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  • Sergio Says:

    Good for the feds, I am sure they put plenty of work into it. No thanks to the local PD who didn’t want to help them at all. But I bet the egomaniac chief will be at the press conference to try and take credit for it.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:


    Will the police chief really spend furlough Friday in Honolulu for a DEA/US Attorney press conference? That will really irritate me more than anything. If we’re too poor to hire civilians at our police stations. The police chief shouldn’t be going to a press conference not held here. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and DEA should be flying over to the Big Island to hold the press conference here, actually.

    Talk about centric — I’m thinking the U.S. Attorneys Office and DEA are being Oahu-centric. None of us small-budget reporters who truly want to report the news here can afford a last-minute plane ticket and a rental car on Oahu.

    Is Kubojiri really an egomaniac as you say? What was James Correa? I’m sure there are plenty of other police chiefs and police officers and U.S. attorneys and FBI and DEA who have those tendencies. Enforcement, in my mind, is pretty ego driven.

    “No thanks to the local PD who didn’t want to help them at all.”

    Man, do I wish I was a fly on the wall at this point.

    I’m wondering what do you mean, Sergio?

    Did the PD indeed not help with todays raids?

    Did the PD used to help DEA in raids here?

    Is the PD not helping the DEA now because of all the high drama and politics surrounding the cannabis industry here?

    Is the PD not helping for the fact that a segment of our island population approved the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance?

    This is fascinating, if it wasn’t all so sad.

    My reaction? Why are we spending so much money on marijuana?

    I personally would love to have two police officers stationed full-time at a Pahoa police substation and other rural areas of this district than spend any money trying to catch marijuana growers. I would love for marijuana to be legal and taxed and regulated by the Department of Taxation and Internal Revenue Service. I want marijuana to become so demystified that big-time, high-production growers decide it is more profitable to grow lettuce. You know that bumper sticker, something to the effect of “I can’t wait for the day when more money goes to education than bombing countries”?

    “I can’t wait for the day marijuana is treated like every other plant in the garden.”

    The only way that is going to happen is not through eradication, it is through legalization.

    Another bumper sticker: “I can’t wait for people to choose getting high on life over popping pills, rolling on ice, and chugging the hards”

    When we stop putting so much emphasis on drugs — including prescription drugs (just think of all the prescription drugs Lindsey Lohan is reportedly taking) — maybe then we’ll see a brighter future.

  • The Casual Observer Says:

    marijuana IS an edible crop Tiff.

    Even if it was legal, no other crop would even come close in terms of money. Let’s just say for starters that the price of an ounce drops to lets say $50. Unless we all move toward growing saffron and Vanilla, we probably won’t see anything sell for $50 and ounce…or that would be some amazing lettuce!

    The Casual Observer: My point is marijuana can be grown in any garden and should be treated as such. Maybe it’s for the reason I haven’t had a course in “ganjanomics” and don’t know any better. I maintain that the reason marijuana is so expensive is that it is illegal. — tceh

  • Hattie Says:

    I could not agree with you more, Tiffany.

  • Sergio Says:

    Yes its true Tiff, they did help with the raids, but during the process of getting there they did not want to help except for a few because they were afraid of what people would think about them, a political thing, about popularity. They should of helped 100% but the ego got in the way. Now that there is stardom to be had as in press conference they will be right there to let that lime light hit them in the face. You ask is he a ego driven guy, well example he goes to police commission meeting and report receiving 16 accommodation on a month

  • Sergio Says:

    what kind of guy is that??? You have officer who bust their butts for years and get no accommodation at all?? I think he is taking accommodation credit if some old lady calls up and says you guys are doing a good job. Him and his AC need a new case to ride the coattails on, they have not had a good one since capsize and they have ridden that one for years. Small town small brains, administrations all about themselves and not the working man.

  • James Weatherford Says:

    ahem, Tiff, it was not simply a “segment” of society that voted for the ‘Lowest Priority Ordinance’ — it was a very solid majority.
    What was the cost of the HPD’s involvement?
    Maybe those resources could be put to finding papaya vandals? missing children? stolen cars? …

  • Lucky Jean Says:

    This whole bust is just going to make R.Christie even more popular.
    Being an atheist, I’m not into the whole religious defense of marijuana; I think it should be legal without all this dancing around with religious exemptions and medical exemptions and whatnot.
    But Roger’s a good guy and has been fighting the good fight and I can’t help but applaud him for that. Good luck, Mr. C!!!

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    Actually, James it was a segment of our population… Or, for pedantics sake, a portion, or a percentage.

    Think about the fact that the number of register voters in this county is far fewer than the population as a whole. And then think about the fact that some of the voters voted against the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis ordinance…

  • go lakers Says:

    As far as local police not wanting to get involved in the marijuana issue because it is politically unpopular?

    On this subject, I don’t know what to think either way?

    But, I do remember when the Hawaiian activist issues of the early and mid 90’s was frequently in the news. This I know for a fact were cases the county police department did not want to get involved in because of political repercussions.

    A family member of mine was the State of Hawaii Attorney Genral’s Office Chief Investigator. The County police would call AG’s office to enforce the removal of squatters at Puhi Bay and if my memory serves me correctly King’s Landing. The local county police because it was so unpopular politically (and because many had family members in this movement or from Keaukaha) did not want to enforce the HRS statues but instead would call the state AG’s to remove the Hawaiian activist. So attorney general’s office would do investigations, arrests, and removal and the county police would stand by to watch.

    This was in the county’s backyard with the full encouragement and direction of the county.

    The local county would not get involved at all in this issue except to send a uniformed patrolmen down to Keaukaha (or where ever) to witness the arrest and help in the booking process at the station.

    This was when the state AG’s budget was much smaller.

    I know for a fact, the AG investigators were not pleased with having to fly down from Honolulu (sometimes on weekends) to do these investigaions and arrests while the county police policy was to not get involved and ask for AG assistance on all Hawaiian activist or squatter issues (or whatever they were called at the time). Especailly when so many of the state investigators were part-Hawaiian and did not TOTALLY agree with the policy politically but were just trying to do their jobs. Many investigators were very friendly with those arrested and there was aloha shown to each other.

    This marijuana issue seems as politically charged as the sovergnity issue was but the police seem to be more involved presently than they were on the past issue.

  • Rob Tucker Says:

    Considering the potential for legalization in California, the Rand Corporation released a study on the effects of legalization to the media yesterday.

    Here’s one source:


    The Los Angeles Times added:

    The report called “Altered State?” is the most scholarly examination of the issue so far. It is likely to be scrutinized and cited by both sides in the debate.

  • Sergio Says:

    Well ” Go Lakers” sorta, kinda, not really, its was a political thing kinda Mayor running for Mayor, new police chief and a bunch of under lords all jockeying for position, hot and heavy marijuana issue with county counsel. Now what do you think they did, ignored the problem so they would be popular, “Yes”. So the feds take the case but can’t get that much help, they get some but its kept quite because they want the public to like them, now that it turned into a big case the ego hounds they are will try and claim success .

  • Sergio Says:

    You folks in this forum want to ask them a question ask them how well the two law enforcement agencies get along, then ask them why they don’t, again ego the feds trying to do their job, PD has some issues and won’t cooperate with feds now when it finally comes out in the wash the local community is going to flip.

  • tygerbones Says:

    I was in minister classes for three years with Roger Christie. He is a good man and a good minister. He went out on his own as a minister when he came to believe that cannibis is a conduit for the true spiritual experience and believes the experience of oneness with the divine that he experienced should be available to anyone who wants it. The religious use of peyote was legally allowed many years ago for the same reason. this will be a good test case.
    While I dont use cannabis except for hemp fabric as a seamstress and clothing designer, I support Roger for fighting for what he believes in. I can vouch that Rogers motive is not monerary. He has scratched by for years by the grace of God, and as anyone who knows him will agree with, is one of the most helpful, generous and caring people I know.

  • Vinny Bobarooony Says:

    You have heard of Democracy and the voting process. This is how the Gov works. The Majority of voters is the best we can do. And they voted for lowest priority. Period. That is the law. I am not clear on what your point is.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    My point? Please don’t annoy me with the manini… If you look at my initial comment it was suggesting to “Sergio” that the cops didn’t get involved because a segment of our population voted for the Lowest Priority for Enforcement of Cannabis initiative. Move along, people. Focusing on how many voters voted in favor is not the real story here.

    “Sergio,” what do you mean we are going to flip out when we hear the story behind the story about relations between the Feds and local cops? Please enlighten us.

    Meanwhile, I’m fuming right now that I called the people I needed to call and couldn’t get the story yesterday, but all the names of those arrested is printed in the paper on Oahu.

    Okay, well, the Oahu-centric DEA / US Attorney’s Ofc gave full details to the Star-Advertiser apparently. WTF? What happened to more details at at press conference Friday?

    Going to look at the article momentarily…

    News has it that some of the people arrested are really not even pot growers at all… One person, Jessica Walsh, did clerical work for Roger Vhristie a number of years ago. That is a ridiculous reason to wreak havoc on people’s lives.

    A couple who run the Friendly Aquaponics farm in Honoka’a was arrested. They are not pot growers apparently.

    What is the reason for wreaking havoc on peoe’s lives?

  • golakers Says:

    Why is cooperate counsel so interested in marijuana? That’s the kuleana of police and prosecutors? Coroprate Counsel represents the county, it’s departments, heads and admins, employees, interests, advises, blah, blah, etc. CC has no reason to be interested.

  • Kim Jordan Says:

    This is going to be very interesting to follow.
    As far as Roger, I’m sure he was somewhat prepared for this to happen (after the earlier raid especially). I believe he should have “all his ducks in a row” ready to go forward. He is a smart guy.
    How prepared were the others? Were they aware this may happen? Or was this a WTF kinda thing for them? Where most of the attention will probably be on Roger, I think the others will be even more interesting. Was Roger the main target? Maybe. Probably. But don’t let anyone fall between the cracks with the attention elsewhere!

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    Clarifications: Word is, today is not a County furlough day and the police chief won’t be attending the press conference on Oahu. FYI.

  • Sergio Says:

    See Tiff, thats what happens when the locals don’t cooperate fully…. some other law enforcement agency has to come from a another jurisdiction and clean up the mess that could have been done years ago. As for enlightening you that you will have to wait for … sorry. This RC thing was not bothering the people it was a major operation and needed to be nipped in the butt, thank god the feds had the eggs to do it unlike someone else.

  • Sergio Says:

    If he is not at the press conf. I be would be surprised!!

  • Sergio Says:

    Go Lakers not corporate counsel, County Counsel.

  • Rob Tucker Says:

    The county attorney’s office operates under the name, Corporation Counsel.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    Sorry, Sergio, not trying to be disrespectful I think the source of the confusion with go lakers is that you are spelling County Counsel that way instead of its true and proper spelling, which is County Council.

    (Counsel — as in legal counselor versus Council – as in town, or in our case, county councilor)

  • Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Sergio.

    I hear from sources that it is going to hit the fan soon for a couple of _ _ _ _ and the big guy is going to be having questions to answer.

  • go lakers Says:

    That was me.

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Our federal government has been co-opted by Globalist and marijuana is the key to defeating the NWO. Facsist like Sergio don’t know anything about cannabis. Most Americans are more concerned with Lindsay Lohan and LeBron James to care about the destruction of our Constitution. The same thing happened to me 5 years ago. Roger will not be allowed to defend himself and he’ll get five years in prison for ‘conspiracy.’ The NWO can’t take a natural resource like cannabis being used by the population because it can be grown locally. The globalist need everything to be produced by large corporation in a centralized fashion because they want to control what you buy and sell.
    Craig X Rubin

  • Sergio Says:

    Go Lakers, it will be a career ender for some.

  • go lakers Says:

    That’s what I heard. And I couldn’t believe what I heard, when I first heard it. I said “no way”.

    But, is it the big guys fault? Prior admin..

  • Sergio Says:

    Go Lakers, you must me talking about something else, what I mean is this admins fault.

  • go lakers Says:

    sergio, it’s easy to blame almost anything on a prior admin.

  • Sergio Says:

    this one is the current one and the problem is still employed there.

  • go lakers Says:

    But a subordinate does not necessarily drag down a higher up …. unless it can be proved a cover-up occurred and than ….

