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    Tim Waugh: reform tax structure to improve government.
    Mike Hale: Business, environment, and education
    Russell Kokubun: Protecting the Environment, Education and Economic Development
    Lee McIntosh: Retain traditional marriage. Leave TAT at county level, retain core govt sevices at State level
    Solomon Singer: Freedom., education, public service, sharing and faith.
    Marlene Hapai: Legislative reform, economic reform, fiscal responsibilty and fiscal reaaportionment. Educational reform.
    Tony Marzi: Transportation infrastrructure, energy security, food security, and ecucation.

    Posted by Bruce Albrecht @ 3:22 pm

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  • Brian Jordan Says:

    Education Economy and Ethics. Not a chance if you just keep voting for Union Rubber Stamps. Of course we have to overcome the General Delivery votes also. Did our Rep didn’t bother to show> Perhaps we should look for intelligent hardworking candididates that interested in the community after the election. Remember Ed Case? He came by every three or four months to Pahoa and actually did his job. Who is our Congress Person?

  • Michael Hale Says:

    I felt like he copied my answer to what our platform are. Business, environment, with and through education. I did feel validated. But I wonder what his platform really is?

    This site shows where the top campaign money is coming from http://www.followthemoney.org/database/uniquecandidate.phtml?uc=7549 maybe we can figure out his priorities with this reference …is it small business the environment and education…hmmm

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