***Commentary*** Rally With Us For Equal Funding For Charter Schools

imageJoin us today for the rally on Hilo’s Bayfront, trying to raise awareness about the government’s need to equally fund charter schools. If you like, I am happy to tag your vehicle, and you too can drive around spreading the important message our state government needs to hear.

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  1. sada anand kaur
    sada anand kaur says:

    What kind of chalk or marker is used by car dealers to do signage on windows??
    Want to put my car windows to use in local issue efforts.

  2. haas parent
    haas parent says:

    Today’s rally was hugely successful thanks to about a hundred supporters from nearby Connections parents, teachers, and students. From faraway charters, it took even more effort to get to the bayfront but HAAS and Volcano School of Arts & Sciences were there to support charter school children in conjunction with a rally at the State Capitol for their opening day ceremonies. Funding equality is a huge issue for charters as they have received under $6000 per child for the past three years. In addition, they receive zilch for the basics of education: food, transportation to and from school, and a roof over their heads. Yet they continue, against huge odds, to offer parents a choice in public education. Let’s emphasize public, because many still don’t get the fact that they operate, or try to operate, on funds by the State government. Imua charters.

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