lee/Benny Mactagone, along w/brothers Johnny, Ed, &

    Tommy, & Shiro’s saimin noodled into history as boxing’s feature bowl. As the

    original gang died out, our former Hilo kazoku/family benevolently underwrote the

    maintenance of OTBC, w/tremendous guardian angels like Masa Nakaoka/Masa’s

    brother-in-law Ray Hasegawa [who is my first cousin]/George Yanabu/Bobby

    Hayashida. Why “outsiders/former neighbor islanders?” Because transplanted

    emigrates are very goal-oriented. Hawai`i legacymakers in social/political history

    are former neighbor islanders — Dom LosBanos/Spark Matsunaga/Toshi

    Serizawa/Sakae Takahashi/Luso-Portuguese Joe Pao/JB Fernandes — all Kaua`i genesis

    — from Maui are Takaichi Miyamoto/father of the workingman Najo Yoshinaga/Elmer

    Cravalho — from Hilo are Wainaku’s Bishop Stephen Alencastre [hails from Porto

    Santo Madeira Portugal, home of Christopher Columbus’ wife’s family]/100th Batt.

    godfather Farrant Turner/Shigeo Yoshida [Hilo High’s greatest alumnus ’26 — who

    averted mass internment of our 157,000 buddaheads here WWII]/Walt Dods’ dad,

    hoops teammate of Ah Chew Goo/greatest Sakada-Pinoy Pablo Manlapit/

    & of course the war canoe king of Hilo Kamehameha the Great, not to mention

    Jesus incarnate — the man who suffered tremendously — Henry Opukahaia

    1792-1818 [named such because upon his parents being killed by Kamehameha’s

    forces vs. Kaiana — 10 yr. old Henry tried to escape w/his baby brother on his

    back, only to be speared by Kamehameha’s warrior, which split open Henry’s brother’s

    back & belly — thence opukahaia stands for split belly — Henry’s suffering ended

    w/his fatal typhoid fever in 1818] — Henry’s love for humanity immortalized him

    as a forsaken martyr to his unconquerable devotion/Faith.

    Our OTBC & Bobby Lee are featured in Dan Cisco’s phenomenal book, “Hawai`i

    Sports History, Facts, & Statistics 1999.”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Grooming for great leadership

    In conversing with a parent whose child is an alltime prep judo star,

    I mentioned our Issei/immigrant Kichimatsu Tanaka 1875-1954 who

    introduced what we know today as judo [Kichimatsu’s yoshin ryu jujitsu

    learned under his master Jigoro Kano 1860-1938, the father of judo in

    Japan] to the Western World starting right here in Hilo at Furneaux Lane,

    then Kilauea Ave., & finally at fabulous dojo/hall Shinyu Kai bldg. 1915

    owned by our esteemed Mainichi newspaper at “Nippon Alley” ergo

    Ponahawai St. that included Dodo Mortuary [1st mortuary elevator

    here 1923] & Mainichi newspaper bldg. 1918 [formerly across the

    street at Punahoa lane — also called “Nippon Alley”]. I mentioned that

    Oyabun Kichimatsu’s granddaughter is Karen Tanaka Tanabe, to which

    the parent/communicant exuded, “Yes, she’s great at sewing these

    judo outfits.” Kichimatsu, my unsung hero, the lowly itinerant masseur

    who brought judo to Western Society!! Still forgotten today by mainstream

    judoka/pundits. Kichimatsu learned his art [“The Gentle Way”] from the

    Master, Kano. Kichimatsu in turn passed it on to his star pupil, Seishiro

    Okazaki 1890-1951, founder of Danzan ryu jujitsu in the U.S. [so-called

    eclectic martial art], who in turn spawned all the self-attentive judoka

    we see today. Tanaka sensei not a household name, sadly. Why do

    I reprise this obscure note? The Bible of Sports, ubiquitous Sports

    Illustrated Magazine, just featured among the greatest-ever mixed martial

    arts titlists, Hilo’s BJ Penn, linking him to antecedent/forebearer Seishiro

    Okazaki [Penn’s strengths are floor action/jujitsu/grappling], with no

    mention of the man who created Okazaki, both in martial arts & in

    later Hollywood renown as masseur to historymakers like FDR/Douglas

    Fairbanks/Jean Harlow/Johnny Weismuller — Kichimatsu Tanaka. Our Genesis.

    In politics, LBJ’s dad groomed eventual House Speaker Sam Rayburn, who

    in turn groomed LBJ [greatest Civil Rights advocate], who in turn

    groomed “Johnny” Burns [as LBJ affectionately called Jack Burns], who

    in turn groomed Dan Inouye. Dan’s saddest fact? Dan didn’t groom

    anyone [such as Ed Case] to take Dan’s place. In “parson” lexicon,

    Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 spawned later great religious leaders/

    character builders such as Rev. Abraham Akaka.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Isn’t Vegas about escaping from Hawai`i to enjoy gambling/ambience?

    If so, then legalizing gambling in Hawai`i won’t keep our residents home,

    but certainly will be an added feature as a tourist spot for outsiders, esp.

    from Asia.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    UH-Hilo’s 1st chancellor Paul M. Miwa 1920-2003

    O`ahu native Paul Miwa is Doshisha U.’s best-known American educator.

    Paul was Syracuse U administrator before managing UH-Hilo thru its

    inception into a 4 yr. B.A. program 1970. Paul was a steadying influence

    in UH-Hilo’s embryonic phase. Paul was followed by no-nonsense

    blunt Ed Mookini. On a personal level, Paul was an utter blowhard,

    always bragging about himself & Paul’s athleticism/golf game at the

    Elks Club. Paul’s wife Betty/Shinae accented Paul’s bluster w/her own

    imperious attitude toward local buddaheads. Which is why Paul/Betty

    were utterly isolated/lonesome in their sunset years. No one could

    put up w/their monishiri/know-it-all attitudes. Yikes! But to me, inside

    them Paul/Betty had good hearts — they just couldn’t connect/relate

    grassroot level w/locals here. Yes, they fit the stereotype/bigotry of

    know-it-all haoles. After all, they thought of themselves as bananas/

    yellow outside-white inside.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mo`o ali`i [diplomas not the measure of greatness]

    Yes, diploma-laden Bill Westervelt [B.A./B.Div./Doctor Divinity Oberlin (honor.)]

    our foremost authority of Haw’n folklore into English. Bill’s undiploma’d/unadorned

    esteemed peer nonpareil on Haw’n culture/health care/anthropology was intrepid

    translator Theodore Kelsey, self-taught man. Both Westervelt/Kelsey immersed

    completely via manuahi avocations on Hawaiiana. My kupuna June Gutmanis 1925-

    1998 like my Dad & like her kupuna Theodore Kelsey, no college education [my Dad only

    completed 8th grade]. But to me Kelsey/Gutmanis/my Dad were steeped in life

    learning/self-educated. As a negative example, I never forgot John Silva, who

    always self-pity-ed/lamented that he always got gypped because he didn’t know how

    to read & write. Here we were 1975, & he, all but 50 yrs. old, w/no dyslexia-

    innate impairment, didn’t self-start to read/write. But at the other end, a negative

    example of diploma-arrogance, was pol-icon Wal Bento, intolerant/judgmental, who

    had no clue that the Shinmachi furyoshonen/juveniles saw He-Man Kanaka/Jap

    Matsu projectile him out of White Fence onto Punahoa St. No, da kids neva’

    razz dis portagee fo whea he waz — dey wen laugh ‘cauz dis white flash

    wen fling out thru da door like one white stringbean. Mameya Lane means

    beans [pleasure center] in japanee!! Pleazha/treazha road, brah! Hea we say,

    eh, no tink you betta’ jus’ cause you get diploma. Nonetheless, June Gutmanis was

    cantankerous Theodore Kelsey’s devoted protege’ — & Kelsey taught her well,

    because non-diploma June is the blockbuster author of integral bks. Na Pule

    Kahiko [ancient prayers]/Kahuna La`au Lapa`au [herbal medicine]/Pohaku

    [stones], not to mention scribed for Nat’l Geographic/Readers Digest. Born

    in Nebraska like cornhusker Swede Steve Christensen, June came up the

    hard way, even being WWII pilot. Straight-shooting/plain-speaking [not small

    talk] like ‘dem curmudgeon Appalachia hillbillies/Scot-Irish toughies. June Gutmanis

    taught me all I know about HUMAN NATURE, a la sensible/pragmatic non-judgmental

    Ka`u Mary Pukui & her AJA daughter Patience Namaka Bacon. June spoke

    of listening to Kelsey emote about Queen Lili`u’s timeline/life maturation

    & how intolerant/grandiose throne-pusher Lili`u blew her own monarchy

    right out of the tranquil Pacific Ocean, only to regret her Bento-like arrogance

    after it was too late [post-1893 overthrow]. Yep, she flew out of power

    like on Mameya dirt lane ’cause she thought too much of herself/megalomania.

    Clearly, a Disraeli/King Solomon she was not! See, ‘dis not about emperor/

    empress worship like ‘da 442 kids/3rd generation-sansei flatulently bespeak

    [pilau smell] glorified b.s. of their realistically flawed fathers. Like today’s b.s.

    drivel about realistically flawed Lili`u, 442 b.s. just as bad. Kelsey/Gutmanis got

    me grounded to reality here. Pono, baby. I love you June, just as you love

    Kelsey kupuna up above. Sadly for me, June/my Mom Teruko 1916-1998

    died w/n 2 weeks of each other [June fatal heart attack/Mom fatal stroke], &

    my Dad Toshi 1913-1998 died just 4 months after them [pancreatic cancer].

    Mo`o ali`i — they are my lifeblood throne-bearers in my eyes till this very day.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sir Galahad’s knightly embodiment of Jesus — Herb Isonaga

    Kaua`i native Herb Isonaga 1921-2009 modest to a fault,

    inspires consistent/creative vitality & idyllic reveries of

    antiquity — Herb is my Sir Galahad, who symbolizes humble

    virtue/purity of heart/peace-community prosperity. Herb’s

    spiritual papa Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 is Sir Lancelot,

    chalice of gallantry. Hung Wai’s leader is Charles Hemenway

    1875-1947, antiquity’s King Arthur. Camelot’s field is not

    situated in place or population, but in knights’ hearts, for

    these are where the holy grail derives elixir. Yes, Rapture

    is not physical, but spiritual. Miraculous but sagacious

    powers come from the hearts & souls of quiet/tender

    servants like Herb Isonaga. Folklore spreads thruout

    the diaspora of the titan victories of the segregated

    regiment of Japanese-American soldiers of the 442. But

    ideals of mercy & compassion tempered amid cold

    steel of battle nestle in invisible peasant/disciple Herb

    Isonaga, Chivalry incarnate. Do you know that

    Jesus’ apostles were backwater Galilean Jews/fishermen?

    Nobodies from nowhere?! Yes, Sir Galahad embodies the

    simple virtues of Jesus, to love & to serve one another

    as your own family. To Herb, to Sir Galahad, Divinity

    is enriched thru you.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Western culture — everybody’s equal

    Bks. of Daniel/Revelation show the metamorphosis of Christianity.

    Just as Old Testament’s David/Noah/Abraham emoted the God

    of Love, so did Peter/Paul transition from Old Testament fire/

    brimstone to New Testament peace/goodwill to all. Thru

    such sequences, we come to know that everybody’s equal before

    God. Which is why the hegemonic pharisees persecuted Jesus.

    Fast forward to William of Normandy who became King of England

    in 1066 A.D., who ruled via feudalism, but such baron knight

    crusades bankrupted the monarchy, which resulted in the

    Magna Carta in 1215 A.D., that guaranteed the rights of

    freemen [but in fact limited the King’s power to protect the

    rights of barons]. The Anglican Church resulted from Henry

    VIII’s repudiation of the Pope’s refusal to allow Henry to

    divorce in 1540. Of course, the “divine right of kings”

    creed thereafter resulted in the outbreak of England’s

    Civil War in 1642 & divine king Charles I’s execution in 1649.

    Such liquidation of divinity stemmed from Elizabeth I’s Poor

    Law signalling government relief for the destitute in 1601,

    also fueling grassroot jury trial redux [intro’d by Normans

    in 1066 A.D.][1670 trial of Quakers William Penn/Mead known

    as jury foreman Bushell’s Case that established independent

    jury verdicts unmoved by abusive elitist judges].

    Nonetheless, our American Revolution was caused by our

    colonial repudiation of Monarchal economic exploitation.

    France followed suit in 1789 via incendiary Voltaire/Rousseau

    [both of whom died in 1778, right after the American

    Revolution]. But Marx’ seeds of communism [public’s

    ownership of means of production–land/labor/capital–

    vs. feudalism’s control by landowners; vs. capitalism’s

    control by investors; vs. socialism’s control by

    laborers] resulted in 2 epochal genocides unmatched

    a century ago — Stalin’s purges/Mao’s “cultural

    revolution” — which did nothing but concentrate power

    in a supertyrant/despot, destroying each society’s

    social progress/aspirations. USSR disintegrated

    via economic collapse in 1991, & Red China has

    incorporated capitalism to shore up its economy.

    Communism as precept never fulfilled itself in reality.

    Everybody’s equal via the American Dream, rooted

    firmly in antiquity via Scripture. We are reminded

    via Matthew/Isaiah, & via Francis of Assisi/Erasmus

    of our Social Gospel. Alms-giving/Divine Grace a

    la King David/Jerusalem 1000 B.C.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Terry Shima/discouragement a part of life [“if it ain’t about 442, forget it!”]

    Hi Ted: It’s sad that Terry Shima chose not to go public w/Terry’s experiences w/Uncle

    Jesse. I propagated Terry’s anecdote on Jesse before Terry pulled back on it. So goes the

    untold legacy of Jesse Shima. Terry is a Laupahoehoe buddahead who was WWII

    conscript/then to Georgetown, & to foreign service. Terry’s 442 “JAVA” story is an

    “oracle” all its own, but my focus solely is on Jesse, whose crossroad in history is unmatched.

    You being Christian, it’s about the fullness of time. My theme [if one dabbles in Scripture]

    is everybody’s equal, which Jesse’s life personifies. Ted, you’re the very one who extolled

    about the legacy of River St. Church. Your okasan attended it, Dan Inouye’s okasan

    met Dan’s otosan there, & “the rest is history,” so to speak. My upshot on you militant

    buddaheads [unlike on shin Issei Jesse Shima] is that in being born 1920/thereafter, your

    outfit was able to graduate from high school [thanks to DPI egalitarian Oren Long post-

    1934], unlike my otosan’s generation [my otosan born 1913/Wainaku mill villager/plantation

    kids stopped at the 8th grade]. Your high school diploma set your gang on its audacious

    run into history [442/GI Bill/Statehood/extraordinary leadership-mentorship]. My heart

    rests w/the generation that had it much harder, my otosan’s gang. In this sense, you/I

    are a world apart. But we can agree to disagree, still the same. Your nemesis, –Curtis

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    From: Ted Tsukiyama
    Subject: Ted Tsukiyama’s upshot of Jesse Shima


    How did you know about the River Street Church? The tentacles of your historic research reach out farther than I have ever credited you with!
    Yes, I have just finished a Church History for the forthcoming 120th Anniversary of Harris United Methodist Church, to be observed this coming July 13, 2008.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Curtis Narimatsu
    Subject: Ted Tsukiyama’s upshot of Jesse Shima

    From: Ted Tsukiyama
    Subject: Great historian Ted Tsukiyama on Jesse Shima 1901-2002


    Yes, the article in the Hawaii Pacific Press first was published in the Hawaii Herald. Jesse Shima was one of the easiest subjects to write about, with an unbelievable remarkable story. They threw away the mold after Jesse Shima left us; they don’t make any like him any more.

    What Church story are you referring to? [the history of the River St. Church — your mom/Dan Inouye/etc.]

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Curtis Narimatsu
    Subject: Great historian Ted Tsukiyama on Jesse Shima 1901-2002

    Hi Ted: Isn’t the Hawaii Herald article the same one that was in the Hawaii Pacific Press?

    Will you mail me the story of today’s Harris Methodist Church? Thanks, –Curt


    From: Ted Tsukiyama
    Subject: Nephew Terry Shima on Jesse Shima 1901-2002


    Thanks for sharing another facet in the life of a truly great humanitarian. Jesse Shima stands high in my pantheon of heroes. Did you read my story on Jesse Shima that was published in the Hawaii Herald a few years ago?


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    From our 442nd Bulletin: [Paul Bunyan-esque to

    AJA soldiers] “Col. James M. Hanley didn’t think

    ‘Jap-American’ in his hometown paper was funny.

    It demeaned the combat-hardened GIs he was

    commanding in the south of France. His GIs were

    the most decorated soldiers in history — 18,143

    times individually. His men were the 442nd

    Regimental Combat Team [RCT]. They were

    born Americans, sons of immigrants who were not

    able to be U.S. citizens [until after 1952 INS Act

    amendments]. They were led by men not of their

    heritage [unlike the 100th Batt. conscripts who were

    led by their buddahead ROTC officers], like Irishman

    Hanley. The Irish, and the American in Hanley,

    offended him when he read his paper’s editorial —

    ‘there are some good Jap-Americans in this country’

    but it didn’t say where they were buried [the only

    good Jap is a dead Jap]. Col. Hanley wrote back

    to his hometown paper & said, ‘You, the Hood River

    Legion Post, Hearst, & a few others, make me

    wonder just what we here in Europe are fighting for —

    I hope it isn’t racial prejudice! I recount the heroism

    of my men of Japanese ancestry, born on American

    soil, red-blooded Yankees as you’ll ever see, who

    follow my orders to fight, & I marvel that they fight

    at all, in light of what you say!! Come over here,

    Charlie [editor], I’ll show you where some good

    Japanese-Americans are buried.’ Col. Hanley knew

    that editor Charlie’s son-in-law, a stout-hearted

    Marine, was killed at Guadalcanal, & dismissed Charlie’s

    editorial as racist. He loved Charlie, but he loved more

    his men who fought to their last breath. His ‘dear

    Charlie’ note made the pages of many U.S.

    newspapers, including Charlie’s, but many more

    wounds, deaths, & medals were still to come. After

    Col. Hanley died, Dan Inouye renditioned a

    heartstopper farewell to his superior, testimony to

    Col. Hanley’s leadership, sensitivity, & wisdom.”

    In this same current Bulletin, Bert Nishimura

    chastens, “We, the men of the 442nd, contributed

    to what has developed, a more inclusive America.

    Many say that President Obama is our Nation’s first

    Black President. I wonder about this — he is both

    Black & White. Much as our 442nd President Willy

    Thompson is both Scot and Japanese. The point is,

    it DOESN’T matter. Willy was elected and re-elected

    because he does a great job! One more point,

    the outstanding officer of the 100th was Capt.

    Young Oak Kim, a Korean-American [out of L.A.].

    In the 442nd, an unwritten rule was that AJAs

    could not command a rifle company. So if you were

    a Captain, the rank of company commanders, you

    could not command a rifle company. General Eric

    Shinseki, nephew of a 442nd veteran, stood up in

    Congress & said that if were going to stay in Iraq

    we would need several hundred thousand troops.

    He got fired for this forthright honesty. We were

    proud of him then and we are proud of him today.

    To describe the 100th Batt.’s casualties, it was an

    over-sized infantry battalion with 5 infantry companies

    instead of its normal 3. But by the end of the battle

    at Mr. Cassino, the entire 1st Batt. of the 44nd had

    to be sent as replacements for the 100th. This is

    why the 100th is called the Purple Heart Batt., &

    was allowed the Presidential dispensation of retaining

    its name 100th Batt. The 44nd is the only regiment

    with a 100th Batt. — every other regiment has a

    1st Batt. By the end of the war, Kotonks, mainland

    AJAs, made up half of our 442 [originally, only 10%

    were Kotonks]. I can only guess that our mainland

    brothers believed in our great Nation — that somehow

    & sometime later our Nation’s greatness will show up

    & turn our Constitution ‘right side up!’ And they

    were right. Soon, gratefully, there will be too few

    of us who are not products of intermarriage. This

    is how it should be. I am glad to have been blessed

    with life long enough to see the inauguration of

    President Obama. I don’t mean to be political here.

    Just that his inauguration is the great defining moment

    in our Nation’s stride toward a more inclusive

    democracy.” Beautiful.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Beans” not pejorative for woman’s crotch

    Yes, Mameya lane means beans/pussy. But Beans Afook/Beans

    Iwaoka [Nikku middle camp Shinmachi, not Mameya lane/Punahoa

    St. by today’s Kam Statue] named such because they were good

    at growing stringbeans in ag class. Afook from houselots area.

    Yes, Hisakichi Hisanaga 1890-1978 lord of Mameya Lane, esp.

    along Mamo St. “Street of Life!” that runs into Punahoa St./

    Beckley lane. Hisa’s Sakada lookout stood watch at foot of

    Beckley lane. Laura Yuen Chock lived thru all this as a child,

    being tenement resident at Pete Beamer’s rentals [Mamo/

    Punahoa Sts.]. Hardly anyone owned cars in 1920s/1930s.

    Hisa not only owned a limo but had a driver/chauffeur to boot!!

    Cafe 100’s Richard Miyashiro is former Mamo St. resident. Mamo

    St. had a plethora of restaurants in the WWII era, some 7 &

    counting! All clean as a whistle, nothing to do w/Hisa’s doings.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006

    Scrub Tanaka would support Case over Mufi for U.S. Senate because

    Mufi mentored by Doc Buyers, not Scrub [who offered to advise

    informally precocious Mufi]. Still the same, Scrub would applaud

    Mufi for guts alone via Mufi’s realistic but unpopular proposal for

    tax increase [not just the rail tax].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ex-NFL lineman Rockne Freitas

    HCC administrator [now to be UH legislative liaison]Rockne Freitas’ grandpa Freitas is Hilo boy who worked

    for Parker Ranch. Rockne got perturbed when I told Rockne not to name

    Ho`olulu Park complex after Red Rocha because 1) it should be geographical

    or originally known [Ho`olulu]; 2) Red got cut from Beans Afook’s Hilo High

    hoops squad & never participated in prep sports in Hilo. Like late bloomer

    Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics [who got cut from team as sophomore],

    Red came into his own as an NCAA1 All-American/longtime NBA all-star

    & coach. I told Rockne that Rockne is in the same category as Red, since

    Rockne’s roots are in Hilo but Rockne’s fame/accomplishments are elsewhere.

    Rockne an affable chap but was stung that Red’s issue hinders immortalization.

    But gotta give Rockne his props — Rockne Luso/Portuguese pride & so devoted

    to our only homegrown NBA player/coach Red Rocha. But let’s face it, Rockne

    & ever-scheming Gerald De Mello chose an advisory committee of ass-kissers that

    rubber-stamped Rockne’s quest.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    M. Theodore Richards 1867-1948 great altruist

    Ted married Frank Atherton’s 1878-1945 older sister Mary 1869-1951. Ted’s

    son Atherton Richards 1894-1974 lost out to the 1st non-family member to

    head megalith C & C, Alex Budge. Like brother-in-law Frank [Amos Starr Cooke’s

    1810-1871 grandson] & Castle in-law Bill Westervelt 1849-1939 [married Samuel

    Northrup Castle’s 1808-1894 daughter Caroline 1858-1941], Ted Richards was

    among our greatest altruists/benefactors w/wife Mary’s Friend Peace

    Scholarship Program that bankrolled East-West exchange students. Waimea

    Kahua Ranch’s Monty Richards is Ted’s grandson. Immense compassionate

    leaders all!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Eiichi Shibusawa 1840-1931 Japan godfather capitalist/U.S. assimilationist

    At age 14, Eiichi swam out to Admiral Perry’s black ships w/knife clenched

    in teeth. Perry opened up Japan to the world. Eiichi doublebacked to make

    sure Japan received the world’s wisdom/experiences. Eiichi is known as the

    godfather of Japan industrialism/capitalism [stocks/banks/commodities/trade].

    Eiichi observed Hawai`i as the litmus test of East-West relations, & actively

    advocated Nippon assimilation to the West/America, & had Nu`uanu/Makiki

    Rev. Takie Okumura confer/discourse w/Japan’s highest officials to ensure

    Issei/immigrant assimilation in Hawai`i. When President Ulysses S. Grant

    visited Japan, Eiichi had later Olympic judo promoter Jigaro Kano 1860-1938

    demonstrate jujutsu [derived from ancient judo 1500s] to Ulysses S. Grant.

    Seishiro “Henry” Okazaki 1890-1951 invented danzan [tribute to Chinese mentor

    Wo Chong in Japan — means sandalwood mountain] jujutsu right here in

    Hilo at sensei Yoshimatsu Tanaka’s dojo corner Ponahawai/Punahoa Sts.

    [Mainichi newspaper there also] in 1907, incorporating eclectic styles/

    methods not seen in Kano’s school of martial art. Okazaki went on to

    become Jack/Bea Burns’ guru, having saved Bea/son Jim via manual

    massage childbirth [Bea paralyzed from polio]. Jim’s middle name Seishiro

    is in honor of Okazaki. Okazaki was detained WWII but released to form

    U.S. military training manual in hand-to-hand combat. Yes, our ubiquitous

    danzan school of jujutsu/jujitsu/judo germinated right here on Ponahawai

    St. [extended to Kam Ave. only in 1923]. Eiichi/Takie Okumura/Okazaki

    all central to Westernization, to refute U.S. Navy godfather Al Mahan/

    protege T.R. Roosevelt/T.R.’s protege FDR [same family] cemented notion/

    bias that Nippon/Japs were virile savages who never could be Americanized/

    assimilated to Western culture. This holy trinity [Eiichi/Takie/Seishiro] had

    as much to do w/averting wholesale internment of buddaheads WWII [Eiichi

    set the dye before his death 1931] as Big 5 godfather Frank Atherton of

    C&C/UH-Merchant St. mogul Charles Hemenway/immense morale leader

    Hung Wai Ching & Hung Wai’s subordinate Shigeo Yoshida of Hilo/FBI’s Bob

    Shivers/Police anti-spy chief Jack Burns/Army G-2 intelligence chief Wooch

    Kendall Fielder/martial law Gen. Delos Emmons/ONI intelligence chief Cecil

    Coggins/etc. Yes, confluence of internationalist policy leaders/sports

    legends [Takie started buddahead baseball/Seishiro master martial arts].

    Amazing leaders all!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Reformers not the only ones interned WWII

    Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, & unto God that which is God’s.

    Matthew 22:21. Jesus’ mantra as reformer, not revolutionary. Secular

    authority ensures civil order/stability. So the same, as w/Dem Party founder

    here Ernie Mitsuo Kuwahara 1899-1983, interned WWII. But “enemy alien”

    also snagged other U.S.-born American citizens like GOP stalwarts Sanji Abe

    1895-1982 & Thomas Sakakihara 1900-1989. Bottom line: Anyone who was

    featured in Japanese language newspapers as greeting Japan dignitaries/

    officials pre-WWII was suspect/on the spot. So it’s not true that only left-

    wingers, so to speak, were detained & interned. Other civic-minded folks

    were aliens/not Hawai`i-born & thus were ineligible to run for public office

    [inasmuch Naturalization Act prohibited Issei immigrants from becoming U.S.

    citizens until after 1952] — Japan-born leaders here incl. T.R. Saiki/Kango

    Kawasaki/Hisato Isemoto. GOP Tasaku Oka/Masayoshi Andy Yamashiro were

    the first AJA territorial representatives [both elected in 1930] but both died

    before Pearl Harbor attack. Sanji Abe was the first AJA territorial senator

    1940, & the first to be picked up/detained on 12/7/41. So sad. The first AJA

    to run for territorial office was Kaua`i Ryuichi Hamada 1922, who lost.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Rev. William “Bill” Westervelt 1849-1939

    Bill is our foremost authority on Hawaiian folklore as translated into the English

    language. Bill was born in Oberlin Ohio & got divinity degree from Oberlin College,

    which is the only top-ranked liberal arts college w/top-ranked music conservatory

    [Rev. Kwan Higuchi’s daughter Kame (Kunitomo) 1899-1989 piano virtuoso is

    Oberlin grad– legendary Hiro Higuchi is Kame’s baby brother]. Bill came to Hawai`i

    in 1899 & married Carol Castle of C & C lineage. Tongue-in-cheek laugh a century

    ago was that Bill spent the Castle fortune on preserving Hawaiian history, to the

    dismay of Merchant St. mogul Castle brothers/sibs of Carol. Bill also was greatest

    leader of Asian-Americans/immigrants, & bestowed asthmatic C & C altruist Frank Atherton

    1878-1945 w/tremendous inner fire [reprise Philippians 3:8 materialism is dung — soul is

    treasure — in service to Jesus] to amp up our multi-ethnic YMCA [Frank’s dad J. Ballard

    Atherton 1837-1903 founded our YMCA here]. Bill was huge inspiration to fellow

    YMCA acolytes Lloyd R. Killam 1887-1970/Billy Goat Smith 1883-1967/Wilcox ohana/John Young

    1902-1990 [Killam’s understudy/Hung Wai Ching’s 1905-2002 spiritual guru]. Scotman

    Young says that Bill Westervelt/Frank Atherton were the good haoles among the greedy

    haoles [other Big 5 Merchant St. moguls]. Killam/Heco angel Les Hicks from Missouri

    like Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain/Sen. John Henderson 13th Amdt. germinator. Great

    fearless haole apostles of altruism/compassion incl. Merchant St. lawyer Charles Hemenway/

    Gregg Sinclair/Art Dean/Andrew Lind/John-Frank Midkiff from Illinois, heartland of pre-WWI

    era business service orgs/Les Deacon/Tom G.S. Walker/Hilo’s Myron Isherwood — married

    Muriel Lyman of Puna/Ted Trent-Dem Party Dick’s son/ONI’s Capt. I. Mayfield/Les Dunstan/

    Gordy Bowles/Charles Loomis/Capts. Marsten & Blake. Today’s top pundits who happen

    to be haole are Dixie Kaetsu [though hearing-impaired society considers her pushy-autocratic]/

    stoic Rick Castberg [buddaheads’ messiah for Rick’s more japanee dan japanee culture-

    character-carriage-mannerisms]/unbelievably humble but brilliant Bob Dye/smoldering volcano-

    kazan Beauford John Burnett/Lingle policy pro Linda Smith [whom Lingle should adhere to]/

    me-me-me but knowledgeable nonetheless Ian Birnie/understated politico Ken Hupp/ubiquitous

    Dan Boylan/history sleuth Tom Coffman/St. John incarnate Bob Crudele/hermitage Steve

    Christensen/soulful Don Chapman/measured Bill O’Rear/Souza familia’s Vicki Freitas. Ningen

    samazama — everybody’s different — variety is the spice of life. All amazing/historic figures

    among us.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Indignity as test

    Being ignored/isolated/snubbed are tests of faith in oneself. Because skin

    color is the visceral gauge for acceptance by the majority race, Blacks have

    it hardest Stateside, & Whites have it hardest in Hawai`i. The sole constant

    thru the vicissitudes of life is faith in oneself. For me, love for history is

    everything. Not the sugar-coated social climber history of the 442

    hubris-makers, but the real deal facts. The 442 65th anniversary [1943

    enlistment] booklet is given to silent disciple Denise Takashima [whose

    employer Territorial Savings gave mementos at an earlier/another Elks fete

    for the 442], & Denise evokes kansha/gratitude straight from her heart

    [as Billy Kenoi phrases such authenticity — no bells/whistles/rockets] —

    Denise is overcome by the separate Midweek photo w/442 State

    prexy Uncle Willy Thompson backdropped by the wall of honor’s KIAs.

    Now, hombres, this is providential rapture — Denise gets the point —

    as you often find in life, it’s what’s behind the frontage that

    counts. Pono/chugi/heart-stopper gratitude.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    I know that youngster Kevin Jakahi born 1968 deifies Les Murakami via Kevin’s Trib

    columns. Imprint via Les governs Kevin’s outlook. If Kevin had more of a historical

    bent, I’m sure that Kevin would see the flaws as well as the virtues of coach Les.

    Les is like the wind — blowing whichever way suits Les for the moment. Not a

    noble virtue. Kevin’s leukemia which nearly killed Kevin brings us all to our feet to

    encourage Kevin in Kevin’s pursuits. God speed.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    D.C. wayfinder Jesse Shima 1901-2002 [reincarnation of alter ego John Henderson]

    Pi`ihonua’s Henry Shimabukuro’s [Henry born 1931] dad’s brother Jesse Shima[bukuro]

    is our untold hero, way more impact than Mike “Moses” Masaoka 1915-1990, who only

    facilitated our Issei naturalization 1952. Jesse was our Nikkei enabler to upward mobility

    via the inspiration of his Henderson family in D.C. Sen. Henderson 1826-1913 was

    the son of white sharecroppers from the South, & when his parents died in 1836,

    he was made an indentured servant of a White master. He escaped such bondage &

    went out on his own, making big money off land speculation. He served in the Civil War

    & became a U.S. Senator, where he picked up where President Lincoln left off, by passing

    the 13th Amdt. which outlawed slavery [President Lincoln allowed border slavery to win

    re-election 1864]. Having been a slave himself, John Henderson knew what human cargo

    was all about. A firm abolitionist, he became known as among our greatest statesmen/

    humanitarians. He also prevented the politically-motivated impeachment of President

    Andrew Johnson. JFK invoked his memory a century later in extolling him as among the

    great men of history. Jesse was adopted into his family a decade after John’s death,

    being that Jesse/John virtually were clones of each other in their orphan status. Which is

    why John’s wife/son left Jesse their estate. Henderson Castle was a landmark in the heart

    of D.C. [today’s Meridian Park].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Takie Okumura inspired by missionary Henry Martyn

    Cambridge grad Henry Martyn renounced all honor & position & sailed to India as a Christian missionary,

    where he died in his devotion, heroism, and unselfish service to God/humanity/others. So inspired by

    Martyn was Doshisha U. theology seminary pupil Okumura that Okumura decided to do the same when

    sempai Jiro Okabe appealed for volunteers to Hawai`i. On the same boat to Hawai`i was Sadanosuke

    Hata, later known for his Hilo S. Hata import store chain. Jiro Okabe came to Hilo in 1880

    to open the 1st buddahead Christian church in the Sandwhich Islands. Okabe moved to

    Honolulu in 1892 & was replaced by Takie in 1894. Takie couldn’t understand the creole

    Nippon language here spoken by the Nisei/children of immigrants [“Mama hanahana yo

    konani” — mama is working & can’t come to church], so he started up a Nihon gakko

    japanese language school. Of course, there was an English language class too.

    Ironically, Buddhist Yemyo Imamura’s own language school conflicted/rivalled Consul

    General Miki Saito’s language school opened by Takie, & Japan officials thereafter

    gave Imamura the cold shoulder.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Scrub Tanaka was for new faces

    Scrub backed Case over Akaka 2006 — never mind Case’s impatience — Scrub wanted

    fresh faces. Scrub backed Yamashiro over Lorraine Inouye 1992. Scrub was not the

    ILWU’s pal. Scrub felt Lorraine was inept to continue as mayor [remember, Scrub was

    male chauvinist]. Nonpartisan races benefit GOP idealogues who don’t declare their

    party brand. Scrub would support Stacy Higa for mayor 2008 only because Scrub

    couldn’t stomach Lorraine Inouye, & Scrub decried Harry Kim’s GOP label 2000 —

    vicariously, Scrub decries Kim boy Kenoi. Actually, Lorraine Inouye doesn’t even

    acknowledge Scrub — that’s how chauvinist Scrub is in Lorraine’s eyes. Scrub

    couldn’t stand Ariyoshi’s panty-ass character, which is why Ariyoshi sucked up to

    incessant self-promoter Mehau. Scrub was relieved that Lingle beat Hirono 2002,

    inasmuch it affirmed Scrub’s belief that the Dems self-destructed, especially w/

    vamp suckers like Gerald De Mello/Butch Castro. Which is why Scrub wanted

    Case to wipe out barnacles De Mello/Castro. Scrub didn’t back Dods, but felt

    that Dods’ money clout could beat Lingle 2006.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Lube job Portagee [Gerald De Mello born 1943/Hilo High ’61/UH Masters ’67]

    I was happy to see Stanley Hara enshrined in last nite’s

    UH-Hilo Hall of Fame [distinguished alumni/service awardees].

    Sadly, Gerald/Tseng don’t like posthumous. Which means that

    forgotten Scrub Tanaka still is omitted from this heretofore notorious/

    murderers’ row lineup. Even in death, Gerald is obsessed w/snuffing

    out Scrub’s name from history. And yet Gerald picked dead/gone

    faladoo noisebox Eddie De Mello! Do you know that Gerald is Jerry

    Chang’s bosom buddy/crony & veritably tents at Jerry’s legislative

    offices when Gerald is on O`ahu? No problem, except that do-nothing

    solon Jerry is on Gerald’s “I’m IT” list sans Scrub [who triggered UH-Hilo

    expansion w/Burns]. Yes, chumquat Chang was past enshrinee via

    Gerald. Whoa, here I come upon my Pauka`a childhood/lifelong neighbor

    Laura Figueira, who happens to be Bobby Bunda’s gofer.

    Gerald, if you gonna pick a Portagee, why not Paul De Silva, for Christ

    sake, who was there last nite, unenshrined, who headed our Dem Party

    & fought for UH-Hilo expansion, who had everything to do w/UH-Hilo’s

    legal eagles, who utterly respects your peer Rick Castberg, & who didn’t

    forget about Scrub Tanaka?!! Laura Figueira?? Okay, I appreciate

    your picking Leonard De Cambra [repair shop], but at least he kept things

    running well! Bobby Bunda’s girl? Come on, Gerald?? The “whack me

    baby” HoFame list also includes love thyself Yukio Takeya/love thyself

    Filipino style Quirino Antonio/my dearest cousin Chiyono Kinoshita

    [provost secretary]/& Kulani jailer Peter MacDonald.

    Pazienza/pazienza vs. uno telmoso/obstinado Gerald De Mello.

    Consuelo, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sempai — respect for elder

    Statehood Joe Farrington 1897-1954 idolized Robert Taft 1889-1953.

    Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 idolized Farrington. Ted Tsukiyama born

    1920 idolizes Hung Wai. KingLit Ching born 1936 idolizes Ted.

    Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 idolized Jack Burns 1909-1975. Isamu

    Kanekuni born 1921 idolizes Scrub.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gunboat diplomacy — Korean War up to now

    Bobby Command puts it best when Bobby says that “Imperial Japan did not

    want to invade Hawai`i/West Coast — it was a napkin plan that never went

    beyond that. Imperial Japan’s militarism in the 1920s/1930s was that its

    misguided warrior class felt that Japan had as much right to the riches of

    East Asia as the Americans, British, & Dutch did — & when you think about

    it objectively, they had a valid argument. It certainly made it easy to veil this

    in the ‘Asia for Asians’ excuse.” Gunboat diplomacy [imperialism/

    colonialism] begets more violence.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Refrigeration man Harry Nishimura 1908-1998

    Geography/job influence one’s destiny. Harry exemplifies the American

    Dream [coined 1931 amid the Great Depression], immigrants’ son who

    was enabled by magnanimous VHY employer/Doc Hill/beneficent

    malihini, & whose daughter is loving/authenticly honest Merle Lam

    born 1941/’59 Hilo High grad. Harry was GOP via his vocation,

    still prevalent today. Pat Saiki was GOP via her dad’s Davies

    job, just as Merle Lam helped w/Doc Hill’s campaign. Pat worked

    for GOP Toshi Ansai 1908-1990, who worked for GOP Baldwin.

    “Haole go home” vitriol a misnomer. Buddaheads’ detractors

    were none other than the Heens/Trasks of nearly a century

    ago, just as we see w/progeny Walt/Haunani today. On O`ahu

    our guardian angel was oyabun/Merchant St. godfather

    Frank Atherton 1878-1945 who enabled later leaders

    Frank Atherton Chong/Masayuki Tokioka/Hung Wai Ching/

    Koji Ariyoshi to emerge [Koji, no relation to George].

    Harry/Merle always are grateful to their kazoku/family

    friends/associates. Kansha.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002

    From: Tom Coffman
    Subject: Hung Wai Ching — JANM

    Dear Curtis and all fans of Hung Wai Ching and Shigeo Yoshida,

    Please help spread the word in Los Angeles that Japanese American National Museum is showing “First Battle” on Saturday Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. in their theater.


    I have been concentrating on other things and haven’t done what I should have to spread the word. Dr. Dick Kosaki, Mildred and I will be there (thanks to Hawaiian Airlines) to talk story.

    Tom Coffman

    808 247 8181

    —–Original Message—–
    Subject: Curtis Narimatsu on Hung Wai Ching — modern Hawaii’s greatest historymaker

    From: KingLit Ching
    To: Children
    Subject: Hung Wai Ching

    Curtis Narimatsu of Hilo, Hawaii, is one of Hawaii’s most unique historians/geographers. Curtis has enabled me to understand what HW meant to the Hawaii AJAs (and Mainland AJAs) in its broadest, historical context and, as a consequence, HW’s greatness as a visionary, a Christian and a humanitarian. There is no one who truly understands HW’s contributions and motives better than Curtis. I am both grateful for and humbled by Curtis’ efforts to enlighten me. Curtis is referring below to “The First Battle” DVD on the Varsity Victory Volunteers (VVV’s) formed by HW who were the forerunners of the 100th/442nd (you all have seen this DVD). Dad

    Hung Wai Ching’s legacy [100th/VVV/442nd/Statehood/Asia prosperity]

    1. Thank you, KL! Great DVD! Uncle Willy Thompson has Hung Wai’s speech

    video when the VVV honored him years ago. Hung Wai had irrepressible pizzaz!! He

    had his boys in stitches when he said that the best part of the gala event was the cocktail

    opener! What a people-person! Uncle Willy, like all the 100th/442nd boys, worships this

    remarkable Chinaman! When Jesus said let us drink by the water, Hung Wai took that to

    affirm the cocktail hour! :-) [Hilo’s Willy Okino Thompson is State 442 prexy]

    2. Hung Wai’s UH mentor Charles Hemenway knew that Charles’ finest protege/understudy

    Hung Wai was best suited as intermediary between military-law enforcement/civilian

    authorities, & sole civilian advisor to military Hemenway had FBI’s beneficent Bob Shivers

    handpick Hung Wai to lead the pre-WWII Council for Interracial Unity. After the Pearl

    Harbor attack, Shivers had Hung Wai lead the Morale Committee as the key link between

    military/civilian authorities. Irrefutably, Hung Wai had the people skills/persuasive-

    disarming-charmingly infectious personality to move mountains in a blink/wink of an eye.

    Hung Wai had the complete backing of Merchant St. boss Frank Atherton [Big 5 godfather],

    who adored/respected Hung Wai. As you know, Atherton’s Castle & Cooke ohana

    enabled Chinese upward mobility & supported Hawai`i-bred Sun Yat Sen, father of modern

    China. Charles Hemenway was nearly Atherton’s equal as Big 5 oligarch, though

    Hemenway is regarded as the template/genesis of UH Manoa. Hemenway’s only son died

    tragically, & Hemenway took in Hung Wai & Shigeo Yoshida as Hemenway’s spiritual sons.

    3. Yes, Shigeo Yoshida Hilo High grad/prodigy is our greatest buddahead historymaker [averted

    buddahead mass internment], but Hung Wai Ching is our greatest AJA enabler, way more

    impact than Yoshida [Hung Wai is genesis of 100th/VVV/442nd/Statehood culmination]. Not only

    in public altruism, but also in personal beneficence. Hung Wai is the auspicious sugar

    daddy to innumerable suffering souls, among them his 100th boys, for whom he secured

    their Ala Wai club facility. Name any local joe/jane — in some sense, he/she has been

    bestowed w/grace/generosity by Hung Wai. That’s why Hung Wai, a bigtime baron in

    his era, died broke-okole — he gave it/others his all — he gave away everything he

    had. Unlike his rich peers/hoarded wealth/Christian miserliness–WASP austerity, Hung

    Wai was the complete opposite — a Jesus sans robe/donkey/cane. Look at Hung Wai’s

    baby brother Hung Wo Ching [Hung Wai 1905-2002][Hung Wo 1912-1996], millionaire

    investor/power broker [Dem godfather Jack Burns’ financier] — Hung Wo’s name

    immediately flashes owner Aloha Airlines [Kukuihaele’s Ruddy Tongg, Mike’s dad, was

    the original owner] — Hung Wo’s name stirs awe — whilst Hung Wai’s name is relegated

    to the dustbin of forgotten social/political history. But yet Hung Wo’s legacy falls

    far short of Hung Wai’s incomparable feats/historymaking events. Minor vs. major

    in impact/results. Japan/China trust us because of Hung Wai [restored faith

    that America is not condescending vs. Asians — LBJ/Sam Rayburn (Congress bosses)

    always thanked AJAs for the rescue of Texans LBJ/Rayburn’s Alamo lost battalion.

    President Truman opened up the colorblind military as a result of unity of service by

    diverse ethnicities (Negroes/Asians/Latinos/etc.)]. East Asian prosperity today is a

    direct result of Hung Wai Ching’s uplifting of down & out buddaheads here. Love, –Curtis

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Akiko’s Buddhist Bed & Breakfast

    Akiko Masuda’s beautiful hideaway nestled deep in idyllic rural plantation

    village Wai Lea some 14 miles north of Hilo along the rustic/verdant green King Sugar

    Cane heritage corridor is a transcendent out-of-body experience. Metaphysical aura re:

    country abode. Purely for the soul — healing/restorative/transformational. Magnanimous

    Akiko Masuda so indulgent/open-armed/loving to the touch. Go there, gang. You’ll

    be nurtured w/spirituality & comfort. Just google Akiko’s Buddhist Bed and Breakfast to

    make reservations. Nothing touristy about this shangri la. It’s the real deal/authentic.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Standard of living via economic systems

    Unquestionably, mixed capitalism [gov’t regs to modulate flow of currency-

    capital] as we see in U.S. results in the greatest standard of living/quality

    of life worldwide/historically. As we also see, laissez faire [as in non-

    interference w/investment bankers 1996-2008] w/out oversight-risk

    mgmt. results in disastrous non-enforcement of customary/prudent

    industry standards. Yes, economic doctrines are cyclical, see-sawing

    b/n laissez faire Milton Friedman/Al Greenspan & checks-balances guru

    Paul Krugman/forebearer Paul Samuelson. All Jewish, Samuelson born

    1915 won Nobel Prize 1970 [2nd yr. of award starting 1969], Friedman

    1912-2006 won Nobel Prize 1976, & Krugman [NYTimes columnist-scholar]

    won Nobel Prize 2008. Greenspan born 1926 has been dissed by Krugman

    for ignoring the subprime mortgage debacle. Krugman is all for Obama’s

    WPA/CCC stimulus a la FDR — proactive gov’t involvement/restoration.

    Krugman for welfare state/social democracy a la old Europe w/vast safety

    nets to avert underclass abject impoverishment.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Open-minded empirical Franklin Odo born 1939

    Our youngest 442 boys [born 1920-1924] moralize/judgmental/

    impudent [possess high school diplomas, unlike those born before

    1920]. Which is why they forget about our greatest AJA scholar/

    historian Franklin Odo — they love themselves too much. If they’d

    spend a little time opening up to other facets of life, instead of just

    their deserved 442 exploits, they’d be better for it. And yet they even

    gave silent disciple/fellow 442 John Tsukano a hard time, skeptical of

    his motives — John wrote the best book/chronicle of his fellow 442

    boys — Bridge of Love. Hubris, baby.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Symbolism of life

    When I see sweetheart classmate Helie Koehnen Rock do her daily stroll down

    to Honoli`i, there is this awesome glow about her. She can thank Obama’s

    legitimizing haole inspiration via Toot Madelyn Dunham 1922-2008/mama Ann

    1943-1995/Pops Stan 1920-1992. Like how haoles caress Haw’ns, haoles have

    made it/are accepted by non-Haw’ns, esp. Asian ancestry-Puerto Ricans-Luso.

    Huge momentous shift/confidence builder for haoles re: non-Haw’ns. Esp. w/malihinis,

    but also for generational kama’aina like angel heart Helie. Yes, Obama

    has really brought us all together, white/brown/yellow alike. I love KingLit

    Ching born 1936 to no end. But sadly, KL carries his chip on his shoulder that

    Hawai`i is just as racist as Stateside America. Not true. Our bigotry is not

    over race, but culture aka culture war — kama’aina local vs. malihini outsiders

    [generally haole transplants]. Yes, also class warfare [local disenfranchised

    vs. mobile/glib outsiders]. Home rule. Culture also incl. middle class, which

    feels threatened by outside intelligent beings. It actually also denotes upper

    class, such as local staid patricians getting upended by outsiders like Rudy

    Peterson/Henry J. Kaiser [whom kama’aina shipyard builder Walt Dillingham

    detested — irony is that Walt recruited Peterson in banking coup d’ etat,

    whilst fighting out of jealousy vs. Kaiser]. Huge weight lifted off haoles’

    backs by Obama as President — haoles have come of age — not racist

    at heart!! Magnificent!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mickey Marcus — you won’t believe your eyes!

    Judaic name David Daniel Marcus 1901-1948, our Hilo Provost Marshal WWII was

    known as Mickey Marcus. Mickey is West Point grad 1924 out of lower east side

    Manhattan, parents Mordecai/Leah from Romania. Mickey not lawyer, but served

    under famed Hawai`i martial law governor Gen. Delos Emmons [airpower brilliance

    credited w/war-turning Battle of Midway June 1942], & was Hilo’s provost marshal

    when young punk Isamu Kanekuni violated curfew [stayed in movie theater past

    6 pm curfew]. Yes, Kanekuni faced Marcus & got thumped accordingly. So what does

    Marcus do during war tour? In 1947 David Ben Gurion beseeches Marcus to

    lead the new State of Israel. Marcus becomes Israel’s 1st General & is topped

    as the greatest Machal [Jewish for outside volunteer]. Ben Gurion calls Marcus

    “the greatest Machal we ever had!” Marcus sadly is killed in 1948, & is

    the only U.S. Military Academy cemetery figure buried under the flag of another

    country, Israel. His epitaph is “Soldier for all Humanity.” Tel Aviv rituals/sts.

    named after him. So what did Marcus do before he convicted Kanekuni? For

    starters, he was U.S. Atty who reined in Mafia like Lucky Luciano, & was picked

    as top prison boss by NY mayor La Guardia. What does Marcus do after he

    convicts Kanekuni? Just leads the Battle of Normandy [sigh]. What does Marcus

    do after Normandy? Heads the war crimes division for other non-law school guy

    Robert Jackson re Nuremberg vs. Nazi war criminals. What happens after Marcus

    is killed? Fellow Jew Kirk Douglas [like Jew John Garfield] stars as Mickey Marcus

    in blockbuster movie Cast a Giant Shadow w/all-star cast incl. John Wayne/

    Yul Brynner. Yes, Mickey Marcus, Hilo’s provost marshal who licked punk Kanekuni.

    So when Kanekuni punctuates on Watada, “caught b/n the devil & the deep blue sea,

    all former combat veterans ask ‘what’s da matta w/da guy?'” Kanekuni actually was

    a maverick like Ehren Watada, choosing to watch the end of a movie [curfew

    violation, face up Marcus in court], da hell w/Marcus! Yes, Kanekuni stayed in

    the movie theater for the next 25 yrs. to watch Cast a Giant Shadow. Had Kanekuni

    been under the spell of Ft. St. Lady of Peace Cathedral’s Bill Kim 1910-1996 [442

    Tsune Maruo’s hero–Tsune top 10 pro boxer], Marcus needn’t have had to

    sh_tcan defiant Kanekuni [later 442 boy]. 442 chaplains Hiro Higuchi of Lincoln

    Park 1907-1981 & Masao Chicken Yamada 1907-1984 later calmed down furyoshonen

    like Kanekuni. One thing Kanekuni doesn’t like is to lose/maketa. Katta gumi/winning

    is everything. Thence the 442 legacy. Hilo Lyman/”YMCA’s” John Beukema 1899-

    1984/businessman Doc Hill 1890-1970 kept kids like Norm Tsuji 1924-2005 busy.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Actually, mesmerizing/wondrous contradiction. Franklin Odo steeped

    in tradition, yet open to diverse points of view. The Old regales

    conservative piety/duty to tradition. The New promotes radical

    transformation/discard of the past. For Franklin born 1939, no

    duality [Old vs. New] exists. Both are a continuum along the

    same path — to a better life for us all. Thence, Franklin at

    this moment evokes oldtime folk songs lost to history [like holehole

    bushi], & switches simultaneously to anti-war protest tunes belted

    out in identical folk rhythm.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Altruism/inner strength — for Hung Wai Ching, Matthew 5/Isaiah 58

    Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 cannot be pegged at any point along

    the political spectrum. Matthew 5: Blessed are the meek/

    downtrodden, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Isaiah 58:

    To free the oppressed/shelter the homeless/feed the hungry/

    clothe the naked. These precepts are what Hung Wai lived by.

    Hung Wai is wrongly marked as a commie-lover. Hung Wai aided

    hard-scrabble Kona boy Koji Ariyoshi 1914-1976 before Koji

    discovered Communism, & thereafter Hung Wai encouraged Koji

    to free the workingman/laborer of the yoke of oppression. Koji’s

    sponsor Frank Atherton 1878-1945 died before Koji came home post-

    WWII to root for the little guy, but even Frank would’ve concluded

    that Koji’s enablement was good for us all, because unconventional

    Koji adhered to Frank’s Biblical creed, even though Koji was an

    avowed atheist. Which shows that Koji’s alter ego Hung Wai/sponsor

    Frank never influenced/brainwashed Koji to be someone other than

    who Koji was — a free man in America!! I see Hung Wai’s

    egalitarianism/tolerance across the board in his kids KingLit/Sai Lit/

    SuSun, & in AJA exemplar Dr. Franklin Odo. KingLit chose Scripture

    over his uncle Hung Wo Ching’s [1912-1996] self-laudatory pride/

    egomania so infectious in society [social climber/status-tripper

    mentality]. Give credit to Hung Wai — a disarming man of immense

    compassion/tolerance/love for all. BTW, for anyone who says that

    Hung Wai was a commie-lover, interrogate Masato Doi born 1920,

    whom Hung Wai ass-kicked [almost out at Masato’s helmsmanship

    of 442 Club as prexy] for being on the same radio talk show

    [accidentally] as accused Red Laborist Jack Hall.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kewalo mob 1940s [kamikaze/fighters Muroda/Amioka]

    Kewalo’s Jap mob was led by former pro KO flyweight Tiny Tommy Muroda,

    who himself was ingloriously slain for doing a good deed [escorted his employee

    waitress from work, she feared her enraged boyfriend]. Tiny & former pro KO

    flyweight Tiger Amioka [Shiro’s brother] recruited pissed-off [court-martialed]

    Haru Henry Oshiro [former boxing titlist 1941] to muscle from Kaka`ako to Waikiki.

    Thankfully, Henry got out of the mob before Henry would be faced w/contract killing

    as hitman. Gambling/prostitution were Tiny’s revenue, & Police Chief Gabrielson

    resigned over vice furor [Gabrielson on the take/paradox is that Gabe was brought

    in from Berkeley Ca. to clean up corruption via police commission system]. Jack

    Burns was a virtuous/clean cop whom the Jap mob moguls feared/respected.

    Henry jumped in after Burns resigned [vs. Gabrielson’s capricious behavior]. Henry’s

    Luger/muscle kept the Japs in control over the waterfront from Kaka`ako to Waikiki.

    When Henry left Tiny’s gang on good terms, Henry went on to a successful real

    estate career, enabling his native Okinawans free passage to the U.S. a la Jesse

    Shima. Dan Inouye & Richard Pablo Chinen got Henry’s court martial reversed in 1978.

    In Henry Inouye saw himself w/indomitable fighting heart/spirit. Pablo Chinen ranks

    among Hawai`i’s greatest-ever boxers & was Moe’s childhood buddy all the way thru

    [from Camp 6 Waiakea-Uka to Pablo’s dying day — Pablo French medal of bravery

    WWII]. Sumio Nakashima is Honoka’a native/’41 grad; UH business major/442 MIS/

    GW law grad. Sumio is life of the party/raconteur. He/classmate Nel Doi

    are night/day, Doi ever truculent/insolent. Sumio born 1922 like Nel Doi, is Timber

    Nakashima’s baby brother. Pa`ahau’s Masato Doi/Kaua`i’s Herman Doi no relation

    to each other/Nel. Why do I praise Scrub Tanaka? Because when Nihon Gakko

    sensei Masa Yoshinaga presented Scrub we/Orei [money as appreciation] for

    saving Waiakea Camp 2 villagers from Richard Jitchaku’s development/plunder,

    Scrub exhorted, “What’s this for?” Sensei said all politicians accept “gifts,” to

    which Scrub said, “not me!” Scrub thanked Masa for the offer but declined

    such “bribe.” That’s why Scrub is my leading altruist. He acted from his heart,

    not his wallet. Foul-mouthed & all notwithstanding. Love, –Curt

    Subject: D.C. gang
    From: Franklin Odo

    Hey Curtis,

    I still think you could write a really interesting account of the folks you and

    your family knew – an account where you just lay stuff out? So much of this

    is not known to folks who think they know the stories! [–Franklin Odo]


    From: Curtis Narimatsu
    Subject: D.C. gang

    Yes, Shigeto Kanemoto 1924-1970 [Jesse Shima’s devotee] was Henry Oshiro’s

    [born 1920/Hon.Advertiser Sandra Oshiro’s dad] CO who lent Henry Shig’s .45 pistol

    when Henry went on R&R [to protect himself from Mussolini’s fascists] [prior 442

    R&R soldier killed by Mussolini’s thugs], which resulted in Henry’s court martial by

    Col. Virgil Miller [non-officers not issued sidearms]. Henry was called “Ice” because

    of his composure under pressure on the firing line/frontline [Bronze Star]. Known

    as “Moe” by his bosom buddy Richard “Pablo” Chinen 1919-1991, “Moe” is my hero

    [boxing guru/grassroot guy/amazing history — muscle for Kewalo mob/etc.–

    Moe is the one who got Korean boxer Seiji Naya adopted by oyabun Earl Finch,

    & yet hi maka maka/imperious Seiji promptly forgot about Henry Oshiro].

    Shigeto Kanemoto was an original Jack Burns genesis Dem [Burns’ City Hall Civil

    Defense basement office “cell gang”], & among Burns’ staunchest backers [but

    died young cancer]. Takaichi Miyamoto pushed for Sparky Matsunaga to be

    deputy prosecutor out of law school, Dan Aoki/Mike Tokunaga pushed for

    Shigeto — Shigeto got the job, which pissed off Sparky [Sparky not a Burns

    impudent Dem; Sparky 1916-1990]. Haole law firms refused to hire up/comer

    Japs, so only gov’t jobs open. Yes, Sam Nakashima is our Sumio Nakashima

    born 1922, Honoka’a Timber Nakashima’s 1920-2008 brother. Sumio is my

    alltime color guy/magical personality, great orator/idealistic dreamer/hopeless

    romantic/Don Quixote windmiller. I love Sumio to no end. Sumio/Al Shim/

    George Holt/John Desha/imperious Katsugo Miho born 1922/John Ushijima

    1924-2007/Don Ching all D.C. GW law grads. GOP Kats [older brother is Dem

    Katsuro Miho born 1912] says that peer Dan Inouye privately met w/Burns in D.C.,

    leaving out Ushijima/Miho. D.C.’s 1970s gang incl. Mazie Hirono/Ed Case/

    Mufi. Its 1980s gang incl. Billy Kenoi/Kaloa Robinson.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jacob [thief] transformation to Israel [serve God]

    Jacob stole brother Esau’s birthright, but transformed to serve God —

    thence his new name Israel. Scrub Tanaka dismissed Lorraine Inouye

    as a dimwit [Scrub a male chauvinist], & Scrub openly supported Elroy

    Osorio vs. her for mayor 1990, the only time Scrub backed a GOP

    [except for switcher Herkes]. Elroy gloats about Scrub’s turncoat vs.

    Inouye, but little does Elroy know that Scrub advocated Aaron Chung’s

    defeat of Elroy 1996. Analogously, Scrub went forward from petty

    [vs. Inouye] to righteous [for Chung over Osorio]. Both Schatz/

    Annelle Amaral vying for Dem Party Chair are good for our Dems.

