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Alfred Mina DVM

The other day I wrote a commentary noting that, in these weeks of national headlines over the U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner scandal, East Hawaii may have it’s very own “Weinergate.” I told you about East Hawaii Veterinary Center’s $101,000 settlement on an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint. The complaint alleged that a co-owner of the vet clinic sexually harassed eight women.  I wondered aloud what this co-owner, who, come to find out is Alfred Mina, DVM, could have said to these women to lead them to the EEOC.  Well, the other day I had an opportunity to read the EEOC complaint and, Wow!, the content is so raunchy I can’t even repeat some of the horribly offensive statements that were allegedly made to these women.  Upon reading the complaint, I called the vet clinic seeking out Dr. Mina for comment.  I was told that he was off work until Friday.  I left my name and phone number, seeking a return call.  I contemplated sharing the complaint with you prior to today, but I wanted to be fair to the doctor and give him a chance to return my telephone call today.  That did not happen.  Now, I don’t think it would be fair to Big Island Chronicle readers to sit on this information any longer.  I urge you to click on the link above, read the complaint yourself, and then come back here so we can talk about it.

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  1. Doc
    Doc says:

    He fixed my friend’s dog and she said he was really nice. Maybe he’s schizophrenic? Or just a real dumbs%$#. Not nearly enough money for the ladies to split, if you ask me.

  2. Ken
    Ken says:

    One has to wonder – what is the point of this guy doing this?

    Why go thru the frustrations to set up and run business, hire people and then do this?

    As the complaint says, he makes woman’s lives so miserable they quit.

    Other than a deep rooted sexual perversion, I just don’t understand the reason.

    Unfortunately, they settled way too cheap.

  3. Cheryl King
    Cheryl King says:

    After hearing the remarks quoted in the complaint, a physician I know commented, “Get out your checkbook” and “Perhaps he should have a bran scan.”

  4. Andy Parx
    Andy Parx says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I’ve reported on some of these EEOC cases- Kaua`i County being a serial employer of serial harassers that commonly ignores the complaints or defends the alleged offenders- and it’s even worse that what you’ve stated.

    You wrote that “(t)he lawsuit filed with (emphasis added) the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges that the co-owner of the vet clinic sexually harassed eight women” but actually the suit was filed by the EEOC.

    In sexual harassment cases people cannot sue directly. They must go to the EEOC which then investigates and usually issues a “right to sue” ruling if they determine the complaint is most likely true or if the alleged harasser refuses to respond to the complaint.

    In this case it was apparently so egregious that the EEOC themselves actually filed the suit.

    In saying “I just have to wonder how bad it was that eight women decided to band together to seek out the EEOC” the real question is how bad it was that the EEOC, not just sustained their complaint but, filed suit themselves rather than just giving the complainants the right to sue.

    That, by the way, is why the “complaint” was available- all EEOC complaints are, by federal law, confidential so until a lawsuit is filed they remain secret- which, in the case of Kaua`i County meant they were exempt from the sunshine law.

  5. jessica kirkwood
    jessica kirkwood says:

    That is pretty raunchy.

    And Ken… as to your ‘what is the point’ comment…

    There is no point. He’s obviously not thinking logically…or respectfully…. or compassionately…or, or, or…

    His experiences and choices in life (and probably his parents) have shaped him into who he is today. My take is he has pretty low sense of self, doesn’t have much control in his life – and therefore, seeks to make others feel like crap to temporarily (and falsely) boost himself. At least that’s my rather un-professional psychological take on it.

    He probably just doesn’t do it to men because he’s too intimidated. Women unfortunately take it, until they can’t take it anymore – hence a few of them getting together, gaining strength as a bigger entity and going after him.

    People become addicted to sex and secrecy (ahem, Tiger Woods)… addicted to alcohol (ahem, well, we all know a few)…. addicted to lying… addictions are a way out of facing things…. and my guess is this man has some deep rooted demons that haven’t been addressed – and in this case it probably goes a bit deeper than sexual perversion and discrimination. That’s just the result of it.

  6. dd
    dd says:

    all these men in positions of power no matter how great or how little they are. Whether they are presidents, vice presidents, world bank leaders, congressmen ect. they all think because they are the ‘boss’ that they can do whatever they want. And yes he did not act that way to men cause he knows that outcome.
    How does he really treat poor harmless animals when no one is looking if he treats his employees this way?

  7. Russell Ruderman
    Russell Ruderman says:

    One weird aspect of this case is he’s a very good vet. I can say from experience, he’s good with pets and clients. I’m not saying I’d want to be a female employee of his…

  8. Patrick Shanahan
    Patrick Shanahan says:

    Weird, I always thought he was gay. He’s definitely a scumbag, when my dog went into heat for the first time I called east hawaii vet and asked if I could have her fixed or should I wait until the heat is over, they told me to go ahead and bring her in. When I showed up to pick up my dog they told me that I was going to have to wait because she almost died during the operation. Then Dr. Mina told me that its very dangerous to have your dog fixed while its in heat, and they had trouble stopping the bleeding. And they wanted an extra $20 for performing the operation while the dog was in heat. What kind of incompetent doctor performs unnecessary dangerous operations without even speaking to the owner first and making sure they are aware of the dangers. I would have just waited a couple weeks if I wasnt told by the receptionist that its no problem. Im glad to it made public that this guys an asshole.

  9. DannCyn
    DannCyn says:

    Doing primarily neo-natal kitten rescue, plus assorted other animals, have been doing business with Dr.Mina for over a decade. After checking out and using many area vets he quickly became our primary vet for all the right reasons. With almost 50 yrs experience in biology, wildlife rescue and rehab and several vets in the immediate family plus vet college studies I’m not unfamiliar with veterinary practices. In all that time never once did we hear Dr. Mina make any inappropriate remarks to staff even when they were obviously incompetent. This is reflected in Pats comment. Labeling Dr.Mina a scumbag because the (female) receptionist was negligent is backward. With a high volume, highly staffed practice we witnessed the large numbers of incompetent desk staff, mainly females. They were rightly terminated. Reading the allegations in the complaint, they are weak at best. Keeping in mind that at a veterinary practice words like bitch, teats etc. are correct terms and whores and horses sound much the same along with pussy being a common term for cats, this sounds like some twisting of words went on. No other allegations were made. Why would these females do this? MONEY! Why settle so cheap? Because it wouldn’t hold up to closer scrutiny. For every legit case of this nature I’m aware of two that are abusive harassment done out of vengefulness and greed. Why are all the commenters so eager to jump on the bashing bandwagon and label Dr. Mina with much worse terms than he supposedly used? I think the best term would be trolls. Thankfully I doubt Dr.Mina has to treat many of those. Unfortunately he has had to deal with them on staff. Auwe! For shame. Know we’re not his only clients who sympathized and thought he was too tolerant in trying to work with these staff. Most have no clue what a real professional job is or what is appropriate. Great example of “No good deed goes unpunished.” Sign us as, Eternally grateful Dr. Mina didn’t pack up his kitty litter n go somewhere one can find decent staff.

  10. Kayla
    Kayla says:

    I’m confused. This alleges Dr Mina as the one doing the harassing but in the documentation it does not state that Dr Mina was actually the one who said these words. It states that a Co owner harassed women but it does say who exactly. I’ve met Dr Mina and seen him interacting with his employees. There was another Dr who use to work there that was promptly fired during this time. I wonder if he was the one doing the harassing and unfortunately Dr Mina had to take the heat.

    This is just thoughts though I haven’t taken the time to research this fully yet.

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