Letters — The Conservative Forum For Hawaii’s Report Card For The Hawaii County Council District 5 Candidates

The Conservative Forum for Hawaii has started a voter’s guide “Report Card.”

We do not endorse, we only analyze from a conservative perspective.

Due to this late decision, we were unable to gather enough material on all candidates to present a measured analysis.

As most board members are resident’s of Hawaii County Council District 5, it was decided by the board to begin the task focusing only on that race.

We’ll do more next time.

All candidates were invited to a meeting with the Board and the Ad Hoc committee on Monday, Sept. 6, 2010. Incumbent Councilwoman Emily Naeole-Beason failed to respond to multiple phone messages, emails and visits to her county office. Candidate Fred Blas although unable to attend in person, did respond to a lengthy phone interview with president Walter Moe. Candidates James Weatherford and Barbara Malia Lively appeared for a 1-hour interview with The Forum.

REPORT CARD: County Council District 5

Emily Naeole-Beason: F

Mrs. Naeole-Beason has shown continued arrogance and incompetence since being elected. Her refusal to acknowledge or respond in any way to our many attempts to contact her are but one of numerous examples. She is frequently unprepared for council business, and lacks both judgment and common sense on numerous issues.

When queried previously about our county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, she was both ignorant and unfocused.

She has shown a continued contempt for empowering her constituents.

Although her supporters may view her as a sympathetic leader and may wish to be the subjects of the capricious Queen Emily, conservatives do not.

Fred Blas :  A-

Mr. Blas has shown his devotion to his community by extensive volunteer work, as a leader of multiple projects, and general civic concern and action: establishing shelters for bus stops so keikis would not arrive at school wet, cleaning up parks and parts of Pahoa, graffiti and trash removal, neighborhood watch organizer, supporter and organizer of childrens’ sports teams, and many other activities.

He was honored with HMSA’s Olo Pono award in recognition for his outstanding community work, and donated the $1000 prize to a charter school in Pahoa.

He has personally aided several persons and families in need, out of his own pocket.

His #1 goal is to improve the economic situation of his community, and is an experienced successful businessman.

Concerning our county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, he embraces the concepts of self-sufficiency and the possibility of self-governing townships.

He supports our Forum’s proposed Consent of the Governed Charter Amendments on Rights and on Taxation, and firmly believes that the rights of the individual come before the mandates of the state.

He is a poor communicator in writing, but he walks the walk and his commitment to Puna is unequaled.

Although not originally from Hawaii, Fred lives aloha, and embraces conservative principles.

His common sense approach and get-the-job-done track record will serve his community well.

Barbara Malia Lively:  C+

Ms. Lively has experience working as a staff person for prior councilman Bob Jacobson and as a volunteer steering committee member for the Puna Community Development Plan, which with her intelligence should enable her to function efficiently on the council without a great learning curve.

She espouses “Government that is more responsive to our needs and less restrictive on our liberties.”

She supports our proposed Consent of the Governed  Charter Amendments on Rights and on Taxation, and does not approve of using building codes to force desired goals (such as requiring solar water heaters and insulation in all new houses).

We find this attitude embraces the conservative principles of power residing with the individual citizens, and not with the state.

However, we are concerned that her first legislative policy objective is “to fix the lowest law enforcement priority of cannabis ordinance” when there are so many other more pressing needs for the district.

Concerning our county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, she was not aware of the legal issues or of how to solve them.

We are also concerned about her very long association with the Green Party’s Jacobson, who supports on principle the needs of the state and collectivism over that of the private citizen, and fear she may embrace such attitudes if elected.

Also troubling is her spoken goal of joining the “majority of the council”, which would perpetuate power politics a s usual, and her endorsement by the Sierra Club (with James Weatherford), who consistently prioritize the functional needs of people below everything else.

James Weatherford, Ph.D. :  C

Dr. Weatherford is an educated (Agricultural Economics) and intelligent man who has demonstrated a methodical analysis of important issues, such as his exhaustive research about the recent proposed trash incinerator idea before the council. He would bring a methodical approach to all county issues, and has indicated he would vote according to his analysis of community wishes and his own research.

He decries the present dysfunction of the County Council, who do not follow this approach.

His statement “I believe good public policy is based on accountability for individuals and advancement of self reliance for individuals, families, and communities without compromising the ability of future generations to be empowered in like manner” is encouraging in following conservative values.

His stated rejection of the ususal council power politics is refreshing.

He stated he prefers inducements to obtain desired results in the community but does not rule out statutory requirements if necessary to get there. For example, he is in favor of granting special privileges and tax rates to promote certain activities such as re-cycling centers, but would not completely rule out possibly requiring mandatory recycling by citizens.

Concerning our county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, he was not aware of the legal issues or of how to solve them.

He also found troubling our Forum’s Consent of the Governed Charter Amendments, refusing to say for or against either when pressed, and only voiced concerns about possible legal issues arising form such. We find it troubling that he refused to take a position, either as a councilman or as a citizen and saying his personal vote would be “private” lacks the clarity of position that our elected leaders should have.

Conservatives are tired of politicians who refuse to take a stand for apparent political appeasement.