    Both are adept, but Amaral wants to infuse local influence into

    Dem leadership [w/Obama’s outsider surge of members].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Japan gender equity

    Because the U.S. is a young country w/ideals of rugged individualism, we tolerate

    a wee bit better gender equity [everybody’s equal]. Japan’s male chauvinism is

    deep-seated [ole’ boys network]. But Japan’s parliamentary system [ruling party

    picks P.M.] of representative democracy [not participatory/direct like U.S.]

    provides greater chance of a female national leader, as we see w/Thatcher &

    Meier. Scrub Tanaka was enigmatic, espousing Jeffersonian ideals but rearing

    back to Oriental gender beliefs. Of course, Japan’s leaders know that U.S.

    military presence ensures Japan’s national security [not to mention feed its

    economy], but Japan’s everyday people repudiate our ruffian behavior

    [especially vs. Japan’s women, who are ensconsed in chivalrous custom].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gideon incarnate Obama

    Gideon preceded Leonidas by some 400 yrs., yet Gideon’s 300 men vs. 135,000

    Midianites stand among the greatest battles of lore. Gideon was a very young

    ordinary man from an unremarkable place who was chosen by God to overcome

    tremendous odds/adversity to prove his faith in God. Gideon means mighty warrior.

    Yet bottom of social ladder Gideon was very much afraid of what people thought

    of him, & very unsure of himself. Until God commanded him to lead his Israelites

    out of bondage, & even then, Gideon still was unsure of God’s command!

    Gideon was so reluctant that he slipped out in the dead of night to bring down

    false altars as God had commanded, until the teeming masses openly supported

    his stealth. Such was the progression of incognito Gideon from “wanting to belong”

    [to a group/tribe] to great leadership [vs. the Midianites]. God commanded Gideon

    to lead all of Israel, not just his provincial tribe.

    So who was such an ordinary man who came out of back-tent Nazareth, no more

    than a speck of dust, vs. the mighty Roman Empire? Lowly carpenter Jesus, who

    made his stand at incongruous Galilee. Who is this ordinary man, bred of different

    races, of different creeds, who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama [“the noble,

    the good, the true”]? A black man in looks, who wants to belong to his Black

    people? Gideon’s chapter was written 3 millennia thence. Obama’s is being

    written as we speak. Decisions/decisions/decisions! Obama can lead us

    to the promised land [racial tolerance], or he can recede into mediocrity

    [tribal allegiance]. But such adversity is but a prelude to the true epiphany

    — war & peace/KIA. We shall see. We shall see.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Alex Hume Ford 1868-1945

    Ford’s racial pluralism garnered supporters as varied as Syngman Rhee/CK Ai [City

    Mill]/William R. Castle 1849-1935 [whose son Alfred L. Castle 1884-1972 was

    undersecretary for far eastern affairs]/Frank Atherton 1878-1945/Charles Wong/

    Hung Wai Ching/Yemyo Imamura/Iga Mori/Edwin O. Reischauer/Walter Lippmann/

    Arnold Toynbee/Takie Okamura. Today’s East-West Center/Lions Clubs are results

    of Ford, as the YMCA is a result of Frank Atherton, as the YBA is from Imamura.

    Ai/Wong were progressive Chinese a la Hung Wai Ching.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Baptist John Leland 1754-1841 — major force for separation of church & state

    John Leland was a major proponent for separation of church & state, & worked

    closely w/James Madison, the so-called father of our Constitution. Leland spoke in the

    tradition of father of modern Baptists, John Smyth 1570-1612 of England, & of

    pilgrim Roger Williams 1603-1684. Hawai`i’s Richard Uejo born 1925 is our leading

    proponent today for separation of church & state.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The fullness of time/self-actualization

    Through sheer financial/family adversity, Jack Burns rose to become the messiah for a new

    social order, levelling the field between the haves/have-nots. Jack self-actualized after a

    drunken stupor when mama Flo Burns told son Jack that she was not going to see her oldest

    child Jack become the drunken abusive man which Jack’s dad was. Jack was all of 24

    yrs. old, & reeling from his wife Bea’s polio paralysis. After mama Flo’s 3 hr. sitdown w/son

    Jack, he pledged that he would never drink again, and he never did drink again. The

    fullness of time, Jack’s self-actualization [1909-1975]. Hung Wai Ching [1905-2002], irascible

    like Jack, loved beating up quiet Jap kids, especially the tallest/biggest one he could swing at,

    in his shanty Emmaville. Hung Wai never was able to live down his thug-ass past, even after

    being mentored/molded by guardian angels John Young/Leigh Hooley, Christian men of faith.

    Hung Wai’s epiphany manifested via Matthew 5:39/41, when nurturant/forgiving Young told

    teen monster Hung Wai to turn Hung Wai’s other cheek to receive another blow, & then

    go the second mile w/the assailant to teach humility/forgiveness/agape love/divine grace/

    selfless charity. Hung Wai’s meltdown into Christian faith at an early stage of his phenomenal

    life. Needless to say, Hung Wai went on to become a pastor [U-Hi B.S. civil engineer/NY

    Union Theological Seminary/Yale Divinity M. Theo., thanks to C & C Frank Atherton].

    And the rest is history. Yes, the fullness of time.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Industrialization/growth of middle class/Midwest service orgs

    Industrialization/urbanization/move away from agrarian serfdom gave rise to

    organized labor/middle class [Chicago’s Haymarket Riot is the genesis of

    unionization]. It’s no surprise that nearly all charitable/service orgs

    emerged circa 1915, all from the Midwest/Great Lakes area [commercial

    hubs/lines]. When Steve Christensen [Nebraska] spoke of

    the Kiwanis, I told him Ha! Indian, Indiana [Kiwanis — to share] 1915!

    Yes, service orgs are the middle class answer to aristocrat philanthropy.

    The freer frontiersman spirit ennobled Midwesterners to surpass

    Easterners to unionize/fight fistchoke cabals/juntas. The Lions Club

    in Hawai`i [via Alex Hume Ford] was multi-racial, evidenced by its

    famous members Jack Burns/Ernie De Silva/Mas Katagiri/Norberto

    Villanueva/etc. Yes, race/class equalizer. Oakland emigrant Paul

    Mannen dob 1908 among Hilo’s top altruists, is the middle class counterpart

    to Oakland emigrant Laura Vestal Kennedy, who graced Hilo w/

    Lili`uokalani Park/Lincoln Park playground/Hilo Public Library Kennedy

    Annex/AJA clubhouse site across our Muni Golf Course/Hilo High

    swimming pool/etc., via her historymaker hubby Charles C. Kennedy,

    Waiakea Mill mgr./Scot immigrant w/only 4th grade schooling [Scot

    hardship-destitute]. Service orgs — amazing contributors to

    social progress. Of course, post-WWII GI Bill/Ike’s interstate

    highway system fueled the largest growth in our middle class,

    way beyond FDR’s New Deal plusses.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Big Five godfather/C&C’s Frank Atherton 1878-1945 [Hung Wai Ching’s mentor]

    1. If it weren’t for altruist Frank Atherton, we AJAs would be guerilla soldiers scaling up the

    walls of ‘Iolani Palace to take out bigots Trask/Osorio/Moani Akaka/etc. Like his dad

    Joseph Ballard Atherton 1837-1903, Frank was quiet/reserved, owing to physical frailty.

    Personally frugal, Frank saved a third of his wealth, gave a third of it away, & lived off

    the remaining third. Every month he gave money to deserving individuals & outfits,

    especially down & out students. Among these were 442nd’s Koji Ariyoshi from Kona

    [no relation to self-laudatoryGeorge].

    No question, Frank enabled Hawaiians & orgs

    just as he facilitated model minorities. Remember that Damon’s Bishop Bank turned

    down fledgling C & C’s Ewa mill loan requests. Despite Frank’s aristocratic veneer,

    he was grassroots all the way. Do you know that Hung Wai lovingly ribbed him

    as the token Pa-ke? Frank collected string & wrapping paper till they choked his

    desk, which he attributed to his early missionary training [save anything which can

    be used later]. Hung Wai’s jokester ways notwithstanding, Frank was as generous

    as the summer day is long.

    2. Walter Heen’s uncle Bill Heen prosecuted the 21 Japanese conspirators in the 1920

    Ola`a Sakamaki dynamiting case. It was Heen who stopped the Federation of

    Japanese Labor from participating in the Hawai`i Mission Centennial Celebration

    in 1920, a year before Heen went after purported ringleader Noboru Tsutsumi

    on trumped up charges. It was Walter Heen’s dad Ernest Heen who red-baited

    ILWU Dems at the 1950 Dem Party convene, & who lost resoundingly to grassroots

    leader Kanaka Johnny Wilson in the 1950 O`ahu mayor’s race. Thankfully, altruist

    Frank Atherton did not share the same enmity as some of the AJAs’ foes. Like

    oligarch/Hilo-born Farrant Turner [100th Batt. CO/godfather][born 1895 47 yrs.

    old when he led his 100th boys], Frank saw in the model minority AJAs himself in

    the mirror — the American Dream [James Adams’ 1931 motto — a social order in

    which each man and woman is recognized for what one does, regardless of the

    fortuitous occurence of birth or position].

    3. It’s no surprise that Frank led the way to avert mass internment of buddaheads

    WWII, & to give AJAs the right to fight for our country. Of course, our 100th

    boys were born 1918 or before [conscripts had to be at least 23 yrs. old;

    10/15/40 National Guard became regular Army/federalized w/impending war

    threat from Japan]. VVV Tsukiyama born 1920, most of 442nd boys born after

    progenitor Tsukiyama [but my dad born 1913; was “big bruddah” to kids Bill Thompson/

    John Ushijima both born 1924 — only 19 yrs. old in 1943]. Like I say, the punks

    born after 1920 [like Tsukiyama/Dan Inouye born 1924] do not know nor appreciate/

    recognize the utter sacrifices of patricians/haoles like Frank Atherton/civil libertarian

    Garner Anthony [whose son married monied baroness Barbara Cox]. Tsukiyama

    dismisses legal eagle/martial law terminator Garner Anthony as gatekeeper of

    Merchant St./Big 5, who ended martial law to restore haole fiefdom/overlords.

    Ridiculous — Garner Anthony’s only elite haole retainer was Campbell Estate, not

    a Big 5 member [Big 5 are missionary C&C/A&B, & non-missionary C. Brewer/Theo.

    Davies/AmFac (fka Hackfeld — impounded as German/alien property WWI)].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Crisis of Faith as victory/enlightenment, not defeat/fear

    Samurai missionary Shiro Sokabe 1865-1949 had all of his correspondence/written work burnt

    over a period of 3 days. He was very depressed/alone in his waning yrs. [no feedback/replies
    from his stepson or family], & he felt that his life’s work was worthless/ignored.
    Yes, no one can read another’s mind, but w/Sokabe, you’re hit w/the awful recognition that
    he was forgotten/unacknowledged. What sadness — in Sokabe, literateur/scholarly repute
    who lived among the teeming masses, so to speak, his written correspondence would have
    corroborated his spiritual ascent via his solitary odyssey. So tragic that his greatest quest
    went up in smoke literally, the search for Truth/Jesus.

    Pastor Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, greatest Chinese historymaker/AJA godfather Hawaiian
    Islands, is a pro-active/do-er confessor [does the confessing] whose pragmatic spirituality/
    social change — everybody’s equal/egalitarianism — present profoundly demonstrative results
    today. Look at how traditionally clannish/cunning Chinese empowered their out-of-race [other]
    immigrant rivals to upward mobility — as w/Hung Wai’s Chinese Community Church [Nu`uanu] &
    its grassroot outreach/mission — schools/hospitals/social orgs resonate thanks to benefactors from
    this tiny Nu`uanu enclave. Look at how AJAs came to power [100th-442nd/Statehood/
    Japan productivity], thanks to Hung Wai’s genesis as Atherton YMCA pastor. Yes, where
    do you find a Chinaman empowering buddaheads? Only in Hawai`i!! We serve to bear
    our brother’s/sister’s burden. Hung Wai’s life example of selfless sacrifice ranks among our
    most treasured classics of all time. Indelibly influenced by the altruism of Congregationalists
    John Young/Leigh Hooley, & mastered via Matthew/Isaiah, Hung Wai walked the walk, while
    his notably auspicious millionaire baby brother Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996 [investor/Aloha Airlines
    owner/Bishop Estate trustee] talked the talk among crony solons. Disparate spheres of
    influence. Hung Wai’s theology literally was to serve, as in works, not writs. Like Mother
    Teresa. Hung Wai’s exceptional/remarkable descent into the worlds of untouchables
    [Chinatown gamblers/dopies/hookers — AJA hotbeds of revolt a la VVV/298th riflemen] made
    him an untouchable too — but he resurrected the unwashed/unclean of society — & produced
    tremendous positive social progress. His feast is celebrated as an honorary member of the
    100th/442nd/VVV, & as our mythic Chinese exemplar a la homeboy [Zhongshan China] Sun
    Yat Sen 1866-1925, father of modern China & mentor to Hung Wai’s immigrant parents, also
    from Zhongshan. As you know, Sun Yat Sen lived in Honolulu for 7 yrs. & founded the
    Hsing Chung Hui/Revive China Society in 1894 here, which became the catalyst to overthrow
    of China’s caste system/dynasty. Like Sun Yat Sen & Sun’s alter ego/mentor — PI’s Jose
    Mercado Rizal, father of PI independence [Rizal Day] — Hung Wai desired to train as a medical
    doctor — but, as w/our own hapa [son of WWII haole serviceman/AJA mother] pastor Michael
    Inouye of Moloka`i, Hung Wai forsook vocation for untraditional avocation [though Hung Wai
    did get divinity degree from Yale U.]. Yes, all of Hawai`i social/political pundits regale about
    indomitable Democrat catalyst Hung Wo Ching, the wheeler-dealer financier/Gov. Jack Burns
    backbone, but the real deal is older brother, broke-ass pastor Hung Wai Ching, the bona fide
    positive historymaker/unheralded-untold-unsung hero among us all. Hung Wai’s influence/
    unmatched inspiration are my obligatory [joke!] memorials to him. A pagan I am, but Hung Wai
    leads us to the promised land [everybody’s equal], strengthened by his Faith. His conversion
    to Truth [social good] is our conversion all — from despair to miraculous prayer. In the end,
    Hung Wai became a martyr to his devotion [to the teeming masses]. He died broke, but
    richest in his love for humanity/the world. Yes, he forsook the association of the rich/powerful
    [though he freely mingled among the likes of FDR & wife Eleanor/WWII Midway crucible-hero
    Gen. Delos Emmons, martial law leader of Hawai`i WWII] & devoted his whole life to society’s
    outcasts/unwashed/unclean — a la Father Damien/Mother Teresa. Rarest equanimity. Enjoy
    profile in courage [cliche] below on Mother Teresa. The greatest of leaders demonstrate
    love [for family/group/country/humanity] by instinct/metaphysically. They visualize the result
    before it occurs — prophecy come true. And they let destiny reveal itself. Jesus cast himself
    to the lepers. So does Father Damien nearly 2 millennia later. So does Mother Teresa. And
    so does man of action Hung Wai Ching, our walkabout pastor. No, vow of poverty not required.
    But usually the result, not just the trigger. There is no man in my mind born in a manger
    [other than Jesus] greater than Hung Wai Ching, fearless bearer of Truth/wisdom. Love, -Curtis

    From: KL Ching [Curtis’ note: Hung Wai Ching’s 73 yr. old son]
    To: Curtis Narimatsu & Bobby Command
    Subject: Mother Teresa Article In Time Magazine

    There is a beautiful article on “The Secret Life of Mother Teresa” in the September 3 issue of Time magazine which I just sent to you separately. I joked about Hung Wai’s problem of not being able to “talk to God.” Well, Mother Teresa had the same problem which is well documented in a newly published book of her letters to various “confessors.” This article also sheds more light for me on the nature of Christianity and those who commit to the Faith. In fact, it says a lot about humanity. I guess I understand my father a little better now. I should “tip my hat” to him a little more. Thanks for your insights, Curt! KL

    [Curtis’ note: KingLit Ching has his dad Hung Wai’s defiant/untraditional beauty — KingLit has been around “the bull’s ass” (joke!) many times over — a retired Big Five/A & B executive/esteemed businessman/married African-American woman — has progeny by the same ethnicities/bloodlines — an utterly steeped/experientially remarkable good joe — amazing/rarest guy like dad Hung

    Wai Ching]

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Bible thumpers

    Ironically, religious folks I really look up to are those who are as compassionate

    & loving as their Faith professes. Kindred souls like Dean/June Edmoundson

    of Honomu’s Mr. Ed’s Bakery [former Ishigo Bakery], dyed in the wool Assemby

    of God types, as is Pastor Roy Kim, who ministers/evangelizes along the

    Hamakua coast [Pentecostal]. I do not know who is the fundamentalist

    preacher who harangued Tiffany Edwards Hunt about my article on the

    crucifixion of homosexual Matthew Shepard in her highly informative

    Big Island Chronicle website, but erudite/sage Dean Edmoundson says

    that Jesus is the loving Son of God, to love everyone, regardless of

    circumstance, no matter how extreme our hostility/feelings are vs. the

    maligned/outcasts in society. Dean says that the disheartened preacher

    who railed into Tiffany lost sight of the preacher’s mission in this life — to

    spread the Gospel of love, not fear/anger.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Part-Arab George Mitchell

    Special envoy to Middle East George Mitchell born 1933 is suited to

    the task. George’s mother is Lebanese immigrant textile worker

    who came to U.S. at age 18. George’s dad is Irish American. Obama’s

    people are stacked w/Jewish leaders [Emanuel/Axelrod/etc.]. Mitchell

    brings balance to the slate.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ehren Watada– the Army waited till President Bush left office‏

    It’s psychology, never law. The Army waited till President

    Bush left office, to let Ehren Watada off the hook from the most

    serious charges. The Army knows that Bush’s team had a personal

    grudge vs. Watada, being that Bush got us into Iraq. Isamu Kanekuni

    had asked me about Watada’s eventual outcome last year. I told him just

    as you saw what happened.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mango tree brothel now cut into 2 homes along Kanoelehua Ave.

    Mango tree brothel was named such for mango tree by it along

    Punahoa St. by where DLNR aquatic facilities are [next to Hilo

    Iron Works parking lot]. Mango tree brothel shows up in aerial

    photo of Shinmachi circa 1939, by Suitengo shrine & Sekido home.

    Mango tree was long house that was cut into 2 pieces pre-1946 tsunami & transported

    to Panaewa & still is seen as 2 rental homes that look like half of

    each other facing Kanoelehua Ave. by East Palai St. area.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ike’s confidant/press secretary James C. Hagerty 1909-1981

    What do Harry Truman & Ike’s key aide James C. Hagerty have in

    common? They’re just high school graduates!! Pretty much self-

    made men schooled in the hard scrabble of life. Hagerty’s brother

    also high-level icon. Jesse Shima 1901-2002 McKinley School product

    after Hilo’s Lyman Boarding School [today’s Boys/Girls Club site] —

    was Hagerty’s confidant & D.C. peer. Truman wanted to retain

    FDR’s closest aide Harry Hopkins [WPA genesis/Land-Lease founder/

    WWII chief emissary], but Jesse Shima’s mentor Hopkins 1890-1946 died just

    after FDR. Yes, Hopkins not grad school diploma like JFK’s god-forsaken

    Whiz Kids who thought more [ego/arrogance] of themselves than they

    really were.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Welsh lore

    Lore is that Welsh didn’t have surnames/last names, but instead were

    addressed as Dean, son of Earl. But since land registries required

    surnames, Welsh took their dads’ first names as their last names,

    w/results such as Dean Earl, meaning that Welsh ended up having

    2 first names as their full names.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hoops coach Chris MacLachlin born 1946

    Chris’ advice to former benchwarmer Barack Obama is that in Chris’ 41 yrs.

    as a coach, he’s never been or seen a “perfect” coach. Instead, the

    coaches who are loved acknowledge their weaknesses & covet

    other coaches/assistants whose greatest strengths are those of

    the coveter coach’s weaknesses. Chris says for Barack to covet others

    w/gifts lacking in Barack, & maybe this Presidential team will be loved

    a la the UCLAs/North Carolinas. Unquestionably, like Red Rocha born

    1921 [our only native-born NBA star], Barack’s needing to prove he

    belongs [on a team/starter] burns white-hot even now. Red never

    forgave Beans Afook for cutting Red from Beans’ vaunted Viking

    teams, even to the point where Red refused to acknowledge/kiss

    Beans’ widow Liz Kuali`i Afook at Wayne Subica’s gallery of sports

    heroes that enshrined Red/Beans/greatest-ever passer Ah Chew Goo

    born 1918. I told Red to go ahead & greet Liz, who was wheelchair-

    bound by that time, but Red stayed stone-silent w/that defiant

    gritted teeth countenance. Red said he still cannot get over being

    cut by Beans Afook [nation’s winningest high school hoops coach for titles

    won/length of coaching career]. Ferocity/competitive spirit. Beyond

    compare. Which is what made Red our most accomplished hoopster

    [NBA all-star]. Bill Russell same adversity as Red, got cut from

    Oakland high school squad. Late bloomer, went on to be the most

    accomplished center position in hoops history. Ah Chew Goo, auspicious

    template of today’s NBA zip-quick game, tells Barack it’s not about you,

    it’s about team-first. Not to score, not to razzale-dazzle w/acrobatic

    stylistics, but to guarantee that “the whole is greater than the sum of

    its parts.” I still haven’t heard from others about our winningest Div.

    1 college coach Vince Goo, Ah Chew’s measured/introspective son,

    total opposite from Ah Chew in public demeanor/style. Ah Chew our

    overpowering John Wayne, son Vince our quiet hero Gary Cooper. Jim

    Nicholson still can’t accept St. Louis High’s crushing defeat to N.

    California powerhouse Oakland O’Dowd in 1966, the only on-court

    loss in Nick’s whole prep hoops career. Herman Manalili still chastens

    that Herman never lost a high school game in Herman’s pitching career,

    in spite of Herman never getting called to turn pro after his successful

    Wilamette U. pitching career. And intense competitor Fred Entilla Jr.

    from my native Wainaku considers it a contusion of honor that Herman

    Manalili was so ultra-intense that Herman intentionally beaned Fred on

    the okole after pitcher Fred accidentally beaned Herman’s brother in

    the shoulder. Herman says that Herman has superior ball control &

    never deliberately aimed for the upper torso on purposeful beaned

    balls. Yes, competitive fire like you’ve never seen before. Bill O’Rear

    practiced endlessly Bill’s wraparound NBA move to deflect defender

    & ace a high percentage shot in the paint. But Bill only used it

    vs. Div. I foe when it counted the most. And a high school hoops

    AD commented on the wraparound to Bill — an amazing feint/counter

    to get an easy bucket. Competitive fire — endless repetition to perfect`

    a tactical maneuver. Oh yes, remind us all that Chris MacLachlin’s

    superman Punahou hoops squad 1964 was hands-down choice to

    beat Hilo High in State title tiff [though Hilo was unbeaten except

    for preseason loss to Punahou]. Anyhow, Chris’ squad lost in the

    upset of the century to Hilo High, which did not field a starter over

    6′ tall. Kimo Mokaio was just a shade past 6’0″, though listed as

    6’2″. Yes, Chris MacLachlin never got over this loss either.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ode to Harry Kim — Ozymandias

    Percy B. Shelley 1792-1822 [drowned aboard schooner at age 29] ranks among

    England’s finest lyric/romantic poets, influencing proteges Tennyson/Byron/Yeats/

    Thoreau, among others. His wife Mary Shelley 1797-1851 penned the 1st true

    science fiction novel, “Frankenstein/Modern Prometheus,” 1818, same year that

    Percy B. Shelley’s sonnet “Ozymandias” was penned. “Ozymandias” laments vs.

    humanity’s hubris, in the form of Ramesses II, where monument/statue to Egyptian

    pharoah lies hidden in the sand, its head all but invisible. Metaphor is end result of

    desolation/loneliness when pharoah impulsively/egotistically tries to impose his

    self-immortalization on the landscape of time/history. Pharoah or peasant,

    nothing is forever, all are ephemeral/transitory/fleeting. Harry Kim 2000-2008

    self-images as Marlboro Man [rugged individualist/strong-silent type]. He is

    the opposite — interminably insecure/thug-ass punk. Harry’s positive legacy

    is that he fended off special interests/developers, something that remains for

    Billy Kenoi 2008-2012 to live up to. But in all other respects, Harry Kim is an

    imposter — our budget deficit reached an alltime high/Harry dramatically

    increased cost of government/payroll whilst quietly issuing more bonds/loans

    that leave our kids as debtors in hock to high interest rate loans/Harry ever

    the truculent nazi picked his scare-dee pussy former students/jocks as section

    heads under his command [fire/civil defense/yes, even Billy Kenoi who needs

    to prove Harry wrong on pussy-heartedness]. Percy B. Shelley in his short life

    lived unconventionally [schooner/daring-do] w/uncompromising optimism [that

    pissed off Shelley’s contempos who were psyche straight-jacketed like Harry Kim/

    subordinates/vassals]. Like his more famous wife Mary Shelley, Percy B. Shelley

    disdained industrial/modern age accoutrements that projected image, not

    substance [a la Harry Kim’s Marlboro Man portrait]. Percy B. Shelley

    was the real deal, not shibai like Harry Kim. Please read “Ozymandias” by

    Percy B. Shelley. In 14 lines you will capture the essence of mankind’s self-

    inflicted hubris. You can click Wikipedia for Ozymandias or Percy B. Shelley —

    Percy’s sonnet is right there before your very eyes.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Engineer/architect Frank Arakawa’s buildings/designs

    Futoshi Frank Arakawa 1891-1977, born Maui, raised in Hilo, interned WWII,

    also was a great painter [portraits]. His buildings/designs incl. Pacific Bldg.

    [Bears Coffee Shop bldg.]/Lyman residence 1922/Tanimoto Bldg./Hilo High

    auditorium/Honokaa School/St. Joseph Parish Hall/Honokaa Union Church/Hi

    Trans Co./Hilo Intermediate School/Manago Hotel/Riverside English Standard

    School 1929/YWCA Admin. bldg./Hilo police station/Elks Club bldg./Central Fire

    Station/Puueo Bridge/Kalanianaole School/Hilo Hongwanji church/Honomu

    Hongwanji church/Oto bldg. Laimana St./Matayoshi bldg. Hoku St./Honokaa

    hospital/Kona hospital/Olaa Hongwanji church/Doc Hill home Keaukaha/TR

    Saiki home Keaukaha/Dr. Oto home Kaumana/Dr. Fujioka home Houselots.

    Frank’s daughters Marion/Eva live in Hakalau along Chin Chuck rd., where

    their aunt [Frank’s sis] bought her homestead land, & then gave it to

    Marion/Eva. Marion/Eva signed the loyalty questionnaire in 1943 at Jerome

    Arkansas internment camp. The internment resisters [No-No boys] refused

    to sign the loyalty questionnaire, which was used to find candidates for

    an all-volunteer combat unit.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Pi`opi`o quips [Jerry Hirata born 1944/Kathy Jinbo Yamada born 1952]

    Inexorable march of time — our oldtime residents die off one by one. Kawai-sona/

    great sadness fills the air. Thence, crucial that anecdotes by Pi`opi`o younger

    residents/observers be preserved/freeze-framed for time immemorial. These are

    where salient/photographic memory recounters Jerry Hirata/Kathy Jinbo Yamada

    come in — they see everything in detailed snapshots though half a century ago.

    I’m especially impressed by the clarity of Kathy’s “instant-print” as a 6 to 8 yr.

    old. She “sees everything.” Thankfully for us learners, both Jerry/Kathy “got

    around” the block a lot [thanks to their wonderful kazoku/family/parents]. My

    cousin Cliff born 1950 asks me how I come to know so much about my family

    in particular. Easy answer — Cliff’s dad Yukio 1918-1955 was my dad Toshi’s

    1913-1998 baby brother & best friend. My dad was crushed w/sadness when

    brother Yukio died unexpectedly [perforated ulcer] at age 37, leaving in his

    wake young wife Masae “Nancy” 1923-1997 & 7 young kids — yes, 7, incl.

    2 sets of twins!! I told twin Cliff LOVE is what impassions me — love for family/

    past. That simple. Along the way, as w/Kathy [same age as me], “novelties”

    truly stand out — I remember the awesome [in my 7 yr. old eyes] PINK

    ELEPHANT I saw from Kuawa St. looking toward Kam Ave./Waiakea main

    drag. I always was told by my cousins that I dreampt a mirage/phantom —

    until Waiakea resident Alex Riviera [kachi-kachi vocalist] told me what I saw

    was the actual PR statue for the Pink Elephant Bar exactly where I saw it

    [Puna side of Kam Ave. across Waiakea Theater pre-1960 tsunami] — Eureka!!

    Alex told me about the Pink Elephant statue in 1984. Not my imagination gone

    wild!! Yes, love — love for stimulation/novelty/the past come alive!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Imbued w/altruism — Stateside haole transplants here

    Great leaders who brought w/them compassion/altruism/humility — Clubs like Lions/Rotary/

    Exchange/Piopio Bears collectively had them — Glenn Mitchell/Claude Moore/Jane Talbott/

    Shell Blanschett/Charley Kendall/Malcolm Love Sr./Paul Mannen/Herb Gregory/

    Dick Trent/Miles Cary/George-Marion Hall/Del Sturdyvin/Riley Allen/Galen Weaver/Bill

    Westervelt 1849-1939 married Carol Castle/Walt Ecklund/Guido Giacometti/Milburn Gregory

    [no relation to Herb Gregory]/John Beukema/Chuck Schuster. These are Peter — Jesus’ apostle who accepted

    martyrdom/gave his last full measure of devotion — remonstrated to be crucified upside down because

    in Peter’s heart, there is only one Jesus, who was crucified right side up. Yes, these haole

    do-gooders are our righteous leaders, CORRECTLY so — because they upended our two-tiered

    rich haole/poor local class hegemony & busted our unfair status quo up to their timeline


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Destiny-maker Roy Kim born 1946

    In 1517 A.D. Catholic monk Martin Luther 1483-1546 nailed to the door of his local church

    his repudiation of Catholic sale of indulgences that bought the buyers reduced time in

    purgatory. Luther declared that salvation came thru faith & not materialism. Luther invoked

    that the Catholic Church was corrupt w/egomania/power-status intoxication. Magnanimous

    Erasmus 1466-1536 responded to this situation by promoting grassroot salvation/simplicity.

    Maui-born Roy Kim is today’s Erasmus. Roy Kim follows Philipp Melanchton 1497-1560, who

    tried to find compromise solutions b/n Catholics/Protestants, but felt that the Roman Catholic

    Church had forsaken the true Christian tradition after the death of Christ. He especially

    opposed the power of the Pope. Erasmus followed martyr Thomas More 1477-1535, who was

    beheaded for refusing to accept Henry VIII as head of the English Church. Like our own John

    Hulten 1913-2002, St. Thomas More symbolizes the stout-hearted person who places conscience

    [& his death] above the claims of gov’t authority [Hulten was pro-life till the end/was the

    solitary soul who fought & beat Bishop Estate over land distribution — Md. Land Law]. In

    Erasmus’ satire “The Praise of Folly” 1511, Erasmus chastized Catholic clergy for demanding form

    over function [ceremonies/rituals/letter of the law instead of empathy-compassion-forgiveness-

    tolerance]. And we do learn from our failures. Which is why

    forgiveness/grace are at the crux of Christianity. Yes, tight-fisted judgmentalism is

    discouraged. I’ll not forget Capt. Walt Lesinsky, He-Man CO at Boot

    Camp Shelby, who later got shell-shocked among stoic buck privates Lefty Kuniyoshi’s 442

    boys amid the hell of war.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Inimitable Derek Tatsuno born 1958

    UH-Hilo hitter crowds the plate to whack Tatsuno’s sizzler. Tatsuno’s

    pitch torques instantly 45 degrees away from the batter’s lead shoulder

    as the batter drops away in shock. The batter gives Tatsuno a

    bewildered gaze as Tatsuno, never ever vocal, shakes his head

    in dismay, as if to say for the called strike, “Brah, you born yesterday

    or what? — You should’ve known I was gonna brush you!”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Christian nation’s David Kuo/KingLit Ching

    David says that former boss President George W. Bush derides the Christian Right,

    but David respects Obama for Obama’s Christian commitment, just as KingLit Ching

    had intimated via fellow commentators. David is not as critical of Obama as Dobson is.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    AJA Wayfinders — brothers Masa 1904-1974 & Mineo Katagiri 1919-2005

    Older brother Masa was mentored by John Young & housed Young till Masa’s death.

    Baby brother Mineo was apostolic I`ao Church minister & mentored Ron Fujiyoshi.

    Masa deified Scotman Young, who walked on water in Masa’s eyes. The 3 AJA

    nonconformists who were not team players were Jack Wakayama/Katsuro Miho-

    “eye” guy but more redemptive than baby brother Katsugo/Ola`a Shunzo Sakamaki.

    Dan Inouye’s mother was Lahaina orphan who was hanai’d into the beneficent Methodist

    Susannah Wesley Home in Kalihi, & met/married Dan’s dad at River [Nu`uanu stream] St.

    Japanese Methodist Episcopal Church [became self-supporting & not dependent on

    Congregationalists after Methodist Bd. stopped mission support], which today is known as Harris

    Methodist Church [named after Bishop Harris, who sent our 1st Nikkei missionary, Rev. Kanichi

    Miyama, to Hawai`i in 1887; Rev. Jiro Okabe came a year later to Hilo & eventually started the

    Congregational Makiki Church w/Rev. Takie Okumura]. Rev. Komura salvaged the Methodist

    Church outfit after the Chinatown Fire over a century ago. Ted Tsukiyama’s mom born 1895

    went to kindergarten at this Japanese Methodist Church. Rev. Miyama/Komura had loads of

    dice/sake cups from converts who gave up gambling/drinking. The holy trinity of Kawasaki

    [Hotel]/Nishi/Yasumori welcomed refuge/safe haven for the 1909 labor strikers at the Methodist

    Church. Shigeo Tanabe [Tule Lake internee from Washington] born 1908 was the greatest orator,

    renowned for his succinct 15 minute sermon [intro/3 points/closing — no rambling], brilliant because

    of his ability to compress verbiage into pinpoint verse. No one has come close to Tanabe’s

    “method.” Ted was VVV Yempuku’s asst. via Hung Wai [over older boys] because Ted was HW’s

    boy at Atherton Y. Ted was aghast when Ted/Dan Inouye guys visited internment camp [on HW’s

    recommendation to stop senseless beefs b/n buddaheads/kotonks]. Euphemism was that sentries

    protected internees, but the barbed wire turned inward/guard tower-turret barreled inward toward

    internees, not outside vs. vigilantes/hooligans. Dan’s rowdy raconteurs sang/played ukuleles on

    way to internment camp, but haga-e [got pissed off to no end] when sentries patted down Dan’s gang

    who wore full dress American Army uniforms! When Dan’s boys/Ted exited, these “kanakas” got real

    sobered down — hang-low faces — in apoplectic shock, actually. Never again would our kolohe/garoot

    boys disrespect haole-fied kotonks — these incomprehensibly valorous kotonks volunteered from these

    prisons?!! Dan/Ted never would do so, but instead riot/end up in highest security solitary confinement!!

    Consider such crossroad as providential timing, courtesy of “sociologist” Hung Wai Ching, ever the exuberant


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Show-off/status tripper Hung Wo Ching, baby brother of Hung Wai Ching

    At fete honoring John Young, Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996 [Hung Wai 1905-2002] toasted Young

    by promising Young $3,000 annually till Young’s death [1902-1990], which never happened. Yet,

    everyone remembers schemer Hung Wo, not humanitarian Hung Wai. Stateside Pacific U/UH chose

    Hung Wai over Chinn Ho for their honorary Ph.D., humanities, because Hung Wai served others

    unabashedly, vs. Chinn Ho’s selective beneficiaries. John Young’s mom died when he was 8, &

    Young’s wealthy clothier dad [owned chain stores in NYC, Scot ethnicity] put in his will

    that if John’s 2 brothers ever helped John, they too would be disinherited by Dad. Thus, Young

    was orphaned early on w/no family at all. But John just loved people, which is why he was the

    blithe antecedent to Hung Wai Ching.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Nel Doi & Caine Mutiny

    Nelson Doi’s bully mentality was to lay his feet on top of his Senate desk

    & squeeze his rubber balls [exercise], a la Bogart’s Caine Mutiny persona

    of rolling ball bearings in Bogart’s hands when he got stressed out. Doi’s

    refrain? “F_ck that sh_t!”

    Patsy Mink’s legacy was Title IX [gender equity]. A team player she was not.

    UH-Hilo doesn’t have a men’s volleyball team to conform to Title IX.

    Do you know that Gov. Jack Burns was hands-on w/legislature like no other Gov.?

    Burns would go to watch the solons on the floor of their chambers. Let’s see

    how things changed when the Luso lubes greased up the joint — after Cayetano

    is re-elected, Gerald De Mello drafts Butch Castro’s letter to Ben for a pay raise.

    Me/me/me. Recount the past era of other-directedness — Mayor Shun Kimura

    would call Scrub Tanaka in the dead of night because of Shun’s quandary over a

    pressing issue. Scrub faithfully advised Shun, no pay at all, just love for the

    public good/service. But Scrub would get irritated over Shun’s indecisiveness.

    When Doi [Shun’s alter ego] became Lt. Gov., Burns appointed Gill man Shun to

    succeed Doi as judge. Again, Shun wavered. Burns told Scrub, “You get that

    small boy to make up his mind.” Burns eliminated detractors like Doi/Shun via

    judgeships [in Doi’s case, Doi begged Burns for judgeship after Doi lost Senate power


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Scrub Tanaka was male chauvinist

    Yes, Scrub accepted Margaret Thatcher only because she

    came from parliamentary system, not direct voter/popular

    suffrage. Which is why Scrub would be hesitant about

    Hillary, not just that she was the same old thing [Bill].

    Scrub’s support for DHS head Fumiko Iwamasa/Sumako

    Hayashi was administrative/ministerial, not

    political, which is why Scrub revulsed vs. ILWU’s

    Yoshiko Ogawa Hall/Mitsue Shinchi Thompson.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Great leader Sparky Matsunaga 1916-1990

    Sparky had tremendous balance/equanimity. Born 1916, he was

    not part of the Burns cell gang [militants born after 1920 a la

    Dan Inouye]. Like forebearers Joe Farrington/Hiram Fong,

    Sparky’s appeal crossed Party lines. He was beloved by all.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Bonehead Ed Case born 1952

    The haole surge/demographic mollifies Ed Case’s overdrive in bucking Sen.

    Akaka 2006. Case will have a future in politics. Problem is that Case

    is bonehead/stubborn. Did you ever see fellow Dems unite to oppose

    their former State solon/colleague in Case [vs. Akaka]? Never. Bonehead

    Case. Opposite of his dad Jim born 1920.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ola`a/Kea`au Dem Party roots

    Immigrants could not vote unless they were “naturalized,” which excluded Asians

    [who were allowed citizenship only after WWII]. Thus, “provocateurs” Noboru

    Tsutsumi 1890-1947 [deported in 1925] & Pablo Manlapit 1891-1969 [deported

    in 1935] never got involved in party politics, which hinged on suffrage/voting.

    Johnny Wilson 1871-1956 fired up plantation workers [Puna Sugar’s AmFac

    parent tolerated power broker Kanaka Johnny], including storekeeper Seiichi

    Morita 1907-1992 [who spawned proteges` Pandoro Morinoue 1909-2000 &

    monoshiri Yasuki Arakakaki 1917-2005 — Rich Imai boarded at Hilo’s Mainichi

    newspaper bldg 1929-1931 & was influenced by Kanaka Johnny in Hilo along

    w/judge Del Metzger 1875-1967 (Rich was interpreter for court system/

    chief clerk Anthony Carvalho’s right hand man) — Pinoy proteges` incl. Ben

    Menor & ILWU’s Frank Latorre]. Teddy bear of a man Wilson,

    old fart to da max, had immense authenticity/appeal like no other. A most

    worshipped Quixote he was!! Of course, the poked windmills were the Big 5.

    Nonetheless, Rich Imai’s [born 1910, still razor-sharp] “squared shoulders”

    were dynamite duo Floro Sanchez/Taka Miyamoto 1897-1981, chief

    lieutenants to Kanaka Johnny. Rich enjoyed the forays at the early

    Dem conventions at the Young Hotel on O`ahu. BTW, Rich’s Mainichi

    bldg. was mauka of today’s corner bldg. at Ponahawai/Punahoa Sts.

    [corner bldg. housed Burns mantra Seishiro Okazaki’s jujitsu genesis

    in America — on 2nd floor — ground floor being our Goya’s hamburger

    joint in 1960s along w/Blackie Tanaka’s Drop Inn/Dennis’ Place Restaurant].

    Shin yu [laters, brah’].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese holy trinity of Hawaiian Islands

    Our greatest Luso historymakers are Bishop Stephen Alencastre 1876-1940 [born Porto

    Santo Madeira, stone’s throw from our native Faial, & home of Christopher Columbus &

    wife’s parents], Pastor Ernest Gomes De Silva 1875-1955 [came to Hawai`i 1888;

    longest-serving pastor Portuguese Christian Church 1899-1939], & George Martin 1924-

    2009 [Papaikou native; magnanimous leader of ILWU for 2 decades post-Statehood;

    principally responsible for election of Gov. Jack Burns, which heralded a new social

    order for Hawai`i [rise of middle class/breakdown of 2 class hegemony of rich vs.

    poor]. Bishop Alencastre innovated Catholic tradition by incorporating native Hawai`i

    customs into ancient rituals, thereby suffusing tremendous self-worth/self-esteem

    among Luso familia/progeny, Alencastre being the first local Bishop of our Diocese.

    More than Hawai`i Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonio Perry [Pereira], Alencastre

    elevated to a religion his theme of grassroot representation. No greater Luso

    Catholic entered Mass, not even ubiquitous Walt Dods, Jr. dob 1941 political bankroller

    for self-inflated Gov. George Ariyoshi. Pastor Ernest Gomes De Silva, father of auspicious

    educator Ernest Bowen De Silva & grandfather of our greatest mob-buster Paul M.

    De Silva, ministered among the teeming masses like no other. Not only was he

    grounded/pragmatic, he also was a scholar & literateur, among our journalistic

    wayfinders. Unmistakably, Rev. De Silva is our greatest Christian missionary.

    George Martin epitomizes our past mythics, all deceased. Martin is the very

    last of the Mohicans, so to speak. Martin’s superior equanimity/overall

    balance-moderation is for the ages. Martin never completed high school,

    but even audacious dynamite historymaker Jack Burns 1909-1975 recognized

    Martin’s rarified messiah-like qualities [big heart/open-minded/indulgent/

    instructive/expert experience in labor relations], truth be told imploring

    Martin to join Burns’ Cabinet/Labor Dept. George being the devoted/

    everlasting union man, respectfully told Gov. Burns that Martin was more

    effective as a union man vs. a government boss. Always deflecting praise,

    Martin’s marriage [after dearest wife Mary Dorothy Farias Martin] was to

    Martin’s heartstopper ILWU, not to politics per se. Yes, other Luso solons

    have made numerous headlines over the decades [Luso pal Joe Fern -O`ahu’s

    1st mayor 1909-1920/Manuel Pacheco/Elmer Cravalho/etc.], along with

    entrepreneurs [J.B. Fernandes/Joe Pao/Jim Ferry(eira)/etc.], & pundits

    [Godofredo Affonso/Jose Teves/Messr. Coito], but George Martin is our

    greatest & tremendous modern historymaker for transforming our islands

    into a prosperous/egalitarian society where class is not defined by

    ethnicity but by accomplishments/dedication/desire. George is but

    the finest metaphor for our scintillating American Dream. Yes, no doubt

    that Statehood Joe Farrington/Jack Burns are our premier haole history-

    makers, Hung Wai Ching [founder of 100th Batt./442nd RCT] our highest

    Chinese historymaker [millionaire baby brother Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996

    was no more than a Jack Burns bankroller; Hung Wai was Christian pastor

    & protege` of our greatest missionary descendant Frank Atherton 1878-

    1945 & educator Charles Hemenway 1875-1947], Pablo Manlapit our

    most courageous Pinoy historymaker, Hilo High 1926 grad Shigeo Yoshida

    our toughest AJA historymaker [averted mass internment WWII], &

    Prince Kuhio our most wondrous Hawaiian historymaker [longest-serving

    Delegate to Congress 1902-1922]. Passo a passo [step by step], we

    ascend to touch divinity. When George Martin was alive, I said Jesus bestows

    one more day of life on this earth to riveting hero George, dia bom dia

    [day by day]. Hung Wai Ching lived long life 1905-2002. Amor.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Irony of trio’s deaths

    Statehood Joe Farrington died in 1954, 5 yrs. before Statehood. Sam

    Wilder King & Farrant Turner died at cusp of Statehood 1959. Sam

    Wilder King was an early Statehood advocate, & backed by Farrington

    for Terr. Gov. 1953-1957. Turner was our 100th Batt. oyabun/godfather,

    born-raised in Hilo, Big 5 exec, GOP, but lost to Jack Burns as Delegate to

    Congress 1958. The only haole fella left [after Statehood Joe’s death, Joe

    1897-1954] more beloved than Turner was Burns.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Downtown Hilo’s ambience [to answer planner Susan Gagorik’s query]

    Benjamin Pitman opened the first store in Hilo after arriving here in 1837,

    by where today’s lighthouse is. Kaipalaoa [lit. whale sea] is the lighthouse

    area & landing port, where trade/industry began. Waianuenue St. was

    a rut-ruined horse trail made impassable by surface rain waters. Waianuenue

    named for Rainbow Falls [lit. rainbow in the water]. Kamehameha Ave. was

    the shoreline trail that linked later burgeoning industries [lumber yard/stable/

    foundry/etc.]. Kalakaua St. linked Gov. John Baker’s residence [Hilo Hotel site]

    to the rising merchant class at the foot of Waianuenue St. Kino’ole St. allowed

    commerce to flourish perpendicular to Waianuenue/Kalakaua Sts., then on to

    Haili St. [thruway from Kam “Main” St. mauka to Haili church]. Mamo St./Furneaux

    Lane came later [Mamo St. linked up to Kino’ole St.], as did Ponahawai St. [jail

    at Lincoln park site], at which point Kino’ole St. ended. Kino’ole extension

    [street numbers start all over again per P.O.] stretched Kino’ole St. from

    Ponahawai St. junction out toward today’s Mohouli St. in 1924. Ponahawai

    St. didn’t meet Kam Ave. until 1923 [after swamp emptied/land reclamation

    for Alenaio/Waiolama areas –today’s soccer fields]. South Keawe St. didn’t open

    up at junction of Waianuenue until 1910, then stretched toward Mamo St. area,

    where it met older Kilauea Ave. [artery from missionaries on Haili/Church St.

    to passage thru inland Hilo to Kilauea volcano]. Symmetry/eye candy of

    downtown Hilo land parcels are based on commerce/housing that spread

    from the foot of Waianuenue St. south toward Mamo St., & from lighthouse west/

    mauka up to Kino’ole St. For easy reference, look at where I worked for the past

    32 yrs., the old Doc Hill bldg. 1917 [today’s Basically Bkstore site]. The Kress

    Bldg. 1932 [site of former merchants a century ago] boundary line runs in

    one continuous direction mauka from today’s alleyway by Kress Bldg. up

    to Keawe St. [Chock Bldg./Kuniyoshi jeweler], then formerly up to Kino’ole St.

    Cookie-cutter layout for simplicity. No one sentient/planner is the silent disciple to be

    recognized for this. Instead, thank the topography, the spread of trade

    and commerce out along Kam Ave. & up to Kino’ole St. Shipman St. dissected

    trade at Waianuenue’s genesis to Wailuku River. Original Keawe St. started at

    Waianuenue & ran north across the only bridge over the Wailuku river

    before 1900 on to Pu’ue’o, where sugar mills sprouted up [2 along

    Amau’ulu Rd. between Keawe/Bridge St. & upper Amau’ulu a quarter

    mile mauka toward the mountain road]. Again, look at easy reference

    line starting from Kress Bldg. site mauka toward Keawe St. Easy/simple

    simon says. Ask surveyor Jim Murray if planners a century+ ago were providential/

    talented disciples. NO. Just fortuitous. Kanaka Jim even will tell you

    it’s unbelievable that we don’t have more boundary disputes, inasmuch

    surveyors/planners turn of the last century were careless [e.g., Loebenstein/etc.].

    Of course, when you triangulate/benchmark based on changing terrain [tree/

    culvert/mound/boulder/etc.], you’re bound to invite later disputes. FORTUITOUS.

    Is this a decent answer to the profound question, “Who designed downtown Hilo?”

    No one in particular. More topography/commerce’s invisible hand, than anything

    else. Emphasis on the word invisible! Okay, Susan?

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Generational mentors

    Beautiful to see recurring theme of positive mentorship from generation

    to generation, w/prior generation’s charges/students become great

    leaders for the next generation. Mo`o ali`i succession of immense

    leadership traits. Kalani o`puu was uncle & military mentor to Kamehameha

    the Great. Chun Ah Fong was entrepreneur/mentor to Tong Ai Yee, whose

    progeny include Aima Nawahi [Joseph’s wife] & swim coach legend Sparky

    Kawamoto [hanai’d]. Chinatown’s young turks at the turn of the last century were

    enabled by YMCA avatar Frank Atherton, then Lloyd R. Killam, just as

    YMCA founder J. Ballard Atherton [Frank’s dad] worked w/Chun Ah Fong.

    Tremendous altruist Bob Dye’s deceased wife was Chun’s progeny. Then

    YMCA’s John Young came & got touted as messiah to kids born at turn of last

    century like Hung Wai Ching. Chinn Ho actually worshipped Young’s predecessor

    Lloyd R. Killam as Ho’s hanai father. Leadership all!! Walt Dillingham was

    Matsujiro Otani’s alter ego, as Charley Rice was Charley Ishii’s guru, as Bob

    Shivers was Mas Marumoto’s sempai/older role model, as Saburo Hayashi

    was Kiyo Okubo’s master, as Jack Hall was Luso George Martin’s idol, as

    Ernest Gomes De Silva was Beans Afook’s “fear of God” lightning rod,

    as Stephen Alencastre was Henry Gouveia’s patron saint, as George Martin

    is Bobby Command’s quiet hero, as Ted Tsukiyama is Earl Arakaki’s arbitrator

    standard bearer, as Horace Mann was Charles Hemenway’s educator symbol,

    as John Dewey was Oren Long’s action hero, as Johnny Bellinger was Walt

    Dod’s mentor, as Rudy Peterson was Jim Evans’ hero, as Ruddy Tongg was

    Hung Wo Ching’s pathfinder, etc.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Economic class stratification

    England’s upstart entrepreneurial Whigs [Scot word for rebel — livestock

    herdsmen] 400 yrs. ago upended Royalty’s Tories [Irish word for robber —

    denoting King’s Men] — commoner [new urbanized merchants] Whigs

    [ergo people’s reps Parliament] vs. elitist [inherited riches] Tories [All

    the King’s Men]. America’s greatest [though idiotic in hindsight] duel

    had federalist [perceived as aristocratic a la King of England’s concentrated

    power] Alex Hamilton killed by states’ righter [Jeffersonian Democrat] Aaron Burr

    [teeming masses’ rep]. Class stratification projection/symbolism. T. Boone

    Pickens born 1928, notorious/ruthless corporate raider/greenmailer [neologism

    for greenback/blackmail], incongruously symbolizes the cowpoke who bucks the

    system, like how local raider Harry Weinberg [famished backdrop Baltimore

    squalor Jewish isolation a la German Catholic Herman Babe Ruth from economic

    underclass Baltimore] raided incessantly for immediate gain. Whig [powerless]

    vs. Tory [absolute power]. Of course, baseball’s Babe Ruth is Jesus’ silent

    disciple who, like unsung St. Andrew, was the strength behind the leader

    [Andrew’s brother Peter][baseball as America’s national pasttime]. Orphan

    Babe Ruth never turned his back on his impoverished people, always helping

    them [especially youngsters]. Only in death/posthumously did Weinberg

    help the teeming masses, not when Weinberg pillaged anew time & again in life.

    Dean Acheson 1893-1971 as Tory [Cold War architect a la George Keenan]

    actually was villified by maniac Joe McCarthy/Whig, for not coming down

    hard enough on Commies/Reds. In reality, if Stalin had not shown Stalin’s

    true colors/ravenous takeover of Eastern Europe, Acheson would not have

    gone full throttle on containment. Irony is that Acheson clinched LBJ’s

    decision to get out of Vietnam 1968, & advised Nixon on detente w/Soviets.

    Acheson lifelong Democrat, though perceived as Tory by McCarthyites.

    Acheson was Truman’s Sec. of State 1948-1952. Great thinker KL Ching

    born 1936, Whig/grassrooter in heart-spirit, out of NYC Union Theological

    tradition [anti-Royalist, anti-Monarchal absolute power], correctly says to

    me, “I [KL] always am able to stifle my rage at your [Curt] outlandish

    assessment of my solid analyses — remember that Jeremiah Wright’s

    attendance at an all-White private school subjected Wright to even

    worse racism than Obama was subjected to at Punahou.” KL always

    the fighter for the powerless, a Whig to the core. I treasure KL’s

    Whig bedrock. To me, KL more tower of strength/righteousness

    than Tory mentality. Emerson asked imprisoned Thoreau, “Henry,

    what are you doing in here?” To which Thoreau laconicly

    deadpanned, “Ralph, what are you doing out there?” KL Ching MBA

    Harvard, retired A & B exec based in LA, irascible son of buddahead

    messiah [founder of 100th Batt./442 RCT] Pastor Hung Wai Ching

    1905-2002, older brother of “money is God” Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996,

    mega land developer/financier [Gov. Jack Burns’ money ace in the

    hole]. KL married African-American, son Chris is hapa [Thai taxi

    driver thought Chris was hunk THE ROCK — Samoan/Black].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luke 4:24 hometown crowd

    Opposite of what you think. Born in Bethlehem, Jesus was raised in Nazareth

    & there he spoke of hope, not doom — “good news to the common soul — release

    the oppressed, this year of our Lord’s favor.” Luke 4:18-19 In turn, Jesus got

    shouted down, & the mob tried to hurl Jesus off the brow of the hill to the cliff

    below. Jesus then lamented that no prophet is accepted in his hometown. Luke

    4:24 Earl Finch is the tragic exemplar — Earl befriended the British/AJA infantrymen

    who trained at Camp Shelby Miss. Earl’s Hattiesburg citizens railed into him, “Why

    do you go overboard to help these guys? They’re not even from our country!!”

    Earl responded, “We’re all on the same side. Why shouldn’t I help them?”

    Earl was run out of town, an outcast among his own people. Just like Jesus said.

    442 John Tsukano 1924-2005 is the bitter pill for his fellow 442 boys — his boys

    didn’t know what to make of Tsukano’s mission to chronicle their history. After

    all, former swim titlist Tsukano was a promoter/entrepreneur [great friend of Hilo’s

    Richard Pablo Chinen], & his 442 boys thought he was trying to sell them

    something. Why they didn’t get leery about Yempuku if they were leery of

    Tsukano is because Yempuku was their sempai/older brother via VVV roots.

    Nonetheless, Tsukano’s “Bridge of Love” book is the greatest history of the

    AJA soldiers, all at his own expense!! He literally went broke putting it all

    together — for his love of his fellow boys. Imagine, Tsukano an outcast in

    his own gang!! Luke 4:24 hits me like a boulder, man. Finch/Tsukano,

    Luke 4:24 is for you!!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Korean John Yoo born 1967

    Waterboarder John Yoo our modern Mengele. Seoul-born of colonial oppression,

    Yoo grew up his early life in Philly [Freedom rings!], but his insatiable thirst for power/

    heartless drive make him today’s Mengele — king does no wrong/Nazi — from a young

    precocious “genius.” The worst kind — all head, no heart. Recipe for disaster, as you

    see w/Guantanamo-Abu Ghraib.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Rudy Peterson/Hung Wai Ching [“HW”]

    Rudy Peterson 1904-2003
    Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002
    Masaji Marumoto 1906-1995
    Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996

    Rudy Peterson paved the way for Oriental land developers to finance their projects through the Bank of Hawaii. This was a watershed economic opportunity that paved the way for the Orientals to become major Hawaii tycoons. Unfortunately, the tycoons took all the credit for being brilliant without giving credit to a rare (good luck) opportunity after the war and the generous credit extended by Peterson.

    Rudy was a buddy of HW and was instrumental in enabling HW to create the huge subdivisions in Aiea, Pearl City and Waipahu known as developments of Pacific Land Hui. It helped that HW knew the Amfac people who sold him the land. Pacific Land Hui was a limited partnership headed by HW as general partner and a bunch of AJA contractors who were his “boys” at one time or other as limited partners. All made bundles of money as demand far exceeded supply after the war. The engineers were Sunn Low Tom & Hara; Takushi Okamura was the attorney and the accountant was another Buddahead whose name escapes me (later Coopers Lybrand I think). Oahu Homes was the sales agent and was run by some of HW’s “boys.” No one had to hustle for sales in those days because buyers lined up to purchase the “package deals” which had just emerged in those days as an evolution of subdivided land. The first phase sold for $14,000 for a 3 BR home (no sidewalks and overhead utilities). The second phase sold for $17,000. HW was really riding high in those days.

    Masaji Marumoto was on BoH Bd. of Directors, & followed Hung Wo Ching under Peterson. Masaji represented

    Chinn Ho w/Wai’anae resort plans [after sugar plantation closed down], which is how H-1 Freeway got thru

    via federal funds [Heco plant/etc.]. BoH’s Cooke aristocratic persona was diffused via Peterson’s grassroot

    image. BoH’s Link Moore a grassroot acolyte. Luso/Portuguese Joe Pao 1916-1977 w/BoH [great CPA Henry

    Alves under Pao]. Pao’s greatest project was utterly creative Enchanted Lakes.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Columnist Steven Kalas on Susan Boyle

    Columnist Steven Kalas’ lessons learned from

    Susan Boyle in this morning’s Hawai’i Trib are

    timeless. Boyle is the cognitively disabled

    singer who was starved of oxygen at birth.

    I quote excerpts from Kalas’ remarkable tribute

    to angelheart Boyle: “Count yourself lucky to

    be in the company of one so absent guile &

    pretense, so charmingly self-deprecating, so

    endearingly nerdy. Says in interviews she has

    never been kissed. She has runaway eyebrows,

    helmet hair, two chins, and a square head out of

    which pours an effortless, pristine smile and dancing

    eyes. She giggles a lot. As Susan walks center stage,

    [there is a] collective, pained ‘You’ve got to be

    kidding’ murmur [that] floats up. She’s 47, she says,

    & then blurts out ‘and that’s just one side of me’ while

    she shakes her ample booty and hips in a parody of

    sexuality. Eyes roll, faces reflect anguish and scorn.

    Susan says simply and sincerely that she wants to be

    a professional singer, but that ‘nobody would give me

    a chance before, but here’s hoping that will change.’

    Here’s hoping. Hope. Hope is a dangerous thing. It

    requires uncommon depth and courage to hope.

    Cynicism is cheaper, easier, and, in this culture,

    socially rewarding. People count it as sophistication

    and intelligence. How perfectly ironic that Susan

    chooses to sing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ (Michael Ball)

    from ‘Les Miserables’ — ‘I had a dream my life would

    be/So different from this hell I’m living/So different

    now from what it seemed/Now life has killed/The

    dream I dreamed.’ The first eight bars slap everyone

    in the face. No one can hide their shock & surprise.

    Like a miraculous healing. Susan’s voice relieves the

    audience of ‘mean and bitter,’ forgives them for it,

    and leaves them speechless, humbled, & grateful,

    gaping in the presence of True Beauty. It’s Beatle-

    maniaesque. Meaning, quickly Susan’s gifts aren’t

    even about Susan any more. Suddenly Susan’s

    beauty belongs to all of us. People stand in delirious

    applause — yes, because of Susan’s talent, but

    even more because it is such a relief to be dragged

    out from under the smallness and the cynicism that

    we hipsters normalize and call ‘human.'” Amazing,

    just amazing. Thank you Steven, for your heartstopper

    expressions of gratitude to Susan Boyle.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Original aupuni/seat of government “gathering place”

    Again, to answer Susan Gagorik, do you know that the original

    Aupuni was where Kalakaua Park is today [first site of

    Congregational church 1825], inasmuch a century ago it

    consisted of our territorial & newfound [1905] gov’t offices?

