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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Here is some more information about this film…

    San Diego Herbal Alternatives, in association with Americans for Safe Access, presents a film by Lindsey Ward (a UH Hilo grad):

    “Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health”

    In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians
    and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated affects on
    human health.

    Topics include:

    *What the consensus is from over 1500 scientific and medical trials

    *What conditions have been proven to benefit from medical cannabis

    *Its historical use as medicine dating back over 5300 years

    *Methods of delivery and their different advantages

    *Government sponsored studies intended to show cannabis having negative
    effects that yielded the exact opposite results

    *Common myths about negative effects of cannabis and what the research
    really says about these topics

    This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the
    real science surrounding the world’s most controversial plant.

    Showing at the Palace Theatre
    Thursday, January 27th at 7pm
    $5 admission at the door


  2. Buddah Belly
    Buddah Belly says:

    Friends for Justice will be there. This is important for people to understand the value of cannabis as a medicine. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know this, either does the federal government. Some states are trying to overcome the reefer madness mentality of past years, but with so much money being put into lobbying at the federal level for prohibition, and all levels for the prison industrial complex, Byrne grants for law enforcement, all the way down to weed and seed levels (i.e. “what about the children?”) it will take a movement of the people to overthrow the archaic laws and realize that prohibition just does not work, it didn’t for alcohol, it certainly does not work for cannabis.

  3. Silverpenny
    Silverpenny says:

    Haven’t had time to investigate fully, but there’s a website about a Canadian who cured himself of advanced cancer using cannabis. Pheonixtears.com I believe?

  4. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    I have no real opinion on hemp as medicine but I do have a question. Why, if cannabis is so great, isn’t every country in the world pursuing it? I know I have heard all about how big pharma and the government are working to suppress it, etc, etc, etc. Doesn’t work that way. For one thing there are lots of countries where this would be welcomed with open arms and for another if there is a profit to be made in it at least one of the big multi-nationals would be pushing it hard. Instead of hear say and anadotal evidence I would like to see the results of large scale, double blind, real world studies.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    one reason many countries don’t/can’t do research on cannabis is because of the UN drug policy that all nations are forced to adhere to (US made the rule, not surprisingly)…


  6. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Matthew A/Matt: why are you referring to yourself two different ways? Is the computer giving you trouble? Pleasedont make it look like two different people are commenting. It’s one of my greatest pet peeves as a comment moderator.

  7. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Matthew A/Matt: why are you referring to yourself two different ways? Is the computer giving you trouble? Please don’t make it look like two different people are commenting. It’s one of my greatest pet peeves as a comment moderator.

  8. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    Lots of countries don’t give a damn about what we or the UN thinks. Why hasn’t China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, etc. tried it? Not saying it doesn’t work just saying where is the research data?

    Blaming big pharma and big brother for supressing it is illogical and not supported by the evidence.

  9. Matt
    Matt says:

    sorry Tiffany…
    yes, the computer was giving me problems…it did an auto fill and I couldn’t stop it in time…

  10. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    Matt you have shot down your own argument about big pharma and big brother suppressing cannabis research.

    If this turns out to be an effective medical practice it will go forward inspite of opposition from certain quarters.

    The problem I see is that proponents of cannabis always seem to fall back on anadotal evidence of its effectiveness and react to any doubt by invoking the boogyman of government suppression and opposition from big pharma. Let the facts speak for themselves.

  11. Matt
    Matt says:

    well, there are several angles I guess…

    big pharm doesn’t like cannabis because it is a plant, and grows fairly easily and cheaply…so, they don’t want to research it if they can’t make money off it, and they have to patent the plant itself (like Monsanto perhaps?) but, if they manipulate it (say, Marinol, which is synthetic THC, or the Sativix) then they have a financial incentive to do the research, patent it and make back their investment (and more)….

    Marinol costs a lot more than regular cannabis. It takes time to become effective because it is taken orally, it not considered as effective by many people, etc…yet, that is where big pharm can make back its investment…

    and, big pharm doesn’t like cannabis because it is safer than much of the crap they peddle…Vioxx, had to be removed from the market (after the FDA approved it) because of increased risk of heart attacks and strokes…Vioxx was used to treat chronic pain, such as arthritis…

    recently the FDA is changing the rules to restrict Acetaminophen (tylenol), because it is in so many products that people are taking too much (and often not knowing it) and overdosing or causing liver damage


    cannabis has not killed anyone.

  12. mackenzie
    mackenzie says:


    The point of the movie seems to be
    about providing documentation.
    Why ask for documentation here?
    Go see the movie.
    Congrats to Ward.