The exercise of power by manipulation lacks candor. This refusal to put the rights of citizens ahead of the state is revealing.

Incentives and privileges for some always come at an increased burden and cost to everyone else, as the state cannot give anything away without first taking it from someone else.

Also troubling is his endorsement by the Sierra Club (with Barbara Lively), who consistently prioritize the functional needs of people below everything else.

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    The statement that Fred Blas

    “believes that the rights of the individual come before the mandates of the state.”

    Is laughable. Ask him about the voter passed lowest law enforcement ordnance and green harvest flying over our homes any time they want with out any probable cause.

    How about it Fred answer the question for us the voters in your district.

    He has been hiding from the voters the whole election refusing to appear and address any issue.

    So much for Walter Moe’s report card, what a joke, IMO.

  2. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    I thank the Conservative Forum for their proactive approach to this election — these people are not apathetic and I like that.
    Furthermore, I thank them for the opportunity to talk with them and answer their questions; I found it to be an enjoyable and stimulating evening. Some of the folk were new faces and others are well known to me as friends and neighbors.
    As to the “county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, he was not aware of the legal issues or of how to solve them”. There is a problem. What to do about it is a matter of opinion, on which I do not believe the leadership of the Conservative Forum has informed itself as well as they believe and would have others believe.
    As to the Conservative Forum’s proposed changes to the Charter, I do have reservations as to whether they have it right yet in terms of approaches that are practical. The goals of a less burdensome government are laudable, while the means of achieving that goal require considerably more work to arrive at pragmatic solutions. Again, just like the Forum’s assessment of candidates, this is opinion and time will tell.

  3. go lakers
    go lakers says:

    Yeah, sure, Fred embraces Conservative values now but if elected Fred might possibly be in their embracing the Hilo 3 plus 1.

    And I belive those Democrats are fiscally liberal (spending our tax paid dollars foolishly) but socially conservative.

    Is this what Puna really wants?

    Plus, is the Conservative Forum for Hawaii really endorsing a candidate who in their own words is a “poor communicator in writing”.

    Many in this group were supporting and endorsing Enriques when he decided to run but is this group still supporting Enriques now after his “rubber-stamp don’t even look at the figures” of the mayor’s budget which just raised property taxes on second homeowners.

    I don’t see the logic from either side in this endorsement.

  4. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    Didn’t you banana’s back Dingle Lingle twice?

    Well, she’s already lingered to longer.


    Weren’t you the repug ‘plant’ at Keaau HS who asked the staged question if Lingle was gay eight years ago?

    ..all in a corny attempt to dispel a ‘rumor’.

    You guys are conservsh!t regpiglican hacks!

    Please disappear.

    PS your Bush is a war criminal.

  5. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    I find Walter Moe’s report card pretty much on the mark and appreciate all of his efforts to bring some of these issues forward.

    Thomas, the world is not only about the pot issue. Trust me in the fact that pot plays a part but to some of us that don’t indulge in the “happy sappy weed” we could care less. I feel that our council person should be trying to get some of the laws off of the books and not just adding to them by making new ones, enough already.

    If you light up a cig you may be breaking some law somewhere.
    If you pop the top on a beer you may be breaking some law somewhere.
    If you fire up a joint you may be breaking some law somewhere.
    If you don’t recycle you may be breaking some law somewhere.
    If you use your cell phone you could be breaking some law somewhere.

    I may run for office the next term and my slogan will be ENOUGH ALREADY no more laws.
    Let’s jerk some of these government controversial control law off of the books.

    The Lack

  6. Dave Smith
    Dave Smith says:

    On Emily: “When queried previously about our county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, she was both ignorant and unfocused.”

    On Fred:”Concerning our county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, he embraces the concepts of self-sufficiency and the possibility of self-governing townships.”

    Certainly the forum folks must realize that the state Legislature is not going to allow the creation of townships, incorporated or otherwise. So that means the Conservative Forum is castigating Emily for doing nothing in the past about fixing the problems in substandard subdivisions, yet praising Fred – who they say favors self-sufficiency – for promising to do nothing in the future.

    And I am more than a little uncomfortable with a politician who they acknowledge is not good at communication. Shouldn’t that be one of the hallmarks of a lawmaker?

    I’m still trying to see what in Fred’s description endears him so to the forum. Could it be that among the four he was the only one to attend the Tea Party rally?

  7. Toni
    Toni says:

    Thank you Tiffany for posting this. To me, it allows me to see how those who are assuming a leadership role [Conservative Forum] reason and by identifying them it allows me to get to know there politics of today.

    I will say this about their review of the candidates considering they are a ‘conservative’ based organization.

    1]Emily: If it is based solely on their review, either in person or by phone and not on a record of accomplishments for the 4 years, then I understand their summation. However, it does not seem to be the case when they laud Blas’ accomplishments. Now, to be fair, and to give this bunch benefit of the doubt, perhaps they did not know her accomplishments because she failed to participate. HER LOSS! Bad PR MOVE Emily! Of course, who can tell you what to do as this is your ‘3rd’ campaign, right?

