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    SS: We need to allow civil unions. We would get an inflow of people who want to get married. This is a civil rights issue.
    TM: there needs to be a separation between civil unions and marriage. I support civil unions.
    MH: we need to to a social environmental impact statement to resolve all the issues.

    Posted by Bruce Albrecht @ 2:33 pm

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  • Feliciano Says:

    Excuse me? A social environmental impact statement for civil unions? This is a civil rights issue, not an environmental one.

    By the way a federal district court judge has decided that that Prop. is unconstitutional under the federal constitution’s equal rights protection clause. Let the appeals begin.

  • Feliciano Says:

    By the way wanted to add this piece from the Huffington Post — a comment on a Fox News on-line poll –went and checked the poll out –very surprising for Fox news.

    Here are the current responses to the Fox poll:

    Yes — Prop. 8 violates the Constitution. 71.1% (213,547 votes)

    No — Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. I don’t care what the judge thinks about the Constitution. 24.8% (74,455 votes)

    I’m not sure but shouldn’t the voters views count for something? 3.6% (10,812 votes)

    Other (leave a comment). 0.6% (1,685 votes)

    Total Votes: 300,499

  • Kim Jordan Says:

    I do believe he was refering to the SOCIAL Environment.

  • Bruce Albrecht Says:

    The “Social Environmental Impact” statement was made by Marlene Hapai (MH). The point she was trying to make was that we demand detailed impact studies be performed on issues that are likely to have a large impact on the environment–why can’t we do something similar for socially divisive issues like civil unions?

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