***Commentary*** The Board of Ethics Complaint Regarding The Council District 5 Office

(Following is a narrative written by Toni Robert of Puna, which serves as an addendum to a Board of Ethics petition filed this week, alleging violations on the part of Council District 5 office. A commentary was published earlier this week, anticipating this Board of Ethics petition to be filed against Puna Councilwoman Emily Naeole-Beason and her Council Aide Gwen Kupahu.  That Big Island Chronicle (BIC) commentary also detailed the fact that BIC and Hawaii247.com  have jointly filed a Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA) request with the Data Systems Department for all County emails, including those trashed, to and from Kupahu and Naeole-Beason between July 5 and the present. That request is pending. )

9/14/2010 10:51:14 PM

TO: Lincoln S. T. Ashida Corporation Counsel

County of Hawai`i Hilo Lagoon Centre 101 Aupuni Street Suite 325

Hilo, Hawai`i 96720

RE: Addendum to Code of Ethics Petition

Aloha Mr. Ashida and Board,

I am writing to expound upon the choices of the code I selected. I will acknowledge ignorance of the ‘law’ regarding the actual intent behind each of the items below but will in fact use the actual meanings of the words to me to explain my petition. I beg your patience in advance.

Section 2-83. Fair treatment.

(a) Officers and employees of the County, while discharging their duties and dealing with the public, shall

adhere to the following precepts:

(1) All public property and equipment are to be treated as a public trust and are not to be used in a proprietary manner or for personal purposes without proper consent.

My comments: I understand ‘personal’ purposes may be subjective but I will address why I chose this with the following explanation: I am aware that Ms. Naeole gave verbal direction on or about June 2010 to her Campaign Treasurer during a Campaign Committee meeting at Ms. Naeole’s home. The verbal instruction was: ‘Auntie Gwen, make sure you call as soon as you get into the office and order the T-Shirts [T-Shirt Company out of state. Check written, Thursday, July 1, a work day.] and Bags’[Bag Company is out of state. Check written on Monday, June 28, a work day]. The direction to her paid staff to use the office and the office equipment, and presumably the ‘time’ to place a campaign order for T-Shirts and Bags, is of a personal nature and not the ‘business’ of the office of District 5 Council.

(2) No person in a supervisory capacity shall engage in personal or business relationships with subordinates, which might intimidate said subordinates in the discharge of their official duties.

My Comments: In keeping with the ‘personal’ – or non county business – Ms. Kupahu has been employed for Ms. Naeole for several years. During that time she has worked insome capacity or another as a campaign [personal] volunteer. Ms. Kupahu also is keenly aware of Ms. Naeole’s management style and understands how Ms. Naeole responds to those who do not accommodate her requests. Ms. Naeole is rather gruff or bullish in her demeanor when she feels she is not getting the service from someone subordinate to herself. Recently, I had occasion to be in the office for a meeting with Roxanne Hampton to discuss the progress being made on the Transitional Housing project. Ms. Naeole arrived in the office ‘barking’ orders at everyone. She agreed to have an unscheduled sit down with RJ and myself to catch her up with what we’d done to move the project along. Ms. Naeole’s management of both RJ and Gwen was dictatorial and impatient. At one point, when I felt it was no longer appropriate for me to be in the office to witness the harangue, I left the office and as I did I turned and said goodbye to Ms. Kupahu. I also said, ‘I am leaving now, because I can!’ She giggled sheepishly and gestured she understood. Do I believe Ms. Kupahu feels her job so secure she can say ‘no’ to Ms. Naeole’s directives to take care of campaign [personal] matters while at work? I cannot answer for a certainty. However, this is campaign #3 and it is not the first time Ms. Kupahu has been in this situation. She knows what is permitted and what is not — yet complies with her ‘boss’s’ inappropriate request obediently.

(3) Using County time, equipment or other facilities for private business or campaign purposes.

On August 15, 2010 while visiting Ms. Naeole at her home for a campaign meeting, she gave me an 8X10 page with 6 family photos to post on her Facebook page. When I got home to do the graphics with captions I realized there was no way to identify the individuals as I do not know her family. On August 16th I spoke with Emily to let her know I needed to meet with her somewhere in Pahoa so she could give me the names of the people in the picture. I was directed to Gwen for my answers. [Email proof is available] I had to call to obtain Ms. Kupahu’s email and the address she gave me was her county email address. Ms. Kupahu responded from the county email address with the answers/information on August 19th.

