***Commentary***Brittany Jane Royal’s Life To-Do List

Publish a memoir / travel memoir

publish a novel

f — in an airplane

f — jumping out of an airplane

publish an autocad manual book

get a master’s in architecture (international)

work for a top 5 worldwide firm (pref: #1)

own my own design/architecture firm

have my own restaurant (design, cook, own)

live on every continent

visit every country at least once

see Daft Punk live! — #1!

Have dual citizenship

Own horse property & horses (Kauai)

Bike mission down the West coast

Get 5 stars on every Guitar Hero song on expert

Climb Mount Everest

Grow my own nugatory & shroomies

Total a car!

Scuba diving certification

Become a grand chess master

Make fire

Become a glassblower (Kauai)

Become a tattoo artist

Professional drifter

Custom paint & detail cars

Own a VW van


(Excerpted from Brittany Jane Royal’s Journal)

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  1. Stephen Wellman
    Stephen Wellman says:

    Aloha! Quite a list! That list exemplifies ambitious youth … A sad and tragic end to a life unlived. Out of that list I have done 2 and dabbled in a couple more and here I am 60 years old now! Hmmm …

  2. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    I’m 60 and I’ve done over a half dozen of them, bottom 6 for sure, and including flying United several times. lol
    (One was for you Bit. 😉 )
    Don’t wanna ever total a car, that I’m in. Did bike down the West Coast. Got the horse and love architecture 2,
    good list.
    Sorry she didn’t get to check off more of them.
    I’ll think of her when I check off my own list, and how she was robbed of the chance to do so much.

  3. Kim bazo
    Kim bazo says:

    Sorry ,im so sorry and so saddenned to read about what happened to this wonderful girl,and her child, my feelings about been hereon the bigisland will seem different now ,but i must remember Brittanys love of the ocean the island ,people and the aloha spirit,that will not make me feel sad to beon this island, I think Brittany accomplished a lot more in her short life then many others that live to be a much older age,

    God bless you ,and your family


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