Daily Delights — Get Your Sleep Back On Track

Briana Jones-Chase greyBy Briana Jones-Chase

It is no surprise that our sleep schedule gets way off over the holiday season, with holiday shopping, cooking, working long hours preparing for the most wonderful days of the year! No matter how busy I get over the holiday season, I always make sure to give myself time to recuperate with a good nights sleep. Personally I like to get in bed around 8 p.m. or 9 pm, and I give myself until about 10 p.m. to do what I need to do, whether it is studying for upcoming tests or homework, editing my beauty/fashion videos, and or blogging. (P.S. I’m addicted to my computer!)

If you have trouble falling asleep on command, like myself, here are some ways to get you hitting your pillow soundly.

Sleepy Tea

I like to drink sleepy tea before I go to bed. It helps me relax and have vitamins in it that promote sleep. It also is also so yummy! Chamomile is another one of my favorites for this time of year, it is so cozy and warm! (And it reminds me of the holidays.)

Play Relaxing Music

Whenever the sun goes down, I always put on a relaxing music station, no matter what I am doing, it helps me wine down, and become relaxed. Also sometimes leaving the music on overnight, helps me fall asleep quicker.  

Turn Off The Electronics

A lot of people fall asleep to the TV. However, if you are on the computer or your cell phone while trying to fall asleep, you won’t! It is proven that the computer is caffeine to your body.


This may sound really self explanatory and well pretty much obvious, but…. When I was in yoga class last year in school, our teacher taught us breathing exercises , which is pretty much like meditating, but different I guess. Focus on your breathing, breath in for 6 seconds, breath out for 10, or you can choose different counts, whichever feels right too you. Doing this over and over again really does help me fall asleep.

Read a Boring Book

May sound stupid, but hey! If you’re bored you will eventually fall asleep — always works for me! Even reading an entertaining book sometimes works for me, just because I am not a huge reader, and get side tracked a lot.

Happy holidays, and happy sleeping, everyone!

(Briana Jones-Chase is a student at Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences Public Charter School.)


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