Ask A Wrench — What’s That Smell?

Ask A Wrench jpgBy Ed Miner Jr.  

 Hello Big Island…we wish to give thanks to all our loyal readers, hope you had a joyous holiday season and will have great prosperity in this new year. We want to say thank you to Tiffany Edwards Hunt and staff for this newspaper and all her writers. Mahalo nui loa.

This month’s article will ask you to use your nose. “What’s That Smell?”

Your nose can be very useful in determining pending issues with your car.

#1 Burnt rubber — This could indicate problems with your drive belts or hoses that might be rubbing on your pulleys. A word of caution though…never reach into an engine that is HOT!

#2 Hot oil — This could mean or have oil leaking on to your exhaust system. Try look on the ground for the leak or smoke coming from the engine. Caution: always turn off your engine before you investigate.

#3 Gas smell — This is usually very difficult to locate and obviously very dangerous. Immediate attention should be given to this and you should not drive your car.

#4 Sweet Syrup — When you smell something like this it usually indicates your are leaking antifreeze. Never open your cooling system if the engine is hot. Also antifreeze in very low quantities is deadly to your pets as they will be drawn to the sweet smell as well.

#5 Burning carpet — This might point to a problem with your brakes. Please do not ignore this and have your brakes inspected.

#6 Rotten Eggs — A problem might be occurring with your exhaust system, particularly your catalytic converter not converting hydrogen sulfide to sulfur dioxide and will usually result in your check engine light coming on. It will sometimes cause drivability  issues as well.

As they always say”the nose knows”  Thanks again for reading the Big Island Chronicle…a hui hou.

Ed Miner Jr., owns and operates Kolohe Auto Repair in Puna. 


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