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Clear Chiropractic 2By Dr. Jenni Clear, D.C. 

  Aloha and mahalo for your interest in chiropractic! Why do people love chiropractic care? It is very powerful and can have “life changing” effects on people. I’ll share a couple miracle cases with you. A female patient came to us in Indiana because she was experiencing low back pain which had progressively gotten worse. Nothing was giving her relief. We examined her lumbar spine (low back); and it was a mess! The vertebrae were out of place, she had swelling and decreased range of motion, her muscles were in spasm, and she had pain with palpation (touch). After about 8-10 adjustments, she came in smiling and declared that not only was her low back feeling great with no pain, but she was hapai! Wow! Congrats to her and her husband. She then explained that they were trying to get pregnant for several years and had even tried medical intervention. They were going to do in vitro fertilization when her low back felt better.

This was the first of twenty two of these incidents in our careers that we know about. One of these females was so excited with chiropractic that she became an employee of ours and went on to have two more healthy children! The most incredible one took place here in Hawaii. A woman came in because of neck pain. Her low back was really misaligned in addition to her neck. After three visits, she came in crying saying that she was pregnant. She explained that she and her husband had been using fertility drugs for five years and tried in vitro fertilization twice. They were planning to take a trip to another country to try a third time. Her insurance would only pay for two attempts, so they needed to pay for this one on their own. It was going to cost about 10,000 plus the trip. These incredible stories are not intended to say that chiropractic cures fertility issues, because it will not be the answer in some cases. What we know is that people’s bodies function better with chiropractic care, and sometimes your health improvements will be miraculous! 

Another awesome story is that of a young man in California who was experiencing migraines. These occurred on average once a month. He would be stuck in a dark, quiet room for two to three days. They were severe! He had been to five neurologists seeking help, and nobody was able to help relieve his symptoms, nor could any of the medicine that he took. He finally decided to try chiropractic because some of his friends had come to us and had good results. When he told me his history, I didn’t know if we would fix his migraines, but it was worth a try! When I felt his neck, I knew that chiropractic would help him. His upper neck was shifted to the right about five millimeters and rotated to the left. This could have happened during the birthing process. Doctors routinely turn a baby’s head during birth in order to allow the shoulders to exit correctly. Many babies have chronic ear infections, colic, croup, etc. because of spinal trauma during birth. When I adjusted this man’s neck it made a very loud “pop” and even made me surprised! This neck adjustment fixed his migraines! A year later, he had not experienced a single migraine, not even a headache. I haven’t contacted him lately, but the last time I spoke with him, he was doing great!

The stories like these go on and on when you talk to chiropractors. It is an amazing way to improve your health and your life! This gives us passion for what we do and makes us very happy. Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy. The science is based on realigning bones in your spine in order for the nervous system to function at its maximum potential, thus allowing the communication between the brain and your organs to be “static free”. The art of chiropractic is the style and technique that chiropractors use to accomplish the realignment of your bones. The philosophy of chiropractic is the desire to achieve great health naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractic is the third largest primary health care profession, behind medical doctors and dentists. About ten percent of the population utilizes chiropractic. Many people are fed up with modern medicine and are looking for something that doesn’t have side effects, is less expensive, and gives you great results. Chiropractic does all three of these things and feels amazing! I look forward to giving you some great ergonomic advice in the next issue. A hui hou!

  (Dr. Jenni Clear, D.C. and her husband Dr. James Clear, D.C., have a chiropractic practice in Kea’au.  To reach Jenni call (808) 982-4801 or 


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