Puna News — Seeking Alfred Kumalae, Possible Witness To Pahoa Town Assault

user20249-1372306372-media1_897f8a_192_240_PrsMe_(Media release) — Big Island police are requesting the public’s assistance in located a male party who was a possible witness to an assault that occurred in Pahoa Town on June 25, 2013.
Alfred Kumalae, M-58, is described being Hawaiian, 5’8”, 170 lbs., with brown eyes and black/gray hair. Kumalae hangs out in the Pahoa Town area, but is also known to frequent Mooheau Bus Terminal.
Police ask that anyone with information on the whereabouts of Alfred Kumalae, to contact Detective Norbert Serrao at 961-2383 or Detective Grant Todd at 961-2385.
Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000. Crime Stoppers is a volunteer program run by ordinary citizens who want to keep their community safe. Crime Stoppers doesn’t record calls or subscribe to caller ID. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

(Submitted by Hawaii Police Department via Nixle.)

Puna News — George Curnutt facing attempted murder charge for spear gun incident

(Media release) — Hawaii Police Department detectives have charged a 49-year-old Puna man for shooting a spear gun at a 20 year old Puna man in the Leilani Estates Subdivision the night of June 25, 2013.

George Robert Curnutt of Leilani Estates was charged at 6:45 p.m. Thursday, June 27 with Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, and  he is being held at the Hilo police cellblock in lieu of $500,000 bail pending his initial court appearance.

(Submitted by Hawaii Police Department via Nixle.)

West Hawaii News — July 4 Rubber Duckie Race Will Honor First Responders


(Media release) — In addition to bringing the community together to raise much needed funds for the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii at the 22nd Annual Rubber Duckie Race, Kings’ Shops and UCPA will honor Hawaii Island’s first responders.  Those to be honored for their exemplary service to our Island community include Captain Sean Sommers, Captain Brett Matsuda and Captain Gifford Matsuoka of The South Kohala Fire Station, Police Officer Kyle Hirayama, Field Operations, Area II of the South Kohala Patrol, Sergeant James Correa, Field Operations, Area I of the South Hilo Patrol, and Rita Hirai Director of Safety for Ocean Sports.

The South Kohala Fire Station responds to all calls for incidents of rescue, fire, medical emergencies, and hazardous materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.  Read more

Letters — Help Hawaii Community College, donate an ‘ukulele

images-11Dear Friends,

A few months back I asked you to consider making a donation of an ‘ukulele.  Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE gift can also be made in the form of cash.  $47 will buy one ‘ukulele.  Thankfully, we have 6 ‘ukuleles to date because of some generous people, and am hoping to collect/purchase 10 ‘ukuleles total.

If you are in a position to help, I would appreciate a donation.  You can make the check payable to me, BJ Soriano, send it to 2906 Pulima Drive.  Hawaii Community College will send you a thank you letter and list the Tax Identification for your records.

This was the message I sent out previously:

Hello friends, 

Hawaii Community College from time to time welcomes and hosts students from foreign countries and shares our Hawaiian culture with the students.  One of the areas of cultural study is learning to play the ‘ukulele.  If you have a spare ‘ukulele that you could donate for when the students come over to learn, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you can make a donation, please contact me via this e-mail or call me at 987-5655.  We need about 10 ‘ukuleles and currently have 2 confirmed gifts.

Thank you so much in advance,

BJ Soriano

Puna News — Help Police Solve The Brittany Royal Murder And Boaz Johnson Disappearance

brittany - bo campsiteDepicted above is the campsite of Brittany Jane Royal and Boaz Johnson — Brittany Jane Royal’s body was found in the ocean fronting the lava viewing area on Tuesday, May 28.  About 6-8 weeks pregnant, the 25-year-old had been strangled to death. Police are investigating her murder, and seeking for questioning her 22-year-old boyfriend Boaz.  Boaz’s family last heard from him around 5 p.m. on Monday, May 27, Memorial Day. (Read previous Big Island Chronicle coverage here and here.)  The couple had been camping out on the lava, preparing for Boaz to purchase 10 acres of lava land.  He was expected to finalize the land deal on May 28, the day authorities pulled Brittany’s body from the water, but never showed up to his appointment with the Realtor.  Anyone with information about Brittany’s murder and Boaz’s disappearance should immediately call police at (808) 935-3311, or call Lt. Greg Esteban at (808) 961-2252.  (Photo courtesy of the family of Brittany Jane Royal.)


