Letters — Regarding Our Child Care Problem

Greetings Tiffany,

I’m pretty busy these days, spending long hours.  I can’t really keep up with my correspondence.  And please, I don’t want to talk about my trial, guilt or innocence, because the court is already in the process of devoting quite a bit of time to doing just that.  But I do have something to say that needs saying:

In the 36 years since I was first a mother, although improvements can be seen in lots of areas–from birthing alternatives to charter schools to improved opportunities for women, the situation with child care is pretty much the same as it was. Parents have to choose between big child care facilities or private sitters and worry…too rigid?…not enough structure? …too impersonal?…and what about sick days?  Often it’s a day by day struggle as Mom tries to do her job and yet raise her children.

Children are the greatest resource of our community.  Period.  Yes, their well-being is the primary job (and more) of their parents, but society as a whole also has an interest and a responsibility in their healthful–and righteous–upbringing.  We depend on them to carry on…well, everything society cares about.  So why don’t we provide childcare rooms at the county council and the courthouse?  A place where a mother (or father) can take a cranky child to feed or for a nap or to spend supervised time while the parent participates in government?  We spent plenty on the new courthouse; for example, every courtroom has a wheelchair lift from the judge’s chambers to the courtroom proper, in case we ever have a judge who uses a wheelchair.  Couldn’t some part of that money have been invested in our future citizens?  Lots of folks have struggled for equal access to government.  That’s why we have the wheelchair lifts, headsets for hard-of hearing, Braille on elevator buttons, interpreters for those who don’t speak English but must interact with the courts.  Why is childcare always piled solely on the child’s parent?  Don’t we as a society value our children?  Don’t we want to care properly for our greatest resource?  Don’t we want their parents to be a real part of “we the people”?  I don’t think that’s why.  I think we care deeply about our children, all of them and not just our “own” children.  Maybe it’s because working mothers (and fathers) don’t make enough noise about the problem. The disability access came as a result of years of struggle, after all. So why aren’t these parents organizing to earn the right to childcare?  The fact that those intense infant and toddler years are brief is part of the reason, but the biggest part is this:  Working parents are usually just too BUSY to take on one more thing.

One Louve,
Rev. Nancy (Harris)

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  1. Hilo35
    Hilo35 says:

    The “tax cuts” and wars blasted up the deficit. Where did you get that fact from .

    Clearly China is Visa. Wow what about the FED.

  2. Hj
    Hj says:

    @John – Bush is the 1st Husband. Obama the 2nd Husband (cuckold).

    Wife = Lending Institutions, Home Buying Public, etc.

    The Dress would be the US with all its beauty and warts revealed. (i.e. wars, “economy”, etc.).

    The Stimulus is an action therefore representing “what” Bush and Obama both did. Obama just decided it was easier to keep buying new dress’. In all fairness Obama is following Keynesian dogma in that they believe they can buy there way out. Its not like he’s just making it up.

  3. Hilo35
    Hilo35 says:

    You said “If only you had a smidgen of compassion for your fellow man as you do your wife….”

    You were referring to the Lack’s post which ended with “The fact is liberals want more than I can give and they offer nothing in return for my bucks but slanderous accusations on how my money should be spent and it’s always on them.”

    Your rhetoric is the same as people who support the welfare system and therefore I take you support the welfare system and the taxes that go to paying for it.

  4. tia
    tia says:

    Wow, Hilo35, you pegged me liberal, tax and welfare supporter and whatever else from “If only you had a smidgen of compassion for your fellow man as you do your wife….”??? What else do you see in your crystal ball? Why is it that everyone who disagrees with you and Lack et al are ‘liberals who support the welfare system and taxes’? You happen to be wrong on all counts, but who am I to burst your delusional bubble?

  5. hilo35
    hilo35 says:

    The converstaion has basically been saying that there is a faction of people that don’t want tax money to go towards welfare programs like daycare at the courthouse. You are saying you disagree, so why wouldn’t I then conclude that you support welfare systems like this.

    If anything you need to be consistent. Were you or were you not saying he doesn’t have compassion for his fellow man because he doesn’t think his tax money is well spent in our current system. If so then it means that you beleive to have compassion for your fellow man you need to feel that the money is being well spent. Well if you feel it is being well spent then you must support the system.

    Doesn’t take a crystal ball, your words are pretty straight forward to read.

    Maybe the issue is me calling tax money to help people with childcare a welfare program.

  6. tia
    tia says:

    What I meant was:
    “Trying to talk with a liberal is like masturbation without any pay off, for the most part it is just a waist of time and it just makes me tired..”
    Then why do you engage in so much of it, Lack? That’s how arthritis of the dominant hand sets in. If only you had a smidgen of compassion for your fellow man as you do your wife….” Anyone who frequently enjoys shitting on those who are down, then espouses how much he cares for his ailing wife, lacks compassion. Nope, said nothing about liberals, nothing about supporting taxes nor welfare. But go ahead, hilo35, and tell me what I’m saying according to your own delusions. Amazing how you can ASSume so much into a direct comment and still insist you’re right even though corrected by the commenter.

  7. Hilo35
    Hilo35 says:

    How am I assuming anything when you straight out said you disagreed with our conversation. Maybe I am wrong but it didn’t seem at all that Tiff was looking for a pitty party or as you like to say compassion. She was wondering why money couldn’t have gone towards a special room for her and others to keep there children while they take care of business.

    So what does compassion have to do with any of this. Should he feel sorry for her, should he just agree with her to show compassion. Give me a break. She made a comment, we disagree with her.

    If you say I am wrong on all counts in saying you support welfare and taxes then why are you disagreeing with us.

  8. Hilo35
    Hilo35 says:

    It can also be that when in a discussion all you can do and have been doing is trying to call the other names when he attacks your responses and you have nothing to back yours up.

    Just face it you have no answer. You have compassion for people who want welfare . You also say you don’t support welfare or taxes so you are confused and resort to name calling.

    You show your ignorance and stupidity by engaging in this conversation where you have no idea what the context is. In true fashion you started insulting people from beginning to end.

    I really hope you are still in high school because it would be really sad if you are a grown up and this is what comes out of your mind. You better study up for your SAT’s this year because looks like you need it.

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