  • Sergio Says:

    and than it will, let be said let it be done, I think thats how it goes.

  • Buddah Belly Says:

    I feel so safe now that they arrested that criminal Roger and his girlfriend and ex-bookkeeper. Man, our community can finally breathe a sigh of relief now they are gone.

    These people are the victims of the drug war, the only thing dangerous about marijuana is getting arrested. If indeed the local police did not help them, it would be a first.

    The whole reason pot is illegal is so the DEA and the police, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, and the prison industrial complex can survive on the fruits of another’s work. It is a self-perpetuating war which will never be won, and that is by their own admission. Why else would our government take peoples property for a victimless crime, and split it amongst themselves? What kind of justice is that?

    And yes, I want to know why we can find and bust any pot grower, but we cant find murderers, rapists, child molesters, papaya vandals, gang bangers, etc…??? COULD IT BE BECAUSE THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT FOR THEM??

    This story is making me ill…

  • Vinny Bobarooony Says:

    Roger is a hero and a good citizen ….He needs our prayers and support. We all Know the truth…the debate should be why do we have no solidarity. Why do we allow this to continue. Together we win alone we live in tyanny!

  • Vinny Bobarooony Says:

    I meant tyranny

  • Vinny Bobarooony Says:

    Excuse me Sergio…….I just read your prior statement. WTF? Major operation….please give your details…..they had 24 plants??? He get’s a plant (medicinal plant for 4000 years) to people who have no other access. In the open …not hiding …no large deals……come on….
    This is not what any logical thinking person could,in any way, call this a major operation. This is a fear tactic from a govt. living in denial.

  • konagold3 Says:

    Christie is a money changer in the temple and a religious fraud

    feds claim evidence of: 3,000 plants; wire tapped requested donation of $400 per oz.; 33 lbs of processed cannabis; $30,000 cash; sales of half a pound per day[$65,000 per month]; no filed taxes; mail fraud; if convicted 5 to 40 years in jail

    Christie was ordained as a minister of the Religion of Jesus Church which he immediately dumped to form THC Ministries so he could charge $50 to eventually $250 in ‘suggested donations’ for a get out of jail free card in the form of a ‘sanctuary kit’ all based on a fraudulent/unfounded claim of sincerity and legitimacy

    when it comes to the religion of THC ministries there ain’t no there there just blue smoke

    Jesus kicked the money changers out of the temple

  • Sergio Says:

    Hey someone just posted on the Tribune blog they saw that ex cop who use to do the marijuana two times this week once in Hilo on Thursday and again today in Honolulu at the airport.

  • damon Says:

    @ Craig X Rubin Says:

    Why show up here other then to collect data?

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Not sure what your comment means Damon?

    Do you want pot sellers doing it in the open and trying to be legal like Roger Christie? OR

    Do you want organized crime selling the pot on the black market trying to protect their profits with guns?

    because those are the two choices and the government would prefer the blackmarket because it creates jobs for the less educated…it divides citizens…anything that divides people is good for those in power.

  • Vinny Bobarooony Says:

    Need to correct my past statment. (not a major operation) I guess there were 5000 plnts according to the news. Waiting for more info…

  • Rev. Nancy Says:

    @konagold I know you and Roger have some history and you probably have hurt feelings. I also know that, having that pesky y chromosome, you probably have trouble admitting to hurt feelings. But please remember that Jesus taught us to love, not to judge, each other. Now is a time in which many of our churches are being attacked, and we need to band together, not bicker among ourselves.

  • J P Contella Says:

    Rev. Roger Prayed with me during my dealings with these corrupt officers. From what I know, he is doing nothing but good and certainly helped me thru prayer in a crisis time. I pray he gets thru this and God puts his guardian angels and hands around him. JC

  • Nikolaus Says:

    Christy and his friends are freedom fighters. This is a sad day for law enforcement who have more pressing issues to deal with but the powers at be make them persue wiretapping a church. The police chiefs are dirty, but have had nothing but good exsperiences with those on the ground. Big Island is important in the legalization debate, as is Abercrombie getting elected. Lingle was able to stall the debate- Niel is ready for it. The Hawaii Medical Association just passed amendment to endorse the reclassification of cannabis from class 3, to class 1. Dr. Webb will purpose the same to the American M.A. soon he told me. These are our foot soldiers fighting for our liberty, or the freedoms we diserve as hue-mans. They know the herb helps show us what the true colors are in our lives- we will fight to the death to take that sacred breath. Lets rally together to help these leaders-

  • Rev. Nancy Says:

    I could not agree with Nikolaus more! This is an example of a government machine (prohibition) that has gone berserk, and is mowing down the citizens. Even IF cannabis were dangerous, it would have to be very dangerous indeed that we would prioritize its prohibition over our freedoms.

  • Buddah Belly Says:

    The end of prohibition is near, and they will go down kicking and screaming like the spoiled children they are… The world’s opinion is against them and it is always darkest before the dawn! My best thoughts for strength and love go to those 14 arrestees. And Rev. Nancy is right KG3, it is time for forgiveness between you and RC. It is not right for you to gloat over someones problems, remember the golden rule.

  • The Casual Observer Says:

    $450 DONATION???!!!??? Man, I hope that is not true. If it is, Roger deserves to get busted. It wouldn’t be a cannabis ministry….it would be MONEY MINISTRY, via cannabis promotion and sales. Pray all you like, it’s still a caper and a lucrative one at that! The good news is that roger’s church is no different from all other churches and their love of money.

  • James WFE Mooney Says:

    July 10, 2010
    United States Attorney, Florence Nakaku PJKK Federal Building 300 Ala Moana Blvd., #6-100 Honolulu, HI 96850
    Subject: Civil Liberties Violations of the Native American Church Continues.
    Dear Florence Nakaku,
    Oklevueha Native American Church wishes to formally inform you that we believe your office in coordination with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)[1], have criminally violated The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, Title 18, U.S.C. Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights “This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States”., and Title 18, U.S.C. Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law “This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S”.
    Please be informed that the Bureau of Indian Affairs Director Larry Echo Hawk or the Native American Rights Fund Director John Echo Hawk[2] have no legal authority to represent Oklevueha Native American Church and its independent branches in any manner shape or form. Oklevueha Native American Church prays that you are not seeking advice from either one of these people and / or their prospective organizations.
    Oklevueha Native American Church is a bona fide Native American Church [3] [4] [5]
    Oklevueha Native American Church records show: Wesley M. Sudbury became a member of Oklevueha Native American Church, 8/11/2009. December 18, 2009 he became CEO of Oklevueha Native American Church of the Big Island. His mailing and Oklevueha Native American Church of the Big Island address is; P.O. Box, 377465 Ocean View, HI 96737, Phone Number: (808) 895-7956 and Roger Christie became a member of Oklevueha Native American Church, 6/01/2009. June 1, 2009 he became CEO of Oklevueha Native American Church of Hilo. His and the Oklevueha Native American Church of Hilo address is; 94 Kamehameha Avenue on the bay front in downtown Hilo, Phone Number: (808) 443-3616
    Oklevueha Native American Church, presently believes that Oklevueha Native American Church of the Big Island and Oklevueha Native American Church of Hilo have not had any activity being conducted within their Native American Churches that meets a “Compelling Interest Standard”. If this belief is true Oklevueha Native American Church prays that your office provide these Native American Church Spiritual Leaders their constitutional rights and dismiss all charges brought against them, immediately.

    James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney Elder Medicine Man / President Oklevueha Native American Church
    Enclosures: 3
    [1] Memorandum FOR: DEA, FROM: Theodore B. Olsen, U.S. Assistant Attorney A and NARF [2] DEA and NARF conspiracy [3] http://obic-a.community.officelive.com/default.aspx [4] http://obic-a.community.officelive.com/ONAC.aspx [5] http://www.nativeamericanchurch.net/Native_American_Church/NATIVE_AMERICAN_CHURCH.html

  • konagold3 Says:


    Christie has painted us all with a tarred brush

    wake up

    wise up

    Jesus did not forgive the money changers rather he said that they had changed a house of prayer into a den of thieves

    Christie is just the same

    this is not about either hurt feelings or forgiveness but about righteousness

    Christie betrays religion with the following

    9 weapons
    3,000 plants
    33 lbs of processed pot
    wire taped charge of $400 an oz
    .5 lbs per day = $65,000 per month
    50 to 70 customers a day
    13 others now also charged = the blind leading the blind into the pit
    fraudulent interstate sales of get out of jail free cards

    not my feelings at all rather his greed foolishness and ego

    surely pride goes before a fall

  • konagold3 Says:

    @budha Belly

    “it is time for forgiveness between you and RC.”

    I follow Jesus whose most nearly violent act in His whole life was to throw the money changers out

    it is not a matter of personal forgiveness but one of cleansing the temple

    it would be better if a millstone were hung around his neck and he be cast into the sea

    I pity the fool and the fools who blindly followed him into the pit

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    You sound jealous that you didn’t think of what Roger did. I don’t know for sure if he was sincere or just in it for the money, nor do I care. He did it openly and was not threatening anyone. The government criminals who arrested him, are going to steal his property and then lock him in a cage for years, probably the rest of his life will get rewarded in this world. If you value the Constitution and freedom of religion you have to let him go. Roger never forced anyone to come to him.
    Craig X

  • Sergio Says:

    Its pretty simple folks, the guy was taking advantage of people hiding behind the so called church thing and making money from it. He got caught now he must do his time in jail END OF STORY…. cry all you want say all you want it will not change anything, he knew the risk and he took. Do the math folks nobody with 7 plants is ever the one crying on here all commercial growers with hundreds of plants, pay you play…Aloha

  • konagold3 Says:

    @Craig X Rubin

    “You sound jealous that you didn’t think of what Roger did.”

    perhaps I did think of it he stole it and I object to the obscenely profane and self serving use Christie put it to

    he cashed in on others creative thought and years of religious service so he could fraudulently sell get out of jail cards for self profit

    he is no better than other frauds and has no real religion

    he has painted all other Cannabist with a tarred brush for the sake of his own ego and profit motive

    shame on him he is getting what he deserves as do all den of thieves participants do

    he was adimantly opposed to the med-pot law yet now its legal has unrighteously profited from it

    Jesus said to heal the sick not to rob them and $400 per oz for a plant, if legal, worth only $2 per pound is highway robbery

    Christie has set back the religious use of pot by his unrepentant larceny

  • Anonymous Says:


    I hope the officers you are talking about is not, the good guys, like (names omitted — tceh), etc. who all grew up here and have great reputations in the community. Awesome guys, especially (name omitted — tceh).

    I heard some stories about (omitted — tceh) along with others but I need to see proof before I believe it,

    And what officer were you talking about seeing in Honolulu and Hilo recently? The marijuana guy?

  • go lakers Says:

    oops, sorry.

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    I appreciate your honesty. I too am a follower of J’shua. I too created a cannabis based temple called Temple 420. We didn’t make any money, we provided medical marijuana in line with state law and we preached the good news helping people in real trouble. I don’t know if Roger was sincere or not. I don’t know if he was anything other than greedy (as are many churches), but I do know this if all charges aren’t dropped, his property not seized and he not be allowed bail as the prosecution is proposing we, ALL AMERICANS, lose their rights. We need to allow freedom of religion and I am sorry you didn’t start your own church where you reached people who use cannabis with the True Word of G-d. Maybe you could have done a better job than Roger, but you didn’t try. And, the MOST important thing you said is that pot’s price is HIGHLY INFLATED for one simple reason–it is illegal. Why is it illegal? Not because it is harmful, but because it is so useful and is competition to so many synthetic products. It is the key to defeating GLOBALISM because hemp as a natural resource allows a local economy to be self sustaining. Again, thanks for your honest and interesting dialogue.
    Craig X Rubin

  • konagold3 Says:

    “I am sorry you didn’t start your own church where you reached people who use cannabis with the True Word of G-d. Maybe you could have done a better job than Roger, but you didn’t try”

    you are wrong

    I joined a Cannabist church in 1973 I am an ordained minister of this church and have ordained many in other places

    I also am a member/minister of Rev. Ben Guerrero’s church and am protected religiously via the 9TH circuit court decision Guam v. Guerrero in which the court has ruled that Guerrero’s religion has a valid use of Cannabis religiously

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Based on his prices, seems Christie’s long term self interest required the prohibition of cannabis to continue. If the poor and sick had no money, where would they stand in the alleged reverend’s line?