    Much of the ‘public discussion’ re cannabis prohibition/medical use assumes, falsly IMO, that there is a clear distinction between
    ‘recreational’ and ‘medicinal’ use.
    Having to provide ‘medical’ legitimacy in
    the arguement to legalize cannabis reinforces
    this false distinction. It’s annoying.
    Simple pleasures, often called recreation, contribute to human health. A bike ride or surf session,
    a massage, reading a good book, eating good food, closeness with a loved one…things we enjoy can enhance physical/mental health. No study needed,
    except your own, “anecdotally”.

    A wee bit of the magic herb funtions for some as an
    important ‘reframing’ tool for understanding oneself and the larger culture. A toke for some contributes to
    a sense of well being. Not for others. Okay.

    But clearly, prohibition of, and prosecution for
    cannabis is just INSANE.

    With or without scientific studies,
    it is just INSANE.

    When Buddabelly calls for a movement to overturn
    cannabis laws, she is right to do so.
    It is part of a larger movement for freedom from Corporate/Military control.

    A movement for a viable future.

  13. Buddah Belly
    Buddah Belly says:

    Thank you Matt and MacKenzie!

    Friends for Justice will buy Crazy Chicken a ticket to come see the movie, please come and bring a friend if you wish (on me). Your name will be up at the ticket counter. See you next week!

  14. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    I will settle for some data from studies published in recognized, peer reviewed medical journals.

  15. mackenzie
    mackenzie says:

    When you say ‘I will settle…’, Crazy Chicken, do you mean, absent your awareness of official documentation of it’s medicinal efficacy, you will oppose legalization of this plant?

    If so, on what grounds?

    Let’s pretend (just for a moment) that there is no medicinal benefit in the use of Cannabis. I don’t really know if it is true, but rumors within the doubleblind society say that the placebo effect can account for up to 40% of symptom relief in some studied groups. Seems like it might be true. In anycase, lets just say the whole medical Cannabis idea is a deception.
    So what?
    There is, simply, no humane, rational reason for this deep harm done to so many thru violent/corrupt prohibition, in my opinion CC.
    What’s yours?

  16. Ken
    Ken says:

    The three reasons marijuana was made illegal and is still illegal today:

    1. Harry Anslinger
    2. William Randolph Hearst
    3. Ignorance and fear

    As for CC’s desire to see “data from studies published in recognized, peer reviewed medical journals” that would require several large semi trucks to deliver it all to his door step.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

    Just about 100 years ago, the USA began prohibition on alcohol.

    Very quickly there was the “medicinal” booze.

    Then, let’s not forget that the good religious groups needed their sacramental booze. It is after all, jesus’ blood.

    But yours and my great grandparents could not sit back and have a cold beer legally.

    Then a guy named Al Capone came along. Really a nice guy – just liked to drink a lot and kill a lot of people.

    Today, we have illegal marijuana. Made illegal by the prohibition caused by Harry Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst. They perfectly parlayed their outlook into the hands of a population that was ignorant and fearful.

    Now we have some who have made it “medicinal.”

    And yet others claim it’s their religious sacrament. Heck, we even got one religious marijuana priest locked up and denied bail. “On the grounds that he is a “danger to the community.”

    And who replaced Al Capone?? Mexican Drug Cartels.

    And you and I can’t sit on our porch and legally smoke a joint.

    “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”


  17. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Meanwhile, Clinical Laboratory of Hawaii reports more Hawaii workers than ever are testing positive for marijuana.
    Hopefully, those herb-smoking workers will find an interest in voting and we will see a shift in the political will.

  18. Ken
    Ken says:

    Good point Tiffany.

    In fact in our California and Florida divisions have changed the “cut off” limit of detection for canibinoids found present in ones urine to higher levels – to compensate for the occasional “weekend” smoker over that of an employee who might have smoked a joint on the way to work that morning.

  19. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    There you go again. Assuming motivation that I have not expressed or insinuated. I do not have an opinion on legalization and I do not believe I have made any statements for or against legalization of marajuana. I have just asked for data supporting the claimed medicinal benefits. Legalization is a totally different kettle of fish. Moraphine is not legal for general use yet it is commonly used as a pain killer in hospitals all over the world. Cannabis could very well be adopted as a legimate medical aid without it being legalized for general use.

  20. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    Just an example, not a comparison. Lots of drugs are not available to the general public but are commonly used in the medical profession. My point was the issue of medical use of cannibis and legalization are not necessarily connected.

  21. mackenzie
    mackenzie says:

    Given the vast harm done by cannabis prohibition,
    an alleged lack of opinion on legalization
    rings hollow, or, maybe there is simply empathy
    Ken is right about the horse and water and semitrucks.

  22. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    mackenzie you are stooping to personal attacks because I do not immediately embrace what you preceive as a good thing. A major problem with people like you is that you do more harm to your cause than good by doing this.

    Now how about some facts and peer reviewed data?

