(Editor’s note: Following is an open letter to Congresswoman Mazie Hirono written by retired 40-year Honolulu Advertiser reporter Hugh Clark.)
    April 26, 2012
    Congresswoman Mazie Hirono
    5-104 Prince Kuhio Building
    200 Ala Moana Blvd
    Honolulu 96850
    Dear Representative:
    For Congress to take action against the newest form of American Nazism – the Transportation Safety Administration. It has done far more to terrorize American travelers than any Muslim group.
    Not only have I and my family endured inconvenience and insults over the last 10 years of travel through persistent rude and crude behavior of its station agents, we have observed even worse directed toward other arriving passengers, typically the old and handicapped — the weak.  Regulations are not uniform or enforced consistently.
    Adding in convictions (but no jail terms) of Molokai and Kona TSA agents stealing from foreign visitors), now we learn that at LAX they are enabling drug runners and in Kansas molesting a four-year-old girl following negative news for manhandling aged women traveling with significant post-cancer issues.
    Its misbehavior clearly has no stop line, no judgment and no security purpose. It is a major inhibitor to the development of Hawaii’s chief industry, worse than arcane visa requirements.
    Since retiring in 2002, travel has been my penchant. We have visited two-dozen foreign countries in the period since and not one matches the surely behavior of the USA. Only Russia came close.
    I have two mainland family members who are reluctant to visit us because of the TSA. One declined to attend a family funeral here. Get rid of this monster ASAP. It is correctable, if Congress only gets off its collective duff.
    Thank you,
    Hugh Clark
    P.O. Box 1956
    Hilo  96721
    I would have preferred to have sent this by e-mail but your Hilo staff office was unable to articulate an e-mail address to me and I decided to avoid long distance charges. I never experienced such communication problems with the late Patsy Mink and Spark Matsunaga.
    — HJC
    Aloha, Hugh POB 1956 Hilo HI 96721-1956 808-935-4322 hm

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