I suggest your investigation contact Ben, of Puna Tech, [EM: punatech@live.com] the company who did Ms. Naeole’s website [www.auntieemily.com] to inquire where he went to pick up his check, where he dropped off his invoice and how he got the ‘distribution list’ to Gwen. I have heard parts of those discussions over a course of a few website design meetings but I cannot remember dates or specifics. It is my recollection, some or all of these things transpired in the office. This would, by necessity, involve the use of an employee’s time, the office at which she is employed [facilities] and if the distribution list was emailed to her it should be reflected in her email archives.

I would ask Ms. Kupahu how she secured the ‘talk story’ location at Ainaloa, the Pahoa Community Center, Pohoiki sites and how she arranged for the Maku’u Market booth. It is my understanding most if not all of those were initially secured via telephone, during work hours and from her work phone. [If you look at the dates on the campaign spending reports you will be able to verify the dates for some of the checks are work dates.]


I suggest the investigation contact Jason Armstrong of the Hawaii Tribune-Herald to inquire of the address used by Gwen when she requested a copy of the Candidate Questionnaire for Emily to respond to.

On August 20th at 1132A [http://www.bigislandchronicle.com/?p=16687#comment- 42606] Tiffany posted her thoughts regarding an employee’s use of County equipment, etc. I became aware that Gwen was reminded of the rules after this was posted. I believe when you research with Jason the ‘email chain’ initiated by Gwen regarding the Campaign Questionnaire you will note that communication from Ms. Naeole’s office regarding this extended out beyond the August 20th date of the posting to Tiffany’s blog.

(4) Using County property or personnel for other than a public activity or purpose.

As I sit here and recall the parts of many conversations which put the business of the campaign right inside the office of the District 5 Councilmember, it amounts to a significant amount of time and use of the County’s property and personnel. I am not privy to all that has transpired but I am certain Ms. Kupahu could provide you with a clear picture.

In closing, I have the following concerns/suggestions: [The Petitions refer to as my ‘position or contention’]

 The county needs to clearly educate the staff on such matters as conducting campaign related activities on the clock and from an office as a violation of the Code of Ethics. In addition, I would strongly recommend an inner office memo be generated from your HR department, or the County Clerk’s office, or the Board of Ethics, prior to election season to all staff, reminding them of their obligation as county employees.

 I would recommend all elected officials be reminded prior to an election season of the ‘rules and regulations’ surrounding what is expected of prospective candidates as they conduct themselves in their day to day activities in the capacity of their elected position.

 It is my concern Ms. Naeole has had a number of ethics violations charged against her with no apparent consequence and there is no inducement for her to regard the Code of Ethics with respect or adherence. Ms. Naeole is the first to remind anyone who makes a suggestion to her about her campaign that this is her 3rd campaign and she knows what she is doing. That being said, one could infer such admonition as an admission that she has deliberately and consistently violated the ethics code; or, because she has conducted her campaigns in the past the same as this campaign a breach of ethics is ‘common place’ in her practice. Either way, such a cavalier attitude towards an ethical standard to which she is expected to adhere is unacceptable and inexcusable. It has eroded the public’s trust in the office of the District 5 Council as well as the public’s faith in the Board of Ethics to impose consequences sufficient to deter such repetitive and historical disregard.

ï‚· The items I have listed might well be waived as small infractions amounting to nothing of consequence. I would agree one here or there would support such an argument. However, in reality, violations seem common practice and it is the fact that it is so easily done and as a routine part of business which constitutes the real violation!


 I would like to state for the record, it is with great reticence that I have filed this Petition with you. My name and contact information being attached to such a document that is in the public domain puts me in a position for much retribution. However, I feel strongly as a citizen of this county I will get the kind of government I want only if I guard it with the sacred respect and honor it is due. I have stepped up and taken the risks associated with filing this document; I request that the Board of Ethics surprise the public by conducting an investigation and upon confirmation of any or all violations listed in this Petition, make the findings and consequences to Ms. Naeole public. It is time to restore the public trust [and I mean the word ‘trust’ in every conceivable means it can be used] and at the same time use this as an educational tool for all County employees/elected officials.

