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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    We did our best to contact all the candidates before making our recommendations. Some races had more than one cannabis friendly candidate. Unless noted her we did not endorse one over the other.

    Here is our list of cannabis friendly candidates

    We are endorsing Neil Abercrombie for governor.

    He is on record as supporting reform of the medical marijuana laws to provide access to cannabis for patients. His opponent is opposed to reform of the cannabis laws.

    There are 2 cannabis friendly candidates, in the Lt governors race…

    Brian Schatz and Deborah Jo Spence.

    They both support reform of the cannabis laws.

    State Senator District 2:

    We are endorsing Micheal Hale…..He is very adamant in wanting to reform cannabis laws in Hawaii. He also came to friends for Justice meetings twice and attended several other pro cannabis events in Hawaii county while openly campaigning for reform of the laws.

    His opponent Russell Kokobun has been some what cannabis friendly but has been in office for some time he voted for but failed to pass any reforms. He also did not come talk to us or publicly support reform of the laws in any meaningful way. We endorsing Mike Hale over Russel Kokobun.

    State Representative District 1: There are no Cannabis Friendly candidates

    State Representative District 2: Again there are no Cannabis Friendly candidates

    State Representative District 3: There are no Cannabis Friendly candidates

    State Representative District 4:

    We are endorsing Faye Hanohano. We would like her to be more accessible and publicly support reforms. However we note.

    Faye has voted for reform of the medical laws and does work with some of the reformers.

    State Representative District 5:

    Again there were 2 cannabis friendly candidates in this race, Bob Herkes and Fred Fogel. Neither talked with us directly we are not endorsing one over the other

    State Representative District 6:

    We are endorsing Denny Coffman as our cannabis friendly candidate in this race.

    State Representative District 7:

    There are no cannabis friendly candidates in this race

    Councilmember District 1: Dominic Yagong already won.

    We hope we can work with him he voted to put LLEO on the ballot and supported the ad hoc committee on how to implement the Lowest Law Enforcement Grievance Procedure

    Councilmember District 2: No Cannabis Friendly candidate

    Nothing good to say here no comment.

    Councilmember District 3: No Cannabis Friendly candidate

    Nothing good to say here no comment.

    Councilmember District 4: No Cannabis Friendly candidate

    Nothing good to say here no comment.

    Councilmember District 5:

    Friends for Justice is endorsing Emily Naeole.

    She has voted in favor of every piece of cannabis reform legislation that has come before the council.

    She has attended and spoken at pro reform events. Emily has personally supported families that have been abused by the county during police raids and she has written letters to the judge in support of these families.

    Her opponent opposes reforms has stated publicly he believes marijuana is a gate way drug and we believe he will continue to vote to waste resources on the war on cannabis being waged in Hawaii county.

    He did not participate in the three forums for the race already held and declined an invitation from us to host a fourth forum so the voters could talk to him.

    Please vote for Emily….Our position on this one is give us jobs not jails……

    Councilmember District 6:

    We are endorsing Brittany Smart she came out in public in favor of reform of the cannabis laws and came to a Friends for Justice meeting. She answered our questions and we believe we can work with her on the council.

    Her opponent has refused to talk with us. His position is very anti cannabis reform in fact he would not only like to see harsher laws and county green harvest missions. He has said several times he would like to see Alcohol made illegal again.

    Its clear he does not understand the history of alcohol prohibition and will never consider any legislation that would regulate cannabis.

    Vote Smart in this race Brittany Smart.

    Councilmember District 7:

    Brenda Ford has already won her race. She voted to put the LLEO on the ballot. She has personal reservations about cannabis but will support the will of the people and will not stand in the way of reforms.

    Councilmember District 8:

    Angel Pilago has already won his race and believe he will be cannabis friendly while on the council.

    Councilmember District 9:

    Pete Hoffmann has already won his race, we see him as reasonable but not cannabis friendly.

    U.S. House of Representative District 2:

    We can not endorse a candidate in this race.

    Maizie Hirono supports medical marijuana, but we do not know if she will support medical reform.

    The republican John Willoughby replied to us before the primary that he does not care one way or the other on the issue.

    We hope this will help you when choosing your candidates.

    A breakdown of the voter turnout, shows only 39% of registered voters voted in primary. What will it take to get YOU to vote in the November election???

    Friends for Justice is asking every one of you to register at least one person to vote and then try to get as many people as you can to the poles.

    Thank you all. lets hope for an end to this war on us your neighbors, in the near future. We can do this but we need you to vote.

    Its already happening across the nation, we should be leading the way not stuck in the failures of the past.