    And in 1927 our County executive branch occupied the 1899-built

    Peacock block/bldg at Keawe St. As recently as 1935, new Aupuni

    was envisioned to expand mauka to Ululani St. [fka Pleasant

    St. where upper crust Hiloans lived, such as educator Ernie

    De Silva] & south to Haili St. All thoughts were scoured

    away by the 1960 tsunami that pulverized the heart of

    downtown Hilo. Although Doc Hill had expanded out

    toward Shinmachi via Doc’s new concept called the

    Hilo Shopping Ctr. [anchored by 1922-built Ludloff Bldg.

    at Pi’opi’o St./Kam Ave. — today’s site of Bayside Chevron

    at junction of Pauahi St. built 1937/Kam Ave.] after the

    1946 tsunami wiped out Kam Ave. from Pauahi St. south

    to Hilo Iron Works Bldg. [Shinmachi district], the heart of

    downtown Hilo still was Aupuni. But the 1960 tsunami

    forever moved downtown’s heartland/seat of government

    away from the devastated inundation area 25 feet makai

    of the Peacock bldg. to inland sites w/room for further

    expansion. Thence, Scrub Tanaka’s invisible hand to

    elevate the Waiolama flatlands [former swamps] via

    fill to withstand the next big tsunami, & to erect

    gov’t offices there. Scrub 1915-2006 was the do-er

    behind victorious foe Lofty Cook’s [1959-1962] flustered

    reign as County chief executive. The shift of our County

    seat of gov’t south to Kaiko’o site was the death knell

    for downtown Hilo’s heartland, though anchor Kress Store

    toughed it out until it no longer could stay solvent [Kuhio

    Plaza 1985 was the nail on Kress’ coffin].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sage advice

    Waiakea Pirates oyabun/godfather Rich Nakamura born 1921 recalls telling

    Kenso Nushida incarnate/child prodigy Tommy Ishigo born 1945, “Nothing ever

    will be the same for you again,” after teenage pitcher Tommy vanquished the

    foe to lead Big Isle AJA all-stars to State title win 1962. Actually, Rich, in

    acerbic lookback, says that Rich told Tommy, “Everything is downhill from here,

    Tommy,” meaning that nothing will top Tommy’s monumental accomplishment

    [boy beating man]. So true, in that Tommy emerged when we didn’t have

    NCAA D1 programs, so that Tommy languished in obscurity in adulthood, so

    to speak. Tommy was no Derek Tatsuno [major leaguer for sure if Tatsuno’s

    arm held up/persevered], but Tommy was among our better local crop of

    baseball pitchers, w/good control-curve ball [though Tommy is venerated

    by Hiloans for Tommy’s blazer]. Kenso Nushida 1900-1983 was charmed as

    our “Boy Wonder” by scribes nearly a century ago, who beat grown men

    w/Kenso’s fastball-diverse pitches. Nushida is our 1st AJA triple-A player.

    Nushida grew up across Hilo’s Mo`oheau Park [behind Okino hotel along

    butcher lane], & is peer Ironman Morimoto’s brother-in-law.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    David Peleiholani Kalani — Honomu land baron 1879-1947

    Honomu village is 12 miles north of Hilo along the original King Sugar [Cane]

    heritage corridor. Its former C. Brewer-owned sugar mill 1880 stopped operations

    in 1946 [merged w/Pepe`ekeo Sugar Mill]. King Kalani`opu`u was Kamehameha

    the Great’s uncle & war mentor. After Kalani`opu`u died in 1782, Kamehameha

    the Great went on to unite the Hawaiian Islands under his singular command.

    Kalani`opu`u descendants include Kekulu Peleiholani 1854-1905, mother of David

    Peleiholani Kalani Sr. 1879-1947. Both mother/son are buried on Kalani estate

    land south of Yoshio Tanimoto estate [Tanimoto theater chain, not Akaka Noodle

    Shop family]. Kalani High School in Wai`alae is not named after Kalani`opu`u.

    David Jr. was backyard musician w/pal/legend Gabby Pahinui. David Sr. was Honomu

    land baron, being headlined via nobility, but David Sr. unraveled via drinking & owed

    folks money toward the end. But creditors did not pursue his lands, being that he

    also helped local folks [aloha spirit]. Today’s descendants, like the Lalakea Estate

    descendants [Wainaku/Waiakea/Hamakua/etc.], all chop suey/fragmented/disarray.

    Sam Ho Chee born 1928, whose mother Hattie Kua was hanai’d by David Kalani Sr.,

    is unpaid/voluntary caretaker of Kalani Estate in Honomu, that includes lands

    along Honomu’s Main St./old Mamalahoa Hwy. [b/n Honomu Shinto church &

    Hongwanji Church, old Mormon Church/etc.]. I thank Sam Ho Chee & Shigeyoshi

    Katekawa born 1923, great Honomu observers/historians, for their assistance in

    gathering info on David Kalani Sr. To me, as casual outside visitor, Honomu is

    the Avenue of Churches!! Man alive, one church after another lined up like

    pearls on a string — starting from south to north — UCC [mythic samurai

    missionary Shiro Sokabe]/Catholic Church/Hongwanji/Odaisan-Shinto/Mormon.

    All colors of the Rainbow. Kalani Loop along the Akaka Falls road is named after

    David Kalani Sr. Shigeyoshi Katekawa lives/owns property there. Sam Ho

    Chee lives on his own fee simple land, not on Kalani Estate lands. Judy

    Kerstetter, watercolor portrait artist, cell ph. 990-1761, is the greatest

    portrait painter I’ve ever seen. Her portrait paintings are an out-of-body

    experience!! Dean/June Hanashiro Edmoundson’s bakery [unbelievably ono

    bread products/unique jams] located in the Ishigo Bakery Bldg. is unmatched

    in quality/prices ph. 963-5000, email mredsbakery@yahoo.com. Honomu is the

    secret waiting to be told!! Frisco’s counter-culture/D.C.’s Adams-Morgan

    corridor/NYC’s Greenwich Village — none can compare w/Honomu’s delectables!!

    Sam Ho Chee’s Mormon enablers incl. current U.S. Dist. Ct. judge Al Kay’s dad Hal/

    former 1st Haw’n Bank’s Jack Hoag/Boy Scout mgr. Reggie Chong/electrician [Wainaku

    boy] Ed Paaluhi/etc. Even Dean Edmoundson has his Pentecostal services in his

    store!! The Edmoundsons’ Mr. Ed’s Bakery includes scrumptious–out of this world

    celestial treats unavailable anywhere else. Famous Honomu natives incl. Dr. Ellsworth

    Takata/former State prisons chief George Iranon/attys George Kawamoto-Earl

    Nakasato/solon Cal Kawamoto/electrical engineer Dave Ishigo/great sportsman

    Frank Ishii/1st NFL player Augie Cabrinha/our only native-born NBA star Red

    Rocha’s mom, Augie’s older sis/our Big Isle’s only big leaguer Onan Masaoka’s dad

    [whose De Sa kin incl. pro baseballers Rich/Joey]/local star pitcher Tom Ishigo.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Relevance — Janet Langhart Cohen born 1941

    Broadcaster Janet Cohen [pioneer African-American/wife of former Sec. of

    Defense Bill Cohen] got fired in 1990 when she asked today’s Gov. Arnold S.

    of California about his father’s Nazi background, in violation of contract Arnold

    had w/producers not to talk about his dad. Janet — audacity or reckless fool?

    She called upon a higher plane [after all, she is Mahalia Jackson’s 1911-1972

    protege out of Chicago] in deliberate breach of contract. Pastor Rich Uejo

    born 1925 asked me out for breakfast the other day. I asked him how would

    Jesus react to Janet’s wrong. He said he doesn’t apply Jesus to things mortal —

    that mortal beings always sin, no matter what. I told Rich such block to

    application/relevance might be an anachronism, esp. in these trying times of

    economic/emotional upheavals/woes. Rich said that the Bible is never an

    anachronism — it is always relevant, but only to be discussed in the context

    of personal salvation, not as a Social Gospel like I’m trying to query him about.

    Alas, different approaches. I totally reject/rebuke Richard’s hands-off cue.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    442 Jack Kondo waited for his cigarette ration to come in the next day.

    But the supply convoy was ambushed, & rations didn’t come in. So Jack

    had to sleuth for his butts to re-smoke. My cousin Clifford saw my dad

    Toshi throw Toshi’s cigarette butts in the yard when Toshi smoked by

    the cherry tree shed in Wainaku. Young, impressionable Cliff would pick

    up the butts & make believe Cliff was smoking. Yikes!! When I asked

    cuz Cliff how Cliff remembered the cherry tree shed, Cliff exclaimed,

    “Your dad’s cigarettes!” Yikes!! Tommy Ishigo born 1945 among our

    best-ever baseball pitchers. When his State tourney game got rained

    out on O`ahu, he had to wear his BVDs again the next day, inside out.

    Yikes!! Tommy 5’8″ had good local size, but too small to be big leaguer.

    Didn’t get offers. Brother Sam tried out U Oregon, but didn’t make team.

    Leroy Lutu Sr. 6’4″ U High all-world ’78-’80 had good football career

    U Wash. Leroy strong forward on my alltime Haw’n Islands high school

    hoops squad, along w/Ed Bento small forward 6’5″, Julian Sensley center

    6’8″, AC Goo point guard 5’5″, Ia Saipaia shooting guard 6’2″. Derrick

    Low/Red Raymond ’29 McKinley come off the bench.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Especially w/upending the status quo, outside thinking needed

    Yes, why fix something that ain’t broken?! But most times something is broken

    in politics [ego/greed/influence]. BoH’s Cooke ohana’s aristocratic exclusivity

    was upended by grassroot impoverished Swedish immigrant Rudy Peterson

    1904-2003 [necessity is the mother of invention], who was brought here by

    Walt Dillingham 1875-1963, who had a moral make-up call on the mat for the

    benefit of non-haole residents [Walt lorded over BoH Bd. Directors][Walt most

    powerful WWII figure — Navy-Nimitz-FDR bosom buddy (FDR a Navy man)].

    Castle & Cooke’s insular myopia upended when Statesiders Budge/McNaughton

    took over to ramp up to global trade/commerce. CPB’s buddaheads assimilated

    into haole banking turf via CPB’s haole CEOs, & only now Migita first buddahead

    CEO. Yes, gun-shy AJA CYA mentality, George Ariyoshi trait. First Haw’n Bank’s

    Bellinger a Roosevelt High backdrop, disdained Punahou mystique/privileges, rough-

    hewn to the end, upended gentleman Chatterton for 1st Haw’n CEO [shook up bdrm.

    black suits/white collars], then picked Portagee Dods [pidgin Dods/JBellingers

    primary vocab] over finance’s Horner. Upend status quo. Irony is that Bellinger/

    Dods then typified the Jap status quo/Dem Party of Burns/Ariyoshi — the outsiders

    became encrusted/self-interested insiders. Lingle has never gained the confidence

    of maverick First Haw’n overlords, despite her own GOP maverick legacy vs.

    Burns progeny. Lingle for Lingle, not Abe Lincoln GOP — that’s the diff. GOP Statehood

    Joe Farrington a favored child of 1st Haw’n, but died 1954, a year before Rudy Peterson

    brought in by Dillingham at BoH. Dillingham saw the explosive arrival of Burns-led

    Dems after Joe’s death, & was not going to miss riding the wave this time around

    in 1955. And so BoH marched into plus history via Dillingham/Peterson. No, Walt/Rudy

    did not create today’s Lucifer on Wall St. On both sides of party aisle, Dem Obama’s

    corrupt ex-Fannie Mae’s Raines/Johnson/Howard & GOP McCain’s corrupt ex-Freddie

    Mac’s Davis products of me/me/me generation/genre, unlike mature wizened sages Walt

    [dad Ben Franklin Dillingham’s personal vices ran construction co. into the bottom

    of Pearl Loch] & Rudy [who engaged in creativity to survive hunger/pestilence].

    John Hulten 1913-2002 a forward-looking outsider who infused Stateside experience into

    backward-thinking localites [break up chokehold of Bishop Estate/ferry system to

    economize inter-island commerce], a guy who was a half century ahead of his time.

    Stateside timeline precedes local timeline. So outsiders “been there, did it!”

    Similarly, D.C. psyche Mufi has seen/lived rail commute, so Mufi knows rail is

    inevitable. Fasi saw home rule at its best [think Pao’s partner Italian Scarfoni],

    so Fasi implemented what Kanaka Johnny Wilson envisioned/what Rusty Blaisdell

    germinated small scale before suburbia expanded — satellite city halls. And

    Fasi saw urban bus transport saturation as major relief for commute, thence

    Fasi’s Da Bus intricate routelines. Yes, outside thinking that upended myopic

    status quo to enable better quality of life. Of course, now the urban village

    model [centralized services] is embraced to avert sprawl/gas consumption/

    reduced quality of family life.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Nothing wrong w/speaking in tongues

    Sarah Palin’s Evangelicals [Assemblies of God/Pentecostal/

    Nazarene] vocalize expressive/delirious transcendence–

    speaking in tongues. Nothing wrong. Everyone’s expression

    is unique/emotional. Exposure/comprehension/empathy are

    key to acceptance of diverse expressions. Look at our

    local nuance. Locals pitch down w/courtesy phrase, “How are

    you?” Statesiders pitch up at the end word “you.” Ningen

    samazama, we’re all different. Nothing wrong w/our pluralist

    traditions. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sport wayfinders [symbolically, I speak up for our ancients]

    Sharon Peterson’s volleyball Vulcans were world-beaters from their

    1978 starting gun, in large part because of the longest-running

    Haili tourney that began 20 yrs. before [incl. Lyndell/Sweetie

    Lindsey’s dad Tommy/uncle Arnold Nathaniel as founding members].

    VBall is synonymous w/Hilo [indoor/no rain-out a la hoops–ergo

    roof-covered Ah Chew Goo].

    The greatest athletes in the Hawaiian Islands came from

    Waiakea. Football legends Herman Clark [Sr.][GB Packer

    Curly Lambeau’s pal] & NFL sons Buddy/Jimmy haole roots

    hail from Waiakea peninsula [paddling legend Henry Hoe’s

    “hamlet” — Kapena Lane another name for Henry]. Our

    greatest running back Herm “Flyin’ Haw’n” Wedemeyer

    [shiftier/more elusive-fluid than Leilehua High’s NFL

    straight back Adrian Murrell/Chris T-Maafala/Mosi Tatupu/

    Arnold Morgado/Joe Francis/Bob Apisa/Hiram Kaakua/Al

    Harrington/Dusky Brash/Eddie Fernandez/Pump Searle]

    a stone’s throw along the Kalaniana`ole corridor. Of

    course, our 1st A-American 1935 is Waiakea Pirate

    pride Tommy Kaulukukui. Pirate baseball pride

    Alex Swede Desha was recruited by major leaguers

    from when he was a gangly 17 yr. old pitcher 1913.

    Yes, Onan Masaoka [Haw’n roots in Waiakea] is

    Big Isle’s only home-grown major leaguer, but

    Swede was better/shiftier. The only superhuman

    who rebukes Waiakea is Ah Chew Goo, a die-hard

    Lincoln Park Wrecker. Paradox is that Ah Chew’s

    coach Beans Afook [each Chinaman hated each

    other — figures, right? Chinese are individualists]

    lived smack-dab in the heart of Waiakea!! So

    Waiakea still tops central Hilo’s Ah Chew [Beans

    among winningest coaches of all time, not to

    mention having been a multi-sport athlete

    at Hilo High/Cal Poly Pomona].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    No, Derek Tatsuno didn’t return for the UH 1980

    College World Series Finals season. He turned down

    a $100,000 bonus to sign w/the Padres & chose

    $750,000 from Japan zaibatsu/Prince Hotel chain,

    amateur affiliate of Seibu Lions. But Les Murakami

    ever the egocentrist, who was Tatsuno’s advisor,

    not being akamai [just a jock], got snared by a

    1966 U.S./Japan pact that forbade Tatsuno’s free

    agency as long as U.S. clubs continued to draft him,

    which they did, thus relegating him to mediocre

    amateur ball which prevented him from commanding

    much more money on the Japan open market. Blame

    Les’ egomania for Tatsuno’s debacle. Les loves himself

    too much. Which is why Les feels badly today about

    Tatsuno’s relatively charmless life [Derek not

    scholastic]. Back to Japan’s amateur Prince team–

    his catchers couldn’t handle his ball movement

    [his trademark wrist strength] & his switch to

    straight-up motion ruined his natural 3/4 style.

    He ruined his wrist/arm “dumbing down” to bush

    league play. Zaibatsu bought him for PR, not

    his best interests/career longevity. Again, Les

    Murakami’s Waiakea connection goes back to

    pre- and post-WWII UH coach Tommy Kaulukukui,

    who featured Buster Maruyama/Paul Nakamura,

    sons of Pirate founders Nobu/CT. Les’ only trips

    as a rookie coach were to Hilo vs. the Pirates.

    Which is why all Pirates played for Les [though

    none were of the calibre of Kaulukukui himself

    as a player].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Richard Nakamura born 1921 as grumbler

    Waiakea Pirate oyabun/godfather Richard Nakamura is senile/repeats

    himself constantly [Alzheimers]. But even before he got

    senile, he always was a grumbler/hypercritical, which is why most folks

    cannot stand him. Nonetheless, I give Richard props for 2 things: He

    never wanted to be enshrined in Jack Matsui’s sports hall of fame [he correctly

    says that Matsui mooches money from enshrinees]/he led the Wrecker

    testimonial to Froggie Yoneda, being that the Wreckers weren’t on the

    ball to recognize their own Wrecker godfather. Richard is

    like perennial grumblers Peter Hayashi/Jackson Fujii, 2 guys who thought

    their sh_t did not stink. Both are Houselots guys like Richard, but did

    not help the Pirates. They stuck w/holier-than-thou JAC [Central

    Hilo elitists like HPM’s Barney Fujimoto-Hisa Hisanaga]. Shigeru Ironman

    Morimoto was home-grown/grassroot, helped out Koichi Segawa’s Shinmachi

    gang [though both are Houselots also].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    To each’s own

    Isamu Kanekuni asks me why I say that Isamu is the top observer

    of politics. Because everyone I intervew has an agenda/preference/

    interest, not broad-expansive like Isamu. Isamu can switch expertise

    from venture capitalists to hedge funds to tax credits [vs. deductions]

    to union concessions on pay raises to AIG bonuses being seconded by

    conflict of interest Congressional delegations. Roland Higashi/Bobby

    Fujimoto/Tommy Hirano/Steve Yamashiro/etc. don’t have such impassioned

    coverage of diverse topics. Steve Yamashiro couldn’t stand Scrub because

    Scrub supported Harvey Tajiri for County Council chair [before Tajiri

    became like AIG bonus boys], & Steve always gives Isamu the indifferent nod

    when I tell Steve to acknowledge Isamu at the restaurant. Yikes!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Issue of request not to publish

    Yes, to answer query about when not to publish from a source,

    if the source/communicant tells you “this is not for publication/

    dissemination,” I am to obey it, except in compelling instances

    where the actual facts/Truth exposed via communicant change

    the conventional suppositions/thinking. For example, in 442nd

    RCT mortar man Wataru Kohashi’s date with destiny involving

    fellow mortar man Kiyo Muranaga, who posthumously was awarded

    the Medal of Honor 9 years ago [upgraded from DSC in 1944,

    Muranaga the first KIA of 442 RCT], the facts as borne out by

    Kohashi’s F Co. boys [e.g., Ron Oba’s online oral history] irrefutably

    prove that Wataru Kohashi was the actual intended DSC awardee,

    but that the DSC was awarded to Muranaga because Muranaga

    was the 442 first KIA, just as Joe Takata posthumously was awarded

    the DSC as the 100th Batt. first KIA 1943 [Joe died from being shot,

    that’s it]. Symbolically, the first KIAs are memorialized via

    recognition for exceptional valor. As variant/offshoot, Shigeyoshi

    Katekawa re-visited the ILWU fracas vs. break-away member Amos

    Ignacio of Pepe`ekeo, who tried to create his own “anti-communist”

    union amid the Red Scare 1940s, Luso/Portuguese Amos being a

    generation older/more conservative than ILWU leaders Jack Hall/

    Bob McElrath [Ah Quon’s husband]. Shigeyoshi got stigmatized by

    lowest level laborers for being communist via Shigeyoshi’s midnight

    union organizing meetings, in large part due to Ignacio’s scurrilous

    venom vs. the ILWU. Shigeyoshi’s native Honomu village was only

    a stone’s throw from Ignacio’s Pepe`ekeo nerve center. Shigeyoshi

    told me to check on Shigeyoshi’s reminiscences of Ignacio, which I

    did. Ignacio’s revolt/secession are well-documented in ILWU/labor

    history periodicals, esp. ILWU braintrust Louis Goldblatt’s memoirs.

    What ails Shigeyoshi now is his own self-assessment that he said

    too much against employer C. Brewer, the hand that fed him to

    ascend up management’s ladder, Shigeyoshi being a direct beneficiary

    of C. Brewer’s co-optation of native-born management prodigies

    like Shigeyoshi. Actually, Shigeyoshi finds himself in no-man’s land

    [in his own mind] in speaking out both against his employer/fellow

    employees [e.g., praise of mgmt. Cushnie boys, incl. AmFac, vs.

    Shige’s buddies who drove off on a party tear, leaving him w/no

    transportation to go home]. It’s sad, really, but Shige told the

    truth/straight facts, as history beckons accordingly.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Bill Quinn/Donn Carlsmith

    Isamu Kanekuni speculates that Bill Quinn got Donn Carlsmith to

    wrangle in Bobby Fujimoto/Glenn Oda to head Quinn’s 1959 &

    1962 Gov. campaigns on the Big Island, though Bobby says that

    Quinn’s territorial transportation head Tim Ho recruited Bobby/


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Nabisco twist of fate — outgoing CEO makes killing 1988

    Ross Johnson ended up w/$53M in twist as outgoing CEO of

    Nabisco, when takeover buyer was accepted by Nabisco instead

    of Johnson’s higher unsecured offer to retain Nabisco. Corporate

    greed of the century that portended worthless stock derivatives

    via CDS [credit default swaps] 20 yrs. later in 2008. Like T. Boone

    Pickens, Ross Johnson born 1931 specialized in cannibalizing/merger

    acquisitions, & got rid of longstanding execs in his raids. But in

    Nabisco’s case, Johnson still ended up winning personally while losing

    takover leveraged buyout — leaving Nabisco heavily in debt via

    Johnson’s golden parachute & leveraged buyout by eventual raiders

    who guaranteed payout vs. Johnson’s unsecured higher bid to retain

    ownership. As negative role model Robert Kiyosaki would say, Johnson

    made Nabisco’s money work for Johnson, instead of Johnson working

    to make Nabisco money

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Oops, period needed at end of post above.

    Kukui Plaza scandal/pay to play 1976

    When developer Hal Hanson walked into Fasi top aide Bob Dye’s office &

    offered to pay to play [via campaign head Harry CC Chung], Dye immediately

    went to the prosecutor’s office to nail Hanson for bribery. As it turned out,

    Hanson became special A.G. Grant Cooper’s chief witness vs. Fasi. Hanson

    got cold feet & was jailed for refusing to testify vs. Fasi. At which point

    prosecutor Cooper dismissed Fasi’s indictment. U.S. Atty. Fitzpatrick indicts

    Blagojevich now because there’s no guarantee wiretaps would nail Blag’s

    appointment completion, inasmuch Blag could seal illegal deal w/out phone-

    wiretap [mob knowhow — secluded park/street/etc.]. Yes, Isamu

    Kanekuni proffers that Fitzpatrick should’ve waited until deal done but before

    appointment, but I told Isamu this is just wishful thinking — the real world

    doesn’t fall into place the way Isamu sees it. As to Illinois AG Madigan’s

    petition to Ill. S.Ct. to remove Blag, separation of powers requires impeach-

    ment via peoples’ reps/legislature. But independent AG brings up Uncle Willy

    Thompson’s point about an independent law enforcement legal arm — elected

    AG more responsible to public, vs. current AG Bennett’s submissive status

    to Lingle on ceded lands. Lingle tries to pander to Haw’n separatists.

    Elected AG would think twice before doing so [law’s sovereign immunity in

    hands of legislature, the vessel of the teeming masses, not in hands of

    guilt-trip CJ Ron Moon’s S.Ct. which also panders to Haw’n separatists].

    An elected AG would adhere to stare decisis/precedent, not be fooled

    by Governor’s/S. Ct.’s pandering to Haw’n separatists. Of course, the

    downside is elected official’s squeemish subservience to campaign

    supporters — Illinois AG Madigan seeks to be Illinois Governor — files

    frivolous petition to remove Blag based on unfitness — Illinois S. Ct.

    dismisses frivolous petition w/out even commenting on it — not worth

    S. Ct.’s time, in other words. Separation of powers inviolate — S. Ct.

    cannot overstep legislature’s role via impeachment [power of the people].

    In our C.J. Ron Moon’s case, Moon disregards stare decisis/precedent that

    sovereign immunity in hands of legislature, not Ron’s court, that ceded

    land sale cannot be thwarted by Ron’s injunction on a political question —

    ergo, overthrow of Monarchy 1893.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Edward Nuku Silva 1902-1977

    Luso/Haw’n GOP Attorney General Edward N. Sylva was fired by Gov. Sam

    Wilder King in 1956 after magnanimous Sylva was a guest at ILWU’s Jack

    Hall testimonial. Irony is that Sylva chaired the DPI panel that fired John

    & Aiko Tokimasa Reincke in 1948 for subversive teaching, & chaired the

    Territorial commission on subversive activities. King himself was a surprise

    choice as appointed Gov. ’53 by Ike in that Ike man Crossley was promised

    the Gov. title by Ike himself, but Ike succumbed to Sen. Bob Taft of Ohio

    on patronage slots in return for Ike winning Taft’s support for President.

    King himself unceremoniously was dumped by Ike ’57 in favor of WWII

    veteran Bill Quinn [no patronage owed anymore to Taft, who died in

    1953]. Sylva went on to practice law & died in obscurity.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Honoli`i gulch 3 miles north of Hilo

    Our island’s favorite surf spot only got popularized via Fred Hemmings era 1965,

    prior to that being an idyllic scene of quiet solitude, where residents would go

    fishing/netting. The 1st trail across Honoli`i gulch via wood bridge at the

    narrow mauka side was made during Kauikeaouli’s [Kamehameha III] era 1850s.

    Later kings Liholiho/Lot [Kam IV/V]/Lunalilo 1854-1874 erected wood bridges

    toward the mouth of the river. Kalakaua erected metal bridge that kept getting

    destroyed by tsunami/floodwaters/storm waves 1874-1891. Kalakaua had

    huge celebration where Kapahua ohana later resided at mouth’s edge, on bridge

    completion. Eventually the metal truss bridge was erected 14 ft. above sea

    level anchored by cement abutments. You see this bridge in photos at Lyman

    & Tsunami museums. The old horse/buggy trail skirted the coastline & is

    today’s Honoli`i pavilion ground. The RR bridge was built 1910 [round piers

    still in river mouth], the old mamalahoa hwy in 1914 [scenic mauka bridge

    in HCR RR postcards]. The metal truss horse/buggy bridge was left to rust

    & was later washed upstream by tsunami/storms. The current belt rd. bridge was

    built in 1938, & the current highway in 1951. The old highway was diverted

    from Alae [cemetery area] to the 1938 bridge [largest in territory/later

    exceeded by Hakalau bridge], then back to the old highway at the Hamakua

    end. The old connector cuts a narrow swath into the pali below my parents’

    home today. The RR ran parallel makai to today’s belt rd. Its depot was

    where lighthouse is today [cannot see from belt rd.] at Honoli`i point. Akau’s

    Pauka`a sugar mill 1857-1864 straddled the ancient rd. His buyout by Austin

    resulted in today’s still-existent water wheel “garrison” at Pauka`a ridge, where

    Manuel Reis’ former home is along the old rd. Akau’s predecessors were

    immigrants Reinhardt & Asegut 1850.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kiyo Hamakawa’s colorful life born 1929
    Villa Franca’s Kiyo [Red Rocha/Ed Bento neighbor] is Ah Chew Goo’s born 1918 devotee.

    Kiyo was coach Beans Afook’s go-to playmaker guard [Beans didn’t suit up Kiyo once

    when disciplinarian Beans’ 1901-1991 capt. Kiyo missed curfew] 1947 Hilo High grad.

    Kiyo starred at Springfield College MA & was embraced by Bob Cousy/NCAA bigshots.

    Kiyo babysat Springfield alumnus Bing Russell’s son Kurt [movie star]. Kiyo was mentor

    to Benihana’s Aoki [who was runner-up NCAA wrestling titlist but quit school because

    Aoki felt Aoki shamed his family by being #2]. Kiyo mentored Hawai`i pitcher Henry

    Tominaga, who later became UH AD official. Tominaga starred at NCAA level but was

    not major leaguer [5’7″ — too small]. Kiyo was asked by mayor Shun Kimura to be

    P& R head 1964 but Kiyo declined; Kiyo was asked by Shun to find P&R head–Kiyo

    asked Tominaga, who declined because Tominaga was devoted to UH leaders who

    gave Tominaga his start/security. Kiyo says DOE’s Jimmy Kurashige was ex-marine

    disciplinarian/too rigid/wanted to be addressed as Dr. Kurashige. Which is why

    Kurashige born 1931 only stayed at Elem. school level. Kiyo was asked by principal

    Henry Gouveia’s wife to get Henry to retire before Henry’s cancer killed Henry.

    Henry refused, & widow lost $220,000 pension benefits. Kiyo played hoops w/Bobby

    Kau, but says that Ah Chew Goo was way better than Bobby Kau. Kau’s forte was

    dribbling, which Ah Chew was better at. Ah Chew’s forte was passing, which Pistol

    Pete Maravich copied but never surpassed [Ah Chew’s cross-leg dribble never has

    been duplicated]. Kiyo is yakamashii/talks too much, but if you down-shift away his

    motor mouth veneer, you find tremendous contacts/exposure/experiences . No, Kiyo

    is not a tall tale guy. He lived what he says. Hilo High honored Ah Chew Goo at its

    centennial — Kiyo pulls out a $500 check & tells me to give it to emcee Tommy Goya

    [Goo’s peer Hick Goya’s son]. Goya is floored, as are booster club members. That’s

    Kiyo. He backs up his words. Kiyo is unrepentant about getting DocWong/Beans Afook

    facilities named after them. Kiyo says that Doc Wong helped all kids/parents for free

    w/medical care, whereas George Thompson’s forte was as baseball guru/godfather for

    free. To Kiyo, Doc Wong had more impact on people. That Beans Afook was the Einstein

    to Walter Victor’s Red Auerbach motivator, that Beans’ winning record never will be

    matched/surpassed. That Richard Chinen was just the paid caretaker for Hilo’s Civic

    Auditorium. To Kiyo, it’s not about usage of the facility by the person. It’s about

    what the facility symbolizes [leaders], never mind the person’s disconnect physically

    from the facility.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Wilbur Mills & Wayne Hays sex scandals

    Most powerful congressmen, but Hays’ scandal outrageous vs. Mills’ alcoholism.

    I lived in D.C. & saw these bookends Mills 1974/Hays 1976, titillating vs.

    America’s deepest/rivetting constitutional crisis, Watergate-Nixon’s resignation

    1972-1974, where Judge John Sirica pointed out his office safe where the

    Watergate tapes were stored, when former boxer Sirica invited naive students

    Raimundo Sarabia/me into his courthouse office/chamber as his respite from

    the voracious media camped outside the courthouse. Sirica liked non-Anglos/

    change of pace in his quiet moment/solitude. Chivalrous Mills’ alcoholism led

    to his legendary verbal spats w/Argentine flame Fanne Fox, age 39. She was

    not on his payroll, though she met him via his jaunts to D.C.’s racy Silver

    Slipper strip club. Hays is another story — braggart/arrogant Hays kept

    Lewinsky predecessor [sans Monica’s legit brains] blonde Liz Ray on gov’t

    payroll for Hays’ preferred dick-sucking. Had despotic Hays treated Liz

    like a proper lass, she wouldn’t have been selfish enough to spill the

    beans on Hays’ tyranny. Fanne Fox [Italian-Spanish] was drop-dead

    gorgeous a la Gina Lollabrigida [not top heavy like typecast strippers].

    Liz Ray was mirror image of Watergate John Dean’s Godiva wife Maureen.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Out of the abundance of a man’s heart

    Antonio Taguba should say that Rumsfeld is guilty of war crimes, not President Bush.

    Taguba’s hurt pride overcomes reason. Abundance of a man’s heart refers to his

    true feelings. Clearly, Taguba expresses his true feelings, albeit saturated w/

    displaced anger. What was Taguba thinking? That his head wouldn’t be on the

    chopping block? He chose to investigate Abu Ghraib. And as Taguba confesses,

    “If I lie, I lose, and if I tell the truth, I lose.” Taguba offers no proof that Bush is

    guilty of war crimes. So Antonio, stop displacing your hurt on Bush, okay? Yes,

    we’re all Jekyll & Hyde, & Antonio is not immune from such yin-yang duality.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Compassionate/earthy Franklin Odo

    Franklin flew to Japan at his own expense to help Ron Fujiyoshi signify that Japan’s fingerprint

    law for long-term residents unfairly stigmatizes non-Naichi[Mainland Nippons], akin to South’s

    Jim Crow laws here. Franklin is our greatest AJA historian, yet is so earthy/helpful. Amazing man.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Harry Kim’s self-importance

    Harry Kim always was a whole-cheeser, from his kick-ass bully schoolboy days to now.

    Civil Defense was suited for his regimented dictatorial ways. When Hollywood-handsome

    & thoroughly popular Troy Kindred did too good a job as Civil Defense chief, Harry forced

    out divinely appealing Troy. So who does Harry pick? Not so handsome/inconspicuous

    Quince Mento.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Nona Beamer 1923-2008 did not live in Napo`opo`o during her

    early childhood yrs., per her purer & non-ingratiating cousin Hawea

    Waia`u, whose Haili Church choir is Haw’n Music HoF enshrinee, &

    who is alter ego of HoF founder Kahauanu Lake. But again,

    geography might explain the self-described

    diff/perception — Nona is city girl/Hawea is country girl — varied legacies

    — Nona covets country, Hawea IS country. The amazing thing is that both

    folk heroes pursued & fulfilled the American Dream via stellar schooling East

    Coast [Congregational Columbiia U], but stayed true to their roots. Yes, the

    rural repose Hawea is less forgiving of city girl

    Nona, but understandably so. Similarly, lawyer Ben Tsukazaki 1948-2008 is

    city boy who transitioned into country flavor, & tried to image balance land

    development, though Ben never really shorned himself of materialistic adornments/

    covenants. Law partner Tom Yeh also is city boy who tries to look country, unlike

    diametrically opposite colleagues Nelson Kinoshita,/Earl Nakasato, true country boys

    who make no pretense of who they are. Yes, image embellishment not in DNA of

    Nelson/Earl, nor of Hawea.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Naval guru Themistocles of Athens 2,500 yrs. ago made sure

    that land warrior/Spartan Leonidas & his 300 men did not die in vain vs.

    Xerxes’ 300,000-strong Persian army. Had not Leonidas/Themistocles

    united [out of separate Greek city-states] vs. Xerxes, democracy

    as we know it today would not exist.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Bobby Barcena told best friend Stan Barcarse that Bobby was not

    coming back home to Hilo to live, before Bobby convoyed to Nam,

    & presented Stan a token gift, something which destitute inseparables

    Bobby/Stan never did before. Naive Stan took these to mean that

    Bobby was going to re-settle

    Stateside after the war. Bobby wrote his last letter to Stan just before

    Bobby’s KIA, which said

    that Bobby wanted to come back to Nam after the war to help in the

    villagers’ restoration of their ainas.

    Stan received Bobby’s letter the same day after Stan was notified of

    Bobby’s KIA.

    Bobby’s life/death inspired Stan to help lead in the erection of our

    Wailoa Park Vietnam War Memorial/Eternal Flame.

    When I called Stan last week to see if Stan knew the correct spelling for

    Honaunau’s KIA Kauhaiahao, Stan

    jumped out of his desk chair & said, “Curtis, I’ll go down to the Memorial

    right now to find out!” Now, this is

    destiny, from Bobby’s soul to Stan’s a la Bobby’s gift of Bobby’s life

    via the token present to Stan. Stan lives to recount Bobby’s life —

    Bobby did not die in vain.

    Full bird retired Air Force SAC Colonel Henry Shimabukuro [made

    rank w/n 17 yrs.– declined one-star General rank in order to come

    back to Pi`ihonua to care for his ailing Mom Matsu Shimabukuro]

    asked me how did I find out about my dad’s Silver Star.

    I found out thru Uncle Bill Thompson after Dad died — Uncle Bill sent

    me the Citation which said that Dad, a food detail corporal [but

    rifleman w/2nd Batt. 442], led his squad thru enemy fire &

    rescued a WIA private by crawling under enemy fire to

    pull the WIA back to safety, & came to the aid of Dad’s mortally

    wounded CO. Dad never told me a thing about

    his Silver Star. Henry was floored that Dad was commended for

    saving a life, not killing one/others. Henry’s eyes welled up

    w/tears. Dad went on to be platoon sgt. & came back to Hilo to b

    the National Guard master sgt. after the war.

    His boys did not die in vain. To say that “one’s time is up/

    KIA/it’s written in the stars” are purposeless/fatalistic.

    These say more about the person saying these things/

    rationalizing — than they do about the KIAs who gave up

    their lives so we all can live freely.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Pi`ihonua lease to fee conversion is template for grassroot pride

    Unquestionably, Pi`ihonua native Henry Shimabukuro born 1931

    catalyzed his village’s fee simple distribution of land. W/Bill Paty

    at Land Bd./Gov. Waihe`e & Gov. Cayetano/OHA’s ceded lands input/

    Gov. liaison Gerald De Mello — pride of home ownership became a

    reality almost 15 yrs. ago. As Paty says, property tax revenues

    gratify County cofferkeepers, State/OHA derive capital gains, &

    villagers remain intact w/pride of ownership.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Low income fee simple housing/multi-unit combos

    Please read excellent Star-Bulletin ed. 2/3/08. It costs more

    to administer public housing than granting fee simple ownership w/caveats

    to avert negative speculation. Self-worth/pride do more

    to alleviate the housing crisis than any government tether.

    The Star-Bulletin advocates housing vouchers. Still tether.

    I say cut the line. Everyone benefits, including beleaguered


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    NBC’s Meet the Press’ Tim Russert 1950-2008

    As esteemed political observers John Burnett & Ken Hupp intone, Russert asks the

    toughest questions day in & day out. I love CSpan’s Brian Lamb’s informal style/

    free association, especially on family/role models/background. Larry King’s

    homespun/fireside chat manners also are comfy/informative. Though I came

    to my interview approach via Hawea Waiau/Evyn Adams 40 yrs. ago,

    I love Brian Lamb’s quaint projection, & I liken my style to his holistic method.

    Charlie Rose doesn’t have “country comfort” style, but Bill Moyers does.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    More black hair than blond hair

    Isamu Kanekuni born Nov. 1921: “Look at Punahou today, you see more

    black hair than blond hair. That shows you the economic gains that Orientals

    have made.” Simple yet profound observation. When Yasuki Arakaki went

    around the industrial area here to boycott grapes on behalf of Cesar Chavez/

    UFW, Isamu agreed to stop ordering grapes for his Veterans Produce Co.

    This shows you Isamu’s sensitivity to/compassion for society’s underclass,

    despite Isamu’s imperious/haughty mannerisms. Isamu told Yasuki, “I won’t

    bring them (grapes) in.” Yasuki’s wife is Julian Yates’ daughter. GOP solon

    Julian did not want his daughter to marry a Japanese, let alone an Okinawan.

    But she was so devoted to Yasuki, & he to her. She learned how to be more

    Japanese than Japanese themselves [especially food dishes]. When

    Toshi Serizawa went to D.C. to campaign for Statehood, Toshi asked

    why did House Speaker Sam Rayburn say Japs cannot be trusted,

    referring to AJAs? To which Rayburn replied, “Son, in order to do good things,

    I needed to get elected first.” Huey Long populist. When Jack Burns ran

    for re-election as Gov., George Martin told Scrub, “Ill take care the [Hamakua]

    Coast.” Scrub respected George Martin.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jack Burns the man 1909-1975

    w/Burns on his last legs dying from cancer, Burns gazed at a photo of his newest

    grandson, a physicallly handicapped child of 3, Nori, who had been adopted

    by Burns’ daughter Mary Beth from Holy Family Home in Osaka Japan. As

    historians Dan Boylan/Michael Holmes put it, per Mary Beth, Nori was the light in

    Grandpa’s eye. To which Burns beamed, “there’s the samurai…he’s a real kabuki

    actor, that kid!” Jack Burns was the quintessential samurai incarnate. By force

    of his grassroot authenticity, his leadership pulled together disparate elements

    into a winning coalition. As Burns biographer Dan Boylan says, he was a man for his time.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Burns’ confidants Dan Aoki 1918-1986/Mike Tokunaga 1920-2005 Maui boys

    Hatchet man Aoki [Gill’s incendiary ascription “alarming friends” of Burns]

    was born & raised in Kealakekua but moved to Maui in 1926, where his dad

    was a Congregational missionary. Thence Aoki’s deep Americanization/

    innate adaptation. Essentially, what A-hole Tom Gill discredited was

    Gill himself in the mirror — fully Americanized free man who espoused

    life/liberty/pursuit of happiness a la Aoki & Thomas Jefferson. 442nd Aoki’s

    100th Batt. replacement counterpart was Mike Tokunaga, whom Aoki

    chummed w/after WWII while leading their respective RCT social clubs.

    Like Rizal/Sun Yat Sen, Aoki wanted to join the medical field, but lack of

    money prevented this. As it turned out, Aoki & Tokunaga went on to

    become Jack Burns’ closest O`ahu political advisors, while independent/

    tengu Kazuhisa Abe-like Najo Yoshinaga lorded over Maui for genro/

    godfather Burns, Najo a 442 guy like Aoki. Due to their youth [20+ yrs.

    age gap b/n oyabun/genesis Takaichi Miyamoto & Aoki/Toku/Yoshi],

    these 3 kids were not mentored by overlord Miyamoto, Maui’s finest/first

    AJA political native son. Aoki’s Maui bosom buddy Tadao Beppu lorded

    over as House Speaker, like Maui’s ILWU henchman Elmer Cravalho.

    Of course, from Kaua`i came the unquenchable Spark Matsunaga &

    original Hilo native Toshi Serizawa, but 442 Turk Tokita [Al Konishi’s uncle]

    was Burns’ boss on Kaua`i inasmuch Spark moved to O`ahu & Toshi moved

    back to Hilo. Aoki & Beppu were inspired by former Kapoho boy Jack

    Kawano to unionize rank/file while they worked at the docks pre-WWII

    to earn money for school. Neighbor island boys were very goal-oriented,

    more so than O`ahu natives [ergo Hilo 442 Hideto Kono/Pa`ahau 442

    Masato Doi].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Maui boys Najo Yoshinaga 1919-2010 & Takaichi Miyamoto 1897-1981

    Najo 442nd Cannon Co. mentor to John Ushijima 1924-2006, never knew AJA Dem Party

    godfather Takaichi Miyamoto 1897-1981, even though both were Maui boys. As Najo says, Najo

    got involved w/Najo’s 2 jacks after WWII, Jack Burns/ILWU’s Jack Hall. Of course, Burns/Hall

    were not star-crossed buddies, inasmuch Hall 1915-1971 was not able to lord over older Burns 1909-1975.

    Pundy Yokouchi born 1925 & Charles Ota born 1924 were Najo’s subordinates. Charley’s

    mom worked for the plantation mgr. & Charley grew up GOP. Charley was not as close to

    Najo as Pundy. Takaichi’s star ebbed w/mentor Johnny Wilson’s decline, while Najo’s star

    brightened w/Jack Burns’-Jack Hall’s ascents, both star systems crossing paths in the

    1952 Dem Party convention. For Hilo, Taka’s Pacific Liquors Ltd. held the first retail

    liquor license after Prohibition ended, Taka’s store being on the ground floor of the Chock

    Bldg. [where Spencer’s Gym is on Haili St.], w/optometrist Dr. Ernie Mitsuo Kuwahara later

    upstairs of him. Thence the nativity of AJA fusion w/the Dem Party here. Diff b/n

    Issei dependence on Big 5 vs. Nisei freedom — Taka’s dad worked for the Baldwins

    & wanted to disown Taka when Taka supported rebel Link McCandless vs. GOP

    Harry Baldwin for D.C. Delegate in 1922. But Taka convinced his dad/otosan that

    America was a free country & that Taka’s dad’s sacrifices made it possible for Taka

    to exercise such freedom/suffrage. But boy, Dad sure was sore for a long, long

    time. A more passionate version of Charley Ota’s conversion from GOP to Dem.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Matthew 16:26 — What shall it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul? Negative

    examples? Leona Helmsley/J. Paul Getty/Harold L. Hunt/Robert Kiyosaki [Rich Man/Poor Man

    author from Hilo]/Harry Weinberg/Freddy Galtunt Nobriga/Freddy Andrade. Yes, Getty/

    Weinberg posthumous philanthropy remade their greedy/stingy/selfish lives. Hunt’s avarice

    resumed in death as in life. Helmsley’s conceit/rapacious character also followed her in death.

    Positive example? Start w/Joseph [sold into slavery/accused of rape — did not hoard for

    himself from others to make himself materially rich — always gave to those in need]. How

    about KTA’s Taniguchi family [Hidetoshi my favorite!]! Or Larry Isemoto/Roland-Jan Higashi?

    For combo tax/social conscience pique urges, Bill Gates/Warren Buffett

    lead the global pack.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hung Wai Ching/Don Ho

    Do you know that buddaheads’ greatest hero Hung Wai Ching comes from the same neck of

    woods as the father of Modern China, Sun Yat Sen? Punti folks, closer to Macao than to

    Canton. Of course, Hung Wai is native-born Hawai`i. Do you know that none other than

    Don Ho himself sat in the back row at Hung Wai’s funeral so as not to draw attention to

    himself? Hung Wai helped fledgling patriot Don Ho after Don retired as an Air Force fighter

    pilot & started his entertainment career in obscure/invisible surroundings. Yes, you remember

    that Tai On Chock/Johnny Fong paid Don/Aliis $200 to perform here, & Tai’s/Johnny’s kids had

    to sit in the audience to clap/cheer because hardly anyone showed up? Ho name is Chinese,

    & altruists Hung Wai/Chock/Fong did all they could to help out a struggling chinaman. Don

    never forgot that, & appreciated benevolent Hung Wai till “death do we part.” Per vivacious

    Laura Chock, even in death “do Laura/Tai On do not part!” Till this day, Laura still wears

    Tai On’s T-shirts to bed. No, Tai On was not a playboy. Johnny Fong’s wife got so disgusted

    at being slave to altruism [$2 for whole nite of promotion] that she quit being Johnny’s

    garoot. Yes, today Tai On’s/Johnny’s kids are icons themselves [banker Terrill-dentist Kyle-

    educator Theone][atty. Sally]. Hung Wai also pal’d w/Vegas icons [Howard Hughes types,

    not mobsters], & Hung Wai’s dear friends were media types [LA Times/HA’s

    Chaplin/S-B’s Farrington/Chinn Ho (no relation to Don Ho)]. Don Ho appreciated Hung Wai’s

    benevolence/help & connections in the entertainment industry.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Social wayfinder Pastor Richard Uejo born 1925

    Richard started up 3 phenomenal programs at Kaumana Baptist Church in 1961: Preschool

    day care; elderly adult care; Japanese language program. Everyone else started from Richard’s

    templates: Haili Christian School; Hawai`i Island Adult Care Foundation; Hilo Hongwanji preschool

    & language programs; etc. Richard’s Japanese language program won over many converts/

    supporters from Buddhism because this Mikado heritage preserved ancient customs/traditions,

    universally found wanting in Americanized Christianity. Amazing prescience/vision for the

    future & deepest needs fulfilled by Richard & his enormously helpful cadre of builders/faithful

    church members. When Richard outreached to start/build Hilo Baptist Church 20 yrs. later,

    Richard left a lasting legacy as a simple carpenter/builder a la Jesus who was willing to give

    up his life to serve God. Richard’s overexertion resulted in his many maladies incl. heart

    trouble/arthritis/etc. Still, Richard’s sheer willpower bypasses his physical limitations today.

    Richard’s mind is as sharp as a razor, & he is a grassroots scholar/erudite pundit, able to match

    up w/fellow pundits like Evyn Adams/Mits Aoki, scholars all. Yes, we often overlook our true

    & unspoken heroes until after they are dead/gone, such as samurai missionary Sokabe. Do

    you know that when Richard ministered to Hakalau Chin Chuck Camp Uchinanchu 46 yrs. ago,

    they marveled at Richard’s depth of compassion & called him Sokabe incarnate! Tremendous

    compliment/recognition! Yes, Richard has fearless audacity to break new ground in social

    progress [child-elderly care & Japanese language preservation] a la Sokabe sensei [education/

    education/education!!]. While Makiki’s Pastor Takie Okumura, like predecessors Pastors

    Kanichi Miyama/Jiro Okabe, influenced the urbanites/city folks, Richard [like Sokabe sensei]

    trekked the rural villagers. Heroes all, remarkable positive historymakers!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Public Land Trust offshoot of Public Trust doctrine

    Dept. of Interior’s Franklin Lane administered our newfound National Park Service in 1916

    [President Woodrow Wilson], which ironically became popular [virginal land preservation/

    conservation] as a maxim during Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure [build up your lungs by breathing

    fresh air — TR was a sickly child w/bad asthma] a decade before. If you recall, Franklin

    Lane spoke to our prospective Honoka`a homesteaders back in 1918.

    Ancient Rome’s public trust doctrine enables public use of waterways/shorelines [public

    domain unrestricted by private ownership/cartels], antecedent to Bill Richardson’s same

    doctrine [the berthed canoe which doesn’t wash out to sea in the dead of night shall

    define the public’s site right over the shoreline][Richardson’s nemesis Martin Pence, U.S.

    Dist. Ct. jurist, accused Richardson of conjuring up Richardson’s own law (vs. Anglo-Saxon

    doctrine which sanctifies private ownership/fee simple land rights a la Brit individualist creed),

    neither Pence nor Richardson citing ancient Roman law 2 millennia before].

    Public Land Trust [or Trust for Public Lands–TPL] facilitates conservation/preservation of

    pristine sites a la ancient Rome’s public trust doctrine over waterways/shorelines. Public

    Land Trust entails a consortium of interested entities who pool monies to acquire lands

    for the public good/benefit in perpetuity. This “hui” concept began taking root 35 yrs.

    ago, but its seed was planted in ancient Rome via its public trust doctrine.

    Gov. George Ariyoshi 1974-1986 actually galvanized proactive gov’t support for land

    conservation a la Teddy Roosevelt/Woodrow Wilson’s Franklin Lane, & George is really

    the genesis of what you see today on all islands here [Pupukea/Puna Forest Reserve/

    Ka`u district sites/Maui conservation sites/etc.]. George activated the environmental

    emphasis w/the State’s acquisition of Waiahole/WaiKane [displaced farmers] 30 yrs. ago.

    All of today’s positive signs [of conservation] point back to erudite George.

    No question about it, George’s protege Roland Higashi squares up w/profit vs. preservation

    every day of the week. Thanks to George’s mentorship, land developer Roland is more

    sensitive/attuned to the public good/common lot than most other profiteers.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Schooling to go higher up our social ladder [Uncle Manuel D. Souza 1912-2008]

    1. Remember Uncle Manuel D. Souza’s video biography a decade ago? He laments
    about his Dad Johnny Waimea D. Souza pulling out Dad’s sons [except coddled baby Johnny]
    from public school at age 15 to work Dad’s ranches/businesses. Manuel left school in the
    5th grade at age 15 [not uncommon to regress/stay back in the WWI era & 1920s].
    2. Manuel never went for a GED but taught himself to read/write better to get ahead. Manuel
    acquired wealth via his own ingenuity, inasmuch he was left out of inheriting as much land
    as his brothers [because Manuel moved to Honolulu, leaving behind his brothers to toil the
    family holdings/estate]. Manuel today is the most materially rich of his siblings. And he is
    religiously thrifty, knowing full well the value of his dollar. Tight? You bet! :-(
    3. Schooling to go higher up our social ladder? Not the way Manuel got ahead. Manuel
    was mentored at Pearl Harbor by the engineer who eventually worked to develop the
    atomic bomb. Only that Manuel didn’t know about it until mentor Veet’s obit was
    published in Manuel’s trade magazine. Yes, Manuel had great tutelage, the school of
    hard knocks. I always reprise what America’s greatest folklore writer, former resident/
    scribe Mark Twain said [apt for Manuel as exemplar/template], “I never let schooling get
    in the way of my education.” Yes, also reflect that Twain/Henry J. Kaiser/Harry Weinberg/
    Thomas Paine/CC Kennedy left school at age 12. That Einstein was a flunk out. Yikes!
    4. The Dept. of Public Instruction in Manuel’s era replicated India’s caste system. The
    immigrant have-nots were shorted of access to schooling. Honoka`a did not have a
    high school until after Manuel moved to Honolulu at age 24. Yes, invidious repression.
    Public school tution costs/fees were lowered/made affordable only after 1930 [Manuel
    was an adult by then], & high school costs were lowered only after 1936, in response to
    increased pressure by native-born children of immigrants to open the floodgates of
    opportunity to these have-nots who came of age, so to speak.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Saichi Higashi 1902-1998 State tax office‏

    Sai is Kapoho beach lots Higashi pond origin, which

    was overrun by the 1960 Kapoho lava flow. Sai’s

    affinity to the ocean was evident via his leadership

    of fishing vessels [O’ahu Oceanic Supply/Boat Works’

    Sabu Koike’s agent to have its boatyard here where

    today’s Isles Landing is]. Sai was directed by immigrant

    Y. Hata [clothiers], & he was peer of M.D. Junichi

    Matsumura [later Miko Meat’s Ernie’s dad]. Local

    builder for Oceanic Sadaki Iwashita’s prized largest

    boat Starlight, 75 ft. long was smashed to splinters

    by the 1957 tsunami. Sai’s son is 1st Haw’n Bank

    mgr. Howard born 1950, really 2 generations behind

    Sai [grandpa-grandson age difference]. Howard

    typifies the aggressive post-1920 born AJA

    impudent achievers.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    WWII Italy’s Gothic Line

    Yes, our 442nd/100th breached the Gothic Line, but the Allied

    Offensive in France was top priority. The 442nd’s most revered

    General, Mark Clark, diverted his troops to head toward Rome,

    to beat other U.S. troops in liberating Rome, but this move let

    off the hook German forces otherwise defeated via breach of

    the Gothic Line. Winston Churchill told Clark that Clark’s sluggish

    Anzio attack was like a dead whale, which infuriated Clark. Which

    prompted Churchill to send for British Gen. Montgomery [another

    Patton daring-do warlock].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sticking to the point/chutzpah

    I do believe that Roy Kim’s unmatched cognition derives from his

    steeped Christian evangelism. Irony is that Roy is firm about

    Jesus’ fellow Jews betraying him [pharisees]. Even a man brilliant

    as Isamu Kanekuni [only a high school diploma] does not compare

    with Roy Kim born 1946 in sticking to the point/dissecting-analyzing

    the point. Roy has no fear — he has tremendous audacity/chutzpah! A few

    Portuguese [like everyone else] have in a minus sense a “stream of consciousness”

    thought process where they’ll verbalize something but don’t zero in on what is

    the answer to the riddle. Essentially, they’re thinking aloud but their

    mind meanders all around the place, making no sense/linkage at all.

    J.R. Souza/Ellie Fernandes typify this “no make sense” kind of thought process.

    For example, to simplify the irritating nature of listening to one going

    all over the place, a person will say his property tax is too high because

    his neighbor sold the neighbor’s property to a Mainland haole sight unseen for too

    expensive a price. So when I affirm his point, he then says NO, WAIT,

    his neighbor sold the neighbor’s property for too low a price, so why is one’s property

    tax so high? He then says that he claimed his age exemption to lower

    his property tax. I affirm. Then he says NO, WAIT, he didn’t claim his

    age exemption! Irritating!! Which is why observing Roy Kim break down

    a point into its simplest component(s) is awe-inspiring. No going all over the

    place & not being logical/focused.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Matsy Takabuki & Trib’s Hugh Clark

    Matsy Takabuki’s pick as Bishop Estate trustee via his trusted elder/

    genro Gov. Jack Burns started a firestorm of anti-Jap protest.

    Of all people, S.Ct. justice Mas Marumoto himself ripped the Hilo Trib

    for its editorial correctly saying that Burns directed Takabuki’s appointment

    by Burns cronies Richardson/Kobayashi at the S.Ct. Marumoto never was

    one for histrionics, but he defended his appointer Burns in anamolous fashion

    for Takabuki’s pick to Bishop Estate. Do you know that Hugh Clark’s correct

    assessment of Burns’ pick of Takabuki got Hugh fired by Trib publisher Don

    Reynolds, who was Takabuki’s client? Yikes!! Scuttlebutt is that Burns

    himself got Hugh fired. Irony is that Hugh Clark is Scrub Tanaka’s biggest

    fan, Scrub being Burns’ right hand man here on the Big Island, though Scrub

    had nothing to do w/Hugh’s firing. Scrub really admired Hugh Clark’s guts/courage under fire, Scrub

    WWII 442nd/MIS combat veteran.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Alan Tanabe born 1956 our island’s greatest scoring hoops guard

    Alan’s devoted dad took Al to Maui to watch St. Louis beat Hilo High in the

    1967 State title tiff. Al has no fear because from when my neighbor/in-law Al was

    a toddler, Al’s whole family [yes, incl. mom/sis] taught Al hoops. Al’s older

    brothers George/Mel/Larry were hoopsters, Larry being Al Manliguis’ 1963

    BIIF MVP [5’11” center-forward a la Paul Lee 1991]. My brother Lloyd

    [all-State baseballer 1972] & I roughed up Al on Al’s family driveway

    rim/court even though Al was 4 yrs. younger/2 yrs. younger than me/

    my brother. When Al shot the lights out vs. #1 UNLV 1976 [Reggie

    Theus/etc.], Al had no fear because Al was roughed up Al’s whole life

    by much older/bigger hombres. Al’s confidence level is beyond compare.

    Till this day, Al says that Derrick Low, for all of Low’s creds, still is not

    a better scorer than Al. Now gang, sentence Al for megalomania, but

    I call this confidence. Just like ’67 Hilo High Herm Manalili when Herm

    sank 11 free throws 100%, & when Herm exhorts that Herm never lost

    a prep game as baseball pitcher [Herm went on to Willamette, though

    didn’t get pro offers — Herm 5’10” 155 lbs. fastball 84 mph/control

    pitcher]. Al says that St. Louis ’67 is the greatest prep hoops team Al ever

    saw. Al says that Al Manliguis should’ve pulled out all stops & fast

    break on St. Louis, in that coach AM’s half-court offense played into

    St. Louis’ game/strength, regardless of risk of 45% or less shot %

    from outside. Yes, Hilo High stayed close w/St. Louis, but Al T. says

    that the key is not to lose by a few points, but TO WIN!! Al says

    that had Al been in ’67 epoch, Al would’ve run like hell vs. St. Louis

    & dribbled/shot over/around Nick/Dunnam/Frank. Al says that Al

    would’ve zipped right around guards Gonzales/Ray Lum, & that subs

    Hookano/Mahi would’ve been a breeze [thick but no moxy]. Al says

    that it would’ve been Al’s greatest privilege to score right over/around

    Nick/Dunnam/Frank, just as Al tore off the rafters vs. UNLV’s All-Americans/

    future NBAers. This, gang, is confidence, not hubris-megalomania-illusion.

    Let’s face it, Al did IT vs. UNLV 1976, & that game’s ball is on display

    at Naismith BHoF in Springfield Mass. [where Kiyo Hamakawa Hilo ’47

    starred for HoF’s John Bunn/etc.][highest score total 2 point era]. Al

    has no fear. I should know. Al is my kin/neighbor. Al says that contrary

    to what Bill O’Rear says today, back in 1976 Al didn’t need to be ambidextrous.