    2]Blas: While I agree, Mr. Blas surrounds himself with volunteers from the community for some of his projects and other times he uses work furlough teams, he does have a positive track record for doing things in the community. However, I have heard one consistent complaint which is, he assumes onto himself the credit for all things that are being done. So in that respect, he will likely be open to the public’s input and gladly credit it to himself. However, I find that disingenuous quality deceiving. I appreciate that he is so devoted to community service, many of us are in this community. I look at character [or content of character] when I consider my vote.

    The fact that he is rated ‘poor’ in the written communication area alarms me because that is likely the chief means of communication as a council person. While he may employ a snap legislative assistant he still sits in that chair and he must be able to understand and respond to written communication.

    It is interesting to note that when you visit his immediate neighborhood where his neighbors would harbor a genuine opinion, Barbara Lively signs dot the landscape.

    I believe he should continue to serve his community as he does, as a volunteer. I do not believe he would be an upgrade for our council.

    Barbara: I have enjoyed watching her in all the forums I have attended. She is fired up, she is confident but she has the cultural humility and displays it which balances out her delightful personality. Were it not for her association with the Jacobsons I would consider her a definite upgrade to our present council. I heard nothing from her I found absolutely disagreeable with regards to her function as council person. As she humbly revealed her home was not permitted I was taken aback that someone who would run for a public office would do so knowing she is in violation of the building codes that she would be required to honor as a council person.

    James: This is the candidate I have come to admire most and for the wildest of reasons. His ego is so well moderated that he has graciously accepted the status of the ‘default’ ‘catch all’ candidate! Those who had been inclined to vote for either Fred or Emily have defaulted to James, at least in my world. I know some would say he could be happy to get the vote anyway he can get it but frankly he is an intelligent man who has to understand he is the 2nd choice not the first — yet despite that he continues to be CORDIAL, he continues to be HELPFUL, he continues to be ACTIVE, he continues to be INFORMED and most important, he continues to be PERSONABLE! All of these qualities speak to his character and THAT to me speaks to the kind of public servant he would be. I have no doubt he knows his issues, knows his mind, knows his goals..I feel everyone has ‘gotten his campaign message’ but it is the content of his character that delivers his performance in the end and is exactly why I have decided James is the right person for this time, despite the fact that I disagree with him on nearly all issues! But, that’s okay, it just means that my ‘loud mouth’ will be in front of him at council meetings and it will be he that is taking the heat on issues. 🙂

    By the way James, I am still writing in my candidate: Mork or Data.

    For those who support Emily, let me say this: I am utterly disappointed in her current migration from the woman I supported with all that I had. She has taken her constituency for granted and has recently demonstrated such callous disregard for her ‘people’ by not only voting against her district but by partial commentary which manifests a clear leaning to ‘special interest’ politics. Her character, as demonstrated in recent practices and decisions with regards many things, has manifest a withdrawal of soundness, reasonableness and charity to the point that on those qualities she is nearly bankrupt. None of us disagree that she lacks understanding of ‘real’ issues but at least she has managed to have staff who support the community while showing deference to her. Now, with a ‘yes’ team as her support the future of our community, as I see it, is in serious jeopardy. I literally fear for those who will be maimed and killed as a result of her careless politics but I fear more it may be someone I know and care for and that makes me very angry. Had she been accommodating of her constituent ‘mana’o’ even if she voted against them at least she would have shown respect. Discounting the value of someone because she has labeled them ‘drunks’ or ‘loud mouths’ is not wisdom, but PREJUDICE! <– That word really has me alarmed and when it is so clearly manifest from the council seat or openly flaunted in the community the members of this community are then diminished.

    Thomas Jefferson said: "a friend disappointed makes a bitter enemy". I should think someone in Emily's inner circle will let her know of the many in her community who suffer from 'friend disappointment' syndrome and the way they manifest their disappointment is to cast their vote against her. I am glad I had a brief moment to get to know the 'real' Emily, the one who is heartfelt, the one who sincerely 'loves' her community and the one who has done much for her community in terms of improving the quality of life, at least while she was there. The discord that will arise after she is gone from friction between the council rep and the mayor for the next 2 years may work to reverse much of what she and her staff have done to move things forward. That is honestly sad to me. But, for all the good she had done filling their bellies and getting them free services not voting for a the 'whole' community and for the 'whole' person by supporting Bill 283. NOT SUPPORTING a public meeting in which she might have heard a single statement from a soft spoken person [as opposed to the loud mouths] in the community — someone she respects — and have that statement give her pause to rethink her vote defiles her altruism absolutely.

  8. Casual Observer
    Casual Observer says:

    Dwight K — you make me laugh brah. Mahalo for keeping things in perspective.

    Gotta admit that James Weatherford making a push to da top. Chug Chug Chug goes da train…..

  9. Rob Tucker
    Rob Tucker says:

    Unfortunately Walter Moe’s telephone interview with Fred Blas may be as close as I can come to leaning Fred Blas’ positions some important local issues. I’ve been attending forums looking forward to Fred’s positions.

    One thing from above puzzles me.

    The Conservative Forum rates Freb Blas A-. A high grade. From the statement above:

    “Concerning our county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna of the non-conforming substandard private developments, he embraces the concepts of self-sufficiency and the possibility of self-governing townships.”