    As Kona Gold points out here

    “Schwarzenegger: “the courts cannot afford to expend limited resources prosecuting a crime that carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket.”

    The same applies to Hawaii county. Yet they arrest every one even medical patients and prosecute them for as little as 1 gram. The voters already said we do not want our resources squandered like that, with LLEO.

    It is an economic issue and a social issue if a candidate can not understand that, stand for reform and show respect for us the voters and the ordnance we passed. Please do not give them your vote. Vote for common sense vote cannabis friendly.

    Its your money that pays for this war, lets spend it on schools, roads, parks, anything would be better than throwing it away.

    Thank you.

  2. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    I did

    feels good [wink]

    given that this is a comment on their ad, if Friends for Justice printed up JUST “End Cannabis Prohibition” bumper stickers with a Hawaii Island outline and their web address I’d give em a couple of sawbucks fer dat [if paypal–for that matter sell em on eBay whydon’tcha]

  3. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    We have the Freedom Fest t shirts, beanies and hats at Jungle Love in Pahoa, and we sell them at the other events were we have our table. We are working on a paypal button for our website also.

    We will be talking about it again soon, I like the bumper sticker idea, we have talked about it. We are working on some new literature right now for hand outs. Thanks for the support………

    We will be in court this week three times here is the e-mail we sent out to members on our list. If anyone wants to join us please come.


    Aloha everyone, here are the upcoming court dates this week for Friends For Justice members:

    Aaron – Monday Oct. 4, at 1:30pm on the 2nd floor of Hilo Court House.

    Devaki and Greywolf- Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 8:30pm in Judge Nakamura’s courtroom on the 3rd floor in Hilo. We will be holding our weekly FFJ meeting after court is over instead of at 4:20 at Dave’s house this Wednesday.

    Nancy- Thursday Oct. 7, at 4pm in Hara’s Courtroom on the 3rd floor in Hilo.

    Please do come if you can, its important that we support each other through these injustices and show the court that we are uniting to correct them.
    Hope to see you there,

    If anyone wants to get on our e-mail list contact us and we will add you.

    We also would like to be more active in Kona we will be there in December for the medical patient who was arrested for one gram. If anyone has a marijuana case and would like support let us know and we will put it on our list.

    Again the we can all do something about this, get involved. Voting cannabis friendly will help us a great deal over the next 2 years, tell your friends and family and make sure they get to the polls.

  4. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    CORRECTION to the last post…….this one is at 8:30 am not 8:30pm.

    Devaki and Greywolf- Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 8:30am in Judge Nakamura’s courtroom on the 3rd floor in Hilo. We will be holding our weekly FFJ meeting after court is over instead of at 4:20 at Dave’s house this Wednesday.

  5. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    very helpful article in the Denver post
    says: 71,000 pot users in Hawaii
    8,067 med pot patients registered

    that means 24,000 LEGAL ounces may be in the possession of patients at any one time in the state

    so there is a need for 1500 lbs to be distributed to patients at any one time and no means to do so

  6. Rob Tucker
    Rob Tucker says:

    This is interesting….

    By John Hoeffel, Los Angeles Times

    September 22, 2010

    The state council of the Service Employees International Union, the largest labor union in California, has endorsed Proposition 19, the initiative on the November ballot that seeks to legalize marijuana.

    The endorsement, announced Tuesday, could boost the campaign, which has not been able to raise enough money for television advertisements and is relying on grass-roots outreach.

    The SEIU, which says it has more than 700,000 members in California, is a significant political force in state politics, although it is not clear how much money or muscle it will put toward passage of the measure.

  7. Rob Tucker
    Rob Tucker says:

    My point in the post above is that Prop. 19 is the place to put your shoulders to the wheel. A donation to Prop. 19 right now could be much more valuable to your cause than blogging on the Big Island.

    No offense to blogging here. But Cal is where the rubber meets the road at this point in time.

  8. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    I agree, Rob.

    If California legalizes marijuana, Hawaii will too. For some reason, Hawaii lawmakers aren’t willing to be pioneers. They leave it to states like California to pave the way. I’m impressed that California has reached this point. I’m particularly impressed that this is happening with a Republican governator (sorry, that was too funny of a typo to correct) at the helm.

    What that shows is that the decriminalization of marijuana, or Cannabis, to be politically correct, is and should be a non Partisan issue.

    I firmly believe that the decriminalization of marijuana and the taxation of it will do wonders for American society.

    I think, if conservatives want to wage a war on drugs, they should focus on the pharmaceutical companies. Marijuana is so benign.

