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  1. David Fuselier
    David Fuselier says:

    We visited Chris one day in his studio and he had a pencil sketch of a turtle on his bench. My wife really liked it and we bought it on the spot. That drawing turned out to be this painting. Chris finished it and we have enjoyed it ever since. The details on the turtle and the water are amazing.

  2. Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell says:

    Dave, good to hear that you and your wife are still enjoying this painting. I remember the day you were in the studio and bought this unfinished oil painting. Thank you for your post. And thanks to Tiffany for your appreciation of my work.

  3. Sommer Tokihiro
    Sommer Tokihiro says:

    This is an extraordinary painting! Absolutely beautiful!! I can almost hear the quiet rush of the final edge of the water as it breaks on the sand near the honu, and I await the next soothing wave. I love the colors which radiate the warmth of the sun, and the realism that takes me to that place in the sand on a warm Hawaiian afternoon, enjoying the peace and wonder that surrounds us. This is definitely one of my favorite paintings.

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