Puna News — Japanese Television Crew Spotlights HAAS For Being An Eco-Friendly School

panasonic : haas

A Japanese television crew headed by Panasonic toured Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science Public Charter School this week in an effort to highlight eco-friendly schools in Hawaii. Pictured is HAAS Principal Steve Hirakami (L) offering the school’s guests a tour. (Photo by Tiffany Edwards Hunt.)

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  1. Steve Hirakami
    Steve Hirakami says:

    Panasonic and specifically Megumi Marsh, who lives in San Diego, and leads the US team in Educational outreach for renewable energy, has visited HAAS the past three years and has conducted an educational series on renewable energy. It is a very interactive presentation to test the children’s knowledge of where the power comes from when they turn on that light. I have learned a lot myself, including the fact that Panasonic is leading the development of quality Photovoltaic cells and more importantly, the storage of energy generated by intermittent sources like sun, wind, and waves. This is the exciting part for me, because we have to distribute the generation of power. Wind, waves, and sun are everywhere but the possibility of storing it is the breaking news. In this way, we don’t have to centralize power generation in Puna (geothermal) only to deliver it a hundred miles to Waikoloa and Kona. In fact, those areas have a much better solar index than Puna. So for those reasons, we are the beneficiary of these sessions. Thursday, the students were treated to a solar car demonstration where they built there own solar cars (hybrid, because when they went uphill, they switched to battery power) and raced them on a concourse built by our STEM students. It has been an amazing partnership and I can’t wait till next year.

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