    I personally love the smell and would much prefer to pass someone on the street, smoking a joint rather than a cigarette. As a reformed smoker, I really can’t stand the smell. Being pregnant, I actually get close to puking when I actually smell a cigarette. That to me is a testament to the toxicity…

  9. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    well if ya’ll get a bumper sticker be sure to wear it on yer car now; me,I’m puttin’ mine on my brief case along with my elect Peron Gov sticker from ’98 in Calif when I visited there and my “drug abuse is bad –the drug war is worse” sticker I got from DPF-HI prof Don Topping along with the “thank you for pot smoking” notice

  10. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Of course we are supporting Prop 19 and I agree that should it win. Hawaii will follow suit.

    It looks like there is a good chance of that happening. To be realistic there is a lot of corporate and law enforcement muscle that wants to stop that. We have seen in the past what is right does not always happen, when it comes to cannabis law.

    I agree send money if you can to support prop 19. I can not agree that what happens to the people in Hawaii county in the mean time should not be our focus and priority here.

    What do we tell those families in court next week and the week after that and the week after that? You have to go to jail while we wait for someone else to save you? You have to give your house, money and car, to Hawaii because we are waiting for California to change the law?

    The change everywhere started as a grass roots campaign. We are seeing the effects of The activist that have fought here in Hawaii county for more than 20 years. They are why the council rejected the green harvest funds and they are why the voters here passed the Lowest Law Enforcement Ordnance for Cannabis in Hawaii county. Many paid dearly for that and have been ridiculed to no end by some who now want to be our representative on the council.

    I am sorry I am looking at what you guys, (and girls) are saying and agree with most of it, except that Hawaii county is the one prosecuting us, not the state, the feds, and not California. Hawaii county is the one taking our homes and locking us up.

    We need leadership, that will do the right thing for us economically and socially.

    Our representatives must listen to us, that means they must support reform of cannabis policy in Hawaii county.

    Hawaii counties war on even the smallest amount of cannabis, must stop. The devastation to even one more family is unacceptable to me.

    I can not support anyone who would vote to continue to do us such harm, for no good reason.

    A real leader would see that and do the right thing.

    The fight is at the county, state, and federal level.

    The largest part of Hawaii counties budget is public safety. It is unforgivable that millions of dollars of that money is wasted destroying some the hardest working people I know, when most agree it does more harm than good. A lot of children and adults in Puna do not trust the police. Most of that is a direct result of marijuana policy.

    I remember when we all got along, before the war, when there was a bad guy we helped the police. Now we are the enemy, we need to work together again.

    A real leader would see that is the best thing for us and help. How can we support someone that wants to put us and our families in jail for marijuana crimes, and take our homes and cars? Of course we can not support that, to ask us to is ridicules.

  11. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “We also would like to be more active in Kona we will be there in December for the medical patient who was arrested for one gram”

    who dat

    got a link??

    I got a suggestion for any defendant charged with possession only

    move in a pretrial motion that the charges be dismissed on the grounds that the prosecution can not benefit from the fruit of the poison tree

    that is that Cannabis prohibition is racist and sexist in that the “M” word is Mexican military slang implying it takes two women Mary and Jane to satisfy cannabis induced lust, thus both racist and sexist in one word; that given the relative revelations of the recent NAACP position on prop 19 that these Jim Crow laws are used to disproportionately target minorities and therefore can not be enforced

    that these unjust cannabis prohibition laws also violate the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th amendment rights guaranteed individuals constitutionally

    in particular the 13th amendment put an end to slavery and indentured servitude; when the government denies an individual the right and power to own and use a plant, then the government has declared ownership over the mind and body of any individual who wishes to use this God given plant, and has made them slaves to obey the government thus an unenforceable law as inalienable rights can not be taken only surrendered [however the government does have a right to tax and regulate SALES but not ownership or usage]

    when the Volstead act was passed prohibiting alcohol it set procedural precedent by the passage of a U.S. Constitutional amendment

    that there is no similar amendment prohibiting pot is proof positive of the violation of 14th amendment rights of DUE PROCESS and EQUAL PROTECTION

  12. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    I would have to talk with the Kona patient, I do not believe he wants his name made public by us. He is understandably scared. When he refused to take the deal the judge looked right at him and said what is his defense? Medical Marijuana? Then said he would not allow any other plea bargains and set trial for 12/22/10.

    The judge said something to the effect that he was transporting it so medical use would not be a defense.

    The interesting part was when I read the court documents it only said he was charged with promotion of a detrimental drug, a schedule V drug.

    It did not say anywhere that it was only 1 gram.