    Did he make enough to give substantial amounts to donate to the truly needy or did he just go buy more viagra and cheesy burritos stacked with cream cheese?

    Tis’ evident in da’ mug shot.

  • Sergio Says:

    Go Lakers the guy I saw in Honolulu and Hilo at time of bust was that white dude that retired and moved to the mainland, he looked like he was working to me ???

  • go lakers Says:

    What’s his name?

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    What’s so frikking religious about capitalism?

    Based on his prices, seems Christie’s long term self interest required the prohibition of cannabis to continue. If the poor and sick had no money, where would they stand in the alleged reverend’s line?

    Did he make enough to give substantial amounts to donate to the truly needy or did he just go buy more viagra and cheesy burritos stacked with whipped cream cheese?

    Tis’ evident in mug shot.

  • Sergio Says:

    I forgot the dudes name, John I think is his first name.

  • Sergio Says:

    Go Lakers he is the same dude that busted all the indoor growers and had his picture in the paper plenty.

  • go lakers Says:

    Well, you seem to claim and know so much about the inner workings of police department, what is (omitted — tceh) last name?

    C’mon…or are you just making stories up, Sergio (is it)?

    I’m just glad it’s not (names omitted — tceh) because they are good guys. Honest and straight-up from the get go.

  • konagold3 Says:


    do you mean **** ***** [mod: name redacted]??

    the guy who shot and killed a homeowner in his driveway, pointed a gun at the head of a minor in a pot raid, and felt up the kids sister as the kid testified in county council testimony??

  • Sergio Says:

    What are you talking about your glad its not (omitted — tceh), for what what are you glad its not them for?? Go lakers you sound like your on their stick the way you praise them , but thats the kinda guys they like Jump and you say how high. The dudes last name starts with (omitted — tceh).

  • go lakers Says:

    Let Sergio finish.

    So what be it, Serge?

  • Sergio Says:

    Yea thats his name, but you got some facts wrong and you just ruined your blogging chances by saying that, Aloha.

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Well, I know, like and respect Ben G. of Guam. He came to my trial in Los Angeles. I still think it is wrong to prosecute Roger and don’t get why you are bashing him so harshly other than you think he ‘took’ your idea. Is there another reason or is that one it?

  • go lakers Says:

    Hey Sergio-

    Sorry. I am just calling it like I see it.

    I just know what officers are above the fray and would never be involved in or even for that matter be accussed of unethical or criminal behavior.

    (Names omitted — tceh) are cool.

    But I have heard things about others.

    Last name begins with (omitted — tceh)

    Does not ring a bell.

    What’s the first name?

    Give us a first name.

  • Sergio Says:

    Lets enlighten you Konagold, who knows nothing, Shot guy armed with knife, cleared, gun to head of kid, your damm skippy be at a search warrant with dope and guns you will get a gun to your head, feeling up the girl, wrong officer not him was another vice dude, girl is a liar parents made her say it, cop cleared any other words of wisdom from your trash whole.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “you just ruined your blogging chances by saying that, Aloha.”

    these are the facts widely known about that kop

    there is an association of many individuals wronged by this kop, far beyond the incidents I mentioned, who are seeking retribution

    and my “blogging chances” [what ever that is] is not dependent on your estimations or endorsement

    kops use green harvest to steal pot and it eventually gets sold in Vegas

    try that on fer size

  • Sergio Says:

    Go Lakers, I will tell you what, I know the dude and I am a criminal, he was a hard working dude who got a bad rap and is taking the heat for the real bad guys who are still there working, none of the bad guys are the once you named so don’t worry. But this ex-cop was but in the job to fight a war, and he just followed orders, now he is free.

  • Sergio Says:

    Konagold show the world some proof??? Its all a big conspiracy the pot growers got together and came up with , give me a break… if all the stuff you clowns are saying is true these cops would be in jail but they are not, so give it a rest, nobody believes you except the crooked people in your circle. Don’t worry there will always be reminders like the Christie bust to let you know you will always loose.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Shot guy armed with knife, ”

    guy had called cops and was holding two home invaders at bay ***** [mod: name redacted] shot first and asked questions later

    “your damm skippy be at a search warrant with dope and guns you will get a gun to your head”

    yes pot is so dangerous that deadly force is excused by officers of the peace only in a fascist police state are such extremes tolerated

    “girl is a liar parents made her say it”

    actually her BROTHER testified before the council his head to the gun and he witnessed the sexual assult on his minor sister

    yet morally corrupt defenders of kops accuse this of being a lie

    shame shame shame

    “cop cleared any other words of wisdom”

    so what kop cleared

    kops cover up corruption like the missing $50,000 from the evidence room in Kona that even the FBI could not solve

  • go lakers Says:

    You are admimtting you are a criminal and know the cop, Sergio? Strange.

    But this cop you are talking about is “a good guy”, “hard worker” and got a “bad rap” for the real bad guy “cops” who are still working there? And “took the heat”.

    If the officer is such a good guy with “criminals” like you, how did he get such a bad rap from all the good people our little community of Puna/Hilo?

    Who is the officer involved in marijuana cases you are talking about?

  • konagold3 Says:

    “if all the stuff you clowns are saying is true these cops would be in jail ”

    not when the culture of corruption is so rampant in the police force that kops are protected at the expense of the common good

    a kop emptied his service weapon into his wife’s head and put in another clip emptied it yet because of collective bargaining restraints kops can not have their disciplinary records examined by the public so that we know who the bad apples are

    the county taxpayers paid millions because of the promotion scandal from the chief down

    Mathison’s [sp?] murder of his wife was at first covered up by the dept.

    kops run over pedestrians in crosswalks yet get off

    kops poorly respond to burglary reports of thousands of dollars of solar cells stolen from HOVE with ‘oh well’

    and on and on and on

  • Sergio Says:

    Here is what I have to say, if it was possible to meet with Konagold, and Go Lakers, I would be willing to wager my salary with the government for the nest 10 years that all your stories are urban legend among MJ people and the cop will never never never see you folks again, and you folks will just fade away, a notch in the belt of justice.

  • go lakers Says:

    Who are you, Sergio?

  • Sergio Says:

    Missioned accomplished!! I knew it would not take much for you bone heads to get worked up, and keep ***** [mod: name redacted] a living legend, keep on ranting you fools, I can do it every time a few post about one of the most outstanding cops in HPD history and you boneheads come unglued HILARIOUS!!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And dream about the MJ busts.

  • Sergio Says:

    Go Lakers, I am Sergio of course.

  • go lakers Says:

    You admit to being a criminal on this blog but have a job with the government. You are caught contradicting yourself and telling lies so how is any of the thousands of people reading your post going to believe you.

    Who are you, Sergio?

  • go lakers Says:

    Konagold3- Sergio is the name you dropped earlier.

    It’s him.

    I love Hawaii and it’s too bad some had to leave this island in disgrace. Too bad he does haven’t the guts to show up for the criminal cases he worked in August and testify.

    That will be real fun to see.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “don’t get why you are bashing him so harshly other than you think he ‘took’ your idea. Is there another reason or is that one it?”

    no of course you don’t get it as you are blindly ignoring the basic reason

    it is that one FREELY receives religion and one is obliged to FREELY give

    Christie is a dishonored money changer hiding behind a claim of religious exemption for the sole purpose of making money who had no real religious belief only a lust for money and fame

    Rev. Ben aggrees

  • Sergio Says:

    What do mean according to you and other there are plenty of people who can be law enforcement and are criminals, now who is contradicting ?? I tell you what once in a life time chance walking out the door in about 20 min, and will eating on Alii Drive at either Bubba Gumps or Lulu’s will be sitting with 3 ladies and one other guy will be wearing a blue golf shirt that says Pebble Beach on front, come and see me I will buy you a drink if you find me and say your blog name.

  • go lakers Says:

    Why is your big wife who worked in police dispatch not to your liking anymore.

    go lakers, you don’t think this is injurious? This is one reason why I called you a FAKA and a stupid ass. — tceh

  • Sergio Says:

    One more thing Konagold, I know the dude and if he gets subpoened to come to court he will be there, everyone loves a circus!!!

  • go lakers Says:

    Yeah, right.

    I’m glad the heroes of our department made you resign.

  • Sergio Says:

    I am not married?? What are you talking about??

  • Sergio Says:

    Made who resign, your loosing me…

  • go lakers Says:

    Yeah you’re wife is a nurse and you have a son.

    Dream on about pretty ladies because you need looks, charm, and game for it.

  • Sergio Says:

    I am not married go lakers, I think this blog is getting to your thought process, my rides here see you at Gumps…

  • konagold3 Says:

    “One more thing Konagold, I know the dude and if he gets subpoened to come to court he will be there, everyone loves a circus!!!”

    I am not the one speculating on his coming to testify or not

    are you drunk??

    as you seem disorganized in both thought and expression

  • go lakers Says:

    There you go calling people names and making insinuations, just like “you know who”.

    Well the guy you say you’re not has caused a lot more damage to this community than all these supposed drug lords “you know who” arrested.

    glad the department got rid of you.

  • Sergio Says:

    At Gumps ladies, come on down… one quick thing I challenge you to show proof or to get someone from the department say that got rid of the guy, do it , but you can’t cause its not true. Go laker you are a cop it obvious.

  • Sergio Says:

    I love this Berry they issue, blogging on the go… now what you thinking…..

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Good thing that libertarian mayoral babooze wasn’t part of this arrest. He couldn’t be part of the conspiracy, i guess. One: He can’t grow pot. Two: He IS NOT good with OTHER peoples’ money. Three: You’d have a shifty co-defendant hungry to make a deal only for himself or some press.
    God knows that libertarian is a faithless one!

    As for da’Rajah: He’s even thrown used up girlfriends under the policeman’s bus! No Act! All True!

  • konagold3 Says:

    “At Gumps”

    are you so out of it that you think anyone would go out of their way to share a drink with you


    are you drunk??

  • Sergio Says:

    Hey you all have so much to say about the dude, come sit down and talk some of his friends, you won’t cause most of you have no spine, and can only start rumors and write on here. We all worked with him for years either doing what he does or helping him do what he does.

  • Sergio Says:

    I would love to be able to call the dude up and say I sat a table and had a drink with members of his fan club like you guys are.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “I would love to be able to call the dude up and say I sat a table and had a drink ”

    pride comes before the fall

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    FAKAS! I’m in Kona shopping now and I can’t edit your comments right now. Thank you all for making me want to call thus whole thing off — at least moderate comments.

    Do not make libelous comments, you FAKAS! I don’t even have time to read all your damn back-and-forth, I
    trying to do my shopping right now. But I’m irate, and I will be making some major changes in coming days thanks to your stupid asses.

  • Sergio Says:

    Is this your site?? What are you talking about??? During a blog I think people do go back and forth right?? Why are you so mad??? You graduated from journalism school and you are calling people names like this???? Wow!!

    I graduated from the University of Wyoming, and sometimes this paniola gets pretty riled up, especially when I feel like I’m being used and abused. So, Sergio, if you ever want to comment on my site again, you had better provide a real email address, got it? Sergio@hotmail.com does not exist, and the only reason why I know that is because I tried to email you from the Target parking lot in Kona. So, yeah, you’re lumped in there with the rest of the other fakas for not being true. Don’t take advantage of me or my site, because I will bust out the can of whoop ass. — tceh

  • Bruce Albrecht Says:

    Hi Folks,

    At the blog owner’s request, commenting on this site will be temporarily suspended. Clearly there are some individuals who have made statements that Tiffany finds injurious. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please stay tuned for an update to this situation.

    Mahalo, Bruce, for coming to my aid! I was in Kona in the Target parking lot, reading through about 50 comments on my iPhone, unable to do any editing, and just feeling completely and totally helpless, knowing I still had more Kona errands to run. Thank you so much for being a reliable friend and helper. — tceh

  • Sergio Says:

    This site has been running for how long uncensored and now all of a sudden censorship, thank god!!

