Letters — ‘You Have Really Lost It’

Hi, You did a good job in the beginning of this investigation, but you have botched your analysis now. Bo didn’t kill himself. The Royal family has been (understandably) stupid since the event – even letting their daughter’s body be quickly cremated when it was some of the only available evidence. Their even more stupid insistence on being “part of voicing their opinion” that the police are always doing a good job smells extremely bad. Your unwillingness to say the truth because it might offend them or someone else is horrid. You should go investigate further because you have really lost it.

Daniel Shay

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    Wow you better figure how to back up this “theory” of yours. Otherwise let the families grieve and heal.

  2. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Daniel Shay,

    Perhaps you could enlighten all of us by stating the facts you seem to have that the police and both the Royal and Johnson families don’t?

    Or are you simply imitating Chicken Little?

    If all you have are suspicions of (Maybe’s, Could Be’s, Might Be’s and/or What If’s) then go away and let the families heal.

    I’ll be more than happy to help you get a one way ticket to any place but Hawaii? I’ll even give you a ride to the airport, no problem.

    Aloha ‘oe!

  3. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    What compelling evidence do you know of, Daniel, that Tiffany and the police missed? What truth isn’t being said, and what’s the evidence for it?

  4. Ken
    Ken says:

    @ Mr. Shay,

    Clearly you have lost it. Apparently, by your written comments above, you have direct knowledge and proof of something different than the stated outcome with respect to this case.

    Which, at a minimum, is obstruction of justice.

  5. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    It is beyond offensive what this guttersnipe says to Mrs. Royal.This further exposes the pathologies of the numerous doubters that post online.That someone would actually sign his name to this sick macabre and even evil line of thinking amazes me.Unfortunately there are still others out there that hold similar notions….2 days before the press conference announcing that Bo Johnson is the sole brutal murderer i mentioned to James and Elizabeth Weatherford that “even if a written confession by BO was found,there would still be ‘doubters’,” and sure enough…I can only second guess the doubters motives as thinking that they think a harmless hippie vegan,who deceptively looks mild and mellow could commit such a cruel and vicious act.Dont you understand that brittany’s parents and grandfather have accepted the logical conclusion and the FACTS…it may be interesting to note that months ago i mentioned in comments in Big Island Chronicle that the murderer would be found hanging….and some of the doubter-conpiracy theorists began to intimate that i too was involved in the crime and or coverup…see page 52 and 53 on the Punaweb Forum.I am no medium,to me it was logical.Doubters,let it rest… your pathetic mindset and sick opinions can only damage yourselves and the community.

  6. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Someone also mentioned on Punaweb that citizens for justice should be reformed….contact Del Pranke of leilani estates where the ‘posters’ were found…he is an original member…and maybe he can tell us who put out these posters, the ones that says BO was cut to pieces and fed to the sharks because he didnt pay the money to the “violent tour guides”….whoever wrote these lying and racist letters should be exposed…

  7. Kim Jordan
    Kim Jordan says:

    Checking the info now being released, I understand the investigation and why it went where and how it did. I understand there was more than just one phone call by Bo after Brittany’s body was found. Then, there is video of Bo at the airport after the murder.
    It seems a crime of passion and it’s aftermath. Most murdered pregnant women are murdered by a significant other.
    The problem in solving this case was in not finding Bo’s body for over 6 months. I personally believed he was also murdered and his body was gone. I didn’t believe he could get off the Island, nor could he have been hiding on the Island.
    The 3 page suicide note was interesting to me. Someone forging a suicide note would make it short and sweet so there was less writing to be compared.
    I did believe the body was Bo from the beginning. Though I didn’t think he had hung himself. The suicide note changed that.
    Both Families went through Hell during the investigation. Brittany’s family knowing there daughter had been murdered. Bo’s family knowing their son had either committed the murder, or was also murdered. Now they have the answers. But their children are still gone. The promise of a young family ready to start a life together is gone – in the worst manner.
    May both families find peace in the knowing what happened and no longer be left with nothing but questions.

  8. Karl
    Karl says:

    Tom Johnson’s boat never left Alaska. Presumably what was presented to the grand jury was based on a similar-looking one in Hilo. Remember that what’s brought before a grand jury only has to show probable cause, not be demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt, and isn’t contested by a defense.

  9. musubi
    musubi says:

    So….lets get this straight: A grand jury indictment based on a boat that didn’t belong to Tom Johnson, and a video that did not detect Boaz Johnson at an airport.

    Wow, sure sounded like a real solid case they had. Makes about as much sense as excluding a campsite that had blood on it, as both the search warrant and police now state.

  10. Musubi808
    Musubi808 says:

    The boat never left Alaska? It wasn’t Boaz Johnson in the airport video? Wow, sounds like they were building a rather solid case.

  11. Kim Jordan
    Kim Jordan says:

    So we just got more info from the police ….. it was just all wrong. And I wondered why his body hung in a tree for 6+months.

  12. L
    L says:

    The Punaweb people apparently did a much better job than the police. How could such a nice white boy be a killer when there are crazy “locals” giving lava tours and yelling at people.

  13. Errol
    Errol says:

    Punaweb people, most are all opinions, assumptions and imaginary scenarios. KathyH says BO had to be walking day time from one kipuka to the mauka kipuka because he had no flashlight. Why not at night? She should check her moon chart. We always walk without flashlights when its moonlight. One guy claims he was threaten during his hikes between 2007-2008. There was just to many people and photographers down at the lava field…it was a free for all at that time. Ask all the well established photographers that visit the area frequently. His story is very suspicious especially during that time frame he gave as I hike the lava field to many times. Check out Zippy’s at the Kuhio Plaza…they have a picture of hundreds of people watching the lava. How could anyone threaten anyone during that time? There were a few on punaweb that was right on target of who murdered Brittany. As for the lava viewing area, things had changed eventually with the new security contract where it was residents only. Crazy “Locals?” Get Real! I think Kalapana Ed was very instrumental in finding the murder plus DNA evidence. Sorry, but I think Tiffany did a great job. Thank you Tiffany! Aloha

  14. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Thats right the guy murdered his girlfriend and her baby….and i have heard scenarios describing why there is ‘supposedly’ blood all over….vicious….Why is there a BO fan club?..Sure locals are tough,they are protecting their territory…which does not make them murderers….A lot of the comments on punaweb show mental illness,and racism…. By the way,.sometimes family members apoligize when one of their own commits such an evil deed.And what about this disturbing and slanderous letter claiming the guy was chopped up for shark food?….obviously wrong, and were there any laws broken here?…its that kind of idiocy that creates violence.

  15. Errol
    Errol says:

    Here is another one. Page 59 Post 01/16/2014 : 21:22:57 on punaweb Where questions were raised from the tent picture thinking it’s the crime scene. His analogy? Come to find out, that picture was taken by Brittany and posted in May on her Facebook. That tent picture wasn’t at the crime scene! The guy puts his foot in his mouth. On page 85 Posted – 01/28/2014 : 18:11:47, he describe BO’s Character…..in domestic disputes and arguments with women and young girls. Now how would he know? And some of the people in that forum and thread are still working with him…..and they are going in a circles. I would listen to the facts and evidence. He murdered his girl friend and that’s unforgivable! I apologize to Julie and her family. Prayers be with you always…

  16. CSGray
    CSGray says:

    Most of the people rehashing this whole sad scenario on Punaweb had never posted there until that thread was started. It lived as a sort of separate reality until the webmaster shut it down for being too much like a “Breaking Bad fanzine.” As a long time member of the forum I am glad he did.

  17. Errol
    Errol says:

    Interesting comment by KathyK regarding my post of the moonlight chart above “btw, someone on another site referenced this topic and said I should have checked my moon chart before saying Bo would need a flashlight at night, because bright moonlight is sufficient to hike. That is a fair point about moonlight.

    I did check my moon chart. It was the last day before the New Moon. The moonlight would have been slim to none.

    KathyH…you’re looking at the wrong year. Try May 2013 *sigh*

  18. Damon
    Damon says:

    KathyH seems like she is obsessed with this case. She may need some mental help!

    Of course she has been documenting everything all along… and only now AFTER most of us have moved on and accepted things as the reality is… she feels the need to subject herself into this situation?

    Unfortunately… she’s never had access to HPD files and all her documentation has been based on hearsay.

    Of course when the story doesn’t go the way she thought it would go… she will do everything she can to still stir the pot.

    KathyH or KamaainaK on Trip Advisor obviously has it out for the Puna area and Kalapana in general for some reason.

  19. Damon
    Damon says:

    Interesting observation Errol…

    “Interesting comment by KathyK regarding my post of the moonlight chart above “btw, someone on another site….”

    Normally KathyH would reference any post that says something like this….

    Now she won’t refer to this link by URL because many of the comments above refute her theory.

  20. Errol
    Errol says:

    You are right Damon, she does seems obsessed almost as if she is writing a novel book and can’t quit. And yes, she does have good documentary but runs off the track with assumptions and cropped up imaginary scenarios… You must look at the facts and evidence first before you can make judgment….

    Posted – 01/26/2014 : 19:49:22 says that from a 100 yards away from the tent; “Theoretically she could have been carried to that point and then dragged, but that makes no real sense. If you can carry her that far, you can carry her the whole way and not leave evidence all over the ground.” If you had lava smarts on the lava field, you would definitely know the answer. Bananahead was right as Bo wasn’t a big guy. And even if he was a big guy, it won’t be easy. I’ve seen 3 guys trying to carry out this young skinny girl who fainted on the lava field. It wasn’t far away from the end of the road parking lot. The 3 guys barely made it to the tour van. They were all exhausted. When they finally reached the van, I gave them a wet towel, told them to keep her cool and take her to the hospital.

    For anyone who wants to see how much of a moonlight on the lava field was like around during about the time Brittany was found? Here is a link of a photographer I follow. It shows the bright moon in his images from a different location that night. Puu Oo… If you needed a flashlight to walk around here, you don’t belong on the lava field! http://lavapix.com/gallery/5-28-13-puu-oo-flow/528137648/#/gallery/5-28-13-puu-oo-flow/528137648/

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