Letters — Any Leads On Puna Cell Tower?

Hey Tiffany,

Our friend got mauled by dogs while running in Nanawale recently. After skin grafts, she’s out of the hospital. This incident got me thinking about the importance of cell phone signal in Puna. In many places a land line is the only way to call for help.

I’ve been searching punaweb, bic, and the Nanawale site, but it seems there’s an absence of information regarding cell tower plans. I read that one in Leilani was supposed to take place three months ago, but haven’t heard of any progress. There are Nanawale meeting minutes from 2009 alluding to a T-Mobile tower, but no-more-nothing for any updates.

Do you know the scoop?

This guy Jay Bondeson from Punaweb seems to be following this, and I’ll email him next. Seems like an important issue to our community. If you have any ideas on where to point me, I’d be grateful.

(most useful article I’ve found on the subject: http://punaweb.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13372)

Mike Purvis

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  1. Albie3063
    Albie3063 says:

    In response to the cell tower issue, Leilani’s Verizon Cell tower is still in process. As of last week I contacted Steven Sung who represents Verizon told me that Verizon has not made a commitment as of now as to when the cell tower will be installed. There was some activity last week at the planed site. Verizon sent a crew to check to see if the planned tower was high enough to see other cell towers in Puna. They raised a boom to 150′ and did a visual check. You may contact Mr. Sung by e-mail at: steven.sung@cascadiapm.com. If he receives e-mails from the community about there concerns that may move the process along. Your help would be appreciated.

    Al Dettweiler President LCA

  2. Harley-D
    Harley-D says:

    A couple of weeks ago I talked to a Leilani Board member about the lack of work on the tower and was told ‘Verizon is not being communicative’.

  3. Rene Siracusa
    Rene Siracusa says:

    ALL applications for cell towers are submitted to the Planning Dept. and then to the Planning Commission. You can get info about current and upcoming applications by calling the planning dept.

    There is one also being planned in the Kapoho/Vacationland area. And possibly another closer to Seaview/Puna Palisades. Those community assns. will also have info on these.

  4. Mike Purvis
    Mike Purvis says:

    Great information so far, thanks.

    Just got this email from Nanwale:

    thank you for your e-mail. The Association currently has a cell tower that is located here at our facility on Kehau rd, and it’s been up and running for a year now. Currently the only company that is using it, is T-Mobile. However, Verizon just signed on, and is currently under construction. They should be up and running by this year end. Giving better cell reception for T-Mobile and Verizon cell users.


    Kathryn Katada
    Administrative Assistant
    Nanawale Community Association, Inc
    RR4 BOX 2250
    PAHOA, HI 96778
    808-965-8080 Phone
    808-965-6664 Fax
    Web site http://www.nanawale.com

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