    Give yourself a pat on the back for being a part of the change, Sergio. Now, if you ever want to comment on this site again, you better put down a real email, otherwise I’m going to ban you from this site. — tceh

  • konagold3 Says:

    the truth sets one free

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Do not make libelous comments, you FAKAS! ”

    tisk tisk

    any comments I have made are true

    I ordained Christie

    a huge mistake

    however one lets another have enough rope to set themselves free or hang themselves

    Christie stays hung

    as to ***** [mod: name redacted] kops are corrupt on this island

    wise up

  • konagold3 Says:

    Aloha Tiffany

    I, Rev. Dennis Shields did ordain Christie in 2000

    any statement I have made about him is TRUE So help me God

    if you accuse me falsely of libel I am in contact with the ACLU and I will sue

    wise up

    Rev. Dennis Shields

    t 03:28 PM 7/11/2010 -1000, you wrote:

    Do not make libelous comments on my blog or you will be banned…

    With all due respect, if anyone needs to wise up, Rev. Dennis Shields aka konagold3, it is you. This blog may be public, but it is my personal enterprise. You are a guest here. And you need to abide by my rules or you and your ISP will be banned. Unda stand? — tceh

  • konagold3 Says:

    “as to ***** [mod: name redacted] kops are corrupt on this island”

    all it takes for evil to prevail is for the good to do nothing or redact the names of the truely evil

    wise up

  • konagold3 Says:





  • on the road Says:

    konagold got banned from tribune-herald for his statements….

    he is out of controll….

  • Sergio Says:

    Hey Albrecht, did you read her post, she called everyone stupid asses and Fakas, now you were saying what about injurious statements, these comments came from the editor of this site is that professional. I mean if I am wrong then tell me??

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    wow laulau, just over react!

    Children! BE NICE!!

    The least of your concerns should be libel!


    Apologies are in order! My feelings have been hurt!

    please make amends by letting chat about this somemore!!

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    I am in my first trimester of my second pregnancy. I am full of hormones and I very easily bust out the bitch. If you don’t think I’m professional, well, you can just find yourself another blog to camp out on.
    If you have a problem with my new policy of moderating comments, email newswoman@mac.com or call (808)938-8592.
    Let this be a reminder that, while this blog is public, this is a personal enterprise and the buck stops here, FAKAS!
    Oh, and Sergio, next time you post, you better leave a real email or I’m going to ban your ISP from this site.
    Konagold3, do not call my home number. That is your warning. You call the number I have left above.

  • konagold3 Says:
  • konagold3 Says:

    “Konagold3, do not call my home number. That is your warning. You call the number I have left above.”

    Mahalo for the number

    I will not call your home but will call the above number soon

    also mahalo for the info on your term of pregnancy

    I’ll take that into account and I wish you a happy giving of birth and a happy healthy child

    I have three sons and home birthed the first and i honor and respect that a pregnant mom has a most difficult and a most important role for humanity

    Mahalo. Regarding not calling my home number, Just know that my husband has no at all interested in politics and is not amused with “people from the blog” leave us messages. — tceh

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    I ask again:

    Since when is CAPITALISM a religion?

    Or should we look no farther than the opulent Vatican to say,


    Well, let’s see. Some think the right to make a profit is a universal right. Growers can grew it cheaply if they are willing to take the risks and have access to land. While on the other-hand the poor and sick living in boxes or even on the streets will scrape together pennies to score mercy from someone claiming their god said it was all right to sell it for a profit.

    Profit was the ‘healthiest’ part of this pope’s holy mercy mission.

    It even sounds like prophet!

    God bless the Propheteer! When we are without. When times are hard and we are weak. When the right to love and have PLANTS is a right bestowed only to those with PROPERRTY (Stolen Hawaiian property at that!). Thank god for the merciful propoheteer who will take our scrounged savings, for marginal medicine, so we may sleep.

    Thank you for taking our small change for the leftover crumbs you otherwise use for seductions and parties.

    Truth is, Puna’s Pope of Pot sold beaucoup medicine and made a black market profit off the weakest among us.

    Now we must all become hypocrites to defend him?
    Wasn’t the profit for the prophet enough?

    Must we justify the Puna Pope’s greed in order to defend our deepest beliefs…defend our rights and safety?


    This is the MESS that he has been weaving for all of us, all along.

    Mahalo O Propheteer




    Who will help if there is no profit? “Why should I GIVE my weed to you just because you are sick. I

  • konagold3 Says:

    “konagold got banned from tribune-herald for his statements….

    he is out of control”

    actually the more complete truth is that 6 or so pro-pot bloggers got banned all at the same time; yet aggressively offensive anti-pot folks are still posting

    given the blatant bias of the STEPHENS publishing group against a particular view point I have been in contact with the ACLU

    what really seems to have gotten them is me stating the truism that kops use green harvest to steal pot then sold in Vegas

    by what basis do i state such:

    in 1976 the Kona head of vice was caught by watch dogs at a neighbors snipping buds with out a warrant or probable cause case was dropped because his hand was caught in the cookie jar

    for years during Green harvest many witnesses made confession to me, an ordained minister, of observing kops separating buds from stems and roots and the bud going one way in a ‘Green van’ and the stems going off to supposedly burn

    in the mid 1990’s Glenn Robinette was able to examine the budget for green harvest and discovered that a great MANY lobster dive bags were budgeted; these of course would have only been necessary to stash buds for later retrieval in the field

    this was before the green harvest monies were lumped into the general budget then such info was no longer available to the public

    kops can not be trusted with $50,000 in evidence cash even the FBI could not solve the case thus it is impossible to trust kops with millions of dollars of contraband

    “in the mid 1990’s Glenn Robinette was able to examine the budget for green harvest and discovered that a great MANY lobster dive bags were budgeted” — Who is Glenn Robinette, and how do you know this konagold3? — tceh

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    The government has one goal to keep the price of marijuana high. I am against prohibition. In my own case the police stole 10K cash…we bought pot from them with a check, the check was cashed and it was never part of the report. I know other medical marijuana distributors who have been arrested and money disappears in police hands. The profits from prohibition has corrupt the cops and courts. In my own case they used one of OJ’s attorneys to call me and pretend he was going to defend me. Later, we discovered that ‘defense’ attorney was working with police and we have the video to prove it. I used to write for a famous pot magazine until I realized it was run by the CIA. We live in a police state and it is my guess that some of the FAKAS are government agents.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    konagold3, Regarding all the Roger Christie bashing, explain to me why I shouldn’t remove the posts from this thread. Why are these inflammatory posts not libelous or injurious, as you insist in your emails and your message left on my home telephone? After reading through all of your comments, it’s obvious that there is bad blood between the two of you, and it is personal. Your comments went WAY beyond the context of the subject of this thread, that being the DEA raids, which involved the arrest of Roger Christie. Why does my blog need to be in the middle of your feud with Roger Christie? Please explain here as coherently and concisely as can be why I should leave your posts intact. — tceh

  • Greg Says:

    I support your decision to moderate your blog Tiff. I mean if your dog can’t be house trained, ya gotta put him outside, right?

    Sing with me, Greg:

    Time has come today
    Young hearts can go their way
    Can’t put it off another day
    I don’t care what others say
    They say we don’t listen anyway
    Time has come today

    The rules have changed today (Hey)
    I have no place to stay (Hey)
    I’m thinking about the subway (Hey)
    My love has flown away (Hey)
    My tears have come and gone (Hey)
    Oh my Lord, I have to roam (Hey)
    I have no home (Hey)
    I have no home (Hey)

    Now the time has come (Time)
    There’s no place to run (Time)
    I might get burned up by the sun (Time)
    But I had my fun (Time)
    I’ve been loved and put aside (Time)
    I’ve been crushed by the tumbling tide (Time)
    And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)

    Now the time has come (Time)
    There are things to realize (Time)
    Time has come today (Time)
    Time has come today (Time)

    Time [x11]

    Now the time has come (Time)
    There’s no place to run (Time)
    I might get burned up by the sun (Time)
    But I had my fun (Time)
    I’ve been loved and put aside (Time)
    I’ve been crushed by tumbling tide (Time)
    And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)

    Now the time has come (Time)
    There are things to realize (Time)
    Time has come today (Time)
    Time has come today (Time)

    Time [x4]

    (Listening to the Chambers Brothers as I moderate :) — tceh)

  • Peter Frost Says:

    Damn, who needs TV……??? :p

    You cannot stay away, can you 😉 Welcome back, Peter. Just remember, I have and will call people FAKAS and stupid asses, and I reserve that right. Welcome to a new day on this blog. — tceh

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of anyone who was arrested in the DEA raids on Thursday? If so, please email me or call me at (808) 938-8592 asap. My deadline is tomorrow for a story I’m writing for another publication. Mahalo.

  • Big Island Chronicle » Blog Archive » Letters — Helping Roger Christie Says:

    […] I am an old friend of Roger who now lives very far from the Big Island.  I would like to call upon Roger’s many other friends around the world to give him a hand in his time of need (See “Hawaii News — Roger Christie Among A Reported Dozen Arrested In DEA Raids”). […]

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    If someone is shameless, “crass”, dishonest, lazy and likes money and fatty foods, should that make our comments sound personal if we come out and just say it?

    Why, because he is the Pope of Pot and even though he has left it all out for all to see we should slip him a pair of bvd’s to cover up the shrivel??

    The Propheteer has had a controversial and public display of his so called faith for over a decade. Do we not have the consideration to examine or comment on his hoodwinking and apparent service to Mammon?

    Then let’s just talk about…the good things that he has done that will not be enough to cover his certain legal failings.

    Let us keep it Roger-Lite and never examine why this man failed his friends, his customers, his so called beliefs and a cause that he thought was all about the chump change he cherished over real mercy!

    Here’s the deal, cosmo jadler johnr. You guys are ripping on Roger and you’re using pseudonyms. Grow some and post your slams on Roger using your real name. Also, remember that you are hiding behind a pseudonym writing your Roger slams ON MY BLOG, so I want to know why I should be allowing the personal attacks. Shape up or ship out, FAKA. — tceh

  • Greg Says:

    We should take up a collection for the good Reverend’s lawyers. I suggest a donation of say, $400 an ounce, oops, I mean an hour.

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    You can malign Roger and say, what he did was for profit not believing he was sincere in his religion, but if the government can shut down a religious establishment, deny someone bail and seize their property preventing them from mounting a defense than we no longer live in a free country. The USA has become a police state and the prohibition against this benign and benevolent plant is the real crime.

  • Dave Smith Says:

    OK, cosmo jadler johnr, some of us know who Cosmo and Jon Adler were, but who was/is John R? Since it’s a lame pseudonym anyway, might as well spill the beans.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    Oh, and Sergio, you should know that If I wasn’t going to be a journalist or an actress, I was going to be a police detective when I grew up. You should have offered a real email, because the fact that you didn’t made me do some probing and prodding. Just know that I know where the fishing’s good. Don’t take me for a fool. It would have turned out a lot better if you would have taken me up on my offer to write a guest column, FAKA.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Regarding all the Roger Christie bashing, explain to me why I shouldn’t remove the posts from this thread.”

    because the truth about both Christie and his for profit enterprise is that this is a duping of the folks; the unsuspecting who have experienced the spiritual benifit of cannabis yet are fooled into thinking this is a freedom which could be bought by expencive paperwork which is phony.

