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kamehamehaBy Christine Reed

Exciting new Children’s books are hitting the shelves. In Christmas books there is Santa Luna, filled with lovely illustrations and a somewhat scientific explanation of how Santa can deliver his presents to Hawai’i. Santa and the Molokai Mules is a sweet story about helping Santa find Hawai’i through a storm with the help of a noisy mule.

New Picture Books for children: Geckos Slide and Peek, A Look-and-Find Adventure in Hawai’i; The Twelve Days of Hula; Malia in Hawai’i, Celebrating all the Parts of Me!; Kohola, King of Whales

New books for Young Readers: New Release of The Life of Kamehameha by Kawika Eyre includes six chapters originally released as individual books and completes the story of the renowned chief that united the islands under one rule. Menehune Tales of Hawai’i will be arriving soon.

New for Cooks: Hawai’i’s New Best Local Desserts by Jean Watanabe Hee; A Korean Kitchen; Hurry Up and Wait, slow cooker recipes;

New History: Timeline Hawai’i, An Illustrated Chronological History of the Islands;

New Edition of The Secrets and Practice of Hawaiian Herbal Medicine (Kahuna La’au Lapa’au)

Outdoors: Plants of Hawai’i – How to Grow Them by Fortunato Teho; New edition of Hawai’i’s Birds and their Habitats

Inspiration: Today’s Thought – Rev. Paul Osumi; Ka Baibala Hemolele; 365 Dalai Lama

A number of exciting and long-awaited movies based on books are coming out. If you want to learn about their origins – read the book! Hobbit, Catching Fire, Ender’s Game, The Book Thief, Percy Jackson all began their lives in the minds of their authors and took form in the imagination of their readers.

(Christine and her husband David own Basically Books.)

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