ï‚· In the event the question arises as to the timing of this Petition let me move that out of the way right now. I am a novice to campaigns and their management especially with an incumbent candidate. I actually learned here and there what I was allowed to do and not do. I understood and worked within those parameters. On Thursday, September 9, I learned from Emily she’d brought in her Campaign Manager to work as a volunteer in her office. I struggled with the information that afternoon and all day Friday. It seemed a blatant conflict of interest. On Saturday I called a couple of people I thought might have an idea as to rules about campaign managers working in candidate offices as a volunteer to determine if it was kosher. I was unable to get a definitive answer. As soon as it was possible for me to get to Kenneth Goodenow’s office on Monday for clarification I did. I now understand the volunteer campaign manager is not a problem — but only if you deny all the evidence and suspend rational thinking — believing there would never be a single bit of campaign business done. During the discourse with Mr. Goodenow he mentioned that even a paid staff member could volunteer to work on a campaign, but only on their own time. After my meeting with Mr. Goodenow and contemplation of what he said to me, I was able to determine there was in fact a series of possible violations and felt the body of violations compelling enough for me to bring the information forward. By querying all office staff your investigation will no doubt garner far more information than what I bring to you, which would likely add weight to the gravity of the indifference, if not outright contempt, displayed by Councilwoman Naeole for the ethical standards of Hawaii County.

Sincerely, Toni Robert

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  1. damon
    damon says:


    Disgruntlement… I can point to just to many posts that you have written in defense.

    Why is it that the second one person doesn’t get what they want from Naeole… the turn like this?

    This trips me out!

    Once again someone is gonna waste our tax dollars on an ethics complaint that won’t fly.

  2. Toni
    Toni says:

    Damon:Why is it that the second one person doesn’t get what they want from Naeole… the turn like this?

    ME: And so it begins!

    What is it you think I wanted from Ms. Naeole? What do you think she could give to me? I, SIR, am the one who gave to her of my time, my energy and my talent. I did it all with a volunteer spirit and a desire to work with the system. She never asked me to do anything for her except support some of her legislation and write an occasional press release and I was glad to do it because I supported the piece.

    You are entitled to your opinion. You have NO IDEA how much I grappled with this emotionally before finally putting this to bed. Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to doing ‘right’ whether it is popular or not I am bound to my own code of ethics, come what may. I am not the one costing the taxpayers more.

  3. Ken
    Ken says:

    Better question:

    Why is it that Emily seemingly has defenders no matter what she does?

    As for ethics complaints that are a waste of time that go nowhere – maybe the issue is with the ethics board in addition to the elected representatives who feel they are above any form of ethical dealings.

  4. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    I’m not sure that I’m buying into this 100%. I’ll grant you that Aunty is not the person for the post that she has been dully elected for and I think that others can do much better. She is quite controversial and lacks lots of protocol but I truly believe that she is as honest as the day is long.

    I’ll agree with your call that she may have used some county time and the use of county equipment, but how much is the true question. How do we know that Gwen was not doing campaign volunteer work on her “coffee break” or maybe “lunch hour” at the office? Another thought crosses my mind and that is how many hours has Emile “donated” to the community trying to do county business after office hours?

    Again I’ll agree with you that Aunty is not the person for this job but I feel that this approach is kind of a “cheep shot” at trying to get even at her for what ever reason you may have. On the other hand this may be a good warning to incumbent elected official that you had better fly straight. There is always someone out there who will rock your world should you take one step sideways.

    Toni you made some statement to Lincoln Ashida that kind of looks like you got to a point of setting her up for a fall. One thing that I know about Lincoln is that he is really smart and on top of things and his main job is to protect his clients {council and staff].

    I hope that this don’t backfire on you, Aunty is not getting my vote this year but not for this reason. Other may not fell the same as me and this may push border votes over to her side.

    The Lack

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Dominic Yagong had campaign/party officers as employees, as did Keiko Bonk, and others. Dominic took his secretary to Japan for four days so she could take minutes at a one hour meeting with Oji Timber and nobody blinked an eye. Keiko hired her live-in boyfriend and survived an ethics challenge since she wasn’t married to him at the time she hired him.

    And whether they are campaign officers or not, a lot of staff both appointed and civil service go out and campaign for their bosses. The last time I checked they had a right to do so as county employees are not prohibited from campaign activities so long as it is not on county time.

    As for the specifics of the allegations, these are serious, Rene Mansho went to jail for a year based on similar charges.

  6. Toni
    Toni says:

    @Tom: Again I’ll agree with you that Aunty is not the person for this job but I feel that this approach is kind of a “cheep shot” at trying to get even at her for what ever reason you may have. On the other hand this may be a good warning to incumbent elected official that you had better fly straight. There is always someone out there who will rock your world should you take one step sideways.

