Chic Eco — FarmRoof on Oahu = Urban Ag Test for Hawaii


by Delia Montgomery

Alan Joaquin founded FarmRoof, a privately held Hawaii Corporation, in 2008. His innovative company is based in Waimanalo, Oahu. Alan’s credentials include more than twenty years of experience in agriculture, engineering, environmental protection, and landscape construction.

The company’s primary focus is providing the world’s best rooftop environment for growing culinary herbs, gourmet greens, and heirloom vegetables. Through proprietary technology, the company may change our local food system and urban landscape. Although FarmRoof is gaining notoriety from eastern USA to Vancouver, Canada,  Alan claims their roots are in the Hawaiian islands.

Earlier this week Martha Cheng published a story for Honolulu Magazine about the city’s first urban rooftop farm. Retail markets are invited to purchase from FarmRoof and Alan says that if you are an ecopreneur looking to establish an urban rooftop farm that will benefit your local community, environment, and economy — please contact him!

In creative and fun ways, we have opportunities to participate in city planning. And technology appears to be a very important tool to develop efficient progress.


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Amongst other things, blog contributor Delia Montgomery, d/b/a Chíc Eco, is an agent for environmental designers and artists.

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