    But Al would be if the era called for it. Al says that Cousy/etc. didn’t have

    to go left — why fix something that ain’t broken? Al is confident, even cocky,

    but Al [like Ali] proved what he boasted of [beat the lights out vs. 6’7″

    behemoths]. Al says that had Al been on the ’67 Hilo squad, Al would’ve

    driven Nick/Dunnam batty & beaten St. Louis by sheer willpower, just as Al

    shot out Tark/UNLV’s All-Americans. Al says that no one from our State

    was a better scoring guard than Al, not even Derrick Low/Ia Saipaia/Bill

    O’Rear. Al says that Ah Chew Goo was a playmaker/passer, not a shooting

    guard like Al, so Al doesn’t equate Al’s play w/Ah Chew’s point guard spot.

    Al says that Al could’ve scored vs. our best-ever, incl. Sensley/Bento/Lutu/

    Williams/both father-son Nash. Now this is audacity/confidence, not


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Terrill Chock born 1947 oldest child of Tai On 1927-2001/Laura Chock born 1927

    Terrill worked for K.J. Luke’s Hawaii National Bank for 23 yrs. before

    becoming President at BoHonolulu. KJ’s son Warren promoted only

    Warren’s progeny, so it was a good move for Terrill, though

    Warren still sponsors Terrill’s charitable quests today. Terrill now is

    U.S.-China exporter & makes routine trips to China. Terrill’s ex-wife

    drained him dry after 20 yrs. of marriage, but her brother/former

    Sen. Tony Chang & Terrill are still best of friends. Tony Chang is

    the sweetest common saint, & took care of his mother all the way

    [Alzheimers]. Terrill also was married to Korean for 7 yrs. but

    no drain problem there. Terrill has no kids. In personality/character,

    Terrill is mirror image of unquenchable silent disciple dad Tai On

    Chock, leader of Pi`opi`o Bears org [Nobu Yamauchi founded club

    1942]. Tai On is Mr. Jr. Golf in Hawai`i, though George Mukai/Earl

    Tamiya also lay claim to it [fat chance!]. Tai On had the connections

    to link us up w/National Jr. Golf outfit, unlike George/Earl. Tai On is

    Punti ancestry like Laura Yuen Chock. Terrill is businessman

    like Punti, Chongsan region. Laura’s mom Yen Tai “Fannie” is 2nd

    generation born O`ahu, whereas Laura’s dad Mun Hon Yuen 1896-1966

    is “new immigrant” 1916. Thence, among Hilo Punti, KP Chang/Loo

    families all related & a generation ahead of Mamo St. Yuen

    family [Chang & Loo stores/markets on Kam Ave. — Dr. ML

    Chang married Tai On’s sis/Dr. Walter Loo’s son is fireman

    Jeff Loo] — which is why Laura’s parents were looked down

    at by older established Punti like Chang/Loo, though Laura’s

    parents never saw life in such hegemonic terms. Terrill saw all

    of this “class warfare” while growing up, which is why Terrill

    today is our greatest bridge-consensus builder. Yes, Billy

    Kimi born 1923 [Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad is Billy’s brother Richard

    1925-2008, contractor-builder-hotelier]

    confided in Laura’s dad Mun Hon on Chinese thrift/frugality/

    economy, Mun Hon being like father figure to manuela boy

    Billy [today’s Uncle Billy’s resorts]. Mun Hon, who barely

    could speak English, actually was among Hilo’s greatest

    altruists, & Billy’s charity toward UH-Hilo students/housing

    directly derives from Mun Hon’s emphasis on schooling,

    which Billy/Richard never had [practical Chinamen making

    dollar out of 50 cents]. As Laura says, Mun Hon’s greatest

    strengths were Mun Hon’s altruism/empathy/compassion.

    Richard had individualist mindset–didn’t self-actualize the way Mun Hon

    instructed. But Billy has in Billy’s own way [student kama`aina

    rates for rooms]. Rich not down to earth like Billy. Mun Hon raised

    his kids on a shoestring,

    which is where Laura’s mom’s greatest strengths [Loo, no

    relation to Dr. Walter Loo’s family] were her perseverance/

    resilience under the weight of bills/bills/bills. Which is why

    Laura today has a fused spine, because for all of Laura’s

    drop-dead physical beauty, Laura’s body took a beating

    doing man’s heavy labor/work all thru Laura’s life. Of course,

    Laura had gone on to be top-level DOE administrator, quipping

    that fellow drop-dead beauty Elaine Kurisu [Scotch loved for

    people to think he was Elaine’s brother–not true, Scotch horakuso/

    big-head braggart] Kono [married Hiroaki Kono, 1st cousin of

    gorgeous Joyce Kono Fasi] always wanted to be addressed

    as “Dr. Kono” [D.Ed.]. Elaine had torrid times w/playboy

    DOE Big Isle chief itchy Harry Chuck. Kawate ice shave

    man [school janitor] sent his kids to school on a shoestring,

    & also looked up to Mun Hon Yuen as guru/father figure.

    Mun Hon had all daughters except for oldest child Johnny

    Yuen born 1923 [Doc Wong’s 1919-1971 trusted confidant],

    who was away w/military [war hero] & BoH as Jim Evans’

    protege. Pu`ue`o’s Perreira also was school janitor but

    spawned mogul land holdings [Lehua St./Amau`ulu]. Kawate

    exuded to Laura, “Wow, you big shot, but you come join me

    in my closet for bag lunch!” [Kawate’s basement janitor

    storage room of school], just like mogul landowner Perreira

    at Hilo Union School. Kawate Seed Shop sits on prime land

    of old Food Fair site/Sure Save site on Kino`ole St. Goldmine.

    Let me tell you the kind of guy Tai On was. Tai On headed

    HT&T at pier, but was deeply respected by acerbic/crusty

    China-lady Ah Quon McElrath 1915-2008 of ILWU. Ah Quon

    regarded Tai On as a big shot who never forgot his Punti

    beginnings in hard-scrabble Waimea. Even faladoo/loudmouth

    shipping clerk Eddie De Mello 1922-1974 totally worshipped Tai On —

    Tai On had tremendous empathy/compassion. Even crusty

    asshole hoops coach Beans Afook respected star player Tai On.

    I just had Laura buzz/talk story w/Ah Chew Goo yesterday, being

    that Laura felt that Ah Chew always ignored Beans’ players like

    Tai On/Rich Segawa/Min Yamane. Ah Chew told Laura that Beans

    made sure that Beans’ players stayed away from Ah Chew, because

    Beans felt that Ah Chew’s all-world innovations would deflect

    Beans’ mere mortal players from hoops fundamentals, & that Beans

    was obsessed w/belittling Ah Chew’s never-before-seen passing

    skills. `Iolani’s Father Kenneth Bray also kept Bray’s players

    [Walt Taguma/Merv Lopes] away from Ah Chew, EXCEPT to

    humiliate Ah Chew one day by inviting Ah Chew to clinician Bray’s

    players, after which Bray showed his players all that was wrong

    w/Ah Chew’s clinic lessons while Ah Chew gasped mouth a-gaape!!

    Let’s face it, life evolves [or in Ah Chew’s case — explodes!!],

    & Ah Chew presaged today’s zip-quick NBA running game. Which

    is why NYTimes bk. review [most esteemed source] worships

    progenitor of NBA-style play Ah Chew Goo. Anyway, Laura/Ah

    Chew spoke in Chinese & had the greatest “meeting of the minds.”

    Of course, Ah Chew born 1918 & Laura grew up on Mamo

    St., & Ah Chew had tremendous respect/wonderment for Laura’s

    parents. Unsurprisingly, Ah Chew is 3rd generation, which is why

    Ah Chew is more American than George Washington!! Do you know

    that ILWU noisebox Eddie De Mello considered Tai On Eddie’s

    closest friend in spite of their adversarial stances [mgmt. vs.

    union]?? Terrill has Tai On’s internationalism/peacebuilder

    gifts. Terrill, outsider to O`ahu Chinese clans, always brings

    together warring factions to make peace/start anew. As you

    know, Hung Wai Ching’s Chinese Community church gang [today

    dominated by millionaires] broke away from Hiram Fong’s

    conservative/staid Beretania St. church gang [older established

    rich folks of a century ago], & these 2 gangs are so wary/

    cautious of each other. But Terrill the outsider brings’um all

    together!! Terrill truly is our blithe spirit/effervescent patron

    saint from Hilo. Dan/Connie Lau FFactors/Heco/Am Sav., Steve

    Ai CMill, Leigh Wai Doo Palolo Home, Marv-Sandra Au Fong Hiram’s

    son — all peaceable folks — all in the spirit of gung gung Mun Hon

    & po po/grandma Yuen. In contrast, Ichiko Mukai Hisanaga, whose

    dad was great athlete & realtored in our Hilo Muni Golf course,

    sis of educator Ethel Yoshimasu [hubby’s brother is ibaru Gen.

    Yoshimasu], Ichiko’s hubby the late Kazuma Hisanaga, uppity

    air a la Wally Aki [Lily Chow’s strange brother who doesn’t even

    acknowledge mentor Stan Hara]/Jimmy Maeda/IR Iwami/etc. Not Terrill’s

    brethren/kindred kind. Yes, Terrill & classmate Robert Kiyosaki

    [no relation to Ivy Nakamura Kusunoki of Hilo’s only pre-1960 tsunami

    preschool/child care facility off Pi`opi`o St. at Meishoin social hall/

    Ivy’s dad the incomparable Waiakea Pirate founder CT Nakamura of

    Davies office, worked w/compadre Nobu Maruyama, CT dad of

    great baseballer Paul Nakamura, no relation to Rich Nakamura,

    Paul married Kiyosaki Store daughter/not Rob’s kin] like yin & yang — Terrill

    heart’s bounty of love/mirth — Robert’s heartless drivel of

    “poor” dad Ralph Kiyosaki, who actually was Jesus’ silent

    disciple a la Andrew/Stephen/Nathan of the Bible][Robert didn’t

    go to dad Ralph’s funeral].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Down to earth common saints

    Great Star-Bulletin scribe John Berger wrote a beautiful obit this a.m. on falsetto

    dynamo Clyde Kindy Sproat of Kohala 1930-2008. Kindy honored as National Heritage

    Fellow by National Endowment for the Arts 2 decades ago. As music pundit Jay Junker

    says in John Berger’s article, Kindy was authentic because Kindy was raised in remote

    part of Kohala only accessible via mules. I knew Kindy in a totally different way. Kindy

    laughed that my oldtime hero was Kindy’s dad Bill Kaneakala Sproat, who lived to 103

    yrs. old 1903-2006. Bill was Kohala Ditch Co. ace & among our greatest bootleg boxers

    [before 1929 legalization]. Bill’s headliner match resulted in the legalization of boxing.

    Bill was a KO artist, trained by great character builder/icon Hiram Naipo [Nat’l Guard

    mainstay/entrepreneur incl. Kohala soda works], who also trained Bill’s equally adept

    boxing brother Gus Sproat [courts system icon]. Kohala truly is the home of our

    greatest heroes. Please read John Berger’s article — Kindy’s earthy way comes thru

    beautifully — that Kindy’s most profound joy was getting Lana`i 2nd graders to learn

    Kindy’s heartfelt favorite song `Opelu — not Kindy’s Carnegie Hall encore. This is the

    down-home beauty of Kindy — no pretense/no putting on airs, so to speak. Leo

    ki`eki`e Hawaiian falsetto, Kindy’s renown, but Kindy also great instrumentalist/

    slack key/etc. And as the world rejoices w/divine blessings of a Kindy Sproat, may

    I also pay tribute to unsung common saint Denise Takashima, who, like Kindy, never

    brags about herself, but instead engages others in mirth/positive self esteem/comfort/

    happiness. She truly is another Kindy — soft-spoken/gentle/open-minded/loving/

    helpful/encouraging. Denise’s ace is Bishop St., but in her heart she is Kohala mule

    country like Kindy.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Hilo’s Carl Smith started haole law firm known later as Carlsmith,Wichman,Case.

    Charley Wichman born 1925 is Kaua`i mogul Charley Rice’s grandson. Rice had

    no sons, & Charley [named after Rice] Ishii born 1893 Kaua`i became the hanai

    son Rice never had. Rice paid Ishii huge salary so Ishii could send his kids to

    private schools/Ivy League colleges. Imagine, here is Charley Wichman adorned

    w/haole accoutrements/riches, & he gushes about Charley Ishii, the son Rice

    never had. My cousin Masato Hasegawa 1913-1991 was hanai’d by Carl Smith

    & later became M.D./Queen’s Hospital medical director. Can never judge a

    book/haole by its cover. Never. Dan Case born 1925 completes the named

    trio in nameplate of Carlsmith’s former gang. Dan is AOL’s Steve’s dad. Dan’s

    older brother Jim born 1920 is the quiet/stoic/scholarly type, not an income-

    producer like Hollywood Dan. Irony is that Jim’s politician son Ed is more like

    Dan than dad Jim.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Romeo Rocky Higa 1917-1979 [Rocky’s Bar Pauahi St. mauka of Waiolama Canal]

    Uchinanchu He-man Rocky dazzled nubile haole/japaneee schoolteachers

    w/his kata-form posture as he dangerously wielded his real-life samurai

    sword in his drunken stupor. He was Romeo incarnate. Irony is that he

    was not a boxer like his brothers Charley/Andy [former chief of welfare

    dept.]. He was a lover. Uka boy Rocky helped erect the Waiakea clock across

    the old KK Tei restaurant. Our greatest/most colorful icons are Uchinanchu.

    Look at Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi — Uchinanchu. Teen Charley Nakaima

    boxed under pseudonym of Arakaki to conceal his age [15 yrs. old] vs. Hilo’s

    Charley Shimabukuro [17 yrs. old] in “open” division [above 15 yrs. old],

    2 exquisite fighters, both Uchinanchu. Nakaima is Bar Havana legend Nancy

    Chiyoko Takayesu’s baby brother. Shimabukuro is Henry’s older brother/

    bosom buddy [nephew of greatest Nikkei in America Shokan Jesse Shima

    1901-2002]. Colonial exploitation explains the paradox of Nakaima kazoku

    coming to Hawai`i as destitute farmers — whose ancestors were scholars/

    high nobility [ambassador to Japan]. Nancy’s late hubby Hammerhead

    Takayesu was among Waiakea-Uka’s toughest street fighters. Nancy’s

    maternal kazoku Kokuba today own mega-businesses [hotel complex/


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi today’s Thomas Merton 1915-1968

    Born 1946, Gloria is the amazing chronicler of Waiakea townfolk &

    of Waiakea High School, past & present. She is our outstanding

    historian/walking encyclopedia. Yes, she is oldest child of famous

    Richard Miyashiro, Cafe 100 [in honor of 100th Batt. WWII]. Gloria

    has a Trappist hue to her [contemplative/measured/ageless] a

    la great renaissance thinker Thomas Merton, whose inspiration to

    community organizers like Barack Obama is profound. Yes, in Obama

    I see Gloria [deep thinker/do-er/go-getter/advocate for the down-trodden

    of society]. Gloria is one/singular masterpiece of God’s creation,

    unquestionably. Yes, she is self-effacing/self-deprecating, that

    demonstrates her modest nature. But she is solidly goal-oriented/

    purpose-driven [oldest child/family ravaged twice by deadly tsunamis/

    steeled resilience/open-minded/scholarly/voracious reader/self-

    starter/etc.]. Yes, our own Thomas Merton come alive.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Ann Kobayashi is Hanabusa’s foil to deplete Mufi’s campaign coffers

    vs. Mufi’s future run for higher office. Mufi beats Lingle/Case/

    Abercrombie/Hirono/Hanabusa if Inouye gone 2010. Mufi wins

    Akaka’s seat if Mufi doesn’t run for Inouye’s seat 2010.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Herb Isonaga Kaua`i boy 1921-2009 — humble soul

    Herb demonstrates utter humility — that his VVV was a publicity stunt

    to symbolize AJA patriotism/that we were loyal Americans. That his 442

    stood at history’s crossroad & was no different than any other red-blooded

    American outfit — fight for our country, do or die. And yet Herb walks into

    immortality as our major figure of that period — he is Hung Wai’s acolyte/

    devotee & keeps our furyoshonen/rowdy ruffians in line — he is our calming

    influence vs. cultural shock [kotonks act like superior haoles] — he marries

    the greatest softening influence on espionage chief/FBI’s Bob Shivers 1894-

    1950 — Bob’s housemaid Sue Kobatake of Maui — of course, who else but

    Hung Wai set up this romance!! Hung Wai the erstwhile sociologist [No!

    HW ordained pastor!][HW not the greatest matchmaker — Sue dumped

    HW’s 1st entry for her — she said no spark/ignited — so HW gets her Herb

    & then she turns on like wildfire]. Hung Wai got Herb his famous Drive-In

    eatery [today’s KC Drive-In]. Herb sold that & went into land investment

    w/sempai Hung Wai. Here’s a guy Herb who could’ve been sassy/cocky

    because Herb was college grad/top student, but Herb stayed rooted to his

    simple Koloa Kaua`i past. Bless his grounded/authentic soul!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Wheat or tare?

    The final harvest separates the wheat from tare/weed. Obama’s mistake is that

    he should’ve declined to express his religious views [which voters respect enough

    to forgive nondisclosure], instead of being deist [belief in supreme being]/vague,

    which makes you wonder about his UCC Faith in Jesus at Wright’s pulpit in

    Chicago. Which is why Dobson bites back at expedient/panderer Obama.

    Matthew Ch. 11 & 12

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Korean reformer Chun Tae-Il 1948-1970 martyr of garment district sweatshops

    22 yr. old Chun Tae-Il self-immolated because of his incredible frustration over South

    Korea’s predatory commercial practices. He is a martyr to his people in the garment district.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gentle heart/encouraging spirit — Denise Takashima

    Hubris [selfish pride] also includes women like Linda Lingle/Helene Hale/

    Keiko Bonk/Leona Helmsley/Kitty Lagareta/etc. Yes, male versions

    include Dan Inouye/Ed Case/Duke Aiona/Harry Kim/etc. On the other

    hand, despite her high social standing/feminine mystique-beauty, Denise

    Takashima has a heart of gold. Her humble roots are her spiritual

    convictions. Peanut butter ministries/habitat outreaches are her

    greatest strengths, not Bishop-Merchant St. dealmaking. Uncle

    Willy Thompson/Ted Tsukiyama/Elroy Osorio/Jimmy Yagi/Ah Chew

    Goo/Rich Imai/Isamu Kanekuni/Scrub Tanaka/Hisao Sato/Bobby

    Hayashida/Herb Minn/Rich Uejo/Rich Nakamura/ad infinita — all have

    torrid egos. Not Denise.

    She exemplifies Scripture — [God] must increase, I must decrease.

    Amazing perspective/balance. Denise reminds me of Sister Marianne

    Cope/Ragna Rath/Bob Dye/Yasutaro Soga/Franklin Odo/Paul Lou. Angels

    from up above. Divine Providence.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Stanley Hara’s UH-Hilo Hall of Honor recognition was long overdue

    UH-Hilo head Roger Mosely 1958-1960 said of solon Stanley Hara, “As chairman of

    the House Finance Committee, Stanley Hara was one of the most feared by Manoa.”

    As chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Stan catalyzed unmatched

    capital improvements to UH-Hilo, incl. its Theater/Student Services Bldg./Campus

    Center/Administration Bldg./new gym/Library/Edith K. Hall, all of which were part

    of UH’s “Golden Age.” Stan’s dream of a 5,000 student campus on 500 acres of land

    has been realized, thanks to Stan’s tremendous foresight/prescience.

    UH-Hilo observed its 60th anniversary, & thank goodness love thyself

    Gerald De Mello enshrined untold hero Stanley into UH-Hilo’s “Hall of Fame,” only

    after much consternation from an asshole like me who told Gerald he should

    know better than to pick decadent wanna-bees like Russ Okata/Derek Kurisu,

    & even my first cousin Chiyono Kinoshita, who was the

    Provost’s secretary [I love her dearly but she is not Stanley Hara].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Antonio Taguba our great Filipino role model today

    Antonio Taguba born 1950 Leilehua High ’68 did what he was

    ordered to do — report on Abu Ghraib. And for reporting

    the facts, he was fired by Don Rumsfeld. The fullness of

    time. Ephesians 1:9-10. Time was ripe for Antonio to

    tell the truth. Antonio knew his head was on the chopping

    block. He volunteered to be muckraker. He needs to stop

    being a crybaby & accept his execution by Rumsfeld.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese genesis of UH-Hilo’s 4 yr. B.A. program

    Papaikou’s George Martin & Kaiwiki’s John Farias jumpstarted

    our 4 yr. program. UH-Manoa’s overlords wanted to maidservant

    UH-Hilo/relegate it to irrelevance. But Martin/Farias would not

    vassal down to them. Their ancient honrar/duty to the teeming

    masses uplifted our peasantry into our middle class society which

    exists today. Gerald De Mello born 1943 is today’s coalescent

    Martin/Farias combined. The 55 acres behind the YMCA, the

    326 acres above Komohana St., the 38 acres above Waiakea

    High School [of which Gerald gave 2 acres to Waiakea High

    when it beseeched him for its own expansion — DOE’s lack

    of foresight catalyzed Gerald to acquire this 38 acre “sump”

    topography at the base of the steep Waiakea slope–

    Puainako/Kawili Sts.] — all morphed into our UH-Hilo expanse,

    thanks to Gerald De Mello. Of course, stone-face Scrub

    Tanaka’s prescient vision enabled DLNR to reserve the “unusable

    lava” land for potential acquisition by UH-Hilo, even though

    Gerald De Mello likes to overlook Scrub to Gerald’s advantage.

    I keep regaling about our Luso inspiration/messianic

    progression toward today’s society. Now do you see why??

    I told Gerald I’m very critical of his influence peddlers, to

    which he threw up his arms in futility & chafed that top

    mgmt. plays the income stream, not him. Upon which I

    lauded him for facilitating the affordable lease-to-fee-

    conversion of our Pi`ihonua village. He considers this

    grassroot victory as his finest/sweetest accomplishment.

    I stoned him for “pal”-ing w/loudmouths Butch Castro/

    Spanish Larry Balberde. He said he’s meek, & these are

    his compatible opposites, so they make good fits. Geez,

    Gerald … :-) I still critical of Gerald — John Roy

    Souza/Walt Dods/David Figueira/Paul De Silva — got other

    grounded Luso Gerald can play w/ — no need be w/

    loudmouths or even Iberians — can be Stanley Hara/

    Toshi Serizawa as gurus/godfathers. Ai yah/auwae,

    well, free country, I guess :-) But Gerald, you had

    to enshrine Eddie De Mello 1922-1974 into your UH-Hilo

    HoFame w/giants of history Stanley Hara/Toshi

    Serizawa?? Eddie was an awful disruptive influence to

    our solons who enabled the formation of UH-Hilo! Amor, —


    P.S. I still getting nailed for postulating that St. Louis

    High/College primos are Hawaiian Islands’ biggest

    positive historymakers [Alencastre/Burns/Dods/

    etc.], not Punahou’s or McKinley’s gangs.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    My dad politically was very observant, an Ike GOP [Toshi 1913-1998]. Dinner

    table talk always included politics. Dad’s dad [Masayuki 1880-1931] was

    lumber yard foreman for Hackfeld [Herman Lemke’s dad also worked for Hackfeld],

    then retired because of chronic asthma, & then started his taxi/”hack”–

    same prefix as Hackfeld– business, along w/our Wainaku Store, not to mention

    bootleg sa-ke/okolehao during Prohibition, which he stored in our warehouse

    [later became my cousin Richard’s bedroom]. Ojisan/grandpa was nicknamed

    “ole Jake” for his liquor supplies. Paradox — I don’t know what Ojisan looks like

    because no photos survive [Prohibition? — Ha!! :-)]. Anyway, Dad

    regaled about Ojisan’s community awareness, which has passed down till

    this day [my “baby” Staycie age 37 observes Obama as antidote to Osama].

    My Wainaku mentors included ILWU’s Andy Amaral/Yasu Mizukami,

    from Onomea was Tadao Okimoto, from Hilo was irascible/incredibly loving

    John Bugado. I remember meeting peer Chad Taniguchi from Kaua`i at the

    ’74 State Dem Party Confab, & I thought, “I wonder if Ojisan had Chad’s

    bearing/charisma?” Chad later became Yukimura’s cabinet head/then was irascible

    HHA head per Lingle. I wonder if Ojisan is Chad’s forebearer? Jim

    Wang tried to be fair as a political pundit, though Norm Tsuji forcefully

    exacted, “I don’t trust him [Wang]!” Which is what most folks say

    about mercurial Bill Bonk. Wang is my neighbor. I gotta applaud Papaikou’s Luso/ILWU George Martin.

    In all my years of query/curiosity, George really is a man of tremendous

    equanimity/vitality. You’ll never walk away unimpressed by George’s nature.

    To me, George is superhuman. I saw George just before George died, as he struggled to

    ask his Maker for another day of life, & Jesus whispered, “Well done, my

    faithful servant.” Feliz natal/Independence Day.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sempai/role model-mentor Kanaka Johnny Wilson 1871-1956

    Kanaka Johnny Wilson organized our nascent/embryonic Dem Party here, & often

    brainstormed w/Dr. Ernie Kuwahara [optometrist 1899-1982; no relation to Mamo

    St.’s tailor/clothier Ernie Kurohara (different names)]. Johnny would have his

    trusted advisors Puerto Rican Sanchez [articulate/”White” Puerto Rican] & AJA

    Takaichi Miyamoto also amp up the Dem boys here. All got together at Mamo

    St.’s Ginza Cafe [owner Urasaki changed name to Hilo Grill after Pearl

    Harbor attack] for affordable onolicious meals, dutch [everyone pays his own

    tab], inasmuch Johnny spent every coin he earned on transportation costs/etc.

    During WWII, Dr. Ernie Murai [dentist] came here to organize AJA morale

    committees [such as Ola`a’s outfit w/fireman Morita]. Murai was the genesis

    for Jack Burns’ succession [kokusai — multi-racial inclusion] to sempai/older

    bruddah Dem Johnny Wilson. Burns’ [1909-1975] gang included Kapoho

    native Jack Kawano [O`ahu longshoreman]/Maui’s Mits Kido/Chuck Mau/

    Ernie Murai. Hilo’s Del Metzger/Martin Pence-protege Tom Okino collaborated

    w/Wilson but weren’t Wilson’s soldiers.

    Richard Imai 1910-2009 was FDR appointed postmaster Kea`au [via Johnny Wilson]. His

    peer Jack Ouye born 1912 was appointed via Wilson only after Ouye switched

    from Link McCandless to Wilson. Kyu/older Ouye, like Hakalau villager wakai/

    younger Scotch Kurisu, is monoshiri/wagamama [conceited/selfish], & was

    never embraced by Dem rank/file.

    Hatch Act prevented Richard Imai from continued Dem Party leadership, but

    Rich says that Burns’ gang fulfilled what earlier Wilson’s gang sought for

    society’s vassals/rank-file workers, especially in education/health care.

    Rich credits Jack Hall’s ILWU for unionism/wage equity/parity. Ola`a’s

    Shinchi girl married ILWU official Seminara. Rich says that Scrub Tanaka

    1915-2006 emerged after Rich’s gang 1930s.

    Aside: After dropping off wife Eleanor at her parents’ home in Wailea/

    Hakalau 4/1/46, Rich drove back to his Ola`a postmaster job. While

    rounding the Kolekole bend/bridge, Rich thought that the cane flumes burst

    open because Rich saw water cascading down around him along the

    roadside bank/pali face. It was a dry morning. It was only when Rich

    rounded Onomea did he realize there was an ongoing tsunami. The Onomea

    Arch was sitting on dry land, not the ocean. By the time Rich reached

    Honoli`i, he saw that the ocean had receded just in front of the breakwater,

    & then he saw a humongous mountain of dirty water lift, hydroplane, then

    topple all the oceanfront bldgs. along Kam Ave. Of course, the receding

    water then pulled the debris back out into the bay. Which is how the

    Chicago Studio bldg. [fka Hackfeld which was moved kitty-corner from

    1910 Hackfeld concrete bldg. site– today’s Koehnen’s bldg.] ended up in the

    middle of Hilo Bay, then sank. Rich then went to Ponahawai & Kam Ave.

    [where you see Gas Co.’s Yasuhara running away up Ponahawai St. in

    that famous photo], & then ran up to Kino`ole St. because the

    wave came up to Kilauea & Ponahawai [Osorio Store, now where Alenaio

    bridge is, got drenched from the ocean deluge, not from old Alenaio/Waiolama

    canal]. Rich says that the sound of boulders rolling w/the wave made

    a deafening sound, on top of the Niagara Falls kind of roaring sound of

    the incoming mountain of water.

    BTW, retired teacher Byron Toma’s Pahoa restaurant family/kazoku is not

    related to Kurtistown’s Toma [Nihon gakko teacher], who married rancher

    Iwasaki girl.

    BTW, when I searched for Hasegawa okasan grave [died 1919 flu pandemic],

    as I leafed thru the Puna Hongwanji kakocho [church obit], surreal — I felt

    tremendous embrace/enveloped warmth, & Rich Imai tells me that was kazoku

    okasan saying arigato/oyakoko for being thoughtful enough to find her remains

    when no else did. Her remains are in common burial monument at Alae

    Cemetery. Her Ola`a gravestone was put into big pit upside of today’s

    National Guard Armory [opposite Shin Ola`a 9 mile camp/Kyu-old 9 mile

    camp is Volcano direction of today’s HFS FCU on old Volcano Rd.], where

    Japanese cemetery was [before cemetery was closed down w/demise

    of Puna Sugar Co. 1982]. Yes, reading her kakocho/church obit in

    church vault was a beautiful/other-worldly experience. Of course, hubby/

    otosan is buried w/his 2nd wife at Alae Cemetery. He died when his truck

    rolled over down Wainaku embankment in a driving rainstorm 1937. I gotta

    pay homage to my cousin’s wife Gwen Narimatsu from Kea`au [fka Ola`a] —

    Gwen has a heart of gold — I respect her more than my own cousins.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hongwanji Bishop Yemyo Imamura -YBA founder [vs. YMCA/YWCA]

    Buddhist Hongwanji/Betsuin leader Yemyo Imamura 1867-1932 is founder of

    ubiquitous YBA as an alternative to YMCA/YWCA [John Young’s multi-racial

    Nu`uanu Y, the 1st pluralistic Y, genesis of wayfinder Hung Wai Ching’s 1905-2002

    tremendous social/political legacy].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    We lost. Nationalism gained. Other countries in SE Asia bolstered
    their own sense of nationalism. Look at Vietnam today — it introduces market reforms, &
    like Cambodia/Laos, it is a nationalist rampart vs. China.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Reality [join one’s gang/”hood”] vs. press hype of patriotism
    D.C. 442nd veteran/archivist Herb Isonaga [wife Sue was WWII messiah/FBI’s Bob Shivers’

    maid] drew a blank when he was asked how he acquired his patriotism. All Herb could do
    was place his right hand over his heart. Hilo’s Isamu Kanekuni was asked by a reporter why he
    volunteered for the 442nd [at its 50th reunion in 1993]. Isamu knew the reporter was
    looking for the patriotism angle. Truthfully, Isamu said that at age 20, all he did was try
    to avert having his older brother [who was supporting widowed mother] & younger brother
    [finishing up high school] from going off to war — so Isamu did his part by upping for the 442nd.
    At age 20, Isamu wasn’t thinking about Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence or anything
    else to do with patriotism. Isamu simply joined his Waiakea Mill Camp bandwagon by enlisting
    w/the 442nd. No, he wasn’t thinking about being a hero, or making history so to speak.
    Had the reporter been foresightful, Isamu’s true story would’ve been a blockbuster line —
    imagine, the greatest positive historymakers don’t even comprehend their destiny — their
    destiny is revealed after they trek thru destiny’s uncertain trail. No, the reporter was looking
    for the good copy/ink patriotism line. Not the truth/fact — which are even stranger than

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Feelings run deep — kazoku/family relationships Suisan/IK Motors

    1. Issei/immigrants Kamezo Matsuno [Suisan] & Isojiro Kitagawa [IK Motors] came from the

    same little island in Yamaguchi prefecture [fishermen by trade] a century ago, virtual
    family/kazoku!! Thence Kamezo’s son Rex’ displeasure at being put off by Isojiro’s grandson
    Iwao on purchase of vehicles for Matsuno/Suisan. Isojiro’s daughter married Tsutae
    [per yoshii Tsutae got “adopted” as “son” by Isojiro — took Kitagawa last name because
    Isojiro didn’t have sons], who didn’t last long in succeeding Isojiro [1946-1956], & was
    succeeded by Tsutae’s & wife’s son Iwao, who in turn was succeeded by Iwao’s han/
    half-German son Brian some 20 yrs. ago. Isojiro died in 1956 age 79, Tsutae/Iwao/Brian’s
    mom all passed away. Apparently, Rex wanted to buy out Iwao’s minority share in
    Suisan stock, but this became pronounced only after Iwao turned down discount on
    vehicle purchases for Rex/Suisan. Still, they remained good friends on the surface
    [make peace]. Taro Nakamoto’s name also is yoshii [take form of wife’s last name/
    family]. Thence, esteemed atty son Roy [Sansei, not Nisei] & daughter Gladys [Roy
    Sonomura’s wife] have matriarchal surname Nakamoto, not patriarchal. Do you know that
    Brian Kitagawa told IK Centennial producer Mick Kalber not to ask Suisan for favor [of
    getting old pix/history] 2 yrs. ago? Yes, feelings do run deep, don’t they?
    2. Nisei Jackson Fujii born 1907 died several yrs. ago, was oldest Waiakea/Suisan genre
    joe, followed by Peter Hayashi born 1910 who just died this month. Which left Suisan’s
    Zenzo Kanai born 1912 as the last remaining old joe/resident observer/historian until Zenzo’s death recently.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Tuition-free admission does not absolve Kamehameha School

    5/15/07 Star-Bulletin editorial plays up on 9th Cir. justice Kozinsky’s tuition-free solution to KS’

    Doe woes [illegal race card]. Not true. Contracts consummated via legal consideration/mutual
    sacrifice such as study-schooling in return for admission to KS, not solely by tuition fees. If
    such specious/fallacious absolution were true, then a Ku Klux Klan University could operate w/out
    interference via its tuition-free classes. The U.S. Supreme Court never would affirm such a

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    1. Masaji Marumoto born 1906 was ready to board to go to U Chicago 1924, but was stopped

    cold at the docks [Japanese Exclusion Act 1924]. He cried inconsolably on the steps of
    C & C hdqtrs. Homer Ross’ wife comforted him & took Masaji to peer Ted Trent’s [later
    AJA champion/inspiration — Haw’n Trust/1st Fed boss born 1905 Punahou/Stanford grad]
    dad’s Trent Trust Co. in Merchant St.’s Stangenwald Bldg. There Dick Trent pulled strings
    to get Masaji onboard. Masaji forever was grateful to the Ross family [Kona judge] & to
    the Trents. Masaji & Ted stayed bosom buddies till their last breath. Ted’s dad Dick
    was our pioneer Democrat & was elected as O`ahu’s 1st treasurer 1905 [also was Bishop
    Estate trustee 1917-1939 & Bank of Hawai`i director — Dick/son Ted came from Chicago,
    the hotbed of the nascent labor movement/city emblematic of political spoils system a la
    NY’s Tammany Hall — thence Dick’s Dem Party loyalty].
    2. And the rest is history — Masaji went on to finish up at Harvard Law/became the 1st AJA
    high court justice [1956] & 1st AJA on Big Five sugar plantation bd./was instrumental in
    averting buddahead internment WWII [protege of FBI’s Bob Shivers born 1894][Chinn Ho
    was the 1st Asian American on Big 5 Bd. Theo.Davies 1961; Hung Wo Ching 1st AA on
    Bank of Hawai`i Bd. Jan. 1959].
    3. Do you know that Oren Long born 1889 was from hard scrabble Kansas like Del Metzger
    born 1875 & Martin Pence born 1904? Yes, all Democrats a la Thomas Jefferson/Andrew
    Jackson. Similarly, Bob Oshiro’s mentor Earl Sturdyvin born 1905 also was a prairie Dem
    & a transplant New Deal/FDR devotee. Amazing men all! Writer Tom Coffman also is
    a Kansas granger boy.
    4. Do you know that great social worker Clorinda Lucas born 1895 is Eben Low’s daughter?
    Clorinda’s daughter Laura is Pinky Thompson’s wife.
    5. Do you know that Maui’s Senate Prexy Harold Rice switched from GOP to Dem in 1943
    because he tired of patrician elitism & wanted to support everyone’s rank/file? Yet, Rice
    ingloriously is known as the leader of the 1950 Dem Party walkout/right-wing Dems [along
    w/the self-absorbed Heens] who tried to suppress liberal AJA-backed Dem Jack Burns.
    6. Do you know that our great native son O.T. Shipman 1857-1942, son of our missionaries,
    was among our 1st Dem Hawaiians/haoles? Inaugural councilman/supervisor 1905-1911,
    elected County treasurer 1924-1939, beloved among the rank & file. OT, “Ollie” as he also
    was known, bankrolled our Steamy Chow’s wife Lily’s dad Aki to Punahou! Just as beloved/
    worshipped among us common folk was OT’s nephew Herbert Shipman 1892-1976. The
    Kea`au buddaheads absolutely god up to Herbert! He did so much for them!! And it was
    Herbert who always supported the down & out. Roy Blackshear Jr. took over Shipman Inc.
    after Herb’s death, but Herbert’s love for his oldtime extended ‘ohana died w/him. The
    current outfit is arms-length compared w/Papa Shipman [as we call him — my uncle Sol
    Kauinui, full-Hawaiian, Papa’s right-hand cattleman, & my Dad’s baby sister Chiyoko Narimatsu
    Kauinui, Papa’s Ha’ena chief domestic, were provided for till their deaths by Papa’s love/
    generosity — pololei]. Blackshear v. Blackshear 1971 establishes that the declared father
    Roy cannot contest paternity/child support after he acknowledges fatherhood via prior
    divorce decree.
    7. Word play: Do you know that pineapple man James Dole is Sanford’s 2nd cousin? James
    came here 1899 long after the original missionaries 1820. Yes, Castle & Cooke are the
    same kin of Lewers & Cooke. Angel heart Ted Trent earlier headed Castle & Cooke, the
    corporation most supportive of WWII AJAs.
    8. I absolutely loved Lions Club’s Paul Mannen born 1909, Cal transplant to Hilo 1964. Paul
    was my inspiration as a baseball kid. Paul was a great umpire/official/spiritual father kupuna.
    Like OT/Herbert Shipman. Although Rotarians started off w/an elitist bent, they were
    very internationalist/advocates for cultural pluralism.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kalapana addition to National Park Service

    President Woodrow Wilson established our National

    Park Service in 1916, & in June 1918 his Secretary

    of the Interior Franklin Lane came to Hawai’i to

    acquire private lands for the new National Park Service,

    in addition to speaking to mostly Luso/Portuguese

    Hamakua homesteaders about freeing up lands for

    their eventual home/farm ownership. In 1921 our

    Volcanoes National Park started, enabled by

    conservationist Lorrin A. Thurston [Thurston lava

    tube]. By 1934 HVNP boss Ed Wingate correctly

    chastened that unless Kalapana lands were protected

    by NPS, developers/speculators would commercialize

    these pristine sites & destroy native Haw’n culture.

    Thanks to Wingate/Delegate to Congress Sam Wilder

    King, Congress granted native Haw’ns homestead

    & fishing rights to retain their cultural heritage/customs

    in 1938. But by 1953, NPS acquisition of land from

    private landowners was criticized for its low buyout

    price. Our territorial solons chafed that in NPS

    land acquisition, the only stopping NPS from its so-called

    treachery is “the ocean on all sides of the Island.”

    Nonetheless, in 1965 the Chain of Craters road

    connected to the Kalapana road, & for the first time

    HVNP now was linked to its adjacent Kalapana.

    Reply Brief in Doe vs. Kamehameha Schools
    I agree, conflicting feelings are the bywords. Westerners w/grassroots/militant fee simple
    “heresy” [vs. Old World aristocracy/autocracy] [breaking up landed cartels for the public good]

    underscored transfer of kuleana lots [hoa`aina-farmers to feudal overlords/konohiki]; thence, my
    empathy for the hoa`aina. You see here the switchback — egalitarianism in reverse.
    And ceded lands are the optimum vehicles to rectify the strange historical turnabout/quirk.
    But therein lies the constitutional bog. Closer: Needs-based criteria are the only passable/
    practical/sensible end, not race-based conflagration. True, Hawaiians got shorted because
    they had no say in annexation 1898. And although Hawaiians constituted the majority ethnic
    electorate all the way up thru the 1930s, our governor was appointed by D.C., not elected
    pre-Statehood/pre-1959. But because blood purity is diluted down to the one dropper
    today, Kuhio’s earnest mission to rectify annexation’s disregard of the Hawaiian `uhane/
    soul is all but moot/pointless today.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Young Oak Kim without helmet — reckless

    WWII 100th Batt. hero Young Oak Kim is foolish if he only jeopardizes

    himself, but he was reckless in that he jeopardized his troops under

    his command when he didn’t wear his steel helmet.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Venture capitalism

    Carlyle Group flubbed when it ventured to fix up ailing land line

    Verizon Tel, figuring to sell it for good profit. It’s like buying old

    money newspaper publisher — bankruptcy beckons. Helco into

    transmission, not generation of electrical power. Which is why

    it continues its dirty fuel to make up for its new power plant

    costs, but will supplement via alternate fuel sources. Francis

    Morgan not venture capitalist like Carlyle, neither was Doc

    Buyers, but like Yoshito Takamine’s Kohala Task Force, tried

    to work impossible turnaround to revive dying sugar/ag industry.

    Gov. Jack Burns had it right [as did Hugh Clark’s hero Chuck

    Schuster] — N. Kohala is bedroom community for spankling

    new Waikoloa resorts — Queen K highway/Akoni Pule highway

    the roads to recovery [of our economy], albeit tourism in the

    1970s to stave off massive number of unemployed former sugar

    laborers. Burns even envisioned a Kona branch of UH, to

    make college accessible to so-called rural folks from West

    Hawai`i. Of course, when Burns thought aloud about a

    Waimea branch of UH, he thought of employing former

    sugar workers from the Hamakua/N. Kohala areas in a

    burgeoning new industry, higher education. Joke was that

    Burns wanted a monument to himself in his back yard [Burns

    was going to live out his life in Waimea, but cancer killed

    him before it happened]. What do Burns 1909-1975 & his

    prodigy Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 have in common? They

    never self-profited from politics. Both men died broke [Burns

    used his savings bonds to defray his mortgage][Scrub often

    grumbled about how ordinary folks like Scrub could not keep

    up with increased costs of Helco bills/insurance premiums/etc.].

    An aside: Scrub worried about what Gov. Burns was going to

    do when the abortion bill came before him for signature —

    Burns told Scrub, “I not going veto it, I no can let

    my religion [Catholicism] interfere with my elected duty — I

    just going let it become law without my signature.”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese wellspring: The gift that keeps on giving

    Clarence Ching enabled by Luso Catholics [Bishop Alencastre of

    Madeira & Wainaku]. Ching 1912-1985 amassed fortune as

    land speculator/developer. Never forgot Ching’s Luso wellspring.

    Ching’s foundation has bankrolled St. Francis Hospital/St. Louis

    school/Chaminade/UH Manoa, & now Punahou. Ching’s foundation

    the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Joint chiefs of staff

    Ole’ WWI flyer Delos Emmmons secreted himself w/George Marshall after

    the Pearl Harbor attack. Because each military branch tried to outcovet

    the other prior to 12/7/41, the left hand didn’t know what the right hand

    was doing. Emmons suggested unity of command– one boss, one military.

    Gen. Marshall appointed Navy’s Chester Nimitz to command Pacific forces,

    incl. Gen. Emmons’ Hawai`i as most strategic outpost/Gen. MacArthur

    Philippines. Which is why though Nimitz’ Navy defeated Japan Yamamoto’s

    armada at Midway [that turned the tide of WWII toward defeat of Japan]

    June 1942, exactly 2 yrs. before Normandy France’s D-Day turned the tide

    of WWII toward defeat of Nazi Germany, Emmon’s Army Air Corps [became

    separate Air Force post-WWII] largely is credited w/the Midway victory

    [devised Midway strategy from Hawai`i outpost as Military Governor here].

    Which is why our Joint Chiefs of Staff were created in 1949 to coordinate

    singular authority from the top down, just as Emmons’ Unity of Command

    had advocated. Our greatest modern-day Luso/Portuguese George Martin

    1924-2009 modeled his fledgling ILWU after Emmons’ Unity of Command,

    becoming district chief the same year the Joint Chiefs of Staff were

    ordained. Martin handpicked Yoshito Takamine to run for Terr. House

    from Honoka`a/Hamakua. Martin went on to reach the highest office

    in the ILWU for a plantation boy, Int. VP under longshoreman Harry Bridges.

    Bridges made clear that only a longshoreman would succeed Bridges, so

    Martin retired after a decade as Int. VP & returned home to Waipunalei.

    George Martin leveled the playing field in Hawai`i, busting the haole

    elite/immigrant commoner hegemony. At its peak, the ILWU under

    Martin’s leadership determined winning lawmakers. Jack Suwa was

    a garage mechanic but went on to be the wikipedia of finance as

    House money czar. So did Maui’s Mamoru Yamasaki as Senate

    Ways/Means head. Martin’s ILWU endorsed whoever got the most

    money to fulfill ILWU platforms, incl. pre-Statehood GOP powerhouses

    Joe Farrington/Jimmy Kealoha. Only Yasuki Arakaki defied Martin &

    stayed a diehard Democrat till the end. Which is why Scrub Tanaka

    got along well w/Yasuki, but butted heads vs. mercurial/unpredictable

    Yoshito. Scrub/Yoshito from Honoka`a — turf jealousy/war. George

    Martin stayed out of Scrub’s way, inasmuch Martin was diehard backer

    of Scrub’s godfather Jack Burns. Gerald De Mello keeps boasting about

    namesake/no relative Eddie De Mello. Eddie a pain in the ass who caused

    more harm than good to the ILWU. Local businessmen couldn’t stand

    obnoxious/faladoo talking head Eddie De Mello. But Martin was respected

    by us all. And though Martin was ambassadorial in temperament [unlike

    ill-willed Eddie De Mello/Yasuki Arakaki], Martin had a steely-cold resolve

    that was deeply revered among both aristocrats/common people. When

    Steamy Chow escorted Uncle Hiram Fong to Pepe`ekeo union folks for

    pep talk, stout-heart Martin, all 5’6″ of him, stood up to 6’2″ Steamy,

    eyeball to nipples, & chastened Steamy, “No cops allowed!!” To which

    Steamy exuded, “George, Uncle Hiram my mother’s baby brother– Uncle

    Hiram brought me along as his driver!!” George immediately backed off

    from Steamy’s chest & told Steamy, “A, bruddah, I sorry, I taut you waz

    hea fo make trouble. I sorry, bruddah. Come, come, we go eat &

    talk story!!” And never again did George disrespect Steamy.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    City kids vs. country kids in terms of schooling beyond the 8th grade

    ILWU’s Ah Quon McElrath 1915-2008 from Iwilei was city lass who graduated

    from McKinley High 1934, & from UH 1938. City kids had advantage of available

    schooling beyond 8th grade [vs. country kids who were forced to stay on

    plantations to till soil for Big 5 oligarchy]. Not until egalitarian/altruist angel

    Oren Long came along/progressive educator a la Horace Mann/John Dewey

    1889-1965 as DPI/DOE chief 1934-1946 did country kids have a chance to go

    beyond the 8th grade. Honoka`a School is the perfect example, where the

    10th grade was added in 1936 & its 1st high school grad class emerged in

    1938 [Carolina Brasao Andrade’s granddaughter Mary Andrade Nachbar its

    renowned grad]. Dorothy Vasconcellos Souza 1920-1997 was usual city high

    school grad/diploma a given/taken for granted by city folks, but not so by

    country folks such as Carolina’s granddaughter Mary Andrade Nachbar also

    born 1920.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Reciprocity Treaty 1876 — Luso immigration 1878

    The Reciprocity Treaty 1876 was the single most important trigger

    to sugar boon because it removed the heavy tariff on Hawai`i sugar

    going Stateside. Dr. Wil Hillebrand is appointed immigration chief

    for Hawai`i in Portugal & laborer contract is 3 yrs. 10 hrs. p/day.

    Laborers to receive free daily rations/suitable lodging-homes/garden

    land/infirmary services/medications. Bd. of Immigration here pays

    entire cost of passage from Madeira to Hawai`i. Many Luso

    immigrants settle on slopes of Punchbowl, though Vineyard St.

    named after Spanish grower Marin. Colorful Luso street names

    incl. Lusitana [Queen’s Hospital]/Funchal/Lisbon/Azores/Madeira/

    Morreira/Magellan/Correa/Enos/Osorio. Greatest Luso scribe

    Godofredo Ferreira Affonso 1875-1950 aboard the 1st Luso

    immigrant ship, the Priscilla, 1878. Immigration continues

    heavily till 1899. Though most Luso are Catholic [ergo,

    example set by Luso Bishop Stephen Alencastre 1876-1940],

    Rev. A.U. Soares arrived here 1890 & is considered founder

    of Luso Christian Church here, followed by Rev. Ernest Gomes

    De Silva 1873-1955 of Hilo.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Word pictures [wordsmith] Souza-Ferreira DOE-DPI timeline

    Of the ubiquitous Affonso familia, beautiful memorial to JA Affonso’s young wife

    from the Advertiser January 12, 1893: “Mrs. Affonso, wife of J. A. Affonso, a

    Portuguese merchant of Honokaa, died on Wednesday, the 4th, after an illness

    of more than two years, the last six months of which have been most painful.

    She was a woman of many noble traits of character, and was respected by all,

    regardless of nationality. She was 35 years old, and was a native of Portugal.”

    From the Hilo Trib July 9, 1989, on Honoka`a school: “Founded in 1889 on

    the site now occupied by the teacher cottages, Mrs. Overend was the first

    principal. Next, a 3-room school was built on a site below the cemetery near

    Overend Camp. Mrs. Overend retired in 1892, and Armstrong Smith became

    principal, which had an enrollment of 288 pupils, the largest school on the Big

    Island. Over the next 3 years, however, enrollment dropped to 110 pupils,

    because schools were established in Ahualoa and Kaapahu. Through the 1920s,

    Honokaa had classes only to the 8th grade. In the 1930s, the 9th grade was

    added, then the 10th grade in 1936, culminating with the first senior class

    graduation in 1938.” [Centennial Celebration 1889-1989]

    Hilo Trib celebration of 150th anniversary of public education in Hawai`i,

    dated Feb. 28, 1991, lists auspicious Honoka`a school principals Harry

    Irwin [lawyer/judge]/Lottie Overend [Overend plantation]/John Perreira


    Now you see why the Souzas/Ferreiras were lucky even to finish elementary

    school? DPI’s oppressive oligarchy control deliberately thwarted advancement

    past the 6th grade [intermediate grades came after most of the 3rd generation

    Luso/Portuguese finished 5th/6th grades, incl. the Souzas/Ferreiras]. It was only

    thru altruist DPI chief Oren Long [later U.S. Senator] 1934-1946, that those born

    after 1920 finally were able to complete high school thruout the Territory. Those

    born before 1920 were incapable of reaching even the 9th grade [not to mention

    staggering public school tuition fees in public schools past the 8th grade]. For

    older 3rd generation Luso [or 2nd generation AJAs] like Uncle Manuel Souza 1912-

    2008, even the 6th grade came too late. Amor.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Consider these …” Luso equanimity

    How strange did Asian immigrants seem to Americans?! They were not seen in

    the U.S., but when they arrived in pigtails/queues & topknots/swords, they could’ve

    been aliens from outer space! U.S. consanguinity didn’t reach the Pacific Ocean till

    1846, & even after that U.S. “outposts” remained totally isolated [the telegraph only

    was reached in 1862]. BUT Luso settlers here 1878 thereafter welcomed Asian

    immigrants w/open arms a la aloha-spirited Hawaiians. Amazing inclusion/pluralism/

    empathy/diversity. Luso included Asian immigrants in group solidarity, & nothing

    aids cohesion/adherence better than shared hardship [vs. Big 5 repression]. Stress

    reducers like collective teamwork work wonders for the human condition. As to

    Girardo Ferreira’s Ahualoa homesteads, such lands were made available via the

    Land Act of 1895. Per the same statute, Ka`apahu lands were made available

    in 1895, of which Antone Souza Jr. & Johnny “Waimea” Souza purchased a

    quarter century later. Ahualoa allotments were 15 to 20 acres each lot. Kalopa

    lands were made available in 1917 [Antone Jr.’s original turf].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hawai`i Asian-Americans owe their success to Luso forebearers

    Never assume form over content. Hung Wai Ching’s 1905-2002 kin Clarence Ching’s

    1912-1985 foundation endowed Chaminade w/restorative millions to replace

    antecedent Henry Freitas’ admin. bldg. Yes, Clarence’s outfit restored UH’s Cooke

    Field. Clarence’s auspicious nephew Ray Tam [tort lawyer] is its current cover boy,

    but the real deal is our silent disciple, Clarence’s #2 son, solitary deep thinker Wally

    Ching. Glitz/glamor poster boys are only fronts, not heartland. Tam is form/Wally

    is content. Public education is the great equalizer, & Luso were the first immigrant

    group to catalyze the teeming masses to fulfill the American Dream. DPI [genesis of

    DOE] is replete w/Luso leaders/educators, incl. Honoka`a genesis Principal Perreira

    [no relation to Velma Souza]. Why Luso as our greatest leaders/enablers?

    Unquestionably, Luso culture/Scripture [Galatians 3:28–everybody’s equal before

    God]. Steeped in Faith, Luso simply lived Biblical creed. Catholic schools became

    Asian American springboards to success/leadership. Clarence Ching is just one of

    many beneficiaries of our Marianists. Our 1st heart bypass surgeon Dick Mamiya

    [St. Louis High/St. Louis U.] is Luso exemplar. UH honcho Walt Kirimitsu [Tam’s

    law partner] is St. Louis High/Luso exemplar. Rusty Blaisdell 1902-1975 [only

    cross-appeal GOP beside Joe Farrington 1897-1954] is St. Louis High/Luso exemplar.

    1st-ever NFL triumvirate 1926-1927 Walt Sneeze Achiu/Honomu’s Cab Cabrinha/

    Sam Hipa are St. Louis High/Dayton Ohio [Catholic] U exemplars. Yes,

    classmates all thru school/NFL combine. Of the 20% of Asian-Americans

    who went thru private schools, 9 out of 10 kids went thru our Catholic

    schools. Do you know that Punahou had 10% racial quota limit on Asian

    kids until 1966? We Asian-American progeny owe our existence to our

    Luso welcomers. Yes, impact/groundswell via Luso –inspired ascension.

    We utterly ignorant Japs/Chinks/Yobos/Flips belittle/marginalize Luso as

    dimwitted brutes. The joke really is on us ignoramuses. Sad. David

    Figueira born 1957 St. Louis High/Portland U grad business never let his

    diplomas unfurl/blind him to grounded/grassroot retention/reverence.

    David is our familia/ohana exemplar of New Testament exceptionalism

    [Sermon on the Mount]. This is what Catholicism is all about — to

    serve God’s will/way. David faithfully/quietly serves well God’s Plan.

    Clarence Ching foundation just endowed Ching’s alma mater St. Louis

    School/Palolo w/huge money infusion. Viver bem.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sherman anti-trust act would’ve broken up Big 5 cabal a century ago

    Yes, vertical integration forced plantation workers to lose their meager earnings at

    the plantation store, whose exorbitant prices were fixed via Big 5 monopoly over

    supply/distribtuion [Big 5 name brands, not cost-affordable alternatives]. Which is

    why most Luso strove upward/away from the psyche of servitude. So enterprising

    were Luso , that Luso eventually were direct rivals of Merchant St. Thence, Luso

    preference for the Democratic Party, which Luso built w/Luso own blood/sweat/tears.

    The story of Luso legacy-makers is extraordinary. Luso are the most unspoken heroes

    in our social/political history. To me, the story of Luso contributions to our melting

    pot/pluralistic society is the story never told. I am gratified to have told you, for

    history’s sake. I’ve peaked at my contribution to Luso culture/history, so I sign off w/

    best wishes & apreciar to all who love our ancient heritage/history.


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Family tradition/custom

    Yes, O`ahu’s Punalu`u is the Ferreira idyllic retreat, courtesy of big-hearted patriarch

    David Figueira. Vasco’s grandson David is steeped in family-oriented togetherness, which

    derives from David’s desire to carry on our ancestral heritage of family unity/solidarity,

    per Vasco’s loving daughters & only son Korean War KIA Gerald. In Pi`ihonua, Naichi/

    Mainland Japanese looked down upon Uchinanchu/Okinawans a century ago [below the

    Camp 4 clubhouse was Naichi, above it was Uchinanchu]. Which is where Henry Shimabukuro

    transformed his life into overcoming geopolitical obstacles. Henry is among the 1st AJAs/

    Uchinanchu to ascend up the Air Force chain of command. His uncle Shokan Shimabukuro

    [Jesse Shima] 1901-2002 [centenarian] is our greatest-ever Japanese to live in the U.S.

    [post-WWII Japan reconstruction/Okinawan sovereignty restoration/Japanese Naturalization

    Act 1952 enabling U.S. citizenship for Japanese immigrants/etc]. Just the same, David Figueira

    overcame hurdles to self-actualize as our loving/generous/omniscient leader today among our

    family/others, & as a positive exemplar to all pilgrim souls/humanity. In Pi`ihonua, earliest Naichi

    settlers Kamimura/Wakimoto bullied later Uchinanchu [who settled closest to the upper forest

    line above the Camp 4 clubhouse (today’s Charlie/Rose Shimabukuro home site)], just as Japs/

    haoles spread invectives of Luso being dimwitted. Thankfully, our King David [Ferreira familia]

    comes to save our day/destiny! We all desire happiness. When we die, we ask for forgiveness

    & love, because we all have faults/failures. If we are prevented by others who rule over us from

    fulfilling our deepest hunger for forgiveness/love/peace of mind/serenity, we are bound to live/

    die in misery. David Figueira [Ferreira] is not content simply to save souls — he desires to solve

    life’s vexing problems [social conflicts/etc.], before David meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gate.

    David personifies the spiritual foundation of personal liberty/solitude/happiness — St. Peter

    beams down w/pride upon angel on our shoulders David Figueira. Amor y bom dia.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Century-old legacy of Punchbowl poet Manuel Coito

    Madeira-born Coito’s requiem for departed lives [our ode to Chrystode Souza]: “He rests,

    still a young man; may you be happy in eternity, may God permit you release from suffering,

    reward for a bitter and harsh fate; be happy, martyr, in the heavenly sphere, in endless space,

    for a better spring, and fly to the heights . . . farewell, farewell.” And Coito’s life here, chastened

    by hardship, impels Coito’s longing for his Motherland: “Madeira, I was born in your bosom, cradled

    in your arms; in your meadows I was raised, your mantle covered me, my heart longs for you, Madeira.”