    ME: I can appreciate all the thoughts and opinions that may arise from this claim. There is so much more I am not at liberty to discuss because it is not mine to discuss but I chose to take my portion and clear my conscience. I have never been one who much cared about how others think of me because I have always answered the call to step up and do the tough stuff. If you note in my bullet remarks, I allow for the possibility of this being simply ‘routine’ stuff but when you get down to pointing up to someone that a course of action may be wrong and they tell you this is their 3rd term and they know what they are doing what is left to do but expose the chronic abuse of the system. Many in this country clamor because of corrupt government and some are finally putting on the thick skin and clear focus of stepping back the abuse of power, the ‘if I want your opinion I will give it to you’ mentality and shining a light on the corners that have long been collecting the dust of voter apathy and complacency.

    She has done nothing to me. That is what people are not getting. What she is doing is to the district 5 people by carrying on ‘business as usual’. The malaise people have towards the foolishness she is forever wrapped in by winking at it because “That is Auntie’ does nothing to curb it –but in fact, emboldens her by allowing her to think she has the support of people because she keeps getting elected.

    Honestly? If she were a little more embracing and inclusive of different ideas and opinions, in other words OPEN MINDED, and of the people who may voice them, while still maintaining a focus on the ‘special’ concerns of her heart she’d be the best combination but that seems a concept she is unable to master. I tried, which is evidenced by my thoughts on this forum and those on my own [www.write-matters.com] but when she told me she’d drawn her campaign manager right up next to her in her office that sent a shudder down my spine as a true conflict of interest to the people of this district. And I truly love her campaign manager, but I know the devotion she has to Emily and I don’t for a moment believe, regardless of how well intended, there will be no further corruption of the office; but rather I suspect it may be used as a full time campaign strategy office and on the taxpayer’s dime. THAT I cannot abide.

    I bear her no ill and hope she goes on in her personal life to do wonderful things. The 5th District of Hawaii County needs a new day and new leadership. Perhaps she can find a way to continue her support of the noteworthy programs and services she has managed to put into place for those who need them, like the Friday Food, Senior Center, Transitional Housing, etc. There is no reason to believe her proponents of this constituency will not get the same ‘ear’ from James that they got from her.

  7. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Interesting observation Tom.

    There have been a lot of allegations and just about all have been dismissed.

    Love her or hate here a lot of mud has been slung and not just in the governors race. A lot has been hurled at Emily and to me some of it seems more personal than anything else.

    I am not sure about this and the gossip on RJ and Sativa was just that, I agree with Tom on this and most know that is a rare event.

  8. Jerry Carr
    Jerry Carr says:

    Most of the voters don’t pay nearly as much attention (if they pay any attention at all) to this sort of thing as do the readers of this blog. I don’t see the whole ethics thing making a big difference in how people vote. It broke late in the campaign, it certainly won’t be resolved before the primary, and it might not even be resolved before the November general.

    I respect people who bring forward these things when they have proof, and especially when they have no other axe to grind. Personally, I think Toni is someone who has become dismayed to see a friend become so arrogant and out of touch as Emily has become. I sense sadness, and not vindictiveness, in Toni’s pursuit of the ethics issue, but that is just my personal take on it, and I am not trying to speak for Toni. She is quite capable and cogent in that regard.

  9. silverpenny
    silverpenny says:

    Abuse of power recurs repeatedly because we allow it. If it’s an isolated event, it could be overlooked, as everyone is subjected to an occasional oversight. In the case of Naole, she has shown recurring disregard and disrespect for her colleagues as well as the people she claims to represent. The reason she’s still in office is because not enough people speak up and speak out. Many believe she is incompetent, yet don’t do enough to remove her; yet don’t support those that do actually take action. I much admire Toni for her resolve. It takes cajones to be on the front line for the good of all and we should support her in bringing the balance of power back to where it will benefit us, the people, NOT special interests.

    You go, Toni!

  10. Sidney Bechet
    Sidney Bechet says:

    “‘Auntie Gwen, make sure you call as soon as you get into the office and order the T-Shirts [T-Shirt Company out of state. Check written, Thursday, July 1, a work day.] and Bags’[Bag Company is out of state.”