  23. mackenzie
    mackenzie says:

    “immediately embrace”? The tradgedies of cannabis prosecution have been going on for decades.
    You say “I do not have an opinion on legalization…”
    The claim of neutrality, by many, helps perpetuate the injustice and corruption of this prohibition.
    Claimed neutrality harms movements of freedom and justice.
    Would data, easily available to honest
    inquiries, really change your view?
    Then see you at the movie Crazy Chicken.
    Choke facts.
    Again, hats off to Lindsey Ward.

  24. Greg
    Greg says:

    Cannabis is a valuable medicine and should be legalized.

    Cannabis is also a relatively safe, easily produced, immensely popular recreational drug and should be legalized.

    I know at least a dozen growers with medical certificates who produce almost exclusively for recreational and monetary purposes. I don’t know a single, credible medical user, but am sure there are some.

    It seems to me that most of the recreational user/producers here are doing so under the “medical” licensing, and discrediting the truly needy in the eyes of the feds.
    Perhaps they should be working towards legalizing cannabis for what it primarily is; A great recreational drug with positive medical benefits.

    Me? Used to daily for 30 years. No law or penalty was a deterrent. Fine without it now, thanks.

  25. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    So you are saying if I am not with you I am against you?

    Sounds kind of paranoid.

    I do not use pot and further more I don’t care if you do. I have no dog in the legalization fight. The outcome will not impact my life one bit.

    On the other hand I am interested in the possible medical uses of cannabis and have asked for information. Preferrably data from large scale, double blind tests run by reputable institutions. Absent real data to base a decision on I cannot make any decision as to the efficacy of marajuana as a potential theraputic drug.

    Anecdotal evidence unsupported by verifible experiamental results is all but worthless in the real world of hard facts. Cite some articles in the New England Journal of Medicine or the Lancet and you are on the way to convincing me there might be something in this. Tell me more stirring tales of how some guy cured his cancer or what ever by smoking a couple joints a day and all you will get is a yawn.

  26. Matt
    Matt says:

    I think since the DEA limits cannabis research, by only having one supplier and not approving requests for suitable medicine for research projects, there is probably very limited data (at least in the US)…I would think countries like Holland, Israel, that have medical marijuana research, will likely be ahead of us on the learning curve.

    I think there will likely be a bill in this year’s legislature that will allow for expanded medical cannabis research within the state…that would be fantastic….

  27. Matt
    Matt says:

    and, CC, you say you have no dog in the legalization fight, but the drug war does impact you, even if you aren’t a smoker…

    for example, soon to retire Prosecutor Kimura, continues to chose to charge medical cannabis patients for various “transportation” issues. The plea deals offered these patients was $400 ($50 fine, $350 court fees), but the cost of prosecuting these cases is probably $4-5,000… all the people in the court room, cops taken off the street to testify, etc, etc…it is a terrible waste of tax payer money…and, these are patients, trying to comply with the law

    and the same terrible waste of tax payer money happens for prosecuting people for simple possession…it gives people a record, is not making the community safer, it can lead to people being caught up in the system and becoming a much larger burden to everyone…

    the war on drugs is exacting a huge cost on all of us and on many levels…

  28. Ken
    Ken says:

    What do you think the outcome of a referendum vote to raise taxes solely to fund the enforcement marijuana prohibition would be?

    At local, state and federal level?

  29. James
    James says:

    Crazy Chicken,
    Thank you for your curiosity into the possible medical benefits of marijuana. I’m the executive producer of the documentary that will be screening in Hilo next week.
    I’d like to share a little bit of information with you that might help answer some of your questions.
    Within the US, in order to do a proper clinical study of marijuana legally it has to be approved by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). NIDA has a congressional mandate that only allows them to approve studies of any class 1 narcotic if the focus of the study is to find negative results of the drug (Many other countries have similar laws in place).
    Because of this there have been many double blind, government funded studies of marijuana but the focus has always been to show how detrimental it is. In every one of these studies that NIDA has backed the results have always shown up that negative effect they expected to find was, in fact, inaccurate; and often it has been found that the opposite of what they intended to find is actually true. In the studies that Dr. Donald Tashkin did on cancer out of UCLA (NIDA Funded) they found that not only did marijuana not have a carcinogenic effect but that the THC in the marijuana actually had an anti-tumeral effect.

    Dr. Donald Abrams from UCSF did studies (NIDA Funded) on the effects of marijuana and the aids wasting syndrome and found that not only did marijuana not have a detrimental effect on patients with the aids wasting syndrome but it actually helped to control the pain and give them appetite better than many of the cocktails with less side effcts.

    There are also a number of studies done by the UC system, predominately at UCSD that published some interesting findings.