    Imagine for a moment that, in the aftermath of Katrina, ‘santuary’ in the superdome were only available for a steep price and from a phony ‘church’ which was made up only to sell such sanctuary

    wouldn’t the folks be better served by knowing the truth and putting a stop to such fraud??

    is that not a noble goal of journalism to expose right from wrong??

    by providing as many sides to an issue are the folks served best so that they can make up their own mind??

    one does not sell sanctuary in times of trouble especially in the name of religion; and to make matters worse the promise of freedom from prosecution is a false promise which does not work yet large fees were charged for this illusion of sanctuary through Christie’s web page and someone so fooled was arrested and convicted in Colorado the Judge in that case saying that THC “beliefs do not rise to the level of religion”

    this is NOT a religion and the DEA raids reflect exactly that; indeed, as charged, this was a group dedicated to money not to religion and because the FED’s are able to prove this the folks through this blog would be better served to know these truths and not be deceived

    “Your comments went WAY beyond the context of the subject of this thread, that being the DEA raids, which involved the arrest of Roger Christie.”

    my comments for the most part have dealt exactly with the CAUSE of the DEA raids that because Christie’s for profit enterprise which, according to the TV stories on three stations, reveal 9 weapons 33 lbs of processed pot $30,000 cash 3,000 plants wire tapped request for $400 per oz ‘donations’ the feds are going to tear this up and the jury is going to convict Christie tho I hope not his decieved followers

    folks hare a need to know why if you delete these post some will loose that opportunity and some will continue to believe in Christie’s distortions but at least they had a chance to learn the backstory

    the earlier stories at the time of the bust in March revealed the involvement of the IRS and the post office. the sale of fraudulent sanctuary kits constitutes mail fraud and is relevant to the current arrest

    Christie was ordained in part with the following words from the ordination sermon Jesus gave to the apostles:

    “I send you forth to proclaim liberty to the spiritual captives, joy to those in the bondage of fear, and to heal the sick” and further “I warn you against false prophets who will come to you in sheep’s clothing, while on the inside they are as ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them”

    “heal the sick” not to rob them with $400 oz. when the real value is only $2 per pound”; false prophets are warned against surely not ordained; and the fruits of this bust by which we are to know him show profiteering, weapons, large sums of cash, commersial activity large numbers of daily ‘customers ‘ and processed pot. such are not the fruits of the spirit

    but perhaps one of the most responsible reason to not further censor these post is that the folks have a right to know all sides to the story

    the first reaction is to say if this is about pot why waste so much time and public treasure on it

    while I agree that the war on pot is misguided the case against Christie is warranted because of the blatant fraud of hiding behind a religious facade only to make money

    my post describe this from a first hand perspective. shouldn’t the folks hear all witnesses??

    what I and others have said is that we are all wounded by the tarring by Christie’s misguided and selfish narcissism; he has made it much harder to claim religious use and this case harms all cannabist folks of similar beliefs who need to learn about how their religious rights have been diminished so lessons can be learned from these mistakes and just what are these mistakes so they are not made again

    finally this quote misattributed to Voltaire is a noble guidepost

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    parallel is the idea that even if some disprove of what is said don’t they have the right to hear it and decide for themselves

    Mahalo for the opportunity to answer your question

  • konagold3 Says:

    “You guys are ripping on Roger and you’re using pseudonyms. Grow some and post your slams on Roger using your real name. ”

    I know you noticed that I have used my real name as the e-mail back and forth between us has been from my REAL e-mall address which includes my name so you know I am who I have represented myself to be

    plus I am willing to tell it to the jury

    to declare such shows I have more than Grown some [wink]

  • konagold3 Says:

    “but who was/is John R”

    our friend John Robison who along with his wife Rhonda and Roomate were arrested with legal pot three blue cards and got a $30,000 settlement from the county from their illegal home invasion by the kops

    after 14 years of battling cancer via the use of pot John passed away a couple of years ago

    i miss him very much

  • konagold3 Says:

    “but if the government can shut down a religious establishment”

    would you disagree with the govt shutting down pedophile priest hiding behind a frock??

  • konagold3 Says:

    Not directly but I am helping an attorney of one of the defendants when I call later I will pass along contact info

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Does anyone know how to get a hold of anyone who was arrested in the DEA raids on Thursday? ”

    sorry the above post should have included this question

  • Anonymous Says:

    I have known Rodger for over 20 years. Contrary to what has been said here by some, when I was down, had no money and needed help he helped not only me but my family. We could not pay yet he gave us whatever he had that could help us at the time. I saw him do that for others as in the guy staying at his ministry that had just been released from jail for a marijuana crime and had no where to go.

    I find many of the post attacking Rodger mean spirited, at best its so easy to kick a person when they can not defend them self, shameful in my view, to take pleasure in another’s misfortune. Even before he was arrested I saw him turn the other cheek when under attack from some of the same people I see rejoicing here. Never fighting back just continuing on, I never saw Rodger take pleasure in another’s misfortune even the police who persecuted him. I see no evidence he forced any one to give him a dime. If you wanted what he had he ask for a donation give or don’t. The cost of cannabis are directly proportional to the prohibition, greed I think not, I didn’t see it, he lived modestly. If its true that there were lines to get in to see him there must have been value provided. In a free market that is how you get lines through providing value. If there was a better choice people would have taken it.

    I certainly do not believe everything the police say any one who does is a fool. The police said there was 5 million dollars in marijuana, that is laughable. They found $21,000.00 so where is the 5 million? Its a fabrication of magnitudes to blow their own horns. It propaganda, and you can bet the alleged 33 pounds was not anywhere near all usable buds (they weigh roots, dirt, boxes ect. Further 3000 plants while if even true would be substantial, might at most raise a fraction of 5 million dollars even without rippers and greenharvest. So where is the 5 million? Its a fantasy a fairy tell, another lie. There is no 5 million dollars never was.

    The federal law used to arrest these people says marijuana is a schedule 1 drug. By definition it has no recognized medical use in the U.S………obviously that’s a lie, we all know that, hell Hawaii recognizes medical use. Think about that, the law is based on a lie, millions of Americans have been prosecuted using a law that in and of itself is a lie. Guess what else ice is schedule 2….does that mean marijuana is worse than ice, you would think so as one of the marijuana defendants is facing life in prison and guess what you get to pay for it.

    5 million in marijuana no way but It will cost millions of tax dollars to investigate this for 2 years, adjudicate for years more , public defenders, prosecutors, judges their staff, C-130 planes to fly them around, and incarcerate these 14 people, if they can even get them a fair trial. That is tax payer money. We can not afford this, Its a total waste.

    Rodger provided a safe place for patients and others to get medicine or sacrament. Now many of them are forced to go to back alley dealers I see no virtue or benefit in that. Will they stop using marijuana highly unlikely.

    This was a loss for the community, he provided a service no one else dared. The marijuana will continue to flow the main difference I see is it will be far more dangerous to buy from the street dealers.

    If anyone thinks they can supply the patients start advertising. If those critics are so much more generous than THC ministry to the sick, give it away, that would be the day…

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Dear Dave

    “Lame” is in the limp of the lassitude!

    And the identity of the pseudonym doesn’t amount to a hill of beans!

    But in kindness to the sympathetic journalist ejaculated from that building on the corner of Kinoole and Mamo, which coincidentally is painted the same color as the backside of a dollar bill, they are all now make’, or deceased. For the striving malahini, that means, dead.

    With the facts at hand and behind the scenes, I would think each, even Jadler now, would think The Propheteer a profiteer.

    How about you, ‘chronicler of facts’? No shame.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:


    I did not approve the comment you left shortly after 2:30 am this morning because you are providing a bogus email. You can email me privately and assure me that you are going to respect my rules. Otherwise, you need to blog elsewhere. I’m not into game-playing.

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Dear Annonymous

    Your defining The Propheteer’s mission as “free enterprise” astutely encapsulates my view of your Pope of Pot.

    See how well the ‘free market’ works for the poor and destitute here and abroad. For all the change you hoped the pious merchant to deliver, all he could do was sell it 50% higher than one could score at the rear of the Akebono Theater parking lot (right behind Luquin’s and before you get to the bushes).

    If he was and presented his enterprise as a for profit enterprise, that would be one thing. But the self proclaimed minister, talked church, bought and sold at a hefty profit and will now have to rely heavily of those who practiced while he pedaled.

    But what of the fact that the access and even the right to cannabis is class privilege?

    In the old days before 2000 an Hawaii Medijuana (jadler) laws, remember the rich lawyers and property owners who could afford that $400 oz then? Now medijuana can be grown by the sick but they better own land to pull it off. Or have da’ kala to go to Long’s Dru… I mean The Propheteer’s ministry.

    In many ways medijuama relief is still very much a class privilege and the Pope of Pot was ever ready and dedicated to relieve the poor to help make mortgages elsewhere.

    No Robin Hood, this one.

    Point is, the marginal marijuana minister EXP0LOITED the poverty and those afflicted to make his 50%.

    I don’t propose or support The Propheteer be prosecuted or imprisoned, but as we know especially in the cannabis world what often is the fate for avarice.
    Maybe, maybe not.

    Service? More like self service.

    In time as the facts arrive, you too will be shamed by this profiteer. Rush now, blush later.

    As for my part, I will work with others to mitigate the impact of The Propheteer’s potential for a dangerous legal precedent.

    But the mess that The Propheteer will lay at our feet comes after years of patience, support, criticisms, forgiveness and finally contempt by numerous peers.

    The man has been carrying on flamboyantly and carelessly. This is a mess that he has been working on all his life. De not be surprised when you find out how deluded and irresponsible he is.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    Cosmo jadler johnr:
    If you wonder where your posts are, know that I’m withholding publishing them until you respond to me from the email you provided.
    As for anyone else who wants a comment published on this blog, if you aren’t providing a valid email your comment will be dumped. I’m not going to allow anyone to take advantage of this site.
    Also, if you write me an email asking me to publish a letter or guest column, you better be able and willing to provide your true and correct first and last name.
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    aka playground monitor

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Dear tceh

    There are things that one can say about a person that is libelous or even thought mean spirited. Some people are fair ground, like public figures. like, saying George W. is a no-good-murdering sack of neocon excrement. That might earn one a future date with a death squad but hardly reason to get kicked off a timely and meaningful blog…unless like maybe on the Big Island where the media is so tightly controlled.

    In the marijuana world, don’t you know that our privacy and even anonymity can be a life or death matter.

    So our pseudonyms could be considered nom guerre.

    And, why not just discuss the merit or de- of what is posted? What matter a name. Judge the post and not the poster! But as for the Propheteer, he is obviously in the news. At his choosing, his practice was laid bare for all of us to examine.

    Apparently your hope for a shiny unity is blemished by the experiences of others. Sorry I never bothered to let you know before last week’s bust.

    But what is this? A write in contest for a eulogy?

    If you wish cosmo jadler johnr to not post again, go ahead and block. It not goin hurt my peelings!

    But if you don’t, I promise to be as factual and critical as this situation requires.

    Talk is always cheap but hollow words can be expensive.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    Again, cosmo jadler johnr, you are writing into the ethers until you can confirm the email address you are providing. All I need from you is a confirmation from the provided email and you can post away using whatever pseudonym you like. Until then, your comments will not see the light of day. That is how I roll. Too much bullshit. As I wrote above, The Time Has Come Today, the day of moderation. And I got news for you, with a store to run, a household to manage, and a second baby on the way, this playground monitor shit is going to get old fast. Pray for more advertisers to keep me interested. Let everyone be forewarned, I may be moving toward subscription-only viewing, I’ve been pushed that far.

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Great job. I am a real person who knows Roger and don’t have negative things to say about him. I appreciate your busy life and you regulating this page, so it doesn’t get out of hand. I’d be happy to write for you on this matter I have written for major magazines before. I am currently without much money because of my own pro cannabis temple that provided medical marijuana to people in CA, so I can’t afford it if you go to subscription only viewing, so if we can trade me writting for you for access I’d appreciate that. Marijuana is fairly harmless and actually good for the planet, so it is my dream to see prohibition end.
    Craig X

  • on the road Says:

    wow..141 comments and growing…

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Rodger provided a safe place for patients and others to get medicine or sacrament.”

    not a safe place as it turns out

    14 arrest in Hawaii plus at least one conviction in Colorado of some one fooled by the representation that his sanctuary kit provided protection from prosecution only to find that THC beliefs did not rise to the level of religion

    the reason I am willing to provide the truth as I know it about this whole sorted mess is that innocent folks have been hurt, duped, overcharged and the cause of the religious use of cannabis has been devastatingly set back

  • Craig X Rubin Says:


    You act as if you are against the evils of prohibition, the criminal out of control government that would lie about their seizure, then spending millions of tax dollars during a time of economic difficulties to take a person’s freedom and property and are a believer in J’shua as Messiach. The reality is you are simply ANTI-ROGER.