    As translator Knowlton says, “people looking for their roots now wish they knew more about their

    ancestors & how life was for them. If you find out what interested them creatively, this will give

    them further dimension for you.” As w/our own laureates Cliff/John Roy/Mel/Suzie, ancient Coito

    gave Luso a voice, via the classic, narrative Roman style [unlike sing-song “tourist” expression] in

    Luso burst of color, as “oral gazettes” are versed aloud to those gathered around the storyteller

    such as John Roy/Tina Ribble/Mel’s dad Manuel/Louise/Rose Hamora/etc. Follow Roy Souza, whose

    flowing, free-association [flashes of insight] lingua are steeped in tradition/heritage. As w/reverent

    Cliff Souza, life’s tapestry weaves a resulting morality play, w/participants hitting their marks. And

    for the Hart brood [Roy/David Figueira/John Stanley Pacheco], Luso immigrated in droves to Brazil

    [former colony] via incentive of free farmland 1913. Our ancestors constitute consecrated ground

    as links to our past/genesis. Um espiritual.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese at top of pecking order among immigrants

    Because of decimation to disease of Hawaiian population, Kalakaua beseeched Portugal’s King to import

    Luso families en masse to repopulate Hawai`i. Unlike other immigrants, Luso immigrants were intact families

    who were the top of the pecking order here. Although Luso supported Sanford B. Dole’s Republic, their

    assimilation unexpectedly slowed because haole planters feared Luso land acquisitions. Thence Luso alliance

    w/embryonic Dems JJ Fern/Johnny Wilson. Contrary to popular misconception/class-race bigotry, Luso were

    not dim-witted menial laborers, but direct competitors to Merchant St. moguls. Thence haole co-optation/

    merger/harmony w/top Luso [Antonio Perry/Bishop Alencastre/etc.]. Is there any reason why later Luso

    entrepreneurs [JB Fernandes/Joe Pao/Walt Dods Jr.] were Dems & not GOP? Because of Luso grassroot alliance

    w/labor organizers [Jack Kawano/Pablo Manlapit/Jack Hall/etc.]. Of course, Luso GOP like Maui’s Tavares scions

    were such because of their support by Big 5 missionary descendants A & B. Do Joe Pao [mega-developer of

    Honolulu suburbs Manoa/Halawa/Waiawa/Waiau/etc.] & multi-millionaire Walt Pereira Dods Jr. look like oppressed/

    mistreated/neglected people? No. Assimilation might seem slow by today’s standards, but it always was steady/

    measurable/fully accepted by all. One could say that nascent Dems Fern/Wilson/Billy Jarrett/Kawananakoa were

    the springboards to Luso progress. Why AmFac/Pao p/n team? AmFac bldg. materials made millions from Pao’s

    cogent governance.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Governor Elmer Cravalho 1970-1986″

    Jack Burns beseeched Elmer to be Jack’s Lt. Gov. 1966, but ILWU shill

    Elmer was more powerful as House Speaker. Had Elmer been Lt. Gov.,

    he would’ve beaten Gill for Gov. 1970/Fasi 1974/Fasi 1978/Jean King 1982.

    Elmer would’ve been the 1st non-O`ahu Gov. [before Waihe`e/Lingle].

    Elmer would’ve been the 1st Luso Gov. here/nationwide. Elmer would’ve

    commanded immense Luso ethnic pride, exploding the horrid stereotype

    of Luso as dim-witted, born of blue-collar labor/agrarian work. Elmer

    was the greatest schemer/plotter/House Speaker who ruled w/an iron fist

    & whose oratory held his audience spellbound/tranced-out. He was a

    cattleman who learned his scholarly skills by intense observation of

    schooled leaders & who scorched w/rage at anyone who questioned his

    intelligence. He reluctantly [he didn’t consider himself a crusader]

    carried the whole Luso community on his shoulders. Elmer was a

    no-nonsense/give’m hell Harry Truman. Elmer’s peer George Martin of

    Papa`ikou had fire in his belly & a red-hot heart to boot, but Elmer

    ruled by fear, whereas George ruled by faith. Night/day. Just as

    Oprah [via female Black mentors Angelou/Morrison/Walker] paved

    the way for Obama, so did Elmer pave the way for sharecropper

    Luso boy Walt Dods Jr. Football Black qb. Rick Turner figured on

    MLK as RFK’s ’68 Prexy race VP mate, & that we’d have a Black Prexy

    by our Nation’s 200th anniversary. Gotta’ have larger-than-life

    dreams/aspirations/ambition, gang!! Gotta!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Personification [Sacred text as analogy — to secular life]

    Early Christian martyr Stephen was stoned to death, which reminds me of

    well-intentioned Barack Obama [on Penn folk].

    Old Testament’s Balam/Balak pulpiteered for profit, until God made them

    speak correctly, which recounts self-beleaguered Jeremiah Wright.

    Nathaniel bellowed, “What good ever can rise out of lowly Nazareth?”

    — Jesus. Nathaniel reminds me hubris Hillary, who pontificates

    vs. Obama’s youth to her detriment [she’s the same old Clinton].

    A lowly woman asked Jesus for bread, to which Jesus replied,

    “It’s for the children of God’s Kingdom.” To which the

    woman implored, “A dog shall eat crumbs off the ground. I shall

    eat crumbs off the ground. Why thoust judge grounded as

    unworthy?” To which Jesus iterated, “You are a child of God’s

    Kingdom. Nature’s blessed ones. Partake of thy bread.”

    Point is that Jesus challenged her inner voice, which reverberated

    Truth. Lest we dismiss paupers/ruffians who emanate as voices

    of God, the low life unlearned Galileean fishermen became the

    greatest apostles across the horizons [such as Peter]. And

    contrary to Richard Uejo’s take, the Bible was written in everyday

    language, not for uppity class patricians. “Whosoever will,

    may come.” Armenius– “Everyone come in,” vs. Uejo’s/John

    Calvin’s “only the chosen are eligible for application.”

    [personification of likening Biblical figures to secular folks/

    events is blasphemous to Uejo/Calvin] The Way, the

    Truth, the Life, no man cometh to thy Father but by

    Me, meaning that Uejo/Calvin are not gatekeepers of Faith.

    As Jesus would say to both, “You search Scripture, but I

    am the living embodiment of Truth, not you.” Satan

    used Scripture & self-bolstered via Scripture, which we

    find today w/holier-than-thou status trippers who ply Satan’s

    sly — 1) When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, Satan

    said, “Jump off the ledge, the angels will lift you up.”

    Jesus retorted, “Don’t tempt God by my jumping off the temple

    of Faith!” 2) When hunger incited poverty/famished villagers,

    Satan said eat the stones, for they will turn into bread. To

    which Jesus said, “Stone is not bread — do not tempt fate/

    God. No one cometh to thy Father but by me. Man shall not

    live by bread alone, but by every word that cometh from the

    mouth of thy God.” 3) Satan said, “I will give you Kingdoms

    of Glory if you shall bow before me.” To which Jesus replied,

    “Do not curse God if your Kingdoms not cometh, but as you

    pull apart at your core, believe in God & you shall be given

    life anew.” Point is that “it is written” that it is for God to

    reveal Truth, not Satan nor us, regardless of class/color/

    creed. Hillary, you are queried in the hour of roughness

    [combat zone tarmac tale]. “Satan, stand behind me.”

    [a la Biblical Peter] Deborah/Juliana [Old/New

    Testaments] rose to greatness thru Faith, not fiction.

    Aaron & Miriam forsook Moses, were struck w/maladies,

    but were redeemed by God, as they lifted Moses’ hands

    to bless Joshua on the field of battle. Hillary is not far

    from Aaron & Miriam, as Hillary forces a divide into

    the dawn of November [vs. McCain], rather than lift

    the hands of unity/strength in numbers. And just

    as Obama is dilettante Gideon, follow Solomon, for

    if you know not the path [of righteousness], follow

    the footsteps of the flock [incl. Armenius/Wesley].

    The tabernacle is around the bend. And just as

    old Caleb wears slippers of steel [to claim the

    mountain], not house slippers, so does Obama

    anoint via the Song of Solomon [age is not

    the singular rod of wisdom]. Or, as Stephen

    Alencastre would say, “Tutaruga, cabesa

    nob” — the stubborn one does not age

    to perfection, but ends up cursing God.


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Whose d_ck is bigger?

    Not about who has the biggest d_ck, Antone Jr. or Johnny

    Waimea [“JW”]. Antone Jr. made/lost his fortune, if any,

    before he relocated from Kalopa to Ka`ao Homestead tract.

    Baby brother Joshua eventually ended up w/Rose-Manny Silva’s

    slaughterhouse [actually stolen from Antone Jr.], which Joshua

    gave up to Hagiwara when Rose sold her 40 acres to Hagiwara.

    Joshua actually ended up w/Medeiros stolen 30 acres [stolen

    from Antone Jr.], via older brother Jack.

    Joshua then sold said tract to Parker Ranch.

    Hence, Joshua’s possession of stealths Medeiros/

    Silva’s acreages explain why Joshua used Rose’s

    slaughterhouse. Per Samuel Johnson, Joshua’s

    emergence was retrieved from the property

    records at our government office. Rhetorical query —

    was Antone Jr. too absorbed in self-acquisition that

    Antone Jr. engendered no loyalty from Antone Jr.’s siblings?

    Regardless, JW’s “ohana” aloha [family first, not me first] for his siblings

    engendered no backfire from them. Right or not, the result was

    favorable to JW’s siblings. JW was spiritual daddy to older sister

    Carolina’s children [though Carol Bullock knows nothing of this].

    JW mother-henned his siblings, though this is lost to today’s descendants.

    Right or wrong, JW did just that. Hard to knock JW for being other-directed,

    though to his immediate family’s [wife Christina/kids] material loss. Fond

    reminiscence of JW’s love for Antone Jr. — both brothers partnered on

    Antone Jr.’s firewood — Antone Jr. brought down firewood in bullock wagons

    to JW’s home, where the firewood were distributed to the mill camps. Amor.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Johnny Waimea’s homes were built WWI/thereafter 1918-1922

    Johnny Waimea [“JW”] built his “string of pearls” along old Mamalahoa Hwy

    1918-1922. JW also financed brother Jack’s home purchase across from

    Fred’s later home. –Curt

    Main St. meat markets originated w/Souza-Brasao familia

    Johnny Waimea lockstepped after older brother Antone Jr.

    Antone Jr. had Main [Mamane] St.’s 1st meat market 1922,

    followed by Carolina Brasao Andrade’s meat market [via son

    John] 1924, followed by Johnny Waimea’s meat market 1928.

    The Andrade Bldg. 1924 housed the Andrade meat market.

    Johnny Waimea’s bldg. housed his meat market. Andrade/

    JW’s bldgs. are still here on Main/Mamane St. Obrigado, –Curt

    Was Johnny Waimea more a people-person/fan-friendlier than Antone Jr.?

    Manuel Gomes Silva [J. Waimea’s baby sis Rose’s husband] was close

    w/J. Waimea, & told J. Waimea that the Puerto Rican field hands were

    up to something. J. Waimea single-handedly fought off 5 Puerto Ricans

    but almost died from stab wounds. Silva then came to J. Waimea’s aid &

    took him to be stitched up, which saved his life. Silva/Rose eventually

    moved down to the old Mamalahoa Hwy [today’s `Ohia St.] to live on

    J. Waimea’s tract [astride Clara Souza Gonsalves to the north & Joshua

    Souza to the south — all in J. Waimea’s dwellings]. Even after Silva/Rose

    moved to O`ahu, they kept in touch w/J. Waimea. To them, J. Waimea

    was “big bruddah who helped all the time.” Rose as meanie– Roy’s padre John

    remembered an incident where madre Mary’s cow went into Silvas’ pasture.

    When little boy John went to fetch madre’s livestock, Rose demanded $5

    as damages/compensation, virtual extortionate sum back then.

    Joaquin/Jack was big bruddah J. Waimea’s shadow, always grateful for J.

    Waimea’s hands-on help to Jack/padre/madre/irmas/filhos. Jack lived on

    J. Waimea’s tract. The paradox is that J. Waimea worshipped oldest

    irmao Antone Jr., & followed in lockstep irmao’s example of

    entrepreneurship. The difference is that J. Waimea was born here,

    whereas Antone Jr. was born in Madeira, Portugal [alien-foreign national,

    not citizen], meaning that Antone Jr.’s straw title owners had opportunity

    to cheat Antone Jr. J. Waimea was not able to be Antone Jr.’s straw owner

    inasmuch J. Waimea had his own homesteads & was barred from more multiple ownership.

    Interestingly, disabled residents had opportunity for schooling. Girardo/Maria Ferreira’s

    oldest child Mary married polio-stricken Joe Fontes, who was schooled because he

    couldn’t work the fields/pasture.

    Joe was Ahualoa School principal. Polio-stricken Botelho got schooled &

    became a judge. J. Waimea’s grandson Jim [George’s son] went deaf

    at age 5 & got schooled at O`ahu’s School for the deaf. Jim went on

    to become the 1st Hawaiian Island native to graduate from D.C.’s

    prestigious Gallaudet University [for the deaf], equivalent to Harvard/Yale.

    Generoso Gascon of Punahou became the 1st Fil-Am M.D. but was a

    total snob & forget whence he came from. On the other hand, peer

    Carlos Ramelb became one of the 1st Fil-Am lawyers & was

    beloved till his dying day. Dennis Freitas is Ramelb — earthy/

    grassroots, though incredibly backdropped by the greatest wayfinders

    in music history [Genoa Keawe/Kahauanu Lake trio/etc.]. Simplicity/

    sensible fidelity to Dennis Freitas’ humble roots/past. Bansa dirj.

    We should all follow his lead. Foresaken are our divine forebearers.

    Over a century ago Frederick Jackson Turner wrote that each age

    tries to form its own conception of the past. Each age

    writes anew the history of the past w/reference

    to the conditions uppermost in its own time.

    Yes, history is subjective/personal. Our restoring of our

    heritage nestles amid ancient precepts of devotion to family

    & to God. Hopefully, such governance shall emerge.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Was Antone Jr. bereft of mother hen altruism because of his lands being stolen?

    Because of Ka`ao Homestead restrictive covenant which forbade alien ownership

    [Antone Jr. was Luso national, not born here as automatic U.S. citizen via 1900

    Organic Act], Antone Souza Jr. had agents/reps as deed owners. Of course,

    Antone Jr. had his oldest child Mary born 1908 be paper/straw owner to his

    72 acres contiguous to & incl. his dwelling sites. Antone Jr.’s 4 acres via baby

    sis Rose Gomes Silva as paper/straw owner are right next to Antone Jr.’s

    rolling hills, just as Antone Jr.’s 66 acres are right next to Antone Jr.’s

    lower estate. Antone Jr. did not use daughter Mary Gomes [no relation to

    Gomes Silva] to straw own the lands which were put into agents Medeiros/

    Rose Gomes Silva’s names — because Mary could not have multiple land

    ownership [not to mention that she still was underage — Mary born 1908

    — only in 1929 would Mary be able to sell/convey land]. The point is that

    the paper title owners hold the real estate in trust for the benefit of the

    beneficiary — Antone Jr. But even w/Antone Jr.’s lands being stolen,

    Antone Jr. had more than ample acreages to house his parents/siblings/

    extended family. Maybe Antone Jr.’s severe alcoholic condition failed him

    in spreading his wings to provide refuge/sanctuary for his extended familia. Amor.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Public records/domestic privacies as biographies [in honor of Samuel Johnson]

    Kentucky’s Henry Clay, who is Abraham Lincoln’s role model, was a firm

    abolitionist who said, “I’d rather be right [abolition of slavery] than be

    President [of the United States].” Divine destiny over opportunity/

    ambition. So true.

    The real property tax record map from our government shows

    a 4 acre parcel surrounding the 1st of 3 switchbacks/bends along

    Ka`ao Homestead Rd. southwest of Antone Souza Jr.’s ancestral home

    [where Jr.’s son John D. Souza/wife Katie resided after they moved up

    from Pa`ahau][the home is still there]. This 4 acre parcel was consolidated

    into today’s 40 acre pasture expanse which John Roy/Velma Souza bought

    from Hagiwara [who bought it from Rose Gomes Silva]. This 4 acre parcel

    is where Antone Jr. had his slaughterhouse [below the vast 66 acres

    of additional pasturage of Antone Jr.’s, of which 30 acres were stolen

    by strawman/title owner Medeiros –Luso alien Antone Jr. couldn’t own

    this tract’s homestead per restrictive covenants — allegedly, Antone Jr.’s

    baby brother Joaquin/Jack told Medeiros that Medeiros was legal

    owner (correct), but didn’t know that Antone Jr. could’ve sued

    Medeiros for unjust enrichment/detrimental reliance/

    promissory estoppel/constructive trust remedy-relief,

    which Antone Jr. didn’t do (Antone Jr./wife Mary were native-tongued

    Luso & couldn’t write English, much less read it)]. As w/Medeiros’

    unlawful conversion/theft, Antone Jr.’s baby sister Rose Gomes

    Silva was straw/title owner to the 4 acres —

    she was born in Hawai`i & qualified for restrictive fee simple

    ownership. When Antone Jr. died at age 47, Rose’s husband Manuel

    locked up Antone Jr.’s slaughterhouse, allegedly saying that

    Manuel/Rose deserved to have the 4 acres. Again, Antone Jr.’s

    heirs did not sue in court to recover their vast acreages. Ironically,

    neither could the Gomes Silvas liter-ate in English. Who cunningly

    advised them? The twist to the story is that baby brother

    Joaquin/Jack [policeman/sheriff] acquired Medeiros’ interests

    [tract later sold to Parker Ranch]. Astute Jack advised

    Gomes Silva, just as he advised ill-intentioned Medeiros? We

    may never know. Jack’s ranch house was above the

    4 acre lot, conveniently

    close to Antone Jr.’s slaughterhouse which Jack used even

    after Antone Jr. died. Centralized self-sustainment. Rose Gomes

    Silva’s homestead dwelling was on her 40 acres, situated right

    along the border w/older brother Johnny Waimea [later Little

    Johnny’s parcel], who owned the lower 54 acres all the way down to

    the old Mamalahoa Hwy [today’s Ohia St.]. Jack’s dwelling

    [on Fred’s later parcel via padre Johnny Waimea]

    probably was dismantled

    & transported to build Jack’s town home [Jack’s ranch house —

    later known as Kakazu home, built by Antone Jr.].

    Eyeballing a map is one thing. “Putting two

    & two together” is quite another. Now everything seems to

    make sense — why did Antone Jr. start the 1st meat market

    along Main/Mamane St. [Long Soup corner SW/kitty corner

    from today’s P.O. — now rear of Jolene’s Restaurant/bakery]

    if he already had his topshelf slaughterhouse a stone’s throw

    from his 2 earlier dwelling sites [before the current home

    where son John D. Souza resided]?? Yes, electric power/

    water, but still, the distinction as the 1st ever meat market

    on the Main Drag? Ahead of his time, but out of necessity

    or sprung from genius entrepreneurial vision? Who knows,

    maybe both!? Antone Jr.’s slaughterhouse was off limits

    to Antone Jr.’s heirs only after he died. Pasiensa, pasiensa!!

    Amor y apreciar.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Selective events which reveal true character/nature

    I follow biographer template Samuel Johnson 1709-1784, who

    uses anecdotes/events [“domestic privacies”] which reveal

    true character, vs. rote historians who chronicle via timelines.

    Immigrant Antone’s reckoning was his superb physical condition,

    demonstrated via his carrying stacks of lumber on his shoulder

    from Ahualoa to Haina. Yet Antone was a sinewy 5’5″ shorty.

    Wife Joaquina was a fuller 5’3″ stature. Yes, Antone was

    superhuman. Antone’s son Johnny Waimea was another

    marvel who fought off Puerto Rican attackers but nearly

    died from stab wounds. Johnny Waimea’s son George

    was yet another marvel whom laborers respected because

    of George’s superhuman physical strength. 100 lb. bagged

    sugar was like 25 lb. rice bag to George. George’s son

    Cliff was yet another marvel. Cliff defensed the likes of

    our Big Island’s greatest modern football running back Bobby

    Ahu. Cliff went to college on football scholarship. Obrigad.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Aurora’s Vovo is baby sister of immigrant Antone Souza Sr.

    Immigrant Antone’s sister’s son is Joao– “Faz Cesto”

    [basket weaver], who actually is same generation as

    3rd generation in Hawai`i [Bernie’s & John Roy’s fathers].

    Joao’s madre is Antone Sr.’s baby sister. Aurora

    1914-2006 is Joao’s niece [Joao’s brother’s daughter].


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Our Souza/Ferreira historia familia — fulfilling the American Dream

    AJA scholar Franklin Odo praises our Souza/Ferreira historia familia as emblematic

    of the American Dream, the fulfillment of our forebearers. Obrigado, –Curtis

    Realizing the American Dream: Manuel Dias Souza 1912-2008

    Coining the phrase American Dream 1930 coincided w/Uncle Manuel’s

    rise in the world. Unwilling to be constrained by family tradition,

    Manuel bolted to O`ahu & found tremendous treasure chests of

    opportunities for advancement. Manuel first worked for topshelf

    Metropolitan Market, then hopped over to Pearl Harbor, where he

    was mentored by the man who was later credited for the

    development of the atomic bomb. Here is regular guy Manuel,

    who sees warlock Japan bomb Pearl Harbor, then finds out

    half a century later that Manuel’s supervisor went on to

    develop the atomic bomb, which was dropped on warlock

    Japan. Amazing confluence/synthesis. But then again,

    this is the story of Manuel’s life. For the ages. Legacy-

    witness. Incredible experiences/relationships/observations. Manuel’s shoes squeaked when he walked/tight-okole, but Manuel’s life experiences countered Manuel’s self-natured ways.


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso land ownership

    Yes, Luso forsook schooling for working/tilling/owning land, especially gov’t

    homestead farm lands. In contrast, buddaheads forsook land ownership

    [labored in plantation concentric communities w/life’s amenities] for

    schooling. Which is why buddaheads had difficulty borrowing money,

    which is why they started their own bank, CPB.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    132nd anniversary of Luso/Portuguese immigration to Hawai`i

    Chief Justice Antonio Perry[eira], Hawai`i Supreme Court, born 1871, was a legal

    scholar as was Jim Gilliland [mother is Nobriga], but their collective efforts are

    surpassed by Bishop Stephen Alencastre 1876-1940, who brought home

    Catholicism to rank/file Luso in Luso lingua, adorned w/Luso customs.

    Godofredo Affonso is our greatest Luso journalist [son Godfrey was a strong

    Dem/advisor to Jack Burns], Manuel Coito our greatest Luso poet, but both

    are surpassed by intrepid Christian missionary Ernest Gomes De Silva 1875-1955,

    who combined scholarship w/ministering to the teeming masses. Walt Dods

    Jr. is our current Luso earthshaker, but his monied stature is surpassed by

    predecessor George Martin born 1924, who organized plantation workers &

    upended our dual class system — rich haoles vs. poor immigrants/progeny.

    George’s forebearer Harry Kamoku ILWU was firm but fair/open-minded,

    just as George was firm but fair/flexible. Today’s Hilo realtor Hank Correa,

    Joe Correa’s nephew, is but another Fred Andrade, whose god is money.

    Hank tried to corral history from us rural folks to promote his subdivision

    of former mill camps [now coalescent agriculture expanse/plains]. Yes,

    for the almighty dollar. F__k the history. Just like Fred Andrade.

    Let’s hope more George Martins emerge to lead us. Feliz Natal. Amor.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Volcano Bldg. corner Kam Ave./Kumu St. 1917-1970

    Kanaka John Ma’a had his own livery stable

    [horses/carriages for tours] in 1873, then sold

    it to JR Wilson in 1891 upon Ma’a’s retirement.

    Wilson’s Volcano Stables were located on the

    site of today’s Volcano Block bldg. 1914 [C.

    Brewer office], & by 1893 Wilson widened the

    old horse trail from the new Volcano Rd. [24 mile

    marker] to the Volcano House, which allowed him

    to take tourists to Kilauea in horse-drawn carriages.

    His stagecoach service on the wagon road took

    7 hours from Hilo to the Volcano House. By 1910

    the Volcano Stables became the agent for the

    von Hamm-Young Co. car dealership. In 1912

    VHY built its own huge bldg. mauka of today’s

    downtown post office/federal bldg. NW corner

    of Kino’ole/Waianuenue Sts. By 1914 cars had

    replaced horses & the old Volcano Stables bldg.

    on Waianuenue St. was torn down to make way

    for today’s concrete Volcano Block bldg. [C.

    Brewer]. Volcano Stables moved to Kam Ave.

    by Hackfeld’s warehouses [adjacent to Mo’oheau

    Park], & in 1917 built its own huge concrete

    bldg called the Volcano Garage corner Kam/Kumu

    Sts. Al Ruddle, who started w/the Volcano Stables auto

    line in 1910, left the Volcano Garage in 1927 & took the

    Ford agency with him to open his own dealership a

    block north of the Volcano Garage corner Kam Ave./

    Ponahawai St. The Volcano Garage went out of

    business in 1931, losing to fierce competition in

    car dealerships. The Volcano Garage eventually

    was called the Volcano Bldg. [vs. the Volcano

    Block known as C. Brewer on Waianuenue St.]

    that housed various businesses, including our

    Bowling Lanes [great athlete Dotty Thompson’s turf]

    on the top floor. Like the concrete AmFac warehouse

    diagonally across the street toward Wailuku river

    direction [later known as Cow Palace] 1916-1970,

    our Volcano Garage/Bldg. withstood the catastrophic

    1946/1960 tsunamis, though the mauka side of

    the Volcano Bldg. was blown out by the force of

    the 1960 tsunami, as if a bomb had exploded

    inside of it. Yes, reinforced concrete walls blown

    thru like tar paper. Actually, only reinforced

    concrete [railroad sidings as w/today’s Koehnen

    bldg., formerly HackFeld-AmFac 1910] bldgs. withstood

    the incredulous explosive power of tsunamis, those

    strengthened w/rebars [steel cores/rods] like the

    1912 Hata bldg./1916 Cow Palace/1917 Volcano

    Garage/1940 Hilo theater [not worth salvaging

    because got ruined by 1946/1960 tsunamis]/1922

    Ludloff bldg. [corner Pi’opi’o/Kam Ave. adjacent

    to today’s Bayside Chevron]/1928 White Star

    Laundry-Sperry Flour bldg. across today’s small

    Shinmachi sign along Kam Ave.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Battle of the Bulge

    Clearly, Patton’s tank assault is Patton’s finest moment. But before

    Bastogne/Bulge, at Alsace Lorraine, in defiance of Ike,

    when Patton’s tanks ran out of fuel, Patton’s audacity became

    reckless. Gen. John Dahlquist’s command over our AJA soldiers

    [along with the Texas Lost Battalion] showed his reckless medal-

    popping egomania. When his aide Sinclair Lewis’ son died from a

    head wound via German sharpshooter [bullet meant for Dahlquist],

    Dahlquist wimped out, something Patton would defy & dare death.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Gratuities/tips to waiters/etc. as economic legislation

    Service industry employees sued to get back tips taken by employer

    hotels, based on State statute that prohibits employers from retaining

    tips. Economic legislation like this is upheld by courts, though our

    solons clumsily put this law in treble damages “fraud” chapter, instead

    of in labor relations provisions. Legislation affecting race/religion/etc.

    is held to highest strict scrutiny test, not economic legislation rational

    basis test as we see w/gratuities-tips statutes.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The Jap Menace 1920

    Majority Whites Stateside had Japs over the barrel via anti-alien laws

    of all kinds, to the point where Japan had no choice but to stop issuing

    passports to picture brides to the West Coast by 1920. Such passports

    still were issued for Hawai`i until the Exclusion Act of 1924. Contrary

    to popular thinking, Japan didn’t coddle emigrates to the West Coast

    like Japan did in Hawai`i, which Japan considered to be an extension

    of its Imperial power. By 1905 Japan had cut its umbilical cord to

    the West Coast immigrants/Issei, but still maintained its sovereignty over

    Hawai`i immigrants. But by 1908, via the Gentleman’s Agreement, Japan

    cut its umbilical cord to Hawai`i immigrants, looking upon buddaheads

    as discarded Japan citizens. By 1912, immigrants had been in Hawai`i

    for 2 decades, & felt different from their ancestral forebearers, at which

    point they changed from sojourners/migratory people to permanent

    settlers. So did emigrates to the West Coast, but because of their

    minority race in population #s, West Coast kotonks were shunted into

    racial enclaves, wherein they retained oldtime Nippon customs vs.

    inclusionary Hawai`i buddaheads. In this retention of oldtime Nippon

    customs, kotonks were more likely to stay in Japan vs. Hawai`i

    buddaheads when they went back to visit Japan. Yet in attitude/

    aggression/individualism, kotonks took on majority White traits/

    projection-displaced aggression vs. lower class ethnics. Jekyll/Hyde.

    In contrast, Hawai`i buddaheads were more tolerant/inclusionary/chop

    suey re other ethnics. Let’s remember that most emigrates to the

    West Coast came from Hawai`i, culminating in 1905’s highest exodus.

    Thus, the genesis mentality was the same for both West Coast kotonks/

    Hawai`i buddaheads in 1905. But as kotonk immigrants were displaced

    into ethnic ghettos, these former buddaheads reverted back to their

    oldtime Nippon customs/Japan nativity. Buddaheads in Hawai`i evolved

    into a whole new creole/pidgin culture, assimilative-inclusionary-

    mutliplex in behavior-outlooks-attitudes.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Sheila Watumull not bloodline but by marriage to David’s auspicious

    family. Sheila coconut-tough personality, which explains her

    disaffection w/Mufi, who also is bonehead. But Mufi a fearless

    leader w/a vision to bring Hawai`i into the forefront of 21st

    century progress, ergo rail transport. Had Mufi no guts, Mufi

    could’ve just sat on his laurels like Harry Kim did for 8 no-nothing

    years, “business as usual/status quo.” But credit Mufi for

    making a difference a la demagogue Fasi [The Bus/satellite

    city halls-home rule]. Remember when local solon Richard

    Jitchaku ran our disaster relief efforts post-1960 tsunami?

    Yes, Richard for Richard, as seen via Richard’s isolation of

    Hawaii Pest Control’s Ed Wence Sr. [tsunami victim tax

    credit application]. But Richard was a do-er, as evidenced

    via Richard’s sponsorship of Lincoln Wrecker projects

    [Waiakea Pirates turned off by Richard’s autocratic ways].

    Problem w/Richard was that Richard did more harm than good

    [displaced Waiakea Camp 2 residents via Richard’s Puainako

    St. development project — Scrub Tanaka rescued villagers

    from Richard’s plunder/avarice]. Just as you saw w/George

    W. Bush 2000-2008. George/Richard Jitchaku no shrinking

    violets. But not messiahs either.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Ferreira/Souza leaders

    A leader will upend the status quo if it is unfair. Because of this,

    a leader is a prophet who is dishonored in his own land, per Scripture.

    David Figueira born 1957 is such a leader, as you see w/his take charge

    attitude [by circumstance, because no one else will lead] involving his

    maternal grandma Hart estate in Honoka`a. Dennis Freitas is the reunion man who puts together family gatherings.

    Dennis’ dearest wife/daughter Vicki/Trish are the Souza genealogists.

    Souza DNA Robert Pitschke leads via Madeira research. Magnificent leaders

    all!! Amor.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Oldtime folks

    Luso Al Felix was cavalier cop/judge on O`ahu before he came

    to Hilo, by which time he had totally mellowed out.

    Lt. Gov. Jimmy Kealoha miffed that Felix was Kealoha’s only patronage

    okay by Quinn 1959. Felix 1914-1978 moved as judge from O`ahu to

    Hilo 1959-1969 Cir. Ct. Felix owned the Apt. Bldg./Cresent Manor which

    has today’s Henri’s on Kapi`olani restaurant/bar [Henry Higuchi]. By the

    time I knew Felix he was spending his whole life in the bar, enjoying the

    good ole’ days talk story sessions. He died shortly after I returned

    from the Mainland. Super mellow guy in retirement.

    Tamao Monden 1910-1979 was our other Hilo Cir. Ct. judge

    1959-1969. My classmate Carol Monden his daughter. In his last

    yrs. he was quite sickly/ill, & was slow to move about physically.

    Very mellow guy. Every judge should be like him. Successor judges

    were Ben Menor & Nel Doi both in 1969. Imagine, Doi calls Menor

    bayau [espanol word is payaso — clown/bozo], & here they preside

    courtroom to courtroom. Doi/Menor both born 1922, Menor died 1986

    [chain smoker], Doi on his last legs still grumbling about what “could’ve

    been” for him [Gov. 1978] — Doi’s confidant Royce Higa born 1920 so

    ticked off that Doi ran for mayor vs. Fasi ’76 & got creamed. Had Doi

    stayed put as Lt. Gov. 1974-1978, Doi would’ve beaten Ariyoshi ’78.

    Doi had neighbor island clout, not O`ahu power. Doi correctly blames

    himself for Doi’s confessed egomania. Doi terribly churlish/impatient.

    Doi ticked off that Ariyoshi isolated Doi to powerlessness, even though

    Doi promised George that Doi would be a team player. George deeply

    did not trust Doi, though Doi tried to have the most cooperative attitude

    in Doi’s whole life in ’74. Doi eventually made headlines chairing the

    crime commish as Lt. Gov. Thus rose the creds of mob-busters Paul

    De Silva/Chuck Marsland. Doi confessed that Doi was killing himself

    doing nothing/powerless as Lt. Gov., & recklessly ran vs. well-heeled

    unbeatable Fasi ’76. Of course, Fasi got overconfident vs. colorless

    Eileen Anderson & lost in monumental upset to her in next decade,

    after which he stormed back to beat her. Waiakea’s Tom Okino married

    Shinmachi Nakaji koa shop girl [who became Jehovah Witness], but playboy

    Okino got iced out to O`ahu [itchy rep Hilo] & became Cir. Ct. judge there

    1963-1970 retirement. Okino 1906-1979 is 442 hero Willy Thompson’s uncle

    [Willy’s mama is Tom’s older sis]. To show you how judge’s behavior imprints

    on staff, Ernie Kubota actually a nice/decent fella, but w/unlit cigar in mouth

    all the time & golf club at the ready, Kubota a younger version of Groucho

    Marx [the sarcastic/frown side]. So his staff Mae Nakayama/Cino Torricer

    lockstep in turn — grouchy/sarcastic. Yet, in retirement, both are free

    wheelers in spirit. I avoid Elvis fan Cino if I can because Cino was very

    truculent/hurtful as stenographer. Power trippers all. Which is why you

    never see Mae/Cino be embraced by others — isolated. Desmond Taketa

    tax office/Ernie’s pal [Desmond’s mom Ann was Cir Ct. clerk; dad was

    Bishop Bank teller–alcoholic] churlish like Ernie’s staffers — visualize

    sarcastic Groucho Marx w/out the humor. Bad role models. Never mind

    their status/stature. Just bad role models.

    Justinian compended corpus juris civilis [body of civil law] Roman Empire 528 A.D.

    that later influenced American law. British parliament’s Clem Walker writes of

    separation of powers [leg./executive/judicial] 1648, & in 1696 British Bd. of Trade

    is equivalent to S. Ct. [checks/balances on executive reach]. John Locke in

    1689, 7 yrs. before Bd. of Trade power, says legislative should be separate from

    executive branch. Englishman Locke influential in averting “king does no wrong”

    tyranny of the executive leader, later copied by our American founding fathers.

    In 1748 along comes Frenchman Montesquieu & publishes “The Spirit of Laws”

    that impact us in 1787 [legislative can checkmate judicial overreach via

    “will of people” modification of law]. In 1765 Englishman Blackstone celebrates

    checks/balances of British system.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Old Testament’s groundstone in today’s world

    Solomon invoked today’s standard witness exclusion rule, when he told

    the other woman to step away from his discourse w/the woman before

    him, & then had the other woman come before him, w/the current woman

    then stepping away from his discourse, the question being “Shall I chop

    your child in half to be portioned between you 2 so-called mothers?”

    When the woman cried “No, give my baby to the other woman!” —

    Solomon knew she was the real mother. Proverbs bespeak of unclean

    hands where a party aggrieved won’t be remedied in equity/fairness

    because such party committed wrongdoing, just as we see today in

    2008. Martin Luther reduxed Romans 1:16-17 in rebuking show-offs

    who talk/pay their way to heaven. The Word is key, not corrupt

    indulgences/payola. So when Harry Weinberg got stopped at the

    Pearly Gate, God asked him, “Why did you run roughshod over others

    whilst you bequeathed your riches for salvation? Couldn’t you have

    been kinder to others whilst you had the power to do so? Do your

    philanthropy/posthumous gifts immortalize you in my eyes? Not so.”

    Remember zero-sum asset man Dean Edmoundson, & his crippled

    devotee? Both Dean/student had purpose in mind/heart — to follow

    Jesus. Implement righteously the Word/the Way. Out of their acute

    sense of despair, Dean/student threw themselves completely into

    accepting Jesus per Romans 1:16-17. One doesn’t have to be Christian

    to know sensibility — Rich Imai 1910-2009 beseeches me to get Rich to correlate

    shushin [life lessons] to my ancestral church members [Taishoji

    Buddhists]. So I set up lunch date b/n Rich/Rev. Akita. Rev. Akita

    won’t drive, so we get together a block makai of Taishoji church at

    Tsunami Restaurant. Rev. Akita accepts Rich’s request to proselytize

    to vast Taishoji brethren. Rich, who has endowed UH scholarship

    fund w/more money than you/I can spend in our lifetime, labeled

    the Richard/Eleanor Imai scholarship fund — has me pick up the lunch

    tab/bill. Geez, Weinberg all over again. I get asked again by Rich

    to enlist Rich for shushin elsewhere. I tell him he picks up the bill.

    He says, “I ate already, & I not going eat again.” I tell him “all bets

    off” for another of his self-serving interludes w/”destiny.” And yet

    he yaps about his 501(c)(3) eleemosynary endowment in his/wife’s

    names. Geez, Weinberg.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Parrhesia [seed of democracy — Greek freedom of speech]

    Right to speak freely, cornerstone of democracy 500 B.C. Greek parrhesia.

    Unlike Bible’s terrorist Barabbas, Americans believe in sportsmanship, &

    shake hands after a gloved fisticuff, concluding to a friendship/respectful

    bond. Even the so-called victor is not to be selfish/reckless, & freedom of

    expression, especially via the loser, is encouraged [peacemaking]. When

    Girardo Ferreira, widower, died, he left 50 acres Ahualoa homestead lands

    for his daughters & son Vasco. Although Girardo’s sons Frank/Joao got the

    bulk/valued estate/assets, his daughters/Vasco shared in the relatively meager

    valued Ahualoa lands. Girardo’s daughters/Vasco never complained about

    Frank/Joao pillaging patriarch Girardo’s estate. Sad but sportsmanlike.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Contractor/solon Henry Freitas 1884-1944 [died of heart attack age 60]

    I thank Henry’s grand-nephew Dennis Freitas via wife Vicki

    for sending me Henry’s obit/Hollywood-handsome photo.

    Henry was the leading building contractor for his era,

    whose projects incl. St. Louis [his alma mater]/Honolulu

    Advertiser Bldg. Kapi`olani Blvd./Le`ahi Deaf Home [Jim

    Souza’s alma mater]/St. Patrick Church Kaimuki/Fort St.

    Lady of Peace Church/Punahou School/S.Ct. chief justice

    Antonio Perry[Perreira] home/etc. Though Henry was

    enriched/coveted by Merchant St.’s haole elite/Big 5/

    missionary descendants, Henry stayed true to his

    consecrated Catholic roots/Faith. Henry fought for

    the little guy, ranking as greatest among Kanaka

    Johnny Wilson’s grassroot champions. In commerce,

    Henry was antecedent to mega-builder Joe Pao 1916-

    1977. In politics, Henry was the Abraham to Elmer

    Cravalho’s Israel, starkly simple yet profound positive

    historymakers. Amazing leaders all!! Yes, Dennis Freitas

    born 1944 is OUR Dennis [not the menace, but the

    messiah]. Apreciar.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese genius Benjamin Cardozo 1870-1938

    Luso are dimwits? Think again. Cardozo is the father of proximate

    cause in tort law [common law antecedent via William Blackstone’s

    treatises over 4 yrs. 1765-1769 England]. Cardozo was elevated to

    U.S. S.Ct. Justice but died in office 1932-1938. Cardozo/Brandeis/

    Stone, all brilliant scholars [though Cardozo never finished law school

    via hardship], were the “liberal” conscience of the New Deal Court.

    As w/driven men Ty Cobb/Jack Burns, Cardozo was driven to redeem

    his father’s name, who was toppled as NY S.Ct. Justice via graft/scandal.

    All 3 “liberal” S.Ct. justices have legal institutions named after them. Had

    Cardozo dabbled in politics, he would’ve been an Edmund Burke 1729-1797,

    cautious Ireland Catholic observer who endorsed our American Revolution

    1776, but who opposed the French Revolution 1789 [no game plan among

    provocateurs]. Collectively, our greatest leaders were our revolutionaries

    [Yes, Washington/Franklin/Jefferson/Madison/Hamilton/etc.]. Cardozo

    brought the rich German tradition of empirical scholarship which supplanted

    the pre-Civil War heritage of devout/pious study. W/half million KIAs

    Lincoln’s epoch, the sacred all but lost to the secular/skeptical mind of

    a Cardozo. Thence law’s advancement by leaps/bounds via erudite

    wayfinder Cardozo. He is to law what Ty Cobb was to baseball. More

    than anything, as w/John Roy Souza born 1945 being told by teacher

    that Roy wouldn’t amount to anything [average grades], Cardozo had

    fire to stoke vs. his dad’s detractors. Yes, Ty Cobb’s irons in the fire

    were stoked by Ty Cobb’s dad’s tragic death when Ty was only 19 yrs.

    old. Is practical pundit John Roy a Federalist? Yes, federalist today

    means states’ rights [malapropism/oxymoron that means the opposite of its

    definition] — like Edmund Burke, John Roy attends to extraordinary

    political thermostats — conflict of decisions in lower courts/important

    federal question not yet decided by the U.S. S.Ct. We are well aware

    of the 10th Amdt. which directs powers retained by states, powers

    that are not delegated to the federal gov’t, nor prohibited by the

    Federal Constitution to the states. Such powers are reserved to the

    states/people. Based on Scripture/common law [case law, not

    legislative codified law/statute], John Roy would rule that marriage is

    only between man/woman, as a sitting U.S. S.Ct. Justice. It then

    is up to individual states to codify or develop case law on issues of

    domestic partnerships/civil unions. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921, obnoxious

    that he is, actually concurs w/John Roy’s steeped belief on marriage

    & the division of power between the federal gov’t/states. No, this isn’t

    imposition of religion on another. It’s uniformity of practice based on

    precedent/common law. Yes, Roy’s Burkean cautious regard for

    tradition/precedent [concurred via Kanekuni] averts conflict/chaos.

    Roy is a legislative libertarian a la Jack Burns, but a wizened sage

    a la Edmund Burke. So is Kanekuni, arrogant though he is. How

    would Roy handle a Kenoi retort to Grabel’s so-called “smear” vs.

    Kenoi? Measuredly. Kenoi was not prosecuted to trial. Kenoi

    is innocent unless convicted as guilty. “Nuff said.” If Kenoi keeps

    obsessing over the “smear,” Kenoi will make things worse by

    adding fuel to the fire. Kenoi should obsess to get the haole

    votes. I was assured that Kenoi will post pix of him/haole backers.

    Roy is about nation-building/unifying spirit of governance. Kenoi

    needs to learn from elders like Roy. Of course, fighting Catholic

    John Hulten born 1913 would’ve overturned Roe v. Wade, &

    leave such matter to the states to decide. Hulten is the sole

    nobleman who fought to break up Bishop Estate’s chokehold over

    land. Even feisty Jack Burns wimped out vs. gilded autocracy

    BE. Yes, John Roy is moderate S.Ct. Justice Tony Kennedy.

    Hulten is Scalia sans Scalia’s tyranny. Neither Roy nor Hulten

    trained in law. Such freshlets have crystal clarity/eyeball

    reality. Nuremberg’s non-lawyer Justice Bob Jackson [New Deal

    organizer]. BTW, Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 couldn’t stand

    HCEOC’s George Yokoyama, Bosom buddies they were not!

    To Scrub, Yokoyama squandered Sen. Akaka’s fed grants

    [Capellas’ alter ego] on egg-headed schemes a la Kohala Task

    Force’s George Ariyoshi. Scrub was Akaka’s/Yokoyama’s

    biggest critic, calling them idiots. John Roy was driven to

    prove his teacher wrong. Wayfind via negative role model.

    Still a leap/bound positive result [rise of middle class/

    empowerment to the teeming masses].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    C.J. Warren Burger on individual right to bear firearms 2nd Amdt.

    PBS’ Charlayne Hunter asked Burger what would he do

    to change the Constitution [on our 200th anniversary 1976],

    to which he said, “I would repeal the 2nd Amdt., because a

    certain interest group [NRA] is perpetuating the greatest fraud

    upon the American people.” Tony Scalia, are you listening?

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Scalia’s buzzword is crime. The 2nd Amdt. [well-regulated

    militia requires Minutemen ragtag outfit] was to fight invasion

    from foreign enemies. Paranoid Scalia justifies his ruling

    on outdated reasons. Cult of the intellectual. Scalia is too

    smart for his own good, to the point that he is a crackpot.

    Always remember the Mengele complex [head corrupts the


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Katherine Hepburn on Erroll Flynn

    Per astute observer John Burnett, Katherine Hepburn later regretted her denunciation of Erroll

    Flynn’s acting ability. World-class wit Dorothea Parker of Algonquin Round Table Fame wrote

    after Hepburn’s Broadway debut [per Burnett], “Miss Hepburn displayed the entire gamut of human

    emotion — from A to B.” John Burnett considers Johnny Depp a great actor, edgier, not the

    pure hero, better at being flawed & nuanced, than Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Altruist/good guy Terry Plunkett born 1932 [Hawai`i Five-O fame]

    Terry Plunkett lived in Hilo for 15 yrs., best known for leading the

    erection of our Kamehameha Statue at Wailoa Park. Terry is a

    proactive go-getter kind of guy, a guy who gets things done [positive

    impact]. Scrub Tanaka got Pundy Yokouchi’s Arts/Culture gov’t

    outfit to give 50Gs toward the erection of our Kamehameha Statue.

    Scrub later chafed that Scrub’s name was not on the inscriptions

    of inspirers. Terry said that Scrub didn’t want such inscribed

    recognition, that Scrub wanted to keep things low key.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Deliverance [40 yrs. of transition 1969-2008]

    Back to Union Theological Seminary [Hung Wai Ching’s/Frank Chong’s

    genesis]. Jeremiah Wright’s untold alter ego is 69 yr. old James H.

    Cone, Union Theological professor, whose 1969 book on Black

    Theology & Black Power energized inclusion/reform in

    mainstream Christianity. However, Wright digresses via

    hopelessness rhetoric, if not action, thus separating him

    from Cone/Obama, both of whom advocate colorblind

    elimination of dispossession. Wright’s dad also pastored

    [hometown Philly], 66 yr. old Wright graduating from

    D.C.’s Howard U. English/U of Chicago M.A. Wright’s

    undergrad degree 1968 coincided w/Cone’s book

    at same time. Thence the stewardship from Cone

    to Wright. Love it or hate it, Union Theological

    parlays influence even today.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Frank Atherton Chong R.I.P. 1944-2008

    Big 5 godfather Atherton sponsored Frank Chong’s dad Kim On thru school [incl.

    seminary]. Frank never knew the man Frank was named after because Atherton

    died just after Frank was born [Atherton 1878-1945]. Here stands the hallowed

    legacy of love for all. Frank’s sis Joy Chong is PBS producer & historian Dave

    Stannard’s [Massie case author][Dave’s smooch is Haunani Trask] ex-wife.

    On a personal level, Haunani is a sweetie [so was Nazi Hermann Goring]. Dave

    is sweet thru & thru.

    Frank Atherton/Kim On Chong/Frank A. Chong/Joy Chong[Stannard],

    heroes all. It takes one humble servant/legend like KingLit Ching [my jesus] born

    1936 [son of our greatest modern positive historymaker Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002]

    to know another [mythic folk hero Frank A. Chong]. R.I.P. Love, –Curt


    From: KingLit Ching [born 1936; son Chris is half-Chinese/half African-American]
    Subject: Starbulletin.com reader referral

    Frank Chong’s grandfather was KF Lum, one of the first Oriental YMCA Secretaries (prior to HW) and a leading Congregationalist Churchman. The institutional church has played a significant role in advancing immigrant assimilation into America. Imagine, Hal Sakata became an Olympic Silver medalist in weightlifting which began with training at the Nuuanu YMCA. Nuuanu was a first in catering to Orientals during the era of all white YMCAs. This is a subject that is probably hushed up In Hawaii. The YMCA should be the antidote to the gang problems that plague our inner cities. The explanation for the role of gangs is that young people, especially young Blacks, can only find a bond/acceptance in a gang. Where are the activities such as sports (especially boxing) which keep these kids out of trouble? What’s going on? –KL

    Take a look at this article I just found on Starbulletin.com. You can read it at: http://starbulletin.com/2008/03/13/news/story13.html

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hackfeld warehouse 1916-1970 [known as Cow Palace after 1953 acquisition by our County]

    Hardware supplier/German National Hackfeld built

    its 2-story wood frame office bldg. in 1897 where

    today’s Koehnen Bldg. is corner Kam/Waianuenue

    St., & its lumber yard on the Keaukaha side of Mo’oheau

    Park where today’s parking lot is. In 1897 the only

    suitable boat landing was the small pier where today’s

    lighthouse is at the foot of our bayfront highway/

    Waianuenue St., where lighters could bring freight/

    passengers from larger ships anchored offshore, kind

    of like how you see our cruise ships handle Kailua-Kona

    harbor. Large items like lumber/waterproof containers

    were thrown overboard & floated ashore at Waiolama

    black sand beach where today’s Mo’oheau Park is.

    Which is how Hackfeld’s lumber yard got its supplies.

    Hackfeld built its general merchandise warehouse in

    1900, but this long one story wood frame building

    was damaged by the 1901 rainstorm flood that

    overflowed its Alenaio stream banks & sped straight

    to the sea, destroying the warehouse that was in

    its way via its ancient concourse. Today you still

    see remnants of the ancient outflow at the seashore

    in front of the parking lot on the Keaukaha side of

    Mo’oheau park. The Alenaio is bermed up tremendously

    upland of the parking lot to avert what befell the

    Hackfeld warehouse in 1901. After all, where Mo’oheau

    Park is today & south toward Keaukaha all the way

    to Wailoa boat harbor consisted of swamps & ponds,

    which were filled up/land reclamation 1917-1923 from

    offshore sand via sluice pumps. As our breakwater

    was erected in segments during this pre-WWI era,

    our tide moved in reverse from toward Wailuku river

    direction to toward Wailoa basin direction, essentially

    retaining our sewage outfall instead of flushing it out

    by way of Wainaku’s Alealea point, where the ships

    enter/exit our Hilo harbor. Hackfeld rebuilt its

    wood frame warehouse with fill packing back the

    Alenaio stream to avert another economic catastrophe,

    & added another warehouse in 1905. In 1909 the

    Hackfeld 2 story wood frame bldg. at Waianuenue/Kam

    Ave. was kitty-cornered across the street , that later

    was known as the Chicago photo studio bldg. [the

    1946 tsunami lifted it off its foundations & deposited

    it via almost as strong backwash –isostatic rebound–

    plunk in the middle of Hilo bay, where it splintered to

    pieces amid the so-called washing machine agitator

    cycle fury of the tsunami in Hilo bay]. Hackfeld

    erected its reinforced concrete bldg. in 1909 that

    stands today as our Koehnen bldg. In 1916 Hackfeld

    erected its concrete warehouse known later as our

    Cow Palace [because of its similarity to Frisco’s Cow

    Palace], which was built at a 10 degree angle [wide

    front facing Kam Ave./narrow front facing our railroad

    tracks by the sea] to accomodate the train at the

    tight curve by the railroad spur/loading dock of the

    warehouse. As it stands, this weird configuration is

    what saved the warehouse from the calamitous 1946/

    1960 tsunamis, because its seaward wedge diverted

    the energy of the water away from it [like a Roman

    Army phalanx/V formation]. Up to the 2001 winter

    storm waves, you could still see the outline of the

    warehouse where Tongan immigrants played outdoor

    volleyball. The storm waves destroyed the hued

    grasses outlining the warehouse. Sadly, Hackfeld

    was such a great outfit, but it was seized as enemy

    alien asset WWI, & our later Big 5 Amfac bought it

    at gutted/fire sale price, a steal for AmFac. The

    1946/1960 tsunamis did what city planners couldn’t

    do, that is to scrape off urban blight/seashore

    tenements, as envisioned via our Greenbelt design

    as early as 1909. After the 1946 tsunami cleaned

    out all structures makai/seaward of Kam Ave., only

    our warehouse & Hilo Theater [NE corner Kam/Pauahi

    Sts.]1940-1960 were left standing. This green belt

    became our Waterfront Safety Zone. After the 1960

    tsunami [35 feet high wall of water vs. 1946 tsunami

    30 feet high wall of water] cleaned out the mauka/

    mountain side of Kam Ave., this expanded mauka

    green belt also became part of our Waterfront Safety

    Zone/Bayfront Park [today’s soccer fields]. In 1953

    AmFac built its structural steel warehouse corner

    Kuawa/Kalanikoa Sts. inland of today’s Waiakea

    recreation center [formerly Sure Save supermarket],

    & gave our County its old seaside warehouse which

    then became known as Cow Palace, to house

    recreation outfits. But by 1969, with Hilo suffering

    a major downpour, our Cow Palace wooden roof beams

    buckled via rot, & it was demolished in 1970.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Isostatic rebound

    In watching the 12/26/04 Indonesian tsunami, you see the tsunami

    floodwater rushing back out to sea just as it came in from the sea.

    Isostatic rebound means that the shoreline is the point of balance

    b/n the land & sea, so that the outward rushing headwaters, while

    not as strong as incoming tsunami floodwater, uproots all structures

    hit from the front by the incoming tsunami/compromised.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Frankie Gonzales is my courageous hero! Walt Dods born 1941

    2nd generation Pinoy Frankie born 1949 is one courageous

    man! Intolerant duo at hawaiihoops.com monikered

    as HoopFanatic & Princess Victoria are trying to block out

    my profile [whatever that means?] because I said what’s

    going on with Walt Dods Jr. at Haw’n Telcom [Dods a

    banker, not a telcom expert — Dods’ gang didn’t upgrade

    quickly to DSL broadband to capture open market that

    now is overtaken by roadrunner — thence Dods’ gang’s

    bankruptcy]. The relevance is that Walt’s dad Walt Dods

    Sr. was a reserve on Ah Chew Goo’s dynasty squads at

    Hilo High. Thence both father/son Dods’ worship of Ah

    Chew Goo born 1918. I spoke of Sr. as Horatio Alger who

    was orphaned at Hilo’s Father Louis Boys Home. Dods

    familia/ohana are Luso/Portuguese. And when Jr. gave C.

    W. Dickey-designed 1st Haw’n Bank in downtown Hilo to

    our Tsunami Museum, Jr. didn’t boast about Jr.’s millions of

    $$ salted away, but instead asked only one question, “Do

    you have any materials about Father Louis’ Boys Home?

    My dad was a resident there as a child.” Obrigad/bansa

    dirj!! When dearest patron saint Frankie Gonzales told

    me about 2 communicants wanting to “delete” me,

    Frankie said if I get erased, so will Frankie want to be

    erased too. Now, this is courage!! Wow!! For your

    edification, Frankie Gonzales is among the greatest

    ballhandlers/playmakers in the basketball history of the

    Haw’n Islands. Frankie led St. Louis High ’67 as our

    best-ever prep squad from the Haw’n Islands.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jack Burns 1909-1975 was no fool — embraced diverse opinions

    Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 brutally discarded Norman Tsuji 1924-2005 as a

    chauffeur/driver for Jack Burns, nothing more. But Scrub’s boss Burns

    was a smart man, always letting Norman come to visit Burns from the

    Miller St. entrance to Washington Place/Gov’s mansion, so that Burns

    could hear what Tsuji had to say about Big Island events/about Scrub

    w/no fanfare [from Beretania St. public/main gate]. Tsuji always praised

    Scrub, even though personally Tsuji couldn’t stand Scrub’s arrogance/

    abusive personality. Burns was delighted to know that Scrub was

    the man for all seasons.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Generational impudence

    Lenny Sakata born 1952 says that his baseballers don’t care about Lenny’s major

    league background — that kids are like that, no regard for history, which

    is how Lenny was when Lenny was a kid himself. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 says

    that Isamu shooed away old farts like our American Legion WWI veterans who

    embraced/coveted the company of Isamu’s 442 boys, because no one wants to

    listen to old farts. Old age a death sentence to young squirts like Isamu of

    65 yrs. ago. Isamu’s plantation boys/generation born post-1920 still have no

    regard for the past — their first-time ever high school diplomas made them

    impudent/callous of tradition/custom/heritage. Which is why I never see Isamu’s

    gang as positive role models — they’re punks even in their octogenarian physical

    bodies. Yikes!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Chinn Ho’s Ilikai Hotel 1964-2009

    Hawaii Five-O’s Ilikai Hotel takes its curtain call this month. Chinn Ho’s

    McKinley Class of 1924 mates pooled their monies together to get Chinn Ho

    1904-1987 started in business a la informal percentage shares just as you

    see w/stock ownership, incl. Statehood era’s greatest leaders [Hiram Fong/

    Harry Lin/Hung Wai Ching/Masaji Marumoto]. As godfather of the kids born at the

    turn of the last century, John Young, said in Ted Tsukiyama’s interview of

    a lifetime, “In 1924 about 20 boys from McKinley High organized under Chinn

    Ho’s leadership the McKinley High School Commercial Associates. Chinn Ho

    worked for Dean Witter & he got those 20 boys to give him a certain amount

    of money every month and that money built the Ilikai Hotel. They may not

    want you to know this [because it smacks of star chamber], they’re still

    in existence [1987]. Of course, most of them died, but they still have this

    secret hui [club]. Oh my, they were a great team!” Chinn Ho’s peer Ruddy

    Tongg 1905-1988 is from Kukuihaele/Waipi`o Valley district, & not part of

    Chinn Ho’s secret club.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso icon Al Silva born 1917 Waipahu boxing coach

    Al Silva deservedly got enshrined in Larry Price’s State Sports Hall of Fame.

    Silva was mentored by Johnny Yasui, who was enabled financially by O`ahu

    Sugar boss Hans L’Orange [Waimea’s Pete’s dad]. Silva & Johnny’s baby

    brother Fred Yasui coached Andy Ganigan/Jesus Salud. Why has not Hawai`i

    boxing’s greatest fighter [among alltime best in world history] David Kui Kong

    Young [92 yrs. old, born 1916], the Chinese Celestial, been enshrined?

    Young was shorted a world title late in his career because ref Walt Cho,

    Korean legend, missed seeing Kui Kong hit world champ Manuel Ortiz w/perfect

    body punch, Cho ruling it a low blow after Ortiz writhed interminably on the mat.

    Kui Kong had beaten Ortiz earlier in their careers. Ortiz is universally acclaimed

    as among the 4 greatest 118 lb. fighters in history [Carlos Zarate/Eder Jofre/

    Ortiz/Ruben Olivares]. Why has not Puerto Rican boxing legend Frankie

    Fernandez 1917-2004 been enshrined? Fernandez was a top 5 world-ranked

    pro in his heyday. Why has not the world’s greatest basketball passer Ah

    Chew Goo born 1918 been enshrined? Goo was featured in NY Times Bk. Review

    as the template for Pistol Pete Maravich’s passing wizardry. This holy trinity of

    David Kui Kong Young/Frankie Fernandez/Ah Chew Goo should’ve been inducted

    at the outset of the State Sports Hall of Fame over a decade ago. It’s sad that

    history is overlooked in such selections. A hall of fame is to remember forgotten

    ones so that history is accurately preserved.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Bob Dodge 1915-1979

    Dem Party insider/Seattle boy-haole Bob Dodge wrote the bedrock 1952

    Dem Party platform/new city charter. Bob’s provisos incl. taxing the

    scot-free oligarchy [always had exemptions/allowances to avoid taxes]/

    assist small business [loans/tax incentives/etc.] vs. Big 5 chokehold/

    lease to fee conversion [ergo, disassemble BE’s land monopoly]/1st class

    education for public school kids, & continuing into college/vocational

    school/support war veterans-laborers/health care for all. Dodge’s demise

    came in 1960 in ill-fated run [discouraged by Burns but Dodge ran anyway]

    for mayor vs. Fasi, which Fasi won by landslide. As Burns biographer Dan

    Boylan says, “Burns was a philosophical idealist, but a political realist.”