    There are many other studies but these are a few for you to look at. If you’re available and interested I’d encourage you to come on the 27th and see the documentary. What we’ve done with this film was to interview some of the most prominent researchers on the topic of medical uses of marijuana. The 2 doctors I’ve mentioned above as well as Dr. David Bearman are all speaking in the documentary and are sharing their findings in the studies they’ve done.

    I personally advocate that people shouldn’t blindly believe information they’ve heard without researching it further and contemplating what they’ve heard to see if it actually makes sense. Because of this, I really appreciate your questioning of the medical uses of marijuana. It would seem by the number of posts you’ve put on the blog that it’s an area you’re interested in enough to spend some time. If that’s the case I hope you are able to take the time to read through some of the articles listed above, do some of your own searching on the topic and, hopefully, attend the premier of the documentary.
    I hope to see you and everyone else there.

  30. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    Thanks for the information and links. I look forward to learning more about the potential benefits of canabis. Unfortunately I will be traveling on the 27th so will not be able to see your film. I wish more people on this island were willing to discuss things of this nature without resorting to name calling and personal attacks.

    Get a life and learn from those capable of expressing themselves clearly and logically without anger and defensiveness.

  31. mackenzie
    mackenzie says:

    Crazy Chicken – My anger is legitimate and I’m defending my position that it matters when friends and neighbors, including children and the sick, are terrorized by unjust laws.
    When a person expresses a lack of concern
    for those in his/her community that have experienced
    damaging prosecution from the ‘state’ it only adds to the momentum of the injustice.
    Can you explain ‘clearly and logically’ why
    the ongoing damage, from cannabis prohibition, to our community is not an issue of concern to you?

    I have not called you any names. I have only called into question your insistance (and motivation) on neutrality re prohibition.

    Your initial post says;

    “I have no real opinion on hemp as medicine but I do have a question. Why, if cannabis is so great, isn’t every country in the world pursuing it? I know I have heard all about how big pharma and the government are working to suppress it, etc, etc, etc. Doesn’t work that way.”

    James has indulged you politely and documented why
    you were incorrect. It does work that way, and is
    why the legal/medical issues are intertwined.

    The statement
    “Legalization is a whole different kettle of fish”
    can’t be supported logically, in my opinion

    Please, at your earliest convenience, consider the multiple, longlasting benefits of solidarity within
    the community against unjust damageing laws.

  32. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    So your passion about something means I have to embrace it with out question?

    Does that mean that you and everyone else must embrace what I am passionate about?

    If you can get pot legalized more power to you. I don’t really care. I have other things to spend my time and energy on.

    If cannabis has medical benefits I hope our health care establishment takes advantage of them. That doesn’t require legalization anymore than it does for any other useful drug.

    Legalization does not require that pot be beneficial and use of cannabis to treat illness does not require that it be legalized. The two goals are not mutually exclusive but they are also not mutually dependent.

  33. Ken
    Ken says:


    So then – answer this one question:

    How do you feel about Roger Christie being held in jail – denied bail – I believe 5 or 6 times now – not as a sentence for his crime – not even having a trial where he is proven guilty or innocent – but only charged with selling marijuana – but being held in jail – at taxpayer expense – because he is deemed a “danger to the community” while Mr. Konrad Mossman drove his truck while drunk, killed Tim Sing, fled the scene of the murder – and has not spent one second behind bars – and now five years after he murdered Mr. Sing – will be sentenced to serve UP TO 90 days in jail – on weekends – and pay a $125,000 fine – while keeping his tax paid job as a fireman?

    Just tell me how you feel about my question above – and nothing else please.

  34. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    Don’t know enough about the case to have an opinion. If he is innocent he should be released. I assume his lawyer is doing all he/she can to effect that end.

  35. Crazy Chicken
    Crazy Chicken says:

    Maybe I should expand on the previous post.

    I do not know Mr. Christie. I have never met him and I nothing about his operation other than that the police believe he was using it as a front for drug dealing. I know many here believe he is innocent and is being persecuted. As I do not have access to the evidence the police say they have and have no personal knowledge of what was, or was not going on I have nothing but heresay to base an opinion on. In other words there is nothing for me to base an opinion on.

    As I said above, if Mr. Christie is innocent I hope he gets out of jail asap and would go so far as to hope he gets a fat settlement from the county for false arrest.

    As for Mossman I think he should be serving hard time for vehicular homicide at the very least.

  36. The Ganja Guru
    The Ganja Guru says:

    Look up US Patent # 6630507. Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. Registered to the US government. What is THC? A cannabinoid. They don’t want you to know that an acre of hemp can produce food, fuel, medicine, and textiles. Each of those sectors is dominated by petroleum and all of its petrochemicals a scientist can derive.

    How many crops do you know of that can provide as many uses?

    He with the money makes the rules, that is why corporations have kept their battle with this plant. Because it will destroy their monopoly. Free the tree of life.

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