***Commentary*** Why Hilo Councilman Donald Ikeda Is An Asshole

Donald Ikeda

The last couple of days I’ve been calling all the candidates around the island to let them know I am putting together a voter’s guide for the Big Island Weekly, which is also going to publish on this blog after it publishes in the newspaper.  As you can imagine, it’s pretty time-consuming, and it gets pretty monotonous saying the same thing over and over: “I’m putting together a voter’s guide, and I need to get your personal email so I can send you a list of questions that I need to get answered by you in the next couple of weeks.”  When I called Donald Ikeda this morning on his cell phone, his immediate response was, “I don’t have email.”

“Well, Mr. Ikeda, how can I get this list of questions to you?”

“I don’t live in Puna,” he said.

“Mr. Ikeda, just because I live in Puna doesn’t make me Puna-centric.  You represent the whole island.  The Big Island Weekly publishes around the whole island,” I said.

“Mail the questions to my house,” he said.

So be it.

What Ikeda doesn’t care to realize is that I am not just some Punatic he can easily dismiss; my ohana actually owns a home in his district and, back in the days when he was campaigning against Michael Tulang, Ikeda actually visited our home and, in our carport, gave me his schpeel, which actually has turned out to be a whole lot of b.s. Ikeda, in my opinion, doesn’t have an altruistic bone in his body. He looks out for number one.  What really has Ikeda done for District 2? I remember he wanted to get sidewalks put in along Kaumana Drive.  Never happened.  If anything, by his votes, Ikeda has done a dis-service to the people.  Plus, I know for a fact that he cares nothing about the Sunshine Law, and has violated it on occasion.  For Ikeda not to want to answer my questions because I reside in Puna and he doesn’t, well,  that just shows how short-sighted the man really is, and how he doesn’t truly understand that his job is to represent the whole island, not just his Hilo district. I cannot believe that the fine people of District 2 bother to re-elect the guy. Why, District 2, why?!

Good luck to Ikeda’s opponent in this election, Sammye-Ann K. Young.  I would love to know more about her.  I just left her a message informing her of my intention to prepare a voter’s guide. Hopefully, she’ll respond a lot more favorably than Ikeda.  I have to say, while I do not think highly of Ikeda at all, I predict the voters of District 2 will re-elect him.  And this will be to our detriment because, as I said, the guy doesn’t seem to have an altruistic bone in his body.  The only thing we can be hopeful for is Ikeda facing term limits. Should he be  re-elected, this will be his last term.  In two years, he and his Hilo centrism will be going bye-bye.

Meanwhile, to all candidates on the island seeking a State Representative, State Senate or Hawaii County Council seat, I am putting together a voter’s guide for the Big Island Weekly, which will also publish on this blog.  Please email me at newswoman@mac.com, so I can send you back a list of questions that need to be answered in the next couple of weeks. Mahalo.

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  1. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    I just warned my husband: I will run for public office someday. After Fetus is born and our children are a little older and my husband is a geriatric. I am so sick of these IDIOTS running the show.

  2. Rod Thompson
    Rod Thompson says:

    Oh god, PLEASE Tiffany. Just a few days after you post a commentary against people saying f**k in public, you blast out with “asshole.” You know very well that I am not an angel. I can be foul-mouthed in private conversation. But there are standards for public commentary. To put it differently, how “cute” would it be for daughter Coco go around saying “asshole”?

  3. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Rod, I have a totally different opinion about the word “asshole” than I do about the F word. And, since you bring up Coco, I want her to be as strong-willed and outspoken as me, able to call a spade a spade, or in this case, an asshole an asshole. I’m speaking my truth, Rod.

  4. she's come undone?
    she's come undone? says:

    I drink, smoke, and swear with the best of ’em, but….

    IMHO, there’s nothin altruistic about publicly calling anybody an asshole.
    Matt Taibbi can get away with that, but he’s not really a well known member of a small community, as you are.

    Ikeda’s personality may very well fit that description, but he does have friends and family who I believe would take offense. you could call him a “butthead”, and you’d be just as effective, yet not nearly as insulting.

  5. Casual Observer
    Casual Observer says:

    Nah, this is a new day and age. Asshole is acceptable. The greatest defense is always the truth. So be it.

    Ikeda can be an okole puka.

    Good call Tiff.

  6. Shadybrady
    Shadybrady says:

    There was an ultra cornball movie way back in the 80’s called “From the Hip” in which a lawyer creates what he calls the “asshole defense”; which, in part, argues the unique properties of the term asshole. There is no other word that really captures the emotional impact, nor one that is as universally understood. When you say someone is an asshole, everyone can relate.