    What does this concept of self-sufficiency imply regarding “county’s continued exploitation and neglect of the vast areas of Puna”?

    Does this mean that Puna should just be happy with the historic level of neglect and not have expectations of their county tax dollars being used to remedy problems in Puna?

    So I’m confused. Perhaps Walter Moe, or preferably Fred Blas himself, can expand on this. Is Fred preferring that we take the conservative minimal government route and fix our own potholes letting the current level of neglect continue?

    Walter or Fred, Please expand on this. What is it about the referenced statement that earns an “A-“?

  10. Jerry Carr
    Jerry Carr says:

    As someone who considered giving my vote at one time to Fred Blas, I have to say I have been deeply disappointed in his inability to articulate a cohesive platform or to even state some clear individual policy points. What little we have heard from Mr. Blas has been very non-specific, bordering on generic platitudes. I appreciate the contrasting point of view that the Conservative Forum provides from time to time, but giving an A- to someone who isn’t able to make his views clearly known makes no sense. And then there’s the matter of ignoring the opportunities to face the voters’ questions. Sorry, Fred. You blew it.

  11. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    Hey Dwight,

    I don’t sing for my supper I’ll leave that for Mufi and others. Hawaii Aloha is a great tune but I prefer God Bless America or America the Beautiful if I were going to sing.

    Some how you seem to think that Hawaii was invaded by hostile forces, now you can correct me if I’m all wrong but I thought that Hawaii’s citizens voted to make Hawaii the last state admitted to the union. Me and folks like me had nothing to do with it yet you feel it is your right to TRY and insult the, [according to you] non Hawaiians for living here. No I was not born here but my daughter was 40 years ago and the likes of you still trying to insult her to this day because she is not native. Enough already.

    The Lack

  12. Ken
    Ken says:

    Hi Ken,

    I dumped your comment. It didn’t pass muster. You and a certain somebody obviously have a thing going. The deal is, I have a toddler, so I don’t need to play playground monitor in real time and in cyberspace too. This is a one-woman show, and you are visiting my site when you visit http://www.bigislandchronicle.com. To me, your comment was unnecessarily crass. It certainly was not pertinent to the subject of this thread. This is my call to make. And I made it. If you want to phone me up to bitch me out, feel free. I’m at (808) 938-8592. — tceh

  13. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful response, Tom.

    This dialogue is long overdue.


    That part you say you “thought” happened did not cut the mustard. After WW2, the world agreed to decolonize since the colonies played an active part in the defeat of the Axis. The vote you refer to did not offer the option of independence to the people of the occupied Hawaiian Kingdom, as specified by the UN Convention to Decolonize.

    Our treaties between the kingdom and your country have never been abrogated. That is enough. Are you familiar with those treaties? Do you respect these ‘highest laws of the (your) land’?

    “Having not done anything wrong…”

    To utter the word “wrong” when it is more about attitude, is a distortion of anything I have hastily, though seriously written.

    Failure to take responsibility for the actions of your country, singing patriotic songs of praise for a superpower caught up in illegal wars and a breaker of international treaties, is rude in any occupied territory.

    I know you will take this the wrong way, but take your tunes, composed over the decomposing Native People of Turtle Island, go sing them down in Onekahakaha Park after dark, or, go up to the volcano and sing to Pele, or even late at night down Waipio way, if you dare.

    My very point in my discussion here is the fact that the Americans who have benefitted through the occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom now say they don’t want to take responsibility for their government. Some don’t want to examine the chain of events that leaves too many of the Original People at great disadvantage in their ancestral homeland. This, is wrong.

    Take responsibility for YOUR government and control its aggression abroad and seek remedy with all those trampled upon! Don’t scold us as if we have no right to make comment about the lawless arrogance needed to build empire.

    And if you won’t take responsibility for your country’s actions, who will?

    Don’t come running down here to our paradise because you hate everything your country has become and yet be ignorant enough to transplant it again here. Not unlike litte nasties Like coquis, fire ants, stinging nettles, albesia, myconia, police corruption, crime


    Well if you can’t handle any responsibility for the actions of your benefactors, then please, dozo, allow me.

    America: Please respect the rule of law. Teach your citizens to try and relate to the heartfelt and lawful demands of the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    See, Tom, it isn’t too hard or too late to take responsibility for your country.


  14. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    OH, JESUS! Please be advised that I’ve had a really long day and I really will not sit at my computer and play referee to what I see about to happen here. Dwight, I allowed your comment in response to Tom. Tom, if you have something to say, please try to bring us back home, which is the topic of Council District 5 and/or the Conservative Forum for Hawaii.

    Meanwhile, I suggest everyone take a chill pill, curl up to Noam Chomsky, and basically just walk away from the computer for the evening. As a demonstration of my lack of desire to get into this greater topic of colonialism, anti-American sentiment, Native Kingdom rights, etc. on this thread, I will not be approving any comments that do not speak to the issue at hand, which is Conservative Forum for Hawaii and/or the Hawaii County Council District 5 candidates.

