Letters — Open Letter To The State Legislature, Regarding Charter School Funding

(Editor’s note: Following is an open letter to state lawmakers I have prepared as an advocate for equal funding for charter schools. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt)

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

P.O. Box 557

Kurtistown, HI  96760




Jan. 14, 2014


Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman

Sen. David Ige

Senate Education Committee Chairwoman

Jill Tokuda

House Finance Committee Chairwoman

Rep. Sylvia Luke

House Education Committee Chairwoman

Roy Takumi

415 S. Beretania St.

Honolulu, HI  96813


Aloha lawmakers,


I am writing to ensure that my child’s school, Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science Public Charter School, and all charter schools in the state of Hawaii receive equal funding this legislative session.  I am writing this letter to personally under my own letterhead, but I am also circulating this letter among my circle of friends, gathering signatures to demonstrate to you that there is a community will to see that charter schools get their fair share.  As a charter school parent, I do not understand why historically charter schools haven’t received the same funding as traditional public schools.  They are treated like the ugly stepchildren of the Department of Education and this really is unacceptable. I have made it a personal mission to ensure that my HAAS child gets her fair share, and that her friends do too.  I’m driving around with a sign on my vehicle, attending rallies, publishing editorials in my print monthly and on my website, bigislandchronicle.com, writing this letter to you — whatever it takes to ensure things change and charter schools get the funding necessary to provide a proper education to every child. 


Thank you kindly ahead of time for taking this request under serious advisement and doing what you possibly can to rectify the wrong. 


With my sincerest aloha,


Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Big Island Chronicle editor and publisher

HAAS parent/yearbook co-teacher

UH Hilo Ke Kalahea student newspaper advisor

Pahoa business owner


ADDENDUM: the following friends and parents who feel the same way I do:




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