  7. Jerry Carr
    Jerry Carr says:

    I wouldn’t have called him that for the practical reason that he now has an excuse not to answer the questions for the Big Island Weekly piece. While almost certainly accurate from what I know about Mr. Ikeda, the epithet is likely counterproductive for the immediate project at hand. Although some might call it disingenuous, I would have suggested being nice until you got him nailed down for the record and then calling him whatever you want. Too late for that now, though.

  8. she's come undone?
    she's come undone? says:

    “Nah, this is a new day and age. Asshole is acceptable. The greatest defense is always the truth. So be it.

    Ikeda can be an okole puka.

    Good call Tiff.”

    The difference here is unlike most of us posting here, Tiff and her sponsors are publicly known. If you were in the County Building, and called Ikeda an asshole, he could have you arrested for harassment, even if he is one.

  9. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    That is how he treats people. Particularly people that travel to Hilo from Puna to attend council meetings.

    If your a public figure that disrespects the people that pay you to their face in public as well as private your fair game.

    There is no need for Mr. Ikeda to be rude and insulting day in and day out, saying things like those puna people or those marijuana people about citizens that have just testified before him.

    He waits till we are not allowed to speak or object at the end then throws insults and rude comments from his seat on our council. I find that offensive so does my friends and family, as did most if not all the people from Puna that gave up our time to testify. Mr. Ikeda was paid by us and how does he respond he insults us in public on the record. I’d say that makes him an asshole, just my opinion but seems like many in Puna agree. Normally I don’t approve of calling people names but in this case I will make an exception. He’s earned the disrespect.

    We taxpayers pay him so he’s our asshole and if we want him to know it this is as good a place as any to tell him.

    So thanks for the heads up Tiffany, its not like its breaking news anyway most of us already knew that.

  10. Ken
    Ken says:

    I agree with Tiffany. In fact, if I had the time and dedication to have a blog like Tiffany has with this one; my headline would have been the F word!

    But then, my headline would not have stopped at Ikeda. It would have BEEN EACH AND EVERY elected person who represents this county and state.

    I am a little disappointed that there has been no mention of yet once again Greenwell’s lunacy about unmarked police cars.

    As I stated on a prior blog – the voters here are just too nice. We get more wrapped up in a person rightfully calling an asshole and asshole – instead of the core issue itself. We let what I can only term a true lunatic rant and rave about being arrested for speeding and equipment violations. In any other city in America – a council person who did what Greenwell did – would be resigning immediately. He would be silenced by the news media. Not here – we are too nice to tell this lunatic to shut up! And the news media plays up to this lunacy. (That’s WHT and HTH)

    By the way – does Ikeda even know he has an office, telephone and county email address provided by the taxpayers?

    Maybe you should send him this:


  11. Tim
    Tim says:

    LOLOL. Whatever you think about the headline, you gotta admit that Tiffany definitely got our attention!

    Ikeda’s a big boy who has chosen to put himself in the public eye. Being called “asshole” should be the least of his worries: I would hope he’d be more concerned about not getting re-elected based on his poor performance.

    Nah, cuss words don’t offend me. What really offends me are rude public servants not doing their jobs.

    Thanks for putting the heat on ’em.

  12. Doc
    Doc says:

    He was never going to reply to you anyway, its like the George Carlin routine, “you’re not in the club”, local style.

  13. Cheryl King
    Cheryl King says:

    Rod’s comment made me laugh! Touche! (Wish I remembered how to put an accent on the e)

    From what I recall of the last election, Ikeda does not bother to answer campaign questions asked by the print media, so I don’t think it really matters what you call him. He wouldn’t have answered anyway!

  14. damon
    damon says:

    Maybe he reads your blog :roll:

    “…With this less-Kona-meetings proposal, Donald Ikeda is guaranteed to get the limelight he hasn’t really had in the years he has served on the County Council, or as Clerk, Deputy Clerk, and legislative assistant. He will be the one to be blamed in the West Hawaii Today editorial, and he will be thought of in West Hawaii as more villainous than Jimmy Arakaki. It won’t be pretty if Ikeda gets his way…”

    “…Up until now, Donald Ikeda has been acting like a silent giant on the County Council…”

  15. Charles Woods
    Charles Woods says:

    If he should ever decide to run for mayor, don’t forget to remind us of his attitude toward Puna. 🙂

  16. Toni
    Toni says:

    @Cheryl King: Touche! (Wish I remembered how to put an accent on the e)

    ME: The ascii key is alt 138 Touchè

  17. Toni
    Toni says:

    Aloha Tiffany, Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to have this be all inclusive. It is no small feat and you should be commended.