    Thence spelled the end of Bob Dodge in power circles. He went back

    to lawyering & never was a factor again. Incongruous, but Dodge law-

    partnered w/Ernie Kai 1905-1990, Burns arch-nemesis in power

    brokering [Kai rejected Burns’ demands for patronage 1950, so Burns

    replaced appt. of Kai for Gov. w/Oren Long’s name on desk of Interior

    Dept. which governed Hawai`i Territory]. In the end, both Kai/Dodge

    had bones to pick vs. Burns.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    We’re all Jekyll/Hyde

    Yes, as Earl Nakasato/I commiserated over altruist Tommy Crabb’s 4th anniversary

    of his death 1925-2006, we both agreed that Tommy really is a modern apostle —

    Tommy assimilated completely into local society [Hilo High football player/etc.],

    though born of stern Scot parents [dad was heavy drinker/verbally outspoken].

    Tommy believed in suffrage/popular vote, saw Yoshito-Dwight Takamine as

    true peacemakers, & supported them completely despite Tommy being

    plantation mgr.!! Tommy’s wife Edith is 2nd marriage — realtor Edith is German

    immigrant [part-German Clara Osorio’s compana/Elroy’s ex-wife], worked as

    domestic from ground up, Edith misses dearly her too-good-to-be-true hubby

    Tommy. Tommy has kids from prior marriage/widower, all worship Tommy as larger-

    than-life. Why was Tommy so unreal? Because Tommy’s “haole-ness”

    isolated him from mainstream society. Yet he overcame prejudice/stigma

    w/unconditional righteousness to help others, not help himself. Ahhh,

    to extol/reminisce about a Tommy Crabb is like a dream come true. Wea

    you goin’ fine one bugga’ like him?? Apostolic Tommy. And as Earl

    recalled the past/lore, recount those who have come/gone/are still

    w/us — attributes of selfish love-glorification like Rich Imai/Rich Uejo/Frank De Luz/Gerald De Mello, vs. righteous altruists like

    Russ Oda/Fred Fujimoto/James Yoshiyama/Luso George Martin. Accession

    not based on land/money/power/influence, but grounded in authentic love

    for all near & afar. Wall St.’s collapse/recipe of disaster because of false

    idols/religion [selfish love-babel deification] — listen/digest the selfish ones

    who build towers to themselves — invariably, they preface w/”I was thinking,

    I want to do this, I hope to accomplish, I try to do this” — eye/eye/eye.

    Yes, they’ll reconnoiter vicariously –“I want to name this for my [kin/cause/

    etc.],” but all start w/eye/eye/eye. Earl’s seen such eye-people in his

    40 yrs. as a lawyer [retired].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Enemy aliens even though U.S. citizens

    Even patriot Futoshi Frank Arakawa 1891-1977, born here/Nisei, was classified as

    enemy alien WWII. Frank did stirring President’s Day tribute pre-WWI, was WWI

    doughboy/officer, yet was interned WWII. Frank was Stanford U grad/civil engineer,

    designed TR Saiki’s Keaukaha home [TR also interned, though TR was

    alien]. About Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, Hung Wai gets the U.S. Customs plum

    job for former FBI chief Bob Shivers, then exclaims to acolyte Ted Tsukiyama born

    1920, “You know, I wanted that Customs job myself! As Collector of Customs [comes

    up close to Ted & jabs Ted w/Hung Wai’s elbow] I could control the opium trade &

    become a millionaire!!” Hung Wai actually did become a millionaire [real estate

    developments], only to give away his treasures to uplift the common folk. A

    tight-fist he was not!! Amazingly, Hung Wai never used his immense influence

    w/the War Dept./FDR & Eleanor/high-placed contacts w/military-industrial complex

    to gain any benefit or profit for himself. Unlike today’s Wall St. moguls, Hung Wai

    never looted/pillaged others. He did the opposite — paid his own money to get

    boys/girls higher education — which is why he was called the gentle Chinaman.

    Even his acolyte, radical Koji Ariyoshi 1914-1976, kissed the ground where Hung

    Wai walked.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Politics not for the faint of heart

    Politics are not for the “faint-hearted.” Which tells you why everyday people loathe politics.

    Unfortunately, in more instances than not, obsessive ego gratification/selfishness result

    in smears [bend the truth]/outright lies to beat the foe. John Waihe`e [our worst fiscal

    Governor] beat Heftel [D.C. car accident wee hrs. of morning] via libel anonymous letter

    accusing Heftel of being homo/adulterer. Heftel was

    a much better solon than Waihe`e ever could’ve aspired to be. But 2 instances of

    “distancing” are not only tolerated but instructive. 1) Moses Co. salesman Norman

    Tsuji urged his fellow entrepreneur Jimmy Kealoha to run vs. Gov. Quinn 1962 GOP

    primary. Jimmy 1908-1983 was Quinn’s Lt. Gov. Jimmy ate the ego lure, & the

    disastrous GOP primary resulted in Quinn’s loss to Norm’s “silent hero” Jack Burns.

    Jimmy’s temptation/vanity, Norm’s akamai purpose [Burns victory]. 2) Had Ed Case

    drilled TIME Mag’s judgment on languished Akaka 2006 Dem primary, Case would’ve

    beaten Akaka. TIME Mag is reputable a la U.S. NEWS/WORLD REPORT. No slander/

    libel here, just reputable opinion of TIME Mag to pickback on top of. Reprise 1964,

    when usually collegial/super soulful chap Hiram Fong felt backstabbed by Tom

    Gill [who ran vs. Fong U.S. Senate]. Fong ingeniously listed Gill’s no-shows in

    Gill’s U.S. House Chamber, suggesting Gill’s laziness-hypocrisy. Of course, Gill

    was unable to win over voters by the fact that the vote, not the solon’s

    physical presence/actual live body in House Chamber, was key/decider. Fong,

    unlike lone ranger Case, pulled out all permitted stops vs. ingrate Gill.

    So when Fong’s understudy Dan Inouye pulled a fast one on Fong by

    trumping Heftel vs. Fong 1970, Fong had to bare Fong’s sabers again.

    Inouye’s correct/deserved punishment was that Fong rebuked Inouye’s

    escort of fellow U.S. Senator Fong at Fong’s re-election investiture

    in Senate Chamber. Inouye had it coming to backstabber Inouye.

    Fong is the most understated solon, overshadowed by loudmouth punks

    Gill/Inouye. A caveat to eager beaver Obama acolytes: Obama

    misdirects focus from Iraq to Afghanistan. Do you realize that USSR’s

    defeat in Afghanistan sped the demise of USSR 1991? Military

    strategy always is defeated by unfathomable foolish politics. Let’s

    hope President Obama doesn’t do the most overrated President JFK’s

    idiocy in Cuba — Bay of Pigs debacle — which caused the nuclear

    standoff vs. Khrushchev. JFK’s fault, not Castro’s.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Onekahakaha Beach Park

    Keokea, meaning white sand, is Onekahakaha Beach

    Park that was started by pharmacy owner Tomozo

    Machida a century ago. When Machida died in

    Japan in 1919, his family retained a government

    lease on the property & it came to be known as

    Little Tokyo’s hideaway for its large number of

    buddahead beach enthusiasts. By 1931 Machida’s

    heirs gave up their lease, & our Territory then transferred

    20 acres here to our County for use as a public park.

    But it still remained the favorite beach for buddaheads,

    & in 1934 the 1st beach house was dedicated on

    Hirohito’s birthday by County Chairman Sam Spencer &

    Nippon Ass’n head Kango Kawasaki [who was sadly

    interned WWII, a loyal American but unable to be

    naturalized because INS didn’t allow Nippons to be

    citizens until after 1952]. Of course, this & later

    beach houses were gifted to our County by our


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Scuttlebutt on Pacific Islanders

    Geologist Herb Barrow has been around the world. This is what

    his Maori friends tell him: Maoris are warriors, Tahitians are lovers,

    & Haw’ns are whimps/pussies. Yikes! Local pride.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    James Yoshiyama naysayer Rich Nakamura

    Like how Rich Nakamura says Lions Club’s Koichi Iwasaki taisho

    inflexible bookkeeper, so says Rich Nakamura the same to a lesser

    degree about Holy Cross Church’s James Yoshiyama CPA. Because

    Bobby Fujimoto is actually Higashi Hongwanji member Mohouli/Kapi’olani

    Sts., Rich says Bobby only comes to Holy Cross Christmas functions/etc.

    Bobby’s wife Alice Kurohara Fujimoto is strong Holy Cross member [Alice

    is clothier Ernie’s sister]. Rich says that Rich is not jealous of Joey Estrella,

    because Joey cannot even begin to know Rich’s vast storehouse of

    baseball wisdom/intelligence. Rich even scoffs at Joey’s baseball diamond

    decisions/calls. What Rich resents about Joey is that for all the great

    things Rich’s Waiakea Pirates did for Joey, Joey never reciprocated even

    by giving Rich complimentary passes to various events. Wayne Subica,

    Portuguese like half-Portuguese/half-Japanese Joey, says that Joey always

    says yeah, yeah, but Wayne has never gotten business from Joey even

    though Joey always asks Wayne for contributions [free trophies from

    Wayne’s daughter’s trophy shop/etc/].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Noboru Larry Iwami 1921-2008

    Iwami a cantankerous arrogant guy who thought himself to be tenno heika/

    imperial emperor. When he retired from Hilo Coast Processing mgmt.,

    that was the best thing to happen. Iwami’s ibaru/braggart ways

    reminiscent of Amau`ulu Hilo Sugar Mill industrial relations mgr.

    Anastacio Luis [wife Librada hated Japs]/State Highways head

    Alvah Miyamoto/Health Dept. head Masao Koga.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    William Kimi Sr.’s Palm Inn/Sewalle Garden [where Bayside Chevron now is
    on Kam Ave.]

    “Rich Dad” 1925-2008 Richard Kimi’s dad William Kimi Sr. 1898-1971 bought all the

    liquor he could at outset of WWII & made a killing off liquor sales esp.

    at his Palm Inn/Sewalle Garden [named for P.I. sewalle furniture]

    [always cheap stuff] where today’s Bayside Chevron is, & at Sky Rm.

    behind Kimi Bros. bldg. 500 ft. north of Kam/Pauahi intersection. Of course,

    Prohibition 1919-1933 was a bonanza for Kimi kin — every chance

    to make a dollar out of 50 cents, Kimi kin did. Buddy Azevedo always

    could hear their shoes squeak, & for such a “destitute” family, Buddy

    asks how come the Kimi brothers [William Sr.’s generation] were like

    aristocrats here [richer than others]?

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mits Akiyama a stone-face too, no personality. Wife is ibaru John Ushijima’s olda’ sis, a real brainy type.

    Book Book aspersion — Hung Wai Ching embraced Sakadas/Pinoys

    Hung Wai had an imperious personality in his private moments [savored

    the cream of crop UH VVV boys over Kalihi Palama grunts], yet in

    real life/action hero impact, Hung Wai inspired everyone, incl. his

    100th Batt. boys [original 298th Nat’l Guard infantry conscript grunts]

    & Chinatown’s Book Books/Filipino gamblers — as w/olden day

    evangelists, Hung Wai was multi-lingual, easily converting from Chinese

    to Ilocano or Tagalog, to Haw’n, to Japanese. Ah Chew Goo born 1918,

    ever observant/intelligent, also has this uncanny knack for “speaking in

    tongues” [different languages].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Culvert at seashore in front of Mo`oheau Park 1940s photos

    Alena`io/Waiolama Streams emptied into the sea in front of Mo`oheau Park before

    land reclamation occurred [to cover up the ponds — now bayfront soccer fields]

    in the 1920s. Drains then emptied into sea via culvert that looks like boat pier

    in front of Mo`oheau Park 1920s-1990s. The only piers in Hilo Bay were at the

    foot of Kam/Waianuenue Sts. [lighthouse site] & assorted ones b/n today’s

    Suisan boat harbor & Gov’t pier [today’s outcrop lookout in front of Lili`uokalani

    Park], though the lumber RR wharf pier jutted out 800 ft. toward Coconut/

    Mokuola Island 1902-1924, starting from today’s Isles Landing. Of course, Kuhio

    Wharf/Hilo Harbor opened in 1912. Historian Gloria Miyashiro Kobayashi’s The

    Yashijima [literally, coconut island] [Waiakea town] Story is the quick go-to guide

    on aquatics, among other topics pertinent to Hilo.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Eichi Oki born 1925 [John Young’s protege]

    Harvard law’s Eichi [daughter is fed judge Susan, who cowers to Haw’n

    supremacists] worshipped Scotman John Young 1902-1990, & it’s no

    wonder that Eichi’s international hero is Albert Schweitzer, altruist like

    Young. Eichi grassroot backdrop [Maui commoner]. Former prosecutor

    Barry Chung is Chinese [C.K. Ai’s grandson]. Walter Chuck could be gruff

    but not obnoxious like protege Wally Fujiyama. Shadow Hirai/Ed Honda/

    Tany Hong/Tom Ogata/Al Shim Maui boys like Oki. My favorite silent disciple/

    altruist is Paul Kokubun, born Kohala, raised Ka`u, Burns pick for family

    judge. Kaua`i boy Michael Medeiros was Carlsmith partner in Hilo but

    died young from heart attack. Louis Rodrigues was not local Luso, but from

    Mass. State. Oldline Merchant St. haole law firms were Big 5 retainers,

    not altruists like J. Garner Anthony.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Joe Itagaki 1906-1963 442nd sempai/winged angel

    Kemoo Farms [Wahiawa] mgr./Kewalo Inn 1950 owner Joe

    Itagaki treated his 442 boys like monarchs. From nothing,

    Joe would make stuffed celery [unheard of among buddaheads]

    & namasu w/watermelon rinds [watermelons plentiful at Camp

    Shelby Miss.][substitute for home delights]. Although Mike

    Masaoka 1915-1991 of Utah dismissed buddaheads as

    dimwits [pidgin English/crude-rowdy ways], Mike looked up

    to Joe Itagaki. It’s too bad that Joe’s down-home earthiness

    didn’t leave on Masaoka an indelible impression. BTW, for

    the older Luso/Portuguese folks, icons 2 generations ago

    were Joseph Canario 1888-1966/Gilbert Canario 1899-1976/

    Lucille De Silva Canario [Ernie B.’s sis] 1904-1979/Tristan

    Osorio 1890-1972. No, these Luso had nothing to do w/

    442, but they were ubiquitous during this WWII era.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Fact is stranger than fiction: Alaska/Hawai`i VP/President of U.S.

    Political pontiff Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006 would’ve needed his head examined for

    delirium tremens had he lived to see 1958’s 49th State Alaska’s Palin/1959’s 50th

    State Hawai`i’s Obama tiff for the 2 highest offices in the Land. These are beyond

    what I comprehend even now as we speak. Never mind Palin’s destiny-making

    foray [gender/age] on this count — 49th State Alaska has a VP candidate!! Who

    is the happiest person up in Providence [not Rhode Island!]?? Indubitably,

    Jack Burns 1909-1975. All that Burns lived & died for — to make it possible for

    an Obama to ascend to President of the U.S.!! Gang, think big, think really big —

    worship the name RUDY PETERSON -Swedish immigrant 1904-2003, forward-

    thinking banking brain who put Bank of America on the map, but who had

    his holy hand in the making of today’s Hawai`i — Rudy always evoked Hawai`i

    as his Golden Years 1955-1961, when Rudy was drawn away from Stateside

    wayfinding, to head Bank of Hawai`i atop First Haw’n Bank in size/branches,

    like David toppling Goliath. Rudy transformed staid stiff-collar BoH into the

    PEOPLE’S BANK a la Hilo’s namesake a century ago [across Lycurgus Bldg. on

    Waianuenue Ave.]. Renowned First Haw’n Kanaka Johnny Bellinger has

    Rudy’s example to thank for re: Bellinger’s “open-welcome” style to consumer

    draws & not just upper crust haole customers. Luso Walt Dods in reality is

    a cookie-cutter layout of impoverished immigrant Rudy Peterson. WHY DO

    I TALK RUDY RUDY??!! Because Obama has Rudy to thank for in Obama’s

    run for President of the U.S. — thank God that Obama’s tutu/grandma [no college

    degree!] came when Rudy revolutionized banking to welcome EVERYONE,

    incl. wahines!! It was Obama’s tutu that got Obama connected to Punahou

    [BoH is Cooke(Castle & Cooke) genesis — Punahou is Cooke/missionary genesis].

    Obama’s tutu wahine is the Canaan to Obama’s diaspora in life. Of course,

    pragmatic Peterson got Exec. VP Robert Sasaki to draw Asian-American working-

    class & upper crust customers that doubled deposits & tripled earnings via

    BoH’s new 22 branches. The grassroot credit card was issued [that improved

    everyone’s standard of living], & recruiter Walt Dillingham [non-missionary who

    dueled in commerce vs. non-missionary Bishop-1st Haw’n psyche] was ecstatic

    in building today’s Hawai`i via prodigy/recruitee Rudy Peterson. Dillingham 1875-1963

    had so much “making up to do” w/local non-haole residents [Walt vehement anti-

    Jap agitator WWI era], & was so gratified that messiah Rudy Peterson came

    to fulfill Walt’s making-up to Walt’s non-haole brethren via opening up BoH

    to working-class people/grassroot population!! Now you see why Obama/Peterson

    are interfaced forever?? Yes, tutu wahine!! One more thing, rather titillating to

    men/women who make money their god [yikes!] — every January 2, Rudy would

    publish in the newspapers BoH financial statement w/symbol “WE’RE RIGHT

    UP THERE!! WE’RE No. 1!!” Point is that anyone who accountanted/bookkept for

    BoH must’ve just hated NEW YEAR!! Sleepless nite after close of business Dec.

    31!! Yikes. Capitalism/mercantile psyche!! Love everlasting, –still stunned by

    Palin/Obama candidacies.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Who are you?

    Pontius Pilate to Jesus: “They say you are the Son of God.”

    Jesus: “So they say.”

    Pontius Pilate: “Why are you here?”

    Jesus: “To be witness to Truth.”

    Pontius Pilate: “What is Truth?”

    Jesus: “God’s Will.”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    What if?? Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 were to vote McCain vs. Obama

    Irrefutably, GOP Hung Wai plunks for McCain. Hung Wai loved

    pomp/pageantry/GOP gilded starpower. Power relationships

    titillated super-contacts exemplar Hung Wai 1905-2002, who

    was pals w/McCain’s dad, & the military-industrial complex

    [Northrop/etc.]. Which is why Taiwan god-ed up to Hung Wai

    [to suck up to the U.S. military-industrial complex]. Yes, for

    all the wrong reasons Hung Wai would’ve voted for McCain.

    The only consistent measure of great great leaders like Hung

    Wai is their Jekyll/Hyde nature. Hung Wai espoused elitism,

    but when the fate of humanity rested on Hung Wai’s shoulders,

    Hung Wai’s overriding idealism/Matthew 5-Isiah 58 carried the

    day/carpe diem. Amazing paradox. Fact is stranger than fiction.

    When son KingLit Ching born Dec. 1936 married an African-

    American woman, Hung Wai & KingLit’s Mom fell silent. Sentence

    them for hypocrisy, but easier said than done. Which is why

    KingLit Ching sees virtue in Jeremiah Wright of the Old Testament/

    fire-brimstone –God damn America [for its blatant hypocrisy].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hands-on Kapi`olani Community College

    KCC is the grassroot link to Red China’s New 21st Century dominance, w/pundits’

    preference for KCC’s practical approach to draw China’s tourists. Hung Wai had

    more impact than Leigh Wai Doo’s family’s sponsorship of Sun Yat

    Sen’s military airplanes because Mao ended Sen’s democracy, but Chou En Lai

    kept a wary eye on Hung Wai Ching’s new social order in Hawai`i & America.

    What was the American 20th Century will be the Chinese 21st Century via Hung

    Wai’s exemplar of free enterprise/individualism/grassroot social progress.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Dan Tuttle was more expansive than Tim Russert 1950-2008

    Dan had 2 huge plusses over Tim — 1) Dan’s folksy comfy manners/ways; 2) Dan’s mantra to

    emote childhood/power relationships. Dan was a lover of politics — politics were Dan’s lusty

    Cupid. Dan especially coveted the bizarre/quirky ones like Nelson Doi [whom Dan always

    asked me about — Nel/we were Pauka`a neighbors]. Since we live our childhoods [psychoanalysis],

    Dan knew that AJA primordial Dem Takaichi Miyamoto 1897-1981 was much too wheeler dealer

    for stoic Tadao Beppu, fellow Maui country boy. Different personalities, differrent role models

    [Takaichi’s was exuberant Kanaka Johnny Wilson/Tadao’s was ‘ole stoneface Jack Burns].

    Locally, John Burnett/Ken Hupp come closest to Dan, w/Dan Boylan-Tom Coffman orbiting

    around Dan Tuttle’s legacy star on O`ahu. Scholar Rick Castberg is more into the courts,

    not the run ‘n gun motion offense of hardwood politics that Burnett/Hupp eat up like Mrs.

    Fields butter-rich cookies. Tim Russert was a former political operative who dived into the

    day-to-day practical reality of issue-solving. No one was better at this than Tim.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jump from urban mayor to governor

    Happens often enough nationwide. Jeremy Harris had the unique advantage of going from country Kaua`i

    councilor to urban Honolulu, thence positioning him perfectly to be governor, until his campaign finance scandal

    ruined him. Fasi the city slicker got dumped often by neighbor islanders for governor. Rusty Blaisdell chose

    not to be defeated by Jack Burns for governor [Rusty’s Maui boy Angel Maehara unable to corral country

    support]. 2008’s U.S. President jumped from Congress to the White House, a rarity [governors

    best positioned to be President].

    Maui’s most popular mayor Eddie Tam died of a sudden heart attack but didn’t covet higher

    office [country bumpkin]. Big Island’s most popular mayor/chairman Jimmy Kealoha dueled vs. Bill Quinn/

    lost in a bitter GOP primary battle. Jimmy said that Quinn’s only patronage to Jimmy was Luso Al Felix’

    judgeship. Of course, Maui mayor Lingle became our

    1st Governor from a neighbor island mayorship, though

    John Waihe’e is an Ahualoa/Honoka’a boy.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Provenance [Julie Nixon Eisenhower’s donation to Obama][home is in the heart, not head]

    Where thou the GOP when Nixon deserved recognition for

    advising Reagan/Bush? Nixon was outcasted till his dying

    day by his very GOP. Where dost provenance/origin if

    Nixon’s own GOP abandoned/deserted him? Free will, brah’.

    Thence Julie’s selection[s]. I remember my kin turning

    away in revulsion when I’d take out to restaurants my

    sports guru Pat Baptiste, who was a hobo but had a heart

    of gold [not to mention brilliant mind]. I told myself then

    that I know exactly how Richard Nixon/Julie feel [don’t

    judge a book by its cover][encourage the better things

    in us — not status tripping/aggrandizement]. No matter

    how my peers emphasize piety/holier-than-thou

    arrogance, I know who are my gurus — hobos they may

    be. Was Jesus a patrician or peasant? Yes, practical politics

    dictated public suppression of Nixon, but knowing how much

    fighting heart/rebel instinct Julie Nixon Eisenhower has, it’s

    understandable why she donated to racial wayfinder Obama.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 was former ROTC/athlete

    Hung Wai’s son KL Ching born 1936 did not realize

    Hung Wai chose the VVV officers, all local boys.

    VVV brainchild Yempuku, UH asst. AD, revered

    Hung Wai via Hung Wai’s prior ROTC experience

    & track star prowess. Hung Wai proudly stood

    next to Aloha Air founder Ruddy Tongg as

    civilian defense soldier after Pearl Harbor

    attack. Hung Wai trained at Ft. Lewis, Wash.

    & knew 1st-hand of military tactics. Point

    is that superhuman Hung Wai was a man of

    tremendous depth/life experience. The VVV

    outfit worshipped him, as did 100th former

    ROTC boys Spark Matsunaga/Sakae Takahashi/

    etc. G-2 Kendall Fielder had commanded a

    battalion w/the 298th National Guard, &

    w/Hung Wai thoroughly endorsed the 298th’s

    use as an infantry unit in Feb. 1942. By

    that time, Fielder was Gen. Emmons’ point

    man to the War Dept. [today’s Pentagon].

    Hung Wai knew how to connect the dots

    w/military top brass [Army was point

    unit for internal security here], w/Walter

    Dillingham working the Navy angle [w/Adm.

    Nimitz/ONI’s Cecil Coggins].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Dan Inouye’s posture vs. Obama’s “elitism”

    Dan says that Obama is elitist via

    Obama’s Punahou backdrop. Class prejudice fomented by Inouye.

    Punahou teacher Norris Potter1904-1985 profoundly influenced

    his students to think for themselves & expand their world to get

    beyond xenophobia/later McCarthyism. On Lenin/Russia, Norris

    explained that “you can’t think democracy if you’re starvving &

    have no roof over your heads.” Yes, this is the Punahou which

    Inouye curses. As I said before, AJA punks born after 1920

    [like Inouye born 1924][when DPI/DOE made possible in 1935

    for them to reach/grad from high school] are clueless on the

    immense generosity of money/heart by haole “overlords”

    like Potter/Big 5 godfather Frank Atherton/military contractor

    Walt Dillingham/Stateside import messiah Frank Midkiff/etc.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Leasehold here a remnant of feudalism/Monarchy

    Stateside outright land ownership trickles down to the everyday guy/gal.

    Look at the Civil War era Homestead Act. Kalakaua encouraged immigrant

    fee simple here via his own Homestead Act, but it was just a tiny fraction

    of overall land ownership by cabals like Kamehameha Schools [fka Bishop

    Estate]. Only 4% of land here is available for the regular joe/jane. As

    libertarian Andrew Walden says, the top 40 private New Mexico landowners

    together own only 8% of the State land area, where private ownership is

    Stephen Yamashiro was at Ted Hong’s hdqtrs. because Hong was Steve’s

    Corp. Counsel. Ted is O`ahu Tany Hong’s son & moved to Hilo in 1991.

    Tany was a good Ariyoshi soldier. Ted is mercurial/apt to bolt.

    Gerald De Mello was hired at UH-Hilo in 1991, a quarter century after Scrub

    laid the groundwork for expansion of UH-Hilo. Though Gerald got Scrub the

    Regents Award for development of UH-Hilo, Gerald doesn’t credit

    Scrub for UH-Hilo’s vision/expansion. Instead, Gerald says that Gerald’s

    tenure [collective effort w/Land Bd. members] saw the acquisition of

    55 acres behind our YMCA, 326 acres above Komohana St. adjacent to

    the top of Sunrise Ridge Estates, & 38 acres mauka of Waiakea High School

    [of which Gerald gave 2 acres to Waiakea High after it beseeched him

    for expansion]. Gerald says that UH retail services/shops at the 36 acre

    parcel won’t take away business from area merchants.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Constitution & religious freedom

    No, if a private school is not solely religious, it cannot have only faculty of

    a chosen religion. Which is why Kamehameha School is not able to have

    Protestant-only teachers. Contrast this w/Oral Roberts U. or BYU-Provo.

    Compelling gov’t interest outlaws polygamy [to protect children of marriage/

    monogamy furthers family stability/security].

    Conscientious objector status only is for religious opposition to war in any

    form, not to a particular war. There is a substantial government interest in

    procuring military manpower. Conversely, Veterans’ educational benefits/

    GI Bill aren’t available to CObjectors, inasmuch the gov’t has a substantial

    interest in rewarding the greater disruption caused by military service & thereby enhancing its attractiveness.

    “In God We Trust” in currency/historic documents is secular/patriotic,

    not religious in purpose/.effect.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Mentorship: Frank Atherton down to Hung Wai Ching via Nu`uanu YMCA

    Do you know that Frank Atherton 1878-1945 catalyzed creation of YMCAs

    here, & formed the 1st racially integrated Nu`uanu Y in 1917? Frank’s sister

    Mary 1869-1951 & hubby Ted Richards 1867-1948 established cross-

    cultural exchange programs amid WWI’s race/cultural prejudices. Alex

    Hume Ford preceded the Athertons w/Alex’ Pan-Pacific Union in 1911.

    Buddaheads’ 1st internationalist Rev. Takie Okumura 1865-1951 traces

    Takie’s Americanization to alter ego/promulgator Frank Atherton. Takie’s

    1st church/school/dorm sites were bankrolled in Nu`uanu by Frank, where

    Frank also resided at times. Frank sponsored our 1st buddahead Punahou

    student, Takie’s son. And Frank bankrolled Nu`uanu Y’s illustrious

    alumnus, Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002. Do you know that Walter Dillingham

    1875-1963 interlocked w/the rest of the Big 5 except Frank’s C & C?

    And that Frank’s C & C was the 1st [& most powerful oligarch] to

    recognize/work w/Jack Hall’s ILWU? Yes, physically frail Frank [looks

    like Oscar’s Peter O’Toole of Lawrence of Arabia] was a mentally

    indomitable giant of his time, someone even Navy-supported Walter

    Dillingham acceded to.

    Kansas granger Oren Long as DPI [DOE] boss

    1934-1946 opened the floodgates to the high schools via his mantra that

    “all children have access, without discrimination, to tax-supported schools.”

    Progressive educator Long ID’d 3 threats to equality: 1) Unaffordable public

    school tuition, especially from the 8th grade & above; 2) purposeful

    reduction of students from 8th grade & above; 3) burdensome

    travel costs/distances to go to school from 8th grade & above. Thanks

    to Long, Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 was able to graduate from high school,

    but my Dad 1913-1998, Scrub Tanaka 1915-2005, etc. preceded Long’s

    angel winged liberation. Dad never completed the 9th grade.

    Luso/Portuguese Edward N. Sylva, well-known “red-bait” anti-commie

    lawyer, was chosen by Gov. Stainback to chair DPI [DOE] & to fire

    the Reineckes, which he did in 1948. Sylva got his come-uppance in

    1956 when Gov. Sam Wilder King fired Sylva for attending ILWU’s Jack

    Hall’s testimonial. Sylva was King’s AG/chairman of local anti-

    Subversive commission. Sylva’s conciliatory speech emoted that

    “there has been too much wall-building between ourslves & the ILWU

    — & communism.” Retro King in turn was replaced by Ike in favor

    of moderate Bill Quinn, who sadly brought down the GOP curtain

    1957-1962 by excluding popular local GOPS from Quinn’s outfit

    [such as Mas Marumoto/Kats Kometani/Hung Wai Ching]. Quinn

    did not want the spectre of Statehood Joe Farrington 1897-1954

    [the most popular solon until Joe’s fatal heart attack] hanging

    over Quinn. Quinn’s egotism ruled out collaboration/coalition.

    Yes, Tom Gill’s dad was an FDR devotee [grew up across the Hudson

    River from FDR], Tom’s mom a Woodrow Wilson devotee. Tom & his

    dad were anti-Big 5 monopoly populists, & Tom’s dad even told Mayor

    Wright to shove Wright’s payback demand up Wright’s ass when Tom’s

    architect dad got a city contract.

    C & C’s Malcolm McNaughton born 1910 [Boyd born 1908] was a

    Portland Oregon boy who was critical of Jack Burns’ godlike stature.

    MM attributes Statehood affluence to tourism/military cold war

    presence, 1959-1973, which paralleled Burns’ tenure. C & C

    infused Stateside talent when Ed Tenney chose Alex Budge

    over Atherton Richards 1959. Malcolm succeeded Alex in

    1973, but Malcolm was Alex’ prexy/understudy 1959-1973.

    Maui’s Tadao Beppu born 1919 got politicized when his 442 CO

    Sherwood Dixon became Adlai Stevenson’s Lt. Gov. Illinois,

    while Beppu was in grad school in Chicago on the GI Bill.

    Beppu adored Miss. boy Earl Finch, who earlier befriended British

    troops, then our 442 boys, Finch intoning that “they’re fighting

    our enemies just like we are.” No, Finch was not gay, just

    patriotic. Beppu chortled about oldtime Dem pioneer & fellow

    Maui boy Takaichi Miyamoto, who was Beppu’s landlord in Nu`uanu.

    Miyamoto believed in arm-wrestle wheeler-dealer political

    tradeoffs, whereas Beppu believed in no self-gain.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Najo Yoshinaga born 1919 & Skinny Hagiwara born 1921

    Najo was 442 Cannon Co., Skinny [had fraternal twin brother who was chubby/called

    Fat] was 100th Batt. replacement. Both ended up in field hospital for a week

    [shrapnel] & got along well. But when Skinny became childhood pal Nelson Doi’s

    longtime campaign manager, Najo went ballistic because Najo [Burns soldier]

    & Doi [Gill guy] were mortal foes in the State Senate. Skinny always told Doi

    to be more patient/unselfish, but Doi just wouldn’t listen. And when Doi lost

    power in Senate reorg, Doi goes to foe Jack Burns to be appointed a judge,

    which Burns willingly does [to get rid of Doi from political arena]. Geez,

    Nelson has no humility at all. All the 442 boys love Skinny, but couldn’t stand

    442 wanna-be Nelson Doi. Ironically, Pa`ahau’s Masato Doi went to Honoka`a

    School along w/Skinny & Nelson Doi, but Masato is not related to Nelson at all.

    Masato has Japanese cultural humility, Nelson does not. Doi twain no meet

    at all. Kuni no tame — Issei precept to Nisei kids — be loyal to America,

    die for America, your native soil — give it your best shot. Skinny lived

    by this creed, in Skinny’s words, “we gotta take care our folks [Nikkei]

    back home [in the States/Hawai`i].” AJA agronomist/icon Baron Goto

    woke up Skinny at 3 am to join up w/the newly formed 442. That’s how

    Skinny got involved w/the all-Nisei soldiers. Skinny’s wife Harue is

    Nippu Jiji reporter Minoru Murakami’s daughter. As you know, Minoru was interned

    WWII for greeting Japan dignitaries dockside at Hilo Harbor. Minoru’s son

    was Hilo Printers longtime owner.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Star-Bulletin editor Riley Allen on Charles Hemenway 1875-1947

    “Charles Hemenway had a personal and active and continuous interest in his

    fellow residents — it was his exceptional ability to recognize the problems of people

    that gave him such a hold on the respect and affection of those who knew him.

    So this quiet, unassuming, soft-spoken, often self-deprecating man became a

    positive force in territorial development, the extent of which can hardly be

    measured. Some of these monuments in human form lie below the ground —

    under simple white crosses in the battlefields of Europe — which are testimony

    to his belief that young men who live by American ideals will die for them.”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hung Wai Ching’s legacy [100th/VVV/442nd/Statehood/Asia prosperity]

    1. Thank you, KL! Great DVD! Uncle Bill Thompson has Hung Wai’s speech

    video when the VVV honored him in 2000. Hung Wai had irrepressible pizzaz!! He

    had his boys in stitches when he said that the best part of the gala event was the cocktail

    opener! What a people-person! Uncle Bill, like all the 100th/442nd boys, worships this

    remarkable Chinaman! When Jesus said let us drink by the water, Hung Wai took that to

    affirm the cocktail hour! :-)

    2. Hung Wai’s UH mentor Charles Hemenway knew that Charles’ finest protege/understudy

    Hung Wai was best suited as intermediary between military-law enforcement/civilian

    authorities, & sole civilian advisor to military Hemenway had FBI’s beneficent Bob Shivers

    handpick Hung Wai to lead the pre-WWII Council for Interracial Unity. After the Pearl

    Harbor attack, Shivers had Hung Wai lead the Morale Committee as the key link between

    military/civilian authorities. Irrefutably, Hung Wai had the people skills/persuasive-

    disarming-charmingly infectious personality to move mountains in a blink/wink of an eye.

    Hung Wai had the complete backing of Merchant St. boss Frank Atherton [Big 5 godfather],

    who adored/respected Hung Wai. As you know, Atherton’s Castle & Cooke ohana

    enabled Chinese upward mobility & supported Hawai`i-bred Sun Yat Sen, father of modern

    China. Charles Hemenway was nearly Atherton’s equal as Big 5 oligarch, though

    Hemenway is regarded as the template/genesis of UH Manoa. Hemenway’s only son died

    tragically, & Hemenway took in Hung Wai & Shigeo Yoshida as Hemenway’s spiritual sons.

    3. Yes, Shigeo Yoshida Hilo High ’26 alumnus is our greatest AJA historymaker [averted

    buddahead mass internment], but Hung Wai Ching is our greatest AJA enabler, way more

    impact than Yoshida [genesis of 100th/VVV/442nd/Statehood culmination]. Not only

    in public altruism, but also in personal beneficence. Hung Wai is the auspicious sugar

    daddy to innumerable suffering souls, among them his 100th boys, for whom he secured

    their Ala Wai club facility. Name any local joe/jane — in some sense, he/she has been

    bestowed w/grace/generosity by Hung Wai. That’s why Hung Wai, a bigtime baron in

    his era, died broke-okole — he gave it/others his all — he gave away everything he

    had. Unlike his rich peers/hoarded wealth/Christian miserliness–WASP austerity, Hung

    Wai was the complete opposite — a Jesus sans robe/donkey/cane. Look at Hung Wai’s

    baby brother Hung Wo Ching [Hung Wai 1905-2002][Hung Wo 1912-1996], millionaire

    investor/power broker [Dem godfather Jack Burns’ financier] — Hung Wo’s name

    immediately flashes owner Aloha Airlines [Kukuihaele’s Ruddy Tongg, Mike’s dad, was

    the original owner] — Hung Wo’s name stirs awe — whilst Hung Wai’s name is relegated

    to the dustbin of forgotten social/political history. But yet Hung Wo’s legacy falls

    far short of Hung Wai’s incomparable feats/historymaking events. Minor vs. major

    in impact/results. Japan/China trust us because of Hung Wai [restored faith

    that America is not condescending vs. Asians — LBJ/Sam Rayburn (Congress bosses)

    always thanked AJAs for the rescue of Texans LBJ/Rayburn’s Alamo lost battalion.

    President Truman opened up the colorblind military as a result of unity of service by

    diverse ethnicities (Negroes/Asians/Latinos/etc.)]. East Asian prosperity today is a

    direct result of Hung Wai Ching’s uplifting of down & out buddaheads here.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Our City of Refuge at Honaunau

    It was none other than new County Chairman Jimmy

    Kealoha in 1949 who approached Bishop Museum to get

    land title deeded to Hawai’i County for park use. At that

    time the Federal Dept. of the Interior via HVNP wanted to

    include the City of Refuge as a historic shrine/landmark

    if the Territory of Hawai’i acquired the land & donated

    it to the Dept. of the Interior. Asst. chief of the National

    Parks Service Tolson tellingly intoned to our Hilo Rotary

    Club later in 1949 that from an economic standpoint,

    preservation of sacred sites no doubt will boost the

    tourist trade to be our No. 1 industry [behind Ag industry

    & military spending back then]. After much discussion,

    Bishop Estate gave the City of Refuge to our Territory

    a decade later in 1959, at the cusp of Statehood, & our

    Territory in turn gave it to the Federal Government. If

    anything, it was Dept. of Interior

    proponent/Hawai’i Delegate to Congress Joe Farrington’s

    untimely death [heart attack] in June 1954 that martyred

    his crusade to get our City of Refuge sacred/Federal

    recognition, on top of Joe’s death resulting in the demise

    of our GOP & the ascension of Asian bloodline turks Dan

    Inouye & Spark Matsunaga. Later Trib local folklore

    columnist Russ Apple was the 1st City of Refuge

    resident superintendent. Today our City of Refuge

    tops our local tourist destination.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Keaukaha’s old Kawananakoa hall

    The old hall was named for Abigail Kawananakoa, DHHL commish for

    Big Island, & built by O’ahu’s George S. Freitas in 1938 where today’s

    old sewage treatment plant is by Puhi Bay. The 1946 tsunami deposited

    the hall directly on Kalaniana’ole Ave. The old hall was dismantled &

    rebuilt where today’s Keaukaha park/school are. The same structure

    [later enlarged for gym use] was torn down 8 yrs. ago & today’s new

    gym replaces it.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Honolulu as the hub of creation

    Multi-racial/pluralistic, Honolulu was the City of Life a la Hilo’s

    Mamo St. WWII era!! Like the seductress Haw’n vowel system

    [ooh/aah sounds] language of creation [melodic, not abrupt like

    Chinese vocab], Honolulu propagated imagination/creativity. Which

    is why Honolulu is the genesis of our nation’s major spectator sports

    [3rd generation missionary Luther Gulick Jr. founded hoops/V-ball/

    Camp Fire Girls/co-founded Boy Scouts/YMCA triangle of spirit-mind-

    body][Alex Joy Cartwright baseball daddy — kin kanaka Barney Joy

    would’ve been our 1st big leaguer from Haw’n Islands but booted

    out by color line 1907; as it stands, kanaka Johnny Williams is our

    1st big leaguer 1914, uncle of Johnny Bellinger of 1st Haw’n Bank]

    [Honolulu’s Charles Brewer would’ve been among only 5 4-yr. college

    football All-Americans but broke his ankle as college senior 1896].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Theaters 1931

    Uniformity in theater genesis, 1931, after “talkies” took off/became

    popularized. Thankfully, intrepid jock Wayne Subica [I tire of his

    sports questions :-)] looks into Doc Hill’s theater acquisitions, into

    Pete Beamer’s slumlord antics, into Koehnen’s standing clock [Wayne

    postulates that Koehnen’s clock face is on today’s Waiakea memorial

    clock across from today’s Coqui Restaurant formerly KK Tei, in that

    both clocks came from same source but diff design]. Great research/finds,

    Wayne!! Of course, our theater buff Bob Alder is king of theater history!!

    May I add that original Mo`oheau theater was in Quong Sing warehouse across

    Furneaux Lane on makai side of Kam Ave, whole block pulverized by

    1946 tsunami, that after Mamo St. godfather Sanji Abe [1st godfather/

    oyabun was Okamoto aka sumo king Koizumi, who built both Yamatoza

    theater later sold to Sanji Abe & Yura-Kwan (pleasure to the masses)

    theater 1918 later remodeled as Mamo theater] was interned 12/7/41,

    Yamatoza theater changed its name to Mooheau Theater.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “Rich Dad” Richard Kimi 1925-2008

    I’ve written before on RICH DAD/POOR DAD players, ALL Hilo gang.

    Trib’s Howard Pierce wrote scintillating 35 article series on post-1960

    tsunami recovering businesses [bio of each business] June-July 1960,

    incl. Rich Kimi’s hotelier trade. As you know, the Kimis are strong-minded

    individualists [Chinese], but no, Rich-older brother Billy born 1923 were

    not antagonistic toward each other. But they were individualists, meaning

    that their dad William Sr. pulled out of Billy’s Kona venue simply because

    each fella had a mind of his own. It was William Sr., not the boys, who

    amassed capital thru sheer cognition. Salted-away liquor from Prohibition

    days/military surplus from WWII. Patriarch William Sr. akamai/smart

    man. You see WHY Robert Kiyosaki touts Rich Kimi as Rich Dad — to

    Robert, money is God. Simply put, follow the money, as enterprising

    Chinese do — trying to make a dollar out of 50 cents. Ralph Kiyosaki

    a great altruist a la Matthew 5/Isaiah 58. Nothing like Rich Kimi, whose

    mantra was to make money to get ahead financially. Like comparing

    Kiyosaki exemplar Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 [messiah to society’s underclass] to

    baby brother Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996 [money/money/money], Kimi exemplar.

    Night/day. Did Rob Kiyosaki show up at Poor Dad Ralph’s funeral? NO!!

    What kind of son is Robert?!! “Uncle Billy” Kimi today more down to earth

    than baby brother Richard Kimi, who was all about the money [individualist

    Chinese obsession].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Larry Tanimoto

    Larry was our County’s best-ever P & R go-to person, better than

    ubiquitous George Yoshida, whose 2nd in command was wooden

    Julie Tulang. Milton Hakoda also was altruistic. Pat Englehard

    most recently under Harry Kim was the most difficult. Had Kiyo

    Hamakawa accepted Shun Kimura’s P & R position instead of

    2nd choice Bob Fukuda, Kiyo would’ve been hands-on/grassroot

    comfy like Larry Tanimoto. Kiyo stayed w/the DOE. Billy Kenoi

    made an excellent selection in Fitzgerald as Billy’s new P & R


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Oil trading/speculators

    When vehicle gas prices shot thru the roof, our oil/commodity traders

    made mountains of money. Now that Wall St. has fallen down, speculators

    are down on their bloodlust luck, & even Iran’s oil minister is crying foul

    [to no one’s endearment] that at $46 per barrel [instead of minimum $100

    p/barrel], oil prices are hurting consumers by deterring investment in crude

    oil products. Output/oversupply/Wall St. dive brought down prices, & oil moguls

    scale back supply to drive up prices again, thereby hurting consumers in reality,

    not helping consumers [w/increased consumer spending power]. Wall St.

    essential commodities traders [affect national interest] need to be regulated

    [to avert $4.80 per gallon of gas]. And we, Hawai`i gang, need to go Green

    [invest in geothermal — PGV’s Pohoiki plant subject to equipment failures —

    we cannot put all our marbles in one Pohoiki plant — geothermal closed-loop

    binary system as we have at Pohoiki is capable all along our rift zones — keep

    such plants away from populated areas to avert collateral injury/damage — get

    allowance from Dept. of Interior to source up from HVNP as adjunct to lower

    elevation sites]. Affordable gas prices are our respite so we can contemplate our

    unavoidable Green future, & do something about our destiny when gas prices cause

    us to go back to the Stone Age. Yes, respect/reverence for Haw’n custom/culture

    are essential, but need to be balanced by pragmatic necessities of life. The biggest

    reason why PGV parent Ormat does not pursue alternate sites is fear of Haw’n

    sovereignty victimization industry tyrants Trask/Ritte/Osorio/Kekuni Blaisdell/etc.

    Hitler come alive. Be strong, gang. Overcome fear w/fighting heart. Irony is that

    hell-beater Thurston our greatest naturalist/conservationist [HVNP Thurston’s

    vision]. Thurston would advocate our National Interest via geothermal on

    conservation/national park lands as a last resort.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Goal-oriented neighbor islanders

    Neighbor islanders who made their mark on O`ahu [moved to O`ahu]

    were very goal-oriented, more so than O`ahu natives who took things

    for granted. Spark Matsunaga/Sakae Takahashi/Herb Choy from Kaua`i/

    Takaichi Miyamoto/Dan Aoki/Mike Tokunaga/Najo Yoshinaga/Tadao Beppu from

    Maui/Masato Doi/Hideto Kono from Big Island, to name a few.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    WASP a misnomer, in that non-English are Scot Carnegie/Scot-Irish Mellon/

    Dutch Roosevelt-Vanderbilt/German Rockefeller-Astor/French DuPont.

    Remember Chrysler bailout [after all, Chrysler built our WWII attack tanks]

    & Chrysler being in our national interest? Iacocca not WASP, but saved

    Chrysler/Ford [via Mustang, Ford’s best sell]. Detroit typified our huge

    manufacturers/base that served our national interest in war. Human nature

    generation after generation, where Germans shamed us when we landed

    N. Africa WWII & couldn’t pierce German tanks w/our 33 mm shells. We were

    unprepared for war, & should’ve had better intelligence information to protect our troops.

    Ted Tsukiyama takes credit for VVV seeding the formation of 442, but Marshall presciently

    formed 442 as replacement [via attrition–KIA/WIA] for 100th Batt. [went into combat 9

    months before 442]. Hung Wai Ching simultaneously did just what Marshall thought about

    442 use/utility, Hung Wai having had military training himself. Baseball umpire Hide Yamashita

    collected dues for eventual 100th Batt. clubhouse, which shows that the 100th Batt. regarded

    the 442 as young squirts who didn’t know any better [no future aspirations/plans]. Turns out

    that the accomodationist 100th boys were pre-empted by the impudent/irascible 442 boys

    [at least 5 yrs. younger than the 100th GOP boys] in the political arena. Marshall/Hung Wai

    natural-born geniuses because 442 RCT was mini-divsion w/eng/infantry/tank batt. components.

    Which is why 100th was merged into later 442 to become 442 1st Batt. Hung Wai/Marshall

    something else, heh?! Rumsfeld something else in bad way — Rumsfeld wanted to run the

    military — a disaster. When reporter asked Rumsfeld about a General’s retort vs. Rumsfeld,

    Rumsfeld said, “He’s one General out of many Generals!” Meaning Rumsfeld didn’t give a rip

    about morale. Tommy Franks a saluter/ass-kisser to Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld then tells Gen. Franks,

    “Let’s eat sushi?” Franks meekly asks, “What’s sushi?” On the other hand, Patton defies authority

    & his tanks run out of fuel, stuck/target practice for German tanks. Gotta have balance. B-17 for

    Midway 1942? None came back. Clarence Tinker has AFB Oklahoma named for his martyrdom

    [1st top general killed WWII/1st Indian Okla. Osage General]. Ensign George Gay Jr.

    only torpedo man to come back. Delos Emmons got deserved credit for Midway [below Unity of

    Command’s Nimitz].

    John Burnett: Pennsylvania the bellwether State

    French/Scot/Irish John Burnett [first name is Beauford — French for good crossing]

    born 1953 says that Pennsylvania is the bellwether [lead predictor] state in Obama

    vs. McCain. Missouri picked the winner in every presidential race starting w/JFK

    1960, but erudite John Burnett says “all bets are off” this year, unprecedented

    w/racial factor. PA.-“Keystone” natives incl. Bill Cosby/Marian Anderson/

    Ben Franklin/George C. Marshall/John J. McCloy [AJA messiah WWII]/Jimmy

    Stewart/John Updike/Andrew Mellon & Carnegie. Pennsylvania/Missouri virtually

    identical in racial composition — 85% white/11% black/3% hispanic. —

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    MoH Okutsu/vicarious MoH Kohashi [via medalist Muranaga]

    I don’t feel meiyo/honor & sekinin/safeguard-responsibilty

    are exclusive to Japanese, but our 442 boys feel that

    superhuman yet utterly stoic Okutsu/Kohashi [who gave

    1st 442 KIA Muranaga Kohashi’s DSC–upgraded to MoH

    9 yrs. ago] felt sense of responsibility to their platoon,

    esp. platoon sgt. Okutsu — thence their unrequited

    acts of heroism/love for their boys/peers. MoH Barney

    Hajiro same gisei/sense of duty owed & chugi/loyalty —

    Hajiro tells me that he just “go for broke” — sense of

    magnificence but reckless abandon/”madness” spiritually

    to save Hajiro’s boys. Read unmistakably wrenching

    “Charge of the Light Brigade” by Tennyson — “into

    the valley of death” a la Psalm 23 — charged the

    600 men. “Ours is not to question but to do.”

    Hell of war, per 1861 Gen. Sherman, on Tennyson’s

    Crimean War 1854 — Hajiro’s recurrent fighting

    spirit century after century — at its most courageous,

    at its most tragic. The faces change anew, but the

    metaphysical is everlasting. Of shot & shell from

    every direction, “ours is not to reason why, but to

    do and die.” K Co.’s Lefty Kuniyoshi [only a squad

    size left from a company] always muttered that

    “Rambo” types [CO Walt Lisinsky/CP shelled, “Rambo”

    Walt shell-shocked, war over for him thereon] not

    welcome. Which is why Wataru Kohashi was leery

    of eventual DSC Kaz Masuda [Reagan/Stillwell

    fought for his honor burial in haole Westminster CA

    cemetery]. WWI’s greatest hero, pacifist Alvin

    York, was a field hunter/pastoral sharpshooter.

    WWII’s greatest hero, Audie Murphy, couldn’t

    handle re-living the hell of war, especially via

    his Hollywood “walk of fame,” & became the

    father of PTSD treatment — Providential angel

    on our shoulders.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “making excuses” as told per Scrub Tanaka 1915-2006

    Scrub said that Gov. Jack Burns dispatched Scrub to

    tell Jim Ferry to resign [conflict of interest Land Board]

    or else Burns would fire Ferry. Ferry speaks well of

    Scrub [as Burns’ confidant]. Perhaps the reality is

    that Scrub did Burns’ hatchet jobs [telling Sparky not

    to run for Lt. Gov. vs. Burns’ choice Mits Kido 1959],

    anathema to O`ahu home boys Mike Tokunaga/

    Bob Oshiro/Dan Aoki [Sparky/Ferry O`ahu].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jim Ferry fka Ferreira born 1928 Catholic school product

    Jim is mega-builder Joe Pao’s 1916-1977 cousin. Jim was Gov. Jack Burns’

    inaugural Land Board chief. Jim did his Luso/Portuguese proud, as highest

    level appointee.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso heritage

    When asked to name the 10 most important Democrats from the Hawaiian Islands

    in 1932, Dem Party godfather Kanaka Johnny Wilson included Luso Manuel Pacheco

    & Henry Freitas.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Social wayfinder Alfred Vierra WWI era

    A. K. Vierra formed the 1st barefoot football league in 1922. A sporting goods salesman,

    Vierra wanted to promote youth sportsmanship as well as help his business. Incredibly,

    YMCA giant John Young worshipped Vierra, as did the Chinese/AJA/Korean kids along

    downtown Honolulu. Vierra inspired Hilo youth director Ernie B. De Silva to start up Hilo’s

    1st barefoot league at nascent Lincoln Park. Yes, our Luso were untold heroes in our society.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hilo’s AJA Veterans Council came before O’ahu’s friction-laden one

    Because Hilo is very small vs. Honolulu, our 100th Batt. conscripts [born before

    Sept. 1918] got along with our impudent 442 enlistees [post-1920 born

    high school diploma graduates]. But in Honolulu, the 100th conscripts

    saw the 442 irascibles as aggressive wanna-be types who were too big

    for their britches. Thence the so-called AJA Council took longer to form

    on O’ahu. Still today, vestiges of cynicism remain by 100th vs. 442. In

    social class, the 100th are blue collar, the 442 are white collar [younger/

    GI Bill for fresh-out-of high school grads, unlike 100th whose country boys

    only went to 8th grade]. Class hegemony, although both 100th/442 boys

    came from plantation camps — diff is level of education before military

    service. Again, thank DPI chief Oren Long 1934-1946 for getting post-1920

    born plantation kids into high school/diploma.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Shizuko Teshima born June 1907 will be 103 yrs. old — mind/body sharp as tack

    Shizuko still sharp as tack, still runs Teshima Restaurant w/grandson

    Ronnie Ow [Korean/Japanese]. Shizuko’s dear friend was Kona rancher/

    Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart, who loved to drink just 1 Kirin beer.

    Stewart was very loving/mellow/considerate — a perfect gentleman.

    Shizuko correctly says that Norm Sakata is a monoshiri/conceited fella,

    but that Harold [Tosh Togo] was down to earth/loving. Shizuko says

    that Minoru Inaba was a good man & politician. Shizuko says that Kinzaburo

    Makino came to eat at Teshima Restaurant — she was shocked because he

    didn’t look one drop japanee. Shizuko says that Sherwood Greenwell was

    super sweet, that the Paris family [Shipman] is outspoken but good-hearted.

    Shizuko says that Ron Ibarra is very quiet, but that wife Sue is so sweet/

    friendly! Shizuko says that her parents Goichi/Kiku did not oppose son

    Fukuaki marrying an Okinawan girl from Waimea. Shizuko got upset after

    Fukuaki died young in a car accident [he had verbal spat w/older brother

    Tamao], because Fukuaki’s wife started dating immediately after he died, w/infant

    Hazel [Hanato Lindsey of Waimea] in tow. Shizuko says that her parents were picture

    bride marriage & didn’t love each other. Shizuko says that her father Goichi was

    guzu guzu/a grumbler. He was an entrepreneur, w/his own store/tofu shop [old

    home 3rd house from junction of Belt Rd./old rd.– house no longer there –Cagampang

    property now — business/dwelling all in same structure]. Shizuko opened her store

    on site of current Teshima Restaurant in 1928. Teshima Restaurant opened in 1957.

    Shizuko’s dad Goichi then worked for Shipman as dairyman, w/mom Kiku operating

    tofu shop [done by hand, not machine]. Shizuko went to the 8th grade, husband

    Fumio Harry to the 7th grade, w/mechanic lessons in Hilo after Napo`opo`o school.

    Shizuko’s dad Goichi came to Hawai`i at age 23 [Go-5th child] before 1899, died

    before WWII. Goichi took all of his family’s money to come here, & upset Goichi’s

    grandparents. Shizuko wonders if Goichi paid back his ancestral family [twice a

    year, Obon & New Year]. Shizuko’s mom Kiku came as picture bride 1905, died

    after WWII. Shizuko started thinking silly, & wonders if sister Yaeko actually born

    from dad Goichi [Shizuko marginalizes Yaeko as self-centered — I say Yaeko was my

    best aunty]. Shizuko says that when husbands were at work, wives had time to

    fool around. So did husbands after work away from home! Silly nonsense [because

    all Hanato kids look alike], but Shizuko even wonders if brother Tamao born from dad


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hitobi to wo sonkei shimasu [respectful of older folks/the past]

    Biggest thing the post-1920 born AJAs have over their pre-1920 born AJAs is their

    high school diploma, which was denied to the pre-1920 born plantation kids because

    of Big 5 cabal repression [to keep kids chained to the plantation camps]. Next big

    diff is that the post-1920 born kids are impudent/defiant/anti-authority, which are

    why the Dan Inouye/Isamu Kanekuni generation repudiated everything smacking of

    accomodation/subservience of the pre-1920 born kids who, because of job preservation,

    stayed GOP. Great thing about the pre-1920 born plantation kids is hitobi to wo sonkei

    shimasu [respectful of older folks/the past]. You see only repudiation/revocation

    w/the younger post-1920 born rebels/nonconformists. Sad.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Papa`i law of the splintered paddle

    Papa`i 6 miles south of Keaukaha’s Leleiwi Point along the coastline is where

    Kamehameha the Great was struck on his head w/a paddle while his

    foot was stuck in a crevice. Unfortunately, the crevice had been graded

    over by subsequent roadway. Mamala hoe [not Mamalahoa] [paddle

    fragment] guaranteed the safety of the trails to all esp. women/children/


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Negative role models turn others for the better

    Nel Doi born 1922 mega-orator a la Spencer Tracey. Shun Kimura born 1930

    mega-orator like Doi. But Doi demented ego. So Kimura learned well not to be

    maniac like Doi, despite Kimura’s professed idolization of Doi. Ty Cobb 1886-1961

    maniac baseballer [never lived down Ty’s dad’s death at hands of Ty’s mom when

    Ty just a teen], so Babe Ruth 1895-1948 learned to be forgiving/loving/nurturant,

    vs. Ruth’s hero Ty Cobb. When the Babe came to Ho`olulu Park & saw all the

    young children standing outside the park walls, the Babe asked sponsor Judge

    Tristan Osorio why the kids were not in the ballpark. GOP Osorio deadpanned

    that the kids didn’t pay admission to see the Babe. The Babe instructed Osorio

    in no uncertain terms to let the kids in for free — if anyone needed help, it

    was the youngster crowd. Now, this is altruism!! Money is not God. Lest

    Tristan needed reminding, the Babe was brought up in Baltimore orphanage!!

    Steamy Chow born 1922 tells me, “Eh, kid, long time no see!! I get loads for tell

    you — all da books I been sell about myself!! Plenty stories I get 4 tell you!!”

    Steamy then goes on to tell me the same stories in his book — stories I heard

    a thousand times from Steamy — all about Steamy — nothing new. Yikes! I

    don’t want to be narcissist like Steamy is. Steamy’s mind sharp as a razor.

    No dementia/Alzheimers. I got Steamy his Living Legend Award 10 yrs. ago.

    Which is why he loves to tell me the same stories. Isamu Kanekuni born 1921

    is part of the distinct new-fangled generation that got high school diplomas

    [like Steamy Chow], those kids born 1920 & after [thanks to egalitarian DPI-

    today’s DOE –chief Oren Long 1934-1946, who busted Big 5 cabal repression

    of school kids that stopped plantation kids at the 8th grade]. Oren 1889-1965

    a Kansas plainsman/Columbia U grad/came Hilo 1917 social worker. Isamu’s

    generation is polar opposite from pre-1920 born kids [my dad’s generation].

    Look at the older 100th Batt./442 boys — humble/respectful/empathetic

    [Shigeru Ushijima/Eugene Eguchi/Hiro Higuchi/Masao Chicken Yamada]. Look

    at Dan Inouye born 1924/Isamu born 1921 — their shit don’t stink — if it

    really don’t stink, then why do they walk around w/their noses up in the

    air? As if they’re owed servitude by the teeming masses?! These punks

    remind me of typecast WASP miserliness — hoard/hoard — to glorify

    their material accumulation, as if wealth is sign of godliness/divine blessing.