    THAT SUCKS… there are more than a few skilled silk screen craftsmen/women on this island. To take taxpayer money, (she’s publicly funded) and spend it out of state and on FedEx while THIS economy is bleeding to death. She obviously doesn’t give hoot about anyone but herself…

  11. MM
    MM says:

    Tom, Thomas, MY personal observation was at the County Council meeting, sitting right behind Toni, when Emily looked at her and called her a “loudmouth”. Toni stormed out, rightly so, and Emily called that night (an admission of wronging in my view) to apologize…Toni has said she is not even calling her on that! Personally, loudmouth and ignorant, are both insulting, and have NO place coming from a council person to someone taking the effort to testify before the council, voiceing their concern over the issue before the council. And, time wise, that was little more than a week ago…just my observation….I don’t think it’s an “attack” personal or otherwise. Check the DVD of the meeting. The Chairman jumping on Brenda Ford for saying under her breath, from what I’v heard: God help Puna–and not saying anything to Emily at the Kona meeting openly telling Brenda to: “get a life..” What’s up with that? Anyway, I was there for both.

  12. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    I didn’t condone or agree with some of the things Emily does, just noted that the comments seem personal and even lynch mob like at times. I do not always agree with Emily but I do love her and the attacks here over the last 2 years are have at times been every bit as nasty or worse as those made against Emily. With insults and rude personal comments being made by some posters. When it gets low no one has the high ground if the complaints have merit it will be dealt with and if you do not like the ruling pursue other actions. To date most of the complaints have failed to be upheld but the mud is thicker than ever. It just an opinion or observation. I have stayed out of this one for the most part but Emily is certainly not the only who should be embarrassed here. Its been ugly to put it mildly. In the end we all have to live here together and Emily and her family have lived her far longer than me or any of those attacking her. Vote her out if you can but clean it up a little, or get of your high horses

    My comments are not directed at Toni here but in general to the whole heated debate. This was just the one that pushed me over the top and into the mud pit. I have been thinking about this for a while, Emily is a big girl, but she is also family to me and many others we can’t help taking some of this personally to some degree also.

  13. Toni
    Toni says:

    @Sidney: THAT SUCKS… there are more than a few skilled silk screen craftsmen/women on this island. To take taxpayer money, (she’s publicly funded) and spend it out of state and on FedEx while THIS economy is bleeding to death. She obviously doesn’t give hoot about anyone but herself…

    ME: To be fair, the shirts were ordered from out of state but a local company did do the artwork. I think the link to the financial report was posted on another post. If not, it would take a few moments to locate it and provide it here for anyone’s review. The bags were ordered from out of state and I have no idea if any artwork was done on them, I actually never saw a single bag.

  14. hugh clark
    hugh clark says:

    Hate to rain on this parade but Emily’s repoprted tiardes are small potatoes compared to what we saw in the days of Moon Sameshima and Bill Kawahara. One-time chairman Robert Yamada set the standard for abusive behavior by displaying a Playboy magazine cartoon depicting female abuse. No complaints ensued.

  15. Emily Burt
    Emily Burt says:

    I would like to hear this blog has to say about Guy Enriques using the parking lot of, the county wall and sidewalk in front of Yano Hall and Greenwell county park to do his sign waving this evening. There were about 12 cars and exactly 25 people jumping out in front of cars, waving their flags up and down and generally yelling at each and every car that passed.

    I stopped in the parking lot and one of the flag wavers thought that I was also a volunteer and came over and asked, “How are you young lady?” After a “Fine, thank you” I said that I thought that maybe it was a misuse of county facilities to be campaigning at Greenwell Park. He told me that the parking lot was public. I pointed out that while the parking lot was public, it was a county facility and hence it was illegal to use the property for campaigning. He replied with an, “I don’t know the answer to your question. I am only a volunteer.” At that point I did not know that Guy himself was in the crowd and did not approach him, but rather left thinking that any other person would give me the same lame line.

    Anyway, Toni, I want to thank you for giving me the courage to stop and attempt to talk to these suckers at the county tit. I am one voter that no longer wants my tax dollars used for personal gain, especially by goon squads posing as sign wavers.

    2 regrets, 1) no camera in hand. 2) didn’t see Guy until too late to speak to him personally.

  16. Sidney Bechet
    Sidney Bechet says:

    Toni, to be fair, how much artwork is involved? If she’s spending $2000 of our money on shirts, and they’re anything like her banners and yard signs, the pdf should cost about 50 bucks.

  17. damon
    damon says:

    “…I have been thinking about this for a while, Emily is a big girl, but she is also family to me and many others we can’t help taking some of this personally to some degree also….”

    @Thomas – Please email me at damontucker@yahoo.com as I’m interested in your connection. It is a big family.

    I too am one of those that are related to her… but don’t like her political style… NOR the attacks on her for her “style”.