    As to civility, it is a matter of perception and long ago lost the ‘standard’ society assigned it. My favorite use of the term in the title was in the movie “Meet the Fockers” and the grandbaby who was learning sign language. My father, a man of some authority in stature and word, managed an RV Park in Pismo Beach in the late ’70’s for a short time and was proud to receive a business card that was left with his name on it in the night depository. It read: “Thanks for nothing, Asshole!” He put it in his wallet and grinned very big each time he told the story and said he had his very own business card. My husband’s section where he worked held an annual competition for Asshole of the year. The winner was announced at the annual Christmas Party. He proudly won each year. Our girls called him that name each time he bested them in something or ticked them off. Many people wear the appellation with pride. I don’t know how Mr. Ikeda will take it but apart from the new nickname clarity in message is not lost on anyone from reading what Tiffany wrote.

    A Jewish lawyer once wrote: ‘All things are lawful but not all things are advantageous.’ He also wrote: “Conscience,” I say, not your own, but that of the other person. For why should it be that my freedom is judged by another person’s conscience?” I try and remember both of these when I might take offense or perceive something negatively. My objection to it is my conscience and it should not abridge another’s first amendment right to speech. Whether or not such a moniker has a dilatory effect on Mr. Ikeda’s response to the questionnaire remains to be seen. It would be great if he responded here.

    Regardless, Tiffany has bitten off a lot trying to give the electorate as much information as possible for an election year that may well be historical.

  18. Steve Offenbaker
    Steve Offenbaker says:

    hmmm, as you have all hit on, tiff is not prone to this type of thing so when you see it know that she means business. Much like my mini outburst a week or so back sometimes you just get to a point where you can’t play “nice nice” anymore.

    Ikeda is a gigantic horses ass, he doesn’t answer questions cause he doesn’t think he needs to, annd you know what, he doesn’t need to.

    District 2 continues to elect him in spite of the fact that he is an ass, gets nothing done for them, and thinks he is better than them. he really doesn’t even try and hide it. I’ll give him this at least he’s pretty honest about it. Here’s hoping for some election day upsets.

  19. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    Tom Lackey is an asshole, so there I have said it so sue me. I’ll go a step beyond that TOM LACKEY IS A F***ING ASSHOLE, but he makes the best Huli Huli chicken on this planet.

    The Lack

  20. Casual Observer
    Casual Observer says:

    Ikeda keeps getting re-elected because District 2 get plenty older japanee families ass why. So long get Japanee families, they going elect one Japanee. REgardless. Such is the name of the game my friends….

  21. Kim Jordan
    Kim Jordan says:

    That ‘business card’ would be my 2nd favorite.
    My favorite was a card a friend was given to ‘pass around as needed’. It said something like ‘Your critisism has been duly noted. F**k you very much.’ Our favorite comeback to rude customers became “Last line, first 2 words.”, they had no idea what we meant …. but we did. Don’t know where the card ended up, but will always remember how much we enjoyed it! Tiff, you are welcome to use the line!

  22. Doc
    Doc says:

    Tom Lackey IS NOT and A$$%^%$, he gave me a free chicken once! (and it was really good) On the other hand, all I ever got/get from Donald is a contemptible sneer.

  23. Feliciano
    Feliciano says:

    Donald Ikeda is responsive to his constituency. He attends many community association meetings and responds to constituent requests in his district. When people in his district express conerns aobut various projects he meets with them, schedules meetings and tries to address their concerns before an item hits the committees or council.

    He has worked with the community and DPW to address traffic mitigation measures. He used his discretionary money (when council had them) to install traffic lights at Mohouli and Kumukoa intersection and another one just Puna of Mohouli. Not sure of funding source but they have also installed lots of speed humps in his district in residential areas to slow traffic down.

  24. silverpenny
    silverpenny says:

    Asshole, butthead…there’s no difference. It’s sad that we would need to worry about legal ramifications for anything that comes out of our mouths now-a-days. Call it like it is. If Ikeda is not doing his job, it’s his constituents who are buttheads for re-electing him into office. Vote out the bums! Better yet, fire the bums!

  25. T.Wright
    T.Wright says:

    I just wish the best of luck to Sammye-Ann Kuualoha on winning this election.
    I do beleive she will represent 2nd district to the fullest and not hide behind closed doors.
    Good luck Sammye!!!

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