    B.S. Protestant ethic [save/wealth buys salvation–“indulgences”]. But

    Isamu is Buddhist — yes, monoshiri/conceited post-1920 born Nisei/2nd

    generation gang at Hilo Hongwanji Church [next to Sangha Hall/downtown

    Starbucks coffee shop]. So when Dan Inouye/pal Isamu run down the

    Merchant St. [today’s Bishop St.] haoles, I gotta chortle in derision —

    these fu__in’ Japs are worse than their targets of their professed scorn —

    Inouye/Kanekuni repress their own Japs!! They don’t give a hoot who pays

    their tabs/bills — as long as they ain’t dishin’ out da dough, baby!! No, gang,

    the pre-1920 born buddaheads are totally into helping others/lending a hand,

    not slapping needy hands!! Sentence me for backing up my Dad/old farts.

    I live every day w/the shocking distinction. Souza guru/4th generation’s

    John Roy Souza so generously picked up the lunch tab that I was supposed

    to pay for, when I got John Roy to brainstorm w/Isamu about Lingle’s self-

    destruction in ignoring Obama’s overtures, something diehard Dem Isamu is

    adept at promoting. Isamu has never offered nor paid one single penny toward

    the hundreds of dollars of lunch tabs I paid for over the past 2 years since

    Scrub Tanaka’s death [Isamu is Scrub’s acolyte/blind devotee]. Guess what

    John Roy’s payment of the lunch chit consisted of? As expected, Isamu orders

    separate tossed salad [to promote his good health — narcissist], heedless of

    its ala carte price $4, on top of Isamu’s “healthy” but most expensive grilled

    Ahi chunks at $11. Ice tea $2. Isamu’s portion of lunch tab as always is the case

    $17. Isamu leaves no tip for waitress. My portion [cheapest item fried rice]

    $6, coffee $2 — total $8, less than half of Isamu’s “healthy” tab. John Roy

    orders coffee $2. John Roy kindly/thoughtfully pays lunch tab, of which

    two-thirds [incl. John Roy’s 25% tip] is Isamu’s portion consumed. Now you

    see what I mean by a Shigeru Ushijima born 1918 [John Ushijima’s older

    brother] vs. an Isamu Kanekuni born 1921? Yes, John Ushijima 1924-2007 total

    tightwad like Isamu, but [as w/tightwad Weinberg] has his name adorned

    at Hospice facility. Bill Thompson born 1924 torrid ego like Isamu/John

    Ushijima [& John’s wife Margaret]. Uncle Bill tells me that Bill’s genre

    [post-1920 born gang] expects me to foot the bill because I’m gleaning

    wisdom from these “halo-crowned” boys. Strange, huh, that post-1920

    born patron saints/kindred souls Herb Isonaga-Uncle Bill Thompson-Wataru

    Kohashi don’t expect me to foot anything. Generally, I get sick dealing w/

    post-1920 born punks who don’t give a shit for anything except themselves.

    You, the readers, have not lived the 442 life inside the tent, so to speak.

    Thank goodness. Ted Tsukiyama born 1920 spitting image of Isamu

    Kanekuni — arms stretched out/palms up — “What you going buy for me

    today?” Richard Uejo born 1925 sarcastically asks me how is my

    friend Pastor Roy Kim. I respond “fine, thank you for asking.” If the topic

    is not about Richard, it’s not worth Richard’s time. Yes, negative examples/

    role models. Steamy Chow/Isamu Kanekuni/Ted Tsukiyama/Richard Uejo —

    by their examples teach others not to be like them [self-centered/narcissists],

    but to be the opposite [thoughtful/generous/selfless].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Nel Doi typifies the judge most in love w/himself. The only plus about Doi

    is that his rulings favored the little guy, which is why his favorite lawyer

    was libertarian Steve Christensen. Other than Doi’s bent for the powerless

    in society, he was a maniac in robes, utterly temperamental/surly/fly off

    the handle on a dime. Colleague Ben Menor exemplifies the composed

    listener, a man who knew shorthand & took notes virtually word for word.

    Which is why divine/providential Menor went to the S.Ct. under Burns. Doi

    asked Burns for & was isolated to Hilo Cir. Ct. till Doi resigned to run/win for Lt.

    Gov. Shun Kimura publicly says Nel Doi is Shun’s heroic role model, but not

    so in reality. Chivalrous/perfect gentleman Shun, like Ben Menor, abhorred

    Doi’s despotic personality. Shun’s peer Ernie Kubota was on the mark legally/

    minimal reversals on appeal, stoic like today’s Greg Nakamura. Glen

    Hara is more expressive & has matured into a steady/even-keeled judge

    [vs. his despotic per diem district ct. judgeship days]. Sandy Schutte

    Song had detractors who rejected her hard-nosed projection, as did Riki Amano.

    Barbara Takase shorned herself of Jeff Choi bluntness/emotion [she was the

    only one who revered Choisms/arrogance] & the world is better off for it. Ron Ibarra

    [half Korean/half Pinoy] composed like Nakamura but will put imperious/haughty

    lawyers/litigants in their proper places. Joe Florendo ditto of Ron Ibarra. The

    days of Nel Doi/Bob Ito/Norman Olds [not halcyon, but drama-rama] are gone.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    New Hampshire

    Obama lost in stunning upset to Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire

    [Hillary choked up in sympathy lamentation–gained female voters].

    McCain won in surprising fashion in 2000/2008 in New Hampshire.

    New Hampshire Obama’s rallying cry not to take things for

    granted. New Hampshire McCain’s rallying cry that hope

    springs eternal.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    African-American soldiers WWII

    Spike Lee will feature WWII Black soldiers 92nd Inf., ignobly “led”

    by racist Gen. Ned Almond 1892-1979, who killed their morale

    before he made it easy for them to be killed. Our 442 had passing

    linkage w/Almond, & thankfully Almond didn’t put us out to slaughter

    vs. the scuttlebutt that Almond forced the 442 back into the line

    [of fire] time after time. Patton wasn’t much better than Almond

    & declared that Blacks were too dim-witted to be good Tankmen.

    But the 761st Tank Destroyers were the only available replacements,

    & nobody else wanted them, so Patton took them– [but unlike Almond]

    made great Tankers of them. Patton’s unmatched pep talk/rally for his

    troops — Patton also put his life on the line at the front, fearless to a

    fault! P51 Mustangs big boost to Black fighter pilots WWII. Churchill

    discredited our Gen. Mark Clark as too conservative Anzio, akin to a dead whale

    on the beach vs. intrepid fighting machine. Churchill discredited his own

    N. African commanders until Montgomery took over. Boer War/maniacal

    WWI Churchill [used civilian ships as decoy for Navy — a no/no — Churchill

    another Osama Bin Laden — ends justify the means — death just an

    abstraction] win at all costs, no matter rules of engagement/human decency.

    But Churchill got the British thru Hitler’s reign of terror. Hard to argue w/success.

    No, FDR didn’t provoke Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Yes, embargo forced

    Japan’s hand, but FDR expected Japan attack vs. Western Pacific outposts on

    morning of 12/7/41, NOT Pearl Harbor. Nonetheless, Churchill had “quickened”/

    snapped FDR’s “reluctance” while both conferred at sea — that unless U.S. entered

    WWII to defeat Hitler, Europe would fall to demonic Hitler. Which hastened FDR’s

    expectation that our embargo vs. Japan would trigger Japan’s attack vs. our

    Western Pacific outpost(s). FDR got more than FDR bargained for re Pearl Harbor.

    Lousy absence of exhortation by War Dept./FDR to scapegoats Kimmel/Short

    to prep for invasion 12/7/41. D.C.’s fault, not ours here. Put simply, a cornered

    animal attacks, & Japan got what it deserved from U.S., our getting cornered

    at Pearl Harbor [thanks to D.C. War Dept./FDR] being our clarion call to save

    the world from tyranny [remember Pearl Harbor/Day of Infamy]. As to

    Spike Lee being pissed off at Eastwood, hey, Negro supply men were greatly

    courageous, but Eastwood focused on war, not race. As to Eastwood being

    racist, geez, he gave equal footing to Japs re Letters from Iwo Jima. Just

    like balanced/fair All Quiet on the Western Front re Germans. What’s Patton’s

    battle cry? Per Joe Svinth, “Men, you’re the first Negro tankers ever to fight

    in the American Army. I never would have asked for you if you weren’t good.

    I have nothing but the best in MY Army. I don’t care what color you are, so

    long as you go up there & kill those Kraut sons-a-bitches! EVERYONE has

    his eyes on you, & expecting great things from YOU! MOST OF ALL, your

    race is looking forward to you — DON’T LET THEM DOWN! DON’T YOU LET

    ME DOWN!! Good luck, MEN!!” Vintage Patton. Dahlquist, our 442 bane??

    Yikes — what a ding — he overshoots his Alamo boys — they get cut off —

    no supply line — so Dahlquist sends his own 36th D to rescue them — they

    fail — so Dahlquist knows we kick ass like no other — so he sends us 442/100th

    into the jaws of death — yeah, we lose 800 casualties to save 200 Mex/Alamos —

    the immortal saga of the “Lost Battalion.” F__k Dahlquist. He gets promoted

    to the top [politics], by standing on the heads of the Japs/442 he found expendable.

    Yeah, as we saw wMel Laird/Moorer/Abrams/etc. re: Henry Shimabukuro’s Lavelle,

    CYA — cover your ass, which personifies shamed [in our hearts] Dahlquist.

    Dahlquist f__ks up re Alamo boys, so he covers his ass by sacrificing our boys. Yikes!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    David Figueira’s Truth [John 8:32] Matthew 5/Isaiah 58

    David’s Truth sets him free — Matthew 5 [blessed are the meek, for they

    shall inherit the earth]/Isaiah 58 [liberate the oppressed among us-shelter

    the homeless-feed the hungry-clothe the naked]. David aptly is King David,

    greatest leader of Israel 1,000 B.C., whose destiny was revealed via Abraham

    2,000 B.C., whose calendar 3,800 B.C. starts 300 yrs. before the dawn of

    civilization [Mesopotamia], our oldest monotheistic Faith. David’s history in

    Hawai`i begins exactly 2 millennia after Jesus, just as Abraham’s sojourn

    began exactly 2 millennia before Jesus. Amazing sequence/chronology.

    Long after David Figueira is gone, his descendants shall ask, “What was

    Vuvu/grandpa like?” Yes, progeny shall regale about David’s O`ahu

    Punalu`u retreat/hideaway, where our whole familia/family found peace/

    serenity. Progeny shall titillate over David’s vast estate/material accessories.

    But may I interject, that is form over substance. By way of this time capsule,

    let our inheritors know that David is governed by Scripture, which is David’s

    greatest strength, just as it was for King David 3,000 yrs. ago. In this sense,

    time actually has stood still, because the Truth of God remains the same —

    everybody’s equal before Him — Matthew 26:28.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:


    Do ka naru [let it go]/shoga nai [accept failure] are states of mind

    which enable happiness/comfort. Yes, Obama’s mom searched for

    life’s meaning & might not have found it, but such is

    opinion/perception [cannot really read another person’s mind].

    Richard Uejo asks me if I’m born again [Christian]. My state of mind

    — I recall the instances where my born-again cousin Layne

    always laughs aloud to anyone w/n earshot, “Hey, Curtis was sitting

    in the Hilo Lagoon complex lobby area, & he looked so lost, I told him

    to come chat for a while [Layne’s senior citizen clearinghouse]!” Is

    Layne a born-again guy? I was waiting for my client/multitude of law

    offices for settlement convene. I was looking across Hilo’s skyline

    to see how things have changed in my lifetime [more multi-story

    bldgs. now]. I tell Pastor Uejo, “Maybe in due time.”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Nippon shushin/bushido

    When WWII Imperial Japan consul Sugihara defied authority & freed the Jews,

    he refused to talk about it for decades. When he finally did [as shushin/moral

    instruction to progeny], he unadornedly huffed, “it was the only thing to do!”

    That his bushido/honor adhered him to a higher duty, a metaphysical one, even

    though it broke man’s law.

    I tip my hat to Penraat, who saved 406 Jews in the Netherlands by forging false

    documents & spiriting out the condemned race. NY Times obit 7/2/06 quipped

    that this WWII draftsman “just loved the idea of putting one over the Nazis.”

    Like Japan’s Sugihara, Penraat refused to talk about it for decades, but when he

    finally did [for his grandkids], he said only that he had “done the decent thing.”

    “You do such thing because in your mind there is no other way of doing it,” he

    chastened. Like Sugihara, he was honored by Israel. Most Dutch Jews perished

    in the Holocaust, 110,000. Yes, heroism requires audacity, because it is necessary

    and the only decent/right thing to do. Bless Penraat/Sugihara, & every unspoken/

    untold hero. Or, as George Will says, quoting Thornton Wilder, “the highest tribute

    to the dead is not grief, but gratitude.”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The greater good/self-sacrifice

    Complete detachment from worldly cares — blowing out/Nirvana — indescribable state of total

    transendence — these denote the 442 mentality — go for broke. Ronald Fujiyoshi born 1940 says

    that the 442 was the tool of White racism/imperialism to repress people of color. That Nikkei/AJAs

    should’ve joined w/Blacks to break the White chain of bondage/repression by being resisters a la the

    “No-no” boys who challenged the racist system via Constitution. Ron was a Mid-Pac High track star/

    decorated ROTC officer until his conversion to Pacifism via the Quaker mentality in Americus, Georgia.

    Legal challenges to the system often result in abject failure, inasmuch the legal system itself is severely

    flawed. Which is why you see our Black Buffalo soldiers catalyze great leaps forward in social/political

    progress for Blacks/everyone via self-sacrifices on the field of battle. Bible comes thru loud & clear —

    hath no greater love than a person who lays down one’s life for another. In ancient times, African states

    south of the Sahara maintained powerful armies [Ethiopia/West African countries]. In the Civil War, Blacks

    helped to tip the balance in favor of the Union, serving in segregated units in which the first Black officers

    were commissioned. Our Tuskegee airmen served w/amazing distinction in WWII. Parallelism is

    inconcealable in Blacks/AJAs. So, are the sacrifices in vain of our valorous soldiers of color? No.

    Dan Inouye w/one arm shorn in battle did greater good for AJAs/society than internment camp resisters

    ever could imagine. Ron is ultra-cynical. Muslim extremists also glorify suicide battalions.

    The difference is in our Lady Liberty/Justicia — her blindfold symbolizes impartiality/fairness/

    equality. Her scale balances competing interests. Her sword denotes not Muslim superiority,

    but the importance of reason/rationality. Night/day, baby, b/n fanaticism for superiority/fair play.

    Muslim extremists target innocent civilians.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Adversity builds character

    Jeremiah Wright’s egocentrism is a good character-builder for naive Obama,

    whose duty is to America, not Obama’s church. Such adversity makes a man

    of Obama. Great experience. Will Obama be our next President? Perhaps so.

    Obama’s speech of a lifetime in March 2008 will stand the test on race relations/


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Shushin — moral instruction

    Isamu Kanekuni born 1921 regards shushin as etiquette schooling, via

    his Hilo Hongwanji summer lessons in shushin [city/urban view].

    In the rural villages, shushin was taught daily all year long as the most

    important lesson plan. My video bio interview of aikido avatar Takashi

    Nonaka typifies shushin’s apex among country folk. His read-out

    a decade ago is at esteemed Joseph R. Svinth’s website, Electronic

    Journals of Martial Arts & Sciences.

    Practice what one preaches, or shushin is what you make of it —

    I find that older Nisei sometimes felt superior/arrogant because of

    their “advanced” shushin backdrop, especially as they took on leadership

    roles, namely, guys like Jack Ouye 1912-2008/Rich Imai 1910-2009. Even Taishoji’s Nipponese Shinryu Akita, a scholar, age 82,

    has hubris. Shushin was discarded after the Pearl Harbor attack, &

    has not been reduxed to date.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Headstones of positive role models

    Scrub Tanaka: “The public good was his goal”

    Jack Burns: “He changed the face of America”

    Joe Farrington: “He embraced everyone, both high & low”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Strong side/weak side

    Pastor Richard Uejo born 1925 wonders why I don’t praise

    his 15th annual mayor’s prayer breakfast & his KMC chapel sermons.

    As an interfaith ecumenical event, the mayor’s breakst is noble,

    but because it has always been nothing more than an appendage/

    PR ploy of each mayor [starting w/Richard’s cousin Steve Yamashiro

    1992-2000], it lost its appeal from the get-go. Richard likes to mix

    w/the powerful, so this is Richard’s weak side, not his

    strong side [interfaith peacemaking]. I told Richard not to preach

    anti-Iraqi War at KMC, & Richard told me this is his choice. It’s not

    his choice because he is invited by KMC top brass to preach on

    their turf, not Richard’s. Richard may minister to save souls/not

    glorify war, but not to be anti-Iraqi War

    on KMC turf.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Adoniram Judson 1788-1850 Baptist missionary to Burma

    Son of Congregational minister, rebel Judson told his Providence College

    [now Brown U.] roommate that there’s no God. Then, one day after

    school let out, Judson come upon an inn, & the innkeeper told Judson

    that a vacant room was undesirable because the adjoining room had an

    insane roomer. Judson took the vacant room anyway, only to find out

    that the insane roomer was Judson’s former college roommate. Prodigy

    Judson graduated at age 19 as valedictorian, but then vowed religious

    piety, & graduated from Andover Theological Seminary 2 yrs. later. He

    then went to evangelize/mission in Burma, where he translated the Bible

    into Burmese. He is among the earliest Baptist missionaries, & has

    Illinois’ Judson U. named after him. He is the genesis of American

    Baptist groups, including the breakaway Southern Baptists.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Multi-family condos

    Single-family subdivisions are built around the automobile, & take us away from

    core commercial districts/schools. We need to stop suburban sprawl & bedroom

    communities which take us far away from work/shopping/school.

    We also need to revive our sense of place and village mentality

    a la rural towns/neighborhoods. It is sad to see commuters drive in from

    the outer reaches of Puna to work in Hilo, whilst spending a fortune on

    gas/car use, not to mention loss of valuable time on the road. Multi-

    family condos w/mixed use zoning for sustainable communities shall

    restore oldtime togetherness/ohana principle a la Scrub Tanaka’s vision/

    foresight. Yes, Scrub was a pain in the ass, but he had prescience.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hubris vs. humility

    Hubris [conceit/self-inflation] — Wes Park/Dick Matsuura/Tom Gill/Bobo Lapenia/etc.

    Humility [humbleness/solitude] — Yasutaro Soga/Yemyo Imamura/Franklin Odo/Bob Dye/etc.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Big Island Japanese language press/newspapers

    Hilo Shinpo [News] 1898-1912 is Hilo’s earliest, followed by Hilo Jiho

    [Flash] 1905-1907, Hawaii Shokumin Shinbun [Community News]

    1909-1913, Hawaii Asahi Shinbun [Sunrise News] 1913-1928,

    & Hawaii Mainichi [Daily News] 1912-1942. Kona Hankyo [Echo]

    1897-1951 is Kona’s oldest [Saburo Hayashi’s brainchild], followed

    by Kona Shuho [Weekly] 1915-1920.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    My Dad’s photo in Seattle’s “In Time of War” documentary film

    Newsreels show my Dad’s 442nd squad boarding the convoy. My Dad is smiling w/his buddies

    as they board their truck. I just saw on PBS last year’s Seattle production of Nikkei

    internment/all-Nisei fighting soldiers. Kona’s Bobby Command saw Coffman’s First Battle

    last week, which clued me in to watch for more WWII specials on PBS. Yes, PBS’ Seattle

    production has a still photo of my Dad as he boards the convoy & smiles. My cousin says that

    the producers in every all-Nisei infantry documentary must like my Dad’s pleasant look/smile.

    Needless to say, I’m proud of my Dad/comrades, smiles & all [Dad Toshiyuki 1913-1998]!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    On this earth he labored w/love, now he rests w/God above

    Beautiful headstone. Greatest Commandment Matthew 22:37 You shall love God with all

    your heart, soul, and mind. If you lose yourself in Him, you will find who you are. You must

    learn to die in order to live. What will your headstone say? Focus/mission/legacy. What

    will be your legacy? Will it be Freddy Andrade’s I made money my god [?] Or will it be

    Earl Nakasato’s Well done, my servant! John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

    Selfish pride/egocentrism are our bane. The less we glorify ourselves, more enlightened

    we have a chance to be, to aspire in the image of God Genesis 1:27. I want my Faith

    strengthened, utters Earl Nakasato. Earl’s friend/Pastor Michael Inouye of Moloka`i, was

    born to a serviceman WWII from his mother Mary Inouye. I know Michael born 1946 because his Mom

    & my Mom were best friends [went secretary school together]. Being hapa [half-haole/

    half buddahead], Michael was very much alone in provincial rural repose. Mom Mary sent him

    to Mid-Pac, then to Washington State U. where he majored in pre-Med. After his senior

    yr. in college, Michael was back home w/Mom Mary. Mary’s neighbor, a friendly man, stopped

    by to greet/congratulate Michael on his graduation. When the neighbor asked Michael

    what Michael’s next step was, Michael mulled over Michael’s desire to go to seminary school.

    Michael excelled in pre-Med, but Michael’s heart lay w/compassion for the have-nots, not w/

    conventional high status M.D. Certainly, Michael as M.D. would be more useful to society’s

    untouchables [addicts/inmates/etc.], but Michael hungered for spiritual fulfillment, not vocational

    skills. At which point in the conversation, the well-intentioned neighbor lamented to Mom

    Mary in the kitchen, away from Michael’s bedroom where Michael was, Geez, Mary, too bad,

    Michael not going be a doctor. What a waste, go to seminary school…. Strange as it

    sounds, this statement triggered Michael’s conversion to the ministry. No longer would

    Michael look back in uncertainty over his calling/destiny. Yes, negative role model [social

    climber society/status tripping] crystalized Michael’s mission. And he never regretted his

    decision. Michael was born w/tremendous compassion/composure/serenity. He was made

    to order for the ministry, so to speak. No, one need not sin to understand salvation. Michael

    was born to lead us to the Promised Land. Pastor Roy Kim is the same way. Roy was born

    a good joe, gentle to the core/mild-mannered all the way — rarest equanimity. Like I

    told buddy Earl Nakasato, had Earl intersected w/Michael/Roy as teens, gangsta’ Earl probably

    would’ve beaten up gentle/quiet Michael/Roy. Thence Earl’s being born again today! Beautiful

    spiritual growth/evolution. What triggered Earl’s conversion to Jesus? Simply put, being

    around unhappy, albeit successful, educators/economists. Earl has Masters/Economics U. of

    Washington — before he became a lawyer. As w/Roy Kim, who majored in psychology UH

    Manoa, Roy converted via charismatics amid all of his unhappy mentors [who felt so alone/

    isolated in their ivory towers]. As the greatest Luso/Portuguese poet Jose Teves of

    Honoka`a once said, Faith in God, mankind’s only hope for redemption. Or, as our

    venerated kindred soul Lorna Pacheco intimates, noble to befriend the afflicted, than to

    betray our God-given purpose — to embrace the untouchable is our purpose, not to

    flaunt our material accessories.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Pepe`ekeo/Honomu Joan of Ark’s Satsuki Endo Muneno born 1925

    Satsuki was born to humble roots at Pepe’ekeo Mill Camp. Her biggest inspiration is her Okasan/

    Mama, who encouraged her desire to find out what life is outside the plantation village.

    From Niigata Ken, Honshu, minority w/n Nippon minority here, Satsuki learned to assimilate &

    yet be proud of her ancestral touchstones. Satsuki is unique because of her untiring/indomitable

    mission to encourage others to have self-worth. Do you know that she joined Hui Okinawa

    because of their tremendous otagai/oyakoko/giri ninjo/chugi/sonkei mukashi no?!! She is not

    even Okinawan!! Satsuki grew weary of the I am/me-me-me attitude of her native Niigata

    kenjin-kai club, & found tremendous simplicity/depth of fulfillment in the

    Hui Okinawa org. Satsuki’s older brother Hiroo Endo is the first guy/squad to reach the

    WWII Lost Batallion [Alamo outfit]. Hiroo is decorated/Purple Heart [lost eye w/442nd].

    Satsuki’s dear husband Noboru [nicknamed Napoleon — short in height; fighter to the

    core] was famed samurai missionary Shiro Sokabe’s right hand man & is given tremendous

    recognition in Jiro Nakano’s bio of Pastor Sokabe. Noboru died from aneurysm 30 yrs. ago,

    born 1913. Sensei Sokabe died in 1949 at age 84. Satsuki is my Joan of Ark [who fought

    for France vs. British rule & died at the stake at age 21, the same age when Satsuki was

    pregnant w/her first child]

    because of Satsuki’s ganbari/yamato damashii unmatched benevolence/gratuity/

    generosity to aid others in need, especially her down & out fellow villagers. Hubby Noboru was a

    a mechanic/had repair service garage, Satsuki has her ubiquitous Honomu Jan’s Store [her

    nickname], & she is serenity/simplicity to a fault. Unlike former siren Chieko Tanimoto [Honomu

    Noodle Shop], who was rough/outspoken/sometimes obnoxious, Satsuki is nurturant/loving/

    indulgent/compassionate. Total opposite. Yes, Satsuki is a liberated lady who defies

    chokehold convention long before we even coined the cliche liberated woman a la 1970s

    feminists. You gotta’ meet Satsuki to experience her love of life/humanity/giri ninjo. Amazing

    person, one of a kind. My Joan of Ark. Her defiance of restrictive convention/her self-

    actualization to love & to learn [of life/wisdom/helping others] a la Abraham Maslow’s

    analysis is beyond compare!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Pi’ihonua catalyst Henry Shimabukuro 1983-1995 [Henry born 1931]

    Retired career Air Force Colonel Henry Shimabukuro [D.C. wayfinder Jesse Shima’s nephew]

    knew that his mother Matsu wanted to leave something/inheritance for her children. Her

    leasehold residence was to revert back to the State once C. Brewer gave up its Pi`ihonua

    master lease in 1991. So Henry, Conrad Hokama, & Byron Toma went on a mission to

    convert Pi`ihonua leasehold lands to fee simple. But without Henry’s spark, their mission

    would not jump start to fruition. Pi`ihonua role model Yoshito Tanaka [former County atty —

    today’s version of Corp. Counsel/Prosecutor combined], whose mother was still alive in 1983

    when Henry began the village quest [Yoshito’s mother still lived in her original matchbox

    dwelling], did not lift a finger to help Yoshito’s villagers. Neither did Ed Taira, who bellowed

    My dad already bought a piece of property [which happened to be in Pi`ihonua], so why

    should I help? Ed was supvsr. of vital ally County Housing/Community Development Office.

    Again, Henry Shimabukuro is Pi`honua messiah who preserved its intact villagers/properties.

    Tremendous village/unit cohesion, unmatched.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Early friendship/political PR — Skinny Hagiwara born 1921 for Nelson Doi born 1922

    Hiram “Skinny” Hagiwara was Nelson Doi’s campaign chair because Hiram is from Honoka`a

    [Hagiwara Dairy below John Roy’s home], which is where Nelson went to school [after

    a high school was started]. Nelson originally was from Pahoa, then moved to Shinmachi

    [Doi Hotel close to the DLNR fish tanks][Nelson hated living there/selling fish], then to

    Kawaihae [Doi Store], which is how Nelson ended up at Honoka`a High. Nelson lives out his

    remaining years in his adopted South Kohala, where his son David is a dentist. Hagiwara [Dairy]

    bought out Grand-Aunt Rose Souza Gomes Silva’s 40 acres located below Antone Souza Jr.’s

    72 acres & above Johnny Waimea Souza’s 54 acres.

    Adonis-handsome curly haired Skinny has tremendous pizzaz/charm. 442nd veteran Skinny

    was unable to recruit his samurai brethren [except for educators who empathized w/Nel’s

    wife’s credentials] because they considered Nelson a yakamashii warrior wanna-be. Ergo a

    punk. As much as Skinny loved my ukulele-playing Dad, Skinny couldn’t get past Dad’s

    first strum to get Dad on Nel’s bandwagon, even though we were all Pauka`a neighbors.

    Dad loved Skinny, but Dad had more respect for Mits/Scrub Tanaka than Dad did for punk

    Nelson. Yes, Nel was a whole generation apart [politically] from Dad/Mits/Scrub. Dad had

    great respect for “baby brah'” John Ushijima, but thankfully Dad did not live to see John regress

    to wagamama/selfish ibaru/egotistical end of life phase. The 1950s John Ushijima was a

    good joe/altruist. John couldn’t sing a lick [sounded like a frog] but John had great enthusiasm.

    Yes, Skinny/Dad/John/Scrub all original 442nd boys.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    St. Paul [punitive] or St. John [nurturant]?

    1. Of course, John the Baptist shed his clothes/rejected material accessories. Way out,

    baby! And David, whoa, intense bugga!

    2. No doubt, Billy Graham is Mr. Christian [evangelist]. Unlike loose-lipped Pat Robertson/

    Jerry Falwell [St. Paul w/smiles], Billy Graham is all class [St. John]. Never mind that

    Luce [Time Mag]/Hearst [SF rag] promoted/propagated him. Not a problem. Graham

    is just great, period! Gail Inamine a wonderful pathfinder in a male-entrenched field.

    3. Wayne Cordeiro is St. John on the outside, St. Paul underneath. No, Wayne is not

    personally ennobling like Billy Graham. No one is. Nelson Hayashida a terrific columnist,

    Paul Osumi would be proud of him.

    4. David Shotwell was a decent fella, austere by necessity. Henry Kahalehili a St. John

    incarnate. Shigeo Tanabe a Masao Yamada [442nd] prototype. Hiro Higuchi [442nd],

    now here was a St. John exemplified. Remember Micah 6:8?? —Have mercy, be good,

    & walk humby w/thy God? Man, these are Hiro [Chappie to his riflemen]. Israel Yost

    a Richard Uejo forerunner [transform/evolve over the course of time]. Both men

    intellectual/scholarly. Peter McKnight a St. Paul w/a smile. Richard Chang a hypocrite/

    self-inflated. Stephen Desha Sr. an emphatic St. Paul [Hawai`i for Hawaiians, even though

    Stephen was only a smidgen Hawaiian]. Ernest Gomes De Silva [Paul’s Vuvu/grandpa]

    a definite St. John. Susumu Yamane okay. George DeCosta a St. Paul w/velvet

    gloves. Father Pouzot a veritable Jesus. Father Louis a St. Paul. Rev. Dwight Nakamura

    a cerebral Buddhist, as is Taishoji’s sensei Akita. Today’s Godoy/Pacheco/Welsh/Kamakahi/

    etc. have their niche appeal, but not the ubiquitous image of a Cordeiro, who expresses

    powerfully via simplicity.

    5. Longevity the key of positive impact. De Silva/Desha/Pouzot/Louis/etc. historymakers/

    remarkable inspirations all. Amazing life stories.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Buddhist rejection of Hindu caste system

    1. Siddhartha Gautama 563-483 B.C. — Buddha — rejected Hindu’s caste system & said

    everybody’s equal — via his Sutras [discourses]. Like Jesus Christ, Buddha was inclusive/

    indulgent/race-neutral. What Buddha incorporated from Hinduism is karma samsara [cycle

    of birth/rebirth determined by purity or impurity of past acts]. Living selflessly will end

    the cycle/samsara & result in Buddhist Nirvana/enlightenment. Very Taoist [yin-yang

    duality/equidistant balance/harmony]/self-transformation–self-actualization, which parallels/timewise

    Buddha [peer of Confucius 551-479 B.C., who espoused non-metaphysical “right living”].

    2. Bodhisattva/enlightened being only enters Nirvana when others less fortunate are uplifted

    via acts of compassion/universal enablement. Shinto is Japan nature worship, though

    Meiji era’s [1868-1912] Mutsuhito made himself the divine emperor via State Shinto [official

    imperial Japan religion/cult], which led to Japan’s imperialism/colonialism — defeat in WWII.

    Hirohito was culpable by omission, but saved himself by revoking his false divine ordination.

    Homogeneous Japan is very racist [master/perfect race], as you see w/prime minister Abe’s

    denial of Korean comfort women. Believe it or not, Kanaka Maoli/Hawaiian sovereignty

    as espoused by the Trasks/Osorio/Oz Stender/OHA/KS (Bishop Estate) is a mirror image of

    Japan’s pure race bigotry. History repeats itself via fear/misunderstanding/chosen ignorance.

    Be egalitarian/accessible-welcome to all races a la scholar Kawena Johnson/mythic solons

    Johnny Wilson/Sam Mahuka Spencer/Harry Kaina Brown/Rusty Blaisdell/Noble Kauhane.

    Look at Kawena’s mentor, Ka`u’s Mary Kawena Pukui, who adopted AJA Patience Namaka

    Bacon, a cultural treasure/scholar herself.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Kanaka Johnny Wilson & Delbert Metzger

    1. Johnny Wilson fearlessly joined the Party of the Unwashed, the Democratic Party founded

    by GOP Kuhio’s beloved brother, Kawananakoa, after annexation in 1900. Kuhio &

    Kawananakoa ensured that Hawaiians were represented in both major parties, although such

    fractured setup diluted kanaka strength as immigrant children came of voting age shortly


    2. Johnny got his baptism in politics by playing in the Stanford U. band [then a cattle outpost

    school started by railroad tycoon Leland Stanford] for political rallies off campus. Johnny

    was bankrolled by his favorite “tutu” Queen Lili`u. Johnny became a Democrat in the 1892

    Presidential race won by Cleveland, & thereafter fought for the little guy whenever talk of

    colonial imperialism/so-called Darwinian white man supremacy surfaced Stateside.

    3. In frenetic Johnny we see a bit of ourselves, for better or worse. Utterly devoted to

    equal treatment for all, Johnny spent his life earnings on social progress, in the process

    going bankrupt/in hock to creditors. When Johnny died, he had 32 cents in his pocket —

    his whole estate. Johnny Wilson, our fearless Democrat godfather, 1871-1956. Our most

    beloved leader, far surpassing Jack Burns/Joe Farrington.

    4. Delbert Metzger 1875-1967 was Johnny’s peer & party-builder. Orphaned at age 4 in

    Kansas, German-American Delbert knew the reality of pre-1900 Kansas as being anything

    but the land of milk & honey as advertised by the railroads & bankers. As the Midwest

    small farmers intoned, In God we trusted, in Kansas we busted. Delbert absorbed the

    Granger movement & the Northwest Alliance of Farmers which fought the cartel of

    railroads & bankers. In the immigrant social outcasts in Hawai`i Delbert found his calling,

    having moved here in 1899 w/the Army to make the 1st land survey of Pearl Harbor.

    Fellow Kansas farmboy Martin Pence followed Delbert’s destiny 30 yrs. later, imbued w/the

    same crusade to wrest away monolithic power from the oligarchy here in Hawai`i. These

    2 haoles were the militant white boys of the Party of the Unwashed, the ostracized

    Democrats of plantation-era Hawai`i. Delbert’s feat lost to history is when, as federal judge

    here, he fined Gen. Richardson, military governor, for contempt of court for violating

    habeas corpus. In retaliation Richardson threatened FDR-appointed judge Metzger w/prison.

    FDR himself told War Dept. chiefs in Sept. 1943 that FDR still favored martial law, but that

    the Army needed to defuse the constitutional crisis & solve the impasse. Gen. Richardson

    backed down vs. Judge Metzger, but lionheart Metzger refused to vacate the contempt of

    court order vs. Richardson. FDR then pardoned Gen. Richardson, knowing full well that

    other habeas corpus suits would follow.

    5. Delbert Metzger the grassroots lawyer/Dem Party organizer wholly enthralled wide-eyed

    AJAs Ernie Mitsuo Kuwahara 1899-1982 & Richard Imai [born 1910; mind/body still razor-

    sharp]. These AJA boys exude feelings which put Delbert in the realm of a mythical god.

    Del truly set the template for Hawai`i as a new outpost of direct, participatory democracy

    by the traditional powerless vs. the oligarchy, the Hawai`i version of the Midwest small

    farmers’ uprising vs. the monied/capital-rich cartel pre & post 1900.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Native Hawaiians/Indians

    Native Hawaiians are not like American Indians in that 1) Native Hawaiians lost no land from the

    1893 overthrow; 2) Public lands held during the Monarchy were for the benefit of all citizens,

    and this continued under the Territory after annexation; 3) The U.S. always treated Native

    Hawaiians as equals, not as subordinates.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    GOP Statehood Joe Farrington 1897-1954 preceded GOP Neal Rusty Blaisdell 1902-1975

    1. Ever-popular handsome Joe Farrington was our delegate to Congress 1942-1954 [died of

    massive heart attack in D.C. while in office]. Rusty Blaisdell was O`ahu mayor 1954-1968

    [did not run for re-election; was burnt out at City Hall at age 65]. Hung Wai Ching’s

    older alter ego was Joe, not peer Rusty. Hung Wai was aligned w/Merchant St. oligarchs/

    Congregational Punahou alumni. Rusty’s reference points were the Abe Lincoln GOP/St.

    Louis High alumni. Hung Wai’s haoles contrasted with Rusty’s locals. Different gangs.

    Joe Farrington had elite advisors Hung Wai [Yale grad; Congregational pastor aligned w/

    powerful Union Theological Seminary in N.Y.]/Kats Kometani [dentist/sportsman]/Mas

    Marumoto [legal scholar/Harvard grad]. Rusty had grassroots entrepreneur Angel

    Maehara of Maui [baby brother of baseball icon Iron Maehara].

    2. But heart-to-heart, Joe Farrington was egalitarian/altruistic like Rusty Blaisdell. Joe’s death

    presaged the rise of popular GOP successor leader, Rusty Blaisdell.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Stanley Hara, the unsung/untold hero [& positive historymaker Toshi Serizawa]

    1. Stanley Hara credits 1950s House money boss/Hilo GOP Thomas Sakakihara [interned WWII]

    for galvanizing money for UH-Hilo. Dem Kazuhisa Abe is Stanley’s mentor & got Stanley

    to enter politics [Stanley House Rep. 1954-1968; House money man 1962-1968;

    appointed by State mentor Jack Burns to replace Nel Doi (got judgeship by asking nemesis

    Burns after being shorn of power in Senate) in Senate — served 1968-1980 — Education

    Comm. 1970-1980]. Stanley credits Kaz Abe w/fighting for monies for UH-Hilo [Abe picked

    by Burns to be Supreme Court justice — reward for not running vs. reduced Senate seats

    via reapportionment & for not running for Lt. Gov. vs. Kenny Brown but instead supported

    Brown] especially in the 1960s. Stanley Hara, ever humble/deferential, pronounces that

    the development of UH-Hilo was a collective effort, that the mission was bilateral [incl.

    GOPs Sakakihara/Doc Hill/Scotch Henderson/etc.]. Yes, Gerald De Mello’s Luso idol John

    Farias [UH regent] got the turf-tough O`ahu regents to give the allocated legislative monies

    to UH-Hilo, but Gerald forgets that our Big Isle solons got the monies to UH in the first

    place [for UH-Hilo]. Derivative! Not disbursed/sourced from Farias. I reminded Gerald

    De Mello that Gerald had never gotten UH-Hilo to recognize Stanley Hara, who actually

    took classes at UH-Hilo [never went college before]. Sadly, I see loads of undeserving

    cronies heaped w/inflated praise. [Gerald honored Stanly 2008]

    2. Do you know that Stanley Hara facilitated the great Micronesian influx at UH-Hilo?

    Stanley never toots his horn, unlike show-off Nelson Doi [DOE’s 3 on 2 program]. Stanley

    Hara is my untold hero.

    3. All praise also to Toshi Serizawa.

    The good thing about Toshi is that Toshi has a whole chapter devoted in tribute to Toshi

    in Jack Burns’ biography A Portrait in Transition 1974. Toshi also is given more ink/copy in

    later bios of Burns [Toshi is Burns’ protege on Kaua`i 1946; moved to Hilo 1955]. Stanley

    Hara sadly has not gotten deserved kudos, but Stanley was just as close to Burns as Toshi

    was, but less visible than utterly drop-dead handsome Toshi. As you know, Stanley has

    a hare-lip, yet expresses himself well. Took Dale Carnegie speaking courses w/my Dad/

    Gabby Inaba’s WWII veteran brother Yoshio Inaba. Sadly, Stanley looks old [he is old,

    85 yrs. old] w/hollowed-in cheek [yet has the spring/body of a 60 yr. old man] because

    he had cancer of the mouth & eats only puree`. Man, oh man, I wish Gerald & his hollow

    chums acknowledge a steeped mythic like Stanley Hara. Amazing/positive

    solon/historymaker! UH-Hilo’s 700 acres [Nel Doi got the initial 10 acres] didn’t emanate

    out of thin air, you know! Yes, Scrub Tanaka [Land Bd.] lubed release of acreage from

    the Executive Branch. But the monies came from legends Hara/Serizawa/Big Island solons.

    Pono, –Curtis

    P.S. Hung Wai Ching [not millionaire Hung Wo Ching, Hung Wai’s baby brother] is distinct from

    fellow Chinese Hung Wo/Hiram Fong/Chinn Ho/Ruddy Tongg/Chun Afong, because Chinese

    [yes, typecast here] are individualists [merchants/professionals/scholars/artists], bred from

    millennia of repressive dynasty rule. Remember that broke-ass pastor Hung Wai never

    made self-achieved money/power/influence/status his god!! Instead, Hung Wai stewarded

    the common lot to have opportunities denied via societal hegemony. Whatever Hung Wai

    did, he did for others, not for himself. This, dear ones, is the difference! I’m sorry for

    stereotyping, but Hung Wai is my alltime hero. Look for myriad examples of Chinese not

    merging w/fellow Chinese [distrust] — millionaire Hung Wo Ching’s lawyer was MIS Masaji

    Marumoto, not natural choice Hiram Fong. Chinn Ho’s lawyer was deft AJA Matsy

    Takabuki, not politico Hiram Fong.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Lone Rangers Tom Gill/Helene Hale

    1. Acerbic/tart Gill, despite his arrogance, is the architect of sensible land use/planning.

    I never forgot what Gill backer Royce Higa lamented — Gill never acknowledged/gave

    condolence/koden when Royce’s wife died. This was classic Gill — me/me/me. “To hell

    w/you” was Gill’s refrain.

    2. Hale was demonstrative/theatrical. She loved the glare of publicity. Her legacy

    is that she broke up the old boys network [fire chief Ed Bento 1962].

    3. Gill/Hale — enormous egos. The difference between them & Teddy Roosevelt is that

    Roosevelt was a magnet team builder/leader. Remember that Teddy was very sickly as

    a child, thence his redoubling via macho diplomacy [walk softly/carry big stick], his trust-

    busting [dismantling of monopolies — inherited wealth is anathema to the frontier spirit],

    & his Sierra Club antecedent [breathe fresh air, build up your lungs]. Yes, Gill touts being

    grassroots, but the only thing grassroots/earthy about him is his firmly rooted ego. Yes,

    Hale touts being Popolo/Black, but she is imperiously patronizing in demeanor to her

    political colleagues. Nonetheless, Gill/Hale have their places in our social/political history.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Democratic Party stalwarts Stanley Hara born 1923; Toshi Serizawa born 1916

    1. Stanley knew Jack Burns when Stanley was a Kalihi Waena [middle Kalihi] kid. Jack was

    the stern yet understanding [for social outcasts] cop. Stanley revered Burns way before Stan

    moved to Hilo in 1948. As you know, the post-WWII Dems here were led by Kazuhisa Abe/

    Scrub Tanaka/Lefty Kuniyoshi/Tadao Okimoto/godfather Dr. Ernest Mitsuo Kuwahara [1899-

    1982][sadly, interned during WWII]/Martin Pence/Stanley Hara. Stanley’s claim to fame

    is the development of UH-Hilo [in tandem w/Big Isle solons]. Stanley rules out any input

    on Scrub being chosen as Jack Burns’ 1962 Big Isle campaign chief. Stanley denies Yasuki

    Arakaki’s claim that Stanley, along w/Toshi Serizawa & Yasuki, picked Scrub for Burns’ 1962


    2. Toshi Serizawa was a Burns man on Kaua`i, then moved to Hilo in 1955 [Haw’n Airlines

    PR guy]. Toshi was among the first Burns men on Kaua`i, & was on the Bd. of Supervisors

    even before moving to Hilo. Although Turk Tokita is popularly regarded as Burns’ Kaua`i

    ace, Toshi was in the thick of post-WWII Dem Party revival. On Maui Najo Yoshinaga was

    Burns’ ace. Pundy Yokouchi always was Najo’s understudy. No question, Najo was the

    nerve center, not well-intentioned/hyped Pundy. Scrub was Burns’ Big Isle Ace, Tadao

    Burns’ serenity maker [furo/meals/bed/normality]. The common denominator among Burns’

    3 neighbor island aces [Turk/Najo/Scrub] — WWII all-Nisei veterans. Pundy was born

    1925, 6 yrs. younger than Najo [born 1919]. Toshi, like Stanley Hara, denies that

    Toshi helped pick Scrub to run Burns’ 1962 Big Isle campaign for Gov. Yasuki probably

    confused 1962 w/1959, when Toshi/Stanley/Yasuki endorsed Ben Menor to be Burns’

    Big Isle campaign head. Burns won the Big Island by only 250 votes in 1959, not enough

    to offset O`ahu’s poll for Quinn, partly because Big Isle’s popular Jimmy Kealoha was Quinn’s

    Lt. Gov. mate, partly because of Quinn’s 2nd Mahele pledge [touted sale of State lands at

    $50 per acre], & partly because of Burns’ association w/the “militant” ILWU/Jack Hall. Toshi

    went to D.C. in 1959 to measure Burns’ commitment for the Gov. race. Burns was over-

    confident, expecting that Burns’ reward was the Governor’s mantle for acquiring Statehood

    for Hawai`i. As w/Burns’ overconfidence in 1959, Toshi says that Quinn was overconfident

    in 1962, & did not galvanize his top 125 patronage appointees to campaign at all. BTW,

    Quinn’s Transportation head Tim Ho knew SK Oda’s contractor son Glenn, & Quinn picked

    Glenn [born 1925] & Barney Fujimoto’s son Bobby [born 1925] to head Quinn’s Big Isle

    campaigns in ’59 & ’62. I remember vividly these campaigns, because my Dad was among

    the rare few WWII AJA riflemen who supported Quinn [my Dad’s lifespan 1913-1998].

    3. Collectively, the Big Isle Statehood Dem solons were an extraordinary bunch. Ushijima/

    Hara/Doi/Serizawa were top-shelf, although Doi was a showman like GOP Andy Anderson.

    Especially the holy trinity of Ushijima/Hara/Serizawa are exemplars “to die for.” Their

    legacies truly are “for the ages.” Outstanding & dedicated public servants.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Scrub Tanaka’s observant son-in-law, George Nagai, born 1940

    1. Though George emotes the usual press cliches about Scrub, George is a very astute

    observer/pundit beneath the PR mask. George is his erudite GOP Dad incarnate, Masayuki

    Nagai 1912-1969 died from colon cancer, Hind’s Capt. Cook Coffee Co. Mill mgr.

    Masayuki squared shoulders w/Kona tridents Masaji Marumoto/Baron Goto/Gabby Inaba,

    legends all. Masayuki also revered GOP guru Julian Yates [Yasuki Arakaki’s father-in-law].

    Masayuki was ally/supporter of GOP Sherwood Greenwell. This, dear ones, is untold George

    Nagai’s political backdrop. I share w/you, via John Ushijima, Masayuki’s colorful visual genre —

    Kona’s Bill Kamau ran vs. Sen. Doc Hill — Kamau exhorted in Hawaiian to his coffee growers,

    “You have low returns because of the big coffee growers — don’t vote for Doc Hill — he

    is one of them Hills Brothers!!” Oh boy!!

    2. Yasuki Arakaki boasts that he/Toshi Serizawa/Stanley Hara picked Scrub to run Burns’ 1962

    Big Isle campaign. Not true. Scrub promised Burns that Scrub would lead the charge if

    Burns ran again [Burns lost to Quinn in 1959]. As you know, Scrub was occupied w/his own

    solon career at Statehood’s cusp. But Yasuki hit the mark in pronouncing Burns’/Scrub’s

    unified legacy — “These guys [Burns/Scrub/Scrub’s brother Mits Tanaka/Tadao Okimoto]

    never sought to profit from self-dealing, especially w/real estate; look at Burns & Tadao —

    they died broke-okole — everything they did, they did for the little guy, because they were

    little guys themselves in material wealth! Broke-ass till their last breath, Curtis!” You’ll

    be shocked to know that bellwether Yasuki, like crusty John Ushijima, cannot stand George

    Ariyoshi — “forgot the guys at the bottom [of the social ladder]/no foresight.” Tongue-in-

    cheek repartee vs. George’s idolatrous trifecta — Tom Coffman/Walt Dods/Roland Higashi —

    all the executive plan/vision objectives in the world ain’t gonna endear the Burns intimates to

    cerebral/cold compress George. Which is why George’s Bob Oshiro canned Burns’ Dan Aoki.

    Do you know our Pa`u ka`a neighborhood [Honoli`i] has Nelson Doi across the street from

    Dan Inouye’s right hand man George Inouye [no relation], & Scrub’s brother/manpower head

    Mits Tanaka across the street from us? And now Steve Yamashiro lives in the back of where

    Nelson lived before. Yikes! My “Uncle Mits” is as austere/money-less as the shortest day

    in winter. A mile north, Tadao Okimoto left behind for his wife/3 kids a mill road dwelling &

    loads of selfless sacrifice/community-minded projects, no profiteering. Scrub even worried

    about meeting his monthly Helco bill payments. And Yasuki died with little more than his

    bathrobe over him after leaving Life Care Center for his final trek to divinity. Amazing/

    inexplicably selfless role models! BTW, though Ushijima was Nelson’s 1954 campaign mgr.,

    Nelson resented John’s winning the 1960 Senate race. BTW, though Scotch Henderson’s

    backers credit Scotch [called Scotty by others] for legitimizing roughrider GOP Doc Hill’s entry

    into kama`aina genteel haole high society First Trust Co. [Scot mgr. John Dykes], Scotch

    dismisses this as myth/not true to the memory of entrepreneur/leader Doc Hill. My opinion:

    Scotch would’ve made a great governor, a consensus builder a la Statehood Joe Farrington

    [who, incidentally, could not stand hard scrabble Doc Hill].

    3. Redux Ehren Watada. Gaman/quiet endurance/stoic resolve — meiyo/sekinin/self-

    responsibility — and Ehren measures up to Uncle Mits/Papa`ikou’s Tadao Okimoto??

    “When donkeys fly!” Kansha/ai.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Cult of the warrior — Bushido — to do what is right, not what is unjust/wrong

    Japan defeated China 1895. Japan defeated Russia 1905. Nitobe’s Bushido, Soul of Japan

    1905 catalyzed Tojo & his warlords. Hilo’s Charley Koizumi, MIS, was Tojo’s interpreter during

    the Tokyo War Crimes trial. Charley reprised again this morning for me how calm/composed Tojo

    was, a perfect gentleman to Charley/everyone. I told Charley it was about time for Tojo to

    fess up to his megalomania, even obliquely, even via the pretext that Tojo was taking the

    fall for Hirohito. The real Bushido patriot is Chiune Sugihara, who saved thousands of Jews

    at the risk of losing his life. He lost his diplomatic career & even was maligned/ostracized in

    Japan long after WWII — like great French patriot Voltaire, who was denied common burial

    in his quaint Catholic cemetery, but was then entombed in the Pantheon in Paris, where

    France’s greatest heroes are buried. Till this day, Sugihara is buried in obscurity/purged/relegated

    to oblivion in his bushido Japan. Sugihara, when pressed by world media for his uncompromising

    valor, only said “Samurai, even as hunter, cannot kill bird which flies to him for refuge.”

    Ehren Watada is no Sugihara. Ehren is a spoiled brat who has not learned the code of

    Bushido — to humble oneself. In spite of the unjust nature of our War in Iraq, Ehren’s

    strength should’ve been to exercise stoic resistance, aka stockade/brig, not crybaby his

    way into the media. His objective should be to resist this unjust war, not to rally others/

    result to bring down military might/cause mass desertion/sedition. Even then, unlike lowly grunt

    enlistees [typecast rural/poor], Ehren was graced w/upper class benefits [schooling/money/

    status], went OCS [Army elite], availed himself of America’s military/hegemonic perks [officer

    benefits/bonuses], & now gives the common working man/woman/child he swears to

    defend here & abroad the middle finger?! Yikes! Don’t look like no Sugihara/Voltaire to me,

    but more like imperial Tojo. Otagai/giri ninjo [help one another],

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    The Truth shall set you free — John 8:32

    Do you know that old fart mayor Johnny Wilson punched out bd. of supervisor [councilman]

    Hollinger in 1924? At the time, Wilson said, For 7 months, Ben Hollinger has been insulting me.

    He has nothing back of his bullying tactics. Years later, Johnny confessed that he was ashamed

    of himself to let his fists do his talking for him.

    Remember when House boss Tony Kunimura roughed up outspoken/irritant solon Stan Roehrig?

    The only reason Stan didn’t fight back was that it would’ve killed Tony, who had a bad heart.

    Physical aggression manifests past issues of self-worth. Re-composure/homeostasis result

    from ratification of feeling loved/secure. Once Wilson & Kunimura accepted being loved/

    appreciated, these affirmations set them free.

    Shunzo Sakamaki, whose Kea`au Camp 8 home was dynamited when Shunzo was a teen

    [retaliation by Japanese agitators for Shunzo’s father Juzaburo’s alleged collaboration

    w/Puna Sugar managers to quell the 1920 labor strike], was a non-team player guy who

    did not inspire others as a UH scholar. His polar opposites were his former UH classmates

    Hung Wai Ching & Shigeo Yoshida, all 3 mentored by Merchant St. icon/UH trustee Charles

    Hemenway. Ching & Yoshida went on to become matchless positive socio-political

    historymakers, Ching w/formation of the all-AJA WWII soldiers/Statehood, Yoshida w/averting

    mass internment of Hawai`i buddaheads/AJAs. Ching/Yoshida served divinity/metaphysical

    singularity during the most trying times, ergo — their Truth which set them free to meet their

    destiny. Remarkable larger-than-life heroes.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Inspirations [William Jennings Bryan/Thomas Jefferson]

    The 1925 Scopes trial capstone is that prosecutor Bryan railed vs. racial hegemony [white is

    clean, black is dirty][social darwinism/master race]. Defense atty. Darrow extolled “progressive

    enlightenment,” yet Bryan revoked the heresy that Negroes were monkeys.

    Our Johnny Wilson’s hero was Bryan [Bryan College] [everybody’s equal — Matthew 26:28].

    Bryan’s hero was Thomas Jefferson [Declaration of Independence –life, liberty, pursuit of

    happiness]. Joe Farrington’s hero was Lincoln [with malice toward none; with charity for all].

    Jack Burns’ hero was St. Thomas Aquinas [the common good of “order” is shared equally– all

    should have equal opportunity–Summa Theologica II-II q. 25 6 ad 2]. St. Thomas Aquinas’

    secular references were Plato & Aristotle. Pablo Manlapit’s heroes were Jose

    Mercado Rizal & Jefferson. Ben Menor’s heroes were Jefferson & Lincoln. Shigeo Yoshida’s

    was Charles Hemenway. Hilo assimilationist Kango Kawasaki’s was Marcus Aurelius. Manuel

    Pacheco’s was ubiquitous Johnny Wilson. Wilson was no Disraeli/Garibaldi/Cicero/Robespierre/

    Lili`uokalani. Wilson was down-home, campfire comfy Andrew Jackson/noble savage Rousseau/

    courageous Voltaire. Mentors/positive role models –incredibly rich tradition of larger-than-life

    inspirations. Walt Dods’ is kanaka Johnny Bellinger. Kansas prairie boys Del Metzger/Martin Pence

    were inspired by Old Hickory Andrew Jackson, as was Missouri’s Harry Truman. Lincoln’s hero

    was Kentucky abolitionist/Whig Henry Clay.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Anecdotes from Scrub Tanaka’s confidante, Isamu Kanekuni, born November 1921

    1. Isamu looks like a sophisticated Hollywood idol of 60 yrs. of age, even though he’s 86 yrs. old.

    2. Still active as owner of Hilo’s Veterans Produce Exchange [wholesaler], Isamu was gracious

    enough to dialogue. Isamu is a 442nd veteran, Scrub is MIS.

    3. Tenno Heika/”His Majesty, the emperor,” is what Scrub used to call Dan Inouye based

    on Dan’s hard scrabble personality. The punch line is that Dan doesn’t know much

    Nippon vocab. Emphatically, Dan’s post-1920 AJA generation rejected ancient Japan

    carryovers in favor of Americanization/full-on assmiliation [banana — yellow skin, white

    underneath]. Remember, Scrub was born in 1915, a decade before Dan’s gang.

    Scrub sucked up [respect for elders], not down [disdain for younger folks]. Scrub

    joked that Mazie Hirono didn’t know what yamato damashii [fighting spirit] meant,

    even though she was born/raised in Japan as a child. Banana.

    4. Issei/immigrant Japanese chastened giri ninjo/service to humanity/society to their Nisei/

    2nd generation kids. As Isamu bellowed, “Curt, my Dad worked all week long at Waiakea

    Sugar Mill, as a boiler room man. He never had the time to teach us kids. Dad died when

    I was a teenager. I never heard the phrase giri ninjo.” Neither did Scrub. Yet, talk to

    the older Nisei like Richard Imai. This phrase is their pledge of allegiance to America. No

    kidding. Oyabun/godfather Johnny Wilson’s [1871-1956] Democratic Party AJA soldiers

    [Dr. Ernest Kuwahara/Richard Imai/etc.] lived by this creed, which translates to “everybody’s

    equal — selfless service to all.” Confucian precept, analogous to Jesus died for everyone —

    Matthew 26:28. Essentially, kanaka maoli Johnny Wilson’s pre-WWII AJAs were steeped

    in traditional ancestral ways/customs. Far deeper/enriched than Scrub’s post-WWII followers

    like tenno heika Dan Inouye.

    5. On Ed Case’s omission which cost Case the race vs. Akaka, Isamu says that Case should’ve

    done what Hiram Fong did vs. Tom Gill for Fong’s U.S. Senate seat in 1964 [Gill’s absenteeism

    in House chambers (though Gill’s votes on House bills were what counted)] — focus on the

    Time Magazine “F” rating of Akaka’s performance. Isamu distinguishes smart politics [quote

    a reputable outfit like Time Magazine] from dirty politics [character assassination by personal

    opinion/attack w/out justification, such as Sam King’s 1970 mea culpa by accusing Jack Burns

    of causing solon Larry Kuriyama’s murder by not cracking down on mobsters. Like King’s

    red-baiting governor father (1953-1957), imperious King’s mouth got the better of him.].

    Case lost younger haole districts which were anti-war. He could’ve picked up more votes

    there by amplifying Akaka’s dismal Senate record.

    6. Isamu regards George Ariyoshi as a weakling because when Ariyoshi sat on the fence

    about the Maryland Land Bill [lease to fee conversion] in 1963, Isamu saw Ariyoshi stand up

    to speak, & was told to sit down by Hilo’s crusty Kazuhisa Abe. Ariyoshi then sat down.

    To Isamu, this demonstrated weak character.

    7. On a light note, Isamu breaks down laughing when reminded of swell-headed ILWU’s Yasuki

    Arakaki’s greeting to fellow Democrats after being invited to China by Mao Tse Tung

    [post-red bait era]. Arakaki in dead seriousness exhorts, Fellow comrades!! Yikes!!

    Get real!!

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese voting power a century ago

    1. Hawaiian voters outnumbered the 2nd largest ethnic bloc, Luso/Portuguese,

    2 to 1, at the start of our Territory in 1900, w/even greater disparity before

    1900. Hawaiian dominance at the polls continued up through the 1930s, after which it

    was eclipsed by the Japanese/Luso/Caucasian blocs.

    2. The leading Luso solon was Manuel C. Pacheco, who arrived in Hawa`i in 1883 on the same

    ship as our Girardo/Maria Ferreira, & who was called a great statesman for his dedication to

    his constituents/equal opportunity for all. Fellow Democrat pioneers Joe Fern [also Luso],

    Johnny Wilson, Del Metzger, & Billy Jarrett extolled Pacheco’s ideals, as did the print media.

