Guest Column — Awakening To The Light Of A Different Star

By Kai Swigart, Ph.D., M.F.T.

Since atoms are exploded stars from long ago and far away; since underneath these atoms there is light; since this light is conscious, infinite, and vibrates through all creation; when we awaken to its truth we share its sight.

Through our higher consciousness we can access universal consciousness from which our range of thought is infinite and creation of our lives becomes a choice.  As negative emotions narrow our mind, limit our options, and vibrate at relatively low frequencies; as positive emotions expand our thinking, increase our range of possibilities, and vibrate at higher frequencies; so too our higher consciousness perceives a limitless scope of information, an infinite range of coexisting possibilities, and vibrates at the frequencies of truth and light.  Higher consciousness is awareness beyond thought and sense perception.  It is that energetic or intuitive perception that occurs during meditation, revery, or just because.  A common example is mother’s intuition.  When a mother in Hilo suddenly realizes that her daughter in Paris is in trouble, senses what kind of trouble she is in, and calls her to check it out; she is accessing information through the universal energy field that interconnects all things, and which is also connected to universal consciousness.  Imagine a network of energy strands, like a three dimensional spider web, interconnecting all things and arising out of universal consciousness.  All things are interconnected with each other, and all things are connected to universal consciousness.  Across this network energy and information flow.  When we receive it, it is first accepted into the astral body, and then transferred into the physical body through the primary chakras.  When we send it, it is created within the astral body, transmitted across the energy field to its destination, received by all those who perceive it, and incorporated into universal consciousness.  The quantum physics of universal consciousness, the universal energy field, and the human energy system allow us to connect directly with universal consciousness.  Through understanding and learning how to use this knowledge we can create our own existence choice by choice.

According to Ayurveda we are composed of three bodies containing five sheaths: physical body (food sheath); astral body (pranic, mental, and intellectual sheaths), and causal body (seed sheath). The astral body is connected to the physical body at several points called chakras.  We are alive because of the life force, or prana, flowing through us.  Prana circulates within the astral body through channels called nadis, enters the physical body through the chakras, and circulates within the physical body through pathways called meridians.  Many forms of illness exist first in the astral body, and may exist there for years before reaching the physical body.  A blockage or imbalance in the energy flow within the astral body may lead to physical, emotional, or mental illness.  Chakras send energy outward from the core of the physical body to the astral body, and receive prana from the astral body which enters the core.  Chakras can be open or closed, excessive or deficient, or can exist at various stages in between.  The chakras must be in balance with each other, and there should be an even flow of energy through all of them.  After entering through the chakras, prana circulates within the physical body through meridians.  These meridians govern the functioning of the major organ systems of the body.  For each organ system to remain healthy and balanced, prana must flow freely along the meridians.

Higher consciousness within an individual is a series of ripples on the sea of universal consciousness, interacting with the nadis of the astral body, passing through the chakras, and then flowing through the meridians where they interact with the senses and nervous system of the physical body.  In quantum physics, higher consciousness is the awareness of a series of quantum wave function reductions, ripples in quantum geometry, on the edge between the spiritual world of infinite coexisting possibilities and the material world believed to be definite and fixed.  Awareness of the interaction between these two worlds is higher consciousness.

Transcending human senses to perceive the spiritual world requires us to step beyond intellectual interpretations of the world, and outside of the physical body.  Spirit, mind, matter, and time are all the same from the perspective of universal consciousness.  Within a quantum wave function, every possibility exists simultaneously, and every option is available, prior to its reduction into one of the possible options.  From the traditional human perspective, we become aware of this process only after the wave function has reduced to its outcome.  When we learn to access our higher consciousness we will gain access to and be able to choose from the infinite pool of possibilities before one randomly occurs, and we will realize that we have always been the creator of our own experience of life, but had previously only been awakened at the level of the end result (after the quantum wave function has reduced from its infinite pool of coexisting possibilities to one of its possible options).  Learning to access our higher consciousness will make us the mathematician rather than the result of an equation.

With daily practice we can learn how to transcend the perceived limitations of the material world and create our own existence.  In my next article we will examine some techniques that make this possible.

Dr. Paul David Kai`makani`mele Swigart, also known as Dr. Kai, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in Hawaii and California, Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP), Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), and Certified Arise Interventionist (CAI). He has been a licensed therapist since 1988.  Dr. Swigart received a Ph.D. in psychology from United States International University (USIU), an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), a B.S. in Psychology from Illinois State University (ISU), and a B.A./B.S. in Music Therapy from Illinois State University (ISU).


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