Administrative Notes — Back Online; An Explanation Of The Recent Blackout

Happy New Year!

Several years ago, when I first started this website, I was using a different email than I do today. For about a year, Yahoo! has been trying to reach me for a payment on the domain name. I didn’t know about the company’s effort to contact me until this website  went black on or around Dec. 30. I checked my old Yahoo! email account on Dec. 23 and made the discovery then. For the last 10 days, I have been trying to make contact with Yahoo to reactivate my website.
For all of this to happen around the holidays didn’t make it easy or fast to resolve.
So many of you emailed or called to inquire about the status of my website. I truly appreciate all your concern.
It was actually kinda nice to not have to feed the website during the holidays, I must admit.
While I waited for a call back from Yahoo, I was able to focus more on family time, my family’s retail business, gift-wrapping for our customers and for family and friends, and doing some necessary housework. It was nice to spend some quality time offline!
Hopefully you all found some other reading material online.
In this space of time without my website to feed, I was also able to circulate my last print edition of 2013. Hopefully you were able to grab a copy. The cover features the artwork of Patricia Leo. In coming days, I will post the articles and columns featured in the December edition’s 16 pages.
After all was said and done, this website was offline long enough for me to start missing it. I actually got to the point where I missed reading your conversations, and being able to deliver you the news.
With the new year, I have a renewed focus on this site and writing. And hopefully my posts will inspire meaningful conversations among you all.
I truly thank you all for your readership and for your interest in Big Island Chronicle.
If you would like to check out my website’s annual report, you can do so here:
I apologize profusely for any inconvenience the website blackout may have caused you. Thank you for your patronage. All the best to you and yours in the year to come.
Aloha, Tiffany

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  1. Damon
    Damon says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve missed your site and glad it’s back online.

    I would have grabbed the domain and redirected it to my site if you ever do give up blogging. LOL (teasing)

    Folks think that we just can blog for free. Folks it costs money to host a site, store pictures, map domains, etc….

    If you like Tiffs site… Donate to it or sponsor it!

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