    The judge was not familiar with the case as they all expected him to plead guilty so he has no idea this is about 1 gram.

    He has a public defender and no money so his options are limited and he is scared.

    When I mentioned he may lose but if he did I thought he would have a good chance on appeal he was worried about the cost.

    What we really need is someone who can help him with a good attorney that is willing to go all the way.

    I believe its a good case that would set a good precedent if he wins.

    I do not see his public defender making the arguments you outlined, however I will forward the information.

    The fact is this case should not even be happening and is a perfect example of why the we need change at the county level as that is who is bringing the case, and we (tax payers) are paying for the whole mess.

    I believe this case and hundreds of other small cases are brought to boost the numbers so the police and prosecutors can fatten their budgets through the byrn federal grant program.

    While they get a little more money for their individual budgets for every bust, we the tax payers get soaked for millions in cort cost and incarceration, probation, drug testing and on and on.

    Its a perfect example of the self serving interest in those county agencies that are bleeding us dry and why the public safety budget is what? Abut 60% of our total county budget.

    Oh and it was off limits no cuts allowed. What a destructive self serving scam these people have been running on us for years now. Its time to put an end to it, if not for the morale aspects for the economic ones. We can not afford this kind of corruption.

    They are destroying this guy to boost their budget, nothing more. Who is the real criminal in this case?

  13. Thomas
    Thomas says:


    The time for Aaron’s court appearance is Monday Oct. 4, at 1:00pm not 1:30pm on the 2nd floor of Hilo Court House.

    Sorry for the mix up. If you want to come FFJ will be meeting in front of the court room on the second floor about 12:50pm.

  14. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “When I mentioned he may lose but if he did I thought he would have a good chance on appeal he was worried about the cost.

    What we really need is someone who can help him with a good attorney that is willing to go all the way.”

    try Robert Kim Esq.

  15. konagold3
    konagold3 says:


    cant live with em

    cant live without em

    I have a good friend who represented me during my religious use defense

    and tho Jack is a competent civil rights attorney whose heart and practices are in the right place he is constrained by the same factors that all attorneys are in regard to Cannabis laws


    and the fact that to keep the status quo is a bonanza for trial attorneys who ask $5000 retainers and $400 per hour; a tremendous inertia within the legal profession; an attorney must ask themselves if they want to, or can, kill the golden goose

    Public Defenders are often overwhelmed by case load and in general are plea masters rubber-stamping their way through docket after docket

    this is the cliff that Friends for Justice must climb that Justice is too costly

    remember you are in courts of law, not courts of justice, and lawyers have a huge vested interest in perpetuating the status quo

    if 800,000 are arrested each year and 80% [640,000] pay $5000 to defend that is a potential of 3.2 Billion a year to trial attorneys just for possession defenses

    are you gathering attorneys who are willing to do these kinds of cases pro bono??

    do you have a funds devoted to defending those stuck with Public Pretenders??

  16. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Midnight is the deadline to order your shirts and bumper stickers for prop 19.

    I just ordered my shirt.

  17. Thomas
    Thomas says:


    I agree, and we have seen the same problems you mention.

    We have not found any lawyers yet that that will work pro bono, although some do help us here and there.

    We have not put together a legal defense fund but have talked about it. If any one is interested in helping do that through Friends for Justice please contact us.

    The Kona case IMO is the strongest I have seen in the last three years.

    A legal patient with a minute amount of medicine going from Kona to Honolulu.

    The law as we read it should protect that, judges are consistently ruling against it though. It need to go up on appeal and this is a good case to do that. Again if anyone wants to help with that let us know.

    Thank you.

    When a patient travels his or her health problems go with him, it is absurd that the county of Hawaii is prosecuting this man, for taking the smallest amount of medication possible, to use while on Oahu.

  18. konagold3
    konagold3 says:


    400 possession arrest big island

    if half paid for an attorney @ $5000

    that is $1,000,000

    in 2008 all mac nuts in Hawaii $24 million gross

    how far would $1,000,000 go to ending cannabis prohibition in Hawaii in crafting and lobbying for new legislation??

  19. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “A legal patient with a minute amount of medicine going from Kona to Honolulu.

