Hawaii News — Roger Christie Among A Reported Dozen Arrested In DEA Raids

Roger Christie

The Drug Enforcement Agency conducted a series of marijuana-related raids on the Big Island today that resulted in at least a dozen arrests, including that of Hawaii Cannabis Ministry founder Roger Christie, confirmed DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge Robin Dinlocker.

Dinlocker pointed to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Honolulu for specific details on who, aside from Christie, was arrested and what charges they are facing. She noted this afternoon that agents were “still conducting the operation on the Big Island” and she didn’t want to provide any details until it was over and confirmed that all agents were safe.  Assistant Special Attorney Michael Kawahara said a press conference is to be held at 2 p.m., tomorrow, July 9, 2010 at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and a press release would be disseminated afterward to provide the details of the Big Island raids and the charges that those arrested face.

In March, numerous raids occurred on the Big Island, including the office of Christie’s Hawaii Cannabis Ministry.  U.S. Attorneys in Honolulu never came forward with any public comment.

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  1. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “check out the comments on this Star Advertiser article from a few days ago…there are only 12 (while this blog is almost at 200)…”

    from those comments

    “I can’t believe they missed the infamous Rev. Dennie Shields , aka konagold .

    A close associate of Christie , same approach ,and cop hater 1st class

    Somebody is slipping ”

    this demonstrates what I mean by being tarred by the same brush

    by my comments here it is more than obvious I am not ‘a close associate of Christie’ yet I, again, am hurt by Christie’s foolishness perhaps this will help folks understand why i have said what I have said

  2. Craig X Rubin
    Craig X Rubin says:

    Well Dennis Shields AKA Konagold,

    Thanks for explaining yourself. Sorry, you feel betrayed by RC, but you do have some responsibility for that. It didn’t happen out of the blue.

    Your ideas and strategy are intelligent and well thought out, but your current attack of Roger is classless at this point in time because it is at a time when he can’t defend himself.

    I agree with you Roger has no defense that will work in our current corrupt courts and will lose.

    The fact remains cannabis is a helpful plant to the planet and the people living on it. No one deserves to be punished for doing G-d’s work, in my opinion keeping this plant alive and in the pulbic’s view is G-d’s work. Therefore, Roger is a man of G-d…personally, I would not ask Roger for Biblical understanding…from having spoken with him over the years…he was just starting to put faith in G-d, but prior he was a spiritualist…I am a person who puts faith in G-d’s Word, but I still think he should be allowed to defend himself in the way he wants to.

    Roger in my opinion is going to be railroaded and sent to prison. NOT BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN ONE VICTIM OTHER than you and the USA, but because the government is corrupt and wants to continue an unjust prohibition and they want to steal his property. Therefore, your harsh criticism of Roger is counter productive to my goal of ending prohibition because it muddies the water.

    Since you put your faith in Jesus I am asking you to please follow His example and forgive Roger. Spend what little time you have left on earth to help educate people about His creation and this plant that you obviously know is beneficial to man and the planet.

    Thanks for reading,
    craig x

  3. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “Blessed are the peacemakers…for they shall be shot at from both sides.”

    oh so that’s it[wink]

  4. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Now maybe we are getting somewhere this is bigger than any of us. I hope we can work together on what we do agree on and that is changing the laws. Karma and god will sort the rest out. We have to help ourselves and each other no one is going to do this for us……

    I do think the constitutional issues KG explained beyond religion will be argued by at least some of the defendant/victims and assuming the judge can not shut them all down this is going to take years, possibly culminating at the Supreme court. Another possibility is the laws will change before then or the country will go broke. I would not count these defendants out yet…..

    I can tell you though the government has taken any assets they found and the lawyers will get any they didn’t, so these people may not be able to afford toothpaste no matter what they once had. Most no longer have much, and jobs are hard to come by right now. That is from personal experience, maybe Mitch Roth can make a donation from his seizure/stolen money fund to Pahoa weed and seed to try and buy us off.

    At the least we can learn as much as possible as we move forward and restructure our approaches….

    On another note be well Dennis, I am sorry you are ill, and hope get better. thanks for the information on the constitutional issues….

  5. Craig X Rubin
    Craig X Rubin says:

    homo vastor

    You are right!! That is the only hope Roger has because we have a corrupt justice system from the police to the courts. He is never going to get a fair trial.