Volcano News — Reminder: Disney’s ‘Beauty and The Beast’ coming to Volcano

images-9Kilauea Drama & Entertainment Network (KDEN) will continue the fairy tale magic with their annual summer musical production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.  This “tale as old as time” runs July 12 – 28, in Kilauea Military Camp’s Kilauea Theater on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 and Sundays at 2:30. Tickets ($15- general admission, $12 – seniors, 60 and over, and students, and $10 for children 12 and under) are available at Kilauea General Store in Volcano, Kea’au Natural Foods in Kea’au, and Paradise Plants and the Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo. Reservations can be made by calling 982-7344. For more information call 982-7344, email kden73@aol.com or check out KDEN’s Facebook page.  — Suzy Bond

Puna News — ‘Marketing Your Product — Local to Global’ Workshops Commence July 10


Gerardo Delgado

(Media release) — Hawaii Youth Business Center (HYBC) is proud to present “Marketing Your Product-Local to Global”, a workshop designed to help local businesses gain knowledge on time-tested, proven, yet cutting-edge and radically different marketing system for local businesses/ products to attract global customers.

This 4-session workshop, starting from July 10, will run for four consecutive Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 pm at HYBC, located in Pahoa’s Woodland Center off highway 130.

Gerardo Delgado, a local marketing expert who has helped both small business owners and industry leaders implement successful marketing strategies that are both practical and results-oriented, will conduct the workshop. Read more

Guest Column — About Serena

serenaBy Steven Offenbaker

Over the last four years at Honokaa High School Serena Offenbaker has worked tirelessly to be a top member of her class.

That hard work has paid off for the 2013 graduate as she has earned a full scholarship to Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

In the interest of full disclosure I must point out that Serena is my daughter and I could not be more proud of her and what she has accomplished.

I have had the pleasure of watching her grow into an accomplished young woman, always seeking to better herself and serve her community.

During her time at Honokaa High school Serena was a member of many school groups and participated in many academically rigorous classes.

She was a member of the cross country and the judo teams, advancing to the State Judo Tournament her sophomore year. She founded the first drama club at Honokaa High School, she was a member of the school leadership program, and was class president her junior and senior years. She was also a member of the National Honor Society. Read more

Politics — All Yours, Councilman Greggor Ilagan’s Absolutely Ridiculous Rationale For Raising Bus Fees

Thanks so much to Kerri Marks, of OccupyHilo for taking the time to sit through and record Hawaii County Council meetings. Click here to listen to Greggor Ilagan rationalize raising the bus fees.

After listening to Puna Councilman Greggor Ilagan try to rationalize raising the bus fee increases, I feel like banging my head against a brick wall.  The testimony I just watched, when he and the eight other council members are giving themselves $100,000 in discretionary funds, and giving a nod to raising taxes, raising fees, and giving raises, wow, I just really want to shake that boy and remind him he used to attend Hawaii County Community College and not have that $40,000 annual salary.  Yes, Greggor, I know the director Tiffany Kai, and I realize she is a good person and I know that she has gone out in her own time and personally scraped off graffitti from bus shelters — in Pahoa, no less.  Greggor, I get that.  Look at what you guys are getting — $100,000 in discretionary funds, and you want to put a 16-year-old girl who doesn’t have a dollar to ride the bus at risk to hitchhike.  “Two and a half months ago, if she did have a dollar, the bus could only drop her off at the top of HPP…”  I just roll my eyes, and wonder, Greggor, do you even ride the bus?  There is a whole contingency of the population that Greggor has not even the slightest idea about.  I propose that Greggor come spend the night on Mainstreet Pahoa.  “So right now, our buses don’t even go to the bottom of HPP two and a half months ago,” he said on the record, and, seriously, I’m not kidding, he said it that way.  “To improve something called bus services, we need something called money. Where do you think we’re going to get something like that?  It’s called being rational.”

