Hawaii News — Your Pet Can Be A Star

Image courtesy of Vicky Kometani

(Media release) — The Hawaii Island Humane Society has begun accepting photo entries for the 2012 edition.

As with prior years, the calendar will feature two cover models plus twelve monthly pin-up pets. Every entry image is included somewhere in the professionally-edited calendar.

To enter, click here to download the printable 2-page entry form. (Adobe Acrobat required).

The form includes complete instructions and important photo tips that may increase your chances in having your image among those judged as cover finalists.

You may also call (808) 329-1175 to request a form, or stop by a Humane Society shelter in Kona, Waimea or Keaau to pick-up an application.

Entries are $15 each and there is no limit to the number of entries an individual may submit. This is a fun way to support Hawaii Island Humane Society and enjoy taking photos of your pet(s). And remember, every photo is used somewhere in the calendar. Entry deadline is 4 p.m., June 3, 2011. Read more

Hilo News — Ho’okani Pila ‘Ukulele Ensemble Mini Bazaar And Entertainment Set For March 5

Ho’okani Pila announces its mini bazaar and entertainment event on
Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 8 AM – 1PM.  Bazaar will be held at the
Hilo Hongwanji YBA Hall at 398 Kilauea Avenue.  Miscellaneous items,
plants, crafts, wood products, food items, baked goods and rummage
items will be on sale.  There will be a concession for event goers.
Special Entertainment by Brittni Paiva, Waiakea ‘Ukulele Band, Lynn
and Lyles Yokoyama and Daniel Izumo is on tap throughout the morning!
Please come and support this group’s fundraising efforts
(Submitted by BJ Soriano.)

Sentiment — Announcing The Birth Of My Son, Jeffrey John ‘JJ’ David Hunakai Hunt

Jeffrey John "JJ" David Hunakai Hunt

Meet my son, Jeffrey John “JJ” David Hunakai Hunt, who was born at 7:11 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011 at the Family Birthing Unit of the North Hawaii Community Hospital, weighing eight pounds, nine and a half ounces, and measuring 21 inches long.  He showed up a week early.  We weren’t expecting him until March 2. He is named after most of his male relatives and the sea — Hunakai is Hawaiian for “sea spray” or “sea foam.”  I wanted to honor the fact that he is Pisces, the son of a surfboard shaper, and he may very well follow in the footsteps of his father, Jeff Hunt, who lives and breathes for the ocean.

Letters — Close But No Cigar — Advancing Toward A Legal Redefinition Of Marriage

Dear editor,

With the signing of Civil Union bill SB232, Governor Abercrombie wisely rights the wrong perpetuated by his short-sighted predecessor who avoidably prolonged entrenched intolerance.

Long overdue, civil unions are a good start. Yet, the ultimate goal must be one of total equality, which in the end will require a legal redefinition of marriage. Equal rights for all demands single-tiered legal protection of sexual diversity, identical to those of racial, religious, and political diversity.

This values shift has already occurred within the general population. The Pew Research Center recently conducted a poll that found 70% of Baby Boomers and young adult Millennials believe the main purpose of marriage is mutual happiness and fulfillment, rather than raising children or anything else.

For anyone who thinks redefining marriage is a step too drastic, history will be the judge, as it was with interracial marriage. Only sixty years ago interracial—or “mixed-race marriage” as it was then called—was illegal in 31 of the 48 states, yet today nobody would argue against the laws that righted that wrong. Substitute same-sex marriage for mixed-race marriage and the issue again is revealed as one of equal rights and justice for all.

Imagine how different Hawaii’s rich and diverse heritage would be today if all the kupuna of the past two hundred years had been legally denied the right to marry someone of a different race. Personally, my wife of Hawaiian ancestry and I would have been denied the right to marry, as would also have been her parents and countless other islanders.

The ultimate goal of the civil rights movement was for total equality, as is now of the sexual rights movement. It will be a righteous day for Hawaii when that happens—and it will—most likely through federal legislation legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

When that day comes, as goodness only begets goodness, there will be nothing to fear.

Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D.

Clinical Sexologist

Hilo, Hawaii

East Hawaii News — Hu Honua Receives Draft Air Permit

“We are pleased that the DOH review notes that Hu Honua had an existing covered source permit (CSP) for an older technology, and that we voluntarily agreed to apply for a new one, requiring more stringent emission levels.” — Rick McQuain, Hu Honua president

(Media release) — Hu Honua Bioenergy, which is converting the old Hilo Coast Processing sugar mill power plant into a modern biomass energy facility, has announced it is able to meet or exceed the stringent public health air emission requirements set in the draft air permit just released by the Hawaii Department of Health.

“This draft permit, and our positive discussions with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirm Hu Honua’s commitment to the highest public health standards,” said Rick McQuain, Hu Honua president.