    If Dwight or anyone who feels passionately about the wrongs of the past involving the Hawaiian Kingdom would like to expound further on Dwight’s point made here, I urge them to submit a guest column or a letter, which can be the start of a NEW thread. In the meantime, I resent the constant meandering off topic. It sends my blog into chaos. I much prefer order, thank you very much. I get accused of being an inept moderator for even approving these comments to begin with. I grow very weary of being Mrs. Nice Girl.

    Cut the sh*t.

  15. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Aloha Tom I worked all day and just got back on line.

    I agree there are just to many laws.

    In case you didn’t know I have not used cannabis in over three years so I do not partake at this time.

    As for how big the issue is it depends on who you are.

    Way to many families have been devastated by having a loved one arrested and imprisoned, even having had there homes taken to let it go.

    For them it becomes the number one issue because when your mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, auntie, cousin, or friend who you know is a good person is destroyed because of a marijuana crime you do not forget it.

    Again so many have had this happen in Puna that you should not be surprised by how strongly we want the laws changed.

    Every time the helicopters fly more people in Puna get hurt by the law, how about joining us and ending it and then all of the people that are organized for this issue can work on the many other problems that you find more important.

    If they came and locked your mother or son up and you knew they had never hurt anyone you might understand.

    We have no choice its called a war on cannabis for a reason. We are under attack by paramilitary forces hard to find a more important issue when under attack.

    That is another reason why Fred is such a poor choice not only will he not face the public and answer questions, he is out of touch with the majority of the Puna residents on an issue that is easily fixed by the right council. For Walter Moe to say Fred “believes that the rights of the individual come before the mandates of the state.”is again laughable I am sorry but its true. Ask him about marijuana yourself if you can find him. While it may not be the predominate issue for many the majority are clearly tired of a failed policy that does far more harm than good. We need a candidate that understands that. The other three all do, why can’t Fred?

  16. Darren
    Darren says:

    And yet, as the Conservative Forum for Hawaii feels discerning and worthy of distributing grades, might we learn of said group’s stance on U.S. hegemony? (to get Chompsky-esque) And we can in turn grade them?

  17. The Casual Observer
    The Casual Observer says:

    “CUT THE SH*T”

    haaaa! Tiff, that’s the best one I’ve heard from you in a while! Made to Kondo and Lack at that! This stuff is priceless.

  18. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    My apologies to anyone that feels offended by my statements, I should know better than to try and deal with “toughie” like pot, civil unions, Hawaiian kingdom, or even the political process.

    Tiff you are one hundred percent right that staying on topic has to take priority so I will not be allowing myself to be dragged in another direction again. I’ll leave that to others who want drag their personal agenda into every thread.

    No worries Tiff,
    enough sh!t from this country boy

    The Lack

  19. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    Aunty Emily Naeole,
    Our one and only

    Ask any educator. High grades don’t tell the whole story.

    The King Lizard Bush could buy high marks and go to Yale and even fly a national guard jet to avoid Vietnam, but he is still is a shape-shiftin’, chameleon-homicidal-sociopath.

    As for me, I don’t know if it amounts to much but I graduated near dead center of the Castle High Class of ’68. I was like 203 ranked in a class of 406. That put me smack dab in the middle of my Japanese friends in baseball on the one hand, and all the Kanakas on the football team on the other.

    So I advise trying to place your kids RIGHT THERE in the public schools, here. There, with average to low grades, your kids will learn valuable life skills and likely flourish later. And like many of the Kanakas who always seemed to have had lower grades or test scores leaving them hovering around “F Troop”, who failed or never even tried to go to the University of Hawaii, they’ll acquire a rewarding trade.

    The DOE of old had an ethnic ‘tracking’ system that hybridized the segregation of the Ol’ Jim Crow South with our own sugar plantation villages here.

    Today, the Kanakas are the ones we see fixing the electrical and communications cables, running the docks, the government infrastructure, building the roads, the fire department, police (?!?), the airports, construction, fishing and Ganja growing.

    Though now, throughout all the island communities it is widely acclaimed that the expanded Kamehameha School system has reversed the racist plantation manipulation of class and NATIONALITY that divided our diverse ethnic communities and had directed the Kanakas to the bottom. F Troop.

    But the last, Ke Akua willing, will always become first.

    I look around and am confident that when lawful governance is re-established in the Hawaiian Kingdom, her citizens will be well able to keep things running just as they do now under Japanese and Haole supervison.

    That too doesn’t have to change, as I keep trying to tell all of you. IT IS UP TO YOU.

    Being PONO is NEVER about nationality or ethnicity.

    It is ALL attitude.

    Pono attitude, Pono results!

    But if you tink’pilau like you tink you like yankee imperialism, den’ you going have endless war. No Pono result here. See?

    Aunty Emily Naeole, too, possesses important skills. And to be sure, no lolo-agenda driven-neocon-conservative is worthy to give a judgmental grade for these.

    See Mr. Moe, and other Aunty slammers; there is something unsavory that I sense in all your rantings for change in District 5.

    You want to change something many of us here have never seen before.

