Noteworthy Obituaries — Dolphin Researcher and Gentle Birth Advocate Star Newland Has Passed Away


Star Newland — Jan. 2, 1948 and July 13, 2013

Dolphin researcher and community activist Star Newland has passed away at 65, according to her son Tiger Stanley and her friend and business partner Michael Hyson.

Star, who also called herself Paradise Newland, advocated to change or “sculpt” society’s language, to focus on clarity.  “Language sculpting,” she said, “was the creation of coherent realities through the conscious use of language,” Michael explained.

Through her efforts, “Say yes to Domestic Harmony” stickers are adhered to the bumpers of all County of Hawaii vehicles, including Hele-On buses and marked police vehicles and are expected to adhere on U.S. Navy ships, according to Michael.

Star was also involved in the natural birthing movement.  Specifically, she advocated for gentle birth, water birth, and dolphin attended birth.  She was such an advocate for pre-birth dolphin contact, so much so that at one time she had to defend herself against Child Protective Services, seeking to take her child away from her for choosing to give birth on a beach where dolphins could be present.

For the last 20 years Star was involved in the Interspecies Birth Cohort Project.  In recent weeks, Michael shared details of their project with Big Island Chronicle.  A separate story about the project involving Star and Michael is pending.

Michael had spoken on behalf of Star at her request, since her health had declined and she was not up for the interview. Star wanted to clarify a controversial story that gained nationwide attention about a couple from North Carolina that sought out Star for pre-birth dolphin contact.

Star was also the founding partner  of Sirius Institute, which has two general goals: “dolphinization of the planet and humanization of space.”

Both Star and Michael have wanted to raise the consciousness of humans to somewhere near that of the dolphins and reintegrate the cetacea — the Mammalian order, including dolphins and whales  — into society as the “conscious sentient beings they are.”

Star was a colleague of John C. Lilly, M.D. and his wife Toni.  John is the pre-eminent dolphin researcher in the world. Star had been involved in dolphin research for over 30 years. Sirius Institute  is a subsidiary of the Sirius Connection, which was incorporated in Canada 28 years ago — Star at one point called her company Sirius Connection 418, denoting “the great works completed — the complete awakening of all mankind.”

Michael was with Star up until her death, and noted that she was able to say her goodbyes to her sons Tiger and John Kehena Newland Lucy and friends.  “She basically said, she was going to ‘pop out, go home and get a new body,'”

“She was very weak, could barely hold up phone, but she was still very loving and in good spirits,” Michael said. “She would have liked to stayed around longer.  But she felt like she was done.  She established the things she wanted to establish.  Domestic Harmony.  Gentle Birth. Bee Buddies.

Michael noted Bee Buddies was her more recent campaign to raise awareness about bees.  She wanted people to think of them, plant trees and flowers they like, and to work on their preservation and health.

“She was brilliant, dedicated, hard-working, extremely creative, and probably the best cetacea advocate on the planet,” Michael said.  “She was an advocate for gentle birth, cetacea and their reintegration into our society.”

For more information about Star, visit her website at Tiger will be announcing a location and time of memorial.


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  1. hazen
    hazen says:

    Thanks Tiph, i had no idea she was Tiger’s mom. She was very visible in the media and a true Punatic, we’re less diverse and colorful a community without her.

  2. Damon
    Damon says:

    My condolences to Tiger and his ohana. Now I know where Tiger gains his strength from at times. Wish you and your ohana the best Tiger.

  3. K.T. Cannon-Eger
    K.T. Cannon-Eger says:

    Heartfelt condolences to her family.
    Somehow, I feel we will meet again. Until then, a hui hou, Malama Pono,

  4. Graham Ellis
    Graham Ellis says:

    What a shock !
    Star was a tireless and passionate campaigner for the worthy causes she supported. She was notable for her willingness and ability to create bridges between County officials and residents. Her inspiration and valuable work in Puna and on the Big Island will be missed by many. l’ll remember her whenever l see a bumper sticker with “Domestic Harmony just say YES” especially if l see one on a cloud.
    Please publish details of her memorial.

  5. rosemerry
    rosemerry says:

    we were so fortunate to have her bless our lives. my life was so much richer as her pod sister mahalo a hui hou, malama pono

  6. Randall Lee
    Randall Lee says:

    Travel and rest well my dear friend and mahalo for your tireless work, we will see ya soon.

  7. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Aloha, sad to hear about Star passing away. I even had the opportunity to meet her at one of the potlucks in Two Steps some years ago. She seemed to be such a shining star in so many ways. I am sure she can contribute to many of the project from the other side and bring it all on to the new level. I wish her aloha and thank her for the contribution she was to the Planet. What an inspiration;) Thank you Star and it is time to celebrate you coming home! Let the leis wait for you there with all the dolphins!

  8. Anita
    Anita says:

    I knew her over 20years. She was a unique soul, and always a good friend. A hui ho, my friend.Plenty aloha.

  9. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    It was my honor to have known her and to have had the opportunity see her GLOW as she jumped in the ocean to swim with her beloved Dolphins, she is already greatly missed. Aloha my friend.

  10. Frank Bollinger
    Frank Bollinger says:

    My dearest heartfelt sympathies from California tear in my beers, to Dr. Mike Hyson Star Newlands life partner and Tiger whom I met as small child, as well as Lucy to whom may be the spark to have created Domestic Harmony and also sympathies to her daughter whom I have not met.
    The Dolphins will miss her as well.

  11. Mike Purvis
    Mike Purvis says:

    What a shock, she was so proactive in all things peaceful and always had ideas for student engagement at UH Hilo.
    Strength to Tiger (I also didn’t know the relation) and the rest of the family.

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