The draft permit calls for addition of a baghouse which collects dust and particles, continuous emissions monitoring for hydrogen chloride and carbon monoxide, limitations on boiler startups, lower emission and other limits.  It also prohibits the use of higher-sulfur S500 biodiesel fuel to start the burners. Read more

West Hawaii News — Waikoloa Road To Be Resurfaced Next Week

(Media release) — Waikoloa Road — approximately 1.6 miles — will be resurfaced starting the week of Feb 28. Completion is scheduled the third week of March, weather permitting.  Motorists please plan for delays due to alternate lane closures beginning at Blue Hawaiian Heliport, Waikoloa. Public Works crews and equipment are working between the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding weekends & holidays.

Follow Public Works on twitter: dpwhi.  On the web: http://dpw.co.hawaii.hi.us/traffic/ or call the Public Works hotline at (808) 334-9559.

(Submitted by Noelani Whittington.)

Puna News — Pāhoa Solid Waste Transfer Station To Be Closed For Three Days Beginning March 8

(Media release) — The Pāhoa Solid Waste Transfer Station is scheduled to be closed for construction Tuesday, March 8, 2011 through Thursday, March 10, 2011.  The transfer station is scheduled to reopen on Friday, March 11, 2011.

The construction project, budgeted at $3,907,000, is on schedule for completion by mid April 2011.

During this temporary closure period, residents are encouraged to utilize the Kea`au and Kalapana Transfer Stations.

For more information, contact Michael Friend, SWD Civil Engineer, at (808) 961-8296 or go to the County Solid Waste Division’s website:  www.hawaiizerowaste.org.

(Submitted by Sharron Henry.)

Letters — People Power! Rally In Hilo Saturday

Image courtesy of Jenny's Journeys

Aloha Y’all…

Answering the call for the American Dream Movement as a counterpoint to the unthinking/uncaring GOP/Tea Partiers who are trying to eliminate  public services, workers’ rights, women’s rights and more, a Hilo rally is being staged this Saturday, Feb. 26, on the Kamehameha Avenue sidewalk just downslope from the State Bldg. and the king’s statue, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. PLEASE JOIN US in a show of PEOPLE POWER! As a friend of mine said, Americans need to go back to the streets like we did in the ’60s and ’70s.

Anyone wanting to show solidarity to the Wisconsin Dems, teachers, nurses and other public workers, unions, those who rely for every penny they get from SocSec, the young, elderly and in-between who need medical care, women (who Republicans seem to want to eliminate from the face of the Earth….the most recent outrages being changing the definition of rape and investigating any woman who suffers a miscarriage!!!), those who believe in evolution, who want our gov’t to act responsibly regarding climate change, who want our government to quit waging war, on and on, ad infinitum, please come stand with us this Saturday.

Make a sign to carry expressing your frustration, wear red if you want to support the Wisconsin effort, or just come out and help us show the strength in numbers!!!!  MoveOn.org is coordinating this across the country. Hope to see you there!

Here are some links you might want to read:



Malama pono America!

Frankie Stapleton

Letters — Musasa Marimba Ensemble Farewell Performance Is Tonight In Puna

Lots of buzz about Musasa’s farewell performance tonight at the Hawaiian Sanctuary.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m…. You don’t want to miss any of Michael Breeze’s provocative music so get there early!

If you haven’t heard, there will an extensive silent auction, so bring your checkbook!  We’ve received over 40 donations and are raising $7,000 to purchase the set of marimbas we’ll be playing on to help keep this high-spirited dance music from Zimbabwe alive on Big Island. 

We’re auctioning off a gig!  Our new group, which will be introduced tonight, is putting up for auction one gig to be held after September 1.  In other words, if you want to have a rockin’ party, bid on having us be your live entertainment!

One of our members has donated a pair of high D-tuned mbira (thumb pianos) including a carrying case ($400 value!).   Other offerings include a 50%-off stay at Kalani (valued up to $2,000), a two-night stay at the Castle in Seaview (valued at $300), plants from Ano, homegrown honey and spirits, chiropractic treatments, massages, astrology readings, a catered dinner for four from La’akea, a live lamb, … and much more!

Hope to see you tonight at Mile Marker 12!!!

PS… to Scott Huckabay fans, I just heard he and Iris Eve just are having a gig at the Sanctuary next week, March 5!


Letters — 2nd Annual World Yurt Makers Conference Is In Opihikao This Weekend

Image courtesy of Yurts of Hawaii

The second annual World Yurt Makers Conference is in Opihikao this weekend.
If you have a chance, please come join us for the Public Yurt Luau on Saturday, February 26th, from 11am – 5pm!  It will be a grand event, held in Opihikao.  There will be live music by Grammy award winning ukulele player Keoki Kahumoku & friends.  We’ll have organic food, drinks, presentations and Q&A sessions.  $10 at the gate or $5 if you call Robin at (808) 315-6471 before noon today to pre-register.  We hope to see you there!