    I bet 500 shiny opihi shells,

    Puna has not had a person of Hawaii Council Woman Emily Naeole’s stature since the faithless seizure of our kingdom in 1893.

    I have no idea of any linking her to Hawaiian royalty or not, but Aunty personifies the true spirit of the Maka’aina na. That is, the ‘common people’ of Hawaii nei. The fishers, the farmers, the craftsmen.

    In that word ‘Maka’aina’ na, are the Eyes, the ocean, the land and the people.

    Aunty Emily is all those things by instinct and necessity, and she has practiced all of it in the terms of her ancestors.

    But sadly today, this worthy link to the long sustained previous use of our Aina, is being rendered obsolete. Or, just maybe.

    A common Kanaka woman, a mother, widow and survivor of rural Puna poverty, a lifelong advocate of the poor and disposessed of our rocky homeland, decided to do something about it. She campaigns and gets elected to office…

    albeit in an illegal and corrupt government.

    But when we send our best into the cesspool of Hilo county politics, we should always expect mixed results. The battle pitted the makai’ana na heart against the Hilo politician gall. Emily was always outnumbered and Puna is always at a disadvantage there.

    And here lies perhaps my underlying rant to all who think these elections are part of OUR solution. American electorial politics is divisive and disempowering, meaningless and all impacting all at the same time.

    It is divisive because it takes someone like Aunty Emily from grassroots Puna to a pit of J-town lizards. Then we expect her to be effective (compromise with these pol-sharks) and remain pristine all the while.

    There are those who seem to believe that this form of representative government is efficient and the best since the invention of the missionary position.

    People think that to wave signs, make or eat chilly or stew with rice and listen to absolutely meaningless crap, is democracy. That veterans have risked their lives to protect this hollow process of psuedo-self-governance is embarrassing.

    Even as I prepare to write my first Veteran’s Day outrage, dare I say what I really think and that is: so much of the sacrifice, no, all of it has been betrayed. But I meander.

    So a good man it seems, James Weatherford wants to go to this pit too. I think like Aunty he is stronger physically and spiritually than most there already. If a crisis befall us, like say a zionist led war against Iran, which leads to the shutting down of the Straits of Hormuz or the Malaccas or Suez, Aunty and Jim would be able to help our island a helluva’ a lot more than any those Hilo pol-sharks.

    Unless we imu dem’…

    As for Barbara Lively, I know very little save the report of her husband. Of course, we all know how lightly Puna would critique her for that. We are all so hip to this kind of medical and spiritual persecution in our occupied territory. Lively’s political pedigree, as with Weatherford’s are also of the highest caliber as far as I am concerned.

    But to all those who are anxious to cast aspersions or even make valid complaint of Emily’s tell-it-like-she-feels-it style, witness her ‘heart’. If you can match it, talk on.

    What some might think as intimidating, is perhaps their first true experience with what is called, the Moral Authority. Search it within yourself and see that inkling of fear arising out of the realization that the Kanaka have a right and necessity to govern this place.

    Except the Moral Authority of a strong Kanaka woman is not enough. It can never be just that. Something more comprehensive and accountable must evolve.

    Voting is not enough.

    Votes are manipulated. Counting can be fraudulent. Elections and votes are bought. To think that casting a ballot alone will enable justice to flourish here again, is unreal. People must vote with their feet and voices. To defer or delegate our power to others, as voting does, is to eventually be alienated from the process.

    So to send good people into the Ripper Pits of Hilo politics alone, is to eventually ruin that person. Maybe all the rubber slippers of Puna could follow and bug dose Buddahheads until connections can be made to shake dem’ out of office.

    But then…

    So much has to change. The reins of our ultimate control are far away. We are subject to the pressures that only render our home a military base or tourist destination. Our simple efforts to survive are criminalized. Our cultural and spiritual needs are suppressed to serve ends far away.

    Forces will be forever working on any good person we send, even just to Hilo. The choices for people we delegate narrow down to only bad, to worse, to FUBAR.

    Our only hope is to bring ALL of our governance home, here to our own shores. No longer can we afford the rule of those foreign to our ways, It has been generally corrupting and ruinous to us all. Show us otherwise.

    Home rule, Hawaiian Kingdom: There is no other way.

    Join Us.

  20. Ken
    Ken says:

    With the justification of the sheer ineptness of Emily Naeole we now have cemented the door shut with any possible hope of any form of return to Hawaii Sovereignty under any circumstance.

    This is the equivalent of Christians justifying the burning of the Koran.

    Any hope of any form of true Hawaii self governance requires at the utmost a leadership group of high intellect.

    Putting someone like Emily on that pedestal just makes the pedestal crash and burn to the ground.

    Criticizing Bush, Cheney, Obama, McCain, Palin – whoever you desire to trash in American Politics becomes so absurd and ridiculous when you have people like Emily, “Guy”, “Fresh”, “J” and especially Kenoi “running” this County.

    Side by side, they make Bush look like a genius.

    And make Hawaii self governance a wishful dream of NEVER!

  21. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    Ken, I noticed all those you trashed in your blog is of color and all you defended (bush, cheney, etc) were white.

    Are we missing something here?

    Ken, I know you don’t like the notion of a lawful government here.

