Letters — Regarding Allegations Of Campaign Violations In The Council District 5 Office

Aloha Tiffany,

Thank you for the professionalism you have shown me through this process. After our meeting on Sunday, when I asked you to protect me through anonymity, I have been able to gather the resources and data I needed to be able to substantiate any comments which may be attributed to me regarding perceived ethics violations by Ms. Naeole. After meeting with Mr. Goodenow yesterday morning and gathering my support documentation, I hope to have my Board of Ethics claim worked out and delivered tomorrow to Lincoln Ashida. It will take me some more time to logically list and articulate my concerns.

For the record, I will be filing this claim referencing only the ‘appearance’ of violation of the Ethic’s Code relative to campaign and county business intermingling. This claim will in no way address the ‘loud mouth’ comment made from the council seat. I have already gone on record as saying I intend no action be taken on my behalf nor will I initiate action.

Please feel free to post this email on your site to assuage any concerns by anyone that you are ‘singling’ out Emily for some personal reason. Let it be known, I approached YOU. I asked you to protect me. I am bringing this up NOW because I became aware of something on Thursday I believed to be a violation which led to my knowledge being improved on what constitutes an ethics violation and that took time to become educated. I am now prepared to answer the questions that may be asked of me with a public  announcement of my identity.

Toni Robert

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  1. rj
    rj says:

    Not enough people will understand or see this story. Which means, all Emily has to do is shaka and wave, and continue to stump through the district, with her sob story about people picking on her because she’s brown, Hawaiian, a wahine, from Puna, etc. She will get past the primary, no doubt about that… but once crunch time really sets in, there will be cause for her to really get her act together…

  2. damon
    damon says:

    I’m glad that RJ Mendoza may begin to understand that Big Island Chronicle does not reach the voters the way some other sources do.

    Deflating ANY council members on your own “BLOG” serves no purpose unless you get paid to do this.

    You keep switching between commentator and blogger.

    Is your “site” a news site… or what is this?

    I still think something is fishy….

    Signed Damon Tucker… or PR Whore… :roll:

  3. Steve Offenbaker
    Steve Offenbaker says:

    I can’t help but feel bad for Gwen, I’ve never had anyone be nicer to me than she has always been, and if she did wrong it should be stopped bit either way I feel for someone that is as wonderful as she is getting caught up in “politics”

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    No, I don’t think Gwen just ended up getting caught in “politics”. If this was true, than Emily’s political adversaries would have filed the complaints. Her main two political adversaries, Yagong, Ford, etc. were not the the individuals filing the complaints.

    And I don’ think they even care.

    In fact, Brenda made some admitted mistakes herself.

    No, the individuals filing the complaints were a former aide and volunteer campaign supporter who are just fed up and want this to be looked at and be told whether or not a violation occurred and if in fact anyone will be held accountable (IMHO).

    The rules are the rules and you cannot use county resources for recreation, personal, or campaign purposes.

    We need to end the fraudulant and wasteful use of tax payer resources by anyone affiliated with the county, appointed, elected, or employed.

    These people act as if they own the shop down there.

  5. Steve Offenbaker
    Steve Offenbaker says:

    Like I said I like Gwen, if wrong is being done it will come out but I hate to see Gwen as a target cause she has always been good to me. But like you say wrong is wrong

  6. Ken
    Ken says:

    What I think we could do to eliminate this consistent arrogance and ignorance against the rules is to go to say Kamehameha Schools and get the 3rd grade class to work with and teach each council member on what the rules are for reelection and then actually help then run their campaigns – keeping it separate from the duties as a current council member.

    It would help our youth learn the political system as well as learn the importance of an education so that when they become adults they wont be so stupid and ignorant and they can teach supposed adults what most 3rd graders already know.

    Win win for all!

  7. Ken
    Ken says:

    @ Damon

    Yes – I am sure the Red Bull tournament is far more important than the upcoming elections!

    Those girls are much sexier than Emily and “Guy” and the old shriveled up Greenwell!

    And those poor swimmers – they need a paved road to walk up to the top of the cliff – maybe Dominic can help out there???

  8. rj
    rj says:

    Damon, please untangle your panties. Nobody’s switched from blogger to commentator. The rules of social media are sketchy, because it’s a constantly changing field, where credentials are constantly questionable (in Tiff’s case, no so much because she is a trained journalist, like Ian Lind and Dave Shapiro).

    And um also, if you are referring to Tiff in your comments switching from term to term, if you read the byline you’ll notice it’s Toni who submitted this piece, and not Tiffany.

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