    Pacheco served in the nascent territorial legislature & was so powerful at the grassroot bd.

    of supervisor [county council] level that he even outpolled leading GOP figures like Lawrence

    Judd & G. Fred Wright. Among recent Luso solons, Maui’s Elmer Cravalho [House Speaker]

    is reminiscent of Pacheco.

    Viver bem [live well].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Strength in unity/Americanization

    Irrefutably, Bishop Stephen Alencastre is our leading Luso, more so than peer/Supreme Court

    chief justice Antonio Perry. Our current Luso exemplar is Walt Dods, backbone of political

    egalitarianism. Walt’s dad Sr. is Hilo’s Father Louis Boys Home product, Perreira Kohala genesis.

    AJA oyabun/spiritual godfather is Hilo-born Shigeo Yoshida, who helped authorities prevent

    mass internment of buddaheads here in the islands. Kona native legal scholar Mas Marumoto

    added academic credentials to the mix, just as Big Island native Jack Kawano was trusted at the

    pier/docks; but undeniably, Shigeo Yoshida was the nerve center of peacemaking.

    Pahoa’s Ben Menor is the titular Pinoy, more so than Kaua`i’s Domingo los Banos or antecedent

    Pablo Manlapit. Menor brought compassionate yet erudite statesmanship to historymaking.

    Joe Farrington & Jack Burns are the haole pathfinders, neither bred from missionary roots.

    Samuel Chapman Armstrong & Elbert Tuttle [civil rights jurist Deep South], native islanders/

    Punahou grads, are the Stateside heavyweights.

    No doubt, broke-ass pastor Hung Wai Ching, not millionaire baby brother Hung Wo Ching, is

    the greatest Chinese-American positive historymaker here, more so than Hiram Fong/Chinn

    Ho/Ruddy Tongg/ancient Chun Afong. Hung Wai single-handedly facilitated Statehood. BTW,

    all have links to our island of Hawai`i [e.g., Tongg is from Kukuihaele outside Honoka`a].

    Prince Kuhio is the Hawaiian pathfinder who would’ve made great mentor Rev. Sheldon

    Dibble [proteges Kamakau/I`i/Malo/Kaulia/Haleole; Lyman’s Nawahi; Catholic Bishop’s Keauokala]

    utterly proud of Kuhio. Kuhio rides on tremendous forebearers Liloa/`Umi/Kalaunui`ohua/

    Kamehameha, all of whom were reared or mentored on our island of Hawai`i at some point.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hawai`i Democrats

    1. Thomas Jefferson/Andrew Jackson [Old Hickory/resilient] Dem philosophy birth 2 centuries


    2. A century after, 1902, intriguing bent in Hawai`i, monarchs/brothers Kuhio/

    Kawananakoa split into 2 parties to perpetuate their Hawaiian culture, Kuhio w/GOP

    & Kawananakoa w/Dems. Kawananakoa understudies Kalapana/Hilo firebrand Joseph

    Nawahi [1840-1896] & Joe’s neighbor Henry West, & Kawananakoa becomes the

    symbolic father of our Hawai`i Democratic Party. Kuhio becomes our longest-serving

    Delegate to Congress, 1902-1922, via GOP banner. Kawananakoa dies in 1908, &

    fearless alter egos/kanaka maoli Joe Fern/Johnny Wilson/Billy Jarrett lead Dems thru the

    new century. GOP pariah-turned-Dem Link McCandless [not a team player] becomes

    sweet Wilson’s arch-nemesis.

    3. Hilo’s West gives life to our Dem Party, & O`ahu’s teddy bear Johnny Wilson mentors

    Hilo haole Gus Supe/kanaka Sarah Todd Cunningham & her Luso hubby Tom/Clem Akina

    [Buster Crabbe’s stepdad]/Luso Frank Serrao/retailer Milburn Gregory/

    buddaheads Dr. Ernest Kuwahara [1899-1982 father of AJA Dems, not Scrub Tanaka

    1915-2006]/Seichi Morita/Rich Imai [still sharp born 1910]/Tetsuo Morinoue/Charles Otani/

    Hardy Shimizu/Tom Okino/also frontiersman late arrival -1930- atty. Martin Pence. Self-

    gloating Scrub is post-WWII primal Dem, not pre-WWII. Fellow inflated/ibaru Dem Yasuki

    Arakaki [should’ve humbled himself a la Kea`au mentors Morita/Imai/Morinoue] is the ILWU

    Dem loyalist [remember that our ILWU was GOP, not Dem, pre-Statehood 1959].

    4. Jack Burns [1909-1975] is genro/venerated statesman to our Dem buddaheads, &

    Burns steered Hawai`i to Statehood in 1959. Statehood resulted in exponential growth/

    affluence. Jack’s trinity strategy to Statehood consisted of letting Alaska become the

    49th State, w/Hawai`i piggybacking as the 50th State, via Jack’s first two points that

    1) once detached/non-contiguous State Alaska was accepted into the Union, mid-Pacific

    island State Hawai`i also would be accepted; 2) once labor union-heavy Alaska was

    accepted, so too would agitator-heavy [ergo, ILWU’s Jack Hall] Hawai`i be accepted.

    Jack’s third point rested on the feats of our 442nd/100th Batt. boys, that although

    Hawai`i was Asian-populated [aka Japs], our buddahead boys proved our loyalty to

    America. U.S. Senate judiciary chairman James Eastland of Miss. saw our matchless

    fidelity at Eastland’s Camp Shelby Miss., & was convinced of our worth. Congress bosses

    LBJ & LBJ’s mentor Sam Rayburn [Sen. prexy/House speaker] told Jack, “Johnny [Burns],

    your [AJA] boys rescued our Alamo Lost Battallion, among the greatest feats in military

    history! We Texans will never forget how indebted we are to your boys. Welcome to

    our great Union [U.S.]!”

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Jurist Martin Pence 1904-2000

    Martin Pence was a surly, long face curmudgeon, but respected for his scholarship. I asked my

    deceased Mom’s oldest sister, Aunty Shizuko “Mary” Teshima, 101 yrs. old this yr., still sharp,

    why Martin was her cherished friend. She said that when her Teshima Store

    [converted to Kona’s Teshima Restaurant in 1957] was still subject to then-land owner Shipman

    Estate’s leasehold rent, she asked Martin as Shipman’s attorney to reduce her payment because

    of post-WWII recession. Martin was very understanding/empathetic, & got Shipman’s okay

    to give Shizuko slack on her payment. She never forgot his benevolence, & forever was

    grateful to him. I see Aunty Shizuko as a domineering/controlling taisho [bossy] who sucks

    up to authority/the rich-influential-famous icons, as I had wrongly guessed w/her & Pence. Tons

    of glitzy/glowing feature stories have been written about her, such as from unknowing/ignorant

    scribes like Kona’s Miyamoto. But this true connection between Aunty Shizuko & Pence touches

    me deeply. Because it acknowledges/recognizes hardship/humility/appreciation/compassion. Of

    all the stories told hither & ‘yon, this one is the redeeming/confessional/honest/

    steeped anecdote. Pence was known for his fierce/independent prairie boy attitude/bent for

    society’s underclass/outcasts [like fellow Kansas-bred Del Metzger 30 yrs. before]. Pence’s deep

    friendship w/Shizuko confirms his grassroot character. I was surprised & happy to hear the why

    behind the what of Aunty Shizuko’s/Pence’s ageless friendship. I know Aunty Shizuko a hell of a

    lot better than the scribes who glow on her. But this one about her/Pence is positively


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Commemoration of 132nd anniversary of Luso emigration decision

    Pacific Commercial Advertiser [forerunner of today’s Advertiser] Dec. 17, 1881: “We consider

    the Portuguese as belonging to the best races of immigrants. But as to repopulation of the

    Hawaiian Kingdom [Hawaiians decimated by disease], we do not regard the Portuguese as

    our only hope of repopulation, who, as the Royal Commissioner says, ‘bring women and

    children with them.’ Our government should build up this insular state with a cosmopolitan

    diversity of people.”

    Likewise, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they

    are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of

    happiness, and like our Founding Fathers, Americans of every generatiion are ready to fight and

    die for these unalienable rights. Declaration of Independence.

    Upon the altar of freedom our Scot refrain auld lang syne [cherish our heritage] inspires us

    to unite in our diversity, just as Boston’s monument to Civil War hero Robert Shaw & his 54th

    Regiment of Negro soldiers who rode together into the jaws of death [per Colin Powell] reminds

    us of the price past generations have paid so we might live in a more perfect union.

    And just as Shaw and his gallant soldiers secured our blessings of liberty, we honor our fallen

    heroes so that their lives are not lost in vain. As great patriot Colin Powell says, honor our

    Nation’s bravest who gave their last full measure of devotion for the freedoms we take for

    granted. Such tribute is the greatest enemy of the stateless networks of extremists who

    have nothing but contempt for the sanctity of life.

    The infantry soldier in us all understands the greatest selfless fortitude/resolve. Yes, our

    torch of liberty still burns strong. From America, thank you for our blessings of free will/choice

    which make us unique and envied the world over.

    With our vast reservoir of decency as a people, as a country, we remind ourselves of the

    tensile steel which brings up the smile from our filhos/salt of the earth Matthew Souza Ho [born

    1979], Fighting Marine [semper fi/always faithful; the proud-the few], & his brother

    Solomon Souza Ho [born 1980], helicopter support, both of whom served in our War in Iraq.

    They are the fine sons of Marie Suzie Souza Ho [born 1948], who is George Dias Souza’s

    [1913-1989] & Dorothy Vasconcellos Souza’s [1920-1997] daughter. To our gallant

    combat soldiers still in Iraq/Afghanistan, be well, be safe, & God speed.

    Pacific Commercial Advertiser November 14, 1891: “The Portuguese have never been

    properly appreciated here. They are the most desirable race which has emigrated to

    this Country. The young Portuguese growing up here — they constitute a full third of

    the entire number — speak English more readily than their own mother tongue, and are

    true sons of the soil. Further development of our Portuguese immigrants shall help to the

    solution of some of our most vexing social problems.”

    In commemoration of the upcoming 130th annual anniversary of the decision for emigration

    of Luso to the Hawaiian Islands, I acknowledge the peerless intrepidness of pathfinders

    Marques/Diaz/de Freitas/Pereira/Vivas/Ramos/Affonso/Silva/Santos/Vieira/Durao/Costa/de Silva/

    Carvalho Oak/Osorio/Rego/& of course, our own Girardo Balbin Ferreira. To thee, we are

    not so much informed [for we know that which we have], as we are reminded of our

    ancestral wisdom. To female pioneers Joaquina/Carolina Texeira Brazao, muito obrigada.

    Felicita nuevo ano y Apreciar.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Positive exposure/life links

    Do you know that pre-WWII Hilo bay had 2 train lumber stops, AmFac & Theo Davies rail yards?

    These duo dynamos transported the world to our doorsteps. AmFac’s depot was on the

    Keaukaha side of Mo`oheau Park, & Theo Davies’ depot was on the Hamakua side of Mo`oheau

    Park [primo/cousin David Figueira’s lovely wife Annie reportedly is descended from Mo`oheau

    Park’s famous pavilion/bandstand’s genesis Beckley, aka Beckley Hall, & Beckley Lane across

    Kam Ave./Punahoa St.]. Do you know that transport/rail links brought the world closer

    to little towns all across America, including quaint/tranquil Hilo? And accounted for tremendous

    progress in our economic health & material quality of life? Of course, President Eisenhower’s

    interstate highway system 50 yrs. ago resulted in our powerful middle class till this day.

    But at least in Hilo, AmFac/Davies were the barrier-busting liberators. Do you know that our

    analogs in our Souza/Ferreira familia are none other than Honolulu’s Lorna Pacheco

    [born 1948], who is John Stanley’s wife, & David Figueira [born 1957]? This duo, dear ones,

    is our holy grail. Lorna & David painstakingly/indefatigably brought our Ferreiras together for the

    very first time. Do you know that till this day Lorna & David make every effort to keep us

    all in touch/square shoulders personally w/each other? Extraordinary/unmatched class &

    aplomb from our most loving of kin, Lorna & David! We’ll not see the likes of them replicated

    in our lifetime!! Lorna & David are our steeled/bonded rails/links to our immense & positive

    heritage. But for our modern apostles Lorna/David, we would not know whence we emerged,

    nor where we go. Bansa dirj nuevo ano –amor.

    Exemplar Gerald Ford

    Former U.S. President Gerald Ford evolved from a strident heavy-handed congressman to an

    indulgent & open-minded President. Ford’s metamorphosis was remarkable, but not surprising

    in retrospect. Ford’s mother divorced Ford’s absent father when Ford was an infant. Ford

    revulsed when his biological father walked into the restaurant Ford worked at as a teenager

    to visit Ford. Ford never forgave his biological father for not caring. I lived in D.C. when

    Nixon resigned & during Ford’s Presidency. Ford by then had learned the blessing of forgiveness

    [Alexander Pope’s refrain: “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”]. Yes, Ford even forgave

    Ford’s biological father for Ford’s father’s transgressions. Beautiful.

    Our O’ahu primo/cousin John Stanley Pacheco’s life is no reflection on John Stanley’s father or

    father figures. The point is that, like Gerald Ford, John Stanley born 1943 metamorphosized/matured

    into a decent, loving, understanding man. John Stanley’s positive growth is indispensable

    to our peace-loving objective as a people, as a country. His polymorphic progression/heritage

    immensely enrich our lives w/positive exposure, appreciation, diversity, & innate pursuit of

    happiness. Such panache!!! Our lives are touchstoned by John Stanley’s quiet dignity

    & strength. John Stanley’s crucible: Like Gerald Ford, Marcus Aurelius [A.D. 121-180], &

    contempo Norman Vincent Peale, John Stanley has come to accept life’s hurdles/challenges

    as learning experiences thruout, & to carry on w/the power of positive thinking, contemplative/

    stoic yet intrepid/firm/resolved. Love everlasting.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Model mentor– Stephen Alencastre

    Stephen Alencastre was born in Porto Santo Madeira in 1876 & came to Hawai`i as a toddler

    w/his parents, who sought a better life for their familia/descendants. As you know, Stephen

    went on to become the 1st Hawai`i bishop who was raised in the Hawaiian Islands. Stephen

    had tremendous love for his native Hawai`i & incorporated many local customs into his Diocese.

    When Stephen died in 1940, after a long life of service to humanity, the world, and to God,

    he left behind a magical legacy unmatched to this day. BTW, Christopher Columbus’ wife’s

    parents came from Porto Santo Madeira, a stone’s throw from our native Faial, & Christopher

    Columbus himself was a restaurateur in Porto Santo before his fabled cross-Atlantic trek!

    John Stanley Pacheco, born 1942, is my Stephen Alencastre. Bred from humble beginnings,

    John Stanley experienced the thick matrix of social/political history, & persevered/evolved

    past the precipitous period in our cross-cultural formation, pre-Statehood 1959, when Luso

    were juxtaposed between haole/White industrialists & the rising incendiary sprigs of Hawai`i-

    born buddaheads. Like Stephen, John Stanley became our fabled peacemaker, listened to

    across all ethnic lines. No nobler man stands today than John Stanley. Our nascent/early

    race relations grew all the better thanks to our primo/cousin John Stanley Pacheco, a He-Man

    of measured yet understated composure. He quells conflict via inner resolve/core strength.

    Amazing crucible, our Truth. BTW, John Stanley is our Vasco Ferreira’s neto/grandson, &

    Vasco [1899-1974] is our immigrant Girardo Ferreira’s [1856-1923] son. John Stanley’s

    vovo/grandma Christina is a Hart girl, & tia/aunty of Katie Dias Souza, who is our John Roy

    Souza’s [born 1945] madre/mother. Wondrous familia!! Felicitas nuevo ano, –Curtis

    P.S.: Sabens to Hilo crucibles Father Pouzot & Father Louis

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Luso/Portuguese contribution to Hawai`i

    Luso/Portuguese provided tremendous governance/social stability across all ethnic lines. Far

    from the flawed stereotype of Luso luna/overseers punishing Asian immigrant fieldhands

    [doing the dirty work for the haole/white industry bosses], Luso pathfinders enabled the

    disenfranchised malihini/newcomers to improve their lot/social progress via business

    proprietorship. Luso irrefutably were industrious and conservative/traditional, which are why

    King Kalakaua solicited King Louis I of Portugal to import Luso emigrates. King Louis I jumped

    at the chance because of Portugal’s Nature-caused recession. No finer exemplar/positive

    role model than our own Girardo Ferreira [1856-1923] personifies governance/stability along

    all ethnic lines. Do you know that Luso pioneers facilitated a tripling of the sugar industry

    under the Republic of Hawai`i [1894-1900] via reformist measures? Do you know that Luso

    solons laid the groundstone for the formation of our Democratic Party over a century ago?

    Yes, egalitarian/proactive, a breed apart from today’s reigning Luso/Occident Butch Castro/

    Gerald De Mello/Larry Balberde, falader/hablader jibber-jabbers to no end.

    Unspoiled grassroot/earthy pilgrims vs. self-inflated braggers. AJAs also have regressed/backslid —

    look at today’s yakamashii/loudmouth Paul Matsumoto [Waiakea-Uka Camp 6

    man, not Wainaku’s great boxer by the same name]. Abencoe.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    How Kalakaua Park came to be a park

    J.H. Coney was island sheriff & lived on today’s site of Kalakaua Park,

    at first the Congregational Mission 1825. Coney then built his new

    home in 1858 in back of today’s old police station on Kalakaua St.

    The Monarchy’s courthouse was erected in 1868 where today’s lily pond is

    in Kalakaua Park, reassembled from Maine’s best pinewood that was

    built in Maine. Kalakaua’s royal crest on the sundial 1877 still IDs the

    park today. By 1932 the new police station replaced the 1858 Coney

    home [the new County gov’t occupied the Coney home 1905 till 1927

    when it started moving into O’ahu developer Walter Peacock’s “Block”

    (1st “fireproof cement bldg.” 1899, followed by adjacent Serrao Block

    1901, later the Trib bldg. corner Shipman/Keawe Sts.) makai Hamakua

    corner Waianuenue/Keawe Sts.]. The 1868 courthouse was demolished

    w/its lumber used to construct the Hilo police station annex.

    District/Circuit Courts were in the new police station, & later on circuit

    court moved to the top floor of the federal Post Office Bldg. across

    Waianuenue St. [crowded police bldg.] The police station annex/garage was from the old

    courthouse lumber. Thence, Kalakaua Square as we know it today

    began in earnest in 1933. In May 1933 Dr. Mitchell suggested the

    new park be called Kalakaua Square. In 1948 Shojiro Takayama

    [golfer Dot Hamamoto’s dad] unveiled the Monument inscribed with

    the names of 157 war dead, including Shojiro’s 2 sons from the AJA

    442nd RCT who died within a few days of each other. More names were

    added to honor KIAs from later wars. The bronze statue of King Kalakaua

    was unveiled in 1988.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    samu Kanekuni describes himself as a rebel

    Isamu born 1921 describes himself as a rebel, because he’s impulsive/

    self-centered & won’t take crap from anyone. Current AJA Council

    honcho George Mukai born 1923 [only got involved after my Dad’s generation

    died] says that Isamu is a jerk who always has a strident opinion

    about something. George cannot stand Isamu. Isamu cannot stand

    George because Isamu says that George only got involved w/AJA Council

    after all the work was done [Veterans Cemetery/AJA social hall/etc.].

    Isamu says that George is a publicity-seeker out for himself.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Application of Scripture to life experiences

    Indisputably, no one does application of Canon to life better than Roy Kim.

    Roy stays focused completely on application, unlike well-intentioned Earl

    Nakasato, whose thought processes are not crystal-clear/clarified like

    Roy’s. Earl will do application, then in the next breath talk about himself

    or about sports or whatever is on his mind at that moment. Yes, Eleanor

    Fernandes/Rich Nakamura/Rich Imai/Steamy Chow/etc. all talk incongruently,

    not making links from one moment to the next. No, not old age, just

    not focused on the point [of discussion]. I rhetorically asked Earl the

    other day, “At what point is private discourse newsworthy of public

    dissemination & not a private discussion anymore?” Loaded question.

    Earl says “I have NO idea!” & then asks me about how good an athlete

    was my native Wainaku’s Jessie Shimabukuro [big fish in very small pond].

    No application, no discussion of the issue [private vs. public matter]. The

    only one w/the extraordinary cognition to stay focused is Roy Kim.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    “News of my death are premature” re Isamu Kanekuni

    Nov. 1945 returning 442 veterans Isamu Kanekuni/Nick Shimazu of Waiakea are seriously

    injured when their military transport plane crashes in Auburn California. Isamu is reported

    as having been killed. Today he laughs about it, age 87 sharp as tack. Sadly, Shimazu

    was permanently paralyzed/physically deformed-burn scars, & never bounced back from

    the plane crash. When Isamu told Shimazu that the gov’t would buy custom car for

    Shimazu to drive, Shimazu retorted w/”So what, I no need, I no kea'” Shimazu had given

    up on life. Sadly, Shimazu & kazoku/family perished in the 1960 tsunami, lived on Kapena

    Lane across Suisan fish market at Wailoa basin [golf course site by Helco plant]. Kawai-

    sona[sadness to no end].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Larry Tanimoto’s golf heritage via dad Sus

    You see, before Hilo Muni was built, we had only our Hilo Country Club off

    today’s Country Club Drive 6 miles up the Saddle Rd. on the wet slope

    of Mauna Loa, started by Roy Blackshear Sr. & his haole gang 1926. Thus,

    the Kaumana boys had a running start on the rest of us folks — Billy

    Cunningham/Johnny Fong/Sus Tanimoto [Larry’s dad], who caddied for

    the rich haoles. Which is why Larry was good on golf via his dad. Kazuma

    Hisanaga’s wife’s dad Mukai started our Hilo Muni, at which point later

    gurus Tai On Chock/George Mukai/Earl Tamiya taught kids around the

    Muni site. Yes, geography determines destiny. Pat Fukuda Saiki’s dad

    was a great tennis player & close to Hongwanji tennis courts on mauka

    side of Waiolama Canal & far down oceanside of Hongwanji church. Pat’s

    dad would walk to work at Am Fac office [across Kam Ave. & Kumu St.].

    Norman Inaba & Naalehu’s Masa Koike p/n on Royal Gardens Subd. Ray

    Suefuji cut his teeth under Planning Dept.’s Hiroshi Kasamoto. Ray doesn’t

    have a college education, but became our greatest planner [trained as

    draftsman]. Ray’s vision resulted in today’s Kaka`ako green expanse.

    Ray was good friend of John Ushijima. Hilo High’s 1939 football

    squad was among our best, incl. backfield sprinters George Thompson/Palama

    Hong/Buster Puuahou, & qtk. Art Kawakami. To curl the coconut meat out

    of the shell, heat it on a grill. This is how Jack Sakamoto’s wife used to make

    coconut pie.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Sansei/3rd generation Yukie Ichikawa — Nisei Hisakichi Hisanaga’s daughter

    Yukie was too young to remember Hisakichi’s Mameya Lane jaunts 1890-1978.

    What she experienced was 1st class upbringing/matronly rearing via her dad’s

    riches. Older sis Harue Tom would convulse at the mention of Hisago

    Casino at Anegawa/Ice pond [Harrington Restaurant site — Hisa’s casino in

    middle of Ice pond to evade vice squad]. Sam Boyd was 20 yrs. younger

    than Hisakichi, & Hisa had Sam run the bingo games/tepid-benign income

    earners. As Laura Yuen Chock [Hawaii Chicken Store corner Mamo/Punahoa

    Sts.] gazes back in time, Hisa would ride down Mameya “Pleasure” Lane/

    Punahoa St. extension [Kam Statue area today] in Hisa’s limousine driven

    by chauffeur, & ostentatiously let gawkers know that Hisa was Hilo’s taisho/

    big boss. Hisa’s son Kazuma was taisho too/went ballistic at talk of his dad’s

    Hisago casino. Which is why Kazuma was garrison mentality/paranoid about

    talk of his vice life dad. To top it off, Hisakichi was interned WWII [big shot

    who welcomed Nippon Navy to Hilo pleasures/Volcano sightseeing], which

    caused even more anxiety for Kazuma [Kazuma original 100th/Silver Star

    recipient–respected my older dad]. Kazuma was AJA jock wayfinder [Cal

    Poly Pomona baseball/football, lockstep w/coach Beans Afook-Ernie & Leo

    De Silva Pomona alumni-jocks-entertainers]. Yes, Yukie does not have the

    rage of her older sibs because Yukie is too young to remember her dad’s

    doings. Sam Boyd Vegas vanity-ographer Dennis Ogawa, UH scholar, has

    commercialized Dennis’ book endeavors — did fluff book on Masaji Marumoto

    [Dennis is kotonk/Mainlander, not buddahead], now does promo on Boyd

    like how Emmett Cahill did promo/fluff book on Kea`au Shipman family. Sad

    because not nitty-gritty realistic assessment/biographies. Yes, Ferreira

    soulkeeper David Figueira born 1957 says it’s only expected that ohana will

    promo their best foot forward. But to me, don’t pretend to promo heroes

    in our eyes when they’re not godly but just human/sinners like us all. David

    asks me honestly if I feel David is Type A/intolerant. I say yes, but that

    David overcomes such deficit w/true love for everyone, which to me says

    more plus/magnanimity about David than for me to bullshit to David that

    David is Jesus incarnate. No way is anyone Jesus/Buddha/Muhammad. Which

    to me says loads about David’s soul which in the end gets Jesus’ endorsement.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Linda Lingle

    Lingle not telegenic, no oomph factor/rote. Won because implausible ticket had

    2 Japs 2002 [Hirono/Matsunaga — Hirono cringed at voting process to elect

    lt. gov. in primary]. Had the Dem ticket been Hirono/Case or Case/Matsunaga,

    Lingle would’ve been relegated to wanna-be footnote in history. Lingle loses

    vs. Dem stout-hearts Mufi/Case for Congress. Hanabusa more Mink than Saiki

    [no pizzaz] & won’t beat Mufi/Case for Congress. Abercrombie beats Hanabusa

    for Dem primary Gov. race. Aiona handsome man/passable mannerisms, but dense

    as politician. Has the looks/smile to beat Dem candidate, but doesn’t have the

    moxy/thinking on his feet to pull off a win. Pedantic/mechanical/predictable

    [all passable qualities for a judge, noose around the neck for a politician]. Uses

    legal analysis instead of political pragmatism — wrong application — in the real

    world. Actually believes that Con-Con would further Haw’n supremacy. Silent

    majority everywhere always conservative, not for Haw’n supremacy — Con-Con

    would risk loss of Haw’n supremacy. Aiona a better sport prep coach than a politician.

    Aiona’s roots are Hilo, but Andy Baclig [married to Aiona’s cousin] never won an

    election. Aiona is well known in sportsdom, & solely sportsdom — dad Jimmy was

    Ah Chew Goo’s devotee [all Hilo boys]/hothead ref Jimmy punched out Stateside

    college coach icon at Rainbow Classic hoops — Mayor Rusty Blaisdell 1902-1975

    upbraided/gave hell to Jimmy to no end at Blaisdell arena [Rusty was magnificent

    athlete/superhuman star & coach — mentored O`ahu version of AC Goo — Red

    Raymond 1929 superstar]. If Rusty had his druthers, Rusty would’ve punched out

    Aiona right then & there at concession counter. Rusty never was so incensed as

    he was vs. Aiona. Jimmy’s son Duke a pocket version of Jimmy — temperamental/

    hotheaded though Duke was able to keep in check Duke’s temper as judge [not

    impassioned to the point of busting out]. Duke St. Louis jock good local size 5’11”

    155 lbs. — but no boy wonder like baseball’s Tommy Ishigo/Kenso Nushida.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    4 generations thence

    No, prophet Elisha’s bald head mocked by young men did not bring generational

    curses upon their progeny, just upon these full head-of-hair men. But 4-generational

    curses mean to stop passing egocentrism/narcissism to progeny [Numbers 14:18].

    Jesus shall set you free when you remove the yoke of selfish love [John 8:36]. Of

    course, blessings can last an eternity, at least 10 generations [Genesis 10/Psalms

    128], because blessings precipitate even more blessings down the line of

    descendancy. No, not materially, but spiritually. Dean Edmoundson’s dad, migrant

    farmer, tough Scot antiquity [like Appalachia hillbillies], exhorted upon his kids,

    “I ain’t got nothin’ to give ya ‘xcept my name. Dat’s what you got from me, kids,

    jus’ my name.” Dean/wife June in turn, charitable Pentecostal Christians, leave

    nothing for their children but their names. Though zero sum in the bank, untold

    riches in the bosom. Every life Jesus saves/reborn, how can you tabulate

    even value? It’s unquantifiable!! Commensurate w/Dean’s-June’s charity —

    is their silent discipleship in Jesus — agape love expressed w/open arms, not

    jawboning mouths. Paradox today is that Luther’s “indulgencers” 500 yrs. ago

    redux via De Luz familia/John Ushijima, cemented via narcissist mantra, “Don’t

    shame our family name!!” Ergo, “Lookee heeah, ain’t I so great!!” Dean’s earned

    grit purloined via today’s headliner privateers. No one can measure the ends

    of Dean’s heart. One doesn’t need measure of the ends of selfish love — they’re

    right there in the open mouths of the indulgencers who talk their way to heaven.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    YMCA avatar Lloyd R. Killam 1885-1981 Missouri flavor

    Yes, like Sam Clemens [Mark Twain]/Jesse Shima’s John Henderson,

    race inclusionist/John Young’s 1902-1990 mentor Lloyd R. Killam

    had Missouri roots, having come here in 1912. Shunzo Sakamaki’s

    brother George & Aiko Tokimasa Reinecke’s older brother David

    were Killam’s devotees. Arthur Ozawa 1877-1917 parents are

    gannen-mono [1868 immigration], U Michigan Law 1910, 1st AJA

    lawyer here [brother Yotaro 1st AJA policeman here]. Attendees

    at Ozawa’s funeral incl. Gov. Pinkham/James Dole. As antiquity’s

    Tacitus said, “The principal function of history is to prevent virtuous

    actions from being forgotten.” Rassler Curtis I`aukea’s great-

    grandad Curtis I`aukea I should be credited w/Japanese emigration

    to Hawai`i. I`aukea was our messiah [Japan suffered major

    economic depression]. Lloyd R. Killam revered both I`aukea/


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hilo Hongwanji tennis court in post-1946 tsunami photos

    Hilo Hongwanji school/playground/tennis court were

    makai of Kukuau/Kilauea Sts. across its church,

    & the tennis court is depicted in the aftermath of the

    1946 tsunami [mauka of Waiolama Canal–Tom Okuyama

    lived in rental there]. Y. Hata family multi-story home

    is depicted in post-1960 tsunami photos mauka of

    Waiolama Canal below Ruddle dealership Christina Lane.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Butcher Lane’s bordello “Cottage”

    Pre-1946 tsunami’s Kumu St. [today’s public restrooms by

    Waiolama canal mauka of Kam Ave. in Keaukaha direction

    across Mo`oheau Park] had Volcano arena [contractor

    Charles Will’s corrugated iron roof warehouse on makai side

    of Waiolama canal on north side of restrooms today]. Makai

    of Volcano arena was butcher lane [where Porinki/Sakada

    knifings occurred] which meandered north toward old Hilo

    Gas Co. tanks. The bordello “Cottage” was north of

    Volcano arena, w/mostly White tricks/Sakada johns. Haole

    madams ran the joint, muscled secure by Rican guns [which

    struck quicker than Flip knives/switchblades]. No, Hisakichi

    Hisanaga 1890-1978 laid claim to Mameya [pleasure] lane/

    Punahoa St. [today’s Kam Statue site/wide avenue

    parallel to Waiolama canal]. Hisa’s Mango Tree house

    north of Suitengo shinto temple [Emma St.’s DLNR

    structures today adjacent to Iron Works parking lot]

    bookended Mameya lane w/Green Roof/Picket Fence

    to bookend north side [Kam Statue today]. Hisa left

    alone the Ricans/Flips on such home turf,

    typecast lowest-paying johns/knifing risk vs. men, not

    vs. tricks [Godiva personas — gilded twats]. Do you

    know that Sam Boyd [Vegas mogul] worked right here

    in Hilo for Hisa [Hisago casino ice pond] & lavished Hisa

    when Hisa went to Vegas?? Boyd was Hisa’s devotee/


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Enigma — Justice Robert Jackson 1892-1954

    Bob Jackson was the last U.S. S.Ct. Justice [1941-death in 1954] not to

    graduate from law school [high school too]. Bob was AJAs’ biggest hero

    for opposing internment WWII, but his vehement anti-communism & soft-

    peddling on racial segregation mark him as a bona fide enigma. In the AJAs

    Bob saw Horatio Alger, who, like Bob, picked himself up by the bootstraps

    amid tremendous economic adversity. But in Blacks Bob saw acceptable

    White complicity to long-standing custom to keep the White/Black races

    separate but equal. And Bob’s anti-communism compromised civil liberties

    vs. nonconformists. It was only because strong consensus-builder Earl

    Warren arm-twisted Bob to go w/the unanimous decision in Brown v. Bd.

    of Education just before Bob’s death that Bob relented to outlaw such

    odious segregation. Bob engaged in needless sociological tests to justify

    his rather unwieldy/cumbersome conclusions. His inferiority complex [not

    law school grad] displaced his reason. Nonetheless, Bob always will be

    AJAs’ greatest hero [opposed internment]. Bob is best known as Nuremberg

    prosecutor vs. Nazis.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    samu Kanekuni born 1921

    Curmudgeon Isamu [still Hollywood-handsome at age 87] succinctly chronicles untold heroes as no one

    else can/does [wayfinders Fumiko Iwamasa/Aiko Tokimasa Reinecke/John Beukema/etc.]. Though sharp-

    tongued, Isamu has an even repose on the long course of history. Isamu’s wry exuberance reminds me

    of Hastings & Psalm 118:24 — “Relish the moment, rejoice, live!!” Yes, love never dies! Isamu misses Scrub

    Tanaka 1915-2006 to no end. “A friend loves always, especially in adversity.” Proverbs 17:17. Isamu’s

    devout respect for Scrub’s purity says loads about Isamu. Though I have to squeeze the dickens out of

    Isamu to get wisps of wisdom, it is true that Isamu harmonizes w/John 10:10 — “I have come in order that

    you might have life, in all its fullness.” Billy Kenoi was giddy-thrilled to have the pleasure of meeting oybaun/

    godfather Isamu. I told Isamu to stop joshing around w/Billy, inasmuch Billy was late for Billy’s sojourn to Ka`u.

    So Isamu turned serious & quietly chastened Billy, “Offer voters a change, don’t stick w/the status quo. What

    do you offer which makes worth the voters’ punchcard [voting booth selection]?” To which Billy said that Billy

    brings Dan Inouye’s federal funds while Dan still is alive/our top solon. Our free bus service [so timely w/$4+ p/gallon

    gas price] is remarkably improved thanks to Billy’s funding sources. I told Billy that if Billy can get past Isamu,

    Billy will pass the grade w/anyone. Isamu laughed & told Billy not to trust ‘dis left-wing radical [me–Jim Albertini

    is my quickened hombre/tough guy]. Billy’s high intellect/aggressive approach to problems/people-person

    appeal-joyfulness/oratorical skill — all offer changes from his boss Harry Kim, via whom he correctly restrained

    his ambition to be mayor. Harry is populist friendly a la Fasi [authoritarian figure]. Billy is genuinely a happy

    Hawaiian w/love & aloha, not because of Billy’s standing/status. Billy also said that Billy has to streamline

    gov’t services because of our austere economic outlook, even if Billy has to be tough a la Steve Yamashiro/

    fiscal mgr. George Ariyoshi. Isamu was pleased w/Billy’s authenticity.

    442 veteran Isamu demonstrates tremendous equanimity — Isamu says that Watada’s stance is morally correct,
    just as Ali’s courage is to be respected. That it’s wrong for Ron Fujiyoshi to say that Ron digresses from Jim

    Albertini’s crew because Jim has all haole supporters [anti-Iraq War]. That it’s wrong for Ron to zero in on Hawaiian

    self-determination/nationalism/sovereignty because Hawaiians are the host culture [if only haoles supported Hawaiians,

    would Ron be there for Hawaiians?] & Hawaiians advocate their own cause [Trask/Osorio/Ioane/etc.].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hung Wai Ching alter ego John Young 1902-1990

    Yes, John Young born 1902 is Springfield College grad [YMCA][Antioch College in Yellow

    Springs Ohio founded by father of

    American education Horace Mann –Mann’s successor John Dewey is Pastor Stephen Mark’s

    idol]. Young/Mark were buddahead wayfinders amid the anti-Jap hysteria WWII. Mark/Leigh

    Hooley [Aquinas devotee — everybody’s equal] are enshrined at Nu`uanu’s Community

    Church, buddaheads’ divine providence/sanctuary, though Chinese. Only in Hawai`i do you find

    “out of race” Chinamen restoring dignity to their graven demonic foes our Nipponese. History’s

    blended link again goes back to Henry Opukahaia 1792-1818 [whose death inspired tremendous

    racial tolerance/altruism — Congregational Central Union Church/etc.]. Love one, love all.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Shizuko “Mary” Teshima my Mom’s oldest sibling born June 1907 — 103 yrs. old

    Still sharp as a razor, Aunty Teshima lamented to me yesterday about her kids fighting

    each other. She blamed herself, but for the wrong reason — she said that she should’ve

    left her estate for her kids after she dies, not before. The real reason her kids fight

    each other is that she plays off her spoiled daughter Ayako/”Irene” against the others.

    Shizuko’s fault for favoring Ayako. Shizuko’s creed is “money buys love,” which

    is the real root of her misery. “Blinded” scribe Grace Miyamoto [kotonk who married

    angelic 442 medic Tadao Miyamoto] just happened to be at Teshima’s Restaurant

    yesterday slurping up Shizuko’s “ageless wisdom.” I told Grace to

    stop propping up Shizuko as a great humanitarian. Grace has no clue about

    Shizuko’s covenant for control/despotism. I feel sorry for Shizuko, because w/

    age longevity came no hint of elementary sensibility/balance. Ayako runs Shizuko’s

    life & Shizuko is the cause of Shizuko’s own misery via Shizuko’s spoils system for

    Ayako. Ayako tried to get a domestic abuse TRO vs. Ayako’s brother Haruo’s 52 yr.

    old son Harold a while ago. The TRO patently wanting for proof, Judge Auna correctly

    ruled against drama queen Ayako. I was bosom nephew Harold’s atty. Ayako is a

    brooding ingrate whose mantra is “me/me/me!” Ayako is my first cousin. Grace, stop

    inflating Shizuko’s surface image as a saint. You don’t know beans, baby. Grace,

    why don’t you write about our friend & truly deserving positive role model/quiet

    hero Minister Jiko Oshima, pioneer female Buddhist cleric [looks 25, is actually 47 yrs.

    old]. She says you never did a bio of her after I asked her that in Teshima’s

    Restaurant yesterday while you were drooling over Shizuko [after you chotto left your

    table companion Sensei Oshima to gum up w/Shizuko at our table].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    ack Burns’ U.S. savings bonds

    Burns counted his payroll deduction for his savings bonds, which he used to

    build his Waimea home. Burns dispatched Land Bd.’s Scrub Tanaka to tell

    Jim Ferry to resign or be fired [Ferry’s conflicts of interest on land deals]

    1968. Pastor Masao Yamada told Rusty Kamimura/Koshiyama that fellow

    442 John Ushijima double-crossed his 442 boys by squelching the proposed

    veterans’ cemetery expansion toward Malama Apts./Glad Tidings site.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Bill Quinn’s 2nd Mahele — sell State lands $50 per acre

    Quinn’s 2nd Mahele was unrealistic. Just a gimmick to win him the ’59 Gov. race.

    Lease to fee conversion of multi-condo units is not Quinn’s 2nd Mahele, it is

    a pragmatic beginning to weaning off government bureaucracy w/pride of


  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Earl Nakasato’s defining moment

    Earl Nakasato’s [born 1942] defining moment was when he & his Ft. Ord CA buddahead

    gang lined up to beef vs. Kotonks at Buddhist Bon Dance. Sadly, the Bon Dance was

    stopped because of this fracas. Earl vowed thereafter that he would not engage in

    violence. Till this day Earl is a peacemaker.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hatch Act 1939

    FDR postmaster appointee Richard Imai preceded the Hatch Act. He

    later had to pass a civil service test & abide by the Hatch Act. Which

    is why many of FDR’s pre-Hatch appointees disappeared off the political

    radar screen. Richard born 1910-2009 missed being out

    of politics, but is thankful for his job security. Kanaka Johnny Wilson got

    Rich the Ola`a postmaster job via FDR. Today Rich & his late wife Eleanor

    have a scholarship fund in their names for impoverished college students.

    This is Rich’s legacy to the American Dream. Impudent/urusai Jack Ouye 1912-2008

    hitched on Link McCandless, who dumped Ouye, & Ouye then hitched

    on Johnny Wilson, who got Ouye the Hakalau postmaster job. Ouye

    never got canned for violating the Hatch Act because Ouye preceded

    ILWU’s Jack Hall & never aligned himself w/these “agitators.” Instead,

    Ouye was very patriotic as seen via Hakalau’s plaque for WWII KIA. Ouye always was jealous of Imai [Imai

    articulate/classy], & never lived down the political hegemony

    [Ouye was a McCandless outcast/Imai was a Johnny Wilson

    egalitarian — broke ass but rich in heart-spirit].

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Robert Hind Sr. born 1894

    Shizuko “Mary” Teshima born 1907 103 yrs. old says that Bob Hind Sr.

    was very good to her Hanato family. Bob’s mom is Low cowboy family,

    his great-great-grandpa is Capt. John Palmer Parker, founder of Parker

    Ranch. His grandpa Robert Hind is sugar/coffee wayfinder. Bob was

    longtime Pu`uwa`awa`a Ranch head.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Personalities — varied as ever

    Hilo’s Frank Hata & Wahiawa’s Bob Oshiro canned Dan Aoki from Ariyoshi’s Gov.

    office, because stubborn Aoki was a bull in George’s china shop. Aoki was

    best suited on the open plain/grassroots. George’s kitchen cabinet incl.

    Sus Ono/Jimmy Takushi/Bert Kobayashi/Walt Dods [’59 St. Louis High]/Hata/

    Oshiro. Mike Tokunaga reached rank/file via Onomea’s Tadao Okimoto/

    Maui’s Pundy Yokouchi/Kaua`i’s Turk Tokita [Al Konishi’s uncle], Scrub

    Tanaka being too abrasive a la Aoki vs. mild Ariyoshi. But Scrub blended well

    w/Waihe`e, though Scrub later lamented about Waihe`e’s one point focus —

    bankroll Waihe`e’s Hawaiian cronies. Remember Ah Chew Goo’s “waive”

    [Coffman’s seminal bk. on Burns 1970 Catch a Wave] vs. Goo’s unholy

    trinity of Hata/Oshiro/Aoki?? Aoki told vendor Goo that Burns’ campaign

    didn’t have the money to pay for Goo’s $2,000 bill for campaign materials.

    Hata then tried to give Goo free fundraiser tickets to cancel the bill.

    Finally, Oshiro wrote Goo a note telling Goo to write off Goo’s bill for

    tax purposes. Yikes.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    100th Batt. Eugene Eguchi [replacement] born 1919

    Eugene trained as 442 & replaced original 100th along w/active club member Joe

    Sugawara. Other active but original 100th members are Shigeru Ushijima/Moto Tanaka/

    Yasu Iwasaki/Hideo Kami/Sakai Wakakuwa/Morris Kihara/Kaz Taguchi. Everyone in the overall 442

    loves Eugene. George Mukai born 1923 is the point man for the 442, & cannot

    find enough men [20 or so] to sit atop the Veterans Day parade float sponsored

    by Harry Kim/County.

    Laura Kennedy liked Akira Sato’s Shinmachi dad/car repair & gave the all-Nisei boys the land

    where the AJA clubhouse sits. Laura, to her credit, loved buddaheads because

    she saw in them a mirror image of herself — loyal/devoted/obedient/compliant,

    her reservoir being her Oakland racial pluralism roots. Laura is my jesus. BTW,

    F Co.’s Wataru Kohashi was born 1922. Gang, Moto Tanaka born 1918 [machine

    gunner] will pass on shortly, & Wataru is not far behind. Now is the time to

    soak in their experiences.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    RIP Hidetoshi Taniguchi 1924-2007

    KTA Stores’ last remaining Nisei son “Hee-day” had tremendous balance/perspective. All-Nisei soldier Hide said that his

    brothers were ganko/stubborn types & Barry/son Toby inherit these minuses. Being Hiroshima ken/ancestry, the Taniguchis

    were business-oriented & lived their lives in their stores. All-consuming focus. Hide’s sister’s hubby George Hiraoka,

    also MIS/retired watchmaker, says that their compulsion was too much [no balance b/n business/pleasure]. Hide’s other

    sister Sayoko is still alive/on Mainland, & she married contractor Sanzo Kawasaki’s son Rogers. Rogers’ dad was co-founder of

    HPM Bldg. Supply before he left, & Sayoko worked for her cousin Richard Taniguchi’s Hawai`i Hardware Store, rival outfit

    of HPM. But no ill feelings, though Bobby Fujimoto deposed Richard in stockholder takeover.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    My dearest cousin Donna Teshima/my Joan of Ark [battle vs. hyprocrisy]

    Hi Donna: I’d like to know what your headstone will say. No, not macabre/weird.
    I’m a heathen [or token Buddhist], but the Bible says that one
    needs to know how to die in order to live/viva! A beautiful headstone
    was inscribed w/ He labored w/love, now he rests w/God above. Nice, huh?
    Of course, a popular one is The Lord is my shepherd [Biblical]. I asked the
    Ben Franklin/Ace Hardware Stores’ Wayne Kamitake [same age as me] what his legacy
    is, & he said I was here [as in wormhole left behind by an earthworm]. Now
    that’s humble pie!! My pal Earl Nakasato, a born-again Christian retired atty., says
    Well done, my servant for his headstone. My opinion on
    your legacy — Always faithful — as in perseverance/resilience/positive attitude/
    quiet inner resolve. Not far off the mark, right?
    On your dearest Mom,
    Believe in God, for He shall set you free. On my bruddah Harold [your sibling],
    just what you read above — He labored w/love, now he rests w/God above.
    Tell Harold what I said here, he’ll be embarassed — yes, hero worship — nothing
    wrong with this at all. Love,–your sizing up cousin Curtis My headstone —
    He asked all the right questions — knowing there is no answer. You never met
    Denise Takashima, banker/UH sports fan. No doubt, She shall cover you w/
    her feathers, & under her wings you shall find divine refuge — Psalm 91:4. My
    in-law Gwen Narimatsu — Love God w/all your heart, soul, & mind — Matthew

    [postscript: Donna says if
    anything, she was a good wife & mother]

  • Bobby Naugle Says:


    I love you like a brother and have never met you except via this big island chronicle blog.

    EAST coast haole (as my surfer boy friend Dougie Gross—Mokuleia, Oahu raised, son of sugar plantation manager who worked for Bill Paley—as if being a coast haole wasn’t bad enough, at least west coast haole’s could surf) here who lived on the Rock of Oahu from 1970-1995. We all drove taxis for Charley’s Taxi out of Funai’s Union 76 just across the street from Coco’s Coffee Shop (now Hard Rock Cafe).

    Your chronicles of the buddah head and local aloha culture are REALLY interesting to me as they fill in so many blanks that an EAST coast haole like me arriving in 1970 would naturally have.

    Keep it up Curtis and mahalo nui loa to your patrona who provides you with space on the blog.

    Bobby Boy

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Howzit, Bobby:

    You’re our kama’aina, w/quarter century under your belt!! Lovingly intended, but I always say that when you go back to the Mainland, make sure your fellow haoles don’t shoot you [you’ll never expel the Hawaiian in you]!! :-) What you bring to bare :-) are your tremendous cross-cultural atavism/wisdom, something we isolated islanders are bereft of. Your spiritual presence and your loving nature are for the ages, and of the most incredible value to us isolated islanders. Our greatest folks of destiny were salt of the earth like you, our East Coast beachboy, Galilee progeny from Hawai’i like Sam Chapman Armstrong [alter ego to Booker T. Washington/George Washington Carver/Sam Armstrong founder of Virginia’s Hampton U.], & like Elbert Tuttle [greatest Civil Rights judge Deep South 1960s-1970s], and like Barack Obama born 1961, who, if not for the unfathomable love and support of his haole family, would be typecast as smoking dope off Houghtailing St. at Puerto Rican Lanakila Park. Yes, Galilee is Jesus’ neck of the woods, and you are our silent disciple. Luke 4:24 says a prophet is rejected in his own family, in his own neck of the woods — meaning that our greatest altruists/folks of destiny are the outsiders like you, dearest bruddah Bobby Boy. Love everlasting.

  • Bobby Naugle Says:

    Thanks for the comeback communication and in your inimitable respectful style and tone. It makes me dare to make some further comments:

    Interesting that you repeated the remark about Barack Obama and his alternate future at Lanakila and School Street; noted it along with Michelle Obama’s remark about understanding the President by understanding Hawaii. I must have crossed paths with him down at Ala Moana Beach Park back in the day. This park is as my local hapa friend John Parker would say is “unfake” (in contrast to the useless expression “unreal”—John’s sense of humor; John’s family still lives up Papakolea off Tantalus Road in Hawaiian housing area; he and his brother are light skinned. The brother is clever in his survival skill and John was the classic knuckle wielder rough guy and does not mince his words).

    Anyway, I do see the President’s Hawaii inculcated culture coming through in his style of leadership and it delights me to know it. God bless his late grandmother; how bittersweet was it that she passed away on the night of his greatest achievement?

    A little bit more on the brother love remark of mine. My father was a staff sergeant of artillery pieces for Battery B 939th Field Artillery (FA) unit created out the old Pennsylvania National Guard Horse Cavalry. They trained at Camp Shelby Mississipi and so did the 100th Battalion. My father’s unit spent an unbroken 519 days on the line—21 OCT 1943 to APR 1945 , a record still not broken. Afterward, they did 5 months of Occupation Duty as did the 100th BN and saw some of the concentration camp horrors none of which I heard related. A surviving friend of my father told me about this part.

    They fought at Monte Cassino (first battle) as did the 100th BN, I believe and my father recalls seeing them in Rome after pushing “Jerry” up Highway 6 and through and out of Rome. He remembers the “small boots”. There is only one soldier alive from my father’s outfit and his son and I are arranging the history and papers and story much as you are doing with your father’s experiences and the chronicling of them. It is good that you do this out of respect and honor on the personal level and out of consideration for the future generations so that they do not forget what kind of men their forefather’s were. I miss them deeply.

    Also, while I am on this subject, allow me to remember running into BOTH types of 100th BN members that you have described during my stay on Oahu. I picked up an older silent respectful type from a bar one evening as a taxi customer to take him home and engaged in a little conversation. AS you might know there is once chance with these men to make an impression and I made mine good when he revealed that he was a soldier in WWII by saying, “My Dad fought with you; he trained at Camp Shelby and knows all about them damned mosquitos and chiggers.” I got one of the most pure and silent acknowledgment of understanding and connection that I will never forget.

    On the other side; I used to go to a little Okinawan Hostess Club on Nuuanu Ave. above Beretania and below Vineyard on the Diamond Head side for a beer and pupu about 1:00A when business was slow. One night there was an obnoxious type at this normally very reserved bar and the Mama san informed me that it was a 100th Battalion member full of himself. Too bad and must make allowances for untreated PTSD also I am thinking. Anyway, you are your father’s son for not glossing the issue in your writing. Hats off.

    Oh yes; the point of relating all this is to note the same experience of being exposed to these types of men in my parents home just as you were in yours. It makes a deep impression, no? I cannot help but use my early impressions to relate to other men in the world by the standards they—my father’s friends—set. Try not to make “a**” is another thing; whoa those penetrating eyes when no words could cut one down like “no words”.

    Bobby Boy

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Dear ole’ Yankee Bobby Naugle: Your reminiscences are the most incredible recount ever!! Really!! You capture the feel and rhythm of our WWII’s “greatest generation” like no other!! Lo/behold the wisdom of your age, Brother, for now you impart to the younger generation your observations/experiences/integration of your worldly exposure. Love eternally.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Dearest Brother Bobby: Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I don’t have a computer and am on another’s computer center schedule. Aloha.

  • Bobby Naugle Says:

    Thanks Curtis

    Yankee indeed; one of my favorite songs as a youth was “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” chicken skin still. We would sing it in full verses in school sitting at our desks. Good fun. I think it is this cultural heritage that America has kept alive in its sons and daughters that frightens the Europeans sometimes when they observe the fervor of the patriotism even in the modern era.

    The 100th Batallion (BN) departed Camp Shelby Mississippi and arrived (via New York Harbor, I think) in Oran, Algeria in early September 1943 and then shipped across the Mediterranean for the landing at Salerno September 22 1943; they were 1300 strong. A week later the first two AJA’s were killed in action.


    My father’s unit was one month behind and they departed Oran October 21, 1943 for Naples and were immediately rushed up to the Voluturno River which had been swollen by days of rain. The Germans had planned orderly retreat and had multiple lines of defense strung across Italy at strategic places like this river. Pontoon bridge construction training at Camp Shelby didn’t make it easy to cross this river which the Germans had heavily fortified with guns. It took days and casualties and false starts. Eventually it was forded setting up the advance to the next stronghold at Monte Cassino.

    Pali Lookout is a good image for how Cassino was situated; trying to move through Kailua with 100’s of big artillery pieces, the pieces themselves being protected by hardened battle veterans with interlocking 50 caliber machine gun fire patterns that the Germans had created and perfected, mounted at the Lookout facing down to Kailua is the idea. Rome was the prize and one had to get past Monte Cassino and could not just waltz on into the Eternal Holy City.

    The 100th BN acquitted itself well at Salerno, and soon after they joined with units like my father’s unit at Cassino, fresh up from the Volturno River crossings as part of the US 5th Army assigned to eliminate the German command of the Abbey. By mid-winter 1944, the 100th was only able to field 521 of the original 1300. BUT, they were now proven battle worthy and experienced and this core had even greater things to accomplish at Bruyeres, France. First however, they were shipped up to Anzio to help protect the precious beach head that had been achieved and not exploited quickly enough. Thereafter, when the roads to the south were cleared, Rome was able to be secured and from what I heard it was a riotous welcome the US Forces received.

    Now, a little surprise was visited upon us Yankees with regard to this conflict under the following circumstances. The last survivor of my father’s unit is 86 and is steadfastly taking care of his ailing wife with Alzheimer’s every day according to their pact made long ago to be loyal to the end. His son, my friend (and also a brother in spirit to us) tries to relieve him and takes food and comfort every day to his parents in this struggle which is all about dignity and style now and not victory except in the sense of victory over human despair.

    During these visits, the veteran produced a hand written diary in beautiful Palmer style penmanship (he dropped out of HS at 17 to escape an overly zealous Welsh religious father and to enlist in the cause.) and presented it to his son.

    He kept a page for almost every day starting three days before they shipped out from New York Harbor for Oran in late August 1943 and continuing to mustering out in late 1945. His son has now transcribed it to electronic form and has stored a copy at a local library. He also gave me a copy and so I am now reading about things which almost escaped my awareness. So…

    …Whatever you can still glean from the survivors of 100th BN about what happened at Monte Cassino and other battles will be precious oral history, Curtis. What you have done so far is beautiful. Keep at it, brother.



  • Bobby Naugle Says:

    One detail that I left out about the diary mentioned just above is that the son, our contemporary, was born just 2 days out of New York when the 939th FA was on the high seas steaming toward North Africa in August of 1943. The diary was kept by the soldier anticipating that he might not ever see his son and so his son would at least know why and what circumstances prevented him from knowing his father.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hi Brother Bobby: Your reminiscences have unleashed a torrent of requests for the treasured diary. Incredible remembrances by you. Love forever.

  • Bobby Naugle Says:

    I am for releasing the diary to general access; the son is taking a restrictive attitude just now and he is merely reflecting his father’s attitude that your 100th BN survivors well understand I am positive. They do NOT want to draw attention to themselves out of fear of dishonoring those who did not return and appearing to be taking on the mantle of hero when they were all just common people for the most part from very humble roots.

    The library to which they donated a copy is in a little town with 500 residents and was not intended for public access but for historical preservation. Probably it is in a reserve room.

    So, when Larry (son) and I speak next, I am going to tell him about your requests. As I mentioned, the situation at home is very severe with the mother/wife in severe Alzheimer’s condition and requiring much attention and energy and emotion as you might imagine. The old man is still the trooper which just makes the point that you have been making about this generation.

    Larry is still questioning the father on details as mundane as ammunition and weapons that they were using and that they saw used etc and place names of locations some of which were just tiny villages.

    Here is a tidbit from the recent travails; the troop still likes to gamble as did my father and they always signed up for the daily lottery at the American Legion Post and the other men’s clubs. So on his one trip out of the house every day, he still signs up and buys some lottery tickets of course. He has hit 3 times in the past month for tidy little sums which has everybody shaking their heads in disbelief. It make me smile to think about how they liked to play cards (poker) and roll them dice back in the day. My father told of gambling on the troop ship coming back home with a loaded .45 pistol on the table to discourage cheating and of soldiers and officers losing a whole weeks pay at one sitting.

    Much aloha to your correspondents; patience will pay off in the end. There are some good stories in the diary for sure. Am grateful for the interest on your end by you and your correspondents.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    Hi Bobby: I thank gorgeous and gracious editor Tiff Camille here for allowing publication of our ancient past. And I thank you for your exceptional reprise of our WWII heroes, those who gave their lives for freedom’s cause. Love to no end.

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    incredible reminiscences‏
    From John K. Wakamatsu born 1952
    whose father Jack Wakamatsu 1918-2002
    is among the greatest leaders humanity
    has ever seen — Jack is my alltime
    442 hero — Curtis


    I heard war stories from my Father, Jack K. Wakamatsu, from the time I was in grammar school until he died in December 2002. I believe that I was only in the 3rd grade when my Father told me about his war time stories starting in January 1941 until he was released from Camp Carson Military Hospital located in Colorado at the end of August 1945. He said that the pain of the war was so great that he told us stories to relieve the pain. I had a conversation with Mas Miyamoto, Fox Company cook, at one of the Fox Company Reunions in Las Vegas about PTSD, and I agreed that my Father suffered in almost every part connected to PTSD. He always told me that he felt responsible for all of the men who died in Fox Company during WWII. He kept a running total of the KIA’s and said that 48 men died under his command. He also felt responsible for the hundreds of men wounded in action because of his orders during the war. I think that he had concern for his men after the war and would help any of them if they asked for his help. I heard of his concern about the men from Robert Katayama who stayed in the army and retired as a Lt. Col. I try to help the 100th/442nd Veterans because of their duty to country even if the country did not support their families.

    John K. Wakamatsu

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:

    incredible reminiscences‏
    From John K. Wakamatsu born 1952
    whose father Jack Wakamatsu 1918-2002
    is among the greatest leaders humanity
    has ever seen — Jack is my alltime
    442 hero — Curtis


    I heard war stories from my Father, Jack K. Wakamatsu, from the time I was in grammar school until he died in December 2002. I believe that I was only in the 3rd grade when my Father told me about his war time stories starting in January 1941 until he was released from Camp Carson Military Hospital located in Colorado at the end of August 1945. He said that the pain of the war was so great that he told us stories to relieve the pain. I had a conversation with Mas Miyamoto, Fox Company cook, at one of the Fox Company Reunions in Las Vegas about PTSD, and I agreed that my Father suffered in almost every part connected to PTSD. He always told me that he felt responsible for all of the men who died in Fox Company during WWII. He kept a running total of the KIA’s and said that 48 men died under his command. He also felt responsible for the hundreds of men wounded in action because of his orders during the war. I think that he had concern for his men after the war and would help any of them if they asked for his help. I heard of his concern about the men from Robert Katayama who stayed in the army and retired as a Lt. Col. I try to help the 100th/442nd Veterans because of their duty to country even if the country did not support their families.

    John K. Wakamatsu


    I thank you for publishing about my Father. He always told me that the Fox Company heroes were the ones who died on the battlefield. He also said that the medals were for the families of the dead soldiers. I have always heard from most Fox Company veterans that they did nothing in WWII, but I always said that the US Army did not give medals to the surviving soldiers for nothing. I think that the greater the deed the less has to be said.

    John K. Wakamatsu

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