Link to location and directions:


Melissa Fletcher
Founder/Owner of
Yurts of Hawai’i, LLC
Office: (808)968-1483
Cell:  (808)895-8640

Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Mandates, and How It Affects Everyone

by Delia Montgomery for E Gutteling, M.D. and Walter Moe

The Conservative Forum for Hawaii announces the next Forum on Sunday, 27 February, 2pm at the Naniloa Hotel Sandalwood Room in Hilo.

Mike Kaleikini, Plant Manager of Puna Geothermal Venture, will speak on Geothermal Energy in Hawaii and Dr. Panos Prevedouros, University of Hawaii Professor of Civil Engineering will speak on The State-wide Implications of the Renewable Energy Mandate.

Founded in December, 2009 the Forum is non-partisan and not for profit. It serves as a gathering place for citizens to meet, interact, learn about and share views on issues and matters about Conservatism.

Read more …
For additional information:
Walter Moe, President  966-5420

Chíc Eco — Recycle Rubber Tubes into High Fashion

by Delia Montgomery

This is a specific kind of rubber material ― tubes from motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. These examples are hot with a sensual look. Leather designers who try this get hooked. They say it’s more like sculpting than sewing.

From 1997 until autumn 2007, Zuss was two sisters in UK turning old inner tubes into eye-catching hot couture for those intent on making a BOLD fashion statement. Since elder Virgo Goddess Krijnie, retired, Christa took the company to the future with established global fans – solo style.

Read more

Love and the Big Island- KISS to the Hunt ‘Ohana

by RJ Kaleohano Mendoza

Tiffany Edwards Hunt will be nesting and cocooning since Baby Boy Hunt is on his way. So I will KISS (keep it short and sweet) this week- not only in anticipation and celebration of new life, but also because I have some midterms to deal with.

courtesy of RJ Kaleohano Mendoza

See you folks next week!

(RJ Kaleohano Mendoza is a freelance writer and a student at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo)

Junk Mail Converted to Fine Art

by Delia Montgomery

“My pictures are made of thousands of in-congruent pieces — images and text. Assembled like a mosaic; the tiles create an entirely new image — a portrait, a landscape, a fantasy – directly from my imagination, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste.”
— Sandhi Schimmel Gold

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s the method you’ll find at Schimmel Art. Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s work is now collected world-wide by private and corporate collectors, in museums and notable galleries, ‒ as well as hospitality and healthcare facilities. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, her art is totally green; meticulously and expertly hand-crafted.

Sandhi attended fine art school and studied mosaic work abroad. Her interest in design, fashion, art and history led her to invent a completely unique art form. Her art grew intricate in construction, innovative in style, inventive in technique, and inspiring to own.

Best of all, this artwork is free of toxic chemicals or adhesives. Workshops are periodically offered to individual students. Like Sandhi, think gorgeous, groovy and green to bring out the mosaic artist from trash in you!

Amongst other things, blog contributor Delia Montgomery, d/b/a Chíc Eco, is an agent for environmental designers and artists. Eco artists are invited to advise Delia of their services and goods for complimentary marketing.

***Commentary*** Nesting And Cocooning

Quilts and photo by Tiffany Edwards Hunt. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.

As you know, I’m close to giving birth to my second child — it won’t be long now. I’m leaving this message to inform you that I have just gone into hibernation.  Those who have been following my pregnancy should know I have decided to give birth at the Waimea Women’s Center.  Hopefully, we will make the two-hour commute from our rural Puna home.  Maybe Hilo Medical Center will some day get the bigger picture on the need for a birth center comparable to Waimea.  I can only hope so, for the pregnant women to come.  In the meantime, I’m so grateful there is Waimea to go to, and I look forward to being there soon. There I’m going to meet my little boy.

So, with that, I want you to know that I will be back to blogging the soonest opportunity I can focus any attention beyond the nest.

Until we are back to regular programming, I’ve decided I would leave the door to this blog unlocked.  I’m suspending comment moderation and permitting you all to converse freely with each other. I’m hopeful you all will treat each other kindly and courteously — with or without pseudonyms, at least until I can step back in and be the playground monitor.

There are few confidants with access to the blog and certain regular readers who will be scrutinizing the comments for inappropriate content.  Any comments that are determined to be inflammatory or libelous in nature will be deleted by one of those trusted confidants, as soon as the comment is flagged.  If you see any comments that you think are in need of immediate attention, please make that point in a comment on the same thread as the comment at issue and/or email newswoman(at)mac.com with the subject, “COMMENT CONCERN.” Anyone who comments inappropriately and has a comment deleted during this time that I have entrusted you with the ability to freely comment will be permanently banned upon my return to blogosphere.

Thank you all for your readership and support.

With aloha,