State Legislative Candidate issues

SS voices opposition to invasive species eradication. Reminds us we are all invasive species.
RK is proud of his work implementing the Legacy Lands Conservation Fund, paid for with conveyance taxes.
MW reminds us that we need to maintain a ballance between all the components within our environment  They are interconnected.

MHale questions RK why geothermal drilling is allowed underneath Leilani. RK responds that he feels there wasn’t enough public input in the process at the time the project was improved.

LMc indicates his support for nuclear power on the Big Island.

M Hapai reminds us that biological controls for invasive species are problematic and have unintended consequenses.

MW raises the issue of the landfill and the consequenses left from dumping  50 years ago.

Economic Development
SS suggests using coquis for economic development, like Puerto Rico.
Kokobun touches upon infrastructure for economic development–finally!
Kokobun clarifies the purpose of Hawaii 2050 as a philosophy to plan beyond our lifetimes and not for the moment.
Marzi reflects on the expense of education. and the importance of access.
McIntosh asks how we can fund cheaper education without raising taxes.
Hale responds by implementing technology.we can reduce costs.

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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    I applaud Solomon Singer for becoming active in politics at such a young age, but his support of invasive species in Hawaii’s unique and fragile environment is extremely troubling. His statements demonstrate an inability to form ideas outside of his fathers corrupted version of environmentalism.

    We deserve better than “Team Singer”.

  2. Feliciano
    Feliciano says:

    Without trying to either eradicate or limit the spread of invasive species, say good-bye to what is left of our native species. Protection of our native endangered species is an important goal. They exist nowhere else in the world. Invasives exist elsewhere and do not need protection.

  3. Solomon Singer
    Solomon Singer says:

    I support the control of pests and noxious species. I oppose the attack on alien species that allegedly “don’t belong here”. It is this attack of so-called aliens that stems from the Nazis, who coined the terms used in invasion biology.
    Keep in mind that as the climate changes we will need new species which can grow well here, since endemic species may not be able to survive the changes. Better forests with new species than no forests at all.

  4. Ann
    Ann says:

    The definition of invasive species includes some form of harm to economy, ecology, human health, etc. The Singers are confused about the distinction between invasive species, which are a small fraction of the total, and other alien species. They mistakenly accuse conservationists of trying to kill all aliens. There are many alien, beneficial species that we rely on for our subsistence, and there are invasives (harmful by definition) that we would be better off without. The latter are what we try to control.

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