    My personal vote will not be for her… but the attacks upon her are sometimes so ridiculous that it makes me almost want to support her for them at times.

  18. Ken
    Ken says:

    Well – on the eve of the day that on one hand can change this Island tremendously while on the other hand can continue this islands slide into becoming the biggest joke in the world, I hope and pray that most council members, especially Emily, become unemployed by dinner time tomorrow.

    But then again, the people of this state have elected two 86 year old senators too feeble to do anything more than wave at less than 10% of the appearances they should make and – don’t forget – we also elected a dead representative. And complained tremendously about the required special election costs.

    At any event, my hopes and dreams are for a complete overhaul of the absolute most immature, incompetent and unintelligent council ever.

    But those hopes and dreams probably will fade very fast.

  19. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    Thomas Said:
    I agree with Tom on this and most know that is a rare event.

    Thanks Thomas for this one I’m still laughing, everyone needs a good chuckle

    The Lack

  20. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    Ha ha….so now there you have it.

    MM said:

    Tom, Thomas, MY personal observation was at the County Council meeting, sitting right behind Toni, when Emily looked at her and called her a “loudmouth”. Toni stormed out, rightly so, and Emily called that night (an admission of wronging in my view) to apologize…

    Now this is more like it, a reason that Toni has an ax to grind and MM is an eye witness. Hey that would have pissed me off too but I would not try and hide my reason[s] behind a moral cause of indignation. Call a spade a spade and stop sugar coating it you’ll gain lots more respect

    The Lack

  21. Feliciano
    Feliciano says:

    Dear Ken,

    So Inouye is too feeble to do much? Seems your are just a tad out of touch on that one. Usually the complaint is that he has too much power and can do too much, like directing pork towards Hawaii.

  22. Brian Jordan
    Brian Jordan says:

    How to rain on your parade Hugh. She has violated the law, more than once. She is a public official with a fiduciary responsibilty. She is in fact our problem, the fact that others have done worse is not relevant it’s just an excuse for her poor decision making. She had her warning shots in March of 2007 at CSC. Stan Roehrig and Gerard LeLoy did a masterful job of trivializing the problem. Her actions were given the minimum punitive action which is why she continues to alienate workers and volunteers. Sadly she either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care. She is not the only one to blame. The CSC and The Corp Counsel had pity on her. Perhaps this is why she doesn’t get it.

  23. Ken
    Ken says:


    Yes – BOTH are too feeble to do much of anything really. It is their STAFF that becomes the POWER behind the old feeble senators.

    We did NOT elect the staff of these two. We elected THEM. Which was wrong – but hey we did it.

    Left to their own – they are what they are – too old and feeble – and tired to do much of anything except breathe.

    @Damon – and I quote “My personal vote will not be for her… but the attacks upon her are sometimes so ridiculous that it makes me almost want to support her for them at times.”

    It’s that type of thinking and mentality that causes dead representatives to be reelected – as well as useless people elected or reelected into an office they are incapable of holding.

    To elect someone because others personally attack them is as ridiculous. And shows that there is really no care for the masses – only the individual.

    I highly doubt anyone would get elected if they ran on the platform of breaking ethics laws, calling people “loudmouths” and throwing pens when angry. But to say that when people object to that behavior and thus it makes it a personal attack so therefore I am going to vote for them – well now I see just how Emily got elected in the first place.

    Believe it or not – this election (as is all elections) is important. We need the BEST leadership. We do not need to elect incompetence because we feel sorry for them.

    Would you like the doctor who is about to perform surgery on your body to be one who got his medical license because the board felt sorry for him because others attacked his doctor skills?

  24. silverpenny
    silverpenny says:

    Toni and Sydney,

    What’s a couple of thousand off island expenditures on t-shirts by Naole compared to Enriques’ $14,450 last term? Of course, he got $27,480 in “donations” so I guess he’s ‘giving back’. What we have to be concerned about most, is his ‘giving back’ in the policies that he and all the other Kenoi boys will making to the island’s detriment.

    Data available @ Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission/online; SCHEDULE A, Contributions Rec’d
    -HONOLULU & CA, LA, MA, WA zip codes @$500-$2000
    $27,480 [36 Contributors]
    HILO, [+5 Ttl Capt Cook, Kailua-Kona, Kealakekua] @ $10*-$2000
    $23,900 [50 Contributors]
    $17,952 [66 Contributors]@ $10-$2000 [Includes Prizes & Report discrepancies]

    [Including $10,000 order to Texas 4/11/2008]

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