HAWAII BULLETIN — HELCO Responding To Power Outages

Hawaii Electric Light Company has announced that fallen trees caused by gusty winds from Tropical Storm Flossie are causing power outages throughout the lower Puna area. At this time, approximately 5,000 customers are without power.


The affected areas include 2,800 customers from Volcano to Glenwood; 2,200 customers from Kalapana to Nanawale; and 1,300 in Panaewa. Service has been restored to the Panaewa Mountain View, and Kurtistown areas.


“The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority,” said Hawaii Electric Light Company president Jay Ignacio. “We are prepared to restore service as quickly and safely as possible.”


Power interruptions and voltage disturbances are possible as long as the stormy conditions persist. Do not touch fallen or low hanging power lines or anything they may be in contact with. A seemingly harmless wire may still be energized. Stay clear of puddles where downed lines may have landed.


Customers may call 969-6666 to report power outages and downed power lines.


Hawaii Electric Light sincerely thanks customers for their patience and understanding.

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  1. Petra Wiesenbauer
    Petra Wiesenbauer says:

    Power was out in the Pahoa area for six hours. Helco did not provide any customer information on their phone lines. The 969-6666 number did not work all day and only gave a busy signal. And what was truly amazing: Their offices were close due to the storm. Not one soul answered a phone call. Don’t you think the power company should be working double shifts even in their offices during a storm? Just a thought…

  2. Robert Petricci
    Robert Petricci says:

    Didn’t effect us, were on Solar. Our power cost a lot less also. Who needs HELCO and their high rates anyway?

    Join the Maech on HELCO August 17, 18, and 19th.

    Go solar the HELCO monopoly is no longer able to compete with independent Solar power.

  3. Jasper
    Jasper says:

    HELCO is not what I would call a reliable power company, certainly wouldn’t give them the keys to a geothermal plant, god forbid a nuke reactor,lol
    We only a power fart, off/on. A neighbor lost an ohia tree, I lost a banana tree (woopee have dozens) and some high dead albizias from a girdled tree came crashing down, good wish there was stronger wind.

    Really disappointed in this “storm”. Very mild here. Could be my great huge old mango trees I’m surrounded by.
    But the sun rise yesterday was better than today’s but today is gorgeous.
    Didn’t even need to fire up the generator.
    At least the pond filled from what rain happened last night. Lotta hubbub bout nuthin. As usual.

  4. hugh clark
    hugh clark says:

    It is a typical utility non-response based on my experiences with power outages. They abandon ship.

    You are SOL unless you are empowered to have a special number. You would think state PUC might have checked this out years ago.

  5. punated
    punated says:

    So? I am on HELCO and never lost power either. Big whoopdie doo! You people are so petty, it is pitiful.

  6. Jasper
    Jasper says:

    You people? is the word usage of a pitiful person, YOU!
    people, which people? All those people who lost power?
    People who are on solar? People commenting from the mainland? People who were told of a storm and didn’t get one? Or YOU, People who lost power and couldn’t get through to HELCO for hours. YOU too, WILL lose power eventually if HELCO is your provider, it’s just a matter of when. Will you be ready? or petty?

  7. Puna Love
    Puna Love says:

    Petra weisenbauer, you obviously do not understand hat goes on behind the scenes at HELCO! During power outages there are hard working men and women working AROUND THE CLOCK – during and after dangerous storms!! There are people who are answering hundreds of calls 24 hours a day. There is ALWAYS someone working to answer your call! Linemen brave dangerous storms and weather to restore power to people like you who have no appreciation for the job they’re doing. It’s so sad that people look at HELCO like they’re idiots who are only after money. You don’t even think of he people behind the scenes who are working to help thankless people like yourself. I know this because my father was a lineman. We would be scared at home during a storm or flood and he would be working out there. It angers me to see people with no appreciation for the job he did!

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