    The law as we read it should protect that, judges are consistently ruling against it though. It need to go up on appeal and this is a good case to do that. Again if anyone wants to help with that let us know.”

    have you contacted the ACLU; also try Mike Glenn, or Jack Schweighert both in Honolulu; Mike has a blue card

  20. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “Then said he would not allow any other plea bargains and set trial for 12/22/10.”

    if he hires a new attorney he can get a postponement of the jury trial or if he is intelligent enough and willing to work HARD at it enough to pull it off he could represent himself and go pro se [ perhaps FFJ could get greater bang from the legal resources it has available by seeking an attorney who will help pro se clients with ‘boiler-plate motions and forms to A. saturate the legal system; and B. allow reasonable self representation ]

    pre trial he could move for a stipulation as to both his medicinal need [hopefully he is some one with a more serious and well documented medical history] and that he is a registered patient

    also move that the case be dismissed in violation of his state rights of privacy [Article I section 6 State Constitution

    hint: there can be no ‘compelling state interest’ in a state with legislatively enacted med pot]

    and his state right to the “enjoyment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” [Article I section 2] does that not imply a right to enjoy the benefits of medicinal pot??

    what is his possible/likely sentence??

    didn’t Whitney Huston get a $250 dollar fine for a couple of ounces at the same airport??

  21. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “set trial for 12/22/10.”

    timing wise I had the same thing happen to me

    believe me you do not want a Jury deliberating on Christmas eve or near to it

    which Judge??

  22. Thomas
    Thomas says:


    We did talk to ACLU they said they are more interested in a class action than individual cases. We are working with them on a helicopter suit. That one is ready to go they are looking for more plaintiffs.

    For the medical patients it probably is the same thing. We need to get all the patients together and file one case. The problem again is the attorney’s tell the patients not to talk to each other.

    I have Michael Glen’s number but have not talked with him yet. Jack Schweighert came down for one case and I thought he did a pretty good job, but in the end it may have come down to money. He ended up telling the patient to take the deal and when he refused Jack quit. The patient had run out of money by that time.

    That case is still going after 3 years. No telling how much that one has cost county taxpayers already but its a lot.

    Back to the Kona case the patient probably is not familiar enough with the procedures to go pro se. I am not certain but I do not think he is allowed a jury trial because the charge is nor serious enough, but do not quote me on that I will have to check.

    I will tell him he can ask for the stipulation, he is a documented patient and has been for a while. Again I think the judges position is it does not matter because he was transporting the cannabis.

    I do not know what his medical problem is exactly but it is documented, if I understood him right.

    We do have some help with boiler plate motions but are reluctant to make recommendations to people.

    Again there is no jury, I think the judge is Joseph P. Florendo, Jr. Kona district court.

  23. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “I am not certain but I do not think he is allowed a jury trial because the charge is nor serious enough, but do not quote me on that I will have to check.”

    it has to be a misdemeanor or more sever to get a jury trial

    if the judge has indicated that he will not hear a medical necessity defense and categorized it as a “transportation” issue he has indicated prejudice and could be asked to remove himself or if it proceeds the patient/defendant can on appeal complain of judicial error and try to be retried

  24. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    I agree, but doubt he will. I also think he will make a poor ruling, and that is another reason this case would be a good one to take upstairs.

    I will be talking to the patient when I get a little more time.

    I suggest you leave your ph number on the FFJ phone line listed on our add.

    I will contact you and we can talk about this on the phone.

  25. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    For those that still do not believe that the war on cannabis is not their problem I hope they will look at this.

    Military-Style Marijuana Raid At School.
    Tuesday, Oct. 5 2010

    National Guard helicopters were used in the armed raid on the school, which teaches 11- to 14-year-old students. Only tomato plants were found.

    ​Your tax dollars at work terrorizing children.

    Are the police so lazy they could not even walk in and look to see if there was marijuana or was there another agenda at work?

    Why would anyone respect this assault on our children?

    What did you teach these kids? Be afraid of the police, be afraid of the government, you have no rights, and mostly you are all the enemy.

    IMO this is the fault of all those who keep pushing this failed war.

    You are teaching these children to have no respect for the law.

    Vote cannabis friendly, help us put a stop to this once and for all.

    Thank you.

  26. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “Federal Court Rules U.S. Government May Not Deliberately Subvert California’s Medical Marijuana Laws ”

    as this is a us 9th circuit ruling it applies to Hawaii and perhaps could be used to thwart eradication as one can not differentiate medicine from contraband from the air and with warrant-less searches they have no way of protecting medical rights as they do not know who or what they are eradicating

  27. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    “I also think he will make a poor ruling, and that is another reason this case would be a good one to take upstairs.”

    an important lawyer-ing task is to create the record for appeal

    unless the Public Defender is on board or the patient represents himself or gets pro bono help then the chances for appeal are diminished if the facts on which one is appealing are entered into the trial one can not enter them later

  28. konagold3
    konagold3 says:

    if the facts on which one is appealing are NOT entered into the trial one can not enter them later

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