    Please, elucidate.

  22. Ken
    Ken says:

    Well now Dwight. I see you have missed my points all together.

    I am not bashing ANYONE of color.

    I am bashing those with no intellect – or any desire to become intellectually stronger.

    You are flat out wrong that I DO NOT like the notion of a lawful government here.

    We already have one, just run by truly incompetent people – and unfortunately, most of those people are as you say “of color” – or as I say – just stupid and incompetent.

    I think Kelly Greenwell has less intellect that Emily. But they are still both highly unintelligent people who have no business guiding this County.

    You know Dwight, when YOU remove the blinders of racism – you will see what I am saying.

    But I understand you.

    To not see color – but to see people as they truly are is impossible for you. You are just too bent in being the uneducated racist fool that you really truly are.

    For the record, I think Bush, Obama, McCain, Palin et al are incompetent idiots too.

  23. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    You know Ken,

    As much as I feel just a little prickly being alone with you again on some isolated post, you know Mama Tiffa’ sees all and you also know, she doesn’t like us to keep on meeting like this.

    But you are so juicy!

    But if we keep it quiet, she might look away long enough for us to finish our intercourse and bring it to a mutually satisfying, climactic resolution.

    Are you an adult and can you handle a more, say, manly approach to this burgeoning relationship?

    If you cannot, say so here, and I will avoid you here and at every hotspot in Pahoa.


  24. Ken
    Ken says:

    Well Dwight

    I see you, once yet again are thinking with the part of your body that apparently has guided you throughout your life.

    And, once again, it is what makes you the complete idiot you really are.

    If you can have a conversation that does not contain the inane weak minded argument about illegal occupations and sexual obsession – then we may have a base line where by intellectual conversation can take place.

    But, as is yet once again, your ignorant last post shows without any doubt, you are a sex obsessed uneducated ignorant idiot.

    And yes, Tiffany is too good of a person to put up with your inane ignorant babble. But all my entire life – and that’s now going on 60 plus years, I just can’t keep my mouth shut when surrounded by big mouth uneducated ignorant idiots. It truly drives me nuts.

    My apologies to Tiffany for having to moderate a fantastic blog as she has here – while at the same time giving equal opportunity to an idiot like you.

    Seriously Dwight, if you look in the mirror – you will see your true enemy.

  25. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    I thought it was funny, but boy, you are touchy!

    See! You went for the “nuts’ again. I never once made any mention of any male body parts.

    So stop saying it’s me. Admit it now!

    Seriously Ken, if you look in the mirror – you will see you truly need an enema.

    Now back to the question of Hawaii self governance.
    Tell us why that idea is so offending to you.

    Please, no more references to your superior intellect and your “nuts”.

  26. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    You two, once again.

    Ask anybody, I do kick people off the site.

    If he is reading this, he can see how patient I really am before I decide I’ve had enough. Nothing is permanent, though. If you do get banned from this site, you can always write me again and promise me you are ready to engage again in cyber dialogue on my site, respecting my rules of civility and desire to keep threads on topic, without personal attacks.

    I don’t hold grudges.

    The key is not to test me. I am a Fire Dragon.

    Get back on topic or vacate this thread.

  27. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    See, you have aroused Mama Tiffa’ and she has called upon her inner dragons to douse the discourse.

    so be it and I know we will meet again on this battlefield of your anonymous name calling and reviling rants.

    and peace shall only come when you place forth your thesis for me to ridicule, albeit politely.

    Ken, girder thyself and prepare to be vanquished on this bloody field of wit and factual citations.


    And to you my ‘high’ness:

    May your buds never be too sticky to roll,
    at least ’til your husband cleans the bowl.


  28. Ken
    Ken says:

    Well Dwight-

    The primary difference between you and me is that I read your written words for the meanings as they are written. I do not take the words you write and twist them into the meanings I desire them to be and then quote you out of context using twisted words and meanings.

    Remember the movie “Falling Down” and the graffiti on the rocks and Michael Douglas on his rant about the symbol as printed and the gang bangers telling him what it says?

    His response was perfect – I won’t say it here because it contains the F word. If you do not know what I am saying – educate yourself and watch the movie.

    You desire to make posts – then when a reaction is made – well “you think it was just funny.” How can anyone take your words seriously? And never once did I reference a male anatomical body part. YOU DID.

    Now as for Hawaii self governance – again, if you ever once read what I have said, you would have already ascertained that I support it – and want it.

    But surely not with the gross incompetence that has been displayed here for 50 plus years with each and every elected official – State and County. In order to have self governance we need competency.

    While you can sit back and drone on and on and on with the bellicose argument of illegal overthrows and occupations – for the most part of Hawaii’s Statehood – it has been led by mainly Hawaiians. Not all the time and not always, but a majority of the time. While you can twist the words and facts of history into believing illegal overthrows and occupations, you can not blame the government – since it is mostly been run by elected Hawaiian people.

    Now before you go off on the race issue – let me say this. I think Linda Lingle has been the absolute WORST AND MOST UNEDUCATED AND IGNORANT Governor this or ANY State has ever seen. She has done more damage to the daily life of a Hawaii resident than anyone.

    For Hawaii self governance to be real, which I find impossible, it requires people to lead this Sate with great education, confidence and knowledge of the people and the land. What would Emily bring to the table on Hawaii self governance? Tent City?

    It is well known you advocate the legalization of marijuana. Yet you blame the federal Government for the consistent arrests. Yes, the Feds got Roger, but lets see what ancestry and who the Chief of Police is? The head legal Counsel? The Chief Prosecutor? The Mayor?

    THESE are the people busting “locals” (over 400 arrests last year for less than an ounce) for minor pot possession charges as well as ignoring the voter mandated “lowest enforcement.”

    What do these people bring to the table of Hawaii self governance?

    Do you think “Guy” brings aloha and love of the people to the table of Hawaii self governance?

    What about Ikeda? Do you think you will get to talk with him at the table of Hawaii self governance?

    And – again – not to have you call this a race issue – Greenwell needs to just go away – he is far to self absorbed in his own ego to be of any use to anybody – in fact he must truly be the MOST uneducated ignorant person on this island. At the table of Hawaii self governance – he would be shot dead.

    To have real – effective Hawaii self governance – we need a first rate, front line, energetic – EDUCATED group of leadership.

    Not two 86 year old endlessly elected useless Senators to feeble to attend most events. Or already dead representatives.

    But the most important aspect of Hawaii self governance however, and this relates directly to you, and is why you are your own worst enemy.

    In your post, you stated the following – and I quote: “Are you an adult and can you handle a more, say, manly approach to this burgeoning relationship?”

    One can read those words as a suggestion to meet and have a “manly” fight. That shows the limits of your education. You do not agree with me – so your answer is to take me out back and “pound” that sense into me hey?

    Hawaii self governance needs brains – not brawn.

    Now a life story:

    Years years ago, while working as a junior accountant at a big publically traded environmental firm, which was a subsidiary of a huge corporation, or business unit had a proposed acquisition opportunity delivered to us.

    Of course at that time my job was to perform the “due diligence” of the entity we were looking to acquire. It all checked out – and was a great business decision to acquire the company and merge it into our operations.

    However, during the few months we spent doing the due diligence, our regular business unit suffered some rather large and embarrassing financial losses.

    Then the day we sat before the Board of Directors, the CEO and the CFO and the VP’s and all the senior management of my company are showing the directors the great potential we could have if we acquire this company. On and on they went PowerPoint slides, graphs, and the whole shebang.

    I just sat there, the pencil neck geek who 6 months out of school as a junior junior CPA in sheer awe of how big business worked.

    The Chairman of the Board looks thru the presentation. He turns around and picks up one sheet of paper. It is our business unit’s financial statement where he can clearly see we just lost several million dollars on various construction projects.

    He clears his throat and says “Why should I buy you a company when you have clearly demonstrated you are incapable of running the one you already have.”

    The same is true about the reality of Hawaii self governance as it is today.

  29. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do with these incredibly verbose and oppositional defiant people? I’m ready to bust out the can of whip ass. I feel like I’m typing my way into a brick-wall head bashing. GET THE EFF ON TOPIC OR GET LOST!

  30. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:

    Mama Tiffa’

    This seems to be a rather isolated out-post of your blog. Clearly, there is a beef from this anonymous poster and things have been said publicly.

    But reading the last post, I found some interesting ground that seems to clarify what has been up until now, nothing but a frustrated plea for my attention.
    Please review the history of this interaction before passing judgment on all participants. I get blamed for another’s slander.

    Since this little antagonism started here and I sense finally, an opportunity for some calmer dialogue, I would like to ask that it continue for a little bit longer so that we may clear the air.

    Apparently Ken and I like to disparage a lot of the same people and institution and I know from his first rage against me, he has had it wrong.

    I know it is going to be a busy day for you, so I won’t respond to previous comments until you say it is pono with you.

    And at the drop of hat, if you feel that

    the vehemence of opposing ideas get out of hand.
    I will stop with just one word from you.

    But things have been said here, that if I do not respond, clarify or expose as false, taints the good name my mother gave me.

    Standing by, awaiting your permission to dialogue.

  31. Ken
    Ken says:

    Since Tiffany has posted your post Dwight, I would assume that would give you the permission you asked for.

    So go ahead and retort your inane babble of a response.

    I am not listening nor will I reply with any form of post.

    I could care less and have no desire to read yet another sexually obsessed word twisted view of your world.

    Truthfully, the world needs to move beyond the broken records of non factual bellicose babble you at every turn seem to muster that has, is and will never be based in facts.

    Have at it. Dwight.

    I only hope you don’t get to “verbose!”

  32. Dwight Kondo
    Dwight Kondo says:


    You use an anonymous post as how a Mississippi night rider would use a white sheet.

    What is apparent is that your fear is really an expression of your guilt.

    Your pseudonym is just a tilly’s ruse to not take responsibility for your nutless haole jibes.

    Trying to relate to you is like asking a turd what I look like on the inside before flushing.

    Because it is apparent by the shape your in.

    Excuse me Mama Tiffa for the crudeness.

    I going wash my hands now.

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