Hilo News — Namaste, The White Bengal Tiger At Pana’ewa Zoo, Has Died

image(Media release) —

Namaste, a male white Bengal tiger that was the star attraction of the Pana‘ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens in Hilo for fifteen years, was euthanized this morning. Over the past several weeks, Namaste developed multiple health problems that caused his quality of life to deteriorate.


Donated to the Pana‘ewa Zoo in 1999 by Las Vegas magician Dirk Arthur, Namaste was 8 months old when he arrived on Hawai‘i Island. For 15 years, Namaste’s daily afternoon feedings drew a crowd, and his birthday parties held every September attracted hundreds of attendees.


Namaste was buried today in his enclosure, and the spot will soon be marked with a monument. The zoo also has plans to welcome another tiger after making some renovations to the tiger habitat to accommodate a younger animal.

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  1. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    That’s unusual only 15 years? I remember when he came to the zoo, man that has been a fast 15 years. I have one dog about to hit 12, she’s mostly Dane, be surprised if she live as long as the tiger.
    I wonder what he died of?
    What were they feeding him? arsenic tainted chicken? Like everyone else who buys regular poultry. So sad I hope the next one they keep on an organic diet. Those wean-off baby bulls would be good.

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