Astrological Forecast — Solstice Retrospective

Ad AstroHawBy Norma Jean Ream

The Winter Solstice brought us to the shortest day and turns our attention to the holidays and reflections on what has come to pass. The year has had some major events that leave us pondering the path of the future. If we just look at the local political issues relative to our quality of life, we still have a fight ahead. Geothermal wells, Aqua fisheries, and GMO labeling and blocking increase and production are the really big topics continuing from this year’s agenda. The picture can be extended to the global level to include the wide-spread struggle of the people against the power mongers. What we have in the Solstice chart are the dynamics of the building challenge to the corporate powers from the people. The struggle will continue into the next year. It is time to plan strategy and gather support.

There has been so much abuse of power and corruption through lobbying that it can make us feel like we are up against a giant. When judges rule in favor the dollar signs and not the signs of a better life, it seems like we’re in trouble. 

Consider the historical reflections of a longer cycle, that of Pluto who takes 248 years to orbit the Sun. That’s nearing the age of the United States. Shifting to the events just over the 10 years prior to our Constitution, we can see a great deal of similarity to our time. There was economic and financial struggle for the Colonist, while there was corruption of local officials and a fair amount of smuggling and illegal trade. At one point, Britain so tightly controlled import-export that the Colonists could not make any money. What they did was stop using British imports and becoming self-sufficient. In only 8 years (a Venus cycle) they achieved 80% export to 20% import. This was a major factor in negotiating for independence. This achievement came through a general shared sacrifice, especially in the beginning. It was not easy either. There was no nationalism but a much fractured society with divisive beliefs.

The problems we face in current time are both relative to local choices and also to global responsibility. As an island community we have an important responsibility to steward the land responsibly, particularly in our impact to the water and its ecology. Climate change will affect Hawaii potentially as much as the Philippines.

This Solstice had a pattern of challenging the decision-makers of our island to be the leaders who will protect our land from the deadly abuses of the big agribusinesses and proposed industrialization of our island. The energy is there to challenge the intentions of leaders and move them to the right decisions: for people not profit. In this, we all profit.

Venus will be retrograde to the end of January. It is in the flow to be mindful of resources and even to reassess values. What is it worth to us to consume more electricity for entertainment, if Geothermal and HELCO are going to drill up Puna? What do we need practically to be happy and sustain life?

Venus’s travel through Capricorn will emphasize economy, productivity and practicality. It brings us back to basics and to the foundational things of our lives as families and extended family units. It will contribute to the ideas of sharing and inclusion through these holidays.

Best Wishes for a Bright New Year.

Norma Jean Ream is a 30-year astrologer who resides in Puna. For more information about Ream or her astrological work, visit

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