Puna News — Photographs Of Damon Tucker’s Injuries In Alleged Police Brutality Case

Photos by Tiffany Edwards Hunt. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.

Puna blogger Damon Tucker claims police slammed him to the ground and took his camera away, as he attempted to video police breaking up a fight between women in front Pahoa Village Club on Friday night.  Depicted are photographs taken of Tucker during a community cleanup on Sunday.  Big Island Chronicle on Saturday emailed the police chief, spokeswoman for the police department, and the Mayor’s Office seeking a statement about the incident and Tucker’s allegations of excessive force. Meanwhile, Tucker has said he intends to file a lawsuit against the County for police brutality.

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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    The bad news is that that we taxpayers will still have to pay for litigation; The good news is that we won’t have to pay for a settlement. I know Melissa; credible witness.

  2. damon
    damon says:

    Actually Greg…

    Melissa and I have spoke now and she realizes that I was not the person that was in her face and that I was already arrested on the ground and in Luquins parking lot long before she was beaten.

  3. NWO
    NWO says:

    It’s all going to come down to who really has faith in the system anymore.. They have failed us miserably why should we listen to the police I don’t believe in our government there for I don’t believe in our so called “Police”.. The Eagle has fallen and the squares of the world meaning goody to shoes type of people will be left saying wTf just happened.. Live ur own life don’t follow these laws it’s all a hoax. The sooner people realize we need a new goverment the better chance of seeing some actual change will take place.

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