hahahahahahahahahaha rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (roflmao), Greggor! Give that $100,000 you just took to try to woo voters to vote for you next year, and let 100,000 teenagers on this island not have to run the risk of hitchhiking for the fact that they don’t have a buck! Or two! or whatever you think they should pay to get to the top of HPP. That would be rational.

“Look at me, I’m a student, I had to make do,” Greggor said.  “I would just lose a double cheeseburger…” Oh my dear G…!  I wonder if he is actually proud of his statement — if Greggor himself listens back to his words.  And whoa! Braddah has put on the record his commitment to improve our public transportation with some pretty firm words! Let’s see what’s he’s got in the next year and a half, with that $100,000 in his pocket to do with it what he sees fit.

Stop thinking this is monopoly money you are dealing with, Greggor and friends!

It is actually kinda marvelous to watch over the years how people ruin themselves in politics.  Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be vicious, I’m being truthful. The ego just completely overtakes a person and he or she becomes, well, ridiculous to watch! With Greggor and the rest of this council, we still have a year and a half left.  Please forgive me, I digress.

Thanks to Kerri Marks, who videotapes and posts on YouTube her recordings of Hawaii County Council meetings.  Thanks to her for having the time and means to be able to sit and record this stuff, so we can get a glimpse of our Hawaii County Council deliberate on the mundane and the significant, like the bus fare increase.

It is truly invaluable to be able to pull up these recordings and hear and see our council members speak on these issues.  I personally do not have the time or resources to sit and listen to all the minutia of local politics on the legislative side.  I honestly don’t even have time to go and seek out the minutes of the meetings.  I love that I can just click and choose from Kerri’s footage.  This one with Greggor, I am surely going to be sharing on Facebook.

Letters — Accolades For Puna Police Officers

images-10(Editor’s note: The following is an open letter to Hawaii Police Department Chief Harry Kubojiri.)

Dear chief,

Please give raises or some sort of certificate of appreciation to:

1. Acting Capt. Reed Mahuna — he is generally a pleasure to work with and such a good guy always wanting to work with me and very righteous.

2. Officer John Tallis(ich) (ach) (name spelling may be incorrect — badge number 152) — He’s a total pro — worked with him in a recent shoplifting and he was such a pleasure to work with.

3. Sgt. William Derr — one of the kindest sweetest men on the force… A gentle giant. Super huggable, very personable. I had such a great conversation with him today and I appreciate his candor, good nature and willingness to speak so openly. And he was so kind!

4. Officer Ishii — one of my absolute favorite police officers in Puna. I always enjoy him whenever he is dispatched to a call and I encounter him. He is an absolutely wonderful human being. (For Christmas, I will try to remember to give him sunflower seeds — sometimes I see him directing traffic and he chews on sunflower seeds.)

5. Officer Willy Brown — totally solid, good guy who I enjoy working with and appreciate so much. We need more police officers like him.

Basically, I just want to share with you some positive observations about your force in Puna. I wish we had a greater police presence in our two Council districts and I feel for all these guys working with such limited resources. I will be publicizing this letter.


Tiffany Edwards Hunt

***Commentary*** Appreciation For County Workers’ Weed Whacking In Pahoa Village Today

public worksThanks so much to the County of Hawaii workers, including the one pictured above, who walked through Pahoa Village this afternoon and weed whacked alongside the road.  I personally appreciate any and all beautification efforts in Pahoa Village, and islandwide for that matter. I was so happy and grateful to see county workers out and about, giving Pahoa some TLC today. Thanks again. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt.