***Commentary*** Got A Riverside Apartments Story To Tell?

imageThis afternoon I wrote my Brittany Jane Royal murder update in my truck in the Starbucks parking lot utilizing Siri on my iPhone. So, then, this woman calls me eager to get paperwork she gave me a couple months ago regarding another story. I tell her where I am and she comes to meet me. I buy her a cup of coffee and we sit down to talk, and mind you I was feeling really drained and sad about the Brittany Jane Royal murder. So, this woman starts getting into the details of her story and I am just totally blown away. Pretty soon this couple and their 9-year-old story walk up eith their own story to corroborate what the woman was saying, having heard us reference Riverside Apartments. Remember the recent 60 Minutes story about public housing in New Jersey. It is uncanny how they mirror each other these stories. But there is murder involved in this one, and it’s a baby, so I am on fire now! Anybody know anyone who lives in or has lived in Riverside Apartments? Have them call me at (808)938-8592, or email newswoman@mac.com. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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