Letters — May Justice Prevail

Just want to send you strength … and urge you to research the Dana Ireland case. And the cop (Kenneth Mathison) who ran over his wife just uphill from Mountain View, where we maintain a little memorial for her. He got away with it for several years, until Citizens for Justice (AKA Seven Haoles from Puna) hounded the case and found the accused had, um. close ties to the chief and dirt on everyone…

I mention these heartbreaking cases to encourage you to build community and make as much noise as you can with many other people. I am far from Hawaii (a professor in Taiwan) but after I moved there as a young journalist in 1989 I grew discouraged by these cases and others. Justice did prevail, but the blow-by-blow of the Pauline family intimidating witnesses and the incredible stalling on the other case despite ridiculous claims by the culprit were disheartening. You are the hero in this case (involving the Brittany Jane Royal murder and Boaz Johnson disappearance), so gather all who support open inquiry into the truth and don’t let the static get to you!

With admiration and aloha,

Val Crawford

(23-year Volcano resident, now at Taipei Medical University)

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