  6. PF
    PF says:

    While you all argue ‘religious’ use or ‘medical’ use the fact is THC is legal and sold in Long’s Drugs.
    When left is right and right is left. Good is bad and bad is good. Cannabis had no medical use so schedule 1, is does have use so synthesise it. I posted this to the other RC post but it really belongs here.

    THIS IS INSANE. You can have a prescription for synthetic THC, Marinol/(Dronabinol-generic)
    And evidently $$$$ value for DRUG companies, a month prescription is $3456.94 or a plant. Roger wasn’t makin that much. Want to talk about crooks? Try Watson Pharma Inc.

    since 1985…….yet there is another story behind this….

    BUT IT’S A SCHEDULE 1 DRUG BECAUSE IT HAS NO MEDICAL VALUE???? Right all those little baby plant of Roger’s had no medical value but pumps up the plant count. Serious over kill.


    You want to see a picture of a real drug lord? try 12.5 Billion, CEO of Abbot Laboratories, Parent co. of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, maker of Marinol/ Dronabinol.


    Yep patents are held by DRUG COMPANIES for a compound THC found naturally in Cannabis, What A DRUG DEAL!
    What a coubtry!
    WELL WTF IS IT? yes or no? WE KNOW, THE GOVERNMENT LIE$$$$$ Drug Companies won the drug war.

    Aloha Nui Loa

  7. Buddah Belly
    Buddah Belly says:

    We will be organizing a march of support for THC ministries as soon as we know what the trial schedule is looking like. A massive march from the County/State Courthouse to the Federal Building will be a sign to the FEDS that we support the right of the people to their freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Email FriendsforJustice@gmail.com to get on the contact list for the Call To Action.

    Aloha and Mahalo from Pahoa!

  8. Craig X Rubin
    Craig X Rubin says:

    Wow, Tiffany GREAT article in Big Island Weekly. Your reporting of Dennis Sheilds as the hero a religious marijuana and Roger Christie as great satan of religious marijuana goes a long way to showing how Dennis conducted himself on this page.

    You obviously read all of his posts and agreed with him. It is amazing how your point of view, Dennis’ point of view and prosecution’s point of view so closely align. It was also great how you hid all of the nasty things about Roger in quotes, so you are not responsible was what someone else said…that was clever!


  9. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:


    Would you prefer I be the Pollyanna reporter? My job is to present both sides. The Rev. Dennis Shields represents another side. I think, rather than focusing on the few threads of this blog that you have been, you should look around my site a little more and see where I stand on marijuana and other issues. I do take a stand.

    So, Craig, if you are displeased with my coverage, you have the free will to find another website to patronize.

    CRAIG X RUBIN says:

    I have worked as a journalist too, so I know what you did. You certainly did not present both sides. Your ‘story’ wasn’t even really about Roger it was about Dennis and you made him seem like the honorable person and Roger the idiot.

    At least that is how it looked to me and quite a few other people, so if Dennis is the other side and his views are the same as the prosecutors it was interesting to me. But, I thought you did a great job of doing your job. My comments are not insulting. They are my opinion. You are free to disagree to, but I plan on reading all of your coverage as I follow this case.

  11. spence.deborah87
    spence.deborah87 says:

    I was living on Kaua’i when I first heard about Rev Christie and I came to Hilo, 5 years ago to help.
    From previous phone calls I already understood his personality – an open-hearted control freak, it is a good idea if it is my idea and ‘real’ meeting phobic.
    But I was determined to learn about ‘the religion’.
    I was never interested in him as a BF, I wanted a spiritual leader. But when I saw he had a lunch ritual requiring a SUBWAY and a BREW, my judgment was offended. But I was determined to follow my Essene tenets. I was at his apartment when the new girl showed up – hot from her pot bust on her xBF’s Rock & Country tour bus – the Italian Alvira – Danny.
    NOW, she was real hot for her new hero ‘the pot pope’. Well, the first week when we are alone at the apartment sitting on the coach I feel a ‘girl talk’ coming on from Danny, who ponders, “I HOPE MY PERIOD COMES !”
    well if you want the rest of the story go to growinghempdebate.biz
    P.S. I am running for Lt. Gov. on the FREE ENERGY PARTY. My slogan – Free Energy is God’s Gift In The Hemp Plant.

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