    If you were a man of faith you would forgive, move-on and bring people together because you say you have a common goal. Whether Roger was sincere or not is not the issue…the issue is does the US Constitution mean anything? Does our nation protect religious freedom or not? We will not find out until there is a trial. We will know if we live in a free country if he is allowed to present a religious defense. I don’t think that he will. I think we live in a police state and that is the reason so many people have written on this page…to dillute the power of each post and discourage someone from reading them all.

    Craig X

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Mahalo Tiffany

    Since most everything is already “monitored” by THE BIG PLAYGROUND MUTHA’ in the sky, let me assure you- what I say will not create evidence for me or others. I will strive to make sure what I say doesn’t get anyone in trouble.

    As for the Pope, there are questions and issues that are bound to affect the faithful, the sick and revelers alike.

    Our silence –or our being silenced, will neither help us, Big Island Chronicle or the Puna Pope of Pot.

    To achieve our greatest goal,
    Ke Akua requires our perfection.

    Yes, a brave man chose to stand in the fire.
    Let us see him in the light of da’blog.

    Let the Revelry Begin!

  • konagold3 Says:

    having been through a trial [four years from arrest until appeals to the Hawaii Supreme court were exhausted] for the religious use of cannabis I would like to share some of the legal highlights which rule the court in making such a determination.

    having gone through a RFRA [the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which still applies to Feds but not the State] defence in my own trial as I understand it there are 5 crucial points [these also in State law in State of Hawaii v. Blake and in the application of the ‘Andrews’ test]

    1.is a religious belief sincere
    2.is a religion legitimate
    3.is the religion burdened by the law
    4.is there a compelling state interest
    5.is the law the least restrictive means to apply the hypothetical compelling state interest to the religion in question

    unfortunately for members of THC ministry Christie’s defense will fail the first two factors

    legitimacy and sincerity; and the next three will not even be considered

    the sincerity test will fail because, as news reports on TV have indicated, Christie will rely on the Licence to perform Marriages he recieved from the State as a ‘Cannabis ministry’

    the failure lies in the fact that Christie obtained this license as a member of an entirely different religion, different beliefs, different religious text, different mandates, different practices; a religion which has a court recognized stipulation, between the State and me, that it is legatimate and sincere; Christie has even relied upon this stipulation on his web page

    the person named is not Christie but yours truly.

    the church was not THC ministries but the Religion of Jesus Church [established in 1969 by Rev. James Kimmel]

    this recognition by the State of legitimacy and sincerity is not transferable to an entirely different religion which would have to stand its own test of sincerity and legitamacy

    Christie might be able to try to claim his membership in the Religion of Jesus church as protection however he can not transfer such protection to members of an entirely different group [tho as the minister who ordained him, and recommended him in a letter to the State for a license to preform marriages, I publicly dissociated with him in 2001 because of the revelation of his fraud and his betrayal of a significant other by calling the kops on her, this after her house was at risk due to Christie inviting the Police Chief for an over-nighter at a so called Cannabis Sanctuary bed&breakfast established in her home, plant tour included, and two joints on a pillow = all her risk no risk for Christie, tho mediation was requested by Christie he pulled the trigger on calling the kops; after the dust settled he got 99% of what he was calling the kops about]

    innocent folks have been hurt one should know

  • Thomas Says:

    KG your comment…”not a safe place as it turns out”
    is not accurate…

    The comment shows what I see as a lack of objectivity about Rodger….

    Those arrested were not the “patients or others that came to get medicine or sacrament”….

    How was it not safe for the patients? For years the patients were able to know they could get what the doctors recommended in the light of day, that was a service, whether you liked it or not, and has nothing to do with your religious beef.

    What are the patients suppose to do? Many clearly can not or will not grow it. Easy to throw stones but he was the first to openly supply the patients at least give him that as no one else even came close…..

    Was it perfect, clearly not it was the first and done at great risk as we see.

    The road is clear now for you to show the religious users a better way knock yourself out I look forward to hearing about it. While your at it set up a cheap reliable supply for the patients, they could sure use it especially now…..

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Craig X Rubin Says:
    July 12th, 2010 at 9:01 am
    “I am currently without much money because of my own pro cannabis temple that provided medical marijuana to people in CA, so I can’t afford it if…”

    Knowing of the Thc ministry and believing in his motives and methods, would you think it wise for you to franchise with the Pope for an economic recovery plan of your very own?

    If not, why not.

  • Homo Vastator Says:

    Kudos for the HPD in its (alleged) reluctance to cooperate in this act of oppression. Nullify!

    Nullification is Thomas Jefferson’s idea, articulated most clearly in his Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, that if the federal government passes a law that reaches beyond the powers delegated by the states, the states should refuse to enforce it. Jefferson believed that if the federal government is allowed to hold a monopoly on determining what its powers are, we have no right to be surprised when it keeps discovering new ones. If they violate the Constitution, we are “duty bound to resist,” to quote James Madison’s Virginia Resolutions of 1798.


  • konagold3 Says:

    “The reality is you are simply ANTI-ROGER. ”


    i am against the innocent being duped,overcharged, misled, false claims of protection against prosecution & for a fee, and harmed by fraud by anyone in a illegitimate guise of the religious use of Cannabis

    unfortunately for all of us that description is filled by Christie

    were I simply anti Christie I would attack him based on his personal conduct outside the realm of this bust and this religious fraud

    “Whether Roger was sincere or not is not the issue…the issue is does the US Constitution mean anything?”

    WRONG again

    Freedom of religion has limits

    one can not throw a virgin into the volcano out of religious convictions whether legitimate or sincere as the state has a compelling interest to prevent such harm to the innocent

    it is the same here

    Supreme Court Justice Scolia [sp?] in Smith v Dept. of Employment ruled that freedom of religion does not apply to laws of general applicability

    Congress responded with RFRA signed by Clinton in 1993 creating the 5 point test described in a previous post

    legitimacy and sincerity, therefore, are most important in a court of law, which is just where Christie is right now

  • Rev. Nancy Says:

    Thank you Tiffany for providing this forum. Brother Kona Gold, I have emailed you privately about this, and I will continue to exhort you to refrain from any further communion with the powers of evil, or any further utterances of this evil nature! At least “Sergio” hasn’t been switching sides! I will continue to pray for you, my brother, and for your redemption. One Louve.

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    While I appreciate your knowledge and understand what you have been through as I have been put through that too you are missing the point in all of your anger towards Roger. Roger is going to jail, not because of what he did, but because the government is corrupt and has a goal of arresting anyone who stands up against the corporate take over of cannabis. Roger’s sincerity is not the issue. The issue is freedom in America. If you bad mouth Roger and says he deserves jail than eventually you’ll be in jail too…that is just how it works…we need to stand up for his rights as we’d stand up for yours if we’d had known about what was going on when you were busted.
    Craig X

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    BTW JAdler,
    I never ‘franchised’ with Roger…what a joke you are!
    My wife and I decided on our own to open a temple to provide legal medical marijuana in CA after I played the owner of the medical marijuana club on Showtime’s Weeds in a comical way. My wife and I people who believe in the bible and wanted to provide medical marijuana the way the church runs hospitals, with more compassion in mind and less on profit. After running for mayor of Los Angeles I was retaliated against by very powerful people. All charges were dropped yet they have refused to give us a hearing on our seized money even after 5 years because money has no habeus corpus rights and the government actually arrests people’s assets. We live in a police state under a soft form of Martial Law…I am not ignorant of that fact any more.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Sergio” hasn’t been switching sides! ”

    neither have I

    the truth sets us free

    free of fraud
    free of false promises of protection from prosecution
    free from over charging of sales of the Holy Herb
    free from pretense and ego mania

    if your concerned about consorting with ‘evil’ then reject Christie’s fraud and embrace the truth

    as I urged you in e-mail, if you want to help or protect Cannabist, contact Christie and persuade him to cop a plea, he can not win a religious defense, especially were I compelled to testify against him

    I am prepared for that eventuality with a clean conscious, knowing the truth, and willing to follow it

    are you??

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    You are so full of yourself…you are here for the poor and down trodden who have suffered at the hands of Christie. It is a lie. You have suffered, you are upset and while he can’t defend himself you are claiming to be a hero. There are plenty of people in the world far worse that Christie. Yet, are you doing anything about any other injustice in the world? No, you are not. This is your chance to kick the guy while he is down. Your mother must be very proud of you. Keep it up because it only shows what a petty, short sighted little man you are…it doesn’t hurt Roger’s cause. As I have said at least 6 times…it doesn’t matter if he was sincere or not because he wasn’t throwing virgins in a volcano was he? There is not one person claiming to be hurt by Roger other than the state. The state, a semi-facsist police state, has an interest in keeping this plant prohibited that goes beyond the supposed harm that is done to people and the planet by growing and using it.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Roger’s sincerity is not the issue.”

    wrong again

    any legal defense for the religious use of Cannabis is dependent on sincerity, as Christie will surly learn

    flat fact

    of course the drug war exemption to the bill of rights is an issue but two wrongs do not make a right

    one can not hide behind the guise of insincere and illegitimate religion in order to fight the war on pot it does not work and will not work

    if you have an issue it really lies with Christie’s fraud which has hurt the innocent

    have you no empathy for them other that the empathy you have for Christie??

    as they are the real victims in this

  • konagold3 Says:

    “he was the first to openly supply the patients”

    many patients have been supplied for free on this island that you don’t know about because these works of charity are not egoistically publicly proclaimed

    were Christie running a charity rather than a for profit enterprise i would not be making any comments

    he only perpetuated obscene profits for an herb worth the price of tomatoes in a free market, some hero[snicker]

    as to a safe place and the bust only involving growers not patients you have forgotten the fellow in Colorado busted thinking Christie’s paperwork provided protection from prosecution

    the innocent have been harmed have some concern for them please

  • konagold3 Says:

    “As I have said at least 6 times…it doesn’t matter if he was sincere or not”

    saying something false a million times will not make it true

    Christie is now in a court of law, of course sincerity matters; that you can’t understand this is your problem not mine

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Again you are not only making the government argument you want to testify in their case against Roger. The truth is cannabis makes fuel to get us out of the Middle East. The plant makes paper allowing fewer trees to be cut down. Cotton growing poisons the water supply through run off and pesticides where hemp with no natural enemies other than man is a great fiber for clothing. Hemp seed is nutricious and can be grown in drought conditions on marginal soil to feed millions and yet it is all ILLEGAL because some people get high from the weed? Grow up! There is a larger agenda here and you are on the wrong side.

    However, keep jumping up and down metaphorically speaking because I don’t think it is making your case any stronger. There is not one of your points that holds water. You are just stirring the mud.


  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    As for ANYONE getting busted as a result of Roger that is a BS charge that the government is going to throw at him. ANYONE dumb enough to break the law and think they might not get in trouble is dumb. Roger sold a kit that included legal cases, anecdotal evidence and cited the Constitution and Declaration of Independence…maybe there was some Black’s Law too. Either way, he tried to teach people how to defend themselves incase something happened to them while legally practicing their religion that included cannabis burning.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “you are here for the poor and down trodden who have suffered at the hands of Christie. It is a lie”


    I have for years [nearly a decade] counseled those harmed by Christie they who have come to me unsolicited, the ripped off cheated and misled

    to care for these has been my ministerial duty done for free

    I do not hate Christie the sinner

    I hate the sin

  • konagold3 Says:

    “The state, a semi-facsist police state, has an interest in keeping this plant prohibited ”

    Christie in narcissistic greed has helped the state do exactly that

  • Thomas Says:

    KG….”many patients have been supplied for free on this island that you don’t know about because these works of charity are not egoistically publicly proclaimed”

    I don’t doubt that KG and have seen it myself many times, however the fact remains; If nobody knows about it its not open and therefore the majority of the patients can not benefit from it……Rodger provided a service that no one else did or is. I stand by what I said.

    Even if much of what you say were true, you refuse to see anything that will not fit your picture and you try to rework into your agenda, so you lose credibility in my opinion. He provided a service for patients and probably others. Did he profit? Let the government produce the money and not some pie in the sky figure like the 5 million dollars that even you could not believe. Lets see the money. He profited marginally at best judging by his assets of $21,000.00 and an apartment in Hilo, at 61 years of age. That is the only verifiable information we have right now. That may change we will see, but you know the government can not be trusted so do not be so quick to accept the parts that suit your picture, be objective. He lived a modest lifestyle from what I saw over the last 20 years, so where is all the money?…….You know what you know and are entitled to your opinions but many of us also know Rodger and have a different opinion than you…..Was he perfect no, evil incarnate I just don’t think so……..

