***Commentary*** Damon Tucker Alleges Police Brutality In Pahoa

Open letter to Police Chief Harry Kubojiri:

Please call me for a statement regarding Damon Tucker’s account of police brutality for taking photos in Pahoa last night.

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    I would think a letter to the Police Commission is in order as well as they handle alledged Police mis-conduct cases.

  2. steve
    steve says:

    The photos on Damon’s blog seem pretty telling. HE may be obnoxious at times but I sincerely doubt he was physically resisting arrest, nor did he repeatedly throw himself into a rock wall or sidewalk to self inflict. I for one am extermely concerned if this is acceptable police behavior. I do NOT want to be represented nor “protected” by thugs who beat up defenseless people and it makes me hesitant to call the police for help. If you can’t trust the police to uphold the law and be good models of civility, then who can you trust to protect our society?

  3. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    Mark, your suggestion would seem practical.
    However, the Police Commission has not proven useful in addressing allegations of police misconduct. It lacks the autonomy from the department and it lacks the authority to subpoena witnesses.

  4. hugh clark
    hugh clark says:

    My, what fine penmanship. They do not teach how to write a ticket in the police training I guess.

  5. tjtjtj
    tjtjtj says:

    Like the military, police are thugs drunk with power. If we don’t stop them, guess what happens: they’ll arrest ya for distributing healthy, organic, raw foods. Yes, it has happened:

  6. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    I wonder if we are going to get a Nixle alert on this, with Damon Tucker’s mug shot and all.
    I mean, hey, they actually charged the guy with obstruction of government operations. We should be seeing a press release on that!
    @Damon, you said via a Facebook conversation that the officer that allegedly roughed you up has the last name Maumau (???) Did you get a badge number?
    Were you taken to the police station in Pahoa or in Kea’au? If the former, how was the new station? If the latter, how was the old station? Did the same police officer that allegedly roughed you up also arrest you? Did they take you in a subsidized vehicle with a blue light on top, or did they call a marked vehicle for you? How many police officers were present? You mentioned in a Facebook conversation that you had been taking photographs of a fight amongst women that occurred outside the Pahoa Village Club. Did any of those women get arrested? Did anyone aside from you get arrested? What did the police officer(s) say to you prior to allegedly slamming you down on the sidewalk and allegedly dragging you into the Luquin’s parking lot? Details, please.

  7. Tom Lackey
    Tom Lackey says:

    If Damon has plans to pursue this with a legal action I don’t think this is the venue for him to make commits. People that know Damon also know that he is not the violent type and this police action is by all means uncalled for. If the police officer was feeling threaten by a camera thinking it may have been a weapon then this type of action is appropriate. Other than that most any other reason for brutalizing a citizen is misconduct on the police departments part.

    You see Tiff, taking pictures on public property and then displaying them on a blog is not against the law. It is no more against the law then me drawing cartoons and then placing them on a blog, it’s called freedom of expression or freedom of speech. Yet in some’s eyes Damon will be judged guilty because of his actions as I have by some for my drawing cartoons.

    The Lack

  8. Jerry Carr
    Jerry Carr says:

    This is very troubling, and I hope more witnesses come forward to provide more information on exactly what happened. James is right about the Police Commission having no authority to engage in a meaningful investigation. There is no independent body in the Hawaii County governing apparatus that has the power to enforce accountability on the Police. There is a very good internal affairs officer whom I know and trust, but we will have to see how well he is allowed to do his job in this case.

    What Tiffany can expect from her open letter, if she gets any response at all, is something to the effect that no comment can be made until the complaint is investigated and/or that no comment can be made in the face of litigation. Either way, I respect the fact that Tiff asked for a statement. I hope some answers are forthcoming, but let’s not hold our collective breath.

  9. Brian Jordan
    Brian Jordan says:

    Why is it HPD doesn’t have a Reserve Police program? They will tell you they do. Only if they are retitered Old HPD Blue Shields. Hmmm is it possinle that we might see business as usual. I remember when my mext store neighbor and the other guy lived on the end of my street. We all got pulled over for No seat Belt. They got let off. I didn’t bitch I paid this was a decade ago. Each of my neighbors was local and of his ethnic group. I was unfortunately was guilty of driving while haole.

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