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    And, Where are the victims??? Kona seems to be the only victim of Roger and Kona was the one who ordained him…and then disavowed him? Hello?

    The only victim in this case is Kona–and the United States of America…not even the state of HI.

    The investigation was conducted by a joint team of Drug Enforcement Agency, the Hawaii County Police Department, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Postal Inspection Service, and Hawaii High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms and Explosives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Marshals Service, the Coast Guard, the State of Hawaii Narcotics Enforcement Division, the State Department of Public Safety and the Hawaii National Guard Counter Drug Unit.



  • Homo Vastator Says:

    We have to get beyond these personality issues. Roger could have sold pot clandestinely as many do, but he did it in the open, bravely challenging The (Police) State. There will be no help from the corrupt justice system, but there is a good chance for JURY NULLIFICATION. Considering the fact that the majority of voters on the Big Island have made their will on the cannabis issue known, this is a political/individual/state’s rights issue, not a criminal one. Roger is and has been fighting for years for the right of peaceful people to explore their inner (spiritual) world without having their lives and the lives of their families ruined by a merciless State. Roger walked the walk. We need to support him.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “The only victim in this case is Kona–and the United States of America…not even the state of HI.”


    as I said [and I tell NO LIE] many have come to me over the years those with cancer who were disgusted by the high prices charged by this so call minister, those cheated out of business dealings, those claiming betrayal on personal levels, many mentioning that Christie was only in it for the money so many i can’t remember them all

    your rose colored glasses indicate that you refuse to understand anything that does not fit YOUR agenda

    physician heal thyself

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    So, where are these countable victims because I only see you and the Feds? Can you name one? Did they go to law enforcement? Or was their betrayal spiritual?

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Rodger provided a service that no one else did or is. I stand by what I said.”

    pastor Ray Christal [ Religion of Jesus Church] provided this service in the mid and late 1990’s on Maui preceding Christie by several years

    he ran afoul of Mayor Linda Lingle and after several years of tolerance by Maui PD was busted after being politically incorrect

  • konagold3 Says:

    Let the government produce the money and not some pie in the sky figure like the 5 million dollars that even you could not believe”

    the feds value living plants at at least $1000 per or $3 million for 3000 plants

    a single plant can produce 450 grams call it a pound @400 per oz. = $6400 per plant times 3000 plants =$19.2 million

    one could make the point that the feds have undervalued the case

  • cosmo jadler johnr Says:

    Rubin said: “I never ‘franchised’ with Roger…what a joke you are!
    My wife and I decided on our own to open a temple to provide legal medical marijuana in CA after I played the owner”

    Another politician? Goodness! Brother, people are hungry and we need a few thousand more!

    Anyway my joke is: If you find the practice of the Pope reasonable, arguable/legally defensible and compassionate, why not follow?

    It altered the Pope’s balance sheet.

    If his sanctuary kit was good, why not revive it and charge something for xerox copies…colored even

    But if it is not good, would you, reverand/rabbie/priest/ asst. pope etc, collect money from people and assure them of its legal potency?

    I ask you, fellow poor temple dweller?

    Would you sell promises you couldn’t keep?

    Would you attempt THAT return on investment on some of the poorest or sickest in our town?

    Would you then expect others to help you when the government took away all that away?

    No one I know here is attempting to make heavier the Propheteer’s load.

    But he in fact taints and endangers the rest who must face trials of their own shortly. The Propheteer’s enterprise will not help the causes of others who dwell in the santuary of the REEFER Act.

    So yeah, we will do our best in this trial to help where ever we can.

    But just know that the weakness of the Propheteer’s defense is of his making, delusion and greed.

    He has been advised many, many times.

  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

    “Steely Dan”,

    Sorry, not@here.com is not a valid email address, and your comment will remain in the ethers until you are ready to play by my rules and give me a true and correct email.

    People, what part of give me a true and correct email address, do you not understand?

    Tired of the game-playing on the blog.

    Go find another place to play.

  • Thomas Says:


    You lost all credibility with those numbers as anyone that understands this issues knows $1000.00 is a bogus number. Used to blow up the prohibitionist balloon. You are nothing more than an agent provocateur, whether you know it or not. You love the man here is wishing you well with your friends. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but you are hopeless, doing the feds bidding. Trying to divide the forces against prohibition. What good did somebody on Maui dealing pot years ago do all the patients Rodger served. none at all…..Try again but I tire of your nonsense, arguing for your own self interest in pursuing your lame vendetta. You are setting back religious use in that many will want nothing to do with an angry self appointed man of god such as you…..

  • konagold3 Says:

    “People, what part of give me a true and correct email address, do you not understand?”

    a very reasonable criteria

    curious minds want to know

    do the pro kop postings of a ‘Sergio’ constitute the postings of a stealth law enforcement officer??

    Hmmmm, Konagold3, inquiring minds do want to know. — tceh

  • konagold3 Says:

    “What good did somebody on Maui dealing pot years ago do all the patients Rodger served”

    it provided the template Christie poorly followed

    “$1000.00 is a bogus number.”

    WRONG yet again one would think that these simplistic mistakes would become tiresome

    here is just ONE of many cultavars claiming high thc and 400 to 500 grams per sq

  • konagold3 Says:

    “What good did somebody on Maui dealing pot years ago do all the patients Rodger served”

    it provided the template Christie poorly followed

    “$1000.00 is a bogus number.”

    WRONG yet again,

    one would think that these simplistic mistakes would become tiresome


    that is just ONE of many FEMINIZED cultivators claiming high THC and 400 to 500 grams [equivalent to a pound] per sq meter

    if one used a $400 per oz. rate, the rate which the feds wire tapped Christie, that means $6400 per pound then a value of $19 million for 3,000 plants would be closer to the potential value of the bust than $5 million

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    You are a self serving ego maniac and since your opinions are so close to that of the government’s it makes me wonder two things: are you getting paid to trash Roger? how do you have so much free time to bash Roger?

  • Homo Vastator Says:

    Konagold3 sure has a lot to say about Roger (none of it nice). Hate the sin, love the sinner? Sure, and that bunco preacher on TV personally prays over every single one of those cards and letters (before taking out and depositing the check). Admit it. You hate this guy – good old fashioned Seven Deadly Sin HATE. You are not fooling anyone. Embrace the Hate. Feel the power of the Dark Side.

  • konagold3 Says:

    You are a self serving ego maniac ‘

    well if you cannot beat the message take it out on the messenger

    engaging in ad hominem attack is the flag of defeat

    i accept your surrender


  • konagold3 Says:

    “Admit it. You hate this guy”


    hate the sin and its harm to those I know who have been hurt by the fraud

  • konagold3 Says:

    “are you getting paid to trash Roger?”


    I’m just glad to give [2winks]

    “how do you have so much free time to bash Roger?”

    it is my duty, and who says my time is free??

  • Homo Vastator Says:

    Konagold3 –

    Correctly categorizing someone is not an ad hominem attack.

  • Craig X Rubin Says:


    I didn’t give up. I didn’t attack you by calling you an ego maniac I simply gave an accurate description. By your own account on this blog you should be the one in jail and not Roger.

    You were the one who ordained Roger Christie of the THC Ministry according to your own words. Secondly, you said that you created the TEMPLATE that Roger took…therefore, anyone reading this should call the FBI and turn you in because you are the true menace to society for loosening Roger to commit fraud and take advantage of people, instead of reigning him in as was your responsibility as the person who ordained him, you abandoned him. You are like a military person who leaves his wounded friend on the battlefield. So, keep trying to redeem your bosses because as you say you time is not free.

  • go lakers Says:

    Where is Sergio?

    Does he not know how to follow the rules and got kicked off the blog? Kind of like his alter ego who got kicked off the you know what?

    But we are all happy his friend is gone and some of the other posters know who he is and are laughing at him…..hahahaha

    We know.

  • konagold3 Says:

    “I didn’t attack you by calling you an ego maniac I simply gave an accurate description.”

    sure you attacked my person by such an unfounded attack

    you do not claim to be qualified to make such an assessment so therefore your smarmy claim to be accurate of description is only a mundane attack which does not address the issues i raise it only attacks the messenger

    ” you created the TEMPLATE that Roger took”

    unfortunately you fail to comprehend that which you read


    wise up

  • konagold3 Says:

    “you are the true menace to society for loosening Roger to commit fraud”

    yet you fail to understand I PUBLICLY denounced him in 2001

    thus i have been warning folks about Christie’s fraud for nearly a decade

    better luck next time with your faulty logic

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Description of Ad Hominem

    …an attack against the character of person making the claim, his circumstances, or her actions is made (or the character, circumstances, or actions of the person reporting the claim). Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting). This type of “argument” has the following form:

    1. Person A makes claim X.
    2. Person B makes an attack on person A.
    3. Therefore A’s claim is false.

    The reason why an Ad Hominem (of any kind) is a fallacy is that the character, circumstances, or actions of a person do not (in most cases) have a bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim being made (or the quality of the argument being made).”

    any attack of me as a messenger by calling me any name [e.g. ego maniac etc]is an attack against the person and dishonors the attacker

    this is a demonstration of GIVING up the debate and constitutes a loss of logic and debate

  • Thomas Says:

    KG…..seek help…….

  • damon Says:

    Konagold… what type of statement is this?




    WISE UP”

    Tiff… this guys a crackerjack!

  • Homo Vastator Says:

    1. Person A makes claim X (against person B).
    2. Person B makes an attack on person A (Correctly observes something about person A – A is B’s jilted lover, for example) .
    3. Therefore A’s claim is suspect.

    It works also if Person A is a mental defective, insane, or an habitual liar. Also related is the nature of A’s claim. If A is a moron, for example, and is expounding some obscure point in particle physics, we might be justified in being skeptical, although you are correct – the fact that the fellow is a moron doesn’t logically preclude his being right on any particular point, but experience suggests that this is probably not the case. At any rate your Internet vendetta against Roger more closely resembles a jealous rage than a mathematical theorem.

  • Thomas Says:

    I just talked to a friend who said all the defendants except Rodger are out of jail. Rodger may get out tomorrow, lets hope so. He also said at least one of the attorneys wants to mount a vigorous defense to the charges, and is highly motivated.

  • konagold3 Says:

    here is a letter I have sent to an attorney who is representing one of the defendants

    Aloha ****

    just got off of the phone with ***** discussing the more complete and out of the religious box defense as religious rights do not free the most number of folks, such religious freedom does not for instance give medicinal freedom or recreational freedom

    I understand there is a legal axiom that you don’t get to use the poison fruit from the poison tree

    cannabis laws are inherently Jim Crow laws which violate the 13th amendment and the civil rights act. the M word used to legally describe Cannabis is from Mexican military slang which implies it takes two women Mary and Jane to satisfy the supposed lust generated by cannabis consumption, thereby, in one word, both racist [aimed at Mexicans ] and sexist [by objectifying women]

    further the NAACP just endorsed the prop 19 initiative in CA to legalize pot because arrest statistics demonstrate that folks of color [most particularly blacks and Hispanics] are arrested for so-called cannabis crimes at a rate which exceeds their respective percentages of the population

    this demonstrates that pot laws are still used in a Jim Crow fashion, the poison fruit from the poison tree [arrest statistics on the big island obtained by the peaceful sky ordinance show that haoles are arrested disproportionately to their percentage of the population]


    cannabis prohibition violates the following bill of rights amendments

    1st 4th 5th 9th 10th 13th and 14th

    one by one

    1st amendment rights to freedom of religion; Rastafarian, Hindus, Tantric Buddhist, Jews, Dagga, Zoroastrians and Christians all have historical sacramental use of cannabis in their belief systems RFRA calls for compelling state interest to prohibit Cannabis religiously; the sweeping prohibition of pot violates the rights of all religions which use or have used cannabis religiously

    4th amendment which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. The amendment specifically also requires search and arrest warrants be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause; when police use helicopters to invade the privacy of citizens searching for cannabis such are unreasonable searches creating a poison fruit type of probable cause if any hither to unobservable plants are found

    5th “….nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself,” the use of hair or urine analysis constitutes ones own body to be a witness against oneself

    9th addresses rights of the people that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    since the right to use cannabis or prohibit it is not mentioned in the constitution the govt can not deny or disparage its use [first President George Washington in his farming diaries at Mt. Vernon directed ” make the most of the India Hemp seed, sow it EVERYWHERE]

    10th “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” the PEOPLE retain the POWER to use pot it is a right of personal sovereignty

    the 9th and 10th amendments are the reason it took an amendment to the constitution to prohibit alcohol [more on this below]

    the 13th officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude. the prohibition of cannabis is a form of involuntary servitude and slavery to the government which implies that a persons body is controlled by the government

    14th “…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”

    because precedent was set for the prohibition of alcohol via the amendment process and since no amendment has ever been passed to prohibit cannabis both due process and equal protection are violated by cannabis prohibition

    the best way I believe to defeat the unconstitutional cannabis prohibition is to use all of the above to regain the rights of ALL the PEOPLE to use cannabis

    regarding the 1st amendment Jesus taught that we know a tree by its fruits

    cannabis seed is the worlds most perfect food nutritionally having all three essential fatty acids [the omega’s] unique from any other food source

    it is said the Buddha existed on one hemp seed a day for an extended period of time


    Rev. Dennis Shields


  • konagold3 Says:

    “It works also if Person A is a mental defective,”

    further ad hominem

    lets flip Christie’s fraud on its head

    let us postulate that he were to win on a religious defense

    then anyone wishing to use pot religiously or freely would then be compelled to join his church

    does any one think that Christie or any other religionist should have that kind of power?? to be compelled to go to a religion when the right and power to use pot is a matter of personal sovereignty

    such a win is a loss for every other partaker of Cannabis

  • konagold3 Says:

    “in the mid 1990’s Glenn Robinette was able to examine the budget for green harvest and discovered that a great MANY lobster dive bags were budgeted” — Who is Glenn Robinette, and how do you know this konagold3? — tceh”

    I know this from witnessing his testimony to the county council it may be on record with the council

    below is a link to an exhaustive report Glenn submitted to the county council in 1996


  • on the road Says:

    check out the comments on this Star Advertiser article from a few days ago…there are only 12 (while this blog is almost at 200)…


  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Kona or Dennis Shields whatever your name is…your last post show you know the law and what you are talking about, so why waste so much time being a jerk to Roger? Did it accomplish what you wanted? Do you feel validated now?

  • go lakers Says:

    Amen to that Craig.

    I am tired of Konagolds rants either about Roger (and I don’t even know RC) on BIC or WHT, or the Trib.

    How many people are coming forward to say Roger is bad or criminal or hurt people?

    Even those who disagree aren’t taking it to this obsessed manic level.

    Did you RC traumatize good families in our community? Lie and commit criminal acts and hide behind his title as a government official? Be the object of scorn by the very colleagues and officers he worked with? Caused lawsuits that tax payers in our community will have to pony up for? And than run away like a coward to the mainland while leaving a mess for his former brothers to clean up and taunt those he’s wronged on this blog? And try to get attention for himself and throw his name back in the mix but when he doesn’t like the HONEST opinion of posters, whine like a baby and threaten to sue?

    Roger never did any of such so let it go.

    Where are you Sergio?

  • konagold3 Says:

    “your last post show you know the law and what you are talking about so why waste so much time being a jerk to Roger?”

    I have been in ill health for a long time I may pass at any time

    before I go I feel the truth need be known and that by hithcing ones wagon to Christie folks have been hurt, my self included

    by my complaints against Christie i have outlined the box he is in and why, if religion is his only defense, he will loose

    please don’t blame the messenger for the news that he is in a very bad position

    I am dismayed that the rest of us Cannabist are likely to loose with him

    by posting that larger defense above, I wanted to give a bigger picture than the narrow confines of a trumped up religious defense based on a phony religion which would only help a few if successful, which given the circumstances, and the declared evidence, is very unlikely; and to show that I am willing to help even Christie be free from cannabis prohibition if it also helps everyone, and not just a few, gain the lost rights and powers which are more than just religious rights

    by illustrating that even my own religious defense, had I won, would not have been the most good for the greatest number of folks, I recognize my mistakes and do wish freedom for everyone

    I wish to let people know that there is a better escape from prohibition and have shown the elements of that reasoning which are the key to individual freedom

    if any are offended or dismayed by my adamant and accurate portrayal of Christie, my regrets; I know that there is a right and a wrong approach to freedom, and being trapped in an incomplete solution, like a weak and shallow religious defense, does no one good, and the truth sets one free, even Christie


  • konagold3 Says:

    “check out the comments on this Star Advertiser article from a few days ago…there are only 12 (while this blog is almost at 200)…”

    from those comments

    “I can’t believe they missed the infamous Rev. Dennie Shields , aka konagold .

    A close associate of Christie , same approach ,and cop hater 1st class

    Somebody is slipping ”

    this demonstrates what I mean by being tarred by the same brush

    by my comments here it is more than obvious I am not ‘a close associate of Christie’ yet I, again, am hurt by Christie’s foolishness perhaps this will help folks understand why i have said what I have said

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Well Dennis Shields AKA Konagold,

    Thanks for explaining yourself. Sorry, you feel betrayed by RC, but you do have some responsibility for that. It didn’t happen out of the blue.

    Your ideas and strategy are intelligent and well thought out, but your current attack of Roger is classless at this point in time because it is at a time when he can’t defend himself.

    I agree with you Roger has no defense that will work in our current corrupt courts and will lose.

    The fact remains cannabis is a helpful plant to the planet and the people living on it. No one deserves to be punished for doing G-d’s work, in my opinion keeping this plant alive and in the pulbic’s view is G-d’s work. Therefore, Roger is a man of G-d…personally, I would not ask Roger for Biblical understanding…from having spoken with him over the years…he was just starting to put faith in G-d, but prior he was a spiritualist…I am a person who puts faith in G-d’s Word, but I still think he should be allowed to defend himself in the way he wants to.

    Roger in my opinion is going to be railroaded and sent to prison. NOT BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN ONE VICTIM OTHER than you and the USA, but because the government is corrupt and wants to continue an unjust prohibition and they want to steal his property. Therefore, your harsh criticism of Roger is counter productive to my goal of ending prohibition because it muddies the water.

    Since you put your faith in Jesus I am asking you to please follow His example and forgive Roger. Spend what little time you have left on earth to help educate people about His creation and this plant that you obviously know is beneficial to man and the planet.

    Thanks for reading,
    craig x

  • konagold3 Says:

    “Blessed are the peacemakers…for they shall be shot at from both sides.”

    oh so that’s it[wink]

  • Homo Vastator Says:

    Nullify! It takes just one juror (if you can get past Fed jury packing). Perhaps some demonstration where we hand out FIJA* material in front of the Federal Building.

    *Fully Informed Jury Association – http://fija.org/

    Nullification is hot – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrcM5exDxcc

  • Thomas Says:

    Now maybe we are getting somewhere this is bigger than any of us. I hope we can work together on what we do agree on and that is changing the laws. Karma and god will sort the rest out. We have to help ourselves and each other no one is going to do this for us……

    I do think the constitutional issues KG explained beyond religion will be argued by at least some of the defendant/victims and assuming the judge can not shut them all down this is going to take years, possibly culminating at the Supreme court. Another possibility is the laws will change before then or the country will go broke. I would not count these defendants out yet…..

    I can tell you though the government has taken any assets they found and the lawyers will get any they didn’t, so these people may not be able to afford toothpaste no matter what they once had. Most no longer have much, and jobs are hard to come by right now. That is from personal experience, maybe Mitch Roth can make a donation from his seizure/stolen money fund to Pahoa weed and seed to try and buy us off.

    At the least we can learn as much as possible as we move forward and restructure our approaches….

    On another note be well Dennis, I am sorry you are ill, and hope get better. thanks for the information on the constitutional issues….

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    homo vastor

    You are right!! That is the only hope Roger has because we have a corrupt justice system from the police to the courts. He is never going to get a fair trial.


  • PF Says:

    While you all argue ‘religious’ use or ‘medical’ use the fact is THC is legal and sold in Long’s Drugs.
    When left is right and right is left. Good is bad and bad is good. Cannabis had no medical use so schedule 1, is does have use so synthesise it. I posted this to the other RC post but it really belongs here.

    THIS IS INSANE. You can have a prescription for synthetic THC, Marinol/(Dronabinol-generic)
    And evidently $$$$ value for DRUG companies, a month prescription is $3456.94 or a plant. Roger wasn’t makin that much. Want to talk about crooks? Try Watson Pharma Inc.

    since 1985…….yet there is another story behind this….

    BUT IT’S A SCHEDULE 1 DRUG BECAUSE IT HAS NO MEDICAL VALUE???? Right all those little baby plant of Roger’s had no medical value but pumps up the plant count. Serious over kill.


    You want to see a picture of a real drug lord? try 12.5 Billion, CEO of Abbot Laboratories, Parent co. of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, maker of Marinol/ Dronabinol.


    Yep patents are held by DRUG COMPANIES for a compound THC found naturally in Cannabis, What A DRUG DEAL!
    What a coubtry!
    WELL WTF IS IT? yes or no? WE KNOW, THE GOVERNMENT LIE$$$$$ Drug Companies won the drug war.

    Aloha Nui Loa

  • Thomas Says:

    Great post Peter………..Thanks for the info…

  • Buddah Belly Says:

    We will be organizing a march of support for THC ministries as soon as we know what the trial schedule is looking like. A massive march from the County/State Courthouse to the Federal Building will be a sign to the FEDS that we support the right of the people to their freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Email FriendsforJustice@gmail.com to get on the contact list for the Call To Action.

    Aloha and Mahalo from Pahoa!

  • Craig X Rubin Says:

    Wow, Tiffany GREAT article in Big Island Weekly. Your reporting of Dennis Sheilds as the hero a religious marijuana and Roger Christie as great satan of religious marijuana goes a long way to showing how Dennis conducted himself on this page.

    You obviously read all of his posts and agreed with him. It is amazing how your point of view, Dennis’ point of view and prosecution’s point of view so closely align. It was also great how you hid all of the nasty things about Roger in quotes, so you are not responsible was what someone else said…that was clever!


  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:


    Would you prefer I be the Pollyanna reporter? My job is to present both sides. The Rev. Dennis Shields represents another side. I think, rather than focusing on the few threads of this blog that you have been, you should look around my site a little more and see where I stand on marijuana and other issues. I do take a stand.

    So, Craig, if you are displeased with my coverage, you have the free will to find another website to patronize.


    I have worked as a journalist too, so I know what you did. You certainly did not present both sides. Your ‘story’ wasn’t even really about Roger it was about Dennis and you made him seem like the honorable person and Roger the idiot.

    At least that is how it looked to me and quite a few other people, so if Dennis is the other side and his views are the same as the prosecutors it was interesting to me. But, I thought you did a great job of doing your job. My comments are not insulting. They are my opinion. You are free to disagree to, but I plan on reading all of your coverage as I follow this case.

  • spence.deborah87 Says:

    I was living on Kaua’i when I first heard about Rev Christie and I came to Hilo, 5 years ago to help.
    From previous phone calls I already understood his personality – an open-hearted control freak, it is a good idea if it is my idea and ‘real’ meeting phobic.
    But I was determined to learn about ‘the religion’.
    I was never interested in him as a BF, I wanted a spiritual leader. But when I saw he had a lunch ritual requiring a SUBWAY and a BREW, my judgment was offended. But I was determined to follow my Essene tenets. I was at his apartment when the new girl showed up – hot from her pot bust on her xBF’s Rock & Country tour bus – the Italian Alvira – Danny.
    NOW, she was real hot for her new hero ‘the pot pope’. Well, the first week when we are alone at the apartment sitting on the coach I feel a ‘girl talk’ coming on from Danny, who ponders, “I HOPE MY PERIOD COMES !”
    well if you want the rest of the story go to growinghempdebate.biz
    P.S. I am running for Lt. Gov. on the FREE ENERGY PARTY. My slogan – Free Energy